Alex Jones’ Phony, Hypocritical 1st Amendment Self Professed, Self Martyrdom False Flag on Social Media is a Marketing Ruse to Sell a Shitload of Vitamins

No one is more directly responsible for his phony, hypocritical 1st Amendment social media self professed martyrdom by Infowhores than Alex Jones.  Fellow Zionist and  social media vacuous figurehead, Harvard drop out, Mark Zuckerberg,  by “unliking” Jones on Facebook,  is not responsible for Alex Jones’ self martyrdom.  In fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s  pirated Mossad/CIA social media disinformation control platform originally is a cyberspace Mossad/CIA fostered paternal twin of  Jones’ Infowars, Infowars and Jones posing as  a shill covert Mossad/CIA social media disinformation controlled opposition full spectrum dominance foil on Facebook, to put it in Jones’ own Infowar parlance.

In fact, Zuckerberg  at the inception of Facebook did not invent the social media internet net platform concept as he claims, or write the code under girding the social media internet platform concept pirated by Zuckerberg for Facebook.  Jones like Zucherberg,  claims self made man Jones is solely responsible for originating the Alt News American Patriot social media internet concept underlying Infowars, and Infowars social media stellar success (like Face Book until recently)  but without corporate media backing through vitamin sales alone.   Zucherberg in claiming he wrote the Facebook code,  claims he is the originator of the concept of social media platform,  a la  Al Gore and the Internet, and thereby plagiarized and eclipsed the true inventors just as Jones plagiarized and eclipsed Jeff Rense, the originator of the Alt News American Patriot social media internet concept underlying Infowars.

Six days after the site ( launched, three Harvard seniors, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra, accused Zuckerberg of intentionally misleading them into believing he would help them build a social network called, while he was instead using their ideas to build a competing product.


Alex Jones and Infowars exhibit an uncanny resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook as Jones likewise pirated the Alt News American Patriot internet platform aped by Infowhores  as a Mossad/CIA  Is R Hell shill from Jeff Rense’s  Alt News, eclipsing Rense, and of course Jones crediting only Jones, not Jeff Rense for the alt news American Patriot internet platform concept underlying Infowars.

Moreover,  Jones’ Infowars and Zuckerberg’s Facebook are cyberspace paternal twins, sharing the same Alphabet Inc. i.e. CIA/Mossad disinformation controlled opposition DNA social engineering. Face Book and Infowars  show themselves to be CIA/Mossad fostered paternal twins  most importantly by not who you hear, but who you do not  hear criticized by Alex and Mark on Infowars and Face Book – Israel and Zionist Jews.

Mossad asset, fake Jew news Warner Media owned puppet Alex Jones’ for over a decade center staged Infowhores as an “Alt News Patriot” controlled opposition, now faux America First, Trumpista Zionist/anti Catholic shill dedicated Mossad/CIA full spectrum dominance foil, until Jone’s was recently “unliked” by Zuckerberg, or as Jones screams “unpersoned.”  Jones, as is the case on Facebook,  colluded on his own initiative with Mossad/CIA Google owned You Tube to get himself  “unpartnered” ” to ignite a chain reaction self martyrdom.

Twitter was one of the last tech giants to remove Jones from its platform. Apple, Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify and YouTube (which is owned by Google) removed some or all Jones-related content earlier this week for violating their user terms prohibiting hate speech.


Since 2007  Alex Jones, on You Tube as on Facebook, has thrived and prospered greatly via serene symbiotic mutual brand building boostering  Infowars and You Tube alike.  Jones built up a channel subscription of over 2.3 million until recently “unpartnered” by You Tube, or as Jone’s screams “unpersoned” by You Tube.

So why did Jones choose to commit 1st Amendment self martyrdom now?  Jones’ self professed phony,  hypocritical 1st Amendment self martyrdom, not being thrown to the lions in Rome, but by being unliked by Facebook and unpartnered by You Tube, is a False Flag.  And as Jones an expert on False Flags will be the first to tell you, all False Flags beg the question, like murder, Cui Bono? To whose good? in Latin.  Jones alone stands to profit from his committing Ist Amendment self martyrdom, not recently stock market deflated Facebook, or cyberspace floundering You Tube.  Jones by his shill Ist Amendment self martrydom false flag profits hand in glove with Jones’ CIA/Mossad handlers whose only real business goal on the internet is to annihilate truth tellers and cultivate liars like Alex Jones as controlled opposition. Jones’ False Flag after a decade of serene symbiotic mutual brand building between Infowars, Facebook, and You Tube  in the immediate wake of Facebook’s stock market deflation  and You Tube’s advertising revenue gutted by content creator censorship demonetization and outraged viewers and content creators  who “just walk away” to “Steam It”  is a last dying gasp and a parting shot False Flag of CIA/Mossad internet social media disinformation control through Google, Facebook, and You Tube in collusion with Jones aimed at truthful internet media pundit and news blogs.

It’s entirely possible that if the newfound site visitors stick around, Jones would end up more profitable than before he was blacklisted

Infowars,  a CIA/Mossad faux America first/ Trumpista Zionist controlled opposition propaganda social media platform will thrive and prosper, while Facebook and You Tube, done and gone, complete failures in their disinformation raison d’etre  are used solely as crash and burn parting False Flag shots by their and Jones’ Mosssad/CIA  handlers in  Alex Jones’ phony, hypocritical  1st Amendment social media self professed martyrdom false flag promotes government license to copy cat quashing of truthful alternative media internet cites post Facebook and You Tube censorship, as Jones quashed Jeff Rense, .

Who is behind this False Flag orchestrating it? Again Cui Bono? Jones by his narcissistic self professed self martyrdom in the spot light of the world wide web is. Why this False Flag at this time after a decade of peaceful, profitable symbiotic existence between Infowars, Facebook, and You Tube all Mossad/CIA shills dedicated to full spectrum disinformation dominance on the world wider web? False Flags serve to distort actual history at critical junctures ending peace co existence to provoke war.  Infowars motto is “There is a war on for your mind.” Alex Jones phony, hypocritical  1st Amendment social media self professed martyrdom False Flag, as a Mossad/CIA shill, declared a cyber war of terror for all alternative media minds as all False Flags invoke terror in the minds of their assumed next targets, sheepled  in mind by Jones’ False Flag Terror, they are the next target for cyber free speech annihilation. The irrational is  – if they did it to an alternative media established giant like Jones (CIA/Mossad proxy)  they can do it to anyone, most especially poor little me next. Jones’  1st Amendment false flag war for your truthful mind instills terror posing as  fear a door is opened, government license given,  fait accompli with Jones’ 1st Amendment self professed on line martyrdom in a corporate fascist social media platform conspiracy to copy cat quash truthful alternative media minds and thereby annihilating internet free speech, this the sole purpose and ultimate goal  of  the  Mossad/CIA business on the world wide web, unless “United We Stand with Alex Jones, Divided from Alex Jones We Fall!”  Terrifed minds “I’m next!” by Jone’s phony 1st Amendment social media self professed martyrdom False Flag  thereby co-opted by fear seeking safety in numbers in anti corporate fascist censorship solidarity under the covert pirate banner of Infowhores is an emerging  internet marketing demographic promoted by Jones to sell a shitload of vitamins.

All False Flags are false. Jones’ False Flag is fake. False Flag terror threats are vain threats. No one continued to die on September 12th. With all false flags the only thing to fear is fear itself. Look around you on the internet, nothing has happened. You Tube and Facebook as internet cites, are proven impotent even in collusion with Jones to annihilate anyone’s free speech on the internet, and only have the power to annihilate the own social media platforms on the internet, not any others. Likewise, you alone have the power to annihilate your free speech on the internet, no one else.  False Flag terror seeks to silence the afraid.

Since the time of Nero, it is morally forbidden for Catholics to selfishly and to purposely seek to crown themselves through their own devices with the nonetheless coveted  “crown of martyrdom.”  St. Paul, a proud Roman Citizen, martyred by Nero, counsels respect and obedience for public authorities by Christians, not defying persecuting authorities in public, taunting, like Alex Jones, “come and take it,” something Jesus Christ, the King of Martyrs  never did.   Alex Jones, on the world wide web, of his own volition, out of his own selfish narcissist self projection in world online spotlight phony, hypocritical sanctimonious self martyrdom, sacrificing his cyber existence for Ist Amendment free speech on the world wide web, defiantly and continuously violated terms of use agreement (i.e. breached a bona fide contract of use) by freely disavowing a ninety day on line appearance ban sanction by You Tube,  violating You Tube’s use agreed upon contract conditions.  As such, Jones is in breach of bona fide contract, not You Tube.

Jones taunted by his always juvenile defiant opposition personality disorder  You Tube Nero,  come and take it! to crown himself  king of  1st Amendment martyrs.  Jones’ in doing so knew implicitly Problem-Reaction-Solution the  typical corporate fascist politically correct full spectrum dominance, exhibiting the fake jew control of all social media, to censor and to demonize all alternative media as fake and as conspiracy theory, as well as racist, sexist, and transphobic  in general  “hate speech” and now Jones claims by his self martyrdom government (means mind control) now has a license to quash all truthful internet media cites backed by government censorship of “hate speech” as pioneered and codified by Jones own self professed self 1st Amendment martyrdom.

Do not be fooled,  like the Ayatollah Khomeini  in 1979 installed by MI-6, CIA, Mossad in Iran to supplant the “Iran First” minded Shaw, Iran to be lost to the Western exploitation regardless,  leading to the geo-political isolation of Iran today so as to prevent Iran First under either the Ayatollah or Shaw from dominating “The Middle East” in stead of pip squeak Greater Israel, Jones’, like Khomeini,  is operating undercover in his freely chosen self martyrdom as a  Mossad/CIA Zionist shill, a guiding light through the internet Social Media post Facebook and You Tube cyberspace waste land, leading even those who correctly see Jones as a CIA/Mossad gate keeper and shill,  to the post Face Book and You Tub era, to  a new covertly Mossad/CIA infiltrated internet media platform with Alex Jones once again and nevertheless at its narcissistic all others eclipsing center.

As Lenin said, “If you want to defeat the opposition, become the opposition.”  Alex Jones in his internet self martyrdom,  as a Zionist Mossad/CIA shill has become the opposition by leading it, all the while aping and defaming truthful alternative media blogs on line just as Jones did originally pirating Jeff Rense’ Alt News to start Infowars.  Jones’ raised self martyrdom false flag has scene almost universal salutes from alternative media cites of every ilk in alleged support of First Amendment Free Speech, all Jones opposition and cite comment critics, the Left and the Right, and the Beyond, in full spectrum dominance, in a marketing ruse to sell a shit loads of vitamins through the Infowar Store. “Fight the Bullies! Save the Internet! Save Infowars! Save Super Special! Shop Now!” Infowars Store poster boy Alex Jones  looking so sad with a large “Censored” piece of tap across his incessant big mouth silently shilling  as a Infowars store shill “Shop Now!”

While truthful alternative media support for Alex Jones 1st Amendment self martyrdom false flag allegedly against fake jew news corporate state fascist social media censorship seems at this point universal even among those who detest Alex Jones as a Mossad/CIA Zionist shill and full spectrum dominance faux alternative media controlled opposition foil he is, true to narcissistic form, Alex’s self crowning as king of 1st Amendment martyrs false flag, as a Mossad/CIA disinformation shill, draws all attention of all media, corporate and alternative away from Is R Hell and fake Jews, eclipsing any mention of  near daily, typical  Is R Hell racist, genocidal massacres by the teenager dominated IDF against Palestinians imprisoned in Gaza, the largest open air Ash Can Nazi death camp prison, who are threatened daily with murderous and life long disabling live fire (IDF targets children and teenagers in their reproductive organs), just as any inmate in a prison is, if they dare to approach the barb wire of their unjust imprisonment.  More over, the Alex Jones’ self  1st Amendment martyrdom false flag show extravaganza eclipses on the internet, ( and of course not shown on cable news from Fox to CNN) the return of almost 700,000 Syrian refugee’s to Syria under President Assad and Pres. Vladimir Putin, trumpeting the annihilation of Mossad/CIA/Saudi Is R Hell greater Is R Hell proxy army, ISIS, and the imminent end of Saudi Arabia, Is R Hell’s only ally in the Arab World along with the United Slaves of Is R Hell.

The Saudi King by rule of petro billions is no longer the leader of the Islamic World.  Just as the U.S. President beginning with Obama and solidified by Trump is no longer viewed as the Leader of The Free World  by the World. Vladimir Putin can make claim he is the leader of the post Jew World Order free world and of the post Riyad Islamic world because Putin is moral as a statesman and is diametrically opposed to the Zionist Jew World Order, beginning with Jewish Mafia corruption in Russia and the kicking out of Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union from Russia  began by Stalin and ended by Putin paying off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds and forming Brics.  Putin serves to resurrect an originally Catholic Russia, as prophesied by Mary, The Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Fatima,  and has destroyed with Trump the Jew New World Order, which like Saudi and Is R Hell, Facebook and You Tube, and Alex Jones destroy themselves by being evil and promoting a world based on lying. You can only be destroyed, destroy yourself if you freely participate in evil or do not stand up to evil out of fee and self interest.  Vladimir Putin is by merit and by morality the de facto  leader of not only the post Greater Israel New World Order, post Rothschild  bankster free world, and a strong case can be made of the post Saudi billions Islamic world as well.

Putin in friendship with the honorable Bashar Assad is champion of the Syrians, champion of the Palestinians, who share deep ethnic, religious, and historical ties with Syria, and as apostolic Christians,  with post Soviet Union (Jewish Bolshevik) Russia.  Assad has vowed to take back all occupied Syrian land, this includes the 1967 pirated and 1981 illegally annexed Golan Heights from which Is R Hell pirates forty percent of their fresh water from Syria. Is R Hell’s IDF and the United Slaves of Is R Hell Pentagon are impudent to stop Assad from taking back The Golan Heights as soon as Isis is annihilated.   Alex Jone’s phony, hypocritical  1st Amendment self martyrdom false flag, as a Mossad/US Trump Zionist propaganda shill has managed to eclipse for the moment to sell more vitamins, this monumental emerging reality of world peace based on freedom from terror sponsored by Tel Aviv, Ryad, D.C. from the consciousness of all truthful alternative media blogs with Jones’ Ist Amendment self martyrdom false flag terror shilling CIA/Mossad  loss of 1st amendment freedom of speech a cruel paradox.

First enamored of Alex Jones  when I initially woke up from my brainwashing by life long brain eating zombie corporate media consumption, especially fake jew corporate news, I enthusiastically recommended Alex to my G.W. Bush comrades in arms in the culture war and to my family alike. At first annoyed by growing criticism of my hero Alex Jones as a Zionist gate keeper shill in the Infowar comment section, I  began to understand Alex de facto to be a Mossad/ U.S. Zionist now faux America First Trumpista Is R Hell shill controlled opposition, co-opting and eclipsing the spotlight from truthful alternative media news blogs, having no corporate media backing like Alex enjoyed  from Warner, Alphabet inc. on You Tube, and Facebook all those years.

Today, almost all comments on Alex’s website universally declare Alex’s to be a CIA/Mossad shill, and mock Alex as such as a fraud. The comments are the most truthful renderings on Infowars.  This is another prime reason why Jones crowned himself king of the Ist Amendment martyrs at this time and orchestrated his False Flag.  Alex’s Ist Amendment self martyrdom false flag turns the table on his CIA/Mossad shill critics,  bringing Alex back into control of alternative media  flagship status with renewed integrity and street credibility via false flag hypocritically crowning himself the king of Ist Amendment martyrs.

Although Alex was first to proclaim Francis “Satan,” which to a great extent I agree with Jones,  I realized Alex does this in good Masonic fashion solely to discredit the papacy and annihilate the Catholic Church, not out of any desire to save The Catholic Church faithful from following Francis the Apostate into apostasy.  Alex declares Francis, as Satan, all the more as Pope of Rome.  The truth is Francis is not pope, invalidly elective by the Mason occupied Vatican conclave. Francis is  a P-2 protege of Lucio Gelli, and Black Pope Jesuit Illuminati proxy to discredit the papacy and leave the Church without a true shepherd and into apostasy. Francis is apostate, as such is not and can not be pope, or even considered an anti pope. Alex in has masonic anti Catholic animus to destroy The Catholic Church believes Francis, “Satan” is Pope all the more, and thereby Jones reveals himself as anti Catholic and a masonic sympathizer in the annihilation of the Catholic Church.

All false flags by nature are duplicitous and hypocritical.  Jones’ Francis is Satin is Pope exemplifies Jones’ CIA/Mossad shill duplicity, as his  phony self martyrdom in crowning himself king of the 1st Amendment martyrs wants to appear to have the good and preservation of  We the People at heart in regard to 1st Amendment freedom.  Jones the first to sound the alarm Pope Francis as Pope, is Satan, wants to  appear to have the Catholic Church faithful at heart in declaring  Francis as Satan and Pope as false shepherd, not because he is anti Catholic.  Jones’ false flag attacks 1st Amendment Freedom in instills chilling terror of reprisal in the minds of We the People to exercise free speech on the internet social media cites.  Jones proclamation Francis as Satan is all the more Pope of Rome  apostasy from The Catholic Church.  Alex Jones is a duplicitous two faced liar as an anti Catholic CIA/Mossad shill all to sell a shit load of vitamins.

I am deeply honored and eternally grateful to the grace of God’s Providence in my life that has brought me, through no narcissistic rage like Jones’ of my own, at this point in my Catholic priesthood and Dominican religious life, to be awarded the crown of a martyr by the self crowned king of Ist Amendment martyrs himself, Alex Jones via being banned for life from posting anti Jones “Hate Speech” in the comment section of Infowars.   In the exact same manner Jones was eternally damned and banned by Face Book and You Tube for espousing “Hate Speech,”  or to the contrary,   according to Jones,  Jones’ allegedly exercising his 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech,  I won the crown of Ist Amendment martyrdom from the self crown king of 1st Amendment martyrs  himself, Alex Jones, via Infowhores  via a life time ban never to post another comment section “Hate Speech” criticism of Alex Jones as a Zionist Mossad/CIA shill and masonic sympathizer anti Catholic. These criticisms of mine are condemned as Hate Speech by Jones against Jones, but in my defense, for me, like Jones in his own defense, is misconstrued as Hate Speech to silence by banning my  exercise of 1st Amendment Free Speech and Freedom of Religion on a social media internet platform, Infowars, since I would never even consider using Facebook (ie. Narcissistbook) on principle, and have only a Glory Latin Chant Mass account on You Tube. I refrained from damming Jones like You Tube on You Tube during the homily at Latin Chant Mass.  Jones’ false flag is hypocritical in that Jones justifies himself constantly stating he does not censor anti Jones comments on Infowars which are legion and incessant, banned me for life from Infowars. Admittedly, I am a perhaps even a singular exception to Jones’ claim. If Jones censored and banned everyone in the comment section who believes Jones is a CIA/Mossad Zionist shill there would literally be no comments in the comment section.  Although Jones. aka CIA/Mossad Zionist shill has become Jones’ middle name in the Infowar comment section, my Infowar comment section criticisms of Jones were unique in wedding anti Catholic CIA/Mossad shill.  This combination won the  crown of  of 1st Amendment martyrdom from Jones.

In my defense, I do not hate Jones, I hate Jones’ Infowar total silence of omission as a Zionist/Mossad/CIA Trumpista shill covertly promoting pan Palestinian genocide by Is R Hell. As a propaganda ploy, Is R Hell only,  via covert shill Jones rails against  radical Muslim migrants invading the E.U. (I do not support Muslim immigration into the E.U. but at this point Western Europe is post Christian and has committed sexual suicide, so the real estate is opening up demographically), and not Roman Catholic Palestinians in Palestine who are indigenous, among the first disciples of Christ and The Apostles, being namelessly subjected to genocide by Is R Hell along with Palestinian Muslims and even anti Zionist Palestinian Jews.

All evil needs to triumph is for good people to say nothing. This is the Mossad/CIA social engineering principle behind Alex’s phony, hypocritical Ist Amendment self crowned  king of martyrs False Flag  in actuality designed to terrorize good people to say nothing on the internet about Is R Hell and Zionist Jews through fear of government censorship like in Communist China, or Facebook and You Tube banning Jones, or Jones banning me for life on Infowars all and all in all cases for not remaining silent.

Jones is for the most part silent, and silences critics like me, in stead of criticizing like me Is R Hell and Zionist Jews as the source of the utter destruction of The American Republic via AIPAC bought and paid for elections and politicians, the debt slavery of twenty three trillion dollars deficit, Free Trade deficit and loss of manufacturing to China and Canada, Oil production to Saudi. Jones is silent on Trump’s drained D.C. swamp cabinet, Goldman Sachs, responsible for orchestrating the 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse. Jones is silent on the fake Hebrew Federal Reserve/NYC Stock Exchange Military Industrial Complex  just awarded 700 billion dollars by Trump and AIPAC Republican/Democrats alike for obsolete weapon systems unchanged since 1979, while Russia, China, and Iran announce a new era of weapons innovation far surpassing the U.S. military and Nato in all areas spending  one hundred billion dollars of Defense between them and producing their own advanced weapon systems.  The U.S. Military and Nato could not possibly under any scenario possibly win a war against Russia, China, or Iran or anyone else as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya attest to (Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi plans to run for president in Libya, a family spokesman said Gaddafi hopes to bring ‘stability’ to the African country)

Nevertheless, Zionist Jew Neo Con’s New Jew Order banksters like  Rothschild Goldman Sachs war monger the Untied Slaves of Is R Hell against mortal enemy Russia, war with China, war with Iran, war, war, never ending Jewish banker war while Jones is silent about Israel or Zionist Jews, but instead fills Infowhores with incessant Hate Speech diatribes against hated Muslim migrants to Europe demonizing them and their religion as the cause of the annihilation of  European nations. Islam, a spare parts fantasy religion assembled by a charlatan dedicated to the annihilation of all religions: Judaism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, paganism, Shia, and Muslims, are not responsible for the present day annihilation of European nations, post Christendom nihilist Europeans and Zionist atheist Jews are.

Self professed Catholic establishment media free speech martyr Michael Voris in an identical manner as Jones, martyred me for leveling criticisms of Michael Voris as a homosexual hypocrite, liar, and like Jones, an internet social media fraud fake news talking head. The character of Michael Voris on Church just like Alex Jones on Infowars is a contrived talking head, a cut out, not a historical person. Voris who appointed himself the sole standard of orthodox Roman Catholicism, like Jones and American Republic Patriotism, for ever damned and banned me from the comment section on Church Militant.Com in the exact same manner as You Tube and Facebook banned Jones, and Jones in turn banned me. Likewise Voris like Facebook and You Tube censorship violated my 1st Amendment right to free speech and practice of my religion, and silenced me to the faithful as a Roman Catholic priest and Dominican religious  for warning the faithful Voris is a lying self loathing practicing homosexual false internet prophet on a hypocritical social media pundit fake news duplicitous Opus Dei jihad against the institution of  Church Bishops and Cardinals being themselves, like Voris and Voris’ penciled own eyebrow catamite Simon Rafe, practicing homosexuals, and covering up for homosexual clerics (like Cardinal Raymond Burke). All the while  like Jones and Infowhore’s silence on Is R Hell and Zionist Jews,  Voris on Churchmilitant is silent about Francis covering up for Francis the Apostate silent about homosexual Cardinals, Bishops, and Religious (former appointing Dominican Master General Timothy Radcliff claiming homosex is eucharistic to the Vatican Social Justice Commission)  advising him at the Vatican. Most damming, Voris is silent as a social media catamite of Cardinal Raymond Burke that Francis, AKA Satan according to Jones, is not Pope because Francis is an apostate. Voris and Churchmilitant proclaims loyalty to Francis as The Vicar of Christ though Francis is an Apostate.  All the while Voris canonizes Cardinal Burke incessantly, a primal corporate sponsor of Churchmilitant. com, and like Voris duplicitous pious practicing homosexual with a history of clerical child rape cover up as a bishop just like Dolan, Wuerl, and Dinardo all of whom  Voris demands resign and who like Voris, Burke will do his sworn duty to  say publicly Francis is not Pope, can not be Pope because Francis is apostate.  Like Jones Pope Satan, Voris and Burke’s Pope Apostate.  Jones and Voris’ self damming is declaring Francis as Satan and Apostate is nevertheless Pope of Rome and The Vicar of Christ.  Both alike, masonic anti Catholic be it CIA/Mossad Zionist shill, or masonic Opus Dei cancer, hold Francis to be Pope of Rome (even Francis does not hold that) and silenced me on their respective social media platforms for witnessing as a Catholic Priest and Dominican Religious Francis is not Pope because he is Apostate.



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