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Cardinal Wuerl knew about Theodore McCarrick. And he lied about it.


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Cardinal Wuerl knew about Theodore McCarrick. And he lied about it.

January 13 at 6:48 PM

WHEN ALLEGATIONS came to light last year of sexual abuse and inappropriate conduct involving children and seminarians by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who succeeded Mr. McCarrick as leader of the Washington archdiocese, expressed shock and denied prior knowledge. Now it turns out Mr. Wuerl was presented in 2004 with an account of Mr. McCarrick’s alleged misconduct, which he relayed to the Vatican. Then: nothing.

In the ongoing tsunami of revelations about the Catholic Church’s willful blindness, conspiracy of silence and moral bankruptcy on clergy sex abuse, this particular revelation may count as little more than a droplet — although it does involve two of the highest-ranking and most prominent American prelates. However, it also encapsulates characteristics that continue to dog the church nearly two decades after the scandal burst into the open: callousness directed at victims; an insistence on denial and hairsplitting; and the hierarchy’s preference for treating allegations as internal matters, as if the world’s 1.2 billion lay Catholics were an irrelevance.

In response to the revelation that Mr. Wuerl was fully aware of, and handled, an allegation from a former priest about Mr. McCarrick’s misconduct more than 14 years ago, the Washington archdiocese issued a statement suggesting that his previous flat denials were merely “imprecise.” Those previous statements referred only to sexual abuse of a minor, the archdiocese said.

In fact, the cardinal’s comments last summer were unequivocal. In response to a broad question about “long-standing rumors or innuendos” posed by a reporter for the archdiocesan newspaper Catholic Standard, he said, “I had not heard them” before or during his tenure in Washington. That was untrue.

As it happens, Mr. Wuerl, then-bishop of Pittsburgh, not only was presented with allegations of Mr. McCarrick’s misconduct by a former priest named Robert Ciolek. To his credit, he also swiftly brought that information to the Vatican’s attention in a meeting with the pope’s ambassador in Washington at the time, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo.

Yet Mr. McCarrick remained as archbishop of Washington for nearly two more years and suffered no discipline until last year, when the allegations against him were reported. At that point, the Holy See removed him from ministry; his final punishment is now being weighed in Rome.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wuerl, though forced to resign as archbishop last fall following revelations by a Pennsylvania grand jury that he had mishandled numerous clergy sex abuse cases in Pittsburgh, continues to oversee the Washington archdiocese pending appointment of a successor.

Understandably, Mr. Ciolek is outraged that Mr. Wuerl, having known of his allegations for years, denied knowledge of them last year. “It’s as if I don’t exist,” he told The Post’s Michelle Boorstein.

Pope Francis himself has displayed a gaping blind spot on the issue of clergy sex abuse, at times condemning it and taking resolute action, at other times directing contempt and lip service at victims. He has convened a meeting of top bishops in Rome next month. Actions and policies, not ringing declarations, will be the measure of the church’s success in grappling with a scandal that has shamed it.

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This is the Greatest Treason, to Tell a Half Truth, for an Evil Reason: The Michael Voris Deception, Hypocritical Opus Dei Sodomite Shill Demanding Francis the Apostate “Resign” as “Pope” and Supplanted with OD “Pope” Dope like JPII and Benedict!

Worse Than Nothing

A little silence would have been welcomed rather than what we got.  The Vortex -Michael Voris


January 10, 2019  150 Comments

The following transcript of Michael Voris’ Vortex, like Michael Voris,  a completely fake talking head media character pundit ( A factually critical overview of the timeline of Voris’ staff biography @ exhibit Michael Voris is not a real historical person, but a  manufactured false identity- much like a mole spy living in a foreign land) created shill for Opus Dei. As Randy Engel states in The strange case of Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt Part IV Opus Dei’s Role in the Viganò Affair in The Catholic Inquisitor November 2018

During the last three decades, using its numeraries or wealthy supernumeraries or philanthropic co-operators, the Prelature has established and/or taken over many Catholic media outlets including EWTN, the National Catholic Register, and LifeSiteNews. It was these three media sources that originally brought the Viganò story to the attention of Catholics the world over.

Other Opus Dei media outlets that promoted Viganò’s allegations of corruption at the Vatican and the call for Pope Francis’ resignation include Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Canada, Catholic News Agency (CNA), and ACI Presna (Spanish) to name a few.

Amounf these Michael Voris is a premier OD shill in a media symphony frantically attempting to force  Francis, the non pope as such, as “pope”  “to resign,” rather than proclaim the Truth, Francis as apostate is not The Pope in the first place, never was and never will, and therefore cannot resign as Pope for any reason, is a classic case of the greatest treason, to tell a half truth for an evil reason. Voris does this throughout  this Vortex and all others hypocritically demanding Francis “resign” for sexual abuse cover up enabling by priest,  while with the same breath committing   a damnable sin of omission, demanding Francis “resign as Pope”  knowing Francis as apostate is not pope, and therefore cannot resign as pope for any reason. Non dabit, quid non habit.

In the wake of the Opus Dei media orchestrated Vigano letters demanding Francis resign as Pope  for covering up enabling of Vatican homo masonic episcopal fueled child and seminarian criminal sexual assault highlighted by the case of Uncle Ted cardinal McCarrick, for which OD cult idol JPII is factually responsible promoting McCarrick though out to the apex of ecclesiastical influence from bishop to Cardinal archbishop of D.C., along with Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Cardinal Joseph Bernadine, and Bishop Joseph Fiorenza together in 1979 when he first became Pope, a trifecta for the LBGTP (P-for pederast) am homo church, at the same time Voris being himself  a hypocritical, lying, unrepentant sodomite with Simon Rath.  In The strange case of Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt, Part IIIA rebuttal to Carlo Viganò on the Nienstedt Case, Rite of Sodomy author Randy Engel makes the iron clad factual case, Vigano, like Francis as “Pope” to stop a CDF investigation of Irish Cardinal John McCormick Murphy for clerical sodomy, used his position as Apostolic Nuncio to the US to quash an internal investigation by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis, St. Paul into Bishop Nienstedt’s life long flaming pederasty and assault on seminarians and newly ordained priests. Vigano, a homosexual,  is a member of the homo Vatican cabal, knowledge of which and complicity with, Vigano in his letter demands Francis resigns. Vigano and Nienstedt as a young priest were associated in the eighties in Rome working in the Vatican Secretary of State offices. They practiced sodomy with each other during this time, as well with others. In another case of the pot calling the kettle black, be it Dinardo confronting Francis about Uncle Ted McCarrick, or Voris, a practicing sodomite, demanding Francis’ resignation in lockstep with Vigano’s OD media orchestrated letter to Francis, Vigano whose letter is the foundation of Voris’ media attacks on Francis and Wuerl, is guilty of  sodomy (with priests-like Nienstedt, and bishops- just like Dinardo) as a career long member of the Vatican homo cabal.  As Randy Engel concludes: Why should Vigano and Voris call on Francis “to resign” for McCarrick while exonerating JPII “The Great” of responsibility for making  “Uncle Ted” knowingly Cardinal Archbishop of D.C.  Vigano’s timeline for the rise of the Homosexual Collective of the Church, first diagnosed in 2005 in Randy Engel’s four thousand footnote expose The Rite of Sodomy of the homosexual colonization of the Catholic Church purposely begins with Francis rehabilitating McCarrick and not with Cardinal “Franny the Fanny” Spelman and his protege Cardinal Cushing to cover up JPII’s (JPII like creepy fraud Mother Theresa  is no saint) fundamental culpability in not only creating and promoting  Cardinal Uncle Ted McCarrick, but also protected OD rival for personality cult affections of JPII, Legionaries of Christ- consecrated groupies to glorify JPII, Fr. Maciel Macial Degolado, from investigation by CDF head then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who sanctioned for sexual abuse both McCarrick and Fr. Maciel, after the death of JPII on becoming Pope.  The Legionaries of Christ and Opus Dei were biter rivals for the affections of  JPII in a cult of personality, seeking to take possession of the Church apart from the homo masonic Vatican by co-opting the papacy of JPII.  Maciel being the criminal master mind Svengali fronting the Legionaries of Christ and JPII in the formation of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel, Bush/Clinton/Carlos Slim Helu/ the Garza Family and the Chase/ Rotheschild Vatican Bank to money launder tens of billions of  Federal Reserve Notes from drug, but pioneering child sex slave trafficking to the politically and economically disenfranchised by semi to cantinas along the I-10 and I-59/69 with first Bishop Fiorenza, and then Cardinal Dinardo with the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston as the hub. Both OD and The Legionaries of Christ are tumors in the body of The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  Like JP II, who would have canonized Maciel as saint if he died before JPII, and did canonize creepy OD founder Escriva, because of all this, neither JPII, Maciel, or Escriva are saints, quit the contrary.  Maciel coming from a Free Mason ruled Catholic County Mexico, and Escriva and OD arising in Facist Spain under Franco, are anti Free Mason-though OD, and the Legionaries of Christ like The Knights of Columbus mimic the masonic initiation rituals, secret society character of The Free Masons.  Francis, an Argentine protege of Lucio Gelli, Grand Master of Propaganda Due in Rome,

Propaganda Due

P2 is the common name for the Italian Freemasonic lodge Propaganda Due (Italian: Propaganda Two). P2 came to public light with Michele Sindona’s inculpation and the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, in which the Vatican Bank had many shares. P2 has been involved in Gladio’s strategy of tension – Gladio was the name of the secret “stay-behind” NATO paramilitary organizations. Between 1965 and 1981, it tried to condition the Italian political process through the penetration of persons of confidence to the inside of the magistracy, the Parliament, the army and the press. Beside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and especially in Argentina’s “Dirty War” (with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina’s interim president from July 13 1973 until October 12 1973; Emilio Massera, who was part from 1976 to 1978 of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla; and José López Rega, minister of Social Welfare in Perón’s government and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (“Triple A”) as members). (Francis, as Jesuit Provincial, served as “spiritual director during Argentina’s Dirty War to P-2 member President  Emilio Massera who was part from 1976-1978 of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla.  Francis condoned the political murder as spiritual director to these war criminals of over thirty thousand Argentinians.  Francis is indicted, five days after his election by  masonic rigged conclave by the Argentine Federal Criminal court in ordering the arrest, imprisonment, and murder of six lay Catholics and two Jesuit Priests who were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, but not murdered, Francis is complicit is child trafficking of the children of those murdered through Catholic adoption agencies to government and military personal.


As such,  OD though masonic, is battling through their Operation Mockingbird like domination of “Catholic” media the homo-masonic Vatican, and Francis, not a homo, like pro OD, anti Maciel Pope Benedict and his head of the papal household ( er..husband?) now head of Francis’ household Gorgeous George, to force Francis the apostate to resign over McCarrick, who JPII is culpable for.  As Francis would quip, “People think JPII is a saint, and I am a devil.”
In conclusion, papal nuncios have long played a decisive role in the handling or mishandling, aka “cover-up” of clerical sex abuse cases around the world. So, the role I believe Viganò played in the Nienstedt case is not an exception but the rule.



Michael Voris, hypocritical sodomite, as OD church shill, fueled by fellow OD shill Vigano’s letter, in seeking to overthrow Francis as pope via forced  resignation due to OD controlled media fending frenzy  is Worse than Nothing!  Voris, a liar, like Francis and Wuerl, Cupich who he attacks, in his hypocritical attacks commits the damnable sin of omission: silence in not fearlessly proclaiming the whole Truth to Faithful Catholics about Francis: Idem est, Francis is apostate and therefore not The Pope.

The reason for this damnable sin of ommission, this satanic silence by Michael Voris, is Voris as propaganda media shill pro OD seeks to force  Francis as pope “to resign” through his incessant  Vortex media barrage to be supplanted by  OD cou de tate Vatican City State by an Opus Dei popabile .  to Voris’ tatstes, Cardinal Burke. Voris is silent, in damnable sin of omission about Cardinal Burke as a Rome  NA  seminary sodomite partner of Cardinal Dinardo as students, Dinardo in return being a catamite of Donna the Girl Wuerl, Dinardo’s ordaining Bishop of Pittsburgh. Likewise Voris in the Vortex,  pounds Francis and Wuerl, while for the most part ignoring with seldom criticisms Cardinal Burke’s former  NA seminary sodomy partner Cardinal Dinardo. Burke consecrated Dinardo with Wuerl, bishop of Sioux City along with sadomasochistic indicted pederast Bishop Lawrence Soens of Sioux City.  This is the reason for Voris’ kid glove treatment by omission of Cardinal Dinardo.

Moreover, Dinardo serves Opus Dei  papal coup de tat Vatican City State propaganda barrage orchestrated by Voris to force Francis to resign by confronting hypocritically Francis as pope in a three mandates for reform letter to Francis (like Vigano) and meeting in Rome over “Uncle Ted”  Cardinal  McCarrick, while throwing his “Twirl with Wuerl” consecrating bishop Donna the Girl Wuerl under the bus (exalted in “resignation” by Francis in a published letter of acceptance) as a reformer  President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops demanding episcopal accountability for fueling child and seminarian criminal sexual assault by cover up enabling. Dinardo, (and Voris has completely ignored this about Dinardo for all said reasons) more than Wuerl, and only slightly less than Francis, is personally culpable as bishop of  malicious cover up enabling of child criminal sexual assault in the cases of  Fr. McFadden,   Rev. Jerome Coyle, and Bishop Lawrence Soens, as Bishop of Sioux City.  As Archbishop of Galveston/Houston, Fr. Manuel Lopez de la Rosa, and by NBC’s Niki Baptista’s expose of Dinardo presently denying two pastors of the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston, Frs. Brinkman and Keller are “credibly accused,” one (Fr. Brinkman) is the pastor of the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston.

What Michael Voris says in this and many other Vortex is half truths of Francis and Wuerl, and is said for an evil purpose; the media OD propaganda war supplanting by forced “resignation” of Francis the apostate to be supplanted  by  Vorris’ taste Cardinal Burke, a popable OD papal puppet and Church Militant, St. Michael Media Svengali . OD church, a masonic esque satanic wanna be, like  Francis  apostate church, Francis the Propaganda Due homo masonic Vatican cabal Grand Master Lucio Gelli Argentine protege, is likewise a heretical tumor in the body of  The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  OD church, like Francis apostate church, is not and never will be The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of the ages.

Burke, proclaiming the truth, it is impossible for a heretic to be the Vicar of Christ at the same time qualifies his statement saying he has never said any of Francis’ magisterial teachings and apostolic exhortations  are heretical, they are instead only “Francis’ personal opinions”  not magisterial. Hopefully, someone, anyone will say The Truth for the Right Reason, the salvation of souls from the fires of Hell for apostasy. Voris is incapable of this. The Truth is  Francis cannot resign as Pope. As apostate, Francis is not pope and therefore cannot resign as pope.  Voris’ OD propaganda media barrage on Francis, underscoring Dinardo’s hypocrisy  in confronting Francis for all the right reasons, for OD popable Cardinal Burke to capture Francis church for OD church is worse than nothing, the mortal sin of omission of The Truth, in speaking half truths to deceive Faithful Catholics in a shell game to switch Francis apostate church for OD church. Both are satanic tumors serving the Father of Lies to dam souls to Hell.

The Truth is Francis the apostate is not the pope.  The Truth is all that need be said, shouted from the ruff tops by anyone, someone. But sadly, at this point, no one, priests, religious, cardinals, bishops, lay people is publicly saying all that is needed, Fr. Grunner would have said it at the start of Francis’ papacy. The murderous Vatican Illuminati who murdered JPI over feared Vatican Bank “reform”knew this for certain. They only needed to murder Fr. Grunner, the most feared priest on the planet by the Vatican Illuminati because Fr. Grunner alone, would be the only one, as five years of silence by all on “Pope Francis”  the apostate satanic reign shows,  is tell The Truth,  Francis as apostate is not Pope.  All that is needed for satanic evil in the Church to succeed, be it Francis’ apostasy, or Voris/Burke OD ecclesiastical tumor, is for faithful Catholics to say nothing, that is, Francis as apostate is not pope. Like the emperor’s new clothes, all that is needed is to say Francis is Apostate.


It is beyond clear at this point that as long as Pope Francis occupies the throne of St. Peter with his attendant homosexual cabal, absolutely nothing, not one thing, is going to change with the homosexual clerical sex abuse problem.

The reason for that is beyond obvious. Put bluntly, there is no way in Hell — phrase used on purpose — no way in Hell that a group of homosexual men in control of the Vatican and with the closest ties to the Pope are ever going to come out and condemn homosexuality and nail it as the cause of the homosexual predation scandal.

These men — and all they have worked for, for decades — are the problem. They don’t even think homosexuality per se is a problem. And much less do they either want to or think that it is the underlying issue in the Church these days.

All of this has been brought home now in Pope Francis’ recent letter criticizing the U.S. bishops over their handling of the mess here in the United States — talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Pope Francis has done just about everything possible to advance the cause of sodomy except come out and change the Catechism like he did with the death penalty — a change that is not binding on the conscience of the faithful, to be clear.

Despite his various public comments about homosexual marriage being from the devil and so forth — all good comments — he promotes and protects and advances and rewards men in his own ranks who quite apparently disagree with that.

While he says same-sex-attracted men should not be allowed into seminaries and ordained, he advances them, lets them off the hook when they get caught destroying adolescent boys and attacks those who want to see such wicked men defrocked as somehow “rigid” and too focused on doctrine, blah blah.

Even his recent letter doesn’t really talk about the abuse in terms of sexual abuse, he casts it as abuse of power and abuse of conscience. Only after he lays out those two does he get around to admitting there’s some sexual abuse in all that as well. But you know, it’s really about abuse of power and conscience.

And nowhere, absolutely not one single mention anywhere in the document does he bring up the connection between homosexual clergy and homosexual abuse.

Forget about speaking in terms of cause and effect — that would be a lightning bolt. But to not even acknowledge a relationship — any relationship at all, whatsoever — to completely ignore it, as though the two have absolutely nothing to do with each other is a supreme jettisoning of trust.

This letter is actually worse than had he said nothing. This is why Pope Francis has to resign, which of course he won’t do — not over this issue anyway, or for this reason.

As you read the letter and listen to the language, it more and more begins to sound like it was written by a combination of James Martin, Thomas Rosica, Blase Cupich and Donald Wuerl — all homosexualists through and through.

These men have no love for the Church. They have each in their own way been trying to destroy the Church for many years. They are enemies of the Christ — Judases across the board. They don’t accept the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, as well as many other areas, and have worked their well-manicured nails to the bone to undermine divine revelation.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the cause of homosexuality, which is to say sodomy and pederasty, will continue unabated and unchecked as long as these men and many others like them are around and Pope Francis counts them among his friends and confidantes.

U.S. Justice Department and multiple states’ attorneys general may not be as forgiving as Francis, but hey, what’s the temporal destruction of the Church as long as ordained can still have sex with each other, right, Fr. Martin?

The point here in the United States is simple: Not a single bishop can any longer pretend the entire picture isn’t blindingly clear. Each and every bishop now has a moral duty to stand up in his diocese and declare the full truth of the matter regarding this monstrous evil, to actively preach the truth, the findings, the destruction that the Faith has undergone in the past 50 years at the hands of these sodomite clerics.

It’s all being unmasked, and thank God for that, but this all demands a response. The Pope himself, signing a letter more than likely written by homosexual clerics, is not going lift a finger to protect souls or bodies in this matter.

He has taken the Cupich line that it’s not a gay thing — which it blindingly is — and it’s more about clericalism and power and yada yada. Ask the boys who were raped by homosexual men in collars if it was all more about conscience or sex. Ask the trainloads of seminarians if it was more about power than sex.

It was and is about advancing the culture of sexual depravity among homosexual men in the priesthood and the episcopate. That they use their power to achieve it is secondary. That they have shut down their consciences to embrace their filth is secondary.

They have given themselves over to their homosexual perversion and are using their power and betraying their consciences to do so. This is what the Pope should have said, but it might have proven a little awkward for him to do so given the fact that nearly every man around him would be whom he was speaking about.

So bishops, are you ready? You better be. A great whitewash is coming in Rome next month, orchestrated by the homomob in Rome to look like something is being done while, in effect, nothing will happen. Prancing around the halls will be Cupich and Wuerl and whatever other cooperators in the great evil they enlist.

Bishops do not get to sit silent through this calamity. Open your mouths and call out what everyone already knows. Shore up the flagging spirits of the few faithful Catholics you have left. Stand up in defense of the truth — remember Him: Truth? — and face down the demonic right in your own midst.

Do not give in to the temptation to remain silent so you can do some good in your diocese. That’s fool’s gold and an easy rationalization. If not now, when? And if not you, who? What further disaster are you keeping your powder dry for?

And by the way, good fathers in your parishes, the same applies to you. You will suffer, but you will win Heaven owing to your love for souls.

Say the truth, or face it when you die.

Opus Dei paid settlement after celebrity priest accused of groping woman

Open Letter to Fr. Mark Goring, Founder of The St. Joseph Battalion, Continue to Speak The Truth!

Dear Fr. Mark,

God has blessed you infinitely in fervent dedication to tell the Truth as a Good Shepherd in St. Joseph inspired protection of children against perverted apostate wolves in pastor clothing occupying the Chair of Peter, the homo masonic Vatican, and pastoral office from bishop to priest in the Post Vatican II Church. You are, both sadly, only one in a billion, among alleged Catholic priests and religious to have the courage to speak Truth to satanic domination and principality possessing many souls of baptized and ordained souls, Satan’s chief strategy to strike the Good Shepherd in the person of the successors of Peter and the Apostles driving the flock in confusion to apostasy.  But joyfully, you are! “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Father Mark, you are doing what the Holy Spirit inspires you to do.  As Father you have courageously witnessed to Truth by grace in the image and likeness of St. Joseph, the Protector of The Mystical Body of Christ against wolves in pastoral clothing who seek to murder the child.  You are light on the true path for Faithful Catholics.  The laborers are few!  This is proven by your silencing regarding Cardinal Wuerl who remains at large and not silenced  by those who seek to silence you in obedience to their spiritual father, the father of lies. Remember Padre Pio, as prophetic advocate  of Our Lady of Fatima, the Truth of the Third Secret unfolding absolutely in this moment, was silenced, forbidden by his “community superiors” to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass publicly for fourteen years.

Jesus’ companions of the cross included deriding scribes and pharisees, mocking priests and elders, Simon Cyrene,  Roman legionaries for whom Jesus prayed “Father. forgive them they do not know what they are doing,” and two thieves: the bad thief, who mocked Christ as the Son of God,  like thieves Cardinal  Donna the girl Wuerl and his catamite Cardinal “take a twirl with Wuerl” Daniel Dinardo, and the good thief who in a perfect act of contrition acknowledged the gravity of his sins meriting his own crucifixion,  and the justice of his gruesome punishment, and the sinless Christ, as Messiah, to whom Jesus fulfilled his promise “This day you will be with me in Paradise!” with the Lord’s descent into Hell at the moment of his death to shatter it, create Mount Purgatory, fulfill this promise to the good thief, and after three days give a pledge of future glory by His bodily resurrection.

You must have known what you have rightly fashioned, The Battalion of St. Joseph, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, The Advocate of Truth and Love,  (Fraternal correction is the greatest part of Charity according to St. Thomas. Saving poor souls from the fires of Hell the Mandate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) would immediately unleash the hounds of Hell on You.  Unlike Padre Pio, who morally accepted his silencing under obedience, or Lucy herself sworn to Secret by The Blessed Mother  until 1960 on the Third Secret,  the Third Secret, then kept secret against the expressed mandate of The Immaculate Heart of Mary to be made public in 1960 “when it would be more clear” by Free Mason and Rosicrucian  non pope John XXIII lambasting the three children of Fatima at the beginning of the II Vatican Council, the Good of The Church impels you to not be silence now, whatever the cost to you physically, but continue to proclaim The Truth. Disobedience to apostate religious and bishops in the Church is true obedience to God. False obedience is apostasy and betrayal of the souls of the faithful to the fires of Hell.

It is certain  your religious superior is in league with Wuerl’s catamite Cardinal Dinardo who is responsible for sending away three good Companions of The Cross in years past for their witness for the sanctity of human life at the I-45 Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood.  If you read my blog archives “” you with find a historical record of absolute public silence on the part of Cardinal Dinardo, a bad thief, while head of the NCCB pro life commission, who behind the scenes orchestrated the sale of the partially owned archdiocesan property on the I-45 a minute drive from the 45 million dollar Cathedral of the Sacred Heart,  to Planned Parenthood to become the largest outpatient abortion clinic in the Western World.  The clinic, besides selling child body parts, is logistic support for child sex slave trafficking by Dinardo’s syndicate partner in crime, Free State Galveston legacy (bankrupt liar) Tilman Fertitta in league with The Bush/Clinton/ Carlos Slim Helu/ Garza Family Sinaloa Federation Cartel criminally masterminded by  Donna Wuerl lauded and beatified pan sexual pervert Fr. Maciel Macial Degolado, money laundering through Maciel’s shell company Chase Vatican Bank Account of the disgraced Legionaries of Christ, fake religious charitable contributions in the tens of billions grafted from SFC child sex slave trafficking along the I-10 and I-59/69 to cantinas by semi with Houston/Galveston as hub, and the I-45 Planned Parenthood supply logistic support. Dinardo was sent by the Pittsburgh Mafia Family, the Zapalla’s, of which Dinardo and Wuerl are long time criminal associates, and as a cardinal overseer of the Vatican Bank to put back together and take over the money laundering relationship between the SFC and the Rotheschild Chase Vatican Bank derived from child sex slave trafficking to cantinas via semi along the I-10 and I-59/69 with the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston as the historic greatest hub of child sex slave trafficking in the world.

International watchdog organizations estimate over 800,000 child sex slaves are trafficked at any given moment in the U.S. alone.  No arrests by any authority at any level have ever been made in regard to child sex slave trafficking.  Though of course still infinitely important, this hidden child sex slave trafficking in the Church dwarfs what Dinardo and Wuerl are personally culpable of in the PA AG report and as Bishop of Sioux City and Galveston/Houston.

I urge you to continue to lead the Battalion of St. Joseph in a full frontal charge, a charge of the Light brigade, but with reason, backed by the Blessed Mother’s artillery of Truth in the imminent Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart that is clearly unfolding in this moment. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Proclaim the Truth!  Post You Tubes, no one can stop you! Only you can stop yourself!  Proclaim the Truth and Wuerl and his catamite Dinardo’s satanic house of cards built on lies masquerading as “The People of God” falls into dust.  Give your life in priestly self oblation for these child victims of  Satan. Continue to proclaim the Truth. All that is needed for Evil to triumph is for good people (most especially, popes, bishops, priest and religious) to say nothing!  Proclaim  Truth, pick up your cross and follow in the path of The Good Shepherd as a good companion of Christ.

Moreover, the president of the Rome-based Lepanto Foundation, Italian historian Professor Roberto de Mattei, is urging Catholic bishops and priests to abandon “the path of absolute silence” about the moral and doctrinal crisis in the Church, arguing that it is only precipitating her “self-destruction.”

Titled, “Dare, Monsignor!,” the appeal urges bishops and priests to ask God for the supernatural grace needed to respond courageously to the current crisis.

“If you will dare to ask Him, the Holy Spirit will not fail to suggest to your conscience times, ways, and tones of coming out into the open, in order to be ‘the light of the world, a city set on a hill, a lamp set on a lamp stand’ (Mt 5:13-16),” the appeal reads.

“What are you afraid of? The world may attack you with defamation and slander. Your superiors may deprive you of your authority and external dignity. But it is to the Lord that you must render an account, as must each one of us on the Day of Judgment,” it adds.


Deus Providebit, via Maria!

This is the Triumph of The Immaculate Heart of Mary!\

Fr. Christopher Terry, O.P.

Shrine of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Lady of Fatima, Our Mother of Holy Birth, The Queen of Heaven



Francis, The Apostate, Does not Mention Homosexual US Episcopal Fueled Child and Seminarian Sex Abuse Cover Up Enabling, his Own Personal Criminal Guilt and Enabling, Uncle Ted McCarrick, or the Vatican Lavender Mafia in a Delusional Letter to US Bishops-Francis is not The Pope!

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Lettera del Santo Padre Francesco ai Vescovi statunitensi che partecipano agli Esercizi Spirituali presso il Seminario di Mundelein a Chicago (2-8 gennaio 2019), 03.01.2019

Lettera del Santo Padre

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Pubblichiamo di seguito la Lettera che il Santo Padre Francesco ha inviato ai Vescovi della Conferenza Episcopale degli Stati Uniti del Nord America in occasione degli Esercizi Spirituali, guidati dal Predicatore della Casa Pontificia, Padre Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap., sul tema “Ne costituì Dodici, perché stessero con lui e per mandarli a predicare” (Marco 3,14), in corso presso il Seminario di Mundelein, nell’Arcidiocesi di Chicago (U.S.A.), dal 2 all’8 gennaio 2019.

Lettera del Santo Padre

A los Obispos de la Conferencia Episcopal
de los Estados Unidos de Norte América



Traduzione in lingua inglese

To the Bishops of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Dear Brothers,

During my meeting on 13 September last with the officers of your Conference of Bishops, I suggested that together you make a retreat, a time of seclusion, prayer and discernment, as a necessary step toward responding in the spirit of the Gospel to the crisis of credibility that you are experiencing as a Church. We see this in the Gospel: at critical moments in his mission, the Lord withdrew and spent the whole night in prayer, inviting his disciples to do the same (cf. Mk 14:38). We know that, given the seriousness of the situation, no response or approach seems adequate; nonetheless, we as pastors must have the ability, and above all the wisdom, to speak a word born of heartfelt, prayerful and collective listening to the Word of God and to the pain of our people. A word born of the prayer of shepherds who, like Moses, fight and intercede for their people (cf. Ex 32:30-32).

In that meeting, I told Cardinal DiNardo and the other bishops present of my desire to accompany you personally for several days on that retreat, and this offer was met with joy and anticipation. As the Successor of Peter, I wanted to join all of you in imploring the Lord to send forth his Spirit who “makes all things new” (cf. Rev 21:5) and to point out the paths of life that, as Church, we are called to follow for the good of all those entrusted to our care. Despite my best efforts, I will not be able, for logistical reasons, to be physically present with you. This letter is meant in some way to make up for that journey which could not take place. I am also pleased that you have accepted my offer to have the Preacher of the Papal Household direct this retreat and to share his deep spiritual wisdom.

With these few lines, I would like to draw near to you as a brother and to reflect with you on some aspects that I consider important, while at the same time encouraging your prayer and the steps you are taking to combat the “culture of abuse” and to deal with the crisis of credibility.

“It cannot be like that with you. Anyone among you who aspires to greatness must serve the rest; whoever wants to rank first among you must serve the needs of all” (Mk 10:43-45). With these words, Jesus intervenes and acknowledges the indignation felt by the disciples who heard James and John asking to sit at the right and left of the Master (cf. Mk 10:37). His words will help guide us in our shared reflection.

The Gospel is not afraid to mention certain tensions, conflicts and disputes present in the life of the first community of disciples; it would even appear to want to do so. It speaks of seeking places of honor, and of jealousy, envy and machinations. To say nothing of the intrigues and the plots that, whether secretly or openly, were hatched around the message and person of Jesus by the political and religious leaders and the merchants of the time (cf. Mk 11:15-18). These conflicts increased with the approach of the hour of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, as the prince of this world, and sin and corruption, appeared to have the last word, poisoning everything with bitterness, mistrust and resentment.

As the elderly Simeon had prophesied, difficult and critical moments can bring to light the deepest thoughts, tensions and contradictions present in the disciples individually and as a group (cf. Lk 2:35). No one can consider himself exempt from this; we are asked as a community to take care that at those times our decisions, choices, actions and intentions are not tainted by these inner conflicts and tensions, but are instead a response to the Lord who is life for the world. At times of great confusion and uncertainty, we need to be attentive and discerning, to free our hearts of compromises and false certainties, in order to hear what the Lord asks of us in the mission he has given us. Many actions can be helpful, good and necessary, and may even seem correct, but not all of them have the “flavour” of the Gospel. To put it colloquially, we have to be careful that “the cure does not become worse than the disease”. And this requires of us wisdom, prayer, much listening and fraternal communion.

1. “It cannot be like that with you”
In recent years, the Church in the United States has been shaken by various scandals that have gravely affected its credibility. These have been times of turbulence in the lives of all those victims who suffered in their flesh the abuse of power and conscience and sexual abuse on the part of ordained ministers, male and female religious and lay faithful. But times of turbulence and suffering also for their families and for the entire People of God.

The Church’s credibility has been seriously undercut and diminished by these sins and crimes, but even more by the efforts made to deny or conceal them. This has led to a growing sense of uncertainty, distrust and vulnerability among the faithful. As we know, the mentality that would cover things up, far from helping to resolve conflicts, enabled them to fester and cause even greater harm to the network of relationships that today we are called to heal and restore.

We know that the sins and crimes that were committed, and their repercussions on the ecclesial, social and cultural levels, have deeply affected the faithful. They have caused great perplexity, upset and confusion; and this can often serve as an excuse for some to discredit and call into question the selfless lives of all those many Christians who show “an immense love for humanity inspired by the God who became man”.[1] Whenever the Gospel message proves inconvenient or disturbing, many voices are raised in an attempt to silence that message by pointing to the sins and inconsistencies of the members of the Church and, even more, of her pastors.

The hurt caused by these sins and crimes has also deeply affected the communion of bishops, and generated not the sort of healthy and necessary disagreements and tensions found in any living body, but rather division and dispersion (cf. Mt 26:31). The latter are certainly not fruits and promptings of the Holy Spirit, but rather of “the enemy of human nature”,[2] who takes greater advantage of division and dispersion than of the tensions and disagreements reasonably to be expected in the lives of Christ’s disciples.

Combatting the culture of abuse, the loss of credibility, the resulting bewilderment and confusion, and the discrediting of our mission urgently demands of us a renewed and decisive approach to resolving conflicts. Jesus would tell us: “You know how among the Gentiles those who seem to exercise authority lord it over them; their great ones make their importance felt. It cannot be like that with you” (Mk 10:42-43). Loss of credibility calls for a specific approach, since it cannot be regained by issuing stern decrees or by simply creating new committees or improving flow charts, as if we were in charge of a department of human resources. That kind of vision ends up reducing the mission of the bishop and that of the Church to a mere administrative or organizational function in the “evangelization business”. Let us be clear: many of those things are necessary yet insufficient, since they cannot grasp and deal with reality in its complexity; ultimately, they risk reducing everything to an organizational problem.

The loss of credibility also raises painful questions about the way we relate to one another. Clearly, a living fabric has come undone, and we, like weavers, are called to repair it. This involves our ability, or inability, as a community to forge bonds and create spaces that are healthy, mature and respectful of the integrity and privacy of each person. It involves our ability to bring people together and to get them enthused and confident about a broad, shared project that is at once unassuming, solid, sober and transparent. This requires not only a new approach to management, but also a change in our mind-set (metanoia), our way of praying, our handling of power and money, our exercise of authority and our way of relating to one another and to the world around us. Changes in the Church are always aimed at encouraging a constant state of missionary and pastoral conversion capable of opening up new ecclesial paths ever more in keeping with the Gospel and, as such, respectful of human dignity. The programmatic aspect of our activity should be joined to a paradigmatic aspect that brings out its underlying spirit and meaning. The two are necessarily linked. Without this clear and decisive focus, everything we do risks being tainted by self-referentiality, self-preservation and defensiveness, and thus doomed from the start. Our efforts may be well-structured and organized, but will lack evangelical power, for they will not help us to be a Church that bears credible witness, but instead “a noisy gong, a clanging cymbal” (1 Cor 13:1).

In a word, a new ecclesial season needs bishops who can teach others how to discern God’s presence in the history of his people, and not mere administrators. Ideas can be discussed but vital situations have to be discerned. Consequently, amid the upset and confusion experienced by our communities, our primary duty is to foster a shared spirit of discernment, rather than to seek the relative calm resulting from compromise or from a democratic vote where some emerge as “winners” and others not. No! It is about finding a collegial and paternal way of embracing the present situation, one that, most importantly, can protect those in our care from losing hope and feeling spiritually abandoned.[3] This will enable us to be fully immersed in reality, seeking to appreciate and hear it from within, without being held hostage to it.

We know that times of trial and tribulation can threaten our fraternal communion. Yet we also know that they can become times of grace sustaining our commitment to Christ and making it credible. This credibility will not be grounded in ourselves, our statements, our merits or our personal or collective good name. All these are signs of our attempt – nearly always subconscious – to justify ourselves on the basis of our own strengths and abilities (or of someone else’s misfortune). Credibility will be the fruit of a united body that, while acknowledging its sinfulness and limitations, is at the same time capable of preaching the need for conversion. For we do not want to preach ourselves but rather Christ who died for us (cf. 2 Cor 4:5). We want to testify that at the darkest moments of our history the Lord makes himself present, opens new paths and anoints our faltering faith, our wavering hope and our tepid charity.

A personal and collective awareness of our limitations reminds us, as Saint John XXIII said, that “it must not be imagined that authority knows no bounds”.[4] It cannot be aloof in its discernment and in its efforts to pursue the common good. A faith and consciousness lacking reference to the community would be like a “Kantian transcendental”: it will end up proclaiming “a God without Christ, a Christ without the Church, a Church without its people”. It will set up a false and dangerous opposition between personal and ecclesial life, between a God of pure love and the suffering flesh of Christ. Worse, it could risk turning God into an “idol” for one particular group. Constant reference to universal communion, as also to the magisterium and age-old tradition of the Church, saves believers from absolutizing any one group, historical period or culture within the Church. Our catholicity is at stake also in our ability as pastors to learn how to listen to one another, to give and receive help from one another, to work together and to receive the enrichment that other churches can contribute to our following of Christ. The catholicity of the Church cannot be reduced merely to a question of doctrine or law; rather, it reminds us that we are not solitary pilgrims: “If one member suffers, all suffer together” (1 Cor 12:26).

This collegial awareness of our being sinners in need of constant conversion, albeit deeply distressed and pained by all that has happened, allows us to enter into affective communion with our people. It will liberate us from the quest of false, facile and futile forms of triumphalism that would defend spaces rather than initiate processes. It will keep us from turning to reassuring certainties that keep us from approaching and appreciating the extent and implications of what has happened. It will also aid in the search for suitable measures free of false premises or rigid formulations no longer capable of speaking to or stirring the hearts of men and women in our time.[5]

Affective communion with the feelings of our people, with their disheartenment, urges us to exercise a collegial spiritual fatherhood that does not offer banal responses or act defensively, but instead seeks to learn – like the prophet Elijah amid his own troubles – to listen to the voice of the Lord. That voice is not to be found in the tempest or the earthquake, but in the calm born of acknowledging our hurt before the present situation and letting ourselves together be summoned anew by God’s word (cf. 1 Kg 19:9-18).

This approach demands of us the decision to abandon a modus operandi of disparaging, discrediting, playing the victim or the scold in our relationships, and instead to make room for the gentle breeze that the Gospel alone can offer. Let us not forget that “the collegial lack of a heartfelt and prayerful acknowledgment of our limitations prevents grace from working more effectively within us, for no room is left for bringing about the potential good that is part of a sincere and genuine journey of growth”.[6] Let us try to break the vicious circle of recrimination, undercutting and discrediting, by avoiding gossip and slander in the pursuit of a path of prayerful and contrite acceptance of our limitations and sins, and the promotion of dialogue, discussion and discernment. This will dispose us to finding evangelical paths that can awaken and encourage the reconciliation and credibility that our people and our mission require of us. We will do this if we can stop projecting onto others our own confusion and discontent, which are obstacles to unity,[7] and dare to come together, on our knees, before the Lord and let ourselves be challenged by his wounds, in which we will be able to see the wounds of the world. Jesus tells us: “You know how among the Gentiles those who seem to exercise authority lord it over them; their great ones make their importance felt. It cannot be like that with you”.

2. “Anyone among you who aspires to greatness must serve the rest; whoever wants to rank first among you must serve the needs of all”

God’s faithful people and the Church’s mission continue to suffer greatly as a result of abuses of power and conscience and sexual abuse, and the poor way that they were handled, as well as the pain of seeing an episcopate lacking in unity and concentrated more on pointing fingers than on seeking paths of reconciliation. This situation forces us to look to what is essential and to rid ourselves of all that stands in the way of a clear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is being asked of us today is a new presence in the world, conformed to the cross of Christ, one that takes concrete shape in service to the men and women of our time. I think of the words of Saint Paul VI at the beginning of his pontificate: “If we want to be pastors, fathers and teachers, we must also act as brothers. Dialogue thrives on friendship, and most especially on service. All this we must remember and strive to put into practice on the example and precept of Christ (Jn 13:14-17)”.[8]

This attitude is not concerned with respect or success and garnering applause for our actions; instead, it requires that we as pastors really decide to be a seed that will grow whenever and however the Lord best determines. That decision will save us from falling into the trap of measuring the value of our efforts by the standards of functionalism and efficiency that govern the business world. The path to be taken is rather one of openness to the efficacy and transformative power of God’s Kingdom, which, like a mustard seed, the smallest and most insignificant of seeds, becomes a tree in which the birds of the air make their nests (cf. Mt 13:32-33). Amid the tempest, we must never lose faith in the quiet, daily and effective power of the Holy Spirit at work in human hearts and in all of history.

Credibility is born of trust, and trust is born of sincere, daily, humble and generous service to all, but especially to those dearest to the Lord’s heart (cf. Mt 25:31-46). It will be a service offered not out of concern with marketing or strategizing to reclaim lost prestige or to seek accolades, but rather – as I insisted in the recent Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate – because it belongs to “the beating heart of the Gospel”.[9]

The call to holiness keeps us from falling into false dichotomies and reductive ways of thinking, and from remaining silent in the face of a climate prone to hatred and rejection, disunity and violence between brothers and sisters. The Church, as the “sign and instrument of communion with God and of the unity of the entire human race” (Lumen Gentium, 1), bears in her heart and soul the sacred mission of being a place of encounter and welcome not only for her members but for all humanity. It is part of her identity and mission to work tirelessly for all that can contribute to unity between individuals and peoples as a symbol and sacrament of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for all men and women, without distinction. For “there does not exist among you Jew or Greek, slave or freeman, male or female. All are one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28). This is the greatest service she offers, all the more so today, when we are witnessing a resurgence of inflammatory rhetoric and prejudices old and new. Our communities today must testify in a concrete and creative way that God is the Father of all, and that in his eyes we are all his sons and daughters. Our credibility also depends on the extent to which, side by side with others, we help to strengthen a social and cultural fabric that is not only in danger of unravelling, but also of harboring and facilitating new forms of hatred. As a Church, we cannot be held hostage by this side or that, but must be attentive always to start from those who are most vulnerable. With the words of the Eucharistic Prayer, let us ask the Lord that, “in a world torn by strife, your people may shine forth as a prophetic sign of unity and concord” (Masses for Various Needs, I)

How sublime is the task at hand, brothers; we cannot keep silent about it or downplay it because of our own limitations and faults! I recall the wise words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, that we can repeat, both as individuals and together: “Yes, I have many human faults and failures… But God bends down and uses us, you and me, to be his love and his compassion in the world; he bears our sins, our troubles and our faults. He depends on us to love the world and to show how much he loves it. If we are too concerned with ourselves, we will have no time left for others”.[10]

Dear brothers, the Lord was well aware that, at the hour of the cross, lack of unity, division and dispersion, as well as attempts to flee from that hour, would be the greatest temptations faced by his disciples – attitudes that would distort and hinder their mission. That is why he asked the Father to watch over them, so that at those times they would be one, even as he and the Father are one, and that none of them would be lost (cf. Jn 17:11-12). Entering with trust into Jesus’ prayer to the Father, we want to learn from him and, with firm resolve, to begin this time of prayer, silence and reflection, of dialogue and communion, of listening and discernment. In this way, we will allow him to conform our hearts to his image and help us discover his will.

On this path we are not alone. From the beginning, Mary accompanied and sustained the community of the disciples. By her maternal presence she helped the community not to lose its bearings by breaking up into closed groups or by thinking that it could save itself. She protected the community of the disciples from the spiritual isolation that leads to self-centeredness. By her faith, she helped them to persevere amid perplexity, trusting that God’s light would come. We ask her to keep us united and persevering as on the day of Pentecost, so that the Spirit will be poured forth into our hearts and help us in every time and place to bear witness to the resurrection.

Dear brothers, with these thoughts I am one with you during these days of spiritual retreat. I am praying for you; please do the same for me. May the Lord bless you and Our Lady watch over you.



Vatican City, 1 January 2019


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What the Catholic Hierarchy Should Know About Clerical Pederasty/ The Difference between Hetero-Sexual Pedophilia of Girls 6 to 10 and Clerical Homosexual Pederasty of Boys ages 10-15 Obscured by The USCCB’s Cover Up

What the Catholic Hierarchy Should Know About Clerical Pederasty

McCarrick and Francis

By: Randy Engel


In late August of this year, following the release of the Office of the Attorney General’s report on clerical sexual abuse in six Catholic dioceses in Western Pennsylvania, I gave an extended interview on the issue of clerical sexual abuse, specifically, pederasty, to a young writer/reporter from a well-known pro-life, pro-family organization.

Though that interview never appeared due to circumstances beyond my control, I nevertheless thought that the information contained in it would make a major contribution to the upcoming meeting on the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults  which will take place at the Vatican  in February 2019.

One of the major relevant issues that this interview does not cover is suicide as it relates to clerical sexual abuse and the suicide of victims, perpetrators, and those related to them. Hopefully, this will be discussed in detail in a companion article to this interview in the New Year.

Interviewer: Randy, as probably the leading Catholic expert in the world on the homosexual penetration of the Roman Catholic Church, and, in particular AmChurch, I presume you were not surprised by this latest horrific clerical sex abuse scandals to be exposed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General?

Randy Engel: No, I wasn’t surprised as all. As an investigative reporter,  traditional Catholic, and resident of Pennsylvania for more than forty years, I’d been waiting for the release of the Attorney General’s report since June of this year. But, as you probably know, there were significant legal delays, and redactions ordered by the State Supreme Court before the report was made public on August 15, 2018.

Regarding the report itself, my only surprise was that it wasn’t worse than it was.

Had the Attorney General’s Report gone into even greater detail, especially on how the lawyers for the bishops and dioceses manipulated and intimidated clerical sex abuse victims and their families into signing away their rights, and sheltering and protecting the perpetrators at all costs, the report would have been even more explosive and damning than it is.

Interviewer: So, what major things, if any, did you learn from the Attorney General’s Report?

Engel: Well, the Office of the Attorney General spent two years on its latest clerical abuse assessment of six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown have already been investigated.

I, on the other hand, spent 17 years researching, investigating, and writing,  The Rite of Sodomy – Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church which was first published in 2006.

So, there was really nothing new in the report for me. The names and faces of the perpetrators and their locations have changed, of course, but their tails still bind them together in a singular universally diabolical enterprise.

Of course, I was profoundly moved by the report. God forbid the day when I can read about the wholesale destruction of innocence by a priest or religious without being moved to tears.

It’s almost impossible to forget the phantasmagorical  imprint of the highly-placed Monsignor who worked for the Papal Foundation, who fellated a young boy then had the victim wash his mouth out with holy water, or the digital rape of little girls and young boys, or the young woman impregnated by a priest who was forced to abort their child. If those images don’t force Catholics, or any human being, to his knees in sorrow and a desire to make reparation to our Lord, nothing will.

I would like to add one general caveat, if I may?

Interviewer: Sure

Engel: In reading the latest Attorney General Report here in Western Pennsylvania, it is important to keep in mind that it is somewhat atypical when, let’s say, it is compared to the earlier Attorney General Report on the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

Interviewer: In what way?

Engel: In that it does not involve a major port city or archdiocese diocese like New York City, or Miami, or San Francisco or Chicago. Excepting Pittsburgh and possibly Scranton, the other dioceses are largely rural.

Interviewer: Meaning that?

Engel: Meaning that the ratio of young male victims to female victims, except for the  Diocese of Pittsburgh is somewhat lower than what one would find in larger urban dioceses in the United States to where homosexuals normally migrate. Nevertheless, in every Catholic diocese found in the report, the majority of cases involving minors revolve around homosexual/pederasty, that is, same-sex attraction of adult men to post-pubescent and adolescent boys.

Interviewer: So, what you are saying is that the sex abuse problem in the Catholic Church centers around homosexuality and pederasty, and not pedophilia, male or female?

Engel: That’s right.

Interviewer: That’s interesting because it leads into my next question.

As you probably know, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is a strong ally of Pennsylvania LGBTQ activists. He has officially marched in the Philadelphia “gay pride” parade(s) as a representative of his office. In your view did Shapiro consciously or unconsciously leave out the obvious connection between homosexuality and pederasty  in the report to protect his “gay” political friends?

Engel: (laughter) Well, if he did so, he’d only be following the lead of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops here in the United States and the current occupant of the Chair of Peter and his advisors at the Vatican who have consistently denied the obvious association between homosexuality and pederasty. It appears that both Shapiro and many members of the Catholic hierarchy, as well as the secular and Catholic press, have gone out of their way to deny the fact that pederasty has always been the sine qua non of the Homosexual Collective.

Interviewer: You mean both groups use the word “pedophile” or “pedophilia” in order that the average Joe will not connect the dots that demonstrate that most Catholic clerical sexual abuse cases are homosexual in nature?

Engel: Bingo!

Interviewer: Are you saying that pedophilia and pederasty are different? How so?

Engel: Well, the term paedophilia erotica or pedophilia was introduced into medical and psychiatric literature in 1912, so it is of a fairly recent vintage. It describes the condition in which an adult is sexually attracted to young children, usually of the opposite sex.

Pederasty, derived from the Greek word paiderastes, literally means a lover of boys, and has a much more ancient tradition. Until the late 1960s, it was the term that the Catholic Church has always used to describe the erotic attraction of an adult male for an adolescent boy.

Of course, both pedophilia and pederasty have always been considered both serious sins and crimes by the Church from the time of the early Church Fathers.

Interviewer: So, the oft-repeated argument that we hear today, that Vatican officials and members of the hierarchy were unaware that these acts against minors have always been grave delicts doesn’t appear to hold water?

Engel: Correct.

But before we go on, I would like to add a third definition to our discussion. It’s the phrase “intergenerational intimacy” or “intergenerational sex.”

This euphemistic catchall phrase which is currently being advanced by the Homosexual Collective refers to a broad range of sexual acts between adults and children under the age of consent.

Today we find that the old arguments that led to the decriminalization of sodomy, are now being used to advance adult-child sexual relationships.

Interviewer: OK. Now that we have our definitions straight, where do we go from here?

Engel: Let’s start by looking at the etiology or nature of the “pedophile.”

Typically, he is a heterosexual male. The largest age aggregate being middle age, not older men. He’s of normal intelligence. He is married and may have children of his own. His occupation and interests are masculine. His child victim(s) is usually a prepubescent girl from approximately six to twelve years of age. He generally knows his victim and the victim’s family.

Regarding the nature of his crimes, the pedophile’s actions usually reflect his desire for immature, generally non-coital gratification often accompanied by acts of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Overt, adult sexual acts of intercourse and violent and deviant acts such as sadomasochism are not common.

Almost all of the clerical pedophile cases found in all the Pennsylvania Attorney General reports reflect this reality.

Contrary to popular belief, the prospect for the rehabilitation of pedophiles, especially if they are young and/or first-time offenders (without a criminal background) or caught in a situational difficulty, aka divorce, death of wife,  etc., is not hopeless. In other words, they are treatable.

Interviewer: What about the homosexual pederast?

Engel: Here we have a different breed of sexual offender although there is some overlap in traits between the pedophile and the pederast; that is, both are emotionally immature, narcissistic, and highly compartmentalized individuals. But that’s where the commonality ends.

Medical terms for pederasty such as hebephilia and ephebophilia which tend to mask the homosexual nature of the offense have never gained popular acceptance, so when AmChurch’s  sexual scandals began to make news, some brilliant legal minds at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops decided as a strategy to use the term pedophile instead of pederast in order to deflect criticism away from the “Gay Liberation Movement” with its original symbol of the raised fist inserted into the male rectum. Now, of course, it’s the rainbow.

The familial history of homosexuals, including clerical pederasts generally reflects either disturbances in the family constellation and/or premature sexual seduction by older peers or adult homosexuals. Clerical pederasts obviously do not marry in the Roman rite.

Interviewer: Is there an age differential between the victims of pederasts and pedophiles?

Engel: Yes. The peak age of boy victims of pederasts, including clerical pederasts, is between twelve and fifteen  years of age. That is to say, the pederast  begins, age wise, where heterosexual pedophiles leave off.

Another important difference is that statistically, pederasts, including clerical pederasts, have a greater number of victims, that is, at least twice the number of the typical pedophile. All three of the Attorney General reports for Pennsylvania dioceses bear this out.

But the primary difference between the two offending groups lies in the adult nature of the acts committed against their victims with whom the pederast has no real personal attachment. Thus, the pederast exhibits the same depersonalized attitude that adult homosexuals generally have toward one another.

Also, it is important to understand that all pederasts, clerics included,  perform the same deviant acts on young adolescent boys as adult homosexuals who engage in sex with other adult males, including fellatio and sodomy. These are violent and orgasmic forms of sexual abuse.

To add to the trauma of the homosexual assault, the adolescent boy is faced with serious gender identification problems which interferes with normal psychosexual development.

Interviewer: Let me stop you at this point Randy, because I think you have hit on a point that is usually overlooked in the discussion on homosexual sex abuse in general and clerical sex abuse in particular.

When we were discussing this interview, you mentioned that this issue of gender identification disturbances in the young male adolescent following a homosexual assault is rarely raised by  groups purporting to represent the interests, including the legal interests, of male survivors of sexual assault, clerical or otherwise.

Engel: Well, when The Rite of Sodomy came out,  I thought I could depend on the support of survivor groups to help with the book’s promotion since it addresses the dual issues of homosexuality and pederasty in the Catholic Church. But that support never materialized. I never quite understood why.

One day I asked a friend of mine who worked for one of the major national survivor groups what the reason was. She told me that she he had been in on a meeting where my book was discussed, but since the survivors’ group was “gay friendly” due to the large number of homosexuals in its ranks, it could not support my book which opposed both homosexuality and pederasty.

There can be no question that one of the tragic fallouts of pederasty is the significant number of young male victims who come to believe that after being sexually assaulted by a homosexual, their so-called “sexual orientation” must also be homosexual in nature.

Unfortunately, these young men come to believe that because a homosexual sought them out, they too must be homosexual. When in fact, the perpetrator sought them out because they were vulnerable victims due to factors such as poor familial circumstances or gross poverty, or simply because they were “available” at a particular time or place conducive to a seduction or assault.

It doesn’t appear to me that any of the existing survivors’ groups goes out of its way to help its homosexual members understand that they were not “born that way,” but rather, that their first sexual encounter was a homosexual rather than a heterosexual one. It does not seem to matter if that first experience was voluntary or forced. The results are the same – physical, mental and spiritual devastation.

Interviewer: Do you have any concluding remarks?

Engel: Yes. Perhaps Attorney General Shapiro, who appears to be so disgusted with the findings of the Grand Jury will reflect on why the  Homosexual Collective, which he supports, is constantly pushing for the reduction of the age of consent?

And why the Homosexual Collective has consistently promoted and embraced the pederasty faction of its membership?

And why, to the best of my knowledge, no member of the Homosexual Collective has ever turned over to the police, the names and addresses of known active pederasts in its membership.

Interviewer: Thank you for all these clarifications on clerical sexual abuse, Randy

Engel: I hope this information provides valuable insights into one of the most discussed subjects of our day. It’s been my pleasure talking with you. Thank you.

The End

Opus Dei’s Covert Media Role in the Viganò Affair, the Apex of Made Up Opus Dei Shill Michael Voris’ Deception via Opus Dei Prelature Church Militant, St. Michael Media

Modern prophetess in the visage of Peter Damian (1043) The Book of Gomorrah by her 2005 four volume work,  four thousand  footnote impeccable scholarly researched and documented  expose of the “Homosexual Collective colonization of the Catholic Church in the past century”   in the Vatican and both males and female religious life institutes, The Rite of Sodomy,   sets the stage historically for the Vigano Affair and the launching of possible 45 States in the US initiating Grand Jury criminal investigation, raiding Chancelleries,  and beckoning the US Department of Justice to enjoin the State Attorney Generals in a criminal Rico action against The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) as a inter state felonious organize crime syndicate covertly enabling at the highest levels of leadership, Bishops, Cardinals, and the Popes as head of  The Vatican City State cover up enabling interstate and internationally the sexual exploitation of children by clerics in violation of  U.S.C and the 2002 Essential Norms. i.e. “Zero Tolerance Policy” of the  USCCB.

Opus Dei’s Role in the Viganò Affair


By: Randy Engel

[The following article was initially published in the current edition of The Catholic Inquisitor. For more in-depth stories like this, subscribe today!]



This is the fourth and concluding installment of my series on Archbishop John C. Nienstedt and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the Papal Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016, whose name by this time is recognizable by most Catholics in the pews as the author of the eleven-page, “time bomb” testimony released on August 25, 2018, on moral corruption in the Church.

I believe Viganò’s initial testimony is essentially correct in confirming the existence of a massive hierarchial and clerical homosexual “collective” that operates within and without the Vatican, as well as in key dioceses around the world. I documented that very same collective in the United States and the Vatican 12 years ago in The Rite of Sodomy – Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church in which more than 40 homosexual/pederast members of the Catholic hierarchy were identified.

However, there are at least two major deficiencies that I find most disconcerting about the Viganò August testimony that I would like to mention here.

First, as far as “truth-telling” in the McCarrick case is concerned, the full truth is that Cardinal McCarrick is a third-generation homosexual predator, the first and second generation of leaders in this particular line being homosexual Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York and his successor, homosexual Cardinal Terence Cooke.

This means that Viganò’s timetable is hopelessly flawed, as the rise of the homosexual network in the Roman Catholic Church dates back almost 100 years, ten decades before Francis came on the scene and before the “Uncle Teddy” scandal hit the streets.

Second, Viganò ends his initial testimony with the admonition: “Let us heed the most powerful message St. John Paul II left us as an inheritance: Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid!

Are we talking about the same John Paul II who defended to the death the notorious serial pederast Cardinal Hans Groër, O.S.B. Archbishop of Vienna, who claimed an estimated 2,000 victims (no typo) during his long clerical career? Are we talking about the same John Paul II who put more clerical homosexual prelates into the hierarchical ranks than any other post-conciliar pontiff, second perhaps, only to the sodomite Pope Paul VI? And lest we forget, are we talking about the same John Paul II, during whose pontificate of more than 26 years, the most vile and salacious “sex initiation” programs – programs which attack body, mind, and soul – were visited upon countless innocent parochial school children?

With specific reference to McCarrick, the record of John Paul II is chiseled in stone:

  • He appointed McCarrick bishop of Metuchen, NJ on November 19, 1981.
  • He appointed McCarrick archbishop of Newark, NJ on May 30, 1986 by which time it was common knowledge among New Jersey priests that McCarrick was a sexual predator.
  • He appointed McCarrick archbishop of Washington, D.C. on November 21, 2000.
  • He elevated McCarrick to the cardinalate on February 21, 2001.

When it comes to blame regarding the ascendency of “Uncle Teddy” up the clerical ladder, it’s clear that the main culprit was John Paul II and not Francis.

Did Viganò write this because he concluded that these facts about John Paul II have disappeared down “the memory hole”? Was Viganò blinded by the fact he himself was ordained a bishop by John Paul II after being appointed Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Nigeria? So why does Viganò think he can give Pope John Paul II a free pass?

And speaking of free passes, Viganò mentions the names of several homosexual cardinals and bishops, but fails to identify them as such, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the catamite of the late Cardinal John Wright. It would have been very timely for Viganò to heap coals upon Francis’ head for the pope’s unbridled praise of Wuerl when the cardinal archbishop of Washington, D.C. retired on October 12, 2018, but so far, he hasn’t done that.

However, the real question that I will address in this article is: In what way is Opus Dei behind Vigano’s actions? For instance, given the aforementioned accolade to John Paul II, could he be acting in deference to Opus Dei’s desire to continue the myth of “John Paul the Great?” Or is there another Opus Dei purpose behind this?

Because this article is not a detailed review of Viganò’s original testimony, nor his second testimony of September 29, 2018, symbolically released on the feast day of the archangels, Saint Michael, Saint Rafael and Saint Gabriel – the patrons of the different fields of apostolate that make up Opus Dei– nor his third testimony which was recently published on October 19, 2018. Nor is this article a regurgitation of Viganò’s Statement on the Archbishop Nienstedt controversy which has already been refuted in Part III of this series. The former nuncio has not as yet replied to my September 12, 2018, challenge of his interpretation of events surrounding the Nienstedt homosexual scandal.

Rather, this article is an in-depth look at the hidden hand of Opus Dei in the Viganò affair and the role that the Prelature has played in bringing the affair to world-wide attention with such astonishingly speed and continuality. The Viganò affair is not a matter of the usual slow Vatican “leaks,” but a carefully orchestrated and coordinated “tsunami” of “The Work,” which acts in secret and hides behind its unidentified members and “apostolates.”

Opus Dei Domination of the Catholic Media

It is also crucial that readers understand the pervasiveness of Opus Dei’s voice and point-of-view  in the Catholic media—and that these influences are rarely, if ever, identified as coming from Opus Dei. During the last three decades, using its numeraries or wealthy supernumeraries or philanthropic cooperators, the Prelature has established and/or taken over many Catholic media outlets including EWTN, the National Catholic Register, and LifeSiteNews. It was these three media sources that originally brought the Viganò story to the attention of Catholics the world over.

Other Opus Dei media outlets that promoted Viganò’s allegations of corruption at the Vatican and the call for Pope Francis’ resignation include Our Sunday VisitorCatholic CanadaCatholic News Agency (CNA), and ACI Presna (Spanish) to name a few.

With this in mind, the significance of this installment concerning the public figures and the media-outlets involved in the Vigano affair will be clearer.  I will begin with the pivotal roles played by two Italian Vaticanists, Aldo Maria Valli and Marco Tosatti in the proposed writing, editing, translation and publication of the Vigano testimony.

Valli Blog Reveals Details of Initial Contact

Milanese journalist Aldo Maria Valli

Thanks to Valli’s posting on his blog of August 27, 2018, titled “So Monsignor Viganò gave me his memorial. And that’s why I decided to publish it,” we have some important information on the initial planning stages of Viganò’s testimony.

According to Milanese journalist Aldo Maria Valli, he received a surprise phone call at his home from Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò in “almost summer”of 2018, that is in late May or early June.

However, Philip Pullella of Reuters puts the same initial phone call and meeting several months earlier in March 2018.

The discrepancy in dates is of utmost importance because if the March date is correct, then it would demonstrate that Viganò had “in conscience” decided to write his exposé months before the McCarrick scandal involving a minor became public knowledge in mid-June 2018. This would also mean that at least five months went into the planning, timing and execution of Viganò’s testimony before its release on August 25, 2018.

Now, back to the initial phone call from Viganò to Valli.

Viganò explained somewhat nervously that he needed to meet privately outside the Vatican with Valli, and the latter invited the former nuncio to his home for dinner. According to Valli, he and Viganò were casual acquaintances. Each knew the other largely by reputation but not personally.

Viganò drove himself to Valli’s home on the outskirts of Rome at the appointed day and precise time. And after familial introductions were made between Valli’s wife, Serena, and their daughters, a formal meal commenced. during which time Viganò freely lamented the sorry state of affairs at the Vatican.

The former nuncio talked at length, uninterrupted, about his extensive diplomatic career including his experiences as the head of the Vatican City Governorate and papal nuncio to Nigeria and the United States. At some point in his monologue he cited names and circumstances of persons and events related to the Church’s financial solvency and other controversial matters of state.

Valli and his family listened with a sympathetic ear as the 77-year-old diplomat stated his desire to carry out his duties with integrity even in the face of opposition and praised his host for the “courage and freedom” he has demonstrated in his writings.

The dinner ended, Viganò took his leave, and promised Valli that they would meet again.

After his guest had left, Valli said he believed that the initial meeting was a kind of “trial” by which the nuncio sought to determine the trustworthiness of the journalist, and he believed that a close bond of trust and friendship had indeed been forged between Viganò and himself.

Sometime in mid-August 2018, a second meeting was scheduled, again at Valli’s home. This time Viganò focused specifically on the McCarrick homosexual/pederasty scandal in the United States and the recent release of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s August 14, 2018, report on clerical sex abuse in five Catholic dioceses. So the second meeting must have occurred after August 14, 2018.

The nuncio made it clear that everyone in the United States and the Vatican knew about McCarrick’s sexual liaisons with seminarians for years before news of the sexual assault of a minor broke out publicly in late August 2018.

One would be surprised if, indeed, Valli himself, had not been privy to rumors and gossip of McCarrick’s habituation to sodomy via the Vatican grapevine, as this writer knew that McCarrick was a sexual predator of seminarians as early as 1987.

Viganò made a point of stating that the sex abuse issue in the Church centers largely around homosexuality and pederasty, and not pedophilia. Oddly enough, Valli claimed he and his wife “were stunned” by the comment, but he offered no explanation why that would be, given the many clerical homosexual scandals that have ravaged the Vatican in recent years.

Finally, Valli interrupted his guest to ask “Why are you telling us these things? And what do you want from me?”

Viganò briefly explained that he had written a preliminary testimony or memorial on the corruption in the Vatican, including Pope Francis’ role in the cover-up of the McCarrick scandal. He added that he would give the document he prepared not only to Valli, but also to another Italian blogger, an Englishman, an American and a Canadian. Translations of the original document, written in Italian, would be put into Spanish and English.

As the second meeting ended, Viganò promised to meet again with Valli in a few days at which time he would present the journalist with the testimony. Valli had already made up his mind to cooperate with the enterprise.

Viganò’s third meeting with Valli took place at a secret location, at which time the journalist read the 11-page memorial and agreed to publish it on his blog.

In a later phone call, Viganò informed Valli that the date for the publication of Viganò “time bomb” was set for Sunday, August 26, 2018,when Francis would be returning to Rome from his Dublin trip by plane and the pontiff would likely be engaging in one of his notorious spontaneous press conferences. Wasn’t that very clever of Viganò?

It was also at this time that Viganò announced that he planned to go abroad to a secret residence and would remain incommunicado for a period of time. Valli said the two men said goodbye for the last time, but this would turn out not to be accurate, and Valli would continue to have communication with the former nuncio.

Valli’s interim report, “Viganò Speaks: I’m not the crow and I do not act for revenge. I just want the truth to emerge,” appeared on August 28, 2018. In August 31, 2018, the UK Catholic Herald reported that Viganò had given new interviews to Valli as well as Catholic World Report and LifeSite News.

On October 9, 2018, Valli ran another interview with Italian scholar Alessandro Gnocchi on his own blog in support of Viganò. To his credit, Gnocchi insists that the recent scandals at the Vatican are decades old and can be traced back decades prior to the Second Vatican Council.

On October 19, 2018, Viganò sent Valli his third communique on the Prefect for the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s open letter disavowing Viganò arguments. Viganò’s response was titled “Monsignor Viganò: ‘Here is how I respond to Cardinal Ouellet. It’s time to come out in the open.” According to Viganò, his testimonies are “to be continued.” About that, there can be no doubt.

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So Where’s the Opus Dei Connection?

Thus far, Viganò has not mentioned Opus Dei in any of his public statements, and neither has Valli. Nor has the Catholic/Vatican press or any secular media mentioned a possible connection between the Viganò affair, Valli and Opus Dei.

About all that most Catholics outside of Italy know about Valli is that he is a journalist, a popular blogger, a “conservative” Catholic, and is married and has six children.

If you look at Wikipedia’s biographical data on Aldo Maria Valli, you will  learn some other things about him: He was born on February 3, 1958, in Rho, a municipality of Milan; he graduated from Sacred Heart University in Milan with a degree in political science; from 1980 to 1984, he was the editor of the publishing house Ares and the monthly Studi Cattolicaici, to which he still contributes; by the 1990s, he has established himself in the field of Italian radio and television; in April 1995 he moved to Rome and became a Vaticanist which included following 40 of John Paul II’s journeys around the world; and in the latter part of his media career, he joined TG 3, then TG 1 (the Italian state-owned television news broadcasting offices).

The only reference made to the Prelature in the Wikipedia biography of Valli was the TG 1 television special titled Opus Dei, which aired on September 28, 2008. It traced the controversial history of Opus Dei and its founder and mission.

This fact, in itself, is not any particular proof that Valli is a member of Opus Dei. His association with Ares and Studi Cattolicaici, however, is proof of his strong affiliation to Opus Dei.

You see, Ares is the Milan publishing house of Opus Dei and has exclusive rights in Italy for the works of Josemaría Escrivá, and Studi Cattolicaici (Catholic Studies) is the monthly magazine of Opus Dei. It is “a magazine of culture, a means of dialogue with modern society in its articulated pluralism of ideas and opinions,” and has a wide-international circulation.

So at the age of 22, Valli was assigned the editorship of two of Opus Dei’s prize entities, which means he was initially a celibate numerary of Opus Dei, and later, after he married, he continued his membership in Opus Dei as a supernumerary. Opus Dei would never had outsourced two of its most important literary flagships to an outsider.

So Aldo Maria Valli is an important member of Opus Dei.

Let’s move on to Italian journalist, Marco Tosatti.

Marco Tosatti Pens Viganò’s Testimony

The announcement that the well-known Vaticanist and former writer for the liberal Italian daily La Stampa (Turin),Marco Tosatti, had aided Viganò in the writing of the former nuncio’s testimony broke into the headlines of Rome papers on August 28, 2018. Tosatti’s story is similar to that of Valli’s.

Tosatti said that Viganò had surprised him with a phone call “a few weeks” before their actual meeting at Tosatti’s Rome apartment on August 22, 2018. The officially retired journalist, who has covered Vatican news for decades, said he knew the former nuncio as an acquaintance, but not as a friend.

When Viganò arrived for the August 22 meeting, he brought with him a draft of his statement which Tosatti recognized as not being suitable for publication. It needed much revision in both style and content. Tosatti said it took three hours for him and Viganò working side-by-side to re-work and edit the 11-page text to conform to standard journalistic requirements. In addition, charges against prelates that could not be substantiated were removed.

When Tosatti completed the text to Viganò’s satisfaction, he then proceeded to draw up a list of publications that would be willing to publish the memorial in its entirety. These included the U.S.-based National Catholic Register, LifeSite News, the Italian daily La Verità and the Spanish religious website Info Vaticana. In addition, like Valli, Tosatti would publish the explosive testimony on his blog, Stilum Curie.

Time also had to be given to having the Italian document translated into Spanish and English.

The date of release was set for Sunday, August 26, 2018, in order to coincide with Pope Francis’ last day in Ireland and his return plane flight.

Before Viganò left the apartment, he told Tosatti that he feared for his life., and he was unsure if he could go through with the arrangement.

When the journalist took him to the door and attempted to kiss the prelate’s ring, his visitor refused to let him. Tosatti said that Viganò was crying when he left the apartment.

Tosatti later recalled that it was he who finally convinced Viganò to release his testimony in light of the earlier Pennsylvania report, which had opened a rare public relations opportunity for the former nuncio to make his case. Interestingly, when Tosatti (who like Valli has been a leading critic of Pope Francis) was interviewed by Reuters on August 28, 2018, he denied that there was any “conservative conspiracy” afloat and said that the timing of the Viganò testimony was “a mere coincidence.”

Like Valli, Tosatti has continued to respond to the Viganò story. On October 8, 2018, Tosatti responded to the October 6, 2018, Vatican (non) statement issued by Cardinal Ouellet instructing Viganò to abandon his rebelliousness and return to the Francis fold. On October 19, 2018, Tosatti received Viganò’s third testimony (letter) which lashes out, this time, against Cardinal Ouellet concerning Ouellet’s silence on matters directly related to Viganò’s earlier charges against Pope Francis.

Tosatti’s Connections to Opus Dei

On June 24, 2010, Marco Tosatti gave a very personal interview to reporter José M. Ballester Esquivias.

Tosatti told  the reporter that he was a cradle Catholic and that his early childhood was irrevocably shattered by the death of his famous sports writer father in an airplane crash in 1949, when Tosatti was still an infant. For most of his adult life he said he was an “anti-religious person,” although his interest in returning to his Catholic roots was gradually stimulated by his professional journalistic career, which involved his regular contact with Pope John Paul II. Rediscovering the historic fact of the Resurrection was for him a turning point in his conversion.

His conversion, Tosatti said, was also greatly influenced by the writings of Opus Dei’s founder, JosemaríaEscrivá, especially Camino (The Way), the handbook that guides the spiritual life of Opus Dei adherents. Although he has stated that he was not a numerary or supernumerary of Opus Dei, the record is clear that, as a journalist, he has maintained close and favorable ties with the Prelature.

For example, in 2014, Tosatti was a defender of Opus Dei Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, who had given permission for the sexual predators of the infamous U.S.-based Priestly Society of St. John to reestablish itself in his diocese. Livieres also raised the Society’s founder, homosexual/pederast Father Carlos Urrotigoity, to the number two position in the chancery as vicar general, with access to a bevy of young men at the local seminary.

Every year, the Information Communication Service of Opus Dei in France in connection with the faculty of communication of Opus Dei’s Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome hosts various seminar and special press events for hundreds of journalists from all over France. On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, the day after the annual Opus Dei Eucharistic Celebration to honor the feast of St. Escrivá, Tosatti, who speaks fluent French, gave a talk sponsored by Opus Dei on the theme “The Popes and the Diplomacy of Gestures,” at the Espace Bernanos Catholic cultural center in Paris.

Like Aldo Maria Valli, Tosatti has appeared as a guest at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome to discuss topics of interest to other journalists.

On November 14, 2015, on the Spanish pro-Opus Dei webpage titled Opusdeialdia, a question was posted on the merit or lack of merit of ex-numerary Maria del Carmen Tapia’s book Beyond the Threshold: A Life in Opus Dei, published in 1997.

In responding to the question, the commentator noted:

Marco Tosatti published an article in La Stampa de Torino on December 21, (2001), in which he summarized the history and evolution of the image of Opus Dei in Italian public opinion during the last years. The journalist added that, in his opinion, the upcoming canonization of JosemaríaEscrivá (held on October 6, 2002) would not raise controversy.

Tosatti affirmed that Maria del Carmen Tapia – who in 1992 had repeatedly expressed her disagreement with the beatification – now declared that she “bows to the Pope’s decision…”

Given Tosatti’s attachment to Escrivá’s written spiritual direction, and his personal and professional defense and promotion of Opus Dei, it is clear that he is definitely in the Opus Dei camp. And there is another, not so subtle connection, from a media angle.

A Second Look at Tosatti’s Media Recommendations

In connection with the Viganò affair, there is a need to re-examine the media outlets that Tosatti recommended to Viganò at their August 22, 2018, meeting – National Catholic Register and LifeSite NewsLa Veritas,  and the Spanish religious website Info Vaticana.

Let’s begin with Info Vaticana, which was launched in 2013 in Spain by two young men, Gabriel Ariza and Fernando Beltrán. It publishes in Spanish and Italian.

The religious website’s goal is to try to “fill a gap in the vigorous analysis of what happens in the Church.” Pretty ambitious for two young men, no?

On June 30, 2017, Gabriel Ariza posted a story on Marco Tosatti explaining that Info Vaticana would now be carrying the journalist’s blog Stilum Curiae.

Info Vaticana is owned by Grupo Intereconomia, which in turn is owned by Julio Ariza Irrigoyen, Gabriel Ariza’s father, a wealthy and prominent businessman, journalist and politician from Navarra. Julio Ariza completed his law studies at Opus Dei’s collegial flagship, the University of Navarra, and yes, he is a married supernumerary of Opus Dei.

Under the Opus Dei system of building media anonymous “apostolates,” Info Vaticana is an Opus Dei clone.

Next, comes the Italian daily, La Verità, (The Truth) which went on the Milanese newsstands in 2016. The director and founder of the paper (and digital version) is the Italian journalist and television producer Maurizio Belpietro. In one of its promotions, La Verità names more than 25 prominent journalists and commentators who write for the newspaper. The list includes a number of Opus Dei members and associates including economist and banker, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a former President of the IOR (Vatican Bank) and well-known Opus Dei supernumerary. So, I believe we can say that La Verità is, at least, Opus Dei “friendly,” especially since it was among the first Italian publications chosen to run the Viganò testimony of August 2018.

Finally we come to three of Opus Dei’s most important U.S.-based media outlets which have played a major role in the Viganò saga – the National Catholic Register, formerly owned by the Legionaries of Christ, EWTN which bought the Register in 2011, and LifeSite News, a popular internet news service cofounded by the Canadians Steve Jalsevac and John-Henry Weston. The Opus Dei connection is through Jalsevac, who is Catholic.

Since November of 2017, when I started OD WATCH, a news column critical of Opus Dei, which appears regularly on AKA CATHOLIC, I’ve been monitoring daily the Prelature’s media outlets, aka “media apostolates” around the world, especially in Spain, Italy and the United States. The NCR (bought out by EWTN), LifeSite News, and EWTN itself  have been at the top of that list from the beginning as primary Opus Dei media outlets. They still are, even more so after the Viganò case.

The role that all threeplayed in promoting and sustaining the Viganò affair, day after day, has confirmed my initial beliefs that Opus Dei is the hidden hand acting behind the scenes to move the Viganò matter forward.

The reader is free to accept my findings, or await a more detailed report on my investigation of Opus Dei’s world-wide media outlets that should be ready early next year.

In the meantime, the reader can chew on another Opus Dei bone, this one related to the translation of Viganò’s testimony by Diane Montagna, Rome correspondent and journalist for LifeSite News. Before joining LifeSite News, Montagna was the Rome correspondent for the English edition of Aleteia, which has had a long-time relationship with Opus Dei. But most importantly, she holds a License in Sacred Theology from the International Theological Institute, Gaming, Austria, one of Opus Dei’s most important educational entities for studies on marriage and family in Europe.

Opus Dei’s “Charism” of Public Relations

Many Catholics around the world are blissfully unaware that Opus Dei even exists, but even those who do know about Opus Dei are not aware of the Prelature’s “charism” of communications and public relations. This “charism” has a great deal to do with Opus Dei’s role in the Viganò affair, and deserves at least a brief explanation, although one could write several volumes on the subject.

Opus Dei’s Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome was established in 1984. It is comprised of four schools of theology, canon law, philosophy, and Church communications.

Opus Dei’s school of Church communications [School of Social Institutional Communication] was created in 1996. The program is open to priests, religious and laymen, including media and public relations staff from diocesan offices.

Officially speaking, “the school’s programs offer courses in four key areas: the nature of communication and the elements upon which it is based; The Church in cultural context; the theological, philosophical and canonical content of the faith and its impact on the identity of the Church as an Institution; and the application of these theories, practices and communication techniques to institutions of the Church, bearing in mind their particular identity.”

Some Catholics might ask why the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, has need of public relation academicians and prompters when the only product it is “selling” is the eternal truths of the Catholic Faith necessary for the salvation of men. However, Opus Dei does obviously believe that such a high level of professional business and communications acumen is needed. What this actually means in practice is very well shown by briefly citing the life and times of Opus Dei’s most famous numerary and master of interlocution, papal image-maker and molder of Catholic opinion – Joaquín Navarro-Valls.

Joaquín Navarro-Valls – The Papal Gatekeeper

Like the young Karol Wojtyła, the young Navarro-Valls was a consummate actor who had a passion for the theater. He became the second most important man at the Vatican, next to the pope himself, when Pope John Paul II appointed him head of the Holy See Press Office in 1984.

Born in November 16, 1936, to an affluent Spanish family, Navarro-Valls attended the Cartagena German school in his hometown and later studied medicine and psychiatry at the University of Granada and University of Barcelona. He also served in the Spanish military.

According to the Prelature’s official obituary of Navarro-Valls, published on the day of his death, July 5, 2017, the young man’s first contact with Opus Dei came when he was a medical student in Granada and he applied to the Albayzín (Granada) Hall of Residence. He was quickly recruited by Opus Dei and became a celibate numerary. Later, at the direction of Opus Dei, he attended the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain,where the talented and multi-lingual scholar and physician accumulated two additional degrees in journalism and communications.

From 1970 to 1975, Navarro-Valls joined Msgr. Josemaría Escrivá in Rome to promote the interests of Opus Dei and to enable Navarro-Valls to gain practical writing and reporting experience as a foreign correspondent for the Spanish tabloid ABC.

Popular with his fellow journalists, Navarro-Valls was later elected president of the Foreign Press Association in Rome.

In 1984, Pope John Paul II, who was well acquainted with Opus Dei from his years in Kraków, appointed psychiatrist/ journalist Navarro-Valls to head the Vatican Press Office and modernize the Vatican’s communication vehicles, a task for which the 48-year-old numerary had long preparation. It was also the same year the pope bestowed pontifical status upon Holy Cross University.

From that time until the death of John Paul II on April 2, 2005, Navarro-Valls never strayed from the pope’s side. He accompanied the pope on all his many travels around the world, including the pontiff’s vacations. He became the pontiff’s constant companion, confidant and advisor, and also the gatekeeper of persons given access or refused access to the Holy Father.

Navarro-Valls’ first book was appropriately titled, Manipulation in Advertising (1970). When one considers that following Navarro’s appointment, everything that John Paul II publicly said or wrote was first filtered through his publicist – well, it’s the stuff that horror films are made of.

Navarro-Valls’ appointed mission, unfortunately, wasn’t as much promoting the Catholic faith, as it was in “selling” John Paul II, or to be more accurate, the public image of John Paul II. In a more honest and transparent time one would have quipped, “Navarro-Valls not only made the man, he also made the man a saint.”

Most biographers of John Paul II have assiduously avoided this particular issue.

They have also avoided what would seem to be another effect of Navarro-Valls: under John Paul II, Opus Dei quickly rose in power and influence at the Vatican and Navarro-Valls became a household word among Catholic families the world over.

At the same time Navarro-Valls continued to “sell” the “holiness” and “omniscience” of Opus Dei, he retained his status as a high-level numerary within the inner circle of Opus Dei in Rome. This meant that Navarro-Valls continued to live at the Villa Tevere, the headquarters of Opus Dei in the suburbs of Rome, that he had an Opus Dei confessor, and that he reported on a regular basis to his assigned “spiritual director,” to whom Navarro-Valls was required to spill out his guts, in typical Opus Dei fashion, on everything in his life, including the alleged corruption of the Vatican and Catholic cardinals and bishops of dioceses around the world.In short, what Navarro-Valls knew, Opus Dei knew.

I suspect that McCarrick’s name was on the top of a running list of names of sodomite hierarchy, clergy, and religious that Opus Dei acquired from its favorite and omnipresent numerary, Navarro-Valls. I believe this because I knew that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, then Archbishop of Newark, was a homosexual and a predator of young seminarians as early as 1987, the year I started investigating leads for The Rite of Sodomy. If his name went to the top of my list, it presumably was also on the top of Navarro-Valls’ list.

As far as his professional work as the pope’s spokesman, it appears that Navarro-Valls played and manipulated the Vatican press corps as well as Jascha Heifitz played his Stradivarius – that is to say “exquisitely.” For instance, it is no secret that Navarro-Valls openly played favorites among the Vatican press corps. As John Allen, Jr., former Rome correspondent for the liberal National Catholic Reporter and current editor of CRUX news service, admits, he was lucky enough to be one of Navarro-Valls’ favorites. But as Allen candidly points out in his biographical notation of Navarro-Valls on the occasion of the numerary’s death, “There were some journalists, either because of the size of their audience or because he trusted them, with whom he would share insider information, and others whose phone calls and emails he would never return.” [1]

After his ascent to the Papal throne, Pope Benedict XVI kept Navarro-Valls on for one-year, at which time the Opus Dei numerary announced his retirement and was replaced by the Jesuit superior Reverend Father Federico Lombardi– the Jesuits being the time-honored enemies of Escrivá and Opus Dei.

On July 11, 2016, Father Lombardi retired and was succeeded as director of the Holy See Press Office on August 1, 2016, by American Greg Burke, an Opus Dei numerary like Navarro-Valls, which means that Opus Dei was back in the driver’s seat when the Viganòstory was published.

Now the question before us is this: Is Opus Dei using Archbishop Carlos Viganò to manipulate the Catholic media and play the Catholic laity for fools, as Navarro-Valls did, for purposes about which we know nothing?

In light of this possibility, it is interesting to note that since the Viganò affair began, a number of secular media sources have referred to the generic term “conservative forces” as being behind the initial Viganò exposé and its continuing exposure. But neither the secular nor the Catholic press has explicitly identified Opus Dei as being the primary culprit in this contemporary game of thrones. Is this because of the effectiveness of Opus Dei’s program to keep itself hidden?

Former journalist, David Gibson, Director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University in New York and a Francis supporter came the closest to hinting at something like this when he observed that, “This whole thing was carefully coordinated with conservative Catholic media and carefully timed.” [2]

Robert Moynihan in his August 26, 2018, Letters (Moynihan Report) from Rome rules out any suggestion that “Viganò is serving someone else…” Moynihan says that the former nuncio comes from a wealthy Milanese family, and is therefore “acting in Prima Persona – as an independent agent.”

However, Moynihan fails to explain how Viganò, who just a few weeks ago couldn’t write a literate press release and needed the help of at least two journalists, Valli and Tosatti, has somehow managed to write two more eloquent and informative testimonies (three if we count the Nienstedt response) with more to come.

Nor has Moynihan explained how Viganò,hiding away at a secret location, has managed to get his beautifully timed and technically well written media releases into world-wide circulation in multiple languages.

Now if we look at the relatively powerful “new movements” in the Church including the “conservative”Legionaries of Christ, Regnum Christi, and Communion and Liberation, as well as Focolare, and the Neocatechumenal Way, none can compare with Opus Dei in terms of a world-wide mega-media outreach and control of the Catholic media especially in the United States, and Rome.

Putting the Viganò/Opus Dei Puzzle Together

Thus far, this writer has concretely documented that that Viganò’s top two ghost writers have serious connections to Opus Dei as has the official translator of Viganò’s public works.

I have also demonstrated the connection between the American and Italian publications that brought Viganò’s initial and continuing complaints to the attention of the American and Italian Catholic population.

But there are important pieces of the Viganò/Opus Dei puzzle that are still missing.

For example, we do not yet know the exact nature of Viganò’s relationship with Opus Dei, when that relationship began, who initiated that relationship, the extent of the role Opus Dei has played thus far in his media campaign against Vatican “corruption,” and if Opus Dei has provided Viganò with any information and documentation on the past and current sexual abuse scandals currently rocking the Holy See.

Of course, the reason that we don’t know the answer to these questions is because Viganò, the champion of transparency, has, so far, kept this information on Opus Dei secret from us.

The only thing we do know about that relationship is that it has been “friendly,” at least in the past. According to Opus Dei records, when he was Papal Nuncio in the U.S., Viganò was the main celebrant of a Mass for Opus Dei’s founder, Josemaría Escrivá, on his feast day, June 26, at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle in Washington, D.C.

A Little Humility Please

A final comment on Viganò’s transparency: I think it would be somewhat refreshing and salutary for the former nuncio to acknowledge the fact that others have blazed the trail in bringing the Homosexual Collective to the attention of Catholics. He and his Opus Dei writers could in humble honesty stop pretending his pronouncement against sodomy and pederasty are somehow new and visionary.

Such a pronouncement was dramatically positioned in Viganò’s third testimony of October 19, 2018. He opens with his repeated claim that he desires only “to bear witness to corruption in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church,” even though it has been and remains a “painful decision.” He then repeats his condemnation of the “plague” of homosexuality. “It is hypocrisy to refuse to acknowledge that this scourge is due to a serious crisis in the spiritual life of the clergy and to fail to take the steps necessary to remedy it,” Viganò says.

Of course, this is exactly what Saint Peter Damian said in his magnificent treatise on clerical sodomy, the Book of Gomorrah written in 1049. That’s nearly 1,000 years ago, folks. And Father Enrique Rueda wrote in his classic text, The Homosexual Network – Private Lives and Public Policy written in 1982. That’s 36 years ago, folks. And my own 1300-page study, The Rite of Sodomy – Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church published in 2006. That was 12 years ago, folks.

So, Viganò is really a Johnny-come-lately with regard to the very real dangers posed by the Homosexual Collective, whenever and wherever it has raised its head in civilized society. Some of the names and the faces of homosexual Vatican prelates mentioned in his testimonies may be new to some, but the tails that have bound them together to their Master, have been recognizable down through the centuries. And the Master’s name is Satan.

Coming Full Circle with Nienstedt

Since the Viganò and Opus Dei dog and pony show erupted on the scene last August, there has been a nagging question in my mind related to Viganò’s motivation in mounting his anti-homosexual and anti-Francis media campaign.

Certainly, Viganò has placed a well-deserved albatross around Francis’ stiff, modernist neck for which he deserves credit.

But let us not forget that Viganò continues to carry an albatross around his own neck in the person of Archbishop John C. Nienstedt, formerly of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and the Napa Institute of Irvine, California.

Now if Viganò can plainly see the gross moral splinter in McCarrick’s eye and is demanding his pound of flesh from Francis on the cover-up of McCarrick’s homosexual/pederast, why has Viganò failed to see that same-sized splinter in Nienstedt’s eye?

The reader will remember Viganò’s two-page Nienstedt memo that the former Vatican emissary sandwiched in between his first and second testimonies.

That would have been the perfect opportunity to make amends for having interfered in the archdiocesan investigation of Archbishop Nienstedt in April 2014. And it would have demonstrated that Viganò is sincere in his attempt to purge the Catholic hierarchy of homosexual predators. After all, Nienstedt was charged with the same delicts as McCarrick including the sexual solicitation of seminarians.

But Viganò didn’t do this. He did just the opposite.

Why then the selective outrage? Why is McCarrick a “monster” and Nienstedt not?

Let the Two Beasts Devour One Another

In closing, I’d like to state that if anyone believes that my criticism of Archbishop Carlos Viganò is somehow a maneuver to let Francis off the hook for his many moral and doctrinal trespasses against the Catholic faith, I would highly recommend a thorough reading of my open letter to Francis titled “On a Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality, Pederasty and La Lobby Gay in The Catholic Church” released on November 9, 2013.

This concluding article in the Nienstedt series reflects the wisdom of the old adage that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. That is to say, the fact that the team of Viganò and Opus Dei are issuing valid criticisms about Francis’s tragic and heretical papacy does not make Viganò and Opus Dei a friend of Catholic traditionalists.

In this account of the ongoing battle over corruption of the Catholic Church, I leave the door open on the question as to whether or not Viganò has been an innocent dupe or one of the cunning “coordinators” in this planned media campaign we are now witnessing.

As for Opus Dei and Francis, I say, “A Plague o’ both your Houses.”

The End