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Captain America in Nam’ Judge Roy Moore Jr. Faked Valor in Vietnam Leveraged against Real Teenage Girl Attempted Rape Victims in Alabama to Win a Senate Seat and Save America.

Captain America in Nam’

The True Story of Fake Vietnam  War Super Hero “Captain America” and  “Ten Commandments Judge” Roy Moore,Jr.  Quashing Teenage Bimbo Eruptions and Bamaboozling  POTUS, Congress,  SCOTUS, Fake News and We The People in Roy’s Failed Campaign for US Senator from Alabama.

“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity,” Moore said. “Today, we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”Roy Moore Jr. 12/14/17  refusing to concede Alabama Senate election to clear winner Liberal Democrat Doug Jones.


Captain America in Nam’ :The True Story of Fake Vietnam  War Super Hero “Captain America” and  “Ten Commandments Judge” Roy Moore,Jr.  Quashing Teenage Bimbo Eruptions and Bamaboozling  POTUS, Congress,  SCOTUS, Fake News and We The People in a Never Conceded Campaign for US Senator from Alabama  (C) 2017 by Fr. Christopher D. Terry, O.P.  All rights reserved.  Self Published Amazon Kindle


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Quotations are from:

So Help Me God (SHMG) The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and The Battle For Religious Freedom- Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Roy Moore with John Perry  Broadman & Holman Publishers, Nashville, Tennesee @ 2005 by Roy S. Moore All Rights Reserved  Printed in the United States of America

19 digit ISBN: 0805432639

13 digit ISBN: 978080543



To The Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Fatima in Thanksgiving for Helping Us!

To John Van De Camp,  R.I.P. author of The Franklin Cover Up, the first to sound the alarm after Our Lady..



Disclaimer by Author:  All psychological characterizations and terms used in this article are intended as solely descriptive and not a licensed professional diagnosis of psychosis.


Chapter One: You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

Judge Roy Moore, Jr. in his 2005 biography, So Help Me God, ghost written by John Perry, fabricates a  narcissistic  concoction of self glorifying  politically messianic anecdotes unsupported by historical time line and pertinent facts.  Moore’s delusional propensity to lionize his opposition  defiant personality (disorder) through various  narcissistic impostor fabrications ( i.e., psychological disorder combat and control  avatars, or role play acting out)  like the mythological “Captain America”  in Vietnam  or “The Ten Commandment’s Judge” in Alabama and  yet to be conceded  by US Senate candidate  Moore “Mr. Smith goes to Washington,”  infused with Moore’s trumpeted super hero powers as a  devoted Father and faithful loving and christian  husband  attested to by his divorcee wife of over thirty years, Kayla.  This over arching super hero true identity as Evangelical culture  poet warrior anti LBGTQ, no Gay Marriage cake crusader inspires ever single lie and slander  Moore as Captain America, fake valor military impostor spews in  So Help Me God.    Moore’s narcissistic anecdotal mythological  fake biography is  Moore’s  plagiarism  of “My Combat” (Mein Kampf).   To  to struggle, to persevere, to never cease combating  until holy victory is one,  politically overcoming all opposition is to live.    So Help Me God  draws  Roy Moore, Jr.  as bigger than real life , a marvel comic’s super hero displaying  invincible super human powers for good to vanquish evil villains like The ACLU and Mitch McConnel. larger than real life is never ending Evangelical culture war combat to save  America.

“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity,” Moore said. “Today, we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Roy Moore Jr. 12/14/17  refusing to concede Alabama Senate election to clear winner Liberal Democrat Doug Jones

Moore believes the  “struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity ” will only be won  by Moore wielding autocratically the power of elected public office, be it  “Captain America” Army Military Police  commander in Nam,”  under the  military impostor guise of  “Captain America, ”  imposing strict West Point  discipline  as Company Commander of the 188th MP  Company,  504th MP Battalion Da Nang 1971 -1972,  or under Moore’s Evangelical super hero culture warrior  fighting to preserve “our religion”  avatar “The Ten Commandments Judge”  twice removed from the bench as elected  Alabama Supreme Court Judge  via judicial ethics complaints filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) after Moore instructed state court judges to defy a federal court order and enforce the state’s unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriage.  Moore’s latest crusade to save Moore’s vision of America is to win the Alabama Jr. US Senate seat.  The ranking elder Republican Senator of Alabama, saying he would never vote for a Democrat (Doug Jones) denounced Moore nevertheless stating “The people of Alabama deserve better than Moore.”  A very clever play on words!

Nonetheless, Moore battles relentlessly on refusing to concede the December 12th, 2017  special election for Senator of Alabama  in spite of credibly being accused of attempted rape as a recently hired  Gadsden  Ass. full time DA at age 32 of then 15 year South Side High School Sophomore, a classmate of Moore’s future bride Kayla Kisor, December, 1977.  Moore two years later as Ass. DA  attempted to rape  then  fourteen year old teenage Gadsden High School  cheerleader Leigh Corfman in January  of 1979, the year virtual  Moore Courtship Disorder stalking clones Beverley Nelson and Kayla Kisor would graduate from South Side High School.

Prevalent and predominant  underlying themes in Moore’s  opposition personality disorder’s external control dynamic are Narcissistic Projections as  Specious Impostor: Captain America, The Ten Commandments’ Judge, Evangelical warrior poet Candidate for Senate, and  incorruptible drug and crime fighting Gadsden “DA”  (Moore signed Beverley Nelson’s 1977 yearbook Roy Moore, Jr. “DA”)  is a romantic  “Courtship Disorder” (“Dating” Disorder) triggered by  Moore’s  compulsive “love picture” encompassing teenage girls exclusively, Leigh Corfman and Beverley Nelson experienced first hand the mythological in his own delusional thinking  super hero  crime fighter and justice leaguer Gadsden “DA” Moore’s not so hidden (open secret)  true identity Courtship Disorder criminal alter ego’s  violent psycho-sexual abusive external control behaviors: Toucherism, Frotteurism, Voyeurism, Attempted Rape, and Rape.  Touchism and Frotteurism  are phases, i.e.,  the relationship in time between the successive states or cycles of an oscillating or repeating system, entailing a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one’s pelvic area or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual pleasure. It may involve touching any part of the body, including the genital area.

From Etowah County to West Point


Moore states SHMG: Pg. 15:

One of my goals at West Point was to obtain a varsity letter in a sport. I had always admired my dad, who was an outstanding football player in 1934 at Glencoe, Alabama. He lettered in varsity football in the ninth grade and received all-country recognition. But I had never participated in any sport or even in physical education class in high school . During my physical education class I cleaned lunchroom tables.  (Physical education is mandatory core curriculum requirement to graduate.  It is not possible Moore or any other student could be absented from a required class and legally have the required core curriculum units to graduate) Because I never participated  in high school football (see fake  photo of  Roy Moore in football uniform above  ” Roy Moore in an undated family photo” (Photo: Judge Roy Moore for US Senate)  or baseball, I faced a dilemma in choosing my sport.

It is conventional wisdom then at West Point where varsity sport participation was mandatory, to not just letter at West Point, but to even have a chance of admission to West Point, a prospective Cadet first had to letter varsity  in a high school sport. To get into West Point was practically impossible without a varsity high school letter.  Although during the late Vietnam War, after 1968, Military Academy attendance for the brightest and the best became unpopular and Cadet positions were wanting,  Nonetheless, Moore  at West Point or in Vietnam  solely based upon  the not historical, magical thinking, absurd nature of Moore’s anecdotes in “Captain America” is not in the least cogent.

For example,  Moore, in Captain America  claims after three and a half years practice, his Senior year at West Point,  Captain America lettered in Pommel Horse at NCAA  level 1  competition!  Was there any doubt from the beginning Moore in SHMG setting his mind to do the impossible, would do it!  In fact, Moore would have to have had to have been Captain America actually,  a comic book Army warrior super hero gymnastic warrior physically and mentally  to achieve this level of pommel horse performance to compete and win on an NCAA Level 1,  Varsity gymnastic meets to earn an Army “A” his senior year.  Moore in SHMG claims he never played any sport, even physical education course dodge ball, when first channeling his gymnast legendary name sake Roy More possessing him to  master gymnastics most physically tortuous upper body strength  exercise- pommel horse- at  age 18.  A  NCAA Level 1 Competition (this world class level)   letter (to letter you have to not only compete as a varsity team member, but win meets, not loose) in pommel horse for Moore would be analogous to Moore, or anyone, even Mozart taking up one the the most difficult musical instruments  Oboe, because of double reed,  at 18 with no prior musical experience including whistling Dixie, and convincing  the admitting committee at Julliard  without a performance exam to admit you (before thousands of other gifted Oboe Julliard student applicants  from across the globe who took up oboe at five years old into the music program for four years because you have the you have the same first name, Louie, as Beethoven. The committee is tricked by this ridiculous logic  and three and half years later Louie auditions for and beats out all competition to be 2nd chair in the Chicago Symphony.

If Moore really was Captain America (he is not, never was, and never will be) Moore would, without a doubt, be genetically predestined  to earn  a West Point “A” because Captain America is some sort of super human physical mutant and a gymnastic savant.  You see it in Captain America movies all the time.  And seeing is believing. Super heroes like Captain America and Judge Roy Moore bank on this in relation to their audience and fans.   Military Impostors like Captain America Moore at West Point make false claims about both experiences and  accomplishments in the military in every instance. Be  it Varsity letter NCAA  Level 1 gymnastics at West Point, or unbeatable boxer  in Da Nang,  there is only one fake, ambiguous, solitary photo captioned by Moore alone and Captain America’s self admitted “ridiculous logic” ruse  collaborating  Moore’s super hero, magical  exploits as Captain America at West Point and in Vietnam.

After three and a half years  gymnastic legend name sake Roy Moore claims  in “Captain America”  he indeed lettered in pommel horse at West Point.  Moore even has pictures and for most people seeing is believing.  Hucksters like Moore or Moore supporter faith healer and power of positive thinking guru Joyce Meyers bank on this simple magic trick  Even if  allowed on the team, letters are not awarded for mastering one particular exercise to team members for a single event “pommel horse” as Moore falsely claims in SHMG, but for over all Varsity Team Competition, i.e. actual team member participation in Varsity gymnastic meets. Varsity letter A’s are not awarded for sitting the bench three and a half years until  your Senior year  to  narcissistic wanna be pommel horse soloist magically  named after pommel horse  gymnastic icon Roy Moore . Moore, again, as a military impostor is claiming an award he did not actually earn while in the military as a Cadet at West Point.

Moore  in “Captain America” falsely claims, “I was never an athletic standout, but I eventually lettered in this sport and even helped our team beat Navy during my senior year.”  This statement is an oxymoron.  There is, like Captain America’s slanderous anecdotes  in Vietnam,  no record of Moore  at West Point in 1969 helping by his meet performance on pommel horse  Army beat Navy in gymnastics Moore’s Senior year.

In actuality,  The 1969 Howitzer West Point Year Book allegedly lists a “Moore” in a picture third last (showing Moore’s team rank if it is indeed Roy Moore, the caption only lists a ‘Moore” ) to the Team Manager.  Purposely, the 1969 Howitzer year book photo and caption underscoring the Army gymnastic defeat of Navy contradicting Moore’s  pommel horse anecdotes in SHMG is not the same picture of  Coach Wells and team Moore exhibits in the photo section of So Help Me God. The yearbook caption does not state anywhere  in the traditionally  close  grudge match between West Point Army and Navy, Moore as a Senior in 1969 on the pommel horse team “helped” Army  to victory over Navy.  Moore as Captain America states, “I was never an athletic standout, but I eventually lettered in this sport and even helped our team beat Navy during my Senior Year.  The yearbook caption does not mention Moore at all, and states rather”Tom Kerestes lead the side horse team (pommel horse) to an impressive vic-tory, to regain the lead (against Navy).”  Pg. 239, Howitzer West Point Year Book, 1969.  Although Moore’s self admitted extra long arms are an asset in pommel horse- even his extra long arms latter good for groping his step daughter, was not  sufficient alone to enable Moore,  in spite of three and a half years effort  to start Varsity on the West Point Gymnastic Team NCAA  A-1 Competition his Senior year.

Political Military Impostors like Republican Moore, or Democrat Richard Bloomenthal  engage in a broad range of deceptive behaviors, all intended to achieve unfounded  recognition from constituents.  Moore’s Wikipedia page states Moore  graduated  West Point with a “Bachelor of Science and Engineering Degree. ” Moore, as Captain America,  in SHMG , constantly embellishes his alleged accomplishments in the military.  While in fact West Point was the world’s  primer and historically archetypal engineering school with such minor achievements as the Panama Canal to its credit, nevertheless students until 1982 graduated with a non descriptive Bachelor of Science degree from West Point.  After 1982 various majors could be declared from Philosophy to Civil Engineering. The not too intelligent Moore, 640 out of 800 in the Class of 69, pathologically  embellishes and fabricates alleged accomplishments at West Point and in Vietnam if Moore actually did attend West Point and even was in Vietnam.  There is no public record, and Moore as Captain America lies and defies history in all his magical anecdotes.  There is no ” factual, historical evidence” of either, only  Moore’s anecdotes in SHMG and fictitious collaborating Captain America accounts by Bill Staehle and Judge Bentley, and paradoxically Moore’s culture war media opponent’s:  The Washington Post, NYT, and the Huffpost who enthusiastically and uncritically without fact checking promulgate mythical Moore as Captain America as a super villain to their dwindling newspaper readers.

Political Impostors like Moore and  Barak Obama publicly claim  attendance  at top draw academies like  West Point in Moore’s case or Harvard and Columbia in Barak’s.  In any case, there are not any credible witnesses who knew them as students during the time of alleged attendance and can attest to their attendance and achievements  to validate their anecdotes  or academic accomplishments which there is no public access record available. Political ideological media avatar  Impostors like Moore, Barak, and Michael Voris bank on privacy law legal barriers and criminal sanctions hiding their grades and classes, and even alleged attendance at university in edifying and ensuring the existence of their culture warrior political avatars.

Real Catholic, Opus Dei, culture war jihadist and muck racking  investigative reporter Michael Voris of Church Militant,  a self  confessed  pious “double life  lying sodomite” like child molester Moore, and is paradoxically  a Moore for Senate Trumpista  tribal backer.  Allies in Jihad ueber alles,  Voris at Church Militant  parrots  vicious and highly toxic divorcee Kayla Moore’s KDM produced victim shaming WP media counter attacks against a then fourteen and a sixteen year old attempted rape victims of Moore.  Christina Niles, a pius fag hag defending Voris before and after Voris was publicly outed by Voris himself as a sodomite,  talking head at Church Media news parrots religiously  Kayla’s teenage  girl victim shaming  calling the 14 year old’s account of  attempted Rape by The Ten Commandment’s Judge Roy Moore lies because the mother said in an interview, the then 14 year old did not have a phone in her bed room to talk to the then 32 year old Moore to arrange a date as the then 14 year now adult has said.   Of course the part in the interview where the mother says the home phone with a long cord reached into the daughter’s bedroom is strategically deleted in Christina Nile’s victim shamming hit piece. The most lethal lies about a person’s character are not what is said about them, but what is not said about them.  This is true of Moore, Barak, and Voris’s doubles lives as sodomites.

Michael Moore, a Real Catholic , Trumpista, made up religious culture war media avatar,  an outed, then self admitted “sodomite”  and anti LBGTQ crusader,  parrots  So  Help Me God  in Voris’ semi biography Church Militant,  a Real Catholic paradoxical mirroring of Moore’s Evangelical religious, political media avatar. Both Moore and Voris as such are made up media talking heads, not actually historical persons, but fictitious persona, avatars.   Moore and Voris  as religious culture war impostors with a secret identity as sodomites and are paradoxical  mirror images,   And although Voris  hates Evangelicals, and Moore despises “queers” like Voris, politics, especially the politics of culture war crusade makes strange be fellows.  Both Moore and Voris as non historical, sociopath, made up  media avatars,  whose culture war public media crusades are belied by their until recently hidden  psycho sexual disorder predominate personal undercurrents.

Voris claims on his Church Militant Staff Biography to be a graduate of Notre Dame in the early 80’s as well as being made a Knight in the Order of St. Michael Wing in Portugal at Fatima 2010 the royal family of Portugal.  Voris publicly state’s  before Church Militant salad days to have  won four consecutive Emmy  awards four years in a row for news documentary.  See the paradoxical similarities between Real Catholic angelic warrior Voris and Evangelical Captain America, Moore. There is a mirror like pattern, identical yet inverse.  Voris’ Roy Moore Captain America  claims are easily debunked by searching the list of Emmy (1990-94) and St. Michael Wing knighting award recipients during the years Voris claims to have received  these  exalted honors. What is not easy to verify, and culture war Military Impostors, i.e. fake culture warriors like Moore, Voris and Barak bank on this for political survival  is whether Voris, Moore, and Barak actually attended and graduated the institutions they publicly claim they did. If one is not alum, or knows someone who is to get access to alum lists, it is newly impossible to know the truth.  Voris Wikipedia page states:

In 2009, Voris received an STB degree from the Angelicum in Rome via Sacred Heart Major Seminary, graduating magna cum laude

The author of this article is an alum of the Angelicum in Rome and as such  has completely  debunked Voris’ claim to have receive an STB from the Angelicum “magna cum laude” of course.  Like Moore’s Bachelor of Science and Engineering. See “Making up The Michael Voris Deception;  a List of 15 Lies and Cover Ups” at

In Voris’ as well as  Barak’s cases it  is very difficult, if not impossible to obtain academic record by law .  Alumnus status record is not public record  access if not an alum.  In Moore’s case a Federal Information Act Request must be filed to ascertain Moore’s Army service record and whether Moore was Honorably “discharged.”  Moore again using technically incorrect military lingo,  is said in an article he was “discharged” after his alleged service in Vietnam.  Officers are not “discharged” only enlisted are.  Officers “resign”  with honor, or are “dismissed” for bad conduct, not discharged.  Again, like academic record, military discharge and dismissal records require a FIA request filed to obtain.  What is notable is Moore’s omission of “honorable” from “resigned my commission.”

Captain America in becoming Captain America endures stoically starvation hazing as a Cadet at West Point

” Captain America ” states during the time newbie Cadet  Moore first took  up the physically excruciating, exhausting  pommel horse in order to achieve his childhood dream of a letter, Moore was being murderously “hazed” at West Point by upper Class Men, and even “Yearlings” or Sophomores  who literally starved  Moore for failing to answer Cadet questions,  for having a Southern Accent, or too many peas on his fork at a time.  Moore employs Military Impostor accomplices to third person validate Captain America anecdotes  either knowingly as Moore’s political culture war cronies like Judge John Bentley, or unknowingly such as S/P Frank Cranford, a historical Vietnam 188th 504 MP veteran 1970  to show credible witnesses  validating Moore’s  Captain America mythological persoan via West Point and Vietnam. There is no public access academic record or alumnus status rooster accessible to a non alum that Moore ever attended West Point or Captain America anecdotes at West Point are truly historical, only  political culture war crony Judge Bentley’s third person collaborative even more outrageous and unbelievable starvation hazing anecdotes.

There is no record Moore ever served in Vietnam in the National Archives.

An anti Moore WP, NYT, HUFFPOST, AP hit pieces like this one, swallowing hook, line, and sinker Moore’s “Big Lie” of Captain America in SHMG without fact checking states: Some who served under Moore there (Da Nang) had referred to him, with sarcasm, as “Captain America,” chafing at his egoist style of command. One such officer, Barrey Hall, told the Associated Press, in 2003, that Moore’s “policies damn near got him killed in Vietnam. He was a strutter.”  (There is no Barrey Hall of record, only a SGM Richard J. Hall,  19 October 1966 to October 1967 ~ 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, South Vietnam on the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project.  Bill Hall, like Bill Staehle is a fictional witness to the myth of Captain America. The WP, NYT, and AP try to derail Moore’s Senate campaign by beating Captain America at his own game. i.e. fabricating  fake military impostor avatars not to affirm and praise, but  to slander and defame Captain America’s greatness in Vietnam.

Moore under the guise of Captain America,  uncritically is reported via AP in a not fact checked culture war hit piece to have demanded his 188th MP command subordinates salute him constantly while in the field of combat during the entire time of Moore’s 188th command in Da Nang. The fictitious AP source of this derogatory Captain America anecdote states correctly saluting in the field of battle was a “no no”  because Viet Cong snipers always prime targeted Army officers who would be identified by a salute from a GI in a  combat zone.  A comment section article response on this specious anecdote defaming Captain America by a fictional military impostor AP source  by a real Vietnam veteran said his lieutenant constantly saluted him in the field  combat zone perpetrating  a potentially lethal signaling hand gesture (like pointing at someone to be shot) for the G.I.  as if it was  a hilarious practical joke.  The comment giver laments his  lieutenant was not fragged!

Logically, If Moore in dread for his life truly thought he was subject to imminent “fraggin” as Captain America for imposition of West Point style strict discipline as commander of the 188th MP’s in  Da Nang, Vietnam, why would More make the fragger’s, a ” known drug user” Kidwell’s (a fictional villain against Captain America) murder conspiracy  redundant  and do the dastardly deed against himself by constantly offering himself as a prime target to non existent Viet Cong snipers in a non existent combat zone in Da Nang ,1972 by  constantly demanding subordinate 188th MP’s salute  Moore in a live combat zone.  The fictitious fraggin happy druggy 188th MP’s  under Captain America’s strict regimen of discipline would have saluted Captain America with gusto in this scenario, not murderous rage at this imposition of West Point discipline,  following  Captain America around 24/7 saluting constantly, pointing out the wrongly reviled Captain America to be shot by Charlie.

To discredit Moore politically the AP et al promulgates defaming Captain America anecdotes by fictitious military impostor sources, in turn  mimicking uncritically  Moore’s big lie in SHMG.  All Captain America anecdotes by fictitious source by WP,  NYT, et al.  are factually  and historically false in all ways, as are all Captain America anecdotes in SHMG, or by Bill Staehle and Judge  Bentley.

Moore over, an derogatory Captain America  anecdote was uncritically promulgated  via the Associated Press from a non fact checked  fictitious source who claimed  to have personal experience  of Moore’s “Strict and Reckless” command in Vietnam.  This oxymoron “Strict and Reckless” alleged command of Moore’s is said by this fictitious collaborating witness to Captain America’s real existence  to have been the engendering source of  Moore’s extreme dread  Moore would be inexorably  “fragged” by a  “known drug user” drug user named “Kidwell”- kid well-get it- kid well.- a fictional villain against Captain America.   Moore, in SHMG,  who falsely claims to have been the Captain commander of the 188th MP,  504 MP Battalion in Da Nang, at times indirectly and indirectly  implies he was  in a live combat zone and experienced live combat  in the Vietnam War and as commander experienced combat fatalities under his command in Da Nang.  Moore, would never have been in an even potential combat zone in Da Nang  from the time Moore lies about taking command of the 188th MP, July 5th, 1971 (one day after the Forth of July holiday) until “the end of the war” fall of Saigon, 1975,  since there were no  recorded attacks in Da Nang over all or against the 188th MP’s in particular who had certainly with the entire 504 MP Battalion been sent stateside even months before  March 30th 1972, the official final day of their heroic tour of Vietnam.  The Army conducted a final and uneventful last patrol of the Vietnam War at Da Nang three months later.  And yet to politically sling mud at Moore, via  Associated Press, the WP and NYT  uncritically promulgates by hit pieces Moore’s Captain America lies in culture war blood lust to slander Moore politically for his Captain America myth manifestly bizarre Vietnam anecdotes as mentally unbalanced and dangerous to his military subordinates. This willing dupe reporting by the WP, NYT, et all is a disservice to voters by the alleged Fifth Estate, and an injustice to true Vietnam Veterans slandered and defamed by Captain America lies about their presence in Vietnam.

Why Roy Moore’s Law-School Professor Nicknamed Him Fruit Salad By

There is no record of an officer Barry Hall existing or “serving under” Moore in Vietnam in Da Nang  1972 in The National Archives.

In an attempt to derail  Moore’s political campaign The NYT, WP, The New Yorker, and the Huff Post end up giving credence to Moore’s Captain America  mythology and share Moore’s complete factual distortion of The History of The Vietnam War and share whole heartedly  Captain America’s delusional slanderous accounts of  fragging and rampant drug use by anti war demoralized G.I.’s.  under his command.

The Forgotten History Of ‘Fragging’ In Vietnam

Senate candidate Roy Moore was reportedly among those officers targeted by their own men.

Huffpost, 2017 by

Hamilton Gregory, a Vietnam veteran, is author of McNamara’s Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Men in the Vietnam War, plus the Induction of Unfit Men, Criminals, and Misfits, and he appears in a YouTube video entitled “McNamara’s Folly.”

The NYT, WP. and Mitch McConnell after 30 million dollars wasted  on inept opposition research, ideologically oblivious, could not see Moore’s open secret of Courtship Disorder personal history hiding in the wide open, having uncritically swallowed Moore’s narcissistic projection by himself of himself as Captain America in So Help Me God as Gospel truth.   Moore’s absurd Captain America anecdotes are not fact checked and uncritically promulgated  by useful idiots and willing dupes  WP, NYT, Atlantic, Huffpost  to derail Moore politically and paradoxically promulgated by Real Catholic Michael Voris at Church Militant, and of course anti Catholic Alex Jones at Infowhores to lionize Moore politically in his run for Senate.  No one will be more responsible for the election of Roy Moore to the Senate then the WP, NYT, et al. for their promulgation of the Captain America myth.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, a personal friend a Pres. Trump and ardent supporter of  MAGA  clearly identifies Moore nonetheless  as a loathsome child predator, a Baptist Harvey Weinstein, even  in the face of Trump’s political support of Moore against his accusers and in the face of the election of pro abort Doug Jones.  Jimmy Kimmel clearly identifies Moore  both as a sexual predator and a religious fraud.  Both Pirro and Kimmel transcend political and ideological left/right tribalism to act on moral principle and speak the truth to save the Republic and defend innocent children from sexual assault..

John Bentley, a Winston County Circuit Judge who entered West Point in Moore’s final year there, said for him “the worst times were the meals” when upperclassmen might order a plebe to “recite poop,” or give a precise delivery of a complicated definition of a word or phrase or concept at the risk of losing a meal.

“If you screw up, you don’t eat,” he said. “I went from 175 pounds to 133 just during Beast Barracks that year.”

Bentley, who lived next to Moore, also said upperclassmen singled him out for his Southern accent. Once, he said, he was told by yearlings (second-year students) to get rid of it. The following morning, Bentley used a British accent and was immediately told by the yearlings it was “too Southern.”

Bentley claims to have lost just overt forty pounds  within a  few weeks his “newbe” Cadet year and sported  a concentration camp 133 pound  physique .  This is homicidal  hazing to say the least! Captain mini me’s outrageous starvation hazing allegedly occurred when Moore, living right next door to his mini me,  was a Senior at West Point.  Moore, having gladly suffered starvation hazing  as a newbe Cadet even while  taking up pommel horse, knowing “Whatever does not kill you will make you stronger”  did nothing to stop starvation hazing  happening to Bentley, mini me.   As a  Senior at West Point under MacArthur’s manifestly outlawed anti hazing  Senior Cadet Honor Code,  Moore violated the anti hazing Honor Code by supporting, and not as a Senior reprimanding the Honor Code anti hazing starvation of Judge mini me.  Moore did tell Bentley not to give up his Southern Accent and instead just accept starvation. Moore practiced what he preaches.  Moore  via Captain America  casts himself as a truly patriotic, godly, and morally straight suffering victim messiah in his West Point starvation hazing fabrications.  Only one instance  of Cadet hazing by short term denial of food in 1976 was found on the internet, and that was duly reported to  upper class men Cadet Honor Code over sight by the Cadet plaintiff. This was resolved immediately in the plaintiff’s favor.  There are no other recorded instances of food denial-i.e, starvation hazing to the Auschwitz  degree  Moore and Bentley claim they  paradoxically relished as  Cadets at West Point, Moore quoting Nietzsche unknowingly “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger.”

Friedrich Nietzsche in his anti Christian morality as merely enabling weakness via fraudulent compassion  diatribe book “The Anti Christ,” coined  the godless providence  proverb “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger.”  Moore citing  Nietzsche reduces the spiritually hardening  benefits of starvation hazing  at West Point to “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger.”   Cadet Moore’s existentialist  mentor Nietzsche also famously said  “God is dead. And we killed him.” in  Nietzsche’s anti God of the weak Herd Animal christians’  bible   “Ecco Homo.”  “Ecce Homo” in Latin translates,  “Behold this man!” Pilate after having Jesus flogged  presents The Lord to the Jews  demanding Christ’s crucifixion nevertheless, Pilate proclaiming, “Ecce Homo” “Behold this man!  Captain America in So Help Me God, just as Corporal Hitler in “Mein Kampf” both citing Friedrich Nietzsche  “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger” as the the raison d’etre for their ordeals.  Nietzsche  also said, “Struggle is life!”  This godless  proverb by Nietzsche  also sums up Moore’s combative opposition personality disorder.

Moore states on Pg. 13th of “Captain America” SHMG:

There were many instances of intimidation at West Point. It was part of the education process. But when it was over I would be inoculated against the threat. Later in life, I noticed how often my political and spiritual opponents tried to manipulate my behavior by intimidation. But nothing could be worse than forcing a hungry young cadet to go without a meal. (Really, there could be nothing worse than going without a meal-how about water boarding) As rough and uncomfortable as it seemed at the time, my training at West Point prepared me to stand up against more sinister enemies in life.

More’s Captain America delusional thinking is replete with logical non sequitors throughout SHMG.

Why Roy Moore’s Law-School Professor Nicknamed Him Fruit Salad

Moore was nicknamed “Fruit Salad” by a first year law professor at U.A, because Moore showed himself incapable of logical dialogue in class.  Five “Gay” U.A. Law students at the time state Moore, “a perpetual card playing lounge lizard” did not appear overtly religious to them, although Moore states in Captain America , “Early on my dad shared with me the truth about God’s love and the sacrifice of his own son, Jesus- here Moore is equivocating himself and father with the suffering messiah victim sacrifice of Jesus and his Father- just as Moore equivocates himself with gymnast Roy Moore and Captain America, as well as Gen. “Dug Out Doug” MacArthur.

Moreover, Moore, who forfeited a second Supreme Court Judgeship due to contempt and non enforcement of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Doma as a violation of the Equal Protection clause, appeared  in the personal experience of Gay students at UA Law to be indifferent, not morally indignant at that time to their 60’s Gay Liberation manifest homosexuality- while Moore having been willfully starvation  hazed recently  at West Point bestowing upon him an inner strength  and  power to stand forth and  resist LBGT intimidation by The ACLU. Hazing is submission via intimidation to sinister forces by definition, and yet Moore claims hazing conditioned him to stand up against “sinister enemies” in life like the ACLU trumpeting the LBGTQ.

Moore’s opposition defiant personality thinking disorder non sequitors  conclude:

My refusal to be intimated became one of my most effective defenses against those organizations like the ACLU that tend to get their way by forcing others to cower under pressure.

More states in SHMG that “On May 12, 1962,  in his farewell address to the cadets at the United Sates Military Academy, General Douglas MacArthur uttered these memorable words “Duty, Honor< Country”

Moore ‘s Captain America delusional thinking translates these words  “not only to stand steadfastly against all attempts at intimidation, but also to do my duty to God and Country whatever the cost.”   Moore equates as synonymous via his opposition personality disorder to stand steadfastly against all attempts at intimidation with “Duty, Honor, Country.”

MacArthur as a Cadet at West Point in 1900 testified before a military inquiry due to a national scandal brought about by the death of a Cadet attributed to hazing (being forced to drink tabasco sauce and dying seventeen months later having left West Point according to his grieving parents)  MacArthur at the time stated he passed out and convulsed after being forced to do unending squats over a bayonet. (This sounds worse than being forced to miss a meal)  When MacArthur returned to West Point in 1919 as Commandant he instituted revolutionary changes in curriculum, requiring instructors to have civilian university degrees, and humanized Cadet life allowing upper class cadets more leave from campus. Moore benefited from Mac’s softening rigor at West Point, being allowed to return home in order  to sport his Cadet uniform to impress the high school girls at his Alma Mater, Gadsden High School, where thirteen years later alumnus  included an attempted rape victim and Moore’s future previously divorced wife Kayla in the same Sophomore class.

MacArthur sought to eradicate all hazing from West Point.  The ritual survived nonetheless until 1990.  MacArthur concluded, as Moore states, his second tour as Commandant two years before his death in 1962, just three years before Moore alleges he suffered starvation hazing at West Point to the point of near starvation, and that, “There were many instances of intimidation at West Point. It was part of the education process. ” Moore in his delusional thinking fabricates an illogical connection, non sequitor, between Cadet starvation hazing as part of the educational  process and no hazing tolerated reform Commandant legacy of MacArthur at West Point to essentially validate in contradiction of historical circumstance Moore’s opposition personality via suffering servant messiah combat in defense of “Duty, Honor, County.”

Military Impostors embellish and lie about their military experiences to co opt admiration and thereby control of potential and actual  political constituents.  “Philosophy professor Verna V. Gehring describes such people as “virtue impostors,” in that they don’t necessarily adopt the identity of another person, but instead adopt a false history for themselves to impersonate virtues and characteristics.” MacArthur’s Duty, Honor, Country. Moore again equivocates in his opposition  personality delusional thinking himself with MacArthur.

Roy Moore is unlike Corporal Hitler in his Nationalist political demagoguery  only in that Hitler’s battlefield heroics were factual, and not complete fabrication as military impostor Moore’s are.  Moore in reverse Military Impostor  defamed actual  Vietnam combat Veterans via reverse Stolen Valor syndrome as Captain America as the last and fake 188th  MP Commander of the historical ,decorated,  MP 504 MP until “at the end of the war” (1975-Fall of Saigon) and “being sent stateside” .  Moore  exploited the opportunity to infiltrate as a Military Impostor the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~as a platform to fabricate a fake Vietnam war record to underline his Captain America avatar in So Help Me God to reap culture war political booty.

Moreover, Moore credits  MacArthur and “Duty. Honor. Country”  in tandem with  West Point starvation hazing for “teaching” Moore, “not only to stand steadfastly against all attempts at intimidation, but also to do my duty to God and Country whatever the Cost.”   Moore in the avatar as Evangelical Culture Warrior Ten Commandment Judge  seeks to gain political office as “pro life” to fight against  abortion and anti family, anti children , Gay Marriage.

Moore, under the avatar of prophetic  poet warrior, offers several poems in SHMG  Moore claims to have composed from the heart.  High school teacher basic  literary criticism of style, grammar,  and vocabulary use and internal historical context to access authorship  when confronting a student for handing in an internet plagiarized term paper makes evident that all the poems in So Help Me God, Moore, in prophetic  warrior poet avatar claims to have authored,  are different and not composed by one single author.  Moore via SHMG as evangelical poet warrior specifies himself as Captain America, a “Pro LIfe” anti LBGT Gay Marriage  culture warrior and suffering messiah in running combat for Senate and 10 Commandment Judgeship having absorbed the persona of MacArthur.

Before returning as Commandant of West Point as Military Governor of Occupied Japan in 1946-1952, MacArthur orchestrated the first “Free World” non Communist instance of  legalized abortion on demand in 1948 via autocratic control of the Japanese Diet. Nothing was law without “American Caesar” MacArthur’s fiat and in co-hoots with  Military Chaplain Archbishop Cardinal Francis “Franny” Spellmen silent about the US Army’s supplying G.I.’s  (Catholic service man) with prophylactics during WWII and supportive of his confident MacArthur’s culling of the yellow hoard via legalized abortion.  Legalized abortion on demand was instituted to pacify Japan militaristic global expansion through depopulation. Abortion in occupied Japan was in reality  not “on demand,” or freely chosen by Japanese Women, but demanded by the ravages of war that did not allow for new born babies to be even nominally provided for. Paradoxically, Margaret Sanger was called upon by Japanese women to replace abortion as the only form of birth control in Japan with artificial contraception. Spellman, silent on G.I. condoms, through the Catholic Woman’s Club of Japan  orchestrated MacArthur’s banning Margaret Sanger from Japan to promote replacing abortion as birth control with artificial birth control as birth control for purely malevolent reasons; depopulation of Japan which has succeeded in our day and age.

Moore in avatar as Pro Life evangelical political office seeker is in reality a Republican “pro life abortion profiteer,” the mirror image of a Democrat “pro choice abortion profiteer” seeking to gain political office through “pro life” votes, and anti “pro choice” votes against his opponent’s like Doug Jones who is demonized by Moore supporters as a fervent supporter of abortion up to nine months.  Pro life abortion profiteer avatar is a fundamental example of Moore’s oppositional personality as messianic culture warrior incarnating hot button religious, political issues to gain uncritical constituents, donations, and votes for political and judicial offices. Just as Moore fabricates military  188th 504 MP Battalion service in Vietnam as Captain America via So Help Me God, and with fake photos with fictional captians infiltrating the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~ to gain admiration and garner electing votes while Moore’ s violent perverse Courtship Disorder personal history is rejected as fake by supporters,  paradoxically Moore’s political and culture war pro choice, pro LBGT adversaries, are willing dupes, completely taken in and perversely supportive of Moore’s avatar as evangelical  Pro LIfe Abortion Profiteer MAGA  politician.  Moore’s adversaries to legitimize their own culture warrior identity require and accept  Moore to be who Moore alone says he is uncritically.  Without Moore claiming he is Captain America,  Moore’s culture war combat adversaries have no  self identity, no raison d’tre, no livelihood or political office.

As a consequence, Moore’s violent psycho-sexual assault hidden personal history was looked past and therefore invisible, and not even considered as a possibility for opposition candidate research  although hiding in the wide open,  by the NYT and WP for months during the Alabama Republican Senate Primary Campaign, along with 30 million dollar anti Moore campaign war chest from Mitch McConnell that ended up only accusing Moore of being weak on the 2nd Amendment. There are Moore’s already elected  in the Senate on both sides of the aisle.   A  Republican “Pro Life” Congressional Rep, spearheading the crusade to out law abortion at twenty weeks, resigned after it was discovered his wife aborted twice at his demand, and his mistress thinking she was pregnant was told to abort by this revered pro life abortion profiteer. Republican Congressional pro marriage is only between a man and a woman Republican  poster boy resigned after being  de flagrante with a gay man, not his wife, in his D.C. office. At least the Republicans only when caught red handed  resign.  Pro Choice abortion profiteers, pro women Democrats like Al Franken  think magically now I need to stop apologizing and get back to work as if none of this ever happened in the first place.  I won’t be caught again.

An apology from a sociopath with Courtship Disorder is always meaningless at best, and a  re victimizing  further enabling ploy by a sociopath  in reality at worst. Be it “Ten Commandment Judge” Moore,  who claims not to remember specific acts of attempted rape of a minor, but apologizes nonetheless, an Al Franken, pictured in the act, who does not remember a forced penetration by violent kissing in the same way his victim accounts not remembering and apologizing is the way to the Senate.  Franken’s victim  was later conned by Franken into accepting his apology as sincere and therefore redemptive.  More victims will continue to come forward against Moore and Franken alike before and after being elected to the Senate.   Moore and Franken pro life vrs pro choice abortion profiteers  are sociopaths paradoxically using public denial of their psycho sexual pathological Courtship disorder behavior to gain office and keep office in The Senate.

Captain America” Military Imposter Judge Roy Moore Jr. Fabricates 188th 504th MP Battalion Command Service, 1971-72 Da Nang, Vietnam War

After allegedly graduating from West Point, Moore ultimately claims in So Help Me God, pg.16:

From Germany , I shipped out to Vietnam, where American involvement was declining as more South Vietnamese soldiers assumed defense of their country. Even so, there was plenty of brutal fighting as the native troops, with American support, attacked North Vietnamese positions in nearby Laos, and the communists responded with strikes from Laos and Cambodia.

Moore, true to Military Impostor strategy of deception does not give the date: day, month, or even year of his alleged redeployment from Germany to Vietnam.  Moore to create his  Captain America avatar outright fabricates his  military service MP command of 188th Company, 504 MP (Military Police) Battalion, ” a military police company supervising the military stockade in Da Nang ” There was no Army stockade in Da Nang during the entire Vietnam War, nor was the 188th assigned to “supervise” it with Moore, Captain America, there commander.

Moore throughout chapter two of Captain America uses numerous civilian terms of description such as “bed” instead of Army lingo “cot,”  and “automatic rifle” instead of M-16  employing  equivocation tactics or similarly misleading language that avoids making a technically false statement, but still gives a deceptive impression.  A common deception by Military Impostors  is stating one was in a branch of the military during a specific war. In Captain America’s case, the highly specialized, elite  Military Police In Vietnam. Moore in “Captain America,”  as Military Impostor as Captain America steals  heroic and historic  504 MP valor by detraction to glorify himself as Captain America and in doing so eclipses the true heroic combat history throughout the entire  tour of duty in Vietnam of the legendary “Road Runners” of the 504 MP in the Central Highlands. The 504 MP Road Runners played a key role in the total annihilation of the  Vietcong during the Tet Offensive in 1968.  Meanwhile Captain America was allegedly playing soldier at West Point,  honing his mastery of pommel horse on a hundred calories a day.  Because of MP 504 Road Runner valor, Captain Moore and the 188th waiting to go state side by March, 1972,  in Da Nang could sleep easy knowing the previously annihilated  Viet Cong would never attack.  Moore as Captain America  in SHMG exhibits no historical knowledge of the 504 MP Battalion combat history, tactics and mission, nor any awareness of the strategic outcome of the Tet Offensive in 1968 (annihilation of the Viet Cong) due in no small measure to MP Battalions ‘Valor like the 504MP and the 720MP.

Moore in SHMG  to edify his fictional avatar of Captain America publicly defames the 188th 504 MP under his Command in 1972  at the very end of  their glorious deployment in Vietnam eclipsed by the myth of Captain America denouncing the 188MP’s as undisciplined druggies, unpatriotic, anti war- and therefore pro communist sympathizes, proto Black Lives Matter, black power REMF slackers. Captain America as Military Impostor is reverse, up side down  in practice stealing another’s historic combat valor by denying it via detraction to imply his own valor when  compared  to the standard Military Impostor.  As such,  Moore fabricating  Captain America as Military Impostor is qualitatively  worse than the run of the mill Military Impostor.  Moore, Captain America, in SHMG  defames by eclipsing the real valor, patriotic and altruistic sacrifice of life and limb of true heroic Vietnam Veterans in general, and the 504 MP in particular to edify Captain America alone.

Moore in SHMG states:

..where American involvement was declining as more South Vietnamese soldiers assumed defense of their country. Even so, there was plenty of brutal fighting as the native troops, with American support, attacked North Vietnamese positions in nearby Laos, and the communists responded with strikes from Laos and Cambodia.

In several passages like this one in SHMG,  Moore implies falsely he deployed to a combat zone, even if in reality  Moore never left his home country, or Germany.

The Cambodian Campaign (also known as the Cambodian Incursion and the Cambodian Invasion) was a series of military operations conducted in eastern Cambodia during 1970 by the United States and the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) during the Vietnam War. The invasions were a policy of President Richard Nixon; 13 major operations were conducted by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) between 29 April and 22 July and by US forces between 1 May and 30 June.

Moore, although there is no National Archive Record, falsely claims as Captain America he served in Vietnam from mid 1971-“to the end of the war”  the fall of Saigon,  1975.  Moore claimed during his alleged time in the Vietnam War, Fall1971-75  “Where American involvement was declining as more South Vietnamese soldiers assumed defense of their country. Even so, there was plenty of brutal fighting as the native troops, with American support, attacked North Vietnamese positions in nearby Laos,”  In fact,  The Cambodian Campaign and Laos incursions by the US Military and ARVN had concluded a year and a half  (1970) before Moore falsely claims to have taken command of the 188th 504 MP in Da Nang  on July 5th 1971 by Moore’s account alone.  At no time during the Cambodian Campaign did “the communists respond with strikes from Laos and Cambodia” as Moore claims in SHMG.   Moore distorts all Vietnam War history, not only the 504’s heroic MP service,  to fabricate a Military Impostor avatar as Captain America to profit politically to gain office.  Military  Impostors  frequently claim to be part of “classified” operations as a facade for why they do not provide details like exact dates, and why there is no record of their actions or service in the National Archives.  Kissinger’s bombing of  Cambodia was illegal, a war crime, and therefore “classified.” The secret bombing of Cambodia remained unknown to Americans until recently, and still not widely known ensuring general public ignorance in the face of Moore’s specious Da Nang 1972 combat zone claims in SHMG.

Moore, turning  the Military Impostor con upside down on its head,,  edifies the  Captain America myth/avatar  not boasting about being a member of a branch or unit that is well known for its combat prowess and heroic achievements like the 720 MP or 504 MP,  but publicly defaming and completely eclipsing the 504 MP actual heroic and exemplary combat service, while Moore (there is no National Archive record Moore was ever in Vietnam) was purely in a logistical role in Da Nang  supervising a non existent Army stockade without any actual combat experience.  Nevertheless,  Moore in SHMG alludes self righteously  as Captain America  to “his soldiers” being attacked and killed because of drug use by perimeter guards allowing the enemy to breach the combat defense in Da Nang implying indirectly  these fictional attacks and combat fatalities derive  as counter attacks originating from Cambodia and Laos by Communists.  Moore again employs a civilian term, “enemy”  avoiding the give away Vietcong or NVA specification of “enemy” since there are no documented “enemy attacks” in general, and specifically by VC or NVA during Moore’s fictitious time of Command of the 188th, 504 MP that ended  tour of duty in Vietnam on March 30, 1972.

The National Archives  have no record of a Captain Roy Moore having been in combat in Vietnam as Commander, Army Captain of the 188th Military Police,

“redesignated” from the  720 MP Battalion to the equally valiant, much decorated 504 MP Battalion “Road Runner’s”  having  left the Central Highlands in 1971,  assigned  to Da Nang, preparing to go state side having struck Battalion colors after four years of heroic  exemplar service in Vietnam ending on March 30th, 1972, allegedly under Captain America’s command, as  final Commander of the 188th in Da Nang until the “end of the war (fall of Saigon 1975) as 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~ internet page displays with disclaimers, since  based solely on Moore’s testimony.  Although there is no record of all this  in The National Archives,   as the history project manager ostensibly notes on 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~ internet page, Roy Moore fraudulently  claims in So Help Me God, without any record in the National Archives as verification to have been the last Army MP Captain of the 188th MP Company 504 MP Battalion taking  command of the 188th MP July 5th , and 6th 1971  The  July 5th, and 6th 1971 date is solely testified to by Moore alone who calculating fraudulently submitted this exact date of “Change of Command” to the ~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  web page  intentionally divorced from the alleged fake photo below also fraudulently submitted by Moore through a third unwitting 188th MP 1970 veteran “Frank” Cranford without this exact date. In  SHMG  the same fake photo appears as the sole photo evidence of Moore’s “Captain America” military impostor anecdotes with the Moore’s caption, “Change of command, Da Nang, Vietnam, 188th M.P. Company, 1971.”

5 July CPT Robert L. McClendon passes command of the 188th MP Company to CPT Roy S. Moore,   Note: The ceremony depicted in this photograph has yet to be verified. If you have any information please use the Email Link in the photograph.

“The Change of Command” title by Moore is the only indicator of what this photo is allegedly portrays. Moore alone is the source of the alleged place, 188th MP Company and year. This is a fraudulent ruse used consistently by Moore in the photo section of SHMG for example: “on pommel horse” and the non descriptive  internal evidence “Outback, on “Patton,” Queensland, Australia, June 1984.”  This photo just as well could be said to be Texas. The rider of “Patton” does not look exactly like Moore, and we have only the testimony of a fake and liar that the horse is “Patton.”  There is no collaborating second source evidence, like the “Change of Command” photo and Da Nang, Vietnam, or Moore on the West Point gymnastic’s team, that Moore worked as a cowboy in June 1984, Queensland, Australia. Fake photo’s are most effective for impostors since most people make the assumption based on seeing is believing. Never make an assumption, especially when it comes to any politicians. To assume is to believe.  Do not believe anything or one except the Holy Trinity.  Only think critically, not magically, judge wisely, and accept as true and good a thing only after personally experiencing the fruits of any given tree.  Seeing is believing is essential to magic acts and political and religious hucksters like Moore.

WANTED: Personal stories and photographs of the storm and the resulting damage, please notify the History Project Manager via the Email Link at the top of this page.
21 December Members of the 188th MP Company were assigned to security at the Bob Hope USO tour when it performed at Freedon Hill, DaNang. Accompaning Bob Hope were, Jim Nabors, Sunday’s Child, Vida Blue, Charley Pride, Jill St. John, Jan Daly, Suzanne Charny, Brucene Smith, The Hollywood Deb Stars, The Blue Streaks, Rear Admiral Alan B. Shepard, Bon Ho, and Les Brown.
21 December Members of the 188th MP Company were assigned to security at the Bob Hope USO tour when it performed at Freedon Hill, DaNang. Accompaning Bob Hope were, Jim Nabors, Sunday’s Child, Vida Blue, Charley Pride, Jill St. John, Jan Daly, Suzanne Charny, Brucene Smith, The Hollywood Deb Stars, The Blue Streaks, Rear Admiral Alan B. Shepard, Bon Ho, and Les Brown.
WANTED: Personal stories and photographs of the show, please notify the History Project Manager via the Email Link at the top of this page.

Seeing is believing,  the only source of what the assumed “Change of Command” photo portrays (All  assumptions beg the question who do you know with certainly this is a Change of Command photo. To answer, because Roy Moore, Captain America and the Ten Commandments Judge says so, begs the question again, the circular argument- a logical fallacy- reply is, because there is a photo of Change of Command proving what Moore alone attests to is true. Three of the four assumed identities of the assumed 188th MP’s in the fake photo is given by Moore alone:  Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website,       although allegedly  submitted by an objective third “Frank”  Cranford who it will be proved could not have possibly ever had possession of this fake photo in the first place.  Moore states in the fake photo caption cropped out of the same “Cahnge of Command” photo in SHMG-   Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon. If Moore was indeed present on July 5th, 1971, Da Nang in this photo how is it possible in allegedly identifying 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon) (this is not in fact Paul Howard, Paul Howard in a verified history project photo does not have a mustache and was never redesignated from the 720 MP  to the 188th MP in Da Nang in the first place), CPT McClendon who exhibits no Captain Bar insignia and a  118th MP Brigade Patch of the 720 MP Battalion,  not the  “18th MP Brigade” of the 504 MP Battalion the 188th MP Company was reassigned to from the 118th MP Brigade, 720 MP Battalion at the end of the 504 MP’s tour of duty in Vietnam. This is not, therefore,  CPT McClendon as Moore falsely claims in his fraudulent  caption, Moore does not identify the alleged 188th MP soldier soon to be under his command “until the end of the war” standing very close to the left of the photo shopped image of “Moore” ” Left to right, unidentified” 

Having identified himself “Moore” by lapel name, and therefore establishes alleged authority to identify Cpt. McClendon and Paul Howard, how could Moore fail to identify the forth 188th MP soldier now under his command in the photo simply by looking at the photo. A Company is sixty men. The history project manager seems suspicious of Moore’s sole testimony concerning what the photo portrays and who is in the photo and states, ” If can identify the other personnel, use this Email Link to notify the History Project Manager.”  

The history project manager does not ask simply for someone to identify the sole unidentified personnel, but for corroborating  identification of the other personnel, that is all the personnel in the photo. Military Impostor, Roy Moore, infiltrated the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project

~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~

Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon. If can identify the other personnel, use this Email Link to notify the History Project Manager. Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.


to plant  a solitary photo shopped fake photo  of Moore allegedly taking Command of the 188th MP Company, 504 MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade in Da Nang upon which is based Moore’s entire military impostor myth of Captain America.

If you were a veteran of the 188th MP Company and recognize any of the names listed on this page, or you are a surviving family member of a Company veteran from this era and would like to contribute Information, personal stories, documents, media articles or photographs, please take a moment to contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link provided above for instructions or assistance. Your contributions are extremely important to the Company history and always welcomed.

Moore consciously submits to the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page an exact date of  July 5th, 1971 apart from Photo G2290 which although falsely identifying key change of command personnel like Cpt. McClendon most likely the actual in country final commander of the 188th MP Company in Da Nang, 1971 does not have the exact change of command date, July 5th, 1971, just CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. 

An exact date of change of command as Moore planted as an infiltrating military impostor on the the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project as an anomaly in all the recorded (National Archive verified)command transfers displayed on he 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website which list only month, and year of command transfer, not the day.  Following standard  historical method 101 in historical document criticism, the project manager historians of  the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page make the following  photo disclaimer:

The ceremony depicted in this photograph has yet to be verified. If you have any information please use the Email Link in the notify the History Project Manager. 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page.

This change of command photo, the only alleged record of Moore’s fictional 188th MP command in 1971-72 “until the end of the war,” will remain “yet to be verified” forever. This fraudulent photo planted by military impostor Moor can never be verified, only bebunked.

Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon. If can identify the other personnel, use this Email Link to notify the History Project Manager.720 Military Police Battallion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.


This same alleged taking command  of the 188th MP by Captain America photo sans July 5th, 1971 date planted by Moore separated on the the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web sight, appears in the photo section of So Help Me God  with the caption “Change of Command” Da Nang Vietnam, 188th M.P. Company, 1971 without the history  project caption above deceitfully authored by Moore.  The following history project manager disclaimers were cropped out of the fake change of command photo of Moore in SHMG for obvious reasons to deceive as a military impostor:

The ceremony depicted in this photograph has yet to be verified. If you have any information please use the Email Link in the notify the History Project Manager. 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page.

If (you) can identify the other personnel, use this Email Link to notify the History Project Manager.720 Military Police Battallion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.


There is no actual collaborating photo of Cpt. Robert L. McClendon on 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page only a name and avatar:



CPT John L. Kuykendall
? to 31 Dec 1970




CPT Robert L. McClendon
1 Jan 1971 to 5 Jul 1971
CPT Roy S. Moore
6 Jul 1971 to 30 Mar 1972

Moore as military impostor infiltrates the 720 MP reunion history project website to create the mythical foundation for Captain America.  The only indentified photo of Cpt. McClendon is Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon.

The 720 MP history project manager is discerning  and in spite of  G2290: “The Change of Command”  188th M.P. Company, Da Nang planted by Moore throughout the 720 MP history project as an infiltrating Military Impostor, the history project manager states “Photograph Needed” of Cpt. McClendon.  Moore submits a cropped portrait of himself (allegedly) from   G2290:

As seen under Cpt. Kuykendal,  and throughout this photo gallery of 188th Commanders throughout the page-an exact date of exchange of Command beyond month and year is not given.  Moore, who in SHMG captions thethe cropped   G2290: “Change of Command, Da Nang, 188th M.P. Company, 1971

plants  an anomaly  of exact date of day for Cpt. McClendon: 1 Jan 1971 to 5 Jul 1971, setting up Moore’s fictitious 71-1972 command of the 188th MP “6 Jul” 1971 to 30 Mar 1972.

In the 1971. 188thMP Company 720MP history  project web page   Time Line  Moore  mixes up the dates, July 6th, and July 5th and plants next to Moore’s change  of command photo:

5 July CPT Robert L. McClendon passes command of the 188th MP Company to CPT Roy S. Moore,   Note: The ceremony depicted in this photograph has yet to be verified. If you have any information please use the Email Link in the photograph.

There is no record of Moore’s command of the 188th MP reported by the National  Archives in St. Louis on 188th MP Company rosters on file for the year 1972.  Moore planted this fake ridiculously truncated 1972 rooster on the 720 MP history project website again with  G2290  next to Moore as Commanding Officer’s name:

The National Archives in St. Louis, MO reported that there are no 188th MP Company rosters on file for the year of 1972. If you can assist with providing any information on company personnel that served from 1 January through 30 March, please use the Email Link above.
Reunion Association Lifetime Member
Commanding Officer
Coffman, James R. “Honcho”


The fictitious, non verified 188th MP Company Rooster  is the only alleged 188th MP Rooster on which  only one Commanding Officer, Cpt. Moore  is listed.  A Company is 60 men.  Cpt. Moore, 1972 non verified 188th Company  Rooster lists one MP, “Honcho” whose photo next to his name (There is no 18th MP  Brigade Patch before Moore’s name and photo, nor Honcho’s indicating they submitted these relative photos to the 720MP history project web page)  says Honcho  is set to go stateside in February, a month before Moore’s March 31, 1972 end of 188th MP Command due to the 504th MP Battalion’s end of tour in Vietnam, to which the 188th MP was reassigned from the 720 MP right at the end of MP tour in Vietnam.  Moore in SHMG and in photo’s Moore plants via  “Frank” Cranston makes the same error every time not acknowledging the redisignation of the the 188th MP Company, 18th MP Brigade, 720 MP Battalion at the end of tour to the 504 MP Battalion.  As now assigned as an element to the 504th MP Battalion the 188th MP Company under Moore’s command and at the alleged change of command was no longer listed as part of the 18th MP Brigade of the 720 MP Battalion. It is not possible that Moore, if he was Commanding Officer of the 188th MP Company would constantly list the 188th MP under his command as an element of the 18th MP Brigade, but 504th Battalion.

Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971.

The history project 188th Rooster shows  Moore served as a commanding officer under Cpt. Robert L. McClendon  for six months in 1971 until transfer of command to Captain America allegedly on July 6th, or 5th, 1971. This was command transfer protocol to insure mission and core  continuity.  In contradiction to this historical change of 188th MP command protocol  in SHMG, pg. 16  Moore states:

From Germany, I shipped out to Vietnam….(no date- day, month, or year) I was given the command of the “188th” (should be written 188th MP) Company .  By this statement Moore shows no personal or historical experience of 188th MP change of command protocol or lingo writing in SHMG  “188th,” instead of the proper military identification  “188th MP”, like Moore saying “bed” instead of “cot” 504th MP Battalion .  The July 5th, or 6th dates  for the 1971 change of command planted by Moore on the 720MP RHP web page are not given by Moore in SHMG. No day of the month is given when Moore took command of the 188th MP and  who took took command from.  Like the fictitious MP Captain Bill Staehle, Moore states he was given 188th MP  command immediately when Moore arrived “in country.”   The 1971 Company Rooster  Moore planted his name and Photo G2290: on as a military impostor via the 720 MP Reunion  History Project web page contradicts SHMG lie Moore as allegedly evidenced by this fake Photo G2290  that Moore took command of the 188th MP, 1971 immediately upon arrival in  Vietnam.  This same 1971 Command Roster showing Moore as a subordinate Captain to Cpt. McClendon in 1971, does not show a co-Captain Bill Staehle who claims in a Open Letter to Alabama Voters to have served with Moore as a co-Captain in the 188th  in 1971 “for four months” before being reassigned to another MP Company in Vietnam, 1971.

If you were a veteran of the 188th MP Company and recognize any of the names listed on this page, or you are a surviving family member of a Company veteran from this era and would like to contribute Information, personal stories, documents, media articles or photographs, please take a moment to contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link provided above for instructions or assistance. Your contributions are extremely important to the Company history and always welcomed.

18th MP

16th MP

504th MP

   Any name with a patch in front of it has left contact information with the History Project at one time or another. If you would like to contact any of these veterans from your tour, send the request to the History Project Manager via the Email Link above. All requests must include your full name, former rank, unit assigned, tour years, and telephone number. The veteran will be notified by the History Project Manager, and initiate the response.

Reunion Association Lifetime Member
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
Graves, Gilbert
Hall, Robert D.
Sanker, John
Dorsey, Thomas E.
Nichols, Ronald J.
First Sergeant
Coffman, James R. “Honcho”
Fitzgerald, Roderick “Fitz”
DaNang, Camp Land, city and costal highway combined patrols.
Gordon, Kenneth
DaNang, Camp Land, city and costal highway combined patrols.
Gray, Charlie
Escort Patrol on Hi Van Pass.
Gruendler, William P.
Mail and Awards Clerk, Charge of Quarters, Duty Driver, Bunker Guard, Mortar Platoon, and Patrol.
Hatch, Larry L.
Combined Patrol DaNang
Hollifield, Stanley
Combined Patrol DaNang
Combined Patrol DaNang
Combined Patrol DaNang
Oliver, John
Combined Patrol DaNang
Padgett, Russell D. “Skinney”
Combined Patrol DaNang


This  eclipse  of historic 188th MP command transfer protocol in SHMG by Moore recorded on the on 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page, which shows Moore allegedly serving as a subordinate Captain in succession of Cpt. McClendon in 1971 on  188th MP Company Rooster is contradicted as well by the “Change of Command” Da Nang, Vietnam, 188th M.P. Company 1971 caption of photo in which Moore  purposely does not identify Cpt. McClendon, only himself being given  command. The original photo states Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade.  

The Brigade patch on the arm of the Black MP is 18th MP associated with the 720 MP, not 504 MP in Da Nang.  Photo G2290   caption by Moore states:  CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade,

The Black MP Moore identifies as Cpt. McClendon sports a 18th MP Brigade should patch.  The 18th MP is not associated with the 504MP, but the 720 MP.  As such, the the black, alleged 504 MP, 188th MP Captain Commander of the 188th MP, Moore deceptively identifies as Cpt. McClendon if this was in fact Cpt. McClendon (its not)transferring command to Captain Roy Moore as this photo’s caption by Moore states in SHMG “Change of Command, Da Nang, Vietnam, 188th M.P. Company 1971” which is a  re designated “element” from the 720 MP to the 504 MP in Da Nang 1971, the transferring 188th MP Captain commander to Moore would not sport a 18th MP Brigade shoulder patch on his uniform. Moore’s uniform – see following photo’s of MP’s  in distinctive 188th MP uniforms and helmets- does not sport a 18th MP Brigade patch at Moore’s alleged taking of command:  CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade.   This deceptive caption planted by Moore of  Photo G2290 

is false in saying the 188th MP was 18th MP Brigade. Internal historic photo evidence this is not  “CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion,”  and the Black MP is not Cpt. McClendon.

There are, like the actual Cpt. McClendon,(if there actual was a Captain McClendon and this isn’t another fictional 188th MP Captain like Cpt. Bill Staehle  by Moore) other verified 188th MP commanders on the commanders of the 188th MP photo  page on  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page who also have name and avatar, not a historical photo.   Cpt, McClendon, a  188th MP command rotation anomaly, just like Moore, appears on the 188th MP commander rotation history on  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page  out of no where with no previous Captain service under the previous 188th MP commander before him simply to be the 188th MP commander, Moore as a subordinate Captain in the 188th under McClendon on the 1971  188th MP Rooster on the   720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page.  This 1971 Command Rooster only lists Moore under 188th commander MP Cpt. McClendon as a subordinate Captain in the 188th MP. There is no evidence to be gained on this verified 188th MP Rooster, 1971  confirming Moore’s military impostor lies of the alleged “Change of Command, Da Nang,  188th “M.P.” Company, 1971″ (Note, the caption in SHMG of this fake photo writes “M.P.”  MP is in military lingo only written “MP” – if Moore was an 188th MP Captain commander, how would it be possible for Moore to write “M.P.” in SHMG  instead of “MP” which is the Army way to write MP.  The Chapter in SHMG, “Captain America” is replete with military  lingo errors throughout by Moore).

McClendon who appears not previously to have served as a subordinate Captain in the 188th MP before becoming Moore’s Captain Commander, seems to be conjured up out of no where as Moore’s previous  188th MP Captain commander, just to serve as a fake photo dummy and prop to turn 188th command over to Moore on “July 5th, 1971” an unverified date planted by Moore apart from the fake “Change of Command ” photo on the  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page only . This unverified photo of Moore taking command from McClendon-  states “Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.” 

And intentionally does not have the “July 5th, 1971” date.  The “Change of Command” Photo in SHMG suggests Captain Moore, like Captain Bill Staehle, took command of the “188th” Company immediately upon arrival “in country,” Vietnam.  ( Moore once again shows practical ignorance of military lingo, in SHMG, Moore writes “188th” without MP after it.  This would never, ever, be done by an actual 188th MP Company Captain on military documents and company paperwork, never.)  This deceptive suggestion by the cropped “Change of Command” photo by Moore of immediate command of the 188th MP on arrival from Germany in Vietnam, 1971 is contradicted by the  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page 188th 1971 command rooster showing Moore as subordinate Captain to Cpt. McClendon Commander of the 188th MP in 1971.


~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association ~ Vietnam History Project ~

Photo G3152: SP/4 Mathis, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade at the PMO and MP Desk, DaNang, Vietnam, 1971. Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.

Moore co-opted  ” Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.”  from this non Captain America related photo on the  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page  1970 188th MP Command Rooster. Moore uses “Frank” as a objective witness and photo source to plant the fake “Change of Command” photo on  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page.  More repeats the false “18th MP Brigade” 504th MP attribution.  The photo captains use proper MP, instead of M.P. as Moore does in SHMG “Cahnge of Command” photo. Once again, there is no internal photo evidence that identifies the soldier, or that he is SP/4 188th MP, Da Nang, 1971.  “Frank” was never redesignated from the 18th MP Brigade 720 MP Battalion to Da Nang to take this picture from December 1970-December 1971.


~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~
Photo G1469: PFC Naranjo of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade surveys damage done to the Provost Marshal Office on Camp Land in Quang Nam Province, Military Region I, South Vietnam after Typhoon Hester struck on 22 October 1971. SP/4 Leonard F. Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-Dececember 1971.

This photo is allegedly  submitted by  SP/4 Leonard F. Cranford-different from “Frank” Cranford, note the typo December 1970-Dececember 1971.

Why would Cranford in submitting four different photos  identify himself by formal name SP/4 Leonard F. Cranford  in the above photo this photo, and as an unwitting  proxy of  Moore submitted “Change of Command” photo caption by the nick name “Frank” Cranford, which Moore lifted from the 1970  188th MP Rooster on  720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page instead of Cranford’s other listed nick name “Cran.”

~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~
Photo G1468: Members of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade standing security duty at the Bob Hope USO Tour at Camp Land, Da Nang, Quan Nam Province, Military Region I, South Vietnam in December 1971. SP/4 John Oliver in the background, MP in foreground is SGT Reed, aka “Big Reed.” SP/4 Leonard F. Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.


“Frank” Cranford is verified by National Archives on 188th MP Rooster – 1970,  not December 1970-December 1971 as the photo caption states.  Cranford is not on the 1971 Rooster under Moore and McClendon and therefore would not have been in Da Nang on July 5th, 1971 when this photo was allegedly taken, and could not have come, then, logically,  into possession of this photo to submit this photo fundamental to faking  Moore’s 188thMP 504 MP command service in the Vietnam War on the the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page. There is no evidence that Cranford was in Vietnam to December 1971.  This date was added by Moore to give timeline  credence to  Cranford’s  faked submission of  “Change of Command” Photo G2290:  separately submitted July 5th, 1971 date.  Moore makes a typo December 1970-Dececember 1971.on the above photo.

The  name of the submitter and identification caption  of what Photo G2290:  portrays and the MP’s in  the  fake Change of Command Photo G2290:  was submitted by Military Impostor Moore courtesy of Moore’s website taking advantage of a general request by the the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project for historic photo’s of the 188th MP.  Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971. In  Photo G2290: caption, Moore speciously props  Cranford submitted this fake photo allegedly portraying Moore taking command of the 188th MP, Da Nang, 1971. Cranford having possession of  Photo G2290:  at any time is an impossibility.  Moore uses “Cranford” to posit a second objective witness to the photo’s authenticity and historical context, and the 188th MP’s present- Cpt. McClendon,  of being what Moore alone claims  Photo G2290: to be, Moore taking command, of the 188th MP. in Da Nang, 1971, and later submitting the day, July 5th, 1971.   Cranford  Dec.70-Dec 71 also provides a third party seemingly  objective witness to Moore’s claimed service in Vietnam in 1971, just as the fictional  Bill Staehle’s “Open Letter to Alabama Voters” claims he knew Moore in Vietnam serving with Moore briefly  in 1971 (four months). There is no National Archive Record or 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project verification of Bill Staehle’s existence or claims in the open letter.

~~~~~ 720th MP Battalion Reunion Association ~ Vietnam History Project ~~~~~

Photo G1445: SP/4 Frank Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, and his jeep X22, DaNang, Vietnam, 1971. Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.


Cranford, whose name Moore uses to submit the alleged 1972 “Change of Command” Photo G2290:  to 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website, does not have on the 1970 or 1971 company rooster have a “blue” redesignation next to his name. Redesignation: Denotes those soldiers that were B Company (720 MP) and sent to DaNang in I Corps as the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion. The 118th Brigade patch  on the 1970 company rooster denotes Cranford submitted  this photo of himself and the accompany caption. Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971,

This cannot be an actual  photo of Cranford Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971,because Cranford does not have Redesignation next to his 1970 Rooster Name and therefore was never resignated from the 720 MP to 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, and his jeep X22, DaNang, Vietnam, 1971. as Photo G1445 states. The MP in the photo is wearing a 504th MP Battalion helmet and therefore cannot be “Frank” Cranford.  Moore submitted this 504th MP Photo Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971,

on the 1970 Rooster creating a 118th Brigade patch next to Cranford’s  rooster name falsely indicating Cranford submitted and identified a photo of himself as Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971, to the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project. This is all a Military Impostor set up ploy by Moore to use Cranford as a third party witness and objective contributor of Moore’s fake so called “Change of Command”  Da Nang,  Vietnam, 188th M.P. Company, 1971.   If the “Change of Command” photo is completely bogus as it is proven to be beyond a reasonable doubt,  Moore as Captain America faked 188th MP, 504 MP Captain command, Da Nang 1971-72.

Photo G1445 is not a photo of “Cran” Cranford, falsely submitted by name via Cranford’s stolen identity by Military Impostor Moore. The historical “Cran” Cranford during his entire MP tour of duty in Vietnam was never designated  to Da Nang.  Redesignation: Denotes those soldiers that were B Company and sent to Da Nang in I Corps as the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion. “Cran” appears only on the 1970  Rooster, not the 1971, or 1972 (not validated ) Rooster as Moore deceptively implies  in fake Photo G1445, that is not in reality Frank Cranford, and again in the 1971 Da Nang “Change of Command” fake photo  Moore uses “Cran” name  vicariously to submit to 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project website.

Moore uses a tried and true Impostor ruse of solitary ambiguous photographs deceptively identified by the impostor alone to deceive and gain credence and admiration  in So Help Me God to prove his gymnast, Cadet, 188th MP command, and Da Nang 1972 boxing ring exploits, and Australian cowboy salad days  in turn.

In the “yet to be verified” “Change of command” photo, Moore  has his name “Moore” clearly imprinted and visible on the cropped  photo on the lapel of his uniform to clearly identify Moore as Moore in the photo in SHMG. The “yet to be verified”  720MP history project change of command photo captain planted by  Moore :

Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon. If can identify the other personnel, use this Email Link to notify the History Project Manager.720 Military Police Battallion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.

is  strategically cropped in the SHMG rendition.  In SHMG, Moore is the  only one visibly identified by name “Moore” on his”khaki” uniform lapel  in SHMG rendition.  188th MP Company uniforms to not have last name’s printed on left lapels.  Moore appears in non 188th MP or rank descriptive (except hat) fatigues rather than  distinctive 188th MP helmet and uniform for such an important official ceremony as Change of Command. 188th MP was written on 188th Company helmets.  Moore’s non descriptive  uniform appears brand new, and not weathered in comparison to the three other uniforms which likewise have no descriptive 520 MP Battalion insignia, or 188th MP Company.  This begs the question, is Moore’s image photo shopped into this photo. What is the large dark thumb print like shadow extending to Moore’s lower torso?

~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association ~ Vietnam History Project ~
Photo G1364a: Guard Mount at the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, at Camp David Land, Danang, Vietnam, in November 1970. 1-SP/4 Kenneth Gordon, 2-Roderick Fitzgerald, 3-unidentified, 4-unidentified, 5-Chris Stano, 6-SGT Kenny Gould, 7-unidentified, 8-unidentified, 9-Stanley Hollifield, 10-PFC Bosarge(?), 11-unidentified, 12-Oliver, 13-SSG Jarvis or Wittaker ? If you can identify any of these MPs use this Email Link. Courtesy of SP/4 Danny L. Welch, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, August 1970 to August 1971.

The environs of this photo could  be the countryside outside of Da Nang but not necessarily.  The a non Captain rank descriptive Black MP allegedly identified only by Moore in yet to be verified  Photo G2290: as Captain McClendon presiding over the exchange of command has a 118 MP Brigade shoulder insignia, not associated with 504 MP, but the 720 MP Battalion.

The exact date of Moore’s alleged taking command July 5th, 1971 was submitted by Moore purposely  to the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project separate  from Photo G2290: dated only 1971 in captain, by Moore. If Moore knew the day of the transfer of command this photo allegedly portrays, why did more not give the day to the 720 MP history project web page, or place it on the cropped Photo G2290:  appearing in SHMG.

An exact date  of day such as July 5th, 1971 of change of command  is an anomaly in that there is no  exact dates of 188th command transfer recorded  in The National Archives- and on the~720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website for all other change of commands, just month and year.

In Photo G2290: Moore alone has identified the soldier to his immediate left (with guidon)    First Sargent Paul Howard in the alleged transfer of command photo that appears next to  Howard’s rooster name  on both the 1970 and 71  rosters on the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website. The 118th Brigade Patch before Paul Howard’s name indicates by 720 MP history project manager signal Paul Howard submitted the Photo G2290: appearing as a camera icon after his name on both 1970 and 1971 Company Rooster. Moore submitted under Paul Howard’s name on both roosters Photo G2290:  and by the patch of  the 118th MP Brigade which appears on both 1970 and 1971 Company Rosters which  denotes (according to the history project manager) to give the appearance F/S Paul Howard submitted Photo G2290:  allegedly  identifying  himself (with guidon) at the July 5th, 1971 transfer of  188th Command 1971 to the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website manager. So this is a second person who allegedly independently submitted Photo G2290:to the 720 MP history project manager identifying himself in the change of command event as Paul Howard.  It is a logical impossibility that Photo G2290: 

was submitted by name by “Cranford,” and submitted again independently by Paul Howard,  This implies both had prior possession of the photo, with caption written by Moore, before they both independently submitted Photo G2290: to the  720 MP history project manager. This logical Impossibility points directly bake at Moore submitting  Photo G2290:  under Cranford’s and Howard’s company rooster names.

Moore’s photo of command transfer in the photo section of SHMG states only “Change of Command,” Da Nang, Vietnam, 188th M.P. Company, 1971.”   On the exact same “Change of Command ” photo Moore uses “Frank” Cranford to vicariously submit to 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website. as an infiltration  Military Impostor.  Photo G2290: caption  Change of Command identifies  Paul Howard  as present with guidon to the right of Moore.

Photo G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon. If can identify the other personnel, use this Email Link to notify the History Project Manager. Courtesy of Judge Roy Moore website, Submitted by SP/4 Leonard “Frank” Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1970-December 1971.

The 1970 , nor 1971 Company Rooster on the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website does not place the Redisignation  notation next to either Paul Howard’s and Frank Cranford’s name. Both of whom are credited by the history project manager by 118th Brigade patch before their names on company rooster of submitting the exact same “Change of Command” Photo G2290: to 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website project manager.  It is a historical  impossibility and contradictory that one or the other, or both together originally submitted the exact same “Change of Command” photo that appears in the photo section of SHMG.  Moore used both names to give the impression of third party historical objectivity and witness when planting the “Change of Command” photo as a Military Impostor on 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website to fool the history project manager and take the opportunity to plant the fake Photo G2290:

the bed rock of Moore’s Captain America fake anecdotes, the 720 MP history project manager having made an open call for historic photo’s and historical anecdotes for the 188th MP Company,  504th MP Battalion et al.

Redesignation: Denotes those soldiers that were B Company and sent to DaNang in I Corps as the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion. Neither Paul Howard or Frank Cranford appear on Company Rooster with blue colored  Redesignation: next to their name.  

Redesignation: Denotes those soldiers that were 188th MP Company, when it was redesignated as B Company, 720th MP Battalion, in 1970 and remained in IV Corps in the Mekong Delta. Redesignation: Denotes those soldiers that were B Company and sent to DaNang in I Corps as the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion.
Photograph Link
Reunion Association Lifetime Member
Commanding Officer
 Commanding Officer Redesignation
Commanding Officer Redesignation
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
First Sergeant, transferred from 212th MP Company. Redesignation

Blue Redesignation: Denotes those soldiers that were B Company and sent to DaNang in I Corps as the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion. The lack of Blue Redesignation next to Howard’s and Cranford’s names on Company Roosters, 1970-1971 means both were not redesignation  and thereby sent during their MP tour of duty in Vietnam to Da Nang  in I Corps as the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion to be present and in Howard’s case in the photo “Change of Command” Da Nang 1972 as Moore falsely claims..

The soldier (guidon) in the “Change of Command Photo” 1972 Photo G2290: on the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website that Moore vicariously identifies as 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), is not, and could not possibly be  the 1st Sargent Paul Howard on the above 1971  Company Rooster  since  Paul Howard does not have Redesignation next to his name indicating Howard during his entire MP tour of Vietnam was never sent to Da Nang to join the 188th, 504 MP Battalion under the command of Captain Roy Moore as the alleged 1971 “Change of Command” caption speciously states on the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website.  Photo G2290:of the alleged 1972 “Change of Command” appears next to Paul Howard’s rooster name with 118th Brigade patch indicating that the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  website manager received Photo G2290: 

originally from Paul Howard.  Paul Howard was not in Da Nang on July 5th, 1971 with guidon at Moore’s fake change of command ceremony as Photo G2290:  falsely states.

1972 ~ 188th MP Company Roster
Da Nang
~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~
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If you were a veteran of the 188th MP Company and recognize any of the names listed on this page, or you are a surviving family member of a Company veteran from this era and would like to contribute Information, personal stories, documents, media articles or photographs, please take a moment to contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link provided above for instructions or assistance. Your contributions are extremely important to the Company history and always welcomed.

Da Nang


18th MP

504th MP
The National Archives in St. Louis, MO reported that there are no 188th MP Company rosters on file for the year of 1972. If you can assist with providing any information on company personnel that served from 1 January through 30 March, please use the Email Link above.
Reunion Association Lifetime Member
Commanding Officer
Coffman, James R. “Honcho”



Moore  states in “Captain America”  at West Point he relished   mandatory boxing class to avenge the injustice and indignity of his food hazing. This begs the question, did Moore ever have the opportunity to box an upper class man who had hazed him. No.  Moore took out his victim rage on fellow cadet class food hazing victims in the ring.   Moore states that later as a “strict and reckless” commander of the 188th 502 MP  “supervising  a stockade”  Army prison in Da Nang (supervising a stockade is Moore’s only description of 504 MP service in Vietnam)  ” I survived the dangers during those months because I maintained a high standard and did not consort with the troops (unverified Roosters during this time shows Moore as the final commander of the 188th with only one soldier listed under his command in 1972, Coffman, James R. “Honcho”, with a picture as packed to leave Vietnam in February )

~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association ~ Vietnam History Project ~

Photo G1584: SP/4 James R. “Honcho” Coffman, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, has his clean and pressed khaki uniform and personnel file as he prepares to depart DaNang Vietnam at the end of his tour in February 1972. Courtesy of SP/4 L. Frank Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, 1970-1971.

This photo of the only soldier listed on the non existent  National Archives verified 1972 Command Rooster 1972 under Captain Roy Moore “Honcho”  is allegedly submitted by “L.Frank Cranford” a  variation of  Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford,   from the  fraudulent submission of  the “Change of Command” Da Nang, 1972 photo by Moore under the guise of Courtesy of SP/4 Leonard F. “Frank” Cranford, 

“Honcho” is the only soldier who appears on the National Archive unverified 1972 (non existent in the National Archives) ,188th MP rooster under the command of Capt. Roy Moore displayed on 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page.  This photo, like the Moore taking command of the 188th photo was  also submitted  Courtesy of SP/4 L. Frank Cranford, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, 1970-1971. who is recorded in the National Archives and 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project website on 188th rooster in 1970, not 71, 72.  Moore fabricated  Cranford as an objective third party witness “submitting” the above photo  of “Honcho” and also Moore taking command of the 188th to plant these photos on 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project as a Military Impostor. It is impossible for Cranford, a  historical 188th MP veteran in “1970”  to have come into possession of these two photos depicting events in 1971, 1972) . Rock em sock em Captain America continues:

Nevertheless, I wanted to prove my ability and willingness to interact with the soldiers in other areas, so I choose boxing. This was an activity that I felt soldiers could participate in to release their frustration over the change in discipline that they were experiencing under my command.

A boxing ring was constructed, and I took on all challengers. I won all my fights, but ended up damaging my shoulder  by tearing a rotator cuff in my last match. (no date of that last match given)  A sense of camaraderie and acceptance seemed to prevail after these competitions.

Construction of 188th MP Company “Party Hut”  at the same time Captain America Moore claims “A boxing ring was constructed, and I took on all challengers.” Challengers according to Captain America  were  drug using frag happy disgruntled over Moore’s imposing West Point Cadet strict discipline on them  MPs, 504th MP Battalion wide!  Moore in SHMG claims he Bama’ beat the whole 504th MP Battalion in the boxing ring.

Photo G3181: Members of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, work on their new BBQ area in Camp David Land, DaNang in 1971. If you can “positively” identify any of these MP’s use this Email Link. Courtesy of SGT Kenneth Gould, 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, DaNang, 1970-1971


Moore uses the following  alleged solitary 1972 Da Nang boxing  picture  below in the photo section of his ghost written fictional  comic book  biography to give credence to his Captain America   “unbeatable  boxer” avatar, as he does with a solitary pommel horse photo to give credence to his “Roy Moore” gymnastic champion over Navy avatar.  Moore purposely calculated not ever to submit this boxing picture  to 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project this  Captain America myth engendering boxing, beat down   Batman and Robin style of all the disgruntled druggy frag happy undisciplined unpatriotic war against Communism quitters of not just the 188th MP under Captain America’s direct command at the time (Poor Honcho!) but any and all takers from the entire 504 MP Battalion who like Honcho were preparing to go state side, or had already gone state side by end of tour, March 31, 1972.

Moore’s boxing photo caption in SHMG states “Boxing in Da Nang, Vietnam, 1972 (Left). ” Left” is to identify Moore.  Moore identified  boxer by Moore (Moore alone in all photos identifies what the photo portrays, the who, what, when, and where)  looks panicked as the other boxer is clearly the aggressor. Moore is holding his gloves like someone who does not know how to box defensively.   There are no collaborating photos submitted by any 188th MP or all 504 MP  Battalion veterans to the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project of Captain America’s battalion  famous boxing ring Moore says in SHMG he constructed in Da Nang in 1972.  Moore calculated as a Military Impostor not to have Cranford also submit the boxing photo to 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project as a bridge to far.  Moore submitted all other  photos  to the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project under the guise of Cranford.  There is no collaborating photo evidence on the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project from Da Nang 1972 of Captain America’s  boxing ring. There are proud photos of the construction of the 188th MP “party hut” for barbecuing and beer drinking, no boxing ring.  The SHMG photo section  picture of Moore, like a rank boxing amateur, terrified, trying to fend off an aggressive challenger who is striking a Jack Dempsey  knock out pose is in truth a boxing class or competition  photo from Moore’s West Point salad days, not Da Nang, 1972.   The two boxers appear to be wearing Cadet grey pants.  The unbeatable, undefeated Captain America boxing champion of Da Nang who won every bout, (how do you win your final bout after tearing a rotor cuff!) beating up the entire state side non present 504 MP physically, and not just by defaming their valor in his fictional biography as Captain America, appears to be getting his ass kicked in his relished West Point boxing class.

Moore states in SHMG after tearing his rotor cuff, his boxing legend  undefeated ended  in Da Nang 1972.  Although Moore states in SHMG he remained in Vietnam until the end of the War (Fall of Saigon) the 188th MP with the 504th MP ended their tour of duty on March 31, 1972 and three months later the US Army completed their last patrol of the Vietnam War without incident  in Da Nang.

Moore shares  his real strength in Da Nang, and still now in Gadsden,  was not physical manifested by his unbeaten record as a boxer in Da Nang, or in Gadsden man handling a teenage girl into submission, but spiritual, religious

“Of course, my real strength was my dependence on God. A poem, found on the body of a dead soldier, has been in my possession all these years, entitled: “Since I Met You I’m Not Afraid to Die,” it show this man’s dependence on God in the midst of fighting a war. I kept my Bible by my bed ( cot!) and often read its encouraging message, while looking forward to going home!”

Moore, a Military Impostor, Captain America, uses this gregarious anecdote to imply his sincere religiosity and duty unto even   death for God and Country “in the midst of war.”  Moore, even if he was in Da Nang , 1972 (there is no verified evidence, no evidence at all Moore was in Vietnam)  historically would have seen nor experienced combat in 1972  Da Nang as 188th MP Commander. There was only one body of a dead soldier found  in Da Nang during Moore’s fictitious command of the 188th MP Company after July 5th, or 6th, 1971:

15 July PVT Christopher Corwin Cook,  age 19, of San Jose, CA, died as the result of non hostile activity, accidental self destruction, in Quang Nam Province.


Moore in true Military Impersonator form claims implies  as 188th MP commanding officer he took the poem from the dead soldier’s body “in the midst of war” entitled: “Since I Met You I’m Not Afraid to Die,” it show this man’s dependence on God in the midst of fighting a war ”  and  keeps this poem in his Bible as solace still after over forty years and eight teenagers accusing Moore of Courtship Disorder.  There  no was no real possibility of  combat  fatalities in Da Nang up to March 30, 1972 during Moore’s faked Captain America captaincy of the 188th MP of which  no evidence in the National Archive or on the 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project website exists.




“I kept my Bible by my bed ( cot!) and often read its encouraging message, while looking forward to going home!”

1974 picture of Moore in Army Captain uniforms caption states “Captain, U.S. Army, Military Police Corps,  June 1974 was” taken after Moore’s final with torn rotator cuff  boxing victory as undefeated  in Da Nang, 1972 over two years later.  Moore simply states “Captain, U.S. Army, Military Police Corps,”  Moore does not state his MP Brigade, or MP Battalion after being sent stateside in this photo.  Where the photo  taken is  not given purposely by   Moore.  The lack of this information obscures exactly where and with what unit Moore resided after his unit, the 188th MP, 504th MP was returned stateside at the end of the war. Moore states:

My unit was returned stateside at the end of the war (the 188th with the 504 MP ended their Vietnam Tour on March 30th, 1972- the end of the Vietnam War came three years later with the Fall of Saigon in 1975- Moore is constantly obscuring and altering the Vietnam War historical time line to perpetrate his Military Impostor fictional biography of Captain America. In fact, two years of Moore’s alleged military service after the Army de facto withdrew from Vietnam in 1972 vanish into thin air with the cover phrase “My unit was returned stateside at the end of the war.”

1972 Time Line ~ 188th MP Company
504th MP Battalion ~ 16th MP Group ~ 18th MP Brigade

~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project ~
18th Bde.
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The Vietnam Tour Comes To An End
20 March The 188th Military Police Company colors were cased and it was inactivated in Vietnam.
1976     The South Korea Tour Begins
1 October The company was reactivated for assignment to South Korea and assigned subordinate to the 728th MP Battalion at Camp Walker, in Taegu, Republic of South Korea.

And I was assigned to the 716th MP Battalion at Ft. Riley, Kansas.  (Moore gives no date when he first was sent to Vietnam, nor when he returned stateside. He ambiguously and vaguely states “at the end of the war.”  This hides Moore’s actual military service under the cover of “at the end of the war.”  In fact,  On 2 April 1973, the 508th (not the 504th)  Military Police Battalion at Fort Riley, Kansas was reflagged as the 716th Military Police Battalion with attached elements to include the 1st, 207th, 890th, and 977th Military Police Companies, not the 188th MP. Moore-it can not be assumed anything Moore says is factual and historical as a Military Impostor-would have had to be reassigned to the 716 MP by 1973, but there is no record that Moore’s alleged command  unit the 188th which ended Vietnam  tour with the 504 MP on March 30, 1972 was attached as an “element” to the 716 MP.   Moore’s lies are spotlighted ever instance to gives and exact date or MP Company, MP Brigade, and MP Battalion designation.


Moore states:

During this time (Moore does not tell what dates ” During this time ”  encompasses except ” During this time ”  was after  the end of the war, stateside) I decided to pursue a career in law. (Moore gives no reasons why he made this monumental life changing decision to leave military service as a West Point Graduate  Officer ultimately devoted to DUTY,HONOR,COUNTRY to pursue a career in law. (personal injury lawyer)

Without  stating in SHMG  if Moore resigned his officer’s commission served with “Honor”  or was “dismissed” without loss of rank-  Moore curtly states without comment he “resigned his commission” after the mandatory five years.  Moore says nothing about his mandatory subsequent three year  IRR reserve status served in Gladsden sexually assaulting teenage girls during which Moore was subject to recall at a moments notice.  If Moore was “dismissed” for conduct unbecoming an officer such as sexual assault, Moore could not re enlist as an officer or have IRR reserve status.  Moore alone once again is identifying and dating  the 1974 picture  to give credence to his Captain America  fictional narration.  Moore in the 1974 Captain  picture is wearing a paratrooper pin on his Army Captain lapel,  but Military Impostor’s wear unearned meritorious competency badges like paratrooper or marksman. Moore in SHMG states after graduating from West Point  completing renowned, elite Army Airborne training at Ft. Brag.  This begs the question, why did Moore undertake this training, and not training in the highly specialized MP field,  just to end up never using Airborne training during his alleged 5 year officer service time in The Army and in Vietnam as an MP Captain.   Moore graduated 640 out of 800 had to have had higher class ranking for admission  into this much coveted, elite Air Borne training course after West Point graduation.

Moore states in SHMG,  “I completed Infantry Officer’s Basic  Course (IOBC) on October 14,1969″.  One of the few instances Moore give a complete date with event in SHMG.  Again Moore mispeaks military lingo ,  this course for West Point graduates  is properly called Basic Infantry Officers Course (BIOC).  Moore completed ” IOBC”  and elite Airborne training only to be assigned to Motor Pool as superintendent with the 51st armored division in Germany.  Another Captain America non sequitor.

In Vietnam, the  TIG promotion protocol is MP officer served under the previous 188th MP commander for six months before taking command. Moore allegedly  served six months  under Captain McClendon who is  solely identified by Moore inPhoto G2290: CPT Roy Moore take command of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Battalion, 16th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, from CPT Robert L. McClendon in Vietnam, 1971. Left to right, unidentified, CPT Roy Moore, 1SG Paul Howard (with guidon), CPT McClendon.  Moreover, the 1971 188th MP Company Rooster lists Moore’s name under McClendon as  Commanding Officer,  But 188th MP Company Rooster, 1970  in turn does not list Cpt. McClendon   previously serve six months under a verified  previous 188th MP Commanding Officer  Cpt. John L. Kuykendall.


CPT John L. Kuykendall
? to 31 Dec 1970

In Vietnam, TIG  (Time in Grade)for promotion to Captain was drastically  reduced to two years from almost four today. Nonetheless, Moore would have had only 1 previous year of  MP TIG in Germany when listed under McClendon’s Command as a subordinate Captain, leaving Moore short six months TIG MP when Moore allegedly took command from McClendon on July 5th or 6th, 1971. MP leadership is very specialized, elite  training with several logistically crucially important specialties within MP service and mission. Moore admits no previous MP special training course before taking over command of the 188th MP,  only Ist Lieutenant MP in Germany before ” I shipped  out to Vietnam.”

Moore states in SHMG, “I was given the command of the 188th Company, 504th MP Battalion, a military police company supervising the military stockade in Da Nang…”  This is absurd! The  MP Army stockade was not in Da Nang, but at Longbinh, twelve miles north of Saigon.  The author does not know if this true, but allegedly  Longbinth Army Stockade had a horrible history of racist and brutal, over crowded treatment of young drafted soldiers leading to riots and the burning down of the compound at one point . All 188th MP un disciplined druggies Captain America in the name of  instilling strict discipline claims to have Article 15 frequently, after being convicted by Moore as judge, jury, and executioner, would have been sent to this notorious hell hole in Longbinh including  the fictional “Kidwell.”

The Marines ran ” The Brig” in DaNang which had an allegedly equally prisoner abusive history ending in riots and blood shed as Longbinh. Moore’s  “supervise the stockade” fabrication shows no historical  understanding of what  MP’s in Vietnam, most especially the 504 MP  “Road Runners” in the Central Highlands actually and historically  did during their  meritorious unit commendation tour of the Vietnam War.   Moore in SHMG displays complete ignorance of, and no personal and actual experience of the 720th  MP or 504th MP historical valiant service in Vietnam. Moore, by his own admission, as 188th Captain supervised  a non existent army stockade in Da Nang, an ignorant stereo typical fictional fabrication of MP mission in Vietnam limited to serving as Army stockade jailers.  Moore does not mention once in SHMG any stories or anecdotes concerning supervising the non existent army stockade in Da Nang.

Instead Moore spends all the pages of Chapter 2, SHMG edifying  Captain America defaming the 504 MP Battalion and the 188th MP Company  as composed of undisciplined drug addicts  enabling Vietcong sappers potentially and actually  to violate combat perimeters in edifying himself as Captain America.  Moore in SHMG states  “My insistence on proper procedure and discipline earned me the nickname ” Captain America” by some soldiers, and they did not mean it as a compliment.”  Captain America  was informed  a  known drug user named “Kidwell” get it, kid well, get it- wanted to frag Captain America as a  consequence.  MP Kidwell  no year appears  on 720 Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page  188th MP Company Roosters, and does not appear with Honcho under the National Archives unverified 1972  Company Rooster under the direct command of Captain America. Moore as Captain America claims the non existent Kidwell  conspired with Army drug dealers  to kill Moore  by   “fragging” Moore as he slept in his “bed”. (cot) Moore in SHMG claims, backed up by a Huffpost article on fragging referencing  Moore’s Vietnam experience of frag culture as fact, fragging was a prevalent practice in  the Vietnam War, and especially  during the time of Captain America’s alleged  command of the 188th MP  in Da Nang.  ” I was not intimidated by the threat of fragging which had taken the life of many officers and senior non-commissioned officers in Vietnam.”

In 1972, there were  23 recorded Army related fraggings  throughout Vietnam,  not one  in Da Nang, 1971-72 during Captain America’s tour of Duty, Honor, Country. The 188th MP ended their service and were sent state side in March 30, 1972- so half that number to 14 Army related  fraggins throughout Vietnam.  There are no recorded instances of fragging  during the entire Vietnam tour of duty  related to the 504 MP  or 720 MP,  and the 188th MP Company from June 1966 to March 1972.

~ 31 July 1966 to 20 March 1972

Moore’s specious fabrications and  Captain America self glorifying defamations of true and heroic Vietnam Veterans of the 504th MP Battalion and 188th MP Company claiming to be so reviled as  Captain America by the 188th MP’s as to be inexorably  targeted for fragging by hand grenade and forced to sleep on sand bags as a result is parroted  as historical fact by the Huffpost.

Moore, not alluding once again to supervising as 188th MP Captain in Command the non existent Army stockade in Da Nang states:

After West Point, I was shocked at the lack of discipline I saw there. I immediately began implementing standard regulation and operating procedures, much to the troops who had not been trained to respect strict discipline. They did not make the connection between effective discipline and survival in combat.

As a Military Impostor,  Moore, Captain America implies supervising  as 188th MP Captain Commander  a non existent  Army stockade in Da Nang in 1972- even if it did exist- placed the 188th MP  and Captain America  himself in harm’s way being subjected  to “survival in combat.”  During Moore’s fictitious 188th MP Captain Command,  there were no attacks in or outside of  Da Nang from July 5th, 1971 to March 31, 1972 (the day the 504th MP Battalion, the 188th MP Company in tow ended tour in Vietnam.

Captain America blames “Disapproval of the war by the American Public and soldiers who had been drafted to fight such an unpopular war led to a dangerous laxity in combat.”  Again, a typical ruse of a military impostor is to claim service in a combat area, and imply combat leadership, when in fact Moore fictitiously asserts command of the 188th MP  in a non live field of combat zone  Da Nang  until just three  months before the US Army ended their last patrol uneventfully of the  Vietnam War in Da Nang.  The 188th MP Company formerly 720th Battalion was reassigned  as an “element”   was assigned  to The 504th MP Battalion “Road Runners”  at the end of Vietnam tour  to go stateside.  Five years previously in the Central Highlands the 504 MP fought logistically  with  cunning valor and  lethal effect that had nothing to do with strict discipline learned at West Point, or Army standard regulations and operating procedures.  The 720th MP and 504th  MP alike  poured out their lion hearts and human blood to save the Vietnamese people, in service to Humanity, from the horrors of Communism, only to have Captain America in SHMG , military impostor and child molester in tandem with Captain America’s willing dupes to leverage a seat in the Senate, pro and con, from The Washington Post to Breitbart News,  over forty years later defame  truly heroic Army MP service by the 504th MP and 720 MP in Vietnam  as undisciplined,  druggie,  frag happy, proto Black Lives  Matter, anti Vietnam War, anti Captain America, slackers and defeatists.

Captain America  continues:

A great deal of mischief in Vietnam was the result of rampant drug use (Heroin supplied by CIA G.H. Bush and Air America to American G.I.’s in Vietnam) and race problems (The assassination of MLK by transvestite Jay Edgar Hoover) that had become common place. (There is truth to this statement except Captain America typically blames soldiers for their circumstances and exploitation in Vietnam by the American Government and the Military Industrial Complex, aka today the Globalist Deep State and NWO) As Military Impostor Captain America can only imply  vaguely to have served  in a combat zone in Da  Nang when no combat occurred in 1972. So Moore to edify and self glorify himself as Captain America resorts to defaming and slandering in SHMG true combat Veterans of the 504 MP  Battalion boasting of his courage as Captain America risking fragging implementing West Point strict discipline in Captain America’s war on drugs.  Moore states:

Perimeter defense often suffered as soldiers on drugs failed to keep a vigilant watch for the enemy. Vietcong infiltrators could explode ammunition supplies and escape without detection. Some of our men even lost their lives while the enemy was virtually free to move across lines made insecure by undisciplined guards. It was a constant struggle in which a soldier could die either from the hand of the enemy or from those with whom he served.

Moore even if he  was in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1971-72 would never have experienced  combat. The above anecdote from SHMG edifying Captain America is 100%  slanderous fabrication and non historical B.S.. The Vietcong had been completely annihilated three years prior due  in no small part to the  188th MP Company, 504th  MP and 720th  MP  Battalions key logistic counter offensive  strategic coordination  during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Not one soldier of the 188th MP  Company in 1971-72 as Moore lies in SHMG was K.I.A. by non existent Vietcong infiltrators or a fellow drug dealing MP the entire time Captain America claims to have “survived in combat” in Da Nang by instilling West Point style strict discipline among  drug using slackers of the 188th MP Company, 504th MP Batallion,   What, in the first place, does any of Captain America’s fake combat experience and undisciplined perimeter guard duty have to do with being assigned 188th MP command of a non existent army Stockade in Da Nang, in 1972

In the tributes that appear in the first pages of “So Help Me God” such luminaries as Dr. James Dobson,  Dr, Billy Graham Jr., Ann Coulter, Alan Keyes, Joyce Meyer, Hon. Zell Miller, US Senator Ga., Iran/Contra war criminal and crack dealer Oliver L. North,  and Phyllis Schlafly, and Richard Shelby, US Senator Ala.”  embrace Captain America’s self aggrandizement via  Moore’s self serving SHMG slander and defamation of true MP Vietnam Veteran’s service not limited to the 504th MP and 720th MP,   eclipsing in SHMG  the real history of courageous, heroic and freedom defending  service in Vietnam by Army MP.  Captain America, an unconventional twisted  Military Impostor steals valor from Vietnam MP’s not by standard identity theft.   Moore fabricating the myth of Captain America  slanders and defames real Vietnam MP veterans eclipsing without a word  in SHMG their courageous exemplar sacrifice and service in the Vietnam War.   A sui generis and all time low in stolen valor depravity  is practiced today by Moore as Captain America, And as such, Moore’s Captain America avatar has been  uncritically embraced and enthusiastically endorsed not only by the Right above, but by the Left,  NYT , WPO, Huffpost reporters et al, who Right and Left alike share the same unquestioned stereotype derogatory historically unfounded prejudices against Vietnam Veterans that Moore as Captain America seeks to exploit and capitalize on in winning a Senate seat.

I knew Roy Moore in Vietnam

Moore as Military Impostor , Captain America, recently fabricated a third party objective witness fake warrior avatar, Bill Staehle, attempting to use a fabricated Vietnam war story demonstrating Moore’s chastity to salvage Moore’s Senate election by discrediting Moore’s virginal youthful assault victims’ credibility  by analogously equating  Moore’s teenage girl attempted rape vicitms  via  fake 188th MP Company Captain Bill Staehle I knew Roy Moore in Vietnam  lies, with Vietnamese whores, whose “desire for intimacy” Moore “virtuously” resisted in Da Nang, 1971.  There is absolutely no record in the national archives- as with Moore- of Bill Staehle of Asbury Park, New Jersey. nor is  this name listed with Moore on 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page ~ in 1971-1972  188th MP 504  Company Roosters. The same lack of MP TIG that Moore unwittingly falsifies his taking command in Vietnam of  a MP Company as a Captain by,  is aped and repeated  by Cpt. Bill Staehle who just like Moore claims he received co-command of MP Company 188th 1971 the moment he was “in Country”  in imitation of  Moore’s immediate 188th MP Company command claims at arrival “in Country” in 1971.  The 1971   National Archive verified  188th Company Roosters displayed on the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project web page shows only 14 MP’s  under the command of Cpt. McClendon and Cpt. Moore.  A Company is 60 men,  Staehle, nor Moore were not needed to serve as co Captains in the 188th MP.   Nor do any Company Rooster show  one instance of given immediate command of  188th MP Company when first “in Country” as claimed by Moore, or Moore’s 188th Company co Captain mini me Bill Staehle..  Immediate command of MP company was against Army MP  protocol. Why would the Army risk the absolutely crucial logistic mission of the 504 MP to an inexperienced  Captain commander  just arrived  in Country.  The eventual 188th MP commanders served for six months TIG under an experienced MP commanders and  at the end of six months themselves transferred command to a subordinate commander who served six months under their command to preserve mission continuity.  Staehle like Moore (Staehle most likely is Moore, another Military Impostor avatar of  Moore like Kidwell) displays  no knowledge of what MP Commanders actually did in Vietnam in his “Open Letter to Alabama Voters” defending Moore’s chastity .

 First and foremost, Moore and Staehle had the Duty as  188th MP Commanders in Da Nang  after being brought to an “Off Limits” place of prostitution  by an obviously  compromised  criminal fellow MP officer, not just  to refuse Vietnamese women who were prostitutes come ons and leave never to return again, but immediately leave and return with 188th Company to arrest everyone, including the compromised  MP officer that brought Captain America and Bill there,  and all other American Service personal  presence and shut the place down declaring it “off limits. “This was Moore and Staehle’s  sworn duty as  188th MP’s commanders  in Da Nang. Not simply to leave, not to return, and keep their mouths shut allowing the operation and the organized crime compromised MP officer to continue their business.  The factual inconsistencies throughout  this piece of military impostor propaganda to save Moore’s senate run will be noted.

Staehle says he would willing die for and with Moore under his command in combat. Fortunately that scenario never happened.  During Moore and the fake warrior avatar Staehle  make believe time in DaNang there were no NVA attacks on DaNang  due to the Viet Cong having been literally annihilated two and a half years before in 1968 during the Tet Offensive.  The 502 and 720 MP  which Moore as Captain America defames is undisciplined, drug using, cowardly slackards, in reality played crucial logistic roles always exhibiting  outstanding heroic valor in this great  military victory, quashing the Tet Offensive, annihilating the Viet Cong. Only one service person died during the time when Staehle and Moore were Captains in the 188th in Da Nang from a non enemy self destructive fatality.  I surmise this was the term used then for suicide.  Moore takes about taking an inspiring  poem from a dead soldier’s body during his time in command after combat.  It is unlikely such an inspiring poem would be gleaned from a  soldier’s body who committed suicide. Da Nang was attack the last day of Moore’s command on March 30th, 1972, the day the 188th as part of the 502 was decommissioned in Vietnam.  All soldiers, including the single one listed on the unverified  rooster under the command of Moore. Honcho, (there is a a picture of Honcho packed up to leave Vietnam in February) all the 508 MP and 188th  had already left Vietnam before the March 31, 1972 attack.  Although Moore, who claims to be the last commander of the 188th also claims in Captain America  he was commander of the 188th- commander tours were six months-  “to the end of the war”  The fall of Saigon was 1975.  Moore claims he was sent stateside to Kansas in 1974 “at the end of the War,”  The March 31st attack and subsequent loss of Vietnam  happened in the wake of the News Media morphing Victory against the Tet Offensive in psychological warfare moral defeat of  US forces in Vietnam.

The final U.S. ground combat operations in Vietnam ceased on 13 August 1972, when a residual force of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade stood down in Đà Nẵng.

Staehle  who may be  Moore,  in his fabrications of MP officer service in DaNang, like Moore, is completely oblivious to what an MP officer’s duties were for the 188th MP  in DaNang at that time.  188th MP mission entailed perimeter protection for the massive air force base,  the world’s busiest during the Vietnam war, while the Marine MP  also provided perimeter protection for the  naval base and a “brig.”  188th MP’s also policed good order among soldiers.  This included declaring “off limits” places of prostitution. The pictures of places of prostitution in Da Nang portray garish facades with prostitutes standing  like carnival barker’s at the door.  Even if  the location of this off limits house of prostitution was unknown to  Staehle and Moore, which seems highly unlikely since it was in their MP jurisdictional neighborhood, it is unimaginable that they could enter into the off limits place of prostitution only to discover inside that it was an off limit’s house of prostitution.  Moore, instead of for reasons of moral chaste honor, could have objected and left saying :we should not be here- as MP’s staring Court Martial for dereliction of duty in the face and not tempted by the women, not teenage girls, not his type in the first place.  Staehle is completely oblivious and dismissive to this MP aspect and off limit aspect of this obvious fabrication. Here is another example of Captain America using his fabricated Vietnam experience combating  his political detractors for office by discrediting his fourteen year old accuser as equally tempting as a Vietnamese Prostitute in Da Nang who Moore according to this made up witness immediately rejected and left. This is an example of Moore fabricating service and valor in Vietnam to gain political office.

Kayla in Defense of Moore’s Chastity and Devotion as a Christian Husband and Father

In any case,  Moore, exhibiting Courtship Disorder in a perverse fixation on teenage  girls, has many other chastity  defenders including President Donald Trump, other than Staehle.  A  Baptist long time local pastor in Gadsden who knew Moore after Moore’s  return from 188th MP Company  Commander courageous, chaste, and disciplined service  in possibly combat bloody “Danang “that Staehle  witnesses to in  an open letter to the voters of Alabama from Bill Staehle of Asbury Park, New Jersey.  testifies publicly as a pastor that  Moore, an acknowledged  Vietnam War Hero, like Senator John McCain arrived back in Gadsden,  Alabama to find all the good and godly  women Moore’s  age already taken. This forced Moore to cultivate romantic, but chaste Courtships with teenage girls like Nelson and Leigh Corfman, 14 years old who Moore without getting the permission of her mother, striped of clothing forced to touch his erect penis through his “tighty whitey” underwear.  The pastor says then 32 year old Moore’s Courtship Disorder is Bible based godly morality as evidenced by the Angel Gabriel in The Bible announcing to the Virgin Mary at 14 (the same age as Corfman) she would be impregnated by  God.  Moreover, the Chaste and Righteous and Just Older Man (Joseph was unmarried and 32 years old just like Roy Moore)  who judges aright not to have Mary stoned but simply put away,  is told by God, through the Angel Gabriel-that same Angel talking to Mary, and telling her old and barren kinswoman Elizabeth she although too old would become pregnant by God (The Holy Spirit) but via her husband Zachariah, like Joseph the same age- 32, as Roy Moore!  Moore’s Courtship Disorder is Bible based and “Providential Design.”

And yet Moore, said be be just like St. Joseph by this local Baptist pastor who knew Moore during this time (Blaspheme!) finally after years of pursuing  young girl “purity” in high school girls working at the Gadsden mall (until Moore was banned because of  an underage girls complaint) and stalking Gadsden cheer leaders during Friday night football games,  then 32 years old, seven years later marries  at 38, a 24 year old divorcee Kayla with a female toddler (who filed for Divorce days after being approached again by Moore and married Moore three days after Kayla’s divorce was final- Moore and Kayla therefore had planned to Marry the whole time Kayla was still married legally to her former husband. This logical necessity belies the statement by Moore in Providential Design that at the Christmas Party where Moore and Kayla allegedly Moore and Kayla first meet – Kala states the two first meet at a Baptist Bible study- “I was determined to get to know her, but Kayla, divorced and with a beautiful little girl, Heather who was nearly a year old was not interested in a relationship with anyone.”  When Moore met again Kayla, her divorce paper’s date verify Kayla was married to her former husband. Kayla filed for Divorce three days after she meet again Roy Moore at Baptist Bible study, or this Lutheran Christmas Party.  This is all to cover-up The Ten Commandments Judge” breaking The Ten Commandment’s “Thous Shall Not Commit Adultery, and Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife”  violations of the sacred Marriage  Covenant that Moore sanctimoniously publicly martyred himself over to combat Sodomites and Gay Marriage.  Kayla who Moore proudly testifies  in “Providential Design” stalking at age 15th, when Moore was 32- the same age as St. Joseph according to the local Baptist pastor blasphemer- at Kayla’s Gadsden High School Sophomore dance recital after Moore attempted to rape fellow Kayla’s  1977 Sophomore classmate at Gadsden High School and almost a clone look a like Beverley Nelson. In “Providential Design” Moore states:

Many years before, I attended a dance recital at Gadsden State Junior College. I remembered one of the special dances performed by a young woman ( Kayla was 15, a teenager, not a “young woman” as Moore states) whose first and last names began with the letter “K.” It was something I had never forgotten. Could that young woman have been Kayla Kisor? Anxious to meet her, I began with the line, ‘Haven’t we met somewhere before?”  ‘I don’t think so, ” she replied. ( Why would Moore if he was not a Narcissist think Kayla who had no idea Moore was stalking her in the audience at the dance recital would remember him from seven years prior. Moore remember’s a “special dance” and not the person’s name.  Moore, recently foiled by Kayla clone Beverley Nelson, stalking Kayla thinks and remembers visual like a human animal stalking its vicitim and   as a potential incestuous rapist (“with a beautiful little girl, Heather, who was nearly a year old.. Moore calls a female  infant a beautiful little girl..Moore’s projecting his lustful desire as Stepfather into the future and in the photo section of SHMG is shown at the center of  2004 family vacation picture openly groping the teenage Heather’s right breast while touching his penis- like King Herod watching the “special dance” of his brother’s daughter’s  Salome ” with such lust and desire Moore  like Herod  promised promised himself the erotic dancer “K.K”  “was going to be a special person in my life.”

Moore states in Providential Design, “I would learn that Kayla, had, in fact, performed a special dance routine at Gadsden State years before.”  Moore as a potential rapist  visually stalks and remembers visually, not emotionally, or cognitively, or personally.  Moore does not approach Kayla, Nelson, and Corfman as personas, or remembers them as persons (when Moore says he does not remember ever meeting and assaulting  teenage girls like Nelson and Corfmanthe teenage girls like  but as objects subjected violently to Moore’s C, but freely admits he dated and remembers as
good girls” of teenage girls at this time Moore Courted but did not assault Moore’s statement in more’s psychotic thing may be true. Not true that the assaults didn’t happen because Moore in his mind truly does not remember the assaults. Moore, like an abusive alcoholic who beats their spouse only when they are so drunk they do not remember the assault the next morning when they wake up from having passed out the night before and apologizes sorrowfully to the spouse promising never to do it again and stop drinking, disassociates during Courtship Disorder and becomes an alter ego other then his “The Ten Commandments Judge”  public persona.  This only happen’s when Moore’s Courtship Disorder violent nature is triggered but a love picture trigger which may not be present at every instance with every teenage girl that Moore dated but did not atttack. Triggered Moore disassociates an assaults as an attempted rap[ist but then truly having disassociated does not remember the person, place, time.


Moore the ” Ten Commandments Judge”  broke the 7th commandment  having first lusted over Kayla when she was 15 years old,  stalking the Beverly Nelson look alike at Kayla’s Sophomore dance recital.  Kayla’s 1977 Gadsden High School Year Book Sophomore Photo bears a striking resemblance facially to Kayla’s fellow Sophomore Gadsden High School classmate  Beverley Young Nelson,  who Moore attempted to rape at fifteen. Moore in victim shamming Nelson and Corfman as liars has broken the 9th Commandment “Thou Shall not Bear False Witness.”  Moore  as Captain America in SHMG violates the 9th Commandment “thou shall not bear false witness”  in slandering and defaming the 188th MP Company, the 504th Battalion, and all Vietnam Veterans to self glorify himself as Captain America as a bad mouthing Military Impostor. Cpt.  Cpt. Bill Staehle, Moore’s fictitious military impostor  alter ego  violates the 9th Commandment in his “Open Letter” bearing false witness to discredit Moore’s teenage vicitm’s by lying about Moore’s self discipline and chastity in Danang, and even that Moore was ever in Vietnam.  Moore signed Nelson’s 1977 Gadsden High School year book when  Nelson was 15 years old, the same age and year that Moore was stalking look a like  Kayla during  Kayla’s  Sophomore dance recital)

Moore  miss teen Alabama stalking in any case violates  the words of Jesus as well.   ” -I say unto you- whatever man looks at a woman with lust in his heart has committed adultery with her-.”

Mooreover, the Ten Commandment’s Judge Roy Moore Jr. violates The 10th Commandment coveted his neighbor’s wife violating the  Kayla, 23,  married with a “young girl” – in fact a bearly one year old infant-, seven  year’s latter at  age 39,  after being  reunited again via “Providential Design” (Chapter 5, SHMG). This contradicts the local pastors defense of Moore’s courting teenage girls that after Moore return from Vietnam he found all the good women were already taken (married) in that Moore stalked a 15 year old Kayla after he returned from Vietnam, and later married her as a 24 year old woman.  Kala stated publicly she and Roy first meet  at a Baptist Bible Study.  In Providential Design, Roy states he meet Kayla again after stalking her seven years earlier at a Myron and Gloria Allenstein’s friend’s home for a Emmanuel Lutheran Church, where they attended, Christmas Party  to read some poems Roy had written. This explains how Moore, a Southern Baptist, came to be by providential design  brought to a graced Charistmas time reunion with Kayla, it does not explain “Sitting with her mother on the sofa was a beautiful young woman. I learned her name was Kayla.”  Why would Kayla, a Southern Baptist like Roy,  providentially be present with her mother (as opposed to her husband) at a Lutheran Christmas party.  What are the odds.  This has to be divine providence on the level of sheer miracle.  Kayla swears she and Roy first meet at a Baptist Church bible study.

Roy states he was so smitten by Kayla’s beauty (more likely a cat that spies again a mouse that got away) he forgot lines of a Christmas Poem entitled “The Stranger” he wrote his Senior Cadet year at West Point during a lonely Christmas away from family and home grieving his father who had just passed away in poverty always barely able to feed Roy and his family, not having the  privilege  of seeing Moore graduate from West Point (if Moore ever did in the first place).   Moore may have forgotten lines from “The Stranger” also because Moore never wrote “The Stranger.”  Text criticism of vocabulary, grammar, meter, and style of the several poems in SHMG Moore, crusading warrior poet claims to have written show the same person could not have written all the poems Moore in SHMG claims to have authored.   Again, like Moore and internal evidence scrubbed photos in the photo section of SHMG, Moore uses the “Stranger” as a prop to edify Moore’s mythological biographic “Mein Kampf” B.S.. SHMG


The author of this expose of Moore’s pathological lying is so sickened by Moore as a vicious monster wearing lipstick, he cannot  read the entire SHMG because the entire book is nothing but lies Moore tells to get elected to office and cover up sexual assault of female teenagers and his own step daughter Heather when she became target age. Kayla set her daughter up as a tiny infant to be molested by Moore by “Providential Design.”

Matthew 18:5
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me.
“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
7 “You shall not commit adultery.
10 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

So much for Jesus teaching on Divorce:

Moore’s  evangelical culture warrior avatar as the “Ten Commandments Judge” was edified by Moore’s forfeiting his Alabama Supreme Court seat a second time for refusing to sanction the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down “Doma”  -marriage defined as between a man and woman- allowing “Gay Marriage.”  Moore’s self inflicted crusading Evangelical culture warrior public vocal martyrdom Moore sacrificing a second time Moore’s seat on the Alabama Supreme court caused renewed political culture war chest donations to pour into the Foundation for Moral Law.  Moore reviles  Gay Marriage as a LBGT fundamental assault on the sanctity of marriage while hypocritically looking past his own fundamental assault on the sanctity of Marriage by breaking the 9th Commandment in coveting his neighbor’s wife (Kala) and The 7th Commandment stealing a willing  Kala from her first husband  by  adulterous  marriage .


Picture of Roy Moore Groping Step Daughter in 2004

Moore’s campaign has viciously attacked and consistently lied about all the then teenage and young woman how have experienced Moore’s Courtship Disorder, which  in several cases was not technically criminal, but show Moore to have a Courtship Disorder and a perverse fixation on young girls as sexual objects.





Moore states in Captain America “Since I had such long arms, the shirts people gave me never seemed to fit, so I always rolled the sleeves up  for a more decent appearance”.  Having such long arms facilitates  Moore’s  – Toucherism- another aspect of Courtship Disorder to stand straight up  while draping his arm from the shoulder of his fixation fetish age non biological step daughter pressing firmly down upon and directly over her naked cleavage down across her right breast with Moore’s left  hand reaching into his  pants pocket to touch his penis and scrotum.

What is toucherism?

A person who practices frotteuristic acts is known as a frotteur. Toucherism is sexual arousal based on grabbing or rubbing one’s hands against a not expecting (and therefore non-consenting) person. It usually involves touching breasts, buttocks or genital areas, often while quickly walking across the victim’s path.
A variation on this  Toucherism strategy is a quick photo (taken by a stranger who then departs)  where the fetish fixation aged victim can not see, expect, or suspect or know she is being touched or groped in a perversely sexual manner unwittingly  focusing on the camera and not seeing Moore-her step father- with an Al Franken like grin on his face groping her right breast while touching his penis and scrotum.  Step fathers and live in boy friends are invited in  by the biological mother to  molest her daughter or son. The biological mother in these cases were  most often  molested as a child themselves by a non biological parental figure unconsciously and vicariously revisiting their childhood sexual assault trauma as a manipulative co-dependent adult parental figure. True clinical defined  Paedophilia in which a biological father sexually assaults his own daughter or son is relatively rare. In most sexual assaults of children, the perpetrator is not the biological father. Step fathers and boy friends of the divorced or abandoned biological mother are invited and physically drawn to sexually assault a younger and therefore more attractive daughter, or version of the Mother.  Moore said (he lied) that he always asked the mothers of the teenage girls he dated in his thirties first to get permission to date them.
In cases of child molestation the molester will date or marry the biological mother to get access and control of the child through the mother.  This picture and grope strategy is similar to the picture of Al Franken.  Franken’s victim was asleep when the assault picture was taken.  She did not become aware she had been sexually assaulted  by Franken until months later when she saw the picture.  Franken said he took the picture by remote falsh.  Both Franken and Moore have cat ate the bird grins on their faces.  Another aspect of  Courtship Disorder is Peeping Tom, viewing the victim erotically from afar without their awareness.  This Peeping Tom, or Voyeur aspect of Courtship Disorder is manifest in both sexual assault by groping the breast of the victim without there awareness or consent photo taken by Moore and by Franken.  Franken and Moore as politicians hide their Courtship Disorder in the wide open hiding behind theatrics and political culture warrior disguise such as Pro Life and Pro Choice.
The Rest of the  Political Crime Family
Kayla Moore claims on Facebook  a background in marketing and beauty pageants. Kayla’s Facebook page says she is small business Owner/ President at KDM Marketing. The only KDM Marketing in actual existence outside of Kayla’s imagination,  is a huge multi state operation with 350 employees.  This KDM Marketing with the same name as Kayla’s KDM, owned and operated by, nor was this the only KDM founded by or ever owned by Kayla Moore, nor is Kayla currently employed as president. 
Mrs. Moore states on the Foundation for Moral Law fund raising web site of which Kayla is actually owner, operator, founder and President,  she attended both UA and UM Jackson,  but does not say when and if she graduated with a degree.  Moore in “Providential Design” only says  Kayla  attended college at the University of Alabama where Moore says he attended Law School years before.  Moore states in Providential Design, “She (Kayla) had worked as a model and with her father in the restaurant business after graduation from Southside High School (a shared Alma Mater  with look alike Beverley Nelson).  Moore says nothing in SHMG Kayla founded and owns “a small” marketing business called “KDM” as Kayla states on her Foundation page bio.
Moore alludes in Providential Design  to Kayla’s physical beauty as working as a model (There is no internet record of Kayla Kisor pictured as a model).  Moore says nothing about being Kayla  a former Miss Alabama and runner up Miss Teen Alabama in “Providential Design”, as Kayla states on her Foundation page bio. to be a former Miss Alabama and Miss Teen Alabama runner up. The first Miss Teen Pageant was 1983 held in  Lakeland,  Florida. In 1983  Kayla was 23  married to her first husband with an infant  in Alabama.  Kayla in 1983 would be too old to have competing in the first ever Miss Teen Pageant.  The age limit is  age 14 to 19.  The age limit to compete in the Miss America Pageant is age 17 to 24.  Moore married freshly divorced Kayla three days after her divorced was final on December 14, 1985 when Kayla, then 24, was one month away in January to be too old at 25 to compete in the Miss Alabama Pageant. Kayla does not appear on the rooster of former Miss Alabama’s when Googled. 
Kayla unlike Roy on her Foundation for Moral Law web page says nothing about being recently married when she first meet Roy at a Baptist Church Bible study group, Moore lies and says Kayla was already divorced with “a young girl” in fact an infant when by providential design Moore was re united with Kayla in December of 1983. Kayla in her Moral Law Foundation bio says only she has been Married to Roy faithfully for over three decades and implies Heather is Roy’s  biological child in the same way she lists the four boys are Roy’s biological children.  Who knows.  Maybe Roy is the biological father of Heather.  
Usually students go to college immediately after graduating from high school.  Moore states (Providential Design “PD”) Kayla worked in her father’s restaurant business after graduating from Beverley Nelson’s former high school  in 1979  before attending  UA.  Kayla was not attending  UA in December of 1983 at 23  when Moore was re united  as Moore in PD states.   Moore in PD  indirectly testifies Kayla had a baby at 22 in 1982  in Gadsden married to her first husband, so Kayla was not attending UA or UM in 1982 at 22 years of age.  Kayla states  she attended both UA and UM on her Moral Law page before she married Roy, but does not state if she graduated with a degree from either university.  Kayla according to Moore in PD  worked after graduating in 1979 before attending college at Moore’s UA Alma Mater.  Moore graduated from UA Law in 1977, and states in SHMG Chp.  3, “I was sworn in as Etowah County’s first full-time deputy district attorney on October 1, 1977.”  Just in time to sign Beverley Nelson’s 1977 year book “Merry Christmas” Roy Moore, DA”  and attempt to rape her and stalk Nelson’s virtual twin Kayla at her Sophomore dance recital. Moore a psychotic impostor always enhances and over states his office and  accomplishments. As such,  Moore did Nelson’s year book not “Ass. DA”, but “DA.”
 Roy in PD makes it sound like Kayla worked more than a year after graduation from South Side High School in 1979.  Even if Kayla worked only one year  after graduation 1979 before attending UA, throughout 1980, Kayla could not attend college until  the Fall of 1981.  If Kayla worked more than a year as Roy seems to imply in PD  until 1982,  Kayla never attended college at UA as Moore attests because Moore attests indirectly in PD Kayla was  married with an infant living in Gadsden in 1982.  Kayla at the very least could not have graduated with a four year degree from UA or UM- she does not say she did in her Moral Law bio, but also Kayla did not ever attend college, UA or UM, after graduation from high school in 1979 as Kayla says in her Moral Law Foundation bio. 
Moore states in “Captain America”  “Compared to the rigorous discipline at West Point or to the dangerous assignment in Vietnam, law school was a welcome relief.”
     I had decided to pursue a career in law. So in 1974, after completion of my military commitment, I resigned my regular Army commission to begin my studies at the University of Alabama School of Law.
 “At the end of the war”  now “states side in Ft. Riley, Kansas assigned as a 716th MP Battalion  “staff officer” (This is factually and historically Military Impostor fabrication on Moore’s part)  Moore states he  resigned  his West Point Commission “in 1974”  and the completion of  of the minimum five years military service as an Army officer  graduating West Point allegedly in 1969.  There is an alleged 1974 picture of Moore in Army Captain uniform presumably  stateside  “at the end of the war” in the SHMG Photo Section of which Moore is the sole identifying source of the photo. Moore  writes the photo caption: “Captain, U.S. Army, Military Police Corps, June 1974 “( Moore is intentionally non descriptive about MP Battalion et al, because their are no 716 MP Battalion patches apparent on Moore’s captain’s  uniform) This photo allegedly shows  according solely to Moore, Moore still active duty in “June” of 1974,  The Army is not going to let Moore, or anyone else  resign there minimum five year military commitment  commission  almost nine months  early because Moore all the sudden decides to pursue a career in law and attend UA Law in the Fall of 1974.  Moore’s minimum five year commission military service requirement was not up until after 1974 on January 1st, 1975.  Of necessity then,  Moore could only have entered UA Law in the Fall of 1975.  And yet a NYT article states in fact Moore was at UA Law in the Fall of 1974.

     George Thomas Wilson, a retired magazine-marketing and P.R. professional now living in New York City, has never forgotten his first criminal-law class, at the University of Alabama School of Law, in 1974. It was taught by Clint McGee, who graduated from the law school himself, in 1940. Early in the class, McGee called on one of Wilson’s classmates, a United States Military Academy graduate named Roy Moore. “And, for the entire hour, McGee kept him standing and talking, standing and talking,” Wilson told me recently. “Finally, at the end of the hour, McGee said to him, ‘Mr. Moore, I have been teaching in this school for thirty years, and in all of that time you’re the most mixed-up person I’ve ever taught. I’m going to call you Fruit Salad.” ( Moore states in SHMG “Although studies were demanding, I enjoyed the endless debate on legal issues”.)

This  Fall 1974 UA  “first class” Law  student verified time line that places Moore at UA Law,  Fall 1974 disproves beyond a reasonable doubt Moore’s fake Vietnam War MP Captain service time line and therefore Army MP service.  All real evidence so far put forth in this expose of Moore as an impostor shows beyond a reasonable doubt Moore was  never a  188th MP Company Captain Commander in Vietnam 1971-72, or that Moore attended West Point and graduated in 1969. The evidence does not definitively prove or disprove Moore was in the Army or West Point, but that every thing Moore says about his 188th MP Company Commander service and attending West Point from 1965-69 is fake and based solely on Moore’s not credible fabrications.  All Moore’s anecdotes about his exploits  at West Point are fake. 
Gay students who knew Moore, aka “Fruit Salad”  at UA Law said in the NYT article Moore, ” a perpetual card playing student lounge lizard”  barely managed to graduate UA Law  in 1977, three years, in order to be back on time by “Providential Design”  as the new  “DA” in Gadsden to attempt to rape  Nelson and failing to do so,  stalk Nelson’s virtual twin Kayla at 15 at her Sophomore dance recital.
President Kayla’s  Foundation for Moral Law, a Clinton Foundation Clone
 Kayla’s only real experience of owner and president of a marketing company (besides allegedly KDM)  is The Foundation for Moral Law, a Clinton Foundation clone.  The Foundation for Moral Law is a Clinton Foundation rip of political action committee and campaign platform  marketing and fund raising for Judge Roy Moore Jr. The Foundation  cashes in on Moore’s very public self inflicted martyrdom as a saintly Evangelical crusading culture warrior poet. Campaign donations were first raked in  after Moore forfeited  his Alabama Supreme Court Judgeship committing hari kari  over the removal of a 10 ten ton “Ten Commandments” mono lithe from the State Court House.  Roy, the first president of The Foundation for Moral Law,  paid himself a salary of  $180,000 a year -and failed to declare Foundation for Moral Law  President salary income on his income tax. Kayla, after succeeding Moore as Moral Law president,  receives almost half of Roy’s salary (which ex president Moore continues to pay himself)  and two of their children also complete the  Foundation for Moral Law family  business staff pay roll. It is estimated the Moore family has raked in almost a Million dollars from the Foundation for Moral Law in contributions and Roys’ speaker fees.  Does this political campaign foundation racket sound familiar at all? 

Undisclosed deal guaranteed Roy Moore $180,000 a year for part-time work at charity

     Former Alabama judge Roy Moore, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, once said publicly that he did not take a “regular salary” from the small charity he founded to promote Christian values because he did not want to be a financial burden.But privately, Moore had arranged to receive a salary of $180,000 a year for part-time work at the Foundation for Moral Law, internal charity documents show. He collected more than $1 million as president from 2007 to 2012, compensation that far surpassed what the group disclosed in its public tax filings most of those years.When the charity couldn’t afford the full amount, Moore in 2012 was given a promissory note for back pay eventually worth $540,000 or an equal stake of the charity’s most valuable asset, a historic building in Montgomery, Ala., mortgage records show. He holds that note even now, a charity official said.Bimbo Eruptions Quashed by Kayla
Just like Hillary and the Clinton Foundation and Bill,  Kayla as President of the Foundation for Moral Law and Moore has shown herself darkly gifted  and lethally ruthless in quashing “bimbo eruptions” against her husband Captain America, The Ten Commandments Evangelical culture warrior poet martyr. The following  OAN (seeking to supplant FOX) You Tube ultimate victim shaming and Washington Post “Fake News” branding bimbo eruption from Kayla is so masterfully done, far superior to any political fake news media hit piece propaganda  by CIA/Washington Post against Trump .  This Kayla “Bimbo Eruption” annihilation hit piece to save her man’s political career will never be matched  in the history of Mud Slinging!

WATCH: Moore Accusers Have Ties to Drug Dealers, Washington Post

Published on Nov 28, 2017


Just 2 weeks ahead of the Alabama Senate race, One America News uncovers shocking ties between Roy Moore accusers and a major news organization.

One America’s Pearson Sharp has the exclusive report and reveals how one woman’s ties to drug dealers throws her whole story into question.

” I (Captain America in Nam’) pledged to stop the use of illegal drugs, stating that those who had given drugs to this young man were certainly not his friends,”

The son of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was arrested Sunday for drug possession near the scene of an attempted break-in, court records show. Caleb Moore, 24, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

And just today it was revealed that Moore’s wife Kayla recycled an old letter of support and pasted the names and signatures of Alabama pastors onto a new endorsement letter. Several pastors have complained and asked Moore to remove their names.

Caleb Moore went public with his struggle with drug addiction in 2015 and says he turned to drugs and alcohol due to the pressure of having controversial politician Roy Moore as a father. Caleb Moore also blamed “crooked police officers” on a Facebook rant and claims that he wasn’t even using drugs at the time of his arrest.

Caleb uses the  same defense as the Father:

“This is nothing more than a prime example of how media and crooked police officers and critics of my dad try to not only destroy his career for what he stands for but will go as far as trying to destroy his family. I am not a drug user as the drug test taken today will show. As for the malicious possession charges, justice will be served.”

Moore as Captain America in SHMG  edifies  his fake military impostor super hero avatar not by identity theft of the valor replete  188th MP Company, 504 MP Battalion, but by defaming the entire 504 MP  Battalion courageous and meritorious unit counter offensive  six year service in Vietnam with slanderous charges  in SHMG  of  rampant drug use . Moore states in SHMG he earned the nick name “Captain America” begrudgingly for imposing West Point style strict  discipline as Captain Commander of the 188th MP Company in Da Nang, 1971-72 inorder  to fight alleged pandemic drug drug use by the entire 504 MP Battalion causing needless K.I.A’s by

Vietcong infiltrators (who)could explode ammunition supplies and escape without detection…virtually free to move across lines made insecure by undisciplined guards. It was a constant struggle in which a soldier could die either from the hand of the enemy or from those with who he served.”  (Never mind the  504MP “Road Runners”  Battalion , Captain America is slandering and defaming here, along with the 720 MP served a key logistic role  in the 1968 Tet Offensive that practically annihilated The Vietcong  three years before Moore’s alleged Captain America slanderous and defaming 188th MP Company and 504 MP Military Impostor fake valor anecdotes in SHMG.

Moore  in fabricating  The Captain America brave hero avatar as Military impostor, eclipses the valorous tour of duty  history 504 MP Battalion in So Help Me God  slandering  and defaming the 188th MP Company until his command in 1971-72 Da Nang as well as the  entire 504 MP Battalion with guilt by association as being replete with druggy, undisciplined, anti war, Black Power, REMF  MP slackers.  Captain America’s deceitful slanderous and defaming fake valor anecdotes in SHMG completely distorts the true military service record and courageous history of the 188th MP Company and the 504 MP Battalion as a Military Impostor, to  edify  Moore’s avatar as Captain America in narcissistic self glorification of Moore by Moore in SHMG .

Although Moore is mute on the subject in SHMG,  Captain America after “the end of the war” in reality, experiences uncontrolled drug use and serial criminality in his own son Caleb, demonstrating Moore even with his own son inept to realize his “pledge to stop the use of illegal drugs” Moore as Captain America claims to have made in Vietnam, much less the fictitious 188th MP Company druggy, unpatriotic, undisciplined MP’s  of the 504 MP Battalion under Captain Moore’s fake command in Da Nang, Vietnam. Moore in SHMG states:

“On one occasion, a young soldier overdosed on drugs. (“on one occasion” no date, place, identity,) As the commanding officer, I was told to conduct his memorial service. (Who tells the commanding officer to do anything?) I still recall the picture of his girlfriend by his bed where we found him. (Soldiers sleep in cots,  not in “beds. ”  As  188th “M.P.”  commander Moore claims “we found him.”  That picture impressed Moore being of a young under 19 girl- Moore’s love picture)

During the Memorial, I pledged to stop the use of illegal drugs, stating that those who had given drugs to this young man were certainly not his friends. This was an open and direct front to those soldiers who were dealing drugs and supplying troops. I became a marked man and received several threats. (Moore claims as commander he received several threats to be fragged).

A soldier making death threats  against their commanding officer would be immediately arrested and receive a Court Martial and a Bad Conduct Dishonorable Discharge. Moore, Captain America, strict military disciplinarian, supervising the non existent Army stockade in Da Nang claims in SHMG to have given numerous Section 15 for Misdemeanor level  infractions against military discipline. Why would the same Captain America  tolerate direct death threats from underlings and allow himself as Company Commander to be reduced to sleeping on sand bags so as not to be fragged writing a letter to his poor widow mother, a potentially last letter in fear of imminent murder by grenade.

Moor continues:

“Someone informed me that a known drug user by the name of Kidwell was to be given drugs while on duty as bunker guard and would be convinced to kill me during the night. (Kid well- get it- Kid well. Certainly an addict given Heroin or Cannabis – under the influenced is not well disposed to be convinced to kill someone, as opposed to alcohol. Why would Moore, as Captain America, not arrest this “known drug user” to foil this unlikely conspiracy plot to frag Moore) To the contrary, Moore states, “I remember writing a letter home (about what-telling your poor worried mother that you are a marked man for fighting drug use in your Company and may not be home for Christmas) before taking precautionary measures to reinforce my quarters. I placed sandbags under the bed (again it would have been called a “cot”) and in the walls of my quarters (how are sandbags placed “in walls”- and how could reinforcement with sandbags prevent in anyway being murdered by fragging with a hand grenade explosion)  which I (Moore) “borrowed” from the area around the commanding officer’s headquarters. The 188th MP Company head quarters in Da Nang was not fortified with sand bags because Da Nang was not subject to Viet Cong or NVA attack during 1971-72  Moore falsely claims to have been 188th MP, 504 MP Company Commander. No enemy attacks occurred during the time Moore falsely claims he commanded the 188th MP Company in Da Nang. (one person “Honcho.”)  Moore states:

Several weeks passed before I was called one evening and informed that Kidwell had shot First Sargent Howard and was coming for me. ( There is no National Archive rooster record nor does the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project  state the existence either of a “Kidwell” or First Sargent Howard in Vietnam or under the unverified Command Rooster in 1972 of Captain Moore. Just like Bill Staehle, these are fabricated non existent avatars to sell the myth of Captain America to unsuspecting constituents) Armed with an automatic rifle and my 45-caliber pistol ( Moore uses the term “automatic rifle” instead of M-16. The M-16 “select” is technically an automatic rifle, but was commonly set at semi- and controlled burst-not full automatic. Why not say M-16, instead of the unusual term automatic rifle.  A cot is a bed, just as the M-16 is an automatic rifle. Moore employs a non Army and Vietnam vocabulary) I proceeded to company headquarters, only to find that Kidwell had been taken into custody and was sitting in my office. I made arrangements for a prompt court martial (completely absurd story- why did Moore wait suffering weeks of anxiety that he was a marked man enabling the non existent Kidwell to shot Howard before being arrested and court martial and was relieved that First Sargent Howard- a good soldier-had survived. (If  the non existent Howard died as a result of Moore’s dereliction of duty in not immediately arresting Kidwell and Court Martial- Moore has Howard’s innocent blood on his hands. This would ruin the witness value and myth building worth for Captain America.

Moore concludes:

My insistence on proper procedure and discipline earned me the name “Captain America’ by some soldiers, and they did not mean it as a compliment.


More in the Kidwell/Howard shooting as well as the Bill Staehle fabrication shows himself to be as Captain America completely derelict in his enforcement and arrest duties as an MP Company commanding officer. And yet Moore ironically claims:

I knew their was a right way and a wrong way to go about our mission. The right way was not only what I had sworn to do as a military officer; it would keep us alive. ( Moore’s dereliction of arrest duty almost accomplished the murder of Howard, but his own as well). It (These absurd stories Moore fabricated) was not necessarily the easy way or the most popular way; it was the best way. (Moore is delusional in his thinking)

Moore Among Many

The author of this expose is a Catholic Priest and a Dominican Friar.  As such, in the Roman Catholic Church afflicted with Rite of Sodomy, satanic child rape trafficking globally,  he has personally experienced spectacularly depraved  exemplars of larger than life mass media faux godly narcissistic super hero culture warrior poets just like, but  surpassing Captain America, The Ten Commandment’s Judge.  Congress in child rape and sexual assault depravity rivals that promoted by diabolical impostors parasitically within The Church. Moore religiously , and as an ephebophile  or sexual assaulter of adolescents acting out of Courtship Disorder, if for that reason alone,  blend into The Senate and The Vatican.

A decisive influence on the author’s decision to become a Catholic Priest and Religious was  Jesuit Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J., “Fr. Don.”   Fr. Don, far excelling Roy Moore recited Homer in Greek.  Mesmerized by his charming eloquence and scriptural exegesis insight in homilies, Great Book’s seminar lectures, and as retreat master presiding over enchanted hearers.  Fr. Don did not just conjure up the image of the suffering and rejected Lord, Fr. Don convinced anyone who listened he himself was a living suffering and rejected Lord, a martyr of integrity,  true and authentic Jesuit and self sacrificial priest persecuted and detoured like Jesus, but today by the liberal fascist heretics in the Jesuits.  Fr. Don like his Evangelical counter part made you believe by his lying words he was the Lord’s anointed, suffering servant of God afflicted by liberal phonies controlling the Jesuit Order.  I attribute my original inspiration to become a priest and religious to the living saint, Fr. Don. S.J.

Fr. McGuire, S.J.  was the Spirit Director and Confessor of  “Saint” Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  Fr. Don was chosen by St. Mother to globe trot inspiring and renewing , as charismatic mesmerizing Spiritual Exercises retreat master, in the most deprived and dolor circumstances  in the whole world, the now desiccated and rapidly declining members of St. Mother’s personality cult fan club, The Missionaries of Charity.

Fr. Don for over two decades as such gave retreats to brainwashed cult members through the poorest of the poor world always accompanied by pre-pubescent boys.  Parents who attended McGuire’s week long brainwashing “retreats” came out mind controlled Moonies of Rev. Don, S.J. who they equated with a living saint Ignatius, if not the incarnation of God.  They fell over themselves offering to sacrifice their young boys on the alter of Fr. Don’s Rite of Sodomy as travel companions and future priestly vocations to the Church.

Fr. Don suffered most of his adult life from Diabetes that virtually blinded him- requiring Fr. Don to be lead around by an oblate boy travel service priestly vocation.  Diabetes took away Fr. Don’s ability to sustain an erection so Fr. Don was forced to digitally anally rape his boy guide dogs plying them with pornography mentoring them as future priests combating sin, they must first see and know sin by experience.

When one boy victim  of Fr. Dr. refused to travel further with him and told his  parents who had offered him to McGuire as an oblate, McGuire was busted by the Jesuit Provincial of the Chicago Province at the time.  This same Jesuit head was selected by Francis, another Jesuit, to head the innocuous sounding Vatican’s Sexual Misconduct with  Minors Committee currently.  McGuire by one complaint of misconduct with a minor was grounded under virtual house arrest in a Chicago Jesuit retreat center.  The child victim was denounced as a liar and satanic traitor attacking the priesthood of Fr. McGuire along with his stalwart incensed parents who had trusted McGuire with their beloved son. McGuire’s personality cult followers finding the boy victim not credible attracted and ostracized the boy and his parents.  As one body they petitioned the liberal Chicago Provincial telling him their very young sons had traveled as seeing eye dogs serving Fr. Don and even into young adulthood never said such blasphemies against Fr. Don as that little devil and his deluded parents.

Finally, Fr. Don’s officially “venerable” mentor, Fr.  John Hardin, S.J. together with Mother Theresa won Fr. McGuire’s return to the global retreat circuit.  Both Mother Theresa and Venerable Fr. John Hardin, S.J. as living and future saints personally and mutually vouched for the release of Fr. Don, maliciously and falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned, diabolically attack in using his priesthood for the salvation of the world.  Venerable and St. Mother swore the accusation was not credible and singular.  Moreover, they together would personally take responsibility to supervise Fr. McGuire’s return to the global retreat circuit and swore McGuire would not travel in the company of boys.

The long suffering, virtually blind Fr. McGuire,S.J. continued four more years on the spiritual exercises global retreat , always accompanied by a boy Rite of Sodomy oblate offered up in reaction by personality cult brainwashed devotee parents who steadfastly refused to believe the initial charges against Fr. Do ever in the first place.

Another boy told his parent’sand they believed him.  Two past victims, now in their early twenties joined in to confirm has story.  McGuire was arrested and convicted.

Former priest, 78, gets 25 years on abuse charges

Judge gives Donald McGuire more than sentencing guidelines because of extreme circumstances of case

February 12, 2009|By Jeff Coen, TRIBUNE REPORTER

For hours Wednesday, defrocked Catholic priest Donald McGuire listened in federal court as victim after victim — grown men now — as well as some of their parents described their long-standing sorrow and bitterness over his betrayal.

The white-haired McGuire, convicted by a federal jury last October of traveling to engage in sex acts with a teenage boy, showed little reaction to the testimony. When it finally came time for him to speak, McGuire, 78, didn’t apologize but offered that he would pray for his accusers.

“I want any such person to know the system of justice, and this judge personally, finds it absolutely abhorrent,” the judge said of McGuire’s misconduct. He committed “a very, very serious sin,” she said.

For McGuire, it marked another chapter in his stunning fall from the pinnacle of the Jesuit order. He had once traveled the world giving spiritual retreats and had even acted as a confessor to Mother Teresa.

But at his trial last fall, federal prosecutors said McGuire led a double life, taking untold dozens of young boys from their families — many deeply religious — as his assistants and sexually abusing them repeatedly once they were isolated. He already has been convicted of molesting two boys in Wisconsin and has yet to stand trial for sexually abusing two brothers in Arizona.

St. John Paul and St. Mother Theresa, like The Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore, Jr are no Saints!

St. John Paul was con conspirator with Fr. Maciel Macial mastermind of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel fronted by Maciel’s personality cult drug and child sex slaving “Legionaries of Christ”  Chase/ Vatican Bank cartel money laundering ring.  Fr. Maciel with St. John Paul pioneered cartel child sex slave trafficking for undocumented workers in cantinas throughout the US in conjunction with Galveston/Houston Bishop “lying Joe’ Fiorenza and the  richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu.  Due to 25 years of  silence and cover ups by  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger because of St. John Paul’s protection and shielding of the serial child molester and life long morphin addict Fr. Maciel, St. John Paul was made as saint by his Dirty War Crimes Against Humanity indicted successor fake pope Francis.

You cannot fool all the people all the time.  The razor thin near miss of Roy Moore shows that people across the world have woken up to fake religious culture warriors on the Right like Fr. Don, Fr. Maciel, St. John Paul, and on the left Al Franken and Francis and of course Captain America, The Ten Commandment’s Judge Roy Moore Junior.

Only Mary can and is helping us.



Judge Roy Moore is a Baptist Harvey Weinstein!

When it comes to Media pundit political candidate support, be it hitching  a ride out of Tea Party oblivion on The Trump Train, now abandoning pre collapse Bibi Netanyahu, and back and forth on Judge Roy Moore, Sean Hannity is all about the money, all the time.  Neo Con Zionist Sean Hannity, was the biggest Faux media cheerleader for soon to be indicted 9/11/ Paris/Las Vegas/NY  False Flag international state sponsored  greater Is R Hell terrorist Bibi Netanyahu.  But Bibi’s days because of corruption are dead ending. Sean senses intuitively there is no money in Bibi so forget him. Sean is notorious for orchestrating years of fraudulent Country Western concerts in the image and likeness of The Route 91 Harvest Festival as a bogus charity ruse to raise money for wounded and forgotten veterans  and their families  of greater IS R Hell Zionist wars. Sean- never served in the military and  like  Zionist Is R Hell FirsterTrump or  9/11 Dick Cheney is again the greatest Fake Jew News media propagandist for greater  Is R Hell’s failed world domination fantasy. Sean, like revered pervert now no body Bill O’Reilly, was a stone cold Fox  Fake Jew News 9/11 Truth Denier, now Sean says nothing, Sean constantly demonized the Clinton Foundation and Haiti,  and now demonizes the Neo Con hated Russia and The Thug Vladimir Puitn via  the Uranium One nothing burger,  Sean is the true Thug, not Putin, having stolen all  money raised money  laundering bogus charity proceeds via Gulf Stream chartered flights with family and friends to the concerts as well as five star hotel accommodations and meals at the venue.

In regard to Judge Roy Moore, Sean says he believes every American is innocent until proven guilty when it comes to Judge Roy Moore and of course Sean’s own criminality, but not of course for Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin when it comes to Uranium One.  All three, Sean and Moor along with ZIO CON anti Catholic teenage slug Alex Jones and his boy Charlie Sheen, are all guilty of cover up for political propaganda reasons sexual assault and rape of children, boys and girls. Sean is doing the exact same lying cover up in Moore’s defense  that Hillary did for Bill. No difference in substance what so ever.  And just like John McCain who has called for Moore to step aside while divorcing his first wife for being horribly disfigured in a car accident while McCain was in Vietnam betraying US combat flight maneuvers to The Vietnamese, Sean, a money hungry “Great American” fraud feels entitled to have viewers believe him in defense of Moore by shedding suspicion on Moore’s children targets.

I  initially supported Judge Roy for election on principle, not politics.  By Moore’s own lying denials and failure to remember any of these children, now women,  I judge him guilty. By Moore’s own words he convicts himself of Pederasty, ” I never dated a girl without asking her mother’s permission.”  This is de rigor for a teen age boy, but an indictment of  M.O. Pederasty  for an Ass. District Attorney and Vietnam War vet at 32. Kelly Ann Conway who has a 16 year old daughter rightly states that Moore’s admitted behavior, a sexual fixation on girls seemingly always 15 years Moore’s junior, is “disqualifying” not only to be in The US Senate, but certainly to be a Public Prosecutor as well.  Moore’s initial supporters, including myself, do not require legal proof beyond a reasonable doubt, to have moral certainty by Common Law, or Natural Law, to judge Bill Clinton and Epstein to be Pederasts. Why does Sean demand a legal standard in Moore’s defense.

Unfortunately the newest alleged victim to come forward, does so under the control of Gloria Alldrige. Cui Bono. A bogus year book from 1979 is such a poor forgery, and the victim’s embittered step son  blows the fifth witnesses credibility to shreds.  Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, and Ted Cruz as Never Trumpsters who have called for Moore to step aside, exactly as they did in Trump’s case, do so, not because they care about children being sexually assaulted by adults, but for political reasons being perverse themselves.

The is a third party- the Rotheschild War Party, as always at the center of the Roy Moore scandal controlling the Media and fueling bitter hatred and distrust between Democrats and Republicans on all ilks.  The end is divide and conquer through sowing dissension.  One side in hatred accuses the other of doing the exact same thing in the exact same way the other side is doing.  All the above, and their alleged moral opposites like Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein are propaganda mind control puppets of The Rotheschild War Party which devours its own.  Do not get caught up. Act and Judge by Principle and Truth, not Politics and Hatred.

Grant Absolutely No Assumptions to this Vegas Mafia Crook, Zionist Traitor, Total Liar Sheriff Lombardo!

Who does Lombardo think he is!  Is there anyone who does not see Lombardo as a liar covering up this spectacular failure of a Sheldon Adelson  AIPAC Mossad/FBI false flag. No one believes The Zionist lies anymore! Who cares about patsy Paddock’s alleged narcissism and losing streak as motive, this is a diversion cover up pure and simple. Lombardo’s campaign fund for Sheriff is, like Trump and Bibi, filled with contributions by Adelson and MGM owners Cui Bono, who sold stock before Vegas false flag, just as occurred before 9/11. The same AIPAC fake Jew crew behind 9/11, JFK assassination, is behind Vegas, and now New York in an exponentially increasing futile attempt to  cover up their criminal history of False Flags going back to The Maine. Lombardo, the liar, begs the question in all his BS, where is any evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Steven Paddock fired automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of Madalay Bay. Where is the evidence that Jesus Campos (whatever that is) was shot by Paddock in a hail of 200 high velocity bullets through the door of the alleged snipers nest. There is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Paddock was a crazed lone gun man-just like Oswald. No evidences of GSW, victims, or deaths. Lombardo and his super creepy FBI handler should be arrested and charged with Conspiracy and obstruction of Justice. One reason The Vegas False Flag was done was to end The NFL flag protests which were sending shock waves through Sheldon Adelson’s NFL point spread gambling monopoly and control. Adelson who controls BiBi (behind 9/11 and Paris, Vegas) and Trump- Vegas casino owner- via AIPAC-like Manafor and Podesta unregistered lobby agents for a foreign country, used fraudulent NFL point spread gambling revenue to buy the US presidential candidates, like Adelson and crew bought Lombardo, as well as the AIPAC NEO CONS buying all seats in Congress to be Is R Hell Firsters over America Firsters. Lombardo like Hilary Clinton is an oracle only in his own mind. A vicious liar and betrayer of his office as Sheriff and his sworn oath to protect citizens from fake Jewish Mafia Vegas AIPAC thugs like Sheldon Adelson who owns Lombardo. Grant absolutely no assumptions to this crook and liar Lombardo!

Cardinal DiNardo, Founder of I-45 Planned Parenthood, Expels Faithful Priest Fr. Thomas Weinandy, Cap. for Fraternal Correction of Francis The Apostate

Russian Points Out Crook Mueller’s Ukraine President Factual Error And Exonerates Crook Manafort of All Charges!

The Russians point out the factual error in Mueller’s “counselled” D.C. Grand Jury Indictment of Paul Manafort  confusing a former Ukrainian Prime Minister during the time of Manafort’s crimes in The Ukraine, to be The President of the Ukraine at the time of Manafort’s “Conspiracy against America.”  The Burden of Proof is on The Prosecution to establish beyond a Reasonable Doubt,  Guilt on all Charges. This colossal error of fact similar to confusing Sec. of State  Hilary Clinton to be President Barak Obama at the time of Manafort’s crimes- Manafort is a criminal- allows The Defense to Raise a Reasonable Doubt about the Factual Basis of all Charges and res ipso igitur, exonerate Manafort of all Charges. Trump will not be touched, but thank God in all this at least that BiBi Mossad Agent Is R Hell First squeaky moron Jared is done advising a disillusioned, disgusted, and betrayed by Jared, Trump for Is R Hell. Jared’s 666 real estate empire has imploded because Jared is an inbred fake Jew idiot;  no tenets, over valued, over leveraged that threatens to destroy Ivanka Trump financially and personally when it collapses like Building Seven on 9/11, embarrassing Trump who idolized Jared as a wunderkind, both geo politically and financially.

I do not understand, people opposed to Trump are seeking anything to Impeach Trump from Mueller’s criminal conflict of interest cover up investigation (Mueller was one of Manafort’s Criminal Defense Lawyers on retainer when Manafort was committing these crimes in Ukraine) why do never Trumpster’s not ever attack Trump for being a BiBi/Adelson AIPAC Is R Hell Firster controlled by BiBi via Jared. AIPAC, who exactly like Manafort and Podesta operates lobbying by bribing The Congress and President and Cabinet without registering as a political lobby for a foreign government (Zionist Council) to influence American elections in Is R Hell’s favor. Sheldon Adelsen’s fake Jewish Vegas Mafia had Romney, Newt, and Trump and every other Neo Con Is R Hell Firster Repub president candidate except Ran Paul, kiss his huge Jaba The Hut butt,  Is R Hell First to become president. And never Trumpsters say anything about this obvious interference in America’s Democratic Process and Foreign Policy. Trump is tied, like Jared, to fake Jew organized crime. And yet the anti Trumpsters for the Neo Con Zionists-just like crook Sean Hannity- keep taking the spot light off of criminal Hilary and place it back on Vladimir Putin and Russia- completely innocent. Is R Hell and AIPAC infinitely more have high jacked our Democracy for a foreign country, not Russia. Wake up! Are you terrified of being called “anti semitic.”  Israel/American dual citizens like never Trumpsters Chuck Schummer, Diane Feinstein, Debbie Wasserman Shultz like all Ashcannazi Fake Hebrews in criminally occupied Palestine have no Semite DNA. In fact, Is R Hellers are the most murderous anti Arab, or anti Semites, after their murderous hatred of Catholicism, in the world. Never Trumpsters are as blind as  American Firsters for Trump when it comes to Trump’s Zionist Fake Jew Mafia moorings. Put up or shut up!

Pandering to Israel Has Got to Stop

Pandering to Israel Has Got to Stop


[Editor’s note: Giraldi hits the nail on the head in his opening statement: “Most Americans have no idea of just how powerful Israeli and Jewish interests are.” The Judeo-Zionist lobby is immensely powerful, so much so that no-one in a position of power dares oppose them and it has been that way for at least a century. Notable exceptions such as JFK prove the rule and remind that it is very unwise to oppose these people. Therefore the only way to defeat them is to expose them, to make the public fully aware of them, their nefarious activities and their deeply disturbing agenda for hegemony, not only over the USA, but the entire globe. Ian]

Pandering to Israel Has Got to Stop
Pledges of loyalty to Israel are un-American

by Phillip Giraldi

Most Americans have no idea of just how powerful Israeli and Jewish interests are. Two recent stories out of Kansas and Texas illustrate exactly how supporters of Israel in the United States are ready, willing and able to subvert the existing constitutional and legal protections that uphold the right to fair and impartial treatment for all American citizens.

The friends of Israel appear to believe that anyone who is unwilling to do business with Israel or even with the territories that it has illegally occupied should not be allowed to do business in any capacity with federal, state or even local governments. Constitutional guarantees of freedom of association for every American are apparently not valid if one particular highly favored foreign country is involved.

Maryland became the most recent state to jump on the Israel bandwagon last week. Currently twenty-two state legislatures have passed various laws confronting boycotts of Israel because of its human rights abuses, in many cases initiating economic penalties on those organizations and individuals or denying state funds to colleges and universities that allow boycott advocates to operate freely on campus.

When governor of South Carolina, current United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, an ardent supporter of Israel, signed the first state law attacking those who support boycotting or sanctioning the Israeli government, the country’s state institutions and its businesses. Haley, who is supposed to be defending American interests, has also stated her priority focus will be opposing “the UN’s…bias against our close ally Israel.”

Both the recent cases in Kansas and Texas involve state mandates regarding Israel. Both states are, one might note, part of the Bible belt. The anti-boycott legislation was sponsored by powerful Christian Zionist constituencies and passed through the respective legislatures with little debate. In Kansas, Esther Koontz, a Mennonite curriculum coach was fired by the State Department of Education as a teacher trainer because she would not certify in writing that she does not boycott Israel. Koontz’s church had passed a resolution in July seeking peace in the Middle East which specifically opposed purchasing products associated with Israel’s “military occupation” of Palestine. With the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Koontz is contesting the Kansas government position.

In Dickinson, Texas, in a case which actually made national news, if only briefly, the city is requiring anyone who applies for disaster relief to sign a document that reads “Verification not to Boycott Israel: By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.” Dickinson was half destroyed by hurricane Harvey last month and urgently needs assistance, but, in the opinion of Texas lawmakers and local officials, deference to Israel comes first. The ACLU is also contesting the Texas legislation.

The Texas law was signed earlier this year and took effect on September 1st. In January 2016, Governor Greg Abbott met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who urged Texas to push through the legislation. Abbott responded, and, when signing the bill, commented that “any anti-Israel policy is an ‘anti-Texas policy.’” Abbot is reportedly also considering Israeli endorsed legislation that would ban all business dealings on the part of Texas companies with Iran.

One particular pending piece of federal legislation that is also currently making its way through the Senate would far exceed what is happening at the state level and would set a new standard for deference to Israeli interests on the part of the national government. It would criminalize any U.S. citizen “engaged in interstate or foreign commerce” who supports a boycott of Israel or who even goes about “requesting the furnishing of information” regarding it, with penalties enforced through amendments of two existing laws, the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Act of 1945, that include potential fines of between $250,000 and $1 million and up to 20 years in prison

According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, the Senate bill was drafted with the assistance of AIPAC. The legislation, which would almost certainly be overturned as unconstitutional if it ever does in fact become law, is particularly dangerous and goes well beyond any previous pro-Israeli legislation as it essentially denies free of expression when the subject is Israel.

The movement that is being particularly targeted by the bills at both the state level and also within the federal government is referred to by its acronym as BDS, which is an acronym for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. It is a non-violent reaction to the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land on the West Bank and the continued building of Jewish-only settlements. BDS has been targeted both by the Israeli government and by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The AIPAC website under its lobbying agenda includes the promotion of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act as a top priority.

The Israeli government and its American supporters particularly fear BDS because it has become quite popular, particularly on university campuses, where administrative steps have frequently been taken to suppress it. The denial of free speech on campus when it relates to Israel has sometimes been referred to as the “Palestinian exception.” Nevertheless, the message continues to resonate, due both to its non- violence its and human rights appeal. It challenges Israel’s arbitrary military rule over three million Palestinians on the West Bank who have onerous restrictions placed on nearly every aspect of their daily lives. And its underlying message is that Israel is a rogue state engaging in actions that are widely considered to be both illegal and immoral, which the Israeli government rightly sees as potentially delegitimizing.

It is disheartening to realize that a clear majority of state legislators and congressmen thinks it is perfectly acceptable to deny all Americans the right to free political expression in order to defend an internationally acknowledged illegal occupation being carried out by a foreign country. Those co-sponsoring the bills include Democrats, Republicans, progressives and conservatives. Deference to Israeli interests is bi-partisan and crosses ideological lines. Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Grim, writing at The Intercept, observe that “…the very mention of the word ‘Israel’ causes most members of both parties to quickly snap into line in a show of unanimity that would make the regime of North Korea blush with envy.”

Would that the anti BDS activity were the only examples of pro-Israeli legislation, but there is, unfortunately more. Another bill that might actually have been written by AIPAC is called Senate 722, Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017. The bill mandates that “Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, and every 2 years thereafter, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Director of National Intelligence shall jointly develop and submit to the appropriate congressional committees a strategy for deterring conventional and asymmetric Iranian activities and threats that directly threaten the United States and key allies in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.”

Senate bill 722 combined with recent de-certification of Iran by the White House is a formula for war and a gift to Israel. And there’s more. A bill has surfaced in the House of Representatives that will require the United States to “consult” with Israel regarding any prospective arms sales to Arab countries in the Middle East. In other words, Israel will have a say, backed up undoubtedly by Congress and the media, over what the United States does in terms of its weapons sales abroad. The sponsors of the bill, want “closer scrutiny of future military arms sales” to maintain the “qualitative military edge” that Israel currently enjoys.

And there’s still more. The most recent trade bill with Europe, signed by President Barack Obama, includes language requiring the European blocking of “politically motivated” efforts to boycott Israel as a factor in bilateral trade agreements, so U.S. business interests will become subordinated to how foreign governments regard Israel. How does all this play out in practice?
A Jewish group in New Jersey is seeking to blacklist with the state pension investment fund a Danish bank that has refused to provide loans to two Israeli defense contractors. The bank has argued that it has turned down loans to many companies in many countries for sound business reasons, but that common sense argument apparently is unacceptable to the NJ State Association of Jewish Federations.

And there’s bill HR 672 Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017, which was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives on June 14th. Yes, “unanimously.” The bill requires the State Department to monitor what European nations and their police forces are doing about anti-Semitism and encourages them to adopt “a uniform definition of anti-Semitism.” That means that criticism of Israel must be considered anti-Semitism and will therefore be a hate crime and prosecutable, a status that is already de facto true in Britain and France. If the Europeans don’t play ball, there is the possibility of still more repercussions in trade negotiations. The bill was co-sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida and Nita Lowey of New York, both of whom are Jewish.

There is also a Senate companion bill on offer in the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act of 2017. The bill will make the Anti-Semitism Envoy a full American Ambassador and will empower him or her with a full staff and a budget permitting meddling worldwide. There is also a Special Advisor for Holocaust Issues. There are no comparable positions at the State Department specifically monitoring anti-Christian or Muslim activity or for dealing with historic events like the Armenian genocide.

Anyone who thinks that the government in the United States at all levels does not consistently and almost obsessively defer to Israeli and Jewish interests has been asleep. The requirement to sign a document relating to one views of any foreign government to obtain a job or disaster relief is an abomination. Protecting Israel and going on a worldwide search for anti-Semitism or Holocaust deniers are not the responsibility of the American government and they are not what state legislators and congressmen are supposed to be doing to serve the public interest.

Israel is sometimes referred to as the “51st State,” but that is hardly true as it contributes nothing to the United States, collects billions of dollars a year from the U.S. Treasury and is totally unaccountable in terms of the actual damage it does to American interests. The American people are being hoodwinked by their own elected leaders and laws are being passed to make it impossible for them to even complain. Well, enough is enough. It is past time to shut the door on the Israeli influence machine and take back what remains of truly responsive and representational government.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

There is just ONE party in Washington: the Rothschild Central Bank War Party.

October 28, 2017

The War Party marches on

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By Chuck Baldwin

When will the American people catch on to the fact that we do not have two political parties in Washington, D.C.? As I have said repeatedly – and as experience continues to verify – there is just ONE party in Washington: the War Party.

No matter which party controls the White House or Congress, the War Party runs things. Warmongering neocons in the GOP and warmongering neolibs in the Democrat Party control Washington, D.C. Oh, they might fuss and feud with each other over domestic and social issues (abortion, homosexuality, welfare, immigration, tort reform, etc.), but they are joined at the hip on the one issue that matters most to them: the Warfare State. Yes, these domestic issues are very important – except to the War Party. Members of the War Party can be pro-life or “pro-choice”; pro-gun control or pro-Second Amendment; pro-homosexual “marriage” or pro-traditional marriage; pro-illegal immigration or pro-legal immigration; pro-welfare expansion or anti-welfare expansion; pro-laws protecting defendants or pro-laws empowering prosecutors; but everyone in the War Party is united in their support of perpetual war.

With very few exceptions, conducting war on the world is sacrosanct to both Republicans and Democrats. Nothing, and I mean nothing, unites and inspires the neocons and neolibs like perpetual war. And nothing puts more money in the coffers of neocons and neolibs like perpetual war.

Last week in this column I reminded people:

    • Presidents Bush, Obama, and now Trump have dropped nearly 200,000 bombs and missiles on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Trump’s rate of bombing eclipses both Bush and Obama; and Trump is on a pace to drop over 100,000 bombs and missiles on Middle Eastern countries during his first term of office – which would equal the number of bombs and missiles dropped by Obama during his entire eight-year presidency.

Now, stop and think, folks. The U.S. has dropped 200,000 bombs (the number is probably greater than that by now) on seven Middle Eastern countries – each country comparable in size to the states of Alaska, Texas, California, and Washington State. Try and imagine seven states in the U.S. having 200,000 bombs dropped on them. Think of the death and destruction that we Americans are supporting with our tax dollars. How many innocent people are killed with each bomb and missile? Conservative estimates calculate that hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed (and how many more wounded and maimed?) in America’s phony “war on terror.”

Furthermore, ISIS is all but expunged. But it wasn’t U.S. bombs, missiles, or troops that destroyed ISIS. The truth is, the U.S., Great Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia CREATED ISIS and gave them cover and support for as long as they could. The same is true for al-Qaeda and the Taliban. No, the U.S. didn’t destroy ISIS; Russia did. These terrorist organizations are nothing but contrivances of the War Party in Washington, D.C., to give the American people a boogeyman to fight so the War Party can keep feeding the military/industrial/surveillance/Police State complex – and themselves, of course. Oh, and don’t forget about the petrodollar/Sunni Muslim connection either.

The U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabia alliance fully intended to have destroyed the Assad regime in Syria and to have brought that recalcitrant nation into the globalist/New World Order/Federal Reserve financial kingdom by now. But, alas, Vladimir Putin spoiled that plan by sending the Russian military to destroy the U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabia-backed ISIS terrorists and save Assad’s Syria. Of course, Syria is the stepping stone to Iran – another Shia Muslim country that refuses to surrender to the central bankers at the Federal Reserve.

Let me briefly digress with this food for thought: When G.W. Bush launched his invasion against Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003, there were seven countries that did not have a Rothschild central bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, and Iran. After the 2003 invasions, the Rothschild central bank swallowed Afghanistan and Iraq. Between 2003 and 2011, and after constant U.S. wars of aggression in the name of the “war on terror,” the Rothschild central bank took over Libya and Sudan. That leaves just three countries without a Rothschild central bank: Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. But I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Iran and North Korea are currently being targeted by the West’s “war on terror,” right? Now back to the main point.

The War Party that controlled G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barack Obama – and that now controls Donald Trump – has decided to use Afghanistan to keep the boogeyman alive in the Middle East. Trump just sent an additional 4,000 troops (that we know about) to that beleaguered country. That brings the total number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to over 15,000 (again, that we know about). And, of course, Trump continues to demonize Iran, so the War Party and its Zionist allies will always make sure that there is a boogeyman in the Middle East that we should worry about.

But with ISIS almost extinct, the War Party must manufacture more boogeymen to fight. Enter Africa.

“The Pentagon is calling for an increase in the US military footprint in Africa, where there are over 6,000 troops currently stationed. This as a top general confirms the four US soldiers killed in Niger were ambushed by an Islamic State-affiliate.” [They have yet to determine what to call the new boogeyman in Africa, hence they are called “an Islamic State-affiliate.”]

“While there is no direct combat mission for US troops in Niger, debate in Congress is heating up over whether to update or replace the 9/11-era authorization for use of military force, as the presence of US troops across West Africa gains widespread media coverage.”

“The US has more than 6,000 troops stationed in about 53 of the 54 African countries. Most of them, approximately 4,000, are located at Camp Lemonnier in the east African country of Djibouti.”

“[Senator Lindsey] Graham supports sticking with the original Authorization for Use of Military Force, which passed three days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and sent troops to Afghanistan and then Iraq.

“A close ally of Graham’s, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), is calling for more debate on the issue and has supported the idea of a new authorization. Last week, McCain, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, threatened to subpoena the White House for information regarding the attacks in Niger, claiming he had been told ‘very little.’

“Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, has clashed with both Graham and McCain over war policy. He attacked Graham on Twitter on Monday as a ‘warmonger’ who should have known about US troops in Niger.”

Paul tweeted, “You know you are in too many wars in too many places when even warmonger Lindsay Graham can’t keep track anymore.”

“On Friday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had meetings with both McCain and Graham and told them about the situation in the region. After the meeting, Graham told reporters that Mattis said the war on terrorism is ‘morphing.’

“‘You’re going to see more actions in Africa, not less; you’re going to see more aggression by the United States toward our enemies, not less; you’re going to have decisions being made not in the White House but out in the field,’Graham said.”

“Speaking to reporters Monday, General Dunford echoed Graham’s statement, describing US troops stationed around the world as a ‘part of a global strategy.'”

(Sources: and the Washington Post)

Here we go.

Secretary of Defense Mattis says the war on terrorism is “morphing.” First it was the Taliban and al-Qaeda, then it was ISIS, now it is “morphing” into another boogeyman – in Africa it looks like.

And even as I write this column, news broke that “[t]he Trump administration is paving the way for lethal strikes against terrorists in Niger as the U.S. military pushes forward with a plan to arm the Reaper drones that fly over that country, multiple U.S. officials told NBC News.”

Here is the report:

U.S. Now Moving Toward Armed Drones, Lethal Force In Niger

Yep! It looks like the War Party’s war in Africa has already begun.

By the end of the year, Congress will have to vote to approve – and the President will have to sign – another warmongering authorization bill in order to keep expanding the Iraq and Afghanistan crusades around the globe. You can bet your bottom dollar that the warmonger Donald Trump will strongly support the bill and the Republican Congress (joined by most Democrats) will pass the bill and, of course, Trump will sign it. Count on it. Senator Rand Paul and a few others will oppose the bill, but the War Party will NOT be denied. Just watch.

Did you notice Senator Lindsey Graham’s words? He said, “You’re going to see more aggression by the United States.” In other words, these military actions are NOT defensive in nature; they are offensive. He also said, “You’re going to have decisions being made not in the White House but out in the field.” That means there will be no government oversight of what field commanders decide to do. Please remember that we are not formally at war with ANYBODY. Graham is so full of bluster about America’s warmongering that he doesn’t even try to couch his war rhetoric with any kind of moral or constitutional justification.

Did you catch General Dunford’s words? He said that sending U.S. troops around the world is “part of a global strategy.” Indeed. That’s because the War Party in Washington, D.C., does the bidding of the globalists.

And, again, Secretary of Defense Mattis said the war on terrorism is “morphing.” Morphing is a nice word for expanding.

It doesn’t matter to a tinker’s dam what the American people get stirred up about; as long as the War Party is allowed to keep fomenting war around the world, the globalists are happy.

Then, of course, North Korea is sitting out there as a potential trigger for the granddaddy prize of them all: nuclear war. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts reports that the Russian and Chinese governments are convinced that the War Party in Washington, D.C., is planning a nuclear attack against them.

See Dr. Robert’s report here:

Washington Plans To Nuke Russia And China

Of course, I’m sure that most readers are aware that Donald Trump has instructed the Air Force to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert. This hasn’t been done since 1991. So, Dr. Roberts might be right.

See the report here:

EXCLUSIVE: US Preparing To Put Nuclear Bombers Back On 24-Hour Alert

It is more than interesting that Russia and China are in the process of trying to divorce themselves from the Rothschild central bank and return to a gold-backed economic system (does America even have any gold left in Fort Knox?). So, the war rhetoric against those two countries coming out of the White House and Pentagon just happens to coincide with Russia’s and China’s intention to kick out the Rothschild bank, right? But I again digress.

From the day that Donald Trump entered the presidential race, my biggest concern has been that the globalists would use him to take America into nuclear war. This concern has grown exponentially since Trump has assumed office.

The problem is: hardly anyone even bothers to notice. The American people on the left and right are so enamored by all of the distractions that the War Party creates for them that no one is looking at the real end game: perpetual war and even nuclear war.

Christians and conservatives are all worked up over Antifa and Muslim terror networks in America’s heartland (which are virtually all FBI false flag sting operations); and liberals and secularists are all worked up over Christians trying to put them under a theocracy (which is a nonexistent absurdity) and some college professor or student saying something positive about Robert E. Lee; and neither side sees that what the globalists are really doing is using perpetual war to both enrich themselves and destroy our liberties.

Whether Chuck Schumer’s Democrats or Lindsey Graham’s Republicans control Congress or Democrat presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama or Republican presidents G.W. Bush or Donald Trump control the White House, the War Party marches on.

Will the American people ever catch on – I mean before a nuclear bomb falls on them?

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I also cite important principles of Natural Law as written in Emer de Vattel’s monumental work “The Law Of Nations” (published in 1758). This book along with John Locke’s “Two Treatises Of Government” (published in 1689) were the two works that most influenced the writing of America’s Declaration of Independence and federal constitution.

Nations that recklessly ignore God’s immutable laws regarding Just War are destined to incur the judgment of God. America will NOT be the exception to this rule.

Sadder still is the way that a majority of America’s pastors and preachers seem to have no cognizance of God’s Natural and Scriptural laws regarding Just War and, therefore, are often the country’s biggest cheerleaders for unjust wars.

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