Before You Vote For or Against Abbott, Know This!

Gregg Abbott and Rick Perry are typical run of the mill Bush/Clinton Sinaloa Federation Cartel owned and operated fake and fraudulent “Conservative” pro-life abortion profiteers Zionist stooges of The Texan Republican Establishment campaign funded by the Tilman Fertita/Bush Clinton Sinaloa Federation child sex slaving cartel. These two ” pro life” abortion business government monopoly  and political vote profiteers are the last Texans, Texas regardless of Party needs or should want as Governor, or America as Potus. Unless it’s Texans Sam Houston, Ross Perot, or Ron Paul all shot down in presidential runs by the Texas Democrat (Clinton) and Bush RINO Texas establishment. Beginning with the decimation of Texas’ home grown oil and gas industry by G.H. Bush/Saudi/Bin Laden in the Seventies, and Texas jobs by Clinton/Bush Nafta in the 90’s, the growth of the Penal State and ethnic genocide by CIA /Bush/Clinton Iran Contra crack epidemic morphing into the Fertita/ Sinaloa Federation Cartel child sex slaving, arms, and drug running at present, the destruction of education in Texas by G.W.’s No Child Left Behind and the Rothschild/Chase Bank student loan enslavement, and G.W.’s 9/11 Mossad Enron cover up, all Texan Presidents beginning with Eisenhower controlled by the Dulles Brothers/Prescott Bush CIA, G.H., the CIA President JFK assassin (in cahoots with LBJ) Skull and Bones Neo Con Zionist and son G.H. have obliterated Texas and America. Abbott has done nothing by design to secure borders, and as AG or TSCJ. Now as Gov. like Perry Abbott has not a single conviction nor oversaw one arrest to combat the Ferttita/SFC child sex slave trafficking. A recent UT report states there are over 300,000 slaves in Texas, 78,000 child sex slaves. Of that number 78% are enslaved through the monstrous Texas CPA Foster Care Program which Perry and Abbott as Governor are being sued for by a children’s rights NGO. Abbott, like Perry, a pro life abortion business voter and financial profiteer, orchestrated as then Texas Attorney General the exoneration of very, very late term abort them alive and whole and sell their bodies to Planned Parenthood Dr. Douglas Carpen to cover up Perry’s abortion business criminal conflict of interest signing into law as Gov. sister’s Mila Perry Jones’ United Surgical Partners abortion clinic monopoly in Texas, as Gov. Abbott must resign as Governor and be criminally prosecuted, not run for Potus


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