Cardinal Dinardo Must Resign as President U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Petition, Make Your Voice Heard For The Silenced

Petition Respondent:

Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, President U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
United States of America
Cardinal Dinardo is Culpable of, and therefore not Credible to End Bishop Fueled Clergy Child Sex Crimes and Seminarian Sexual Assault as President of The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Must Resign Immediately for the Protection of Children and Seminarians from Sexual Criminal Assault Perpetrated by Clerics in The Catholic Church.


Cardinal Dinardo’s Cover Up Enabling of Sex Crime Child Predators Clerics History:  First made a bishop, importantly  a “coadjutor bishop” i.e. assistant bishop) for Sioux City, Iowa, (1997-2005) Then Father Danny Dinardo of The Diocese of Pittsburgh would serve as coadjutor bishop for two years and  have the right of succession to succeed Bishop Lawrence R. Soens of Sioux City who was Bishop of Sioux City 1983-1998. Soens retired two years after presiding as the principle bishop consecrating Dinardo his coadjutor bishop in 1998. Nine sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed against Bishop Emeritus Lawrence Soens of the Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa. The alleged attacks on male students took place while (Father) Soens was principal of Iowa City Regina High School and Rector of St. Ambrose Seminary in Davenport. Despite the fact that diocesan officials received three molestation allegations against Soens in the 1960s, Archbishop James J. Byrne of Dubuque went ahead and consecrated him on August 17, 1983.  Source : The Rite of Sodomy – Vol. 5 Epilogue 2009 Randy Engel.  As coadjutor bishop to Soens for two years, Dinardo shares responsibility for publicly covering up for and enabling Soens as Bishop of Sioux City as a bishop who like Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually assaulted adolescent males and seminarians as Rector of St. Ambrose Seminary. Dinardo as coadjutor to Soens, then as Bishop of Sioux City after Soens’ retirement in 1998 bears equal responsibility with Soens’ for covering up enabling of serial boy rapist Fr. Jeremy Coyle along with Fr. McFadden. The Diocese of Sioux City has been called a historic protective harbor for clerical child abusers by SNAP members during the reign of bishops Soens and Dinardo- 1983-2005-. McFadden and Coyle just recently brought to light are only the tip of the ice berg. Dinardo as Bishop of Sioux City violated Norm 8 of the 2002/2006 Essential Norms Policy of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops – the so called “Zero Tolerance”  declaration in the cases of McFadden and Coyle, as well as Fr. Manuel de la Rosa-Lopez:

Norm 8. When even a single act of sexual abuse of a
minor by a priest or deacon is admitted or is
established after an appropriate process in
accordance with canon law, the offending
priest or deacon will be removed permanently
from ecclesiastical ministry, not excluding
dismissal from the clerical state, if the case so
warrants (CIC, c. 1395 §2; CCEO, c. 1453 §1).t of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Fr. Danny Dinardo was co-consecrated Bishop of Sioux City 1997 by Dinardo’s Home Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop Donald “Donna The Girl” Wuerl. Wuerl, Age 77. Recently had his Resignation Letter for Retirement Mandated at Age 75 accepted two years after Wuerl was mandated by Church retirement law to submit it to Francis (The Pope). Francis bowing  tacitly to popular outrage demanding Francis accept Wuerl’s retirement resignation (although Wuerl first publicly stated he would not resign, but stay at his post to “help in the healing” and had made errors but had committed no crimes)  allowed Wuerl resign due to Wuerl’s implicated 169 times in clerical child sexual abuse cover up enabling in the 2018 PA AG Grand Jury Findings. Francis  reluctantly accepted Wuerl’s de facto forced by Church member outrage resignation (a petition demanding Wuerl resign immediately fueled by the PA Grand Jury Findings detailing Wuerl’s cover up enabling of sex crimes by clerics against children in 169 instances as Bishop of Pittsburgh during the time Fr. Danny Dinardo was a Priest of the Pittsburgh Diocese under Wuerl, reached over 100,000 Signatures). Francis to the contrary recently accepted Wuerl’s age 75 years old  mandated retirement resignation letter with stellar accolades by “The Pope.” Francis commends Wuerl’s “service” in a personal letter as D.C. Cardinal Archbishop (2006-2018). Francis apparently oblivious to the 2018 PA AG Grand Jury Report implicating Wuerl 169 Times for cover up enabling of child sex crimes by clerics, exonerates by praise  Wuerl for making “honest errors” in Wuerl’s pioneer forward looking efforts to  combat child sex abuse by priests as Pittsburgh Bishop.  After Wuerl reached mandatory retirement age of 75 and submitted his resignation letter to Francis, Francis choose to have Wuerl remain as D.C. Archbishop and Cardinal to function as Francis’ close  personal adviser on The Synod on The Family.  “It was Soens and the Archbishops Byrne, Kucera and Hanus  of Dubuque ArchDiocese,  Iowa that first brought sex initiation programs into Catholic schools. These vile books had the imprimatur of the 3 archbishops.”  Wuerl who has authored a series of “gay friendly” sex initiation program publication for Catholic school children is responsible for authoring  sections of Laeticia Amoris promoting basically Wuerl’s “gay friendly” sex initiation program publications for Catholic schools across the globe and in the final documents produced (as Magisterial Teaching promulgated by Pope Francis) by The Synod on The Family.  Whispers from the Loggia:

Father Dinardo, after his return from Rome serving as secretary to Cardinal Gantin, 1990, was was named the diocese’s #2 official in Wuerl’s specialty area: education ” if it sought to be effective — and to the formation of the young.”  —Whispers in the Loggia

While Wuerl built a national following as the “education bishop,” the younger official (Cardinal Dinardo) who ended up leapfrogging him to the Sacred College was honing his approach on ground level.


As minutante, or desk officer, DiNardo was responsible for processing the case-files pertaining to episcopal appointments in the US, Canada, Britain and Australia. The reports would then go to the body’s membership of cardinals, who would vote on a nominee to recommend to the Pope.

As coadjutor bishop of Bishop Soens of Sioux City and two spectacular examples of shared responsibility of cover up enabling of not just child rapists Frs. McFadden and Coyle by Dinardo, equally Dinardo as Wuerl’s “lieutenant” in “education”  must have known of Donna the Girl Wuerl’s active homosexuality and himself as an ambitious cleric (a practicing homosexual since high school) taken the proverbial “Twirl with Wuerl” a number of times.  Like Soens, and latter as coadjutor bishop (2005-2007) to Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, a homosexual, homosexualist former President of the U.S. Conference of Bishops noted by for disingenuously understating the true number of “credible claims of abuse against clerics of the Houston/Galveston Diocese” The Buried Abuse of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesehttps://…Jan 17, 2017 · “The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston fully cooperates with civil authorities regarding any allegations of clergy sexual abuse with minors, Dinardo as Wuerl’s lieutenant during the time canvassed by the 2018 PA Ag Grand Jury findings, bears responsibility cover up enabling by his silence of Wuerl in Wuerl’s  indictment 169 times in the PA AG Grand Jury findings.

As coadjutor of Galveston/Houston Dinardo served to shield newly elected Pope Benedict who later made Dinardo a Cardinal from criminal indictment for Conspiracy to Harm Children in Federal U.S. Criminal Court, Southern District of Texas, by obstructing justice in putting a non national child sex crime seminarian posing as a priest in a Houston parish on a flight out of the U.S. at Bush International who was central to the civil suit brought against the archdiocese by the victims parents. The Man Who Sued the Pope | Houston Press https:// Apr 21, 2010 ·

A U.S. News article, Liberal Catholic Journalist Links Gay Network to Abuse, Cover-Up Crisis,  demonstrates Wuerl, like Dinardo  Soens as bishop in Sioux City, Wuerl replaced a Notorious Sex Criminal Cardinal, John J. Wright as Bishop of Pittsburgh.

….. author Kenneth Woodward highlighted the career of Cdl. John J. Wright, bishop of Pittsburgh from 1959–1969. He noted that Wright, “like McCarrick, was the subject of numerous stories about his own sexuality.”

“Again, these came mostly from former seminarians and priests of the Pittsburgh diocese, which had a reputation during Wright’s decade there as a haven for actively gay clerics,” he observed. “That was especially true of the Pittsburgh Oratory, which Wright founded in 1961 as a religious center ministering to Catholic students attending the city’s secular universities.”

Woodward recalled:

In 1969, at the age of sixty, Pope Paul VI chose Wright to head the Congregation for Priests in Rome and elevated him to cardinal. It was there, in the frenzied initial years of the post-council era, that I first heard stories of his leading a double life rather openly with a younger lover. What interests me now is not the private details of this double life, but whether it influenced how he ran the congregation overseeing the selection, training, and formation of the clergy.

He then shifted the spotlight to Wright’s protégé, Cdl. Donald Wuerl:

Donald Wuerl, who recently resigned as archbishop of Washington D.C., would surely know the truth about Wright. Wuerl’s first assignment after ordination at the age of thirty-one was as secretary to then Bishop Wright of Pittsburgh in 1966. The younger priest was said to be closer to the cardinal than the hair on his head. He became Wright’s omnipresent full-time personal assistant when the latter moved to Rome, even sitting in for him during the papal conclave that elected John Paul II.

“Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing, they hid it all for decades.” the Pennsylvania Attorney General (Josh Shapiro) explained. “Monsignors, auxiliary bishops, bishops, archbishops and cardinals have mostly been protected. Many have been promoted. … Bishop Wuerl is now Cardinal Wuerl …” “Wuerl was the dirtiest bishop as far as [the] sex abuse cover up.” -Josh Shapiro stated.

In the same vein, Dinardo knew about Wright, Wuerl his Consecrating Bishop, and Soens who Dinardo Replaced as Bishop of Sioux City and was Promoted Ecclesiastically by his Silence and Association (Sexual) with Wuerl. Although Dinardo and Wuerl Hypocritically Deny it, both Wuerl and Dinardo knew about D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s (Uncle Ted) Seminarian Predation and Dinardo could not have become Cardinal of Galveston/Houston, nor Wuerl have Succeeded Uncle Ted as D.c. Cardinal  without the Firm Support of “Uncle Ted.” Uncle Ted’s Firm Support Certainly Implies at the Least Tacit Approval of Uncle Ted’s Seminarian Predation by Wuerl and Dinardo.


Wuerl  as Bishop of Pittsburgh, covered up by personal promotion Founder of The Legionaries of Christ (1941- still extent, and  controlling Znet Catholic Media INC. such as Our Sunday Visitor  Currently extolling Dinardo and Wuerl as True Spiritual Champions to Heal and End Child and Seminarian Predation in The Church) Fr. Maciel Macial Degolado, a Serial Child and Seminarian Predator and Criminal Mastermind behind The Sinaloa Federation Cartel and Child Sex Slave Trafficking in Cantinas along the I-10 and I-69 using the The Legionary of Christ Account at The Vatican Bank to Money Billions in “Charitable Religious Donations” from SFC Jefe Carlos Slim Helu,  by writing a new English edition Forward extolling Fr. Marcial Maciel Degolado’s as a modern day saint in Salterio de mis días, Ediciones CES Rome 1991. Maciel’s knock off of Psalter of My Days is a Pious Devotional by  so called “Pater Noster” i.e. Fr. Maciel for Legionary Seminarians, 80% Plagiarized from (compared to Comes’s new 2014 edition) Luis Lucia Lucia’s Salterio  de Mis Horas. Fr. Maciel, was Protected by JPII as JPII’s Svengali  for 25 years until JPII’s Death from Investigation by Cardinal Ratzinger as Papal Inquisition head by JPII. In 2006, Fr. Maciel was removed as head of the Legionaries of Christ, a faux Catholic religious order Maciel Founded in 1941,  by Pope Benedict after the Death of Maciel’s Protector, JPII in 2005. Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict, long a rival for JPII’s Patronage was against Maciel, but did not Investigate Maciel’s Criminality at the Behest of JPII. Ratzinger Elected  Pope Benedict after JPII’s Death in 2005 only Dismissed Fr. Maciel in 2006 as head of the Legionary of Christ ordering Maciel to live a life of penance and prayer due solely to impending public revelations in the Mexican secular press of paternity test evidence Maciel had fathered children with two wives, whose adult sons claimed Maciel  a veritable “Pedophile” sexually assaulted them. Maciel had also sexually assaulted numerous seminarians in the Legionaries’ seminaries, as well as children in Legionary schools in the U.S. (Houston, Texas) Canada, Mexico, Italy, and Spain. Fr, Maciel, in the image of Meyer Lansky (Jewish) and the Italian Mafia, was the Criminal Master Mind and Founder of the Mexican/American Sinaloa Federation Cartel. Maciel  Pioneered and Established International Child Sex Slave Trafficking to the Disenfranchised Workers in Cantinas along the I-10 and I-69 with Geographically The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston as The Hub and Fr. Maciel’s Legionary of Christ Account at The Vatican Bank as a Money Laundering Facade for Sinaloa Federation Cartel Child Sex Slave Trafficking.

Francis and The Vatican Offered “no Comment” at the PA Grand Jury Findings Promulgation then or now  since the Report was Issued. Francis, Who Says Nothing in Response “Who Am I to Judge” to Critical Allegations did not Respond Months Before to a Personal Letter from PA AG  Josh Shapiro to “The Pope” Objecting  Wuerl was using his Influence with the PA. Supreme Court to Obstruct and Redact the Promulgation of the PA Grand Jury Findings on Clerical Child Sex Abuse in Six PA. Catholic Diocese.  Wuerl is the Chosen D.C. Cardinal Successor of  Wuerl’s Disgraced Predecessor Theodore “Uncle Ted” McCarrick. McCarrick was only Recently Suspended by Francis in the Public Practice of Priestly and Episcopal Ministry in The Church for Decades Old  Credible Charges of  Sex Crimes against Children and Seminarians and is the Only Cardinal Ever Removed from The College of Cardinals. Wuerl and Dinardo Continue to Claim Ardently they Had No Knowledge of Uncle Ted’s Seminarian Predation.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, then Bishop of The Diocese of LaCrosse joined with Wuerl to Co-Consecrate Dinardo as Bishop of Sioux City.

“Assisting then-Siouxland Bishop Lawrence Soens were DiNardo’s former ordinary, then-Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh, and the new bishop’s classmate and longtime friend, then-Bishop Raymond Burke of LaCrosse.”

The catch-all nature has baffled more than a few. At his 1997 ordination as coadjutor-bishop of Sioux City, the clergy of the Iowa diocese attempted the standard practice of figuring out their boss-in-waiting from his choices of co-consecrators and attending chaplains.

The “read” might usually be a reliable indicator. On this occasion, however — and to the frustration of the local clergy — the exercise proved futile.

The chaplains made for an even harder read. At one side stood the delicate, straight-laced Msgr Leonard Blair of Detroit, the onetime secretary of Cardinal Edmund Szoka and current bishop of Toledo. On the other was his best friend since high school — the ponytailed, Harley-riding Fr Lou Vallone of Pittsburgh, known in the South for his proficiency at giving Black church revivals.


Dinardo was made Bishop of Sioux City  to Clean Up,  Cover Up for “Retiring” later Criminally Indicted Sadistic Catholic High School Principle Male Student Sexual Predator Bishop Lawrence Soens. Cardinal Dinardo, Admittedly, as then Bishop of Sioux City, Covered Up Enabled Notorious Child Sex Crime Predator Fr. George B. McFaddan, just as Dinardo’s Indicted Sadistic Sexual Abuser of Male Adolescents Predecessor Bishop Lawrence Soens did before Soen’s Retirement Prompted Dinardo’s Consecration as Bishop Soens’ Successor.

In October, 2018, Faced with impending Federal and State Attorney General subpeona and Grand Jury investigation and possible federal and state indictments of  Racketeering Conspiracy to Endanger Children, Fr. Brad Pelzel, Vicar General for the Sioux City Diocese, Publicly admitted the Extensive Nature of the abuse of Fr. Jeremy Coyle. Fr. Coyle admitted that, for a period of about 20 years, he victimized approximately 50 school boys, varying from 7th to 10th grade.” The number of victims could be higher, however, as there was minimal supervision of the priest after he was removed from ministry in 1986. Pelzel did not explain why it would have been “difficult” for the bishop at the time (Bp. Lawrence Soens) to have turned in a self-admitted pederast with a significant record of abuse. Soens, who retired in 1998, was later found to have himself abused students when he was principal at a Catholic school.  “When he self-reported his situation to then-Bishop Soens and asked for help ( Soens who had sadistically abused sexually adolescent boys when Coyle asked Soens his Bishop for “Help” to Stop his Serial Sex Crimes Against Children, Turned a Blind Eye and Deaf Ear to Coyle’s plea for “Help”from his Bishop, spiritual  “overseer” to Stop Coyle from Further Serial Victimization of Boys. Cardinal Dinardo, as Soen’s Immediate Successor as Bishop of Sioux City, knew about Fr. Jeremy Coyle Case and Pleas and like Soens Responded with Episcopal Silence and Did Nothing to Stop Coyle’s Serial Criminality Against Boys. Though Fr. Coyle admitted that, for a period of about 20 years, he victimized approximately 50 school boys, varying from 7th to 10th grade.” The number of victims could be higher, however, as there was minimal supervision of the priest after he was removed from ministry in 1986. Fr. Coyle was recently outed living in Elizabeth Seton Home in Omaha, Nebraska.  Daniel Dinardo as Bishop of Sioux City and as President of  US Conference of Catholic Bishops covered up the Existence of Coyle, his Pleas for Help, and his Serial Criminality against Boys, there bye Enabling Coyle by  Legal Anonymity to have more Victims. Bishop Dinardo of Souix City (1997-2005)  knew of  Soen’s History of Child Abuse Serial Criminality  later Ending in Soen’s Criminal Indictment.  Likewise, Dinardo Nonetheless Knew about Jeremy Coyle while Bishop of Sioux City, and now as President of The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and has concealed the Secret Archive Record of  Sex Crimes Against Boys of Fr. Jeremy Coyle, of The Diocese of Sioux City from Public  13 Years after Bishop Dinardo of Sioux City was Promoted  to become Archbishop of Galveston/Houston and then Elevated to Cardinal.  Fr. Brad Pelzel, Vicar General for the Sioux City Diocese Publicly Admitted “it”failed for decades to report a known pederast (Fr. Jeremy Coyle)who abused at least 50 boys. So did Cardinal Dinardo.

Cardinal Dinardo as Archbishop of Galveston/Houston was Cover Up Enabling 35 year Veteran Parish Child Sexual Predator Pastor Fr. Steven Horn of The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston at the Moment  Archbishop of Galveston/Houston Daniel Dinardo was being Elevated to Cardinal of Galveston/Houston in a 2007 Papal Ceremony in Rome by Resigned (Because of Orchestrating Global Child Abuse by Clerics Cover Up at The Behest of JPII) Former Pope Benedict, Dinardo’s Ecclesiastical Promoter. In 2013, Cardinal Dinardo Claimed All Sexual Abuse Cover Up Allegations Leveled Against Pope Benedict (Contrary to Those  against Pope Francis by Archbishop Vigano’s Three Letters in 2018 according to Dinardo) as 25 Year Head of the Papal Inquisition under JPII are False and Salacious, Vicious Lies. In Fact, JPII Protected all Cardinals, Bishops, and Priest from Vatican Investigation for Sex Crimes Against Children and Seminarians Restraining Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Head of The Papal Inquisition from Investigating and Directing Ratzinnger to Cover up all Cases Submitted Per Crimen Solicitationes, 1961 per Pope John XXIII, to The Holy Office of The Inquisition. JPII Absolutely Protected Fr. Maciel Degolado, The Disgraced Founder of The Legionary of Christ, a De Facto Exposed Pederast, Pedophile, and Sexual Assaulter of Seminarians and the Criminal Master Mind with Carlos Slim Helu of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel Child Sex Slaving Cartel from being Investigated by Then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger,  later Pope Benedict. Benedict’s Universal Cover up of  Child and Seminarian Sex Crimes at the Behest of JPII Led to Benedict’s 2013 Resignation on the Day the 300 Page Dossier  Detailing  Fr. Maciel, Cardinals Soldano and Bertone’s Cardinal Dario Castillon Hoyos, a Colombian and a former head of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei and of the Congregation for Clergy, and “Personal Chaplain to Pablo Escobar”  Chase/Vatican Bank Sinaloa Federation Cartel Child Sex Slave Trafficking Money Laundering, Complied by Three Cardinal Investigators into Vatican Corruption and Homosexuality was Presented to Benedict. The Dossier Exhibits Benedict under JPII Cover Up Maciel’s and The Vatican’s not just Individual Bishop, Priest, and Cardinal Sex Crimes Against Children and Seminarians, but Global Organized Crime Child Sex Slave Trafficking under The Auspices of The Vatican Cardinals and Bishops, and Fr. Maciel’s Chase/Vatican Bank Legion of Christ Sinaloa Federation Cartel Money Laundering Account Still Extant, Now under The Supervision of Monsignor Baptistta Ricca, Francis’ Papal Legate to Oversee Reform of The Vatican Bank Credibly Accused of International Money Laundering. Monsignor Ricca, a Credible Accused Child Sex Slave Buyer, and Public Practicing Homosexual, by Local Law Enforcement, Papal Nuncios of The Secretary of State, Local Bishops and Religious, Arrested with a Satchel of Child Pornography, Condoms, and an Illegal Firearm in His Possession, of who Francis Spoke the Famous Words (After Conducting his Own Personal Investigation of Ricca and Finding no Evidence Whatsoever Substantiating the Official Allegations against Ricca) “Who Am I To Judge.”

In 2011, Cardinal Dinardo’s Child Sex Crime Predator Enabling Repeatedly Ordered to Deny Medical Treatment to an Eight Year Old Refugee Child from Iraq, Gang Anal Raped on Multiple Occasions by other Children and Allegedly Fr. Manuel de la Rosa-Lopez at Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston Catholic Charities’ St. Michaels Home in an Attempted Cover Up according to Federal Investigators. Cardinal Dinardo’s 13 Year Cover Up and Enabling of Fr. Manuel de la Rosa-Lopez from 2005-2018 as Archbishop of Galveston/Houston was Exposed Dramatically by Two Child Sexual Assault Victims, a Minor Girl, and a Boy with a Desire to Become a Seminarian at the Time, Culminating in Fr. Manuel’s Arrest on Four Counts of Sexual Assault of a Minor a Day before Cardinal Dinardo was Set to Meet with Francis, September 13th, 2018 to “Demand Answers” (The Exact Opposite Position Dinardo took Towards Sexual Abuse Cover Up Charges Leveled at Pope Benedict in 2013 Dismissing Them as False and Slanderous) how The Vatican Allowed Theodore McCarrick, a Sexual Predator of Seminarians to be, along with his Chosen Successor, Now Resigned, but Still “Apostolic Administrator per Francis” D.C. Cardinal Archbishop, Donna Wuerl, Elevated to D.C. Cardinal.  Cardinal Dinardo Conspiring in the Duplicitous Guise of  Cardinal Clerical Sexual Abuse Reformer and Candidate for Pope to Replace Francis who Must Resign also Sought  to Mandate (Hypocritically) to Francis,“The Pope,” Bishop Accountability Regulations for Sexual Abuse Cover Up Enabling.

These Historical, Factual Grounds Exhibiting Cardinal Dinardo’s Continuous Malfeasance in Episcopal Office in Cover Up Enabling of Criminal Sexual Assault against Children and Seminarians as Bishop, and Cardinal Archbishop of Galveston/Houston, and Currently as President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Demand Cardinal Dinardo in Justice for all Ignored Victims of Clerical Predators in The Catholic Church in the U.S., and Non National Child Sex Slaves Trafficked along the I-10 and I-69 by The Sinaloa Federation Cartel in Conjunction with Father Maciel Degolado’s Legionaries of Christ Vatican Bank Money Laundering Account ( Cardinal Dinardo is a Cardinal “Overseer” of The Vatican Bank) across The Southern Border into The U.S. with The Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston as the Hub, to Resign Immediately as President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop as Culpable of, and therefore not Credible to End Cover Up of Clerical Criminal Sexual Assault on Children and Seminarians

We, The Catholic Faithful of Our Church, in Our Country of America, Demand Cardinal Dinardo Resign as President of The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as Culpable of, and therefore not Credible to End Bishop Fueled Clergy Child Sex Crimes and Seminarian Sexual Assault as Cardinal Archbishop in Dinardo’s Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, nor as President of The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in all Dioceses in The U.S.

The Cardinel Dinardo Must Resign as President U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops petition to Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, President U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was written by Fr. Christopher Terry, O.P. and is in the category Children’s Rights at GoPetition.

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