Grant Absolutely No Assumptions to this Vegas Mafia Crook, Zionist Traitor, Total Liar Sheriff Lombardo!

Who does Lombardo think he is!  Is there anyone who does not see Lombardo as a liar covering up this spectacular failure of a Sheldon Adelson  AIPAC Mossad/FBI false flag. No one believes The Zionist lies anymore! Who cares about patsy Paddock’s alleged narcissism and losing streak as motive, this is a diversion cover up pure and simple. Lombardo’s campaign fund for Sheriff is, like Trump and Bibi, filled with contributions by Adelson and MGM owners Cui Bono, who sold stock before Vegas false flag, just as occurred before 9/11. The same AIPAC fake Jew crew behind 9/11, JFK assassination, is behind Vegas, and now New York in an exponentially increasing futile attempt to  cover up their criminal history of False Flags going back to The Maine. Lombardo, the liar, begs the question in all his BS, where is any evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Steven Paddock fired automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of Madalay Bay. Where is the evidence that Jesus Campos (whatever that is) was shot by Paddock in a hail of 200 high velocity bullets through the door of the alleged snipers nest. There is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Paddock was a crazed lone gun man-just like Oswald. No evidences of GSW, victims, or deaths. Lombardo and his super creepy FBI handler should be arrested and charged with Conspiracy and obstruction of Justice. One reason The Vegas False Flag was done was to end The NFL flag protests which were sending shock waves through Sheldon Adelson’s NFL point spread gambling monopoly and control. Adelson who controls BiBi (behind 9/11 and Paris, Vegas) and Trump- Vegas casino owner- via AIPAC-like Manafor and Podesta unregistered lobby agents for a foreign country, used fraudulent NFL point spread gambling revenue to buy the US presidential candidates, like Adelson and crew bought Lombardo, as well as the AIPAC NEO CONS buying all seats in Congress to be Is R Hell Firsters over America Firsters. Lombardo like Hilary Clinton is an oracle only in his own mind. A vicious liar and betrayer of his office as Sheriff and his sworn oath to protect citizens from fake Jewish Mafia Vegas AIPAC thugs like Sheldon Adelson who owns Lombardo. Grant absolutely no assumptions to this crook and liar Lombardo!


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