Judge Roy Moore is a Baptist Harvey Weinstein!

When it comes to Media pundit political candidate support, be it hitching  a ride out of Tea Party oblivion on The Trump Train, now abandoning pre collapse Bibi Netanyahu, and back and forth on Judge Roy Moore, Sean Hannity is all about the money, all the time.  Neo Con Zionist Sean Hannity, was the biggest Faux media cheerleader for soon to be indicted 9/11/ Paris/Las Vegas/NY  False Flag international state sponsored  greater Is R Hell terrorist Bibi Netanyahu.  But Bibi’s days because of corruption are dead ending. Sean senses intuitively there is no money in Bibi so forget him. Sean is notorious for orchestrating years of fraudulent Country Western concerts in the image and likeness of The Route 91 Harvest Festival as a bogus charity ruse to raise money for wounded and forgotten veterans  and their families  of greater IS R Hell Zionist wars. Sean- never served in the military and  like  Zionist Is R Hell FirsterTrump or  9/11 Dick Cheney is again the greatest Fake Jew News media propagandist for greater  Is R Hell’s failed world domination fantasy. Sean, like revered pervert now no body Bill O’Reilly, was a stone cold Fox  Fake Jew News 9/11 Truth Denier, now Sean says nothing, Sean constantly demonized the Clinton Foundation and Haiti,  and now demonizes the Neo Con hated Russia and The Thug Vladimir Puitn via  the Uranium One nothing burger,  Sean is the true Thug, not Putin, having stolen all  money raised money  laundering bogus charity proceeds via Gulf Stream chartered flights with family and friends to the concerts as well as five star hotel accommodations and meals at the venue.http://www.debbieschlussel.com/6938/sean-hannitys-freedom-concert-scam-only-7-of-charitys-money-went-to-injured-troops-kids-of-fallen-troops-g5s-g6s-for-vannity/

In regard to Judge Roy Moore, Sean says he believes every American is innocent until proven guilty when it comes to Judge Roy Moore and of course Sean’s own criminality, but not of course for Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin when it comes to Uranium One.  All three, Sean and Moor along with ZIO CON anti Catholic teenage slug Alex Jones and his boy Charlie Sheen, are all guilty of cover up for political propaganda reasons sexual assault and rape of children, boys and girls. Sean is doing the exact same lying cover up in Moore’s defense  that Hillary did for Bill. No difference in substance what so ever.  And just like John McCain who has called for Moore to step aside while divorcing his first wife for being horribly disfigured in a car accident while McCain was in Vietnam betraying US combat flight maneuvers to The Vietnamese, Sean, a money hungry “Great American” fraud feels entitled to have viewers believe him in defense of Moore by shedding suspicion on Moore’s children targets.

I  initially supported Judge Roy for election on principle, not politics.  By Moore’s own lying denials and failure to remember any of these children, now women,  I judge him guilty. By Moore’s own words he convicts himself of Pederasty, ” I never dated a girl without asking her mother’s permission.”  This is de rigor for a teen age boy, but an indictment of  M.O. Pederasty  for an Ass. District Attorney and Vietnam War vet at 32. Kelly Ann Conway who has a 16 year old daughter rightly states that Moore’s admitted behavior, a sexual fixation on girls seemingly always 15 years Moore’s junior, is “disqualifying” not only to be in The US Senate, but certainly to be a Public Prosecutor as well.  Moore’s initial supporters, including myself, do not require legal proof beyond a reasonable doubt, to have moral certainty by Common Law, or Natural Law, to judge Bill Clinton and Epstein to be Pederasts. Why does Sean demand a legal standard in Moore’s defense.

Unfortunately the newest alleged victim to come forward, does so under the control of Gloria Alldrige. Cui Bono. A bogus year book from 1979 is such a poor forgery, and the victim’s embittered step son  blows the fifth witnesses credibility to shreds.  Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, and Ted Cruz as Never Trumpsters who have called for Moore to step aside, exactly as they did in Trump’s case, do so, not because they care about children being sexually assaulted by adults, but for political reasons being perverse themselves.

The is a third party- the Rotheschild War Party, as always at the center of the Roy Moore scandal controlling the Media and fueling bitter hatred and distrust between Democrats and Republicans on all ilks.  The end is divide and conquer through sowing dissension.  One side in hatred accuses the other of doing the exact same thing in the exact same way the other side is doing.  All the above, and their alleged moral opposites like Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein are propaganda mind control puppets of The Rotheschild War Party which devours its own.  Do not get caught up. Act and Judge by Principle and Truth, not Politics and Hatred.


Grant Absolutely No Assumptions to this Vegas Mafia Crook, Zionist Traitor, Total Liar Sheriff Lombardo!

Who does Lombardo think he is!  Is there anyone who does not see Lombardo as a liar covering up this spectacular failure of a Sheldon Adelson  AIPAC Mossad/FBI false flag. No one believes The Zionist lies anymore! Who cares about patsy Paddock’s alleged narcissism and losing streak as motive, this is a diversion cover up pure and simple. Lombardo’s campaign fund for Sheriff is, like Trump and Bibi, filled with contributions by Adelson and MGM owners Cui Bono, who sold stock before Vegas false flag, just as occurred before 9/11. The same AIPAC fake Jew crew behind 9/11, JFK assassination, is behind Vegas, and now New York in an exponentially increasing futile attempt to  cover up their criminal history of False Flags going back to The Maine. Lombardo, the liar, begs the question in all his BS, where is any evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Steven Paddock fired automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of Madalay Bay. Where is the evidence that Jesus Campos (whatever that is) was shot by Paddock in a hail of 200 high velocity bullets through the door of the alleged snipers nest. There is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Paddock was a crazed lone gun man-just like Oswald. No evidences of GSW, victims, or deaths. Lombardo and his super creepy FBI handler should be arrested and charged with Conspiracy and obstruction of Justice. One reason The Vegas False Flag was done was to end The NFL flag protests which were sending shock waves through Sheldon Adelson’s NFL point spread gambling monopoly and control. Adelson who controls BiBi (behind 9/11 and Paris, Vegas) and Trump- Vegas casino owner- via AIPAC-like Manafor and Podesta unregistered lobby agents for a foreign country, used fraudulent NFL point spread gambling revenue to buy the US presidential candidates, like Adelson and crew bought Lombardo, as well as the AIPAC NEO CONS buying all seats in Congress to be Is R Hell Firsters over America Firsters. Lombardo like Hilary Clinton is an oracle only in his own mind. A vicious liar and betrayer of his office as Sheriff and his sworn oath to protect citizens from fake Jewish Mafia Vegas AIPAC thugs like Sheldon Adelson who owns Lombardo. Grant absolutely no assumptions to this crook and liar Lombardo!

Cardinal DiNardo, Founder of I-45 Planned Parenthood, Expels Faithful Priest Fr. Thomas Weinandy, Cap. for Fraternal Correction of Francis The Apostate

Russian Points Out Crook Mueller’s Ukraine President Factual Error And Exonerates Crook Manafort of All Charges!

The Russians point out the factual error in Mueller’s “counselled” D.C. Grand Jury Indictment of Paul Manafort  confusing a former Ukrainian Prime Minister during the time of Manafort’s crimes in The Ukraine, to be The President of the Ukraine at the time of Manafort’s “Conspiracy against America.”  The Burden of Proof is on The Prosecution to establish beyond a Reasonable Doubt,  Guilt on all Charges. This colossal error of fact similar to confusing Sec. of State  Hilary Clinton to be President Barak Obama at the time of Manafort’s crimes- Manafort is a criminal- allows The Defense to Raise a Reasonable Doubt about the Factual Basis of all Charges and res ipso igitur, exonerate Manafort of all Charges. Trump will not be touched, but thank God in all this at least that BiBi Mossad Agent Is R Hell First squeaky moron Jared is done advising a disillusioned, disgusted, and betrayed by Jared, Trump for Is R Hell. Jared’s 666 real estate empire has imploded because Jared is an inbred fake Jew idiot;  no tenets, over valued, over leveraged that threatens to destroy Ivanka Trump financially and personally when it collapses like Building Seven on 9/11, embarrassing Trump who idolized Jared as a wunderkind, both geo politically and financially.

I do not understand, people opposed to Trump are seeking anything to Impeach Trump from Mueller’s criminal conflict of interest cover up investigation (Mueller was one of Manafort’s Criminal Defense Lawyers on retainer when Manafort was committing these crimes in Ukraine) why do never Trumpster’s not ever attack Trump for being a BiBi/Adelson AIPAC Is R Hell Firster controlled by BiBi via Jared. AIPAC, who exactly like Manafort and Podesta operates lobbying by bribing The Congress and President and Cabinet without registering as a political lobby for a foreign government (Zionist Council) to influence American elections in Is R Hell’s favor. Sheldon Adelsen’s fake Jewish Vegas Mafia had Romney, Newt, and Trump and every other Neo Con Is R Hell Firster Repub president candidate except Ran Paul, kiss his huge Jaba The Hut butt,  Is R Hell First to become president. And never Trumpsters say anything about this obvious interference in America’s Democratic Process and Foreign Policy. Trump is tied, like Jared, to fake Jew organized crime. And yet the anti Trumpsters for the Neo Con Zionists-just like crook Sean Hannity- keep taking the spot light off of criminal Hilary and place it back on Vladimir Putin and Russia- completely innocent. Is R Hell and AIPAC infinitely more have high jacked our Democracy for a foreign country, not Russia. Wake up! Are you terrified of being called “anti semitic.”  Israel/American dual citizens like never Trumpsters Chuck Schummer, Diane Feinstein, Debbie Wasserman Shultz like all Ashcannazi Fake Hebrews in criminally occupied Palestine have no Semite DNA. In fact, Is R Hellers are the most murderous anti Arab, or anti Semites, after their murderous hatred of Catholicism, in the world. Never Trumpsters are as blind as  American Firsters for Trump when it comes to Trump’s Zionist Fake Jew Mafia moorings. Put up or shut up!