Cardinal Daniel Dinardo Must Resign as President of U.S. Conference of Bishops (and Cardinal Archbishop of Galveston/Houston) as Not Credible to End Clerical Sexual Abuse of Children and Seminarians, But Personally Culpable in Light of  His 13 Year Cover Up and Promotion of  Serial Child and Seminarian Indicted Sex Offender Fr. Manuel de la Rosa-Lopez Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston 


     In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black over protecting Episcopal Sodomy Trafficking of children and seminarians via The Catholic Church, Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, President U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference meets (September, 13th, 2017) with Francis at the homosexualist Vatican before hand demanding incredibly and hypocritically “to know how one of their own (Cardinal “Uncle Ted” McCarrick, D.C.) was able to climb the clerical ranks despite allegations.” Dinardo himself climb the clerical ranks to Cardinal  despite allegations bolstered by his hometown Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop “Donna the Girl Wuerl (1988-2006), who Dinardo as a young episcopal aspiring priest under Bishop Wuerl, engaged in “Twirls with Wuerl,” like McCarrick an Seminarian and young priest “chickenhawk.”  Wuerl is indicted 169 times by the 2018 Penn. Grand Jury Clerical Sexual Abuse findings from the six dioceses of the Catholic Church in the state of Pennsylvania, the scheduled release of which Wuerl used all his political influence as former Bishop of Pittsburgh with the Penn. Supreme Court and as Cardinal in Washington D.C. to delay  and redact, if not stop provoking in protest a letter of complaint of obstruction by the Penn. Attorney General to Pope Francis which met with no response from Francis. Dinardo convicts and condemns passive aggressively Francis’ knowledge of McCarrick’s crimes by seeking to meet with Francis in wake of Vatican homosexual Archbishop and former papal nuncio Vigano’s letter demanding Francis resign for knowingly allowing McCarrick not to be sanctioned for his crimes.  Both Dinardo and Wuerl claim to have been personally oblivious to the American NCCB and Vatican Open Secret of “Uncle Ted” McCarrick’s preying on seminarians for decades. A bold face lie shared in mutual support by Dinardo and Wuerl in defense of their own innocence. Dinardo and Wuerl have personally known McCarrick in a personal and ecclesial context for over three decades. It is not tenable they did not know about McCarrick as publicly professed, as Francis is assumed to have known. Dinardo was particular close to Pope Benedict, and could not not have known of Benedict’s sanction of McCarrick that Vigano in his 11 page August letter of testimony calling for Francis resignation for ignoring references.

Both Wuerl and Dinardo necessarily befriended McCarrick, like aspiring starlets, Harvey Weinstein, in the spirit of”Romanita,” or Vatican politics to gain high episcopal office and ultimately the ‘Red Hat” of  Prince of The Church, i.e. Cardinal, to be bolstered by Uncle Ted, a necessary sine qua none promoter in their mutually advancing climb (if I gain a rung, in turn I will reach down and pull you up a rung and vice versa) on the ladder of clerical ranks to be “Created  Cardinals” “despite allegations” of sex abuse, and sex abuse cover up. In Wuerl’s case, the cover up with the aid of the  regarding and Fr. Steven Horn at the same Dinardo was created Cardinal of  Houston/Galveston in 2007, by then Pope Benedict (Benedict in 2013 forced to resign (counseled by Dinardo to resign so Dinardo could become Pope in Benedict’s stead  because of credible allegations of 25 years of cover up for Pope JPII of global episcopal sodomy trafficking of child sex slave,  and “Donna the Girl Wuerl” also accused of personal sexual abuse of Seminarians (take a twirl with Wuerl) and cover up of  clerical sexual abuse as now evidenced in the PA. Grand Jury findings, in 2010 “despite allegations” succeeding McCarrick in D.C..

     Both Wuerl and Dinardo are homosexual, and as such are linked since 1988 to each other. Both Wuerl and Dinardo have extensive documented records on as Bishops, further verified by Penn. Grand Jury findings, both Wuerl and Dinardo being clerics formerly of the Diocese of Pittsburgh covered in the Grand Jury report in which Dinardo’s close associate Wuerl is named 169 times of Protecting  Episcopal Child Sodomy Trafficking via The Catholic Church.  Dinardo  ranks no. 3, after Cardinal Tim Dolan of NYC on SNAP’s “Bishop Dirty Dozen” list for keeping child assault allegations against Fr. Steven Horn of Galveston Houston under raps until after Dinardo was Created Cardinal by his Homosexual papal promoter Pope Benedict. Snap Dirty Dozen does not include Wuerl.  A disclaimer regarding SNAP:

“Ex-worker sues priest sex-abuse victims advocacy group, says it exploited survivors”

 Dinardo, created Cardinal by Benedict while covering up Steven Horn’s abuse from his parishioners until immediately after being created Cardinal, would in 2010 as Cardinal defend Benedict in the U.S. Press against ” completely unfounded” allegations according to Cardinal Dinardo of 25 years of  Protecting Episcopal Sodomy Trafficking via The Catholic Church at the behest of JPII in individual cases like Father Lawrence Murphy, a charismatic Milwaukee priest who abused more than 200 deaf children in a school under his control, documented in HBO’s Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa, Silence in the House of God (funded by Carlos Slim Helu , head of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel, via NYT loans to expose Benedict’s and force him to resign as Pope in retaliation for Benedict’s dismissal of Fr. Maciel Degollado the SFC cartel godfather and child sex slave innovator after Degollado’s patron and protector JPII’s death in 2005.

Benedict, Cardinal Ratzinger, as Head of the Congregation of Doctrine for Faith (CDF), formerly The Office of the Holy Inquisition under JPII, shielded Degollado under the patronage and protection of JPII protecting Episcopal Sodomy trafficking via The Catholic Church encompassing child sex slave trafficking via cantinas serving undocumented workers along the U.S. I-10 I-69 by shielding Fr. Maciel Degollado from credible allegations of pederasty and sexual abuse of minor seminarians dating back to the 40’s.  Fr. Maciel, the associate of JPII is the criminal mastermind and founder of the Sinaloa Cartel Federation (Bush/Clinton/Carlos Slim Helu/Garza/Fertitta and child sex slave trafficking to NAFTA workers innovator and pioneer, as well as Chase/Vatican Bank cartel money laundering logistics through Fr. Maciel’s Vatican Bank I.O.R “Legionaries of Christ” account.  The child sex slave trafficking via SFC semis along the I-10 and I-69 and Vatican Bank money laundering connection is centered in the Archdiocese of Houston/Galveston logistically and the office of Archbishop and now Cardinal of Galveston/Houston in syndication with the Free State Galveston legacy Tilman Fertitta syndicate controlling the Bishop’s off of Galveston Houston since the 30’s, as well as the Fertitta syndicate through the 100 Club dominating the Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol and the Governor and Attorney General office protecting for arrest child sex slave trafficking by SFC on the I-10 and I-69.

Dinardo and Wuerl both long term Associates of the Zappala  Mafia family of Allegheny County, Penn were also Promoters of Fr. Maciel’s Helu Money Laundering Front, The Legionaries of Christ. As such, Dinardo was sent by the Zapalla Mafia and Cardinals Sodano and Tarcisio Bertone (Vatican paid lackeys of Degollado) to Galveston/Houston in 2006, to attempt to repair the divorce of the Carlos Slim Helu Sinaloa Federation Cartel from the Chase/Vatican Bank via Money Laundering child sex slave trafficking proceeds due to Benedicts dismissal of Degollado as head of The Legionaries of Christ in 2006 after the death of his promoter and protector, JPII. Dinardo being arrogant and heavy handed completely failed in repairing the divorce accruing only contracts on his like from the Sinaloa Federation Cartel and the New Orlean’s Mafia, bitter rivals and enemies of the Zapalla’s.

“Pope to meet US bishops Thursday over abuse scandal Cardinal DiNardo: ‘Grave moral failures of judgment’about McCarrick allegations.’ “

This as serial child molester and seducer of seminarians, Fr. Manuel la Rosa-Lopez, from a wealthy Latin America family, bank rolling expensive dinning and vacations and sharing homosexual exploits with Bishop Jose Vasquez (anal raping Iraqi children at St. Michael’s Home which Dinardo covered up: Children’s shelter tried to cover up assault feds claim By Susan Carroll Updated Monday, September 26, 2011) Bishop of Austin, Dinardo’s former Auxiliary Bishop, who Dinardo personally knowing of Vasquez’s sodomite relationship with Manuel promoted nonetheless to be Bishop of Austin, Texas, turned himself in to local police the day before Dinardo meets with Francis, jailed on warranted 4 Counts of Sexually Abusing Children. Manuel for 13 years under Dinardo’s benevolent auspices served as Vicar of Hispanics and Pastor of a large wealthy parish with a school without informing parishioners of Manuel’s admitted sexual assaults on minors in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston after Dinardo having only recently personally interviewed both victims went to Rome to meet with Francis to demand answers how McCarrick could have happened. Dinardo must resign as President of the U.S. Conference of Bishops because like Wuerl he himself has no credibility to bring about reform, since he himself, like Wuerl, have committed the same crimes of omission they rightly accuse Francis of enabling and protecting Uncle Ted and Fr. Manuel alike.

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Aug. 16 announced three key goals and a comprehensive plan to address the “moral catastrophe” of the new abuse scandal hitting the U.S. church.

The plan “will involve the laity, lay experts, the clergy and the Vatican,” Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston Houston said. This plan will be presented to the full body of bishops at their general assembly meeting in Baltimore in November.

He said the “substantial involvement of the laity” from law enforcement, psychology and other disciplines will be essential to this process.

He also said that right now, it is clear that “one root cause” of this catastrophe “is the failure of episcopal leadership.”

In a lengthy letter addressed to all Catholics, Cardinal DiNardo laid out three goals just established by the bishops’ Executive Committee in a series of meetings held early the week of Aug. 13.

The first is a “full investigation” into “the questions surrounding” Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick, a former cardinal and retired archbishop of Washington. He said the Executive Committee will ask the Vatican to conduct an apostolic visitation into these questions “in concert with” a group of laypeople identified for their expertise by the USCCB’s lay-run National Review Board who will be “empowered to act.”

With a credible allegation that Archbishop McCarrick abused a minor nearly 47 years ago and accusations of his sexual misconduct with seminarians, many have been asking how the prelate could have risen up the ranks of the church as an auxiliary bishop, bishop, archbishop and finally cardinal.

Cardinal DiNardo described the second and third goals, respectively, as an opening of new and confidential channels for reporting complaints against bishops, and advocacy for more effective resolution of future complaints.

The three goals “will be pursued according to three criteria: proper independence, sufficient authority and substantial leadership by laity,” he said.

“Two weeks ago, I shared with you my sadness, anger, and shame over the recent revelations concerning Archbishop Theodore McCarrick,” Cardinal DiNardo said. “Those sentiments continue and are deepened in view of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report.

“We are faced with a spiritual crisis that requires not only spiritual conversion, but practical changes to avoid repeating the sins and failures of the past that are so evident in the recent report,” he added.

Cardinal DiNardo said the members of the Executive Committee “have already begun to develop a concrete plan for accomplishing these goals, relying upon consultation with experts, laity and clergy, as well as the Vatican.”

In addition to this being presented to the full body of bishops at their Baltimore assembly, the cardinal said he will go to Rome to present these goals and criteria to the Holy See, and to urge further concrete steps based on them.”

“The overarching goal in all of this is stronger protections against predators in the church and anyone who would conceal them, protections that will hold bishops to the highest standards of transparency and accountability,” Cardinal DiNardo explained.

He elaborated on each of the goals he described, starting with the “full investigation” of the Archbishop McCarrick case and questions surrounding it.

“These answers are necessary to prevent a recurrence,” he said, and “so help to protect minors, seminarians and others who are vulnerable in the future.”

The bishops will “invite the Vatican to conduct an apostolic visitation to address these questions, in concert with a group of predominantly laypeople identified for their expertise by members of the National Review Board and empowered to act,” he said.

He said the second goal “is to make reporting of abuse and misconduct by bishops easier.”

“Our 2002 ‘Statement of Episcopal Commitment’ does not make clear what avenue victims themselves should follow in reporting abuse or other sexual misconduct by bishops,” he explained. The statement is in the bishops’ “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People,” approved in Dallas in 2002, and revised in 2005, 2011 and 2018.

“We need to update this (commitment) document,” Cardinal DiNardo said. “We also need to develop and widely promote reliable third-party reporting mechanisms. Such tools already exist in many dioceses and in the public sector and we are already examining specific options.”

The third goal has to do with advocating for “better procedures to resolve complaints against bishops,” he said.

“For example, the canonical procedures that follow a complaint will be studied with an eye toward concrete proposals to make them more prompt, fair, and transparent, and to specify what constraints may be imposed on bishops at each stage of that process,” he said.

He also laid out the three criteria for pursing these goals: “genuine independence,” authority and “substantial involvement by the laity.”

“Any mechanism for addressing any complaint against a bishop must be free from bias or undue influence by a bishop,” he said. “Our structures must preclude bishops from deterring complaints against them, from hampering their investigation, or from skewing their resolution.”

Regarding authority in the church, he said, “Because only the pope has authority to discipline or remove bishops, we will assure that our measures will both respect that authority and protect the vulnerable from the abuse of ecclesial power.”

About the “substantial involvement of the laity,” he said: “Laypeople bring expertise in areas of investigation, law enforcement, psychology, and other relevant disciplines, and their presence reinforces our commitment to the first criterion of independence.”

In closing, he said, “I apologize and humbly ask your forgiveness for what my brother bishops and I have done and failed to do.”


Vatican City, (CNA/EWTN News) – The cardinal, who is Archbishop of Galveston-Houston and president of the U.S. bishops†conference, travelled to Rome together with Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, the vice-president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and USCCB General Secretary Msgr. Brian Bransfield.

Also present at the meeting was Cardinal Sean O†Malley of Boston, who serves as president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and is a member of the C9 Council of Cardinals charged with advising the pope on the governance of the universal Church.

DiNardo requested the meeting with Francis to discuss the ongoing sexual abuse scandals which have rocked the Church in America, in particular the case of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. Cardinal DiNardo had previously pledged to investigate the case of Archbishop McCarrick to “the full extent of the USCCB†s authority.”

Following a private audience with Pope Francis this morning, DiNardo released a brief statement through the U.S. bishops†conference.

“We are grateful to the Holy Father for receiving us in audience. We shared with Pope Francis our situation in the United States — how the Body of Christ is lacerated by the evil of sexual abuse. He listened very deeply from the heart. It was a lengthy, fruitful, and good exchange.”

The meeting follows a series of calls by commentators for the Pope Francis to release files held on Archbishop McCarrick in Rome and at the apostolic nunciature in Washington, D.C.

While the statement did not specify if McCarrick†s case or Vatican files related to it were discussed during the meeting, DiNardo has previously called for greater transparency by Church authorities on matters of sexual abuse, and especially that case of Archbishop McCarrick.

DiNardo†s statement said he, together with Cardinal O†Malley, Archbishop Gomez, and Msgr. Bransfield, looked forward to continuing to work together with Pope Francis on resolving the crisis facing the Church in the United States.

“As we departed the audience, we prayed the Angelus together for God’s mercy and strength as we work to heal the wounds. We look forward to actively continuing our discernment together identifying the most effective next steps.”

Earlier this week, Pope Francis announced a special meeting with all the presidents of the world†s bishops†conferences to discuss sexual abuse in the Church. That meeting is expected to be held in February of next year.


Sources are telling Church Militant privately that during last week’s meeting between Pope Francis and the U.S. delegation of Cardinals Daniel DiNardo and Sean O’Malley, as well as Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, the Pope basically told them to go jump in the lake.

DiNardo went to the Pope with three proposals to address the burgeoning clerical sex abuse crisis which is largely homosexual in nature.

The three proposals the Americans laid in front of the Pope were:

One: A full investigation into “the questions surrounding” the McCarrick situation. How did he rise to such prominence and maintain his high profile when so many knew of his homosexual rape and assaults against seminarians in the beach house? Specifically, DiNardo presented to Pope Francis for the Vatican to conduct an apostolic visitation into these questions “in concert with” a group of laypeople identified for their expertise by the USCCB’s lay-run National Review Board who will be “empowered to act.”

Two: An investigation into Abp. Viganò’s charges exposing a whole homosexual network that is like an octopus with tentacles reaching everywhere strangling the life out of the Church.

Three: An opening of new and confidential channels for reporting complaints against bishops and advocacy for more effective resolution of future complaints.

DiNardo has previously said publicly that all three goals “will be pursued according to three criteria: proper independence, sufficient authority and substantial leadership by laity.”

Of course, because of the way the Church is governed, and it’s bishops — including the bishop of Rome — that is being discussed, all of the plans, of course, need the explicit approval of the Pope. That’s why the delegation was in Rome, to begin with, to petition His Holiness to launch these investigations. So imagine the utter shock of the men when the Pope just cut them off and said: Nope; ain’t going to happen — no investigations, no lay oversight, forget it. I’ll take of all this in the two-day long meeting of bishops in Rome I’ve called for February. Thank you, gentlemen.

And just like that, the meeting was over.

In 2010, Dinardo defended his ecclesiastical promoter Pope Benedict who made Dinardo  Cardinal against strikingly similar cover up allegations to those leveled by Archbishop and former Papal Ambassador Vigano indicting Francis and demanding Francis’ resignation in the case of Theodore “Uncle Ted” McCarrick.”  Kathryn Casey, a local mystery author and member of St. Ignatius Loyola Parish, sharedan open letter to Cardinal DiNardo at this time, the head of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, regarding the Catholic response to allegations of abuse by priests.

Dear Cardinal DiNardo:

Cardinal DiNardo, you are the spiritual leader of Catholics in my city, my hometown. Today in the Houston Chronicle I read excerpts from your letter supporting the pope. You wrote: “recent headlines insinuating inaction or culpability by Pope Benedict XVI regarding the crisis are unfair or inaccurate. Any innuendo that he has not tried to tackle cases of sexual abuse by clergy is misleading and harmful to the church.”

Catholics disgusted with this situation are less concerned with what is harmful to the church than with holding those responsible accountable and preventing future abuses. Instead of asking Catholics to blindly accept that the pope is innocent of the allegations, why not call for an open investigation? If the pope acted honorably, why be afraid to expose his past actions or inactions to scrutiny?


As Catholics, we deserve a church we can be proud of, one that does the right things, even in the most difficult situations. We deserve a church that lives what it preaches, including justice and compassion for the most vulnerable, our children.

Dinardo ultimately told Benedict to resign, so Dinardo could run for Pope.  With Francis it is Déjà vu all over again, like Benedict for Cardinal Dinardo.  Although the end game for Dinardo is the same with Francis as with Benedict, confront Francis to resign like Benedict did, so Dinardo could become Pope, Dinardo learning from his first rodeo in Texas and Rome in attempting to become Pope by stealthy two faced calumny has changed tacked in confronting papal propable opportunity with Francis adapting  .”  Kathryn Casey  Instead of asking Catholics to blindly accept that the pope is innocent of the allegations, why not call for an open investigation? If the pope acted honorably, why be afraid to expose his past actions or inactions to scrutiny?

And voila,

Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo has issued a strongly worded statement addressing the “grievous moral failure” in the Church revealed by the scandal surrounding former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

In a statement released today, the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston and President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops said the accusations against Archbishop McCarrick have caused “anger, sadness, and shame” for American bishops, himself included.

The statement comes after it was announced that Pope Francis had accepted McCarrick’s resignation as a cardinal, and assigned him to live in “seclusion, prayer, and penance” pending the outcome of a canonical process.

Addressing both the accusations against McCarrick and the fact that they went publicly undisclosed for decades, Cardinal DiNardo said that great harm had been done, and that there had been “grave moral failures of judgment” by Church leaders. (i.e. Francis)

“These failures raise serious questions,” DiNardo’s statement said. “Why weren’t these allegations of sins against chastity and human dignity disclosed when they were first brought to Church officials? Why wasn’t this egregious situation addressed decades sooner and with justice? What must our seminaries do to protect the freedom to discern a priestly vocation without being subject to misuse of power?”

To this end, DiNardo announced that he had convened the USCCB’s Executive Committee to discuss how the American bishops could best respond to the still unfolding scandal. The meeting was the first of several that will take place in the coming months, including at the Conference’s Administrative Committee meeting in September and the General Assembly in November.


Cardinal DiNardo stressed that, while the work of the Conference would necessarily take time, there were several crucial points for immediate action, beginning with an encouragement for every bishop to stand ready to respond with “compassion and justice” to anyone coming forward with an allegation of sexual abuse or harassment.

At the same time, the cardinal urged all victims of sexual assault or harassment, by anyone in the Church, to come forward and, if the allegations concern a civil crime, to notify local law enforcement as well.

Cardinal DiNardo pledged that the USCCB would do everything in its power to respond to the allegations against McCarrick, and if necessary encourage others to do the same.

“The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will pursue the many questions surrounding Archbishop McCarrick’s conduct to the full extent of its authority; and where that authority finds its limits, the Conference will advocate with those who do have the authority.”

“One way or the other, we are determined to find the truth in this matter.”


Cardinal DiNardo of Galveston-Houston Diocese speaks on abuse scandal

The head of the diocese released several statements this week, calling for action

By Maggie Gordon

Updated 3:17 pm CDT, Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The current document the church relies upon to guide people through the reporting process “does not make clear what avenue victims themselves should follow in reporting abuse or other sexual misconduct by bishops,” DiNardo said in a statement. “We need to update this document. We also need to develop and widely promote reliable third-party reporting mechanisms. Such tools already exist in many dioceses and in the public sector and we are already examining specific options.” (You cannot make this stuff up!

The as Providence would have it, the day before Dinardo made a spectacle of himself as episcopal child sodomy trafficking reformer candidate for Pope to replace Francis forced to resign because of cover up, Fr. Manuel denying all charges turns himself in to local Police denying all warranted charges of four counts of sexual assault of minors.

Two People Accuse Cardinal DiNardo of Ignoring Abuse by Priest in Conroe

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston says it reported both allegations to CPS

As U.S. Catholic leaders head to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis about a growing church abuse crisis, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo –who is leading the delegation– has been accused by two people of not doing enough to stop a priest who was arrested this week on sexual abuse charges.

The two people told The Associated Press that they reported the priest and met with Cardinal DiNardo, of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. One of them says she was promised in a meeting with DiNardo, several years after she first reported abuse, that the priest would be removed from any contact with children, only to discover that the priest remained in active ministry at another parish 70 miles away.

The priest, Manuel LaRosa-Lopez, was arrested Tuesday by police in Conroe, Texas. Both people who spoke to the AP are cooperating with police.

This undated photo provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office shows Father Manuel LaRosa-Lopez. LaRosa-Lopez, was arrested Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018, by police in Conroe, Texas and is accused of fondling two people when they were teenagers and he was a priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe. He is charged with four counts of indecency with a child.

LaRosa-Lopez, 60, is accused of fondling both people when they were teenagers and he was a priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe. He is charged with four counts of indecency with a child. Each count carries a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison.

LaRosa-Lopez is now the pastor at St. John Fisher Catholic Church in Richmond. He is also the archdiocese’s episcopal vicar for Hispanics.

The Archdiocese issued a statement Wednesday confirming that both people had come forward to report abuse by LaRosa-Lopez, one of them in 2001.

The Archdiocese said it reported both allegations to the state Child Protective Services (CPS) and said it was unaware of any other “allegations of inappropriate conduct involving minors” against the priest. A spokesman for CPS on Wednesday could not immediately confirm if the reports had been made. LaRosa-Lopez did not immediately return a phone message left Wednesday.

“To anyone affected by any form of abuse by anyone who represents the Church, the Archdiocese deeply regrets such a fundamental violation of trust, and commits itself to eliminating such unacceptable actions,” the Archdiocese said.

In addition to his responsibilities in Houston, DiNardo is head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a position that has made him a prominent figure in the church’s response to a new wave of allegations that Catholic leaders covered up sexual abuse. He is meeting with Pope Francis on Thursday at the Vatican.

Both accusers who say they went to DiNardo are now in their 30s. The Associated Press typically does not identify victims in sexual abuse cases, and both people asked that their names be withheld.

One was flown by the church from the West Coast to Houston to meet with DiNardo and the victims’ assistance coordinator for the Archdiocese. They met at the Archdiocese on the afternoon of Aug. 10.

He wrote down notes from the meeting quickly after leaving, and shared a copy of the notes with AP.

“Cardinal seemed dismissive of situation,” the notes read. He also wrote down what he says is a quote from DiNardo: “You should have told us sooner.”

“It was a dismissive tone,” he recalled. “In the back of my head, I was thinking about his comment. I was so mad afterward.”

Both said they had believed their cases would be too old to prosecute under statute of limitations laws. But the Texas Legislature in 2007 removed the statute of limitations for indecency with a child cases. Montgomery County prosecutors say that change means their cases remain eligible to be prosecuted now.

The group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, has called for the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate the Houston archdiocese and others for whether they covered up sexual abuse in their ranks.

“DiNardo needs to come clean on what he knows,” said Michael Norris, a member of SNAP.

Both victims say they were teenagers when LaRosa-Lopez tried to befriend them over a period before initiating physical contact.

The male victim said he became interested as a teenager in joining the clergy and going to seminary. He started to attend Mass and got to know LaRosa-Lopez. Eventually, he got a job where he worked nights at Sacred Heart as an assistant.

He remembered LaRosa-Lopez being known as “touchy-feely,” and that the priest’s contact with him became more physical over time: first touching on the arm, then hugging, then a kiss on the cheek.

One night, he said, the priest showed him pictures of young seminarians that “he had a lot of fun with,” and tried to take the teenager’s clothes off and put his hands down his pants. He pushed back and quickly left the residence. He said he reported the incident to church authorities last year.

The Archdiocese said Wednesday it was “formally presented” with the allegation in August.

The female accuser said LaRosa-Lopez befriended her during her weekly confession at Sacred Heart. “He basically was my only friend,” she said.

The female victim declined to detail what LaRosa-Lopez did, saying only that he touched her inappropriately shortly before Easter, after she had turned 16.

She says her father found out what had happened and the family reported it to the church. Church officials told her that LaRosa-Lopez would be moved.

The Archdiocese confirmed Wednesday that LaRosa-Lopez was re-assigned in 2001 to another church, St. Francis de Sales, and then moved in 2004 to St. John Fisher, his current assignment. It would not confirm he was moved due to an abuse complaint.

She eventually resumed going to her church with LaRosa-Lopez transferred to a new location.

But in 2010, she saw a copy of the archdiocese’s internal newsletter, which announced LaRosa-Lopez’s appointment as vicar of Hispanic ministry. She thought there was a chance DiNardo didn’t know about her complaint because it had predated his time in Houston.

She contacted the church and started to meet with a therapist paid for by the archdiocese. Eventually, she met with DiNardo and other top clergy in the diocese. She says they told her that after she had come forward, LaRosa-Lopez was sent to a hospital for psychiatric treatment twice and that would no longer be allowed to work with children.

Then LaRosa-Lopez was brought in for about 10 minutes, she confronted him about the abuse and he apologized.

She says she later discovered that LaRosa-Lopez remained at St. John Fisher, in the presence of children. Of DiNardo, the woman said, “I’m tired of all of his empty words.”

“If he’s going to go meet with the Pope and pretend that all of this is OK and his diocese is clean, I can’t stand it,” she said. “I can’t be quiet.”

The Associated Press asked Tuesday to interview DiNardo and other top leaders at the Archdiocese. It also submitted a list of questions about both victims’ allegations.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese declined the interview requests or to address specific allegations about what DiNardo told the victims.

LaRosa-Lopez was not present at Mass in St. John Fisher on Saturday night or Sunday. A reporter who visited both days saw that a parking spot, marked with a sign reserving the space for “Father Manuel,” was empty.

Parishioners were told on Sunday morning Mass that LaRosa-Lopez was “at a retreat.”



Priest accused of sexually abusing children at Conroe church (Dinardo’s Archdiocese of Galveston Houston)

Conroe police say the alleged crimes happened over a span of several years in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s.


Author: Doug Delony

Published: 11:30 AM CDT September 12, 2018

Updated: 1:07 PM CDT September 12, 2018

CONROE, Texas – A former employee of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe has been charged with four counts of indecency with a child, according to the Conroe Police Department.

Police say they took two separate criminal reports that named Manuel La Rosa-Lopez. He’s accused of sexually abusing children while assigned to a position at the church.


Conroe police say the alleged crimes happened over a span of several years in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s.

While police only identified him as an employee, multiple online profiles and church websites identify La Rosa-Lopez as a priest who still works in the Houston area.

The father turned himself in to the Montgomery County Jail on Tuesday.

Police have not released any further information on the case as the investigation is ongoing at this time.

Wednesday afternoon, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston released the following statement:

In 2001, a then-16 year old girl and her family notified this Archdiocese that Fr. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez

had kissed and touched her inappropriately when he was assigned as Parochial Vicar at Sacred Heart in Conroe. We immediately referred this information to Children’s Protective Services for further


Father La Rosa-Lopez denied touching the girl inappropriately, and the girl’s family decided not to pursue the matter, relocating out of the country that same year. After an internal review, including presentation of the above allegations to the newly founded Archdiocesan Review Board in

2003, Father La Rosa-Lopez was permitted to return to parish ministry in 2004.

Following her return to the U.S., the Archdiocese, in accordance with our commitment to provide pastoral outreach, provided the young woman with counseling services for a period of time, until she decided to discontinue her therapy.

For the last 17 years, no other allegations of inappropriate conduct involving minors were presented

against Father La Rosa-Lopez until 2018.

During an interview in Houston on August 10, 2018, a 36 year old man formally presented an allegation



Cardinal Daniel Dinardo



This letter by Cardinal Dinardo is pure fabrication, distortion of fact to cover up Dinardo’s  decade old cover up of Father Manuel La-Rosa-Lopez predatory criminal acts towards children in the Arch Diocese of Galveston/Houston.

I was assigned by  former  Archbishop of Galveston/Houston “Lying Joe” Fiorenza to Sacred Heart Church in Conroe, Texas in 2006 as Ass. Pastor.  I heard first hand accounts from the social worker employed by the Parish, the house keeper (about Manuel- from a wealthy Latin American family demanding slave like service), book keeper about Fr. Manuel assaulting children, both male and female from the parish school, taking children from campus in his car regularly.


Although I did not meet the girl victim in the article, I did meet her parents and siblings. One sibling, was the boyfriend of the daughter of a family I was close to. The daughter was terrified, and still terrified by her exposure to Fr. Manuel at the parish school as a child.  The parents of the child assault victim were tight lipped around me and in general about the case, it was a dark family secret. It is a lie by Dinardo that  In 2001, a then-16 year old girl and her family notified this Archdiocese that Fr. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez had kissed and touched her inappropriately when he was assigned as Parochial Vicar at Sacred Heart in Conroe. The parents, for whatever reason chose only to inform their Pastor Fr. Kennedy, if they even did that.I was told by the resident social worker and confirmed by other members of the parish staff that report of Fr. Manuel’s assault in how ever way reached the ears of the Pastor David Kennedy-who told me Fr. Manuel was the worst associate he ever had. Fr. David immediately expelled Fr. Manuel (leaving behind his possessions) from the Parish Rectory.  The next day at Staff meeting who told the parish staff if they ever see Manuel again on parish property to call the police immediately. Manuel by the end of the week resurfaced assigned by lying Joe Fierenza  to the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal ( Manuel does not have a degree in Cannon Law. The Marriage Tribunal is a classic safe house for clerical child abusers who are not welcome in a parish)

The girl was not 16 years old- the age of consent- as Dinardo falsely asserts in cover up, but 11 years old.  Dinardo minimizes the brutality of the assault by Manuel on a child by using the innocuous kissing and touching  (prelude to sodomy and rape) description to characterize the brutal assault.  This description is complete fabrication on Dinardo’s part in that the family did not report the assault directly to the Archdiocese “We”  since Dinardo was not physically present at that time(did not) immediately referred this information to Children’s Protective Services for further investigation. 

Since the family never reported the assault directly and immediately to the Archdiocese (the Parents for almost 18 years choosing not to, and thereby endangering other children) We- and Dinardo have no documented facts about the event and did not refer “this information” to CPS for further investigation.

.After an internal review, including presentation of the above allegations to the newly founded Archdiocesan Review Board in 2003, Father La Rosa-Lopez was permitted to return to parish ministry in 2004.

This allegation was never formally presented to the Archdiocese.  There is no public record of internal review including the presentation of the above allegation to the newly founded Archdiocesan Review Board as Dinardo falsely asserts.


Manuel was made Pastor of a large and wealthy parish with a large elementary school.  He was made Pastor for the first time under suspicion on sexual assault on a child at Sacred Heart, Conroe.

For the last 17 years, no other allegations of inappropriate conduct involving minors were presentedagainst Father La Rosa-Lopez until 2018.

Except this 36 year old who was assaulted by Manuel during the 18 year period


As a disclaimer, Pope Francis cannot resign as Pope because Francis is not, could not ever be Pope in the first place. Francis first and for most does not publicly hold to the Roman Catholic Faith and is apostate. It is impossible for Francis the Apostate thereby to be Pope. To call for Francis’ resignation because of cover up of sexual abuse by clerics misses the point completely that Francis is not and never was The Pope, but only an apostate imposter. It is damnable to say before simple believers and all believers that Francis is Pope in the first place, which Vigano, Burke, and Michael Voris and everyone else accepts, Francis is Pope, begging the question of the need for him to resign.

To the contrary, Cardinal Dinardo is Archbishop of Galveston/Houston and is elected President of The National Conference of Bishops. As such in the light of covering up and episcopal enabling of child sodomy trafficking in the Church by his ecclesial promotion of Fr. Manuel la Rosa-Lopez and his accomplice Bishop of Austin Jose Vasquez, according to Dinardo’s own dictates of reform, Cardinal Dinardo must resign as President of The National Conference of Bishops, and like his sodomite ecclesiastical enabler Donna the Girl Wuerl that Dinardo took many Twirls with in Pittsburg in the 80’s with as a young episcopal ambitious priest in Wuerl’s diocese, Dinardo like Wuerl should submit ironically his resignation to Francis. Dinardo’s credibility to reform or heal child sex abuse as Cardinal or President is completely blown.


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