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The World Order – How It Works

The World Order – How It Works

Here is another thought-provoking article from Pakistani physics professor and author Dr. Mujahid Kamran. If you would like to help cutting-edge Muslim intellectuals like Dr. Kamran find a bigger audience, check out our Radio Free Islam project.  –Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Mujahid Kamran

21 July 2017


The bandits of the World Order have succeeded in robbing the whole world through the technique of the bal masque, the disguise that enables them to carry on their Satanic work without being identified and prosecuted. The bal masque is the ideal vehicle for this program, because the World Order gained its present power in Europe of the nineteenth century.  It is a truism among the old European aristocracy that “Balls are given for those who are not invited.” . . . The reward of being a guest at a bal masque is to be one of the Knowing Ones, those who know which masque hid the face of the King, which costume is that of the Grand Vizier. The other guests never knew whether they were talking to a mere courtier, or a powerful personage. The masses, with their faces pressed against the windows of the ballroom, know none of the celebrants and will never know. This is the technique of the World Order to be masked in mystery, with its hierarchy protected by its anonymity and masks, so that those who revolt will strike out against the wrong targets, insignificant officials who are expendable.”  Eustace Mullins


A Dutch whistle blower from the banking/financial sector, Ronald Bernard, has recently revealed that the globe is controlled by about 8000-8500 people who are all connected with each other and work together to run the world [1].  He also revealed that these people attend Satanic churches where they worship Lucifer, and carry out child sacrifice. Ronald Bernard, though not part of these 8000-8500 people, was investing their money and he claimed that they had to communicate directly with him so that the investments did not fail. He also points out that while working at a high level for these people one has to commit that one would never reveal any names, of companies or of individuals involved, and stated that the reason he was probably still alive was the fact that he had not revealed any names. He states that these people look down upon ordinary humans and laugh at their misery. “We looked down on people – mocked them. It was just a product. Waste. Everything was worthless trash. Nature, the planet, everything could burn and break. Just useless parasites.” Mankind is human garbage for these parasitic psychopaths.

In his remarkable book The World Order, from which the quote given at the outset above is taken, the late Eustace Mullins has remarked that the Rothschilds and members of the European aristocracy, who purchased the stocks in the Bank of England around 1700, rank at the number one position in the dynastic families of the New World Order hierarchy [2]. At the next level come families subservient to Rothschilds et al, their “courtiers” as he calls them: the Morgans, the Rockefellers and the Harrimans.  And then at the third level are families which are courtiers of the families at level two. He states that by becoming courtiers of the Harrimans, the Bush dynastic family has joined the World Order families of the third rank. These international banking families are among the top ten stock holders in each of the top 500 corporations of the world as established by Dean Henderson [3]. Dean Henderson writes (emphasis in original):

The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.  According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.”


The highest echelons of the pursuers of the “New” World Order work in absolute secrecy, wearing a mask, and there is a continuity in their leadership and policies that extends over centuries. This continuity can be traced back to the French Revolution quite clearly if not earlier. The French Revolution, the “revolutions” of 1848, the American Civil War, The Bolshevik Revolution, the rise of Hitler, the two World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the establishment of the Rothschild fiefdom called Israel, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, the wars in the mid-east and elsewhere, are all the result of their machinations and are meant to lead them to the final goal – a global slave state under their absolute control. Secret societies and “philosophies” of all kinds are their vehicles, tools and tactics for the attainment of their Satanic One World slave state.  Communism Zionism, Liberalism, Socialism, Fabian Socialism, National Socialism, Fascism, Humanism, Terrorism, etc. are their creations and serve their goal. They have laid down in their Protocols that mankind will not be allowed a moment of respite from bloodshed and misery until all nation states are abolished, all traditional religions destroyed, and mankind kneels before them in complete submission. As the banker whistle-blower Ronald Bernard aptly put it: “All misery on earth is a business model.”  This model relies on an inhuman and brutal Satanic philosophy/cult. Any country which opposes them will be met with war and an alliance against them will be met with “universal war”. So say the Protocols.

These families ensure that they recruit young and talented people at an early stage in their lives and train them in secrecy and instil in them secretly, and over a period of time, their Satanic goals and philosophy. Weishaupt was Dean of the faculty of law at Ingolstadt University when he started the Illuminati movement in 1776. His training in secrecy might be connected to the fact that he was brought up by Jesuits. He was born in 1748 and had earned a doctorate at age 20! He soon forced those faculty members who did not share his philosophy out of the university.  David Icke has referred to Oxford as an “Illuminati breeding ground”. The same is true of many Ivy league universities in the U.S., Harvard, Yale, etc. The recruiters of youth and the masters of these recruiters ensure that by inclination and/or training these young men become hardened brutal psychopaths and enjoy wealth, status, and secure careers in return.

Douglas Reed has made the deep observation that the organization has been kept together through terror. He writes [4]: “The young men who were recruited for the conspiracy were sworn in with much intimidating ceremonial, including a considerable mockery of the Christian sacrament. They were required to supply a dossier about their parents, listing their “dominant passions” and to spy on each other.” The recruits were intimidated by the knowledge that they were being spied upon by fellow recruits, an unknown number of seniors (the recruit is only in touch with his immediate superiors) and that the penalty for faltering could be destruction of their live and possibly death. Douglas Reed quotes a writer named Francois Charles de Berckheim, a police commissioner and a Freemason. The words written by Berckheim in 1813, sound so modern as if written 200 years later, in 2013! The same technique is operative in all major Western universities even today. He quotes (emphasis in original) [5]:

It is above all in the universities that Illuminism has always found and always will find numerous recruits. Those professors who belong to the Association set out from the first to study the character of their pupils. If a student gives evidence of a vigorous mind and ardent imagination, the sectaries at once get hold of him; they sound in his ears the words Despotism, Tyranny, Rights of the People, etc., etc. Before he can even attach any meaning to these words as he advances in age, reading works chosen for him, conversations skilfully arranged, develop the germ deposited in his youthful brain.  Soon his imagination ferments. … At last, when he has been completely captivated, when several years of testing guarantee to the society inviolable secrecy and absolute devotion, it is made known to him that millions of individuals distributed in all states of Europe share his sentiments and his hopes, that a secret link binds firmly all the scattered members of this family . . .”

This Satanic psychopathic brotherhood, which recruits fresh blood every year, year after year, and has been doing so for the past few centuries, runs the world in complete secrecy and their power is now so absolute that no Western leader can afford not to do their bidding. Indeed, many leaders in politics, judiciary, media, academia and other walks of life are part of their lower level network.  The Illuminati have been in control of the academia as a source of mind control through teaching of sanitized history and various philosophies that take the youth away from traditional religious values. The Illuminist international banking families have been funding and using scientific research pertaining to the knowledge of the mind as a tool of mind control. Mind control is a means to world control. They control the narrative through teaching of sanitized and false history. Steven Jacobson writes (emphasis added) [6]:

In the book Brainwashing in the High Schools, E. Merrill Root examines eleven American history textbooks used in Evanston Township High School, Evanston Illinois from 1950 to 1952. None of these textbooks make it clear that the government of the United States is not a democracy but a republic. The Founding Fathers defined the government which they set up as a constitutional republic. Not one of these textbooks lists the word “republic” in its index. These textbooks interpret U.S. history primarily as a clash between rich and poor, haves and have-nots, “privileged” and “unprivileged”, which is economic determinism, the essence of Marxism, where the triumph of “the common man” is progress towards a more perfect “people’s democracy.” A trend shared by each of the textbooks reviewed was advocacy of a world government where global commitment is preferable to national interests, thus promoting world socialism and “Big” government.”

Adam Weishaupt, the Rothschild connected founder of the Illuminati, had written down in his papers, seized in 1786 and published in 1787 by the Bavarian government, that the best cover for the Illuminati was Freemasonry and that he had decided to penetrate and gain control of the Freemason movement.   There is little doubt that the Freemason movement is now penetrated and controlled by the Illuminati. In fact, soon after he began his Illuminati movement, Weishaupt had penetrated Freeemasonry, which worried many upright Freemasons of the time. The French Revolution resulted from incessant Illuminati intrigue.

The Illuminati banking brotherhood and its subservient allies have acquired complete control of media, as laid down in their Protocols. Currently 90-95% of U.S. media is owned by five corporations! The movie and entertainment industry owned by them is a powerful weapon in their target of mass and individual mind control. It has been pointed out by Jacobson that when the well- known book, The Media Monopoly, by  Ben Bagdikian appeared in 1983, about 50 corporations owned most of U.S. media; when the 1988 edition of the book appeared this number had shrunk to 29, in 1990 it had shrunk to 26. Currently this number is 5! So there has been a deliberate and planned and predesigned Illuminati move to absolutely monopolise media as laid down in the Protocols. An absolutely monopolised media is a hallmark of dictatorships. In the U.S. we have a Zionist dictatorship Jacobson observes [7]:

The problem is that the media is controlled by corporations that are controlled by the super-rich who have an interest in keeping the public in a trance, ignorant, anxious, fearful, highly suggestible and vulnerable to control and manipulation. The nation is experiencing the effects of a scientifically induced nervous breakdown.  Psychological warfare and economic warfare are both being used against an unsuspecting public. The nation has been placed in a vise and is being squeeeeeezed, causing agitation, stress, anxiety, fear, anger and frustration. One end of the vise is mass media which is used to program, propagandize, badger and wear down the public emotionally and with negative stories. On the other end of the vise is the manipulation of the economy to cause added stress so that people do not know if they are coming or going. No wonder people cannot think clearly or be peaceful! All this creates a dull-mindedness and trance-like state in the population while the nation is looted and Constitutional and human rights are ignored and trampled.”

All this is happening by design. But the average American, brought up on sanitized text books, does not generally comprehend this ongoing destruction of the United States. This deliberate dumbing down of Americans is being carried out day in and day out, year after year, decade after decade for one simple reason: if the Americans wake up, the Illuminati agenda will be smashed. Therefore, the U.S. public must not only be brain-washed but also be subjected to perpetual hardship through wars and through highly detrimental economic policies, determined by the Illuminati owned Federal Reserve,  that create immense hardship for the unsuspecting and innocent people of America. This innocence and dumbing down has cost America and the whole world dearly.   Paedophilia, drugs, pornography, prostitution and promotion of same sex marriages (which have to be issueless and hence do not add to the population) is part of the Illuminati/Zionist agenda because these clash with traditional Christian values regarding the family institution and marriage. It is precisely for this reason that paedophile rings in the West cannot be brought to book – they have Illuminati backing and Illuminati agents sit in all institutions of importance – judiciary, government offices, media, etc. In the U.S. alone over 700,000 children go missing every year [8]. Paedophilia is also used to produce mind controlled individuals. As Ted Gunderson, former FBI chief, California, has also concluded that all these things, paedophilia, prostitution, drugs, etc.  are part of an Illuminati conspiracy, involving the CIA.

In order to achieve their subversive goals, the Illuminati have laid a very great emphasis on secrecy from their inception. The entire network was conceived and designed by Adam Weishaupt. Secrecy was achieved through establishment of secret societies throughout Europe and the U.S., particularly during the nineteenth century and afterwards. Benjamin Disraeli, who enjoyed good relations with the Rothschilds, and who, though Jewish originally, had converted to Christianity to become prime minster of Britain. Because of his Jewish origins and contacts, Disraeli was privy to deep information.  He stated before the British Parliament on Bastille Day in 1856 [9]:

It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal, that a grand part of Europe – the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries – is covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth are now being covered with railroads.”

What was the purpose of such societies? Disraeli stated in 1857 that it appeared to him that the religious views of the British had undergone a change “and instead of bowing before the name of Jesus we were preparing to revive the worship of Moloch.” Moloch worship requires sacrifice of children.  These secret societies had a subversive purpose which was pointed out by Disraeli as destruction of Christianity.  Who wanted to destroy Christianity? The Illuminati. Three individuals, Abbe Barruel, a Jesuit who had witnessed the French Revolution, a prominent Freemason Professor John Robison in Scotland, and Jedidiah Morse, a clergyman in New England, concluded independently that the French Revolution was the result of the intrigue of anti-Christian, anti-government secret societies, i.e. the Illuminati.   Robison had, perchance opened, after years of keeping sealed documents given to him by a Freemason (who had to be an Illuminati) in France, who himself had gone to Russia in a hurry and had not contacted him again. These documents contained a plan to overthrow all governments in Europe. Robison wrote a book pointing this out in 1798 [10].  The word Illuminati appears in the title of Robison’s book.

As a result of having exposed the Illuminati as the real instigators behind the French Revolution, all three, Barruel, Morse and Robison were subjected to vituperative attacks in the press indicating that even at that time the Illuminati were in control of the press in America and England! Douglas Reed astutely observes that the words used to censure the three men who had dared expose the Illuminati were similar to words used against James Forrestal 150 years later! It is instructive to read what Douglas Reed, who had looked at the record, states for it will appear very contemporary – the technique is used even today indicating that it is the same group or brethren or organisation or source that is behind the vituperation to which any independent writer or person is subjected if he expresses himself against the illuminati (i.e. Zionist) agenda. Reed writes [11]:

The three men were accused of starting a “witch-hunt”, of being bigots and alarmists, of persecuting “freedom of opinion” and “academic freedom”, of misrepresenting “liberal” and “progressive” thought, and the like. From that the attack continued to slander and scurrilous innuendo, and I found phrases which recurred in the campaign waged against an American Cabinet member, Mr. James Forrestal, in 1947-9; their private lives were said to be immoral and their financial habits shady; and at the last came the familiar suggestion that they were “mad”. This suggestion is often made today in the culminant stages of a campaign against an “anti-revolutionary” figure and is held to be specially strong medicine in defamation.”

James Forrestal had committed the crime of trying to prevent the American government, in its own interest, from helping in the establishment of Israel. New words like “anti-semitic”, “holocaust denier”, etc. have now been added to this vituperative vocabulary. The way academics like Kevin Barrett, Anthony Hall, Nick Kollerstrom and many others have been treated in recent years reveals the continuing and increasing grip of the Illuminati. Many outstanding reporters and media persons who dared to utter a word against the Illuminati agenda (Zionism i.e. world “revolution” and One World slave state)) have been consigned to oblivion regardless of race, religion or colour, right in front of our eyes. This is how Illuminati/Zionist pressure tactics operate so that any opposition to its agenda is silenced – if someone will not shut up he could be killed as Forrestal was.

Reed quotes what Marquis de Luchet wrote in early 1789, before the outbreak of the French Revolution [12]:

Learn there exists a conspiracy in favour of despotism against liberty, of incapacity against talent, of vice against virtue, of ignorance against enlightenment. . . .  the society aims at governing the world . . . Its object is universal domination.” De Luchet then added that if his warnings were unheeded there would be “a series of calamities of which the end is lost in the darkness of time . . . a subterranean fire smouldering eternally and breaking forth periodically in violent and devastating explosions.”

This is how the World Order proceeds towards its goal relentlessly and remorselessly. From the French Revolution to the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, the subterranean fire has been kept burning for over two centuries, if not more, and ”violent and devastating explosions” like 9/11 and the consequent wars continue. The Illuminati international bankers have now come quite close to their ultimate goal.  As Paul Craig Roberts has noted [13], terrorism is the American (i.e. Zionist) tool for a future destruction of Russia and therefore all mid-East rulers who had put terrorists in their proper place, have been removed and terrorism has been unleashed. This also achieves a Malthusian goal. The tens of millions who have died in these wars serve the goal of reduction of human garbage. The violent depopulation of the globe is part of the hideous Elite agenda. And the U.S.-U.K.-Israel alliance is the greatest current tool of the Illuminati Zionist international bankers.

The trillionaires of today, the richest section of the Illuminati leadership, have amassed their filthy wealth through instigated but managed conflict and usury. When they bring nations to war their members, who are present in all warring nations, give loans to the governments. The winner ensures that the loser will squeeze every penny of its own as well as the loser’s debt with interest from the losing nation. During World Wars I and II the Warburg brothers were present in both Germany and USA and were guiding the leadership of both countries!  Paul Warburg was in the U.S. during WW I and his brother Max Warburg was the head of the German Secret Service! The Warburgs stayed on in Germany just till the eve of WW II, “advising” Hitler, when they left without any difficulty.  In enemy countries the Warburg brothers moved in the highest echelons of power. There were the Schroders who enjoyed Hitler’s confidence while banking in UK and the US at the same time.  In his widely read book None Dare Call It Conspiracy Gary Allen quotes Professor Stuart Crane [14]:

If you will look back at every war in Europe during the Nineteenth Century, you will see that they always ended with the establishment of a ‘balance of power.’ With every reshuffling there was a balance of power in a new grouping around the House of Rothschild in England, France, or Austria. They grouped nations so that if any king got out of line a war would break out and the war would be decided by which way the financing went. Researching the debt positions of the warring nations will usually indicate who was to be punished.”

This is a simple but brutal satanic technique through which they have amassed and plundered unimaginable wealth which, along with the secrecy of their planning and activities, is the real source of their power. The price has to be paid in terms of millions of dead and untold suffering of generations. This requires utter heartlessness – it requires one to be malevolently and intensely evil. No wonder the unhappy mother of the five Rothschild brothers stated before she died, that if her sons wished so, there would be no war in Europe. Eustace Mullins writes in his book [15]:

The Order’s present goals were originated by Lord Castlereagh at the Conference of Vienna in 1815, when he handed over Europe to the victorious Money Power, as exemplified by the House of Rothschild. This was the “balance of power” which was never a balance of power at all, but a worldwide system of control to be manipulated at the pleasure of the conspirators.”

That manipulation continues today on a global scale relentlessly. Mullins quotes Henry Kissinger in 1991: “We now face a ‘new balance of power’. Today it translates into the notion of a ‘new world order’, which would emerge from a set of legal arrangements to be safeguarded by collective security.” Mullins observes: “When the minions of the World Order such as Henry Kissinger call for ‘collective security’, what they are really seeking is a protective order behind which they can carry out their depredations against all mankind.” This is what Bush called a  sort of “United Nations peacekeeping force.”  This will be a supranational force controlled by agents of the Satanic international bankers. The IMF and the World Bank, the Federal Reserve and other privately owned central banks worldwide hold nations and people in debt bondage. Nations that default face the wrath of bankers through military strength of the Zionist-controlled U.S. and its vassals in Europe. As agreed at a conference of thirteen wealthy and influential men, who gathered in Frankfurt at the initiative of Mayer AmschelRothschild in 1773 [16]: The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can undermine it.” The power of the U.S. is at the service of the Rothschilds; U.S. is the Rothschild tool in suppressing the world.

Debt bondage is the curse of the world despite the fact that the major religions of the world, Christianity, Islam and presumably pristine Judaism, ban usury!  That is one major reason these Illuminati bankers want the destruction of traditional religions and their values. Of course a person without religious conviction and with little or no family bonds is like a speck of dust that can be blown hither and thither at will. One needs to be rooted in religion and family to be strong and firm and to resist and stand against Satanism. Once the bankers had, through bribery, intrigue, deception and other means succeeded in acquiring the power to issue money there emerged a new phenomenon in Europe.  Stephen Mitford Goodson writes in his outstanding book on the history of central banking [17]:

Henceforth a pattern would emerge where unnecessary wars would be embarked upon which simultaneously increased the national debts and the profits of userers. Significantly most of these wars were started against countries, that had implemented interest-free state banking systems, as was the case in the North American colonies or France under Napoleon. This pattern of attacking and enforcing the banker’s system of usury has been deployed widely in the modern era and includes the defeat of Imperial Russia in World War I, Germany, Italy and Japan in World War II and most recently Libya in 2011. These were all countries which had state banking systems, which distributed the wealth of their respective nations on an equitable basis and provided their populations with a standard of living far superior to that of their rivals and contemporaries.”

Do any history textbooks mention what Goodson,  a former Director of the South African Reserve Bank, has mentioned? None. None of the books published by leading publishers mentions this deep reality. That is how sanitized or false history creates the wrong mind set. When the Rothschild et al instigated First World War ended the victorious Illuminati bankers plundered a prostrate Germany and then proceeded to plan for another World War because two of their goals could not be achieved: the League of Nations did not succeed because the people of the U.S. did not want it and the state of Israel was still a dream. So the Rothschilds decided to establish new think tanks that would provide the deceptive arguments to lead mankind to the abyss again and again and again.  They established the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and its American arm the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Mullins has remarked that the perception that the CFR is the secret government of U.S. is not true. He states [18]: “The members of the Council on Foreign Relations have never originated a single item of policy for the U.S. government. They merely transmit orders to our government officials from the RIIA and the House of Rothschild in London.”  He refers to the CFR members as sort of colonial governors answerable to their overseers of the World Order in London. Mullins also remarks that “the “founders” of RIIA were, one and all Rothschild men.”   Mullins also remarks [19] that the “The Milner Round Table became the RIIA-Council on Foreign Relations combine which exercises unopposed control for the World Order over foreign and monetary policy in both the United States and Great Britain.”

The Milner Round Table was the secret group involving Rothschild and a few others which planned and instigated World War I.  The paid intellectual servants of the Illuminati international bankers like Kissinger, Brzezinski, Huntington and many others before them are/were members of the CFR. These intellectual slaves owe their living standards and wealth and position and influence to the Illuminati international bankers whom they serve loyally and for whom they cook schemes of global pandemonium, perpetual suffering, war and genocide – all for a few paltry dollars or pounds.

At the present moment in the evolution of the World Order a captive, but immensely powerful United States does the bidding of the Illuminati Zionist international bankers. In order to take America into a war that will ravage the planet, these Illuminati international bankers are rapidly destroying the U.S. Constitution and transforming it into a dictatorship where civil liberties and human rights are being taken away. After 9/11, in less than two decades, the country has changed beyond belief.  Patriot Act, National Defence Authorization Acts, unconstitutional surveillance of all, the arming to the teeth of domestic agencies like DHS, constant intimidation and humiliation of the public, body scanners at airports, pat downs, all these are pre-meditated and well thought Illuminati schemes for destroying the self-respect and remnant courage of the American people.  Dictatorship at home and war abroad is the policy. This policy was laid out by the minions of CFR in line with the desires of the Illuminati international bankers. Churchill had referred to this inhuman cabal as “High Cabal” and had held them responsible for the two world wars and the savagery with which these wars were fought. Reacting to the savage bombing of Rotterdam during World War II he said [20]: “Time and the Ocean and some guiding star and High Cabal have made us what we are.”  This Illuminati Cabal controls U.S. government policy at home and abroad.

Russia and China now stand in the way of the complete submission of mankind before an Illuminati/Zioinist controlled, debt-ridden, increasingly brutal, internationally, and perhaps internally, intolerant U.S. The plan is to destroy both Russia and China in a global war and the American public is being brain-washed day and night by media in this direction. One wonders if the average American can think clearly about what is really happening. Paul Craig Roberts has observed [21]:

The false reality constructed for Americans parallels perfectly the false reality constructed by Big Brother in George Orwells’ dystopian novel 1984. Consider the constant morphing of “the Muslim threat” from al-Qaeda to the Taliban, to al-Nusra, to ISIS to ISIL, to Daesh with a jump to Russia. All of a sudden 16 years of Middle East wars against “terrorists” and “dictators” have become a matter of standing up to Russia, the country most threatened by Muslim terrorism, and the country most capable of wiping the United States and its vassal empire off of the face of the earth.”


Bolshevik Russia was Zionist where churches were blown up, Christianity denigrated and banned, with tens of millions of Christians driven to concentration camps to die hungry in the harshest winters; Putin’s Russia respects Christianity. A century ago Wilson’s USA was Zionist-controlled and so is Trump’s.  Russia has thrown off the yoke and the U.S. has succumbed to it. Will the American public stop, think and react? Will the patriots in the U.S. Armed Forces think for a moment as to why and for whom are they murdering tens of millions, mostly unarmed men women and children world-wide, and then take measures to save their country? Will they attempt to rid the country of the inhuman anti-American, anti-religion, yoke of Zionist/Illuminati international bankers and take it back to the principles enshrined in the U.S. constitution? Time will tell.




[1] Banker Whistleblower *BIG ENGLISH SUBTITLES*

First published 27 April 2017

Ronald Bernard has given an interview in four parts which can be located on the you tube easily by typing his name and the words Dutch Banker or Banker Whistleblower. In part 1 of his  interview referred to above, the statement that the world is run by 8000-8500 people appears at the 13 minute 20 second mark. That they are Luciferans is mentioned at about 7 seconds after the 23-minute mark. He also mentions Satanic churches after that and then at the 24 min 34 second mark he mentions human sacrifices and the turning point in his life when he was asked to sacrifice a child. The quoted remarks about humans being worthless parasites begin at 20 minute 36 second mark.

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An Open Letter to Pope Francis, by the converted Jew Pinchus Feinstein/Veterans Today/SAYS IT ALL!

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


An Open Letter to Pope Francis, by the converted Jew Pinchus Feinstein

Wednesday, January 20, 2016His Holiness, Pope Francis
Vatican City
January, 2016

Dear Holy Father

I am a Jew. I have the assurance, as did Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, of direct descent from King David on my father’s side (my mother, I was assured was descended of Hillel).

I am 74-years-old. I converted to the Roman Catholic Church at the age of 17 in the last year of the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. I did so because I was under the conviction that I had to accept and have faith that Jesus Christ was my savior, and I believed it. And I believed that I had to be a baptized member of his Church to have a chance of salvation. So I converted and was baptized in the Catholic Church, and then I was confirmed.

Over the years I have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to both Peters’ Pence (the pope’s own treasury about which you of course must be very familiar), and my local parish and diocese.

During that time I attended thousands of Masses, hundreds of holy hours and novenas, said thousands of rosaries, and made hundreds of trips to the Confessional.

Now in 2015 and 2016 I have read your words and those of your “Pontifical Commission.” You now teach that because I am a racial Jew, God’s covenant with me was never broken, and cannot be broken. You don’t qualify that teaching by specifying anything I might do that would threaten the Covenant, which you say God has with me because I am a Jew. You teach that it’s an unbreakable Covenant. You don’t even say that it depends on me being a good person. Logically speaking, if God’s Covenant with me is unbreakable, then a racial Jew such as I am can do anything he wants and God will still maintain a Covenant with me and I will go to heaven.

Your Pontifical Commission wrote last December, “The Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews…it does not in any way follow that the Jews are excluded from God’s salvation because they do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel and the Son of God.”

You are the Pontiff. I believe what your Commission teaches under your banner and in your name, and what you declared during your visit to the synagogue in January. As a result, I no longer see any point in getting up every Sunday morning to go to Mass, say rosaries, or attend the Rite of Reconciliation on Saturday afternoon. All of those acts are superfluous for me. Predicated on your teaching, I now know that due to my special racial superiority in God’s eyes, I don’t need any of it.

I don’t see any reason now as to why I was baptized in 1958. There was no need for me to be baptized. I no longer see why there was a need for Jesus to come to earth either, or preach to the Jewish children of Abraham of his day. As you state, they were already saved as a result of their racial descent from the Biblical patriarchs. What would they need him for?

In light of what you and your Pontifical Commission have taught me, it appears that the New Testament is a fraud, at least as it applies to Jews. All of those preachings and disputations to the Jews were for no purpose. Jesus had to know this, yet he persisted in causing a lot of trouble for the Jews by insisting they had to be born again, they had to believe he was their Messiah, they had to stop following their traditions of men, and that they couldn’t get to heaven unless they believed that he was the Son of God.

Your holiness, you and your Commission have instructed me in the true path to my salvation: my race. It’s all I need and all I have ever needed. God has a covenant with my genes. It’s my genes that save me. My eyes are open now.

Consequently, you will be hearing from my lawyer. I am filing suit against the papacy and the Roman Catholic Church. I want my money back, with interest, and I am seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the psychological harm your Church caused me, by making me think I needed something besides my own exalted racial identity, in order to go to heaven after I die.

I am litigating as well over the time that I wasted that I could have spent working in my business, instead of squandering it worshipping a Jesus that your Church now says I don’t need to believe in for my salvation. Your prelates and clerics told me something very different in 1958. I’ve been robbed!

Pinchus Feinstein
2617646 Ocean View Ave.
Miami Beach, Florida 33239

P.S. I’m transmitting this letter to Hoffman, an ex-AP reporter from New York, in the expectation that he will bring it to the attention of those who should know about it. I am transmitting it to him in the form of a dream, but nevertheless, it represents the feelings of many victims of your robber Church.—Pinch

Before You Vote For or Against Abbott, Know This!

Gregg Abbott and Rick Perry are typical run of the mill Bush/Clinton Sinaloa Federation Cartel owned and operated fake and fraudulent “Conservative” pro-life abortion profiteers Zionist stooges of The Texan Republican Establishment campaign funded by the Tilman Fertita/Bush Clinton Sinaloa Federation child sex slaving cartel. These two ” pro life” abortion business government monopoly  and political vote profiteers are the last Texans, Texas regardless of Party needs or should want as Governor, or America as Potus. Unless it’s Texans Sam Houston, Ross Perot, or Ron Paul all shot down in presidential runs by the Texas Democrat (Clinton) and Bush RINO Texas establishment. Beginning with the decimation of Texas’ home grown oil and gas industry by G.H. Bush/Saudi/Bin Laden in the Seventies, and Texas jobs by Clinton/Bush Nafta in the 90’s, the growth of the Penal State and ethnic genocide by CIA /Bush/Clinton Iran Contra crack epidemic morphing into the Fertita/ Sinaloa Federation Cartel child sex slaving, arms, and drug running at present, the destruction of education in Texas by G.W.’s No Child Left Behind and the Rothschild/Chase Bank student loan enslavement, and G.W.’s 9/11 Mossad Enron cover up, all Texan Presidents beginning with Eisenhower controlled by the Dulles Brothers/Prescott Bush CIA, G.H., the CIA President JFK assassin (in cahoots with LBJ) Skull and Bones Neo Con Zionist and son G.H. have obliterated Texas and America. Abbott has done nothing by design to secure borders, and as AG or TSCJ. Now as Gov. like Perry Abbott has not a single conviction nor oversaw one arrest to combat the Ferttita/SFC child sex slave trafficking. A recent UT report states there are over 300,000 slaves in Texas, 78,000 child sex slaves. Of that number 78% are enslaved through the monstrous Texas CPA Foster Care Program which Perry and Abbott as Governor are being sued for by a children’s rights NGO. Abbott, like Perry, a pro life abortion business voter and financial profiteer, orchestrated as then Texas Attorney General the exoneration of very, very late term abort them alive and whole and sell their bodies to Planned Parenthood Dr. Douglas Carpen to cover up Perry’s abortion business criminal conflict of interest signing into law as Gov. sister’s Mila Perry Jones’ United Surgical Partners abortion clinic monopoly in Texas, as Gov. Abbott must resign as Governor and be criminally prosecuted, not run for Potus


A Pope who publicly is destroying The Church must be resisted

-St. Calixtus-




NAME AND DATE ___________________________________________________





Alex Jone’s Info whores Mossad Fake News-No One is Fooled Anymore!

Once again Zionist Globalist propaganda stooge Alex Jones via Infowhores is covering up by this Fake News story for his Mossad handler’s that the Fed Fake Jews did 9/11,  by throwing Bush/Cheney, The CIA, the Saudis and UAE to the Yid Mafia corporate media wolves and as always, never, ever mentioning Netanyahu and Is-R-Hell in conjunction with Fed. enslaved, Rabbi 10 Trillion Dollar embezzlement comptroller run Pentagon is the one and only sponsor (not Iran) of NWO international terrorism from 9/11 to ISIS/London/Paris/Belgium/ Cal.  This UAE 9/11sut is Mossad Fake News trumpeted by Alex. These 850 plaintiffs suing Saudi for 9/11 are being leveraged (if these really  are historical relatives of supposed 3,000 9/11 deaths-the alleged victims  list of names, photos, and five hundred baggies of remains are fake) by Chuck Schumer  is a disinformation, misdirecting  false flag by Schummer/ Jones to cover up Is-R-Hell and Mossad as the true perpetrators of 9/11.  I’m shocked  Zio Jones did not publish this Bull Shit  Mossad Fake News story a CIA demolition expert confessed on his death bed planting the thermite that imploded Larry Silverstein’s and the CIA office space in Building Seven on 9/11. That a CIA agent and not a Mossad agent confessed gives it away as fake news, just like the Saudis and UAE being sued not Is R Hell by Schumer and Mossad controlled 9/11 family plaintiffs. All of the Enron trial evidence  not shredded by Arthur Anderson was stored in Building 7.  This may have been used to blackmail Bush’s participation. The CIA agent (probably not a real historical person or CIA agent) was amazed and lamented  the American People did not immediately connect G.W./Cheney  to master minding 9/11 and lynch them. Words reminiscent of G.H.’s famous revelation to a Press Secretary-“If the American People ever learn what we (The Bush Family) have done to them, they will hunt us down and lynch us.”  The Goyim know now! Zio Alex also covers up for Mossad by trumpeting lyin Leo Zagami Fake News of Vatican Gay Crack Orgies maliciously equating The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, The Mystical Body of Christ with Zionist, Illuminati occupiers of a building, The Vatican, dominated by the Rothschild Mossad Vatican Bank Illuminati infiltrators and their Masonic/Opus Dei Cardinal betrayers of The Roman Catholic Church, who, like Alex, seek to defame and destroy The Roman Catholic Church by Alex/Leo’s satanic equation. With fiat paper Babylonian money magic Rothschild National Banks, Vatican and Fed,  there is inexorably satanic child rape as the primary currency used to in debt and enslave Church and State controlled by these most Anti Catholic satanists Fake Jews, The Synagogue of Satan”. Alex Jone’s you are going straight to Hell for your Blasphemies against The Roman Catholic Church and betrayal of America First, by being a controlled opposition propaganda whore for Is R Hell first.  Repent! You say you read comments and do not delete any. You must see, at this point, that all Infowar viewers see who you truly are and what you are doing. Repent or Resign and allow David Knight and Lee Ann MacAdoo to carry on do reparation for your blasphemies to save your soul!  hand over the Infowar plant form and viewership you pirated away for Jeff Rense to Rense and your critique Veteran’s Today.  You and Paul Watson have lost all credibility  blaming innocent Muslims and Catholics for the sins of Mossad and are in danger of Hell.  Only Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, can help us and is. It is a sign of your deluded self importance you claim credit for single handedly Making Great Again by you cartoon show hate terror monger antics on the part of your Yid Mafia corporate media owners. It’s not “Make America Great Again,”  but rather, “Make America Good Again” that will save Americans. And only the Grace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Union with the Hands of The Immaculate of Mary can and is Making America Good Again.  The Catholic Church is The Mystical Body of Christ according to St. Paul. Mary is The Mother of That Mystical Body on Earth and in Heaven. Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, is Queen of Heaven. Only She, not you and infowhores  can make America Good Again. 

Non African Hebrew fake Jew  Zionist synagogue of Satan CIA/MOSSAD/PENTAGON proxy international state sponsored terrorism ISIS is almost dead, WWIII Putin will not be suckered into, as the USSR was suckered into Afghanistan, The Golan Heights will soon be liberated from Is R Hell occupation and Cheney/Rothschild Genie Oil  justly repatriated by Assad, popularly elected President of Syria for the next 40 years, to rebuild Syria and re green Syria  recovering 40% of fresh water stolen by Is-R-Hell from The Golan Heights, the reason  state sponsored international terrorist IDFA maimed  the USS Liberty in 1967.   Greater Kurdistan is Greater Is R Hell’s last furtive move into check mate.  And as always, Zionist stooge, anti Roman Catholic Church free masonic sympathizer teenager(with Muslims, brain lame McShame’s Free Syrian Army head chopped and ate Syrian Catholics – non pope -Francis The Apostate Free Masonic  Vatican Chief said  nothing) is right here via Fake News Infowhores  to betray  America First, first! Blaspheming The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in Syria, and demonizing for Is R Hell innocent victim Muslims in Yemen and among the refugees. Zio Jones last straw after ISIS is  promote the long used and abused  dupe Kurds as Is R Hell’s proxies against Iran, Iraq, and Syria to Trump.  Repent now Alex Jones and be saved from the fires of Hell. No one is fooled anymore.


Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.d, a divorced Catholic who graduated in 1964 from St. Ignatius High school, and Harvard with a Ph.d in Political Science, is currently employed by Alex Jones on Infowars as an investigative journalist. Dr. Corsi has written contradictory books as “Who Really Killed Kennedy?” “The Shroud Codex,” “Why Israel Can’t Wait,” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi, like President Donald Trump, who proclaims to be an anti Iran pro Israel Zionist is a loss cannon who often unconsciously attacks and dismantles in his writings and interviews the Globalist fake non African Hebrew Jew usurers in Tele Aviv and the Fed. conspiracy for Talmudic world domination of The Goyim via Is R Hell and a New World Order and One world religion via Mossad 9/11 false flag hoax and Francis, the P-2 apostate. Corsi as a loose cannon was most evident in an interview on the most recent Leo Zagami fairy tale about a cocaine fueled Vatican gay sex orgy two hundred yards away from Francis’ quarters busted by Vatican Police. Although this story, if it were actually true, would not surprise me. However, this made up anti Catholic scandal does not have any other source then Leo Zagami, and nothing but Fake News from a liar and con man.

Lyin Leo in 2015 on Infowars reported to Zionist media stooge anti Catholic masonic sympathizer Alex Jones that Francis screaming at the Cardinals in the serpentine Vatican papal hall had a stroke and collapsed. Jones, bragging credit for being the first to publish Leo’s latest fairy tale as well, impulsively published on infowars lyin Leo’s first fib about Francis having a stroke. Leo, trumpeted by Jone’s on Infowars, undeterred proclaimed Francis would retire in 2016 and return to Argetina. Francis has not retired and has publicly said he will not go until he has accomplished his satan given mission to subvert and overthrow the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church. Argentina is the only country in the Western Hemisphere Francis has not and will not visit. Francis was indicted in a Superior Court in Buenos Aires five days after his rigged election to Pope, for complicity in the kid napping, torture, and murder of six Church workers during CIA Operation Condor Dirty War – 1974-84- in Argentina. So Lucio Gelli P-2 protege Francis will most likely never return to Argentina. Corsi, expressly charged in this interview to talk about- even validate Lyin Leo’s most recent Vatican fairy tale did not do so. Corsi prescinded. You can click on and view this interview at the link at the end of this blog.

Corsi, a divorced Catholic, in a July 12th, 2017 interview for Infowars entitled “Vatican Swarmed with Pedophiles and Gay Sex Orgies,” during which Leo Zagami’s name was not mentioned, to the contrary, makes a crucial distinction of being making a clear dichotomy between The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Roman Catholic Church and the P-2 Masonic occupied Vatican and The Papacy occupied by P-2 Lucio Gelli protege, “Don’t call me Pope” Francis, The Apostate, referencing The Third Secret of Fatima and The Roman Catholic Church.

Zio/Mossad media stooge Alex Jones in all previous anti Catholic hate propaganda equates along with “F… you Pope Francis” Paul Watson and a deluge of anti Catholic bigots Jones encourages and inflames in the comment section, The Roman Catholic Church and all Catholic Priests with the Vatican Swarmed with Pedophiles and Gay Sex Orgies. Jone’s Lyin Leo fueled Fake News anti Roman Catholic propaganda for his Is R Hell masters is Blasphemy against Jesus and Mary. Corsi preschinding from Leo’s latest Vatican fairy tale instead demonstrates The Third Secret of Fatima is being acted out in every event we see in Russia and in Syria, Palestine and proclaimed the loss of the Catholic Faith by Rome. But in the end Mary, The Queen of Heaven, says “My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.”  This means the World will be granted “a time of peace” through the Hands of Mary in Union with The Sacred Heart of Her Son Jesus before The Second Coming.  Mary will rebuild during this unprecedented period of world peace the Catholic Church world wide even more beautiful than She was before. And Our Lady of Fatima will lead Muslims who reverence her is model, the only woman extolled in The Koran, to her Son, along with Russia into the Catholic Church.

All that Mary awaits is the consecration of Russia by name by The Pope in a public solemn ceremony in union with all the Catholic Bishops of The World.  This consecration is opposed by Francis to the very bottom of his Illuminati satanic black heart and he has only mocked Fatima and the consecration.  The Third Secret then tells of an Assyrian like devastation of Rome where a fake Pope is killed outside the City of Rome on a hill side.  Is R Hell specifically has said that if they go down they have the capacity to hit Rome.  Is R Hell, the black heart of the Rothschild NWO is going down, with Putin putting a stake in The Beast’s blackest of black damnable heart.  To learn more about The Secrets of Our Lady of Fatima and what you can do- go to The

The Blessed Virgin Mary, not the queens in The Vatican-a building-, is The Mother of The Church, The Mystical Body of Christ.  Mary is The  Queen of Heaven  in all Papal Doctrine. Mary, not the queens in The Vatican, a Personification of The Catholic Church Militant on Earth, and Triumphant  in Heaven as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven.  Jesus is personally  identified with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic  Catholic , or Universal  Church through the Seven Sacraments,  and Mary, our Lady of Fatima.  Bless Dr. Corsi for making this obvious distinction  lacking from  Infowars  zio Jone’s anti Catholic/Muslim batting who blasphemies saying the queens of the Vatican is The Roman Catholic Church. True to form, zio Jones took down this interview because Corsi made the distinction and referenced The Fatima Secret.

As soon as Corsi said apostasy of the Catholic Faithful lead away from the Catholic Church after Vatican II by a fake papacy and “gay Vatican”  Bishops and Cardinals was  a fulfillment mirrored in  The Secret of Fatima, this interview was ended immediately on that word, Fatima, and was taken down and archived by Jones.

The take down of this interview  (Click below at the end of this  article to see)  is another example   Alex Jones is a controlled media shil for the Globalist Zionist “Synagogue of Satan” fake Jews, who are   murderously anti African Hebrews in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq (Muslims) as well as the original Aramaic Catholic Church. With 80% African Hebrew DNA accounted for in Muslim and Catholic Palestinian/Syrian/ Iraqi bloodlines,  a fact the racial supremacist Yiddish Nazi’s -Ashcannazi-Kazar with disdain acknowledge, Netanyahu and Is R Hell (zio Alex never names or criticizes for being behind all false flags sinc 9/11 instead blames innocent Muslims)  have no African Hebrew Blood, which they proudly attest in state racism against “Black” Jews from Ethiopia.  Zio Alex never names or criticizes for being behind all false flags since 9/11 Netanyahu and Mossad, but  instead blames innocent Muslims.

While Catholics and Muslims of African Hebrew origin are being murdered by Is-R-Hell via the fake 9/11 Bush/Clinton “war on Terror”   Rothschild ashcannazi controlled Mocking Bird Mossad corporate media  of which Jone’s Infowhores is controlled opposition alternative media blames innocent Muslims and says nothing about Palestinian Catholics  made to disappear in the corporate media as Arab Terrorists are mass murdered by  genocide and imprisoned in their on God given land by atheist Trotskyite communist/Nazi fake Jews  in Tele  Viv  whose Neo-Con dual citizenship Israel  first traders for in the United States of Is-R-Hell control by child pornography our Congress , Executive, and Pentagon in their Satanic Babylonian Talmudic endless wars of world domination an depopulation via Is R Hell ‘s and the Neo Con’s Culture of Murder.

God bless Dr. Corsi for speaking the truth, “The Third Secret of Fatima.”   And Alex Jones, repent now or you face eternal damnation at the moment of death.  You will be in Hell with David Rockefeller and G.H. Bush forgotten forever.  You never get out.  This for the Blasphemies you have encouraged, you and your Infowhore, con man liar Leo Zagami  (who is never mentioned in the interview below as the source of this completely non verified, fact checked, baseless  Vatican Crack Gay Orgy lie) against Our Lady of Fatima. Repent now and actually become the character you portray.  No one is fooled by you anymore you know that.  Ask Dr. Ron Paul who has spoken at Fatima Center Conferences on the Third Secret of Fatima and repent!  The interview is below.