Alex Jone’s Info whores Mossad Fake News-No One is Fooled Anymore!

Once again Zionist Globalist propaganda stooge Alex Jones via Infowhores is covering up by this Fake News story for his Mossad handler’s that the Fed Fake Jews did 9/11,  by throwing Bush/Cheney, The CIA, the Saudis and UAE to the Yid Mafia corporate media wolves and as always, never, ever mentioning Netanyahu and Is-R-Hell in conjunction with Fed. enslaved, Rabbi 10 Trillion Dollar embezzlement comptroller run Pentagon is the one and only sponsor (not Iran) of NWO international terrorism from 9/11 to ISIS/London/Paris/Belgium/ Cal.  This UAE 9/11sut is Mossad Fake News trumpeted by Alex. These 850 plaintiffs suing Saudi for 9/11 are being leveraged (if these really  are historical relatives of supposed 3,000 9/11 deaths-the alleged victims  list of names, photos, and five hundred baggies of remains are fake) by Chuck Schumer  is a disinformation, misdirecting  false flag by Schummer/ Jones to cover up Is-R-Hell and Mossad as the true perpetrators of 9/11.  I’m shocked  Zio Jones did not publish this Bull Shit  Mossad Fake News story a CIA demolition expert confessed on his death bed planting the thermite that imploded Larry Silverstein’s and the CIA office space in Building Seven on 9/11. That a CIA agent and not a Mossad agent confessed gives it away as fake news, just like the Saudis and UAE being sued not Is R Hell by Schumer and Mossad controlled 9/11 family plaintiffs. All of the Enron trial evidence  not shredded by Arthur Anderson was stored in Building 7.  This may have been used to blackmail Bush’s participation. The CIA agent (probably not a real historical person or CIA agent) was amazed and lamented  the American People did not immediately connect G.W./Cheney  to master minding 9/11 and lynch them. Words reminiscent of G.H.’s famous revelation to a Press Secretary-“If the American People ever learn what we (The Bush Family) have done to them, they will hunt us down and lynch us.”  The Goyim know now! Zio Alex also covers up for Mossad by trumpeting lyin Leo Zagami Fake News of Vatican Gay Crack Orgies maliciously equating The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, The Mystical Body of Christ with Zionist, Illuminati occupiers of a building, The Vatican, dominated by the Rothschild Mossad Vatican Bank Illuminati infiltrators and their Masonic/Opus Dei Cardinal betrayers of The Roman Catholic Church, who, like Alex, seek to defame and destroy The Roman Catholic Church by Alex/Leo’s satanic equation. With fiat paper Babylonian money magic Rothschild National Banks, Vatican and Fed,  there is inexorably satanic child rape as the primary currency used to in debt and enslave Church and State controlled by these most Anti Catholic satanists Fake Jews, The Synagogue of Satan”. Alex Jone’s you are going straight to Hell for your Blasphemies against The Roman Catholic Church and betrayal of America First, by being a controlled opposition propaganda whore for Is R Hell first.  Repent! You say you read comments and do not delete any. You must see, at this point, that all Infowar viewers see who you truly are and what you are doing. Repent or Resign and allow David Knight and Lee Ann MacAdoo to carry on do reparation for your blasphemies to save your soul!  hand over the Infowar plant form and viewership you pirated away for Jeff Rense to Rense and your critique Veteran’s Today.  You and Paul Watson have lost all credibility  blaming innocent Muslims and Catholics for the sins of Mossad and are in danger of Hell.  Only Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, can help us and is. It is a sign of your deluded self importance you claim credit for single handedly Making Great Again by you cartoon show hate terror monger antics on the part of your Yid Mafia corporate media owners. It’s not “Make America Great Again,”  but rather, “Make America Good Again” that will save Americans. And only the Grace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Union with the Hands of The Immaculate of Mary can and is Making America Good Again.  The Catholic Church is The Mystical Body of Christ according to St. Paul. Mary is The Mother of That Mystical Body on Earth and in Heaven. Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, is Queen of Heaven. Only She, not you and infowhores  can make America Good Again. 

Non African Hebrew fake Jew  Zionist synagogue of Satan CIA/MOSSAD/PENTAGON proxy international state sponsored terrorism ISIS is almost dead, WWIII Putin will not be suckered into, as the USSR was suckered into Afghanistan, The Golan Heights will soon be liberated from Is R Hell occupation and Cheney/Rothschild Genie Oil  justly repatriated by Assad, popularly elected President of Syria for the next 40 years, to rebuild Syria and re green Syria  recovering 40% of fresh water stolen by Is-R-Hell from The Golan Heights, the reason  state sponsored international terrorist IDFA maimed  the USS Liberty in 1967.   Greater Kurdistan is Greater Is R Hell’s last furtive move into check mate.  And as always, Zionist stooge, anti Roman Catholic Church free masonic sympathizer teenager(with Muslims, brain lame McShame’s Free Syrian Army head chopped and ate Syrian Catholics – non pope -Francis The Apostate Free Masonic  Vatican Chief said  nothing) is right here via Fake News Infowhores  to betray  America First, first! Blaspheming The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in Syria, and demonizing for Is R Hell innocent victim Muslims in Yemen and among the refugees. Zio Jones last straw after ISIS is  promote the long used and abused  dupe Kurds as Is R Hell’s proxies against Iran, Iraq, and Syria to Trump.  Repent now Alex Jones and be saved from the fires of Hell. No one is fooled anymore.


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