Third Accuser Comes Forward Against Fr. Manuel-There are Many More Child Victims According to Staff at Sacred Heart, Conroe, Texas-Cardinal Dinardo Resign! Op-Ed Houston Chronicle viewpoints@

As I predicted in previous blogs calling for the resignation of Cardinal Dinardo  as personally culpable of and therefore not credible to end bishop fueled child, seminarian, and adult sex abuse cover-up enabling,  a third accuser has come forward against Fr. Manuel de la Rosa Lopez.  Moreover, Fr. Manuel has according to Pastoral Staff members at Sacred Heart,  Conroe  who observed Manuel during his time as Ass. Pastor at Sacred Heart, many more victims than the three which have thus far come forward.  I came to Sacred Heart as an associate pastor in 2006, a few years after Fr. Manuel disappeared from Sacred Heart over night after word had reached the Pastor David Kennedy (RIP) from her father that Manuel had been foundling and deep kissing a minor girl “Ann” in the context of confession.  Manuel left all his belongings behind in the rectory and did not return for them.  Fr. David Kennedy told the Pastoral Staff at meeting the next morning, “If you see Manuel on the parish premises call the police immediately.”  Manuel without a degree in cannon law surfaced at the end of the week assigned to the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston Marriage Tribunal- latter to be made Vicar of Hispanics by Cardinal Dinardo, and Pastor of St. John Fischer’s Catholic Church-that has a large parish school. The then book keeper at Sacred Heart and a staff MSW told me about Manuel when I arrived and said Manuel was constantly taking children from the parish elementary school off campus in his car, both girls and boys.   Dinardo issued a letter from Rome defending his keeping Manuel in ministry and promoting him to Pastor and Vicar of Hispanics after Manuel was “credible accused.”  This is a clear violation of the 2002 US Conference of Catholic Bishops Essential Norms or “Zero Tolerence Policy” by Dinardo.  The letter is full of factual distortions concerning reporting immediately Fr. Manuel to CPS. CPS does not have jurisdiction in priest child abuse crimes.  Dinardo seeking only to falsely exonerate himself as part of the problem and not the solution to bishop fueled child sex abuse via cover up enabling is a bold face liar.  Although Dinardo claims at one point Fr. Manuel through the Archdiocese machinations met with the girl victim “Ann” and admitted his actions and apologized to her- Manuel claims after his arrest the day before Dinardo met with Francis about McCarrick to lay down three “reforms” regarding child sex assault by priests encompassing bishops as well,  through his lawyer that none of these accusations are true, all alleged events did not happen.

A recent NBC Nikki Baptista investigative reporter piece cornered Dinardo on keeping two  more “credible accused” child molesters in ministry, one as pastor of the largest church in the Archdiocese,  before releasing a list of “credible accused”  priests of the archdiocese in January, asking if these two priests would be on the list.  Dinardo initially said both are not “credible accused” because the statute of limitations has run out in both cases, and in one case the archdiocese believes it is mistaken identity on the part of accuser.  In the other, the archdiocese determined that admitted induced intoxication of a boy minor by plying him with alcohol and taking him to bed on a camping trip and fondling him “although not appropriate holding” for a priest” does not according to Dinardo rise to the bar of “credibly accused” of child sexual assault by a priest.  Dinardo replied to Baptista when asked “Are these two names going to be on the list of credibly accused you will release in January”  Dinardo replied “we are working on it” (the list), and then preceded to literally door in the face Baptista as Dinardo exited to his meeting.

Dinardo is dammed if those two names, and Fr. Manuel’s name, is not on that list, and damned if they are for clearly violating the 2002 Zero Tolerance Charter.  Bishops  Joseph Fiorenza  (“Lyin Joe”) years before famously announced a list of 36 “credibly accused” priests dating back to the fifties and was accused of  severely under reporting abuse in Galveston/Houston by given national averages.

  1. The Hidden Abuse of the GalvestonHouston Archdiocese …


    Norris, the head of Houston’s SNAP chapter, was able to achieve this in part because, unlike other Houston SNAP members, his abuse occurred in his home state of Kentucky

Moreover, Fiorenza refused to make public the list.  If Fiorenza prepared the lion share of this list, besides some updating, why is it taking Dinardo months to work on and prepare this list of credibly accused.  And why would Dinardo not release the list immediately instead on waiting until January.  Fiorenza was criticized for not releasing publicly the list. What good is the list if  the bishop keeps it secret from parishioners and law enforcement? The whole time credibly accused priests sex criminals are veiled in the Church and society a real and present danger to potential victims. In all this B S  children in the Church are never the focal point. The bishops make themselves the focal point. It’s all about the bishops holding on to their status unsullied. Dinardo’s credibly accused list of  priest perpetrators released, or not released is damming in all ways of Dinardo and not exonerating in the least. Cardinal Dinardo as bishop, the Greek word for “over seer” has violated continuously the 2002 Essential Norms so called “Zero Tolerance Policy” of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops engineered by “Uncle Ted” Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal Roger “the dodger” Mahoney.  The 2002 Zero Tolerance Policy as Fr. Manuel, Fr. Brinkman and Keller clearly evidence was never implemented by Dinardo, or McCarrick or Mahoney or any other US Bishop since 2002. Dinardo’s list of credibly accused to be released in January proves this and nothing else. The charter clearly states law enforcement is to be informed of credibly accusations and parishioners informed. The credibly accused are to be immediately suspended from public ministry and denied further contact with potential victims (children) and if  convicted by canonical-both and or secular criminal due process are to be removed for one offense permanently from the priesthood. Dinardo’s credible accused list to be announced in January is a smoking gun evidencing neither secular law enforcement nor parishioners were informed about every credibly accused perpetrator on the list.  Dinardo denying Brinkman and Keller in subsequent interviews are “credible accused” against the victims testimony disqualifies as legal Dinardo’s personally  skewed definition of “credibly accused” due to Dinardo’s criminal conflict of interest in the PR ploy of releasing this list in the first place.  What these bastards don’t focus on in falsely exonerating themselves is life shattering sex crimes against children by agents under their jurisdiction enabled by the bishop’s cover up and promotion.  Child sexual assault are felonies under state law enforcement jurisdiction. The bishops commit a felony in obstructing justice in sex crimes against children and adults by priests and bishops. The 2002 Zero Tolerance Charter did not fail or lack, it was never implemented by the bishops. No new policies regarding bishop malfeasance in enabling child sodomy by priests through cover up and ecclesiastic promotion are necessary beyond really the Gospel where Christ says shattering a child’s innocence is the worst sin, the worst with unimaginable consequences of divine judgement (ever lasting fires of Hell) and cannon law delict.

The Bishops, like Dinardo, Wuerl (Dinardo’s sodomite bishop in Pittsburgh and associate), Dolan, George Lucas, Raymond Burke (Dinardo’s  mutual sausage hiding best friend since seminary days who covered up as Bishop of La Crosse absolutely brutal cases of child sex abuse by his priests although like Dinardo pretends to be for reform of bishops who cover up enable clerical child sex assault by “homosexual priests”) are practicing homosexuals who are compromised as Bishops by sodomy and cover up for priests who assault minors because they have sexually engaged in sodomy with the perpetrators like Fr. Manuel. Cardinal Dinardo and the whole US Conference of Catholic Bishops with a few ironic exceptions like Cardinal Cupich’s successor as Bishop of Spokane, are only worried about their day jobs and lavish lavender lifestyles, not about innocent children in the Church in the least.   Cardinal Dinardo must resign as President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for the protection of children, seminarians, and adults in The Catholic Church and should be removed by Francis (hypocritically) for violating consistently the 2002 Zero Tolerance Policy as Archbishop of Galveston/Houston. Francis (hypocritically) should defrock Dinardo for his delicts.

Third accuser comes forward against Houston priest

Third accuser comes forward against Houston priest

This undated file photo provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office shows Father Manuel LaRosa-Lopez. On Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018. a third person has accused the Houston-area priest of fondling him when he was a teenager, in a case that has called attention to high-profile Cardinal Daniel DiNardo’s response to sexual abuse within the Church. (Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office via AP file.)

A third person accused a Houston-area Catholic priest on Thursday of sexually touching him when he was a teenager.

HOUSTON, Texas – A third person accused a Houston-area Catholic priest on Thursday of sexually touching him when he was a teenager, in a case that has brought unwelcome attention to the high-profile cardinal leading the American Church’s response to sexual abuse.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is already accused by two other people of disregarding their reports against Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez, the pastor at St. John Fisher Catholic Church in the Houston suburb of Richmond. La Rosa-Lopez was arrested in September and charged with four counts of indecency with a child.

Adam Dinnell, an attorney for the third accuser, said Thursday that the accuser says he was an altar boy at a Houston church in the mid-1990s when La Rosa-Lopez fondled him four or five times. Dinnell declined to identify his client or the church. DiNardo came to Houston in 2004.

Dinnell says the accuser’s family reported La Rosa-Lopez and that they met with a priest at the church. But his client felt during that meeting that he was being brushed off, Dinnell said.

The new accuser decided to speak to police this year after reading about LaRosa-Lopez’s arrest, Dinnell said. Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Texas, confirmed he had met with investigators.

“This is not someone who wants to bring down the Church,” Dinnell said. “It’s more that as a practicing Catholic, he wants reform. He doesn’t want officials to just stand up and say, ‘This doesn’t happen in Houston,’ because it has.”

DiNardo is head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and is prominent in the American Church’s efforts to investigate and stop sexual abuse. At the time of La Rosa-Lopez’s arrest, DiNardo was heading to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis about abuse.

La Rosa-Lopez became parochial vicar at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe, Texas, in 1997. It was at Sacred Heart where two people now say La Rosa-Lopez abused them when they were teenagers.

One person told The Associated Press that La Rosa-Lopez tried to take his clothes off and put his hands down his pants. The other told authorities that La Rosa-Lopez groped her at various times and led her to believe they were in a secret relationship.

DiNardo came to the Houston archdiocese in 2004. By then, the archdiocese had already assigned La Rosa-Lopez to another parish and sent him for several months of sex addiction therapy. But both people who came forward first say they met directly with DiNardo, but that they felt the cardinal did not take them seriously.

The archdiocese said Thursday that it was cooperating with the ongoing investigation. It has previously said that it “deeply regrets such a fundamental violation of trust” and “commits itself to eliminating such unacceptable actions.”

La Rosa-Lopez’s attorney, Wendell Odom, did not return a phone message.


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