• Police pirating blood samples is the law in Texas! As a sine qua non in the 2.5 billion dollar a year Texas Department of Public Safety Commissioners’ DUI/POM Revenue Fraud, unconstitutional pirating of victim’s blood samples pirated under threat of violence and constraint by crony nurses at ISIS Mossad Mercenary “refugee” trafficker Cardinal Daniel Danardo’s CHI ST. Luke’s Hospital even after signed BAC test refusal is done in 100% of suspicion DUI arrests. The pirated blood samples are used only as lab props to trigger a month later a scientifically spurious Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Forensic Lab BAC- Blood Alcohol Content self certified report. This “shocking footage” is the exact opposite of what is happening in Texas to over 220,000 people in Texas every year who have their lives shattered by bogus false Class A DUI Misdemeanor plea bargained conviction at a scientifically spurious BAC. +.20. That’s ten drinks in your blood at DUI suspicion arrest, and 20 for a woman. It does not matter if you have 0 drinks at arrest for suspicion. In 220,000 DUI cases a year, every singles TDPS BAC Report comes in at .+15 BAC- 70% at .20. Not one has ever come back at -.15 BAC below in millions of reports. This is a Gov.Police Racket People of Texas we need to stop this highway pirating by these police state Nazi’s and elected government domestic enemies of The Constitution’s Bill of Rights – like organized crime controlled Greg Abbott- who exonerated abort children alive and sell their bodies to Planned Parenthood- Dr. Douglas Karpen in 2012, – as well as the same year presiding over as Texas Attorney General a 45 million dollar Texas tax payer cancer research fund looting by Abbott’s organized crime masters, like Tilman Fertita. Abbott for prison, 2018!


Nurse was defending unconscious truck driver who had been injured in hit-and-run accident

A Salt Lake City nurse has released police body camera and hospital surveillance footage which she claims shows her being illegally arrested back in late July after refusing police orders to draw blood from an unconscious patient.Utah University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels was in charge on July 26th when law enforcement officials arrived and ordered her to extract the blood of an unconscious truck driver who had been injured in a hit-and-run accident earlier that day.

Wubbels says she was just doing her job and was protecting her patient’s privacy when she was arrested and dragged out of the hospital by a Salt Lake City police detective, who the nurse says illegally arrested and assaulted her.

An analysis of the video confirms that on the day of the incident Wubbels correctly informed Detective Jeff Payne of the hospital’s policy when she explained to him that only “three things” would allow her to draw blood from her patient.

You need an “electronic warrant, patient consent,” or a patient must be under arrest for the blood to be taken, the nurse explained to Payne with papers in hand.

That’s when the frustrated detective can be heard asking Wubbels, “So without those in place, I’m not going to get blood? Am I fair to surmise that?”

“We’re done. You’re under arrest,” the detective said.

The detective then grabbed the nurse and dragged her out of the building as she screamed at the top of her lungs and cried, “Help! Help! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!”

The nurse was then handcuffed and taken to the station where she was later released without any charges.

An internal police investigation into the matter is being conducted and Det. Payne has been suspended from the department’s blood draw program, but still remains on active duty with the force, as the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.

No lawsuit has been filed, but Wubbels is in touch with an attorney and hopes the footage will be used as a police educational tool for future situations.

Watch the exchange from a different angle:


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