American Patriot and Courageous Catholic, Sen. John Van DeCamp, The Franklin Scandal Author Has Died! R.I.P.

Former Nebraska State Senator John Van de Camp, 1990 author of THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL, a much decorated Vietnam Captain, credited with the organized resettlement of 2,800 orphans after the Vietnam War, died on July 27th, 2017 at an indigent Veterans’ Home unnoted and praised by so called Liberty Movement alternative media,  and The NWO Sionist Corporate Mass Media alike.The only article of John’s heroic life and recent death, not placed on the internet,  was by  Warren Buffet owned Omaha  “Weird Herald” (World Herald) stating “In later years, he (Van De Camp) drew criticism for issuing a memo that fanned rumors related to investigation of the failed Franklin Community Federal Credit Union.”  After naming names in The Franklin Scandal, and as an attorney Pro Bono defending Larry King’s Boys Town pirated child sex slave’s  falsely imprisoned and murdered by order of then President G.H. Bush by Bush/Clinton FBI/CIA,  Van De Camp was relentlessly destroyed by Buffett and Bush/Clinton in tandem professionally and politically until the day John died unnoticed an unsung hero. Buffet, who publicly  married Larry King, and G.H. Bush, who blackmailed  via CIA recording  Reagan Administration officials at King cocaine/child sex slave orgies in Chicago, D.C. and Miami are central criminal protagonists in The Franklin Scandal.   Van de Camp in this sol article about his life and death is mocked for his failed Banking Reform Legislation which would have curtailed, if passed, at least in Nebraska the 2008 Goldman Sachs/Buffet/Bush/Clinton contrived sub prime lone mortgage crash. Not highlighted was John’s almost single handed reform of the Nebraska DUI prosecution code, making DUI prosecution in Nebraska a model of respect for the IV, V, VI, Amendments, and constitutional BAC blood sample refusal, as well as writ of Habeas Corpus demanding BAC test be done with in two hours and the results by an independent lab be given immediately to DUI suspect as potentially exonerating evidence of BAC -.08 and -.15 and not suppressed as is done by the completely unconstitutional  Texas malicious prosecution DUI Code perpetrated under color of law against  millions in Texans in the fraudulent context of the Texas Department of Public Safety Commissioners’ DUI/POM Revenue Fraud. The War on Alcohol and Drugs, like the spurious War on Terror, is a central criminal ruse in the Bush/Clinton Penal State going back to Iran/Contra. Please remember this great American Patriot and Hero! Do not allow the memory of his life die with him! A truly Roman Catholic courageous adversary of Satanic Child Rape and Torture via  Church- Boys Town and Fr. Maciel Degolado pirated and the Corporate Fascist NWO State, John lived to 2017, the hundred anniversary of the 1917 Apparition of Mother Mary at Fatima to three shepherd children proclaiming a period of World Peace. John died at 75, like fellow American Hero Tex Mar, in 2017 having witnessed, along with dying John McCain, G.H. Bush, Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Kissinger and Hilary the complete destruction of the bankster Zionist NWO in Syria at the hands of a resurrected Catholic Russia by Vladimir Putin, and perhaps unwittingly President Trump, an unfolding of The Third Secret, or Message of Fatima portending a Period of World Peace and Return to The Church if Russia is consecrated in a public ceremony to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a public solemn ceremony in union with all the Catholic Bishop’s of the World at the same time, a mandate of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Allegedly Putin, a devout Christian, asked non-pope Francis the P2 masonic illuminati apostate to consecrate Russia. Francis responded, give back Crimea to Soros fake Jew controlled Ukraine. Without the consecration by a true Pope Mary says Rome will be devastated for its loss of The Catholic Faith, and  attacked by gun and bow yielding terrorists, littered with untold corpses, and “a Bishop dressed in white, we thought was the Pope” will be killed fleeing catastrophe on a hill outside of Rome. Deus Providebit


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