Francis is Done. A Letter to Randy Engel, Author of The Rite of Sodomy

I thought you would be the expert source not only for the PA AG Report, but all the others, culminating in a Federal Grand Jury and hopefully a RICO indictment of Dinardo and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, or whatever they are calling themselves now. Wuerl popped like a balloon! Francis’ head is on the chopping block and does not have any defense whatsoever, quit the contrary.  As you know there are sex abuse cover up court cases against Francis as Archbishop of Buenos Aires documented by I am sure there will be accusations forth coming from when Francis was Rector of the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel in San Miguel. Francis, a Lucio Gelli P-2 protege is an indicted war criminal and child trafficker by the Federal Court in Argentina for his CIA/ Peronista Nazi/Comunist crimes including allegations of torture and murder of lay Catholics and two Jesuits as Jesuit Provincial during the CIA Dirty War in Argentina. Francis’ infamous “Who am I to judge” came after Francis repudiated (covered up) overwhelming evidence by Church and State against Monsignor Ricca to make Ricca Francis’ personal legate to over see the Vatican Bank reform. LOL. Francis, the day after his masonic rigged election, at Mary Majors said nothing to the Rector Bernard Law, and appointed Law’s successor stodge Sean O’Mally to head Francis’ completely vacuous Sexual Abuse Vatican Commission which has suffered several key defections because of its planned ineptitude, of key figure head members. One member, a former  Provincial of the Chicago Province, who knowingly allowed Fr. Don McGuire to continue to abuse 10 year old boys in his company, by releasing Fr. Don under the personal cognizance of Mother Theresa and Fr. John Hardin to continue to rape children whose parents allowed their 10 year old sons to travel the globe with Fr. Don as motivational speaker to the pathetic zombies in Mother’s creepy personality cult, is still presiding over this Vatican child rape cover up farce with O’Mally. Francis made Mother a saint knowing about fellow Jesuit, her confessor, Don McGuire, a cover up of child rape to the highest degree.  Francis the Argentinian insulted Chile over child sexual abuse in cover up. The Chilean government in response is raiding every chancery in Chile for evidence of bishop covered up child rape. The whole episcopate of Chile offered to resign, after Francis blamed them for his own cover up. Francis accepted 5 resignations. When the Chile prosecutors bring their evidence and make their indictments, it is an indictment of Francis continuing to call Chile as an Argentinian liars and covering up for all Chilean bishops who offered to resign en mass but Francis did not accept their resignations en mass, only five.. And of course PA. The PS AG, not Wuerl’s puppeteer Gregory Zappala who helped  Wuerl in 85 cover up the clerical sex abuse roots of the attempted murder of Michael Ferrence’s son, but a Jew,  Shapiro, wrote Francis a certified letter months ago that PA Church officials, Wuerl and Zubrick, were attempting to keep the PA Grand Jury findings from promulgation through their influence over the PA Supreme Court Justices.  Remember Anthony Zappala was Supreme Court Chief Justice during Wuerls time in Pittsburgh. Francis as is typical did not respond. When the findings were finally promulgated after months of court delay, when asked to comment, Francis response was “no comment.”   Francis could have accepted Wuerls’ ordinary resignation at 75, but kept Wuerl on as a key strategist like Timmy Radcliff who sanctimoniously proclaims sodomy is eucharistic, for Francis the Apostate satanic war on The One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church. Francis still has not accepted Wuerls resignation. Francis is not sly or clever. He believes he is massively popular and will do whatever he wills. This is delusional. Just as Benedict could not withstand the enormity of his 25 year cover up of global child sex slave trafficking for JPII by Fr. Maciel, Francis is facing many times on a global level substantial charges of cover up. Francis will not survive. It is pathetic that Francis response is to blame clericalism and not homosexuality for child rape in the Church.Shapiro is not buying this red herring. It is hilarious the AG of Il. is convening a Grand Jury  under Cupich which will uncover much about Cardinal Bernadine, Cupich’s idol. I  hope the Nebraska AG will not stop in Lincoln but investigate Omaha under Dolan’s seminary  catamite  George Lukas. This could uncover  Boystown child sex slaving documented in Sen John Van de Camp’s The Franklin Cover up which is the beginning of modern child sex slaving via the Bush/Clinton/Tilman Fertitta/Bishop Fiorenza/Calos Slim Helu/ JP II /Fr. Maciel Sinaloa Cartel that Dinardo was sent to try to put back together as an cardinal agent of the Vatican Bank in 2006 after Benedict dismissed Maciel.  Just like Francis, Dinardo because of his on well documented cover up of sexual abuse as bishop of Souix City, Iowa, and then as Cardinal Archbishop of Galveston/Houston, and now as President of the National Conference of Bishops has an impossible task. Dinardo has said Wuerl, his twirl in his salad days as a young episcopal aspiring catamite in the Diocese of Pittsburg under Donna Wuerl, must be put out of the Church. I will not be surprised if Dinardo is one of the first to call for the resignation of Francis (so he Dinardo can be Pope). This is all hilarious!.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary is Triumphing everywhere. All that is needed for complete victory is the consecration of Russia by name in a public solemn ceremony by The Pope in union with all the still Catholic Bishops of the World.  Although I will indict Dinardo in my case, resigned or not, and I am sticking to my guns, Mary shows she does not need me in the least for her heart to triumph. But she does accept and protect my efforts and has blessed me in spite of my sinfulness and ignorance because I am one of the few who listen to what she said at Fatima and have not added to it but see it in its literal fulfillment. Congratulations Randy, good and faithful servant. Your reward will be grate in Heaven! I am so blessed to know you!
Deus Providebit!
Fr. Christopher

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