Ziocon Alex Jones, SNAP, Non Pope Francis, Profit All Together off of Child Pornography, Here’s The Proof!


  1. Every American must demand that the Squeaky Wheel of the World, Israel, stop having any say in our affairs and end all dual citizenships and prosecute them for doing 9/11 to us. Israel is our enemy not our friend. End all aid to them also.

    Veteran’s Today

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) wrote on their website that the Pope’s efforts should start with stamping out online sexual deviancy inside the Catholic church. This pompous holier than thous demand by SNAP is not just improbable, but totally impossible for the satanic Non Pope Apostate Francis to meet. Chaos Frank is actively supporting homosexuality and therefore Pederasty via high profile advocates  like Fr. Martin S.J. and Fr. Timothy Radcliff, o.p. both practicing Sodomites who won’t publicly admit to practicing what they preach.  But first and foremost, Argentine “Dirty War” indicted Child trafficker Francis “a bishop dressed in white we thought was The Pope” has satanically attacked sacramental marriage, procreation, and holy family life as the only true and lasting foundation of Church and human society by “The Joy of Love.” The title sounds like a 70’s Sex Guide! Francis, the Black Pope Vatican Illuminati, is now conspiring to overturn the Catholic Church’s teaching against artificial birth control “Humanae Vitae”  “Of Human Life.”  In tepidly condemning child porn via this Vatican false flag conference,  Francis, the liar as always, is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. A month ago, Francis summoned  a high ranking Vatican diplomat (No.3 in rank) from the D.C. Nuncio, or Vatican City State,  D.C. embassy back to  Rome. The FBI initially informed the Non Pope and asked  Francis to withdraw  this article unnamed D.C.Nuncio child pornographer’s  Diplomatic Immunity so as  to be arrested for child pornography by The FBI. To the contrary, Francis ordered the D.C. Nuncio child pornographer to flee his US post immediately and secretly, a fugitive from US Justice, solely to disappear within the walls of the Vatican City State devoid of further publicity (by Infowhores) and immune from US child pornography prosecution. And a month later Francis hosts this Child Pornography Vatican false flag event.  Zio Anti Catholic Alex and fading, faltering ziocon Infowhores, obsessed reporting anti Catholic Vatican fairy tales by fake Vatican Illuminati insider Leo Zagami (just google this nut), did not report the D.C. Nuncio child porn  story, but Fake News, Newsweak  did.  Zio anti Catholic Alex and Infowhores has no more moral integrity than The Non Pope when it comes to uncovering child rape, pornography, in the Vatican. Furthermore, Alex to save any loss of his Infowhore’s snake oil fortune from defamation suit by “I love infants” Jimmy Afantis, sold out and covered up  Pizzagate. . Moreover, The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, this year was civil Rico sued by SNAP’s former CFO, accused of defrauding by Plaintiff lawyer referral kickback the abused children they claim to advocate for. (Google the Suit Brief PDF on line). Filing this Suit caused the immediate resignation of SNAP’s regional CEO’s across the US. SNAP has for years profiteered off of clerical Child rape as a front – like ziocon Alex and Infowhores and Pizzagate denial, victimizing the victims twice and publicly destroying the Church’s reputation, just like Alex and Leo (to sell his creepy delusional anti Catholic books) have done. SNAP is the same show as Alex and Leo, Francis and the anti child porn Vatican false flag. Only Mary-Our Lady of Fatima can Help us. Not these liars!  Deus Providebit!


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