FRANCIS THE APOSTATE: Four “Doubting” Judas Goat Cardinals Diabolically Sacrifice Catholic Faithful in Hitlerian Appeasement of Their “POPE” Francis, Their “Sweet Jesus on Earth”

A Pope who publicly is destroying The Church must be resisted

-St. Calixtus-




As in Operation Mockingbird, the Mossad/CIA complete control of America Corporate Media from Fox to CNN for greater Israel, continuous War on Terror propaganda to high jack and destroy the American Constitutional Republic and We the People, like wise Masonic Opus Dei controls Michael Voris in their Masonic occupation of The Roman Catholic Church  full spectrum dominance  propaganda war against the “Church of Nice” as controlled opposition to annihilate The Roman Catholic Church and The Papacy. Masonic Propaganda in both cases brings about the annihilation of the Palestinian People as Arab Terrorists although many are Catholic Semites branded by Zionist owned corporate media as Arab Terrorists, and the Roman Catholic Church branded as “The Church of Nice” by Opus Dei anti Roman Catholic and Papacy media, Church Militant’s  lying sodomite Michael Voris and catamite Simon Rafe.

As such, to understand the betrayal of the four Dubia Cardinals of The Roman Catholic Faithful by their recent proclamation of Francis as The Pope in spite of not responding to their original Dubia, basically asking Francis to confirm and express publicly Francis is a practicing Roman Catholic, it is necessary to first understand the anti Catholic Masonic propaganda agenda put forth by Opus Dei via Voris and Church Militant in their anti Roman Catholic Church false flag propaganda war on The Church of Nice.

Masonic Opus Dei subversive counter “Catholic Hierarchy” media, “Church Militant” propaganda talking head, Michael Voris, is a Janus faced Vortex self professed Sodomite (The Vortex April 16th, 2016, We Must Not Seek to Limit God) Michael  Voris, an Opus Dei,  MK Ultra  Manchurian Candidate propaganda talking head, a made up carton character never criticizes  “Pope” Francis directly for not being “real Catholic”  in his relentless “Church of Nice” Vortex barrages.  Voris never says or even implies in the Vortex Francis is not The Pope,  or that Francis is Pope is not accepted by real Catholics, and by “Pope Emeritus Benedict” as Pope, or Cardinal Raymond Burke as Pope.


Voris’ in very substantive, finely crafted Vortex

“where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed”!

tells the ugly truth, and nothing but the ugly truth about The Church of Nice. Not Masonic cancer Opus Dei’s lies and falsehoods or Voris’ of course,  but the ugly truth incessantly about bogey man “The Church of Nice,” and the “homosexual apostate bishops.” Voris lies in a Vortex “We Must not Limit God, April 26, 2016, that Opus Dei talking head Voris’ Opus Dei specific arch nemesis,bogeyman, two faced closeted Homo Cardinal Dolan maliciously conspired to out Voris as a two faced closeted Homo-but Voris in the Vortex beat Dolan  to the punch and outed himself.  Dolan publicly dismissed Voris’ conspiracy theory as untrue.  And there is no evidence whatsoever  Voris  had not made the whole thing up.   Analogously,  Nazis and Commie propagandists, both Hell bent on the destruction of Natural Law and Holy Family first and foremost like Buenos Aires Nazi Peronista Francis in “Joy of Love” lie by telling the truth about each other, and never telling the truth about themselves.  Voris will never trap and expose Opus Dei lies, only The Church of Nice ‘s. And Voris is only trapped and exposed by his own lies and falsehoods.

While subversively scandalizing the Catholic Faithful with the Opus Deis propaganda agenda exposing Sodomy rampant among Catholic Bishops and clergy  Voris and his catamite Simon Rake are nonetheless after being exposed and feigning religious conversion and promises to Our Lady of Fatima to be chaste,  practicing homosexuals sodomites.  (See my blog The Michael Voris Deception: Propaganda Double Agent to Control Opposition at

Michael Voris like Barak Obama without a fake birth certificate, or his two fake daughters that also do not have registered birth certificates and do not appear on  appears not to be  a made up media propaganda character by Opus Dei, like Tokyo Rose.  There is no certainty  Voris writes the Vortex extremely high grade Masonic  Opus Dei brainwashing mind control propaganda rants lying again publicly in his Church Militant Staff Bio, Voris graduated in the early Eighties from Notre Dame with a  non existent degree from  a non existent  degree program, and again, as Voris, S.T.B.  after his name in each Vortex claims  in 1997 graduated from my own Alma Mater, the Angelicum in Rome, with a B.S.T. degree,  Bachelor of Sacred Theology, another non existent degree program at a college Voris claims to have graduated Summa Cum Laude from.  All evidence indicates that in 1997 Voris was in Michigan, not Rome.  Nor is there any public evidence  Voris starting  in 1991 won four Emmy Awards in four consecutive years in the field of News Documentaries.  See:

Knowing who the messenger is, where he is coming from, and who he is representing and speaking for is absolutely key to truthfully evaluating the message and making an informed decision that the messenger, those who send him, and the message is credible or not. This is why I have spend so much time on Michael Voris, and Masonic Opus Dei subversive media Church Militant.

In light of  this propaganda analysis it becomes understandable  why Voris and the Church Militant crew clothe the following story “Dubia Cardinals Publish Letter Requesting Meeting With Pope” as a holy and blessed prophetic missive for The Roman Catholic Church experiencing a crisis in faith of demonic confusion (fomented by a clownish “Bishop dressed in white, we thought was the Pope,” my words not Voris or Church Militant’s)  These four dubia or doubting Cardinals have been portrayed consistently as “saintly and courageous” by Voris and Church  risking their lives in seeking clarification from “Chaos Frank”  over their dubia that “The Joy of Love” is not Roman Catholic Faith and Morals Magisterial teaching.

Prominently among these four Cardinal doubters is Cardinal Raymond Burke. Cardinal Burke, a practicing homosexual Bishop, was taught as a candidate for Pope by Voris in The Vortex  after Voris’ papal idol Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, also a lifelong  practicing homosexual Bishop, was blackmailed by Vatican Illuminati of the Rotheschild’s Vatican Bank to resign. Burke is practically a founder, and Bishop patron of Voris’ Opus Dei  anti Catholic Church subversive propaganda media, Church Militant. Staunch Dubia Opponent Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, who Francis replaced Burke with as Roman Rota Head ( Catholic Church Supreme Court Head )  for disrupting by public criticism 2016 Vatican Synod on the Family.  Pio Vinto Pinto- who does not have a Canon Law or Church Law degree  is very significantly on the famous 1979  Peccelli  list  of P2  or Grand Master Lucio Gelli, (who Francis is a protege of)  Progranda Due List of Freemasons Cardinals  Pinto in his ardent opposition to the four Dubia Cardinals, replacing Burhe,  is a critical link tying together Lucio Gelli, August Person of P-2, behind the conspiracy in 1978 that murdered JPI for threatening the existence of The Vatican Bank and that subsequently brought JPII to the Papacy, and Francis, whose 2013 papal election was called the fulfillment of our plans by Lucio Gelli before he died at 97.

the Knights Templar/ Knights of Malta, Fr. Maciel/JPII Legionaries of Christ, Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus, is a traitorous alien cancer replicating itself within The Body of Christ to annihilate Christendom and The Roman Catholic Church, and taught my Pope right or wrong allegiance to The Pope,  now “don’t call me Pope Francis”, to do so.

What a triumph for Masonry,  a realization the perseverance of the Alta Venditta  Illuminati conspiracy after more than a hundred and fifty years, to infiltrate their eternal enemy The Roman Catholic Church from Parish to Papacy  to have the alleged Pope himself by encyclical annihilating the Catholic Church and Papacy and Christendom calling for their replacement by a New World Order, One World Government, and One World Religion. Staunch Dubia Opponent Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, who Francis replaced Burke, as Roman Rota Head (Church Church Supreme Court Head- Pio Vinto Pinto- what a name! does not have a Church Law Degree)  for disrupting with public criticism 2016 Vatican Synod on the Family” is on on Famous List of Freemasons and who redoubles his rebuke of the four Cardinals

“ROME ( – Vaticanista Sandro Magister Monday published a letter sent by the Four Dubia Cardinals to Pope Francis asking for a private meeting.”(dubia i.e., these four Cardinal alone among hundreds, over six months ago first publicized a letter raising four “Dubia” to Francis after Francis previously refused to meet them privately, and did not respond to a confidential letter asking Francis to answer clearly these four Dubia or doubts about violation of Roman Catholic Faith and Morals in Francis’ “Joy of Love,” “apostolic exhortation.” That Dubia letter by the four Cardinals is a Canonical, that is, Church Law procedure, or referendum on Francis himself to publicly state as “Pope” if Francis is Orthodox, or declining to answer The Dubbia in an orthodox manner, Francis deposes himself as Pope. Res ipso, igitur, i.e. This being the case, therefore, Francis is Roman Catholic in nomine solo, i.e. in name only, and therefore can not be “The Pope” i.e. The Vicar, or representative of Christ on Earth) to Pope Francis asking for a private meeting.

“Authored by Cdl. Carlo Caffarra, archbishop-emeritus of the Bologna, Italy archdiocese, the letter, written April 25,(2017) was hand delivered to the Holy Father on May 6, and is yet to receive a response.” These four Cardinals over six months ago sent basically this same dubia inquiry to Francis and received no private or public response. But not to respond, nolo contendere, is in fact a response by Francis. Given Francis’ response, why did these four Cardinals send this Dubia inquiry again after being brushed off with contempt publicly by Francis in Jesuit media the first time? By showing contempt and not publicly answering the Dubia, by Church Law Procedure, Francis deposed himself as “Pope.” Francis cannot by definition be Pope if he publicly has refused to uphold Roman Catholic Faith and Morals, which Francis has defiantly refused to do in the face of the Cardinals dubia inquisition concerning Joy of Love. Francis deposed himself as Pope by his own intention not to respond to the Dubia letter-since only God and the Pope himself can depose a Pope. What possible reason, except a miraculous conversion of Francis to the Roman Catholic Faith, do the four Dubia Cardinals entertain that Francis holding these dubia cardinals in contempt and defiantly deposing himself in the first instance, would respond differently this second time? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Francis, has not, and will not respond to the dubia now or forever. The Papacy, therefore, is Sedes Vacantis as a result, that is The Chair of Peter is empty, although in their second letter, the four cardinals say to Francis they do not associate with Faithful Catholics who believe or hold the position of Sedes Vacantes. The affirm that Francis is Pope, betraying the outcome of their first letter by which Francis nolo contendere deposed himself as Pope. There are more very significant betrayals of The Roman Catholic Faithful and the legal out come of their first dubia letter sent over six months ago by the four Cardinals. This is a false flag, or Judas goat betrayal of The Catholic Faithful and of The Church by Francis and the masonic sodomite occupied Vatican with these four dubia Cardinals as controlled opposition double agents for the same.

Church Militant continues “The dubia<ins, or questions, were issued to the Holy Father in September 2016, and came in light of confusion (Quite an oxymoron- in light of confusion!) from Chapter 8 of his apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia,(or “The Joy of Love” intentionally sounds like a sex manual title from the Seventies- the contrived outcome of 2016 Masonic Sodomite occupied Vatican Synod in Rome to Destroy the Family) particularly paragraphs 300–305, used by liberal bishops (Are these bishops “Liberal” or Homosexual- the politically correct term “Liberal” is a euphemism for Masonic Sodomite Cardinals and Bishops who occupy The Vatican to neutralize The Roman Catholic Church) to promote opening up the sacraments to the divorced and civilly remarried, contrary to longstanding Church teaching and practice.” P-2 Argentinian protege of KGB/Masonic Gran Master Lucio Gelli, Francis, initiated, guided, and defends to the death the intentional outcome of The Joy of Love: to annihilate Chaste Marriage- Chasti Cannubi- satanically in the black mass sense- upside down and backwards, using the eating of human flesh (of raped and murdered infants and children in the context of a sodomite orgy, and now through the reception in a state of Mortal Sin, The Body and Blood of Christ)to destroy Holy Family. This annihilation of Chasti Cannubi as the sole basis of Holy Family is exemplified, realized, and sustained by three semper or aways Virgins, Mary, Joseph, and their Son, Jesus. This veiled sexual assault by Masonic occupied Vatican Pederasts to annihilate chaste marriage as a way to destroy babies and children, the image and likeness of God reflected in the human person as distinctly male and female, and the ultimate vocation of spiritual mother and father, began with the universal silence of Catholic Clergy on intrinsic evil of Contraception, and canonization of JPII (child sex slaving accomplice of CIA/Mossad Murranno Fr. Maciel Degolado, Sinoloa Federation Cartel god father and the mastermind of mass child sex slaving for the undocumented, and poor nationals alike) masonic a sexual Gnostic masturbation manual which inspired Francis’ “The Joy of LOVE,”, JPII’s “The Theology of The Body.” Former Master General of The Order of Preachers, i.e. The Dominicans, Timothy Radicliff,(The same Dominican Order that St. Catherine of Sienna was a member) elevated by Francis to The Vatican Social Justice Commission, across the globe preaches, always wearing the Dominican habit, that “We cannot judge.” Sodomy is eucharistic. This blasphemous statement is only true in the perverted context of The Rite of Sodomy, satanic ritual abuse of The Black Mass. Receiving The Body and Blood of the Lord in a state of Mortal Sin, as Dominican St. Thomas’ Corpus Christi Sequence Lauda Sion makes clear, leads not to salvation, but causes self inflicted damnation of the blasphemer. In the Illuminati vile Culture of Murder (Not Culture of Death-but Murder)the goal of world depopulation through destruction of Chaste Holy Marriage’s end of Procreation is world depopulation by murder and eternal damnation of everyone. Our Lady of Fatima in the Second Secret of Fatima showed the three Portugese children (Portugal today is the global center of the so called Pedogate) a vision of Hell. Mary said that many souls go to Hell because of sins against the divine image and likeness of the human person created from the beginning male and female.

“Caffarra makes clear the cardinals’ respect and fealty to the Holy Father, referring to him in the words of St. Catherine of Siena as “sweet Christ on earth,” (I profoundly revere St. Catherine of Siena, a fellow Dominican, a Mystical Doctor of The Church. Her expose and prophetic condemnation “on current corruption of the Church” in her mystical treatise, The Dialogues (with Jesus) like 11th Century reformer Benedictine Monk Peter Damian’s “On Sodom and Gomorrah” are completely contemporary in regard to Masonic Vatican Satanic Ritual Abuse “trafficked” throughout the globe from parish to parish. St. Catherine’s endearing name for one of the four purported pPopes in her time, “Sweet Christ on Earth,”  attempting to spiritually heal The Great Schism of the 14th Century, are now, dismissing St. Catherine’s condemnation of clerical sodomy in the Church upheld by “joy of Love” and is blasphemously applied to deposed non-pope Francis by Judas Goat Cardinal Caffarra and the three other dubia Cardinals in rejecting the position of sedevacantists,  (this term means Francis is not because of rigged election, both … and  formal heresy Pope- the Chair of Peter is vacant) who deny the validity of the current papacy.

Most Holy Father,” (the letter begins)

“It is with a certain trepidation that I address myself to Your Holiness, during these days of the Easter season. I do so on behalf of the Most Eminent Cardinals: Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke, Joachim Meisner, and myself.

We wish to begin by renewing our absolute dedication and our unconditional love for the Chair of Peter and for Your august person,  (August Person is a Masonic Title, never a title of the Pope. CIA Operation Condor Francis Jesuit/Archbishop/Cardinal Peronista of Nazi ratline terminus Buenos Aires, was the protege and evil fruit of KGB Illuminati Lucio Gelli’s Propaganda Due murder of “The Smiling Dope” JPI and Masonic murder cover up and resurrection via CIA/Mossad papal Double Agent, Ashcannazi non African Hebrew Polish Zionist “jew,” JPII and the fulfillment of the Italian Cathar Carrabineri Alta Venditta conspiracy century old plan exposed by the saintly Pius IXth to neutralize the Pope by electing someone not necessarily a Mason- like the Smiling Dope, JPI, or coward Pope Paul VIth, or a Mason like John XXIII, and Francis that through “Confusion” and Heresy no one will listen to as Pope, pro or con ) in whom we recognize the Successor of Peter and the Vicar of Jesus: the “sweet Christ on earth,” as Saint Catherine of Siena was fond of saying. We do not share in the slightest the position of those who consider the See of Peter vacant, nor of those who want to attribute to others the indivisible responsibility of the Petrine munus. (The Heresy of “Pope Emeritus- Pope Benedict, that is, two legitimate Popes at once, that Francis enthusiastically accepts still  as ” a new institution,” brought about by life long Bishop  child rape enabler Benedict , a.k.a Joseph Ratzinger, who was forced to resign by the Rothschild Vatican Bank, not because of covering up child rape (a necessary duty of the pope for the Vatican Illuminati)  but Benedict’s sacking of Fr. Maciel Degolado, the Criminal Master Mind behind The Bush/Clinton/Carlos Slim Helu Sinoloa Federation Cartel under pressure by the secular Mexican Press,  allowing the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass without permission of The Local Homosexual Bishop, and most importantly bringing about the release of The Third Secret of Fatima.  How can these Four renew absolute dedication and have unconditional love for Francis as “sweet Christ on earth” The Pope- when Francis holds what they deny – Benedict is Pope Emeritus.  Michael Voris, Church Militant” an Masonic Opus Dei Sodomite liar, with hid creepy Mo like catamite, Simon Rake ,  covered over these true reasons and lionized the “gay Hitler Youth Nazi” Benedict as he in disgraced reposed himself as Pope.  Michael Voris has up until recently tauted Benedict as Pope Emeritus along with The Editors of The Oxford Review, at the same time dismissing  Vatican Illuminati murdered Fr.  Nicholaus Grunner as disobedient to anti Fatima Russia consecration Fr. Maciel supported Cardinals Solano and Tarciscio Bertano.

American Cardinal Raymond Burke, was removed by Francis as Justice of the Roman Rota, of supreme court of Church Law for his vocal opposition during the initial “Synod of the Family” at the Vatican in Rome, and more recently neutered by Francis’ as Chaplain of The Order of Malta, due to Burke’s confrontation with The Grand Master of the Order over Knight of Malta international distribution of contraception after the notorious Apostolic Exhortation in 2016 of 50,000 word “The Joy of Love” by Francis and his co-writers. Burke, a homosexual, as an expert in Church Law, knew that only God and/or the Pope could ‘depose’ a sitting Pope. As such, Burke and these three other Cardinals alone out of hundreds of Cardinals across the world, confronted over six months ago, “Pope Francis,” out of their duty as Bishops or over seers of Church teaching on Faith and Morals- a responsibility that all Catholic Baptized, especially parents with their children share, with five Dubbia, or doubts arising from “The Joy of Love” which sounds like the title of a 70’s sex manual. St. Callixus said in confronting the 2nd century anti-Pope Novitian. i.e. a satanic fake pope- like Francis who at least ab initio tells anyone like these four Cardinals “don’t call me Pope, I am The Bishop of Rome” (But these four Cardinals of the Dubbia still call Francis Pope)that “A Pope who publicly is destroying the Church must be resisted.” Fulton Sheen said, and being a stodge of New York Cardinal, Knight of Malta, and JFK murder CIA/Zionist co-conspirator “Franny” Spellman, Fulton, Cardinal Dolan’s homosexual idol in all ways, Fulton knew from personal experience the two signs of the presence of the Devil in the Church Hierarchy: Confusion, and Politics is Religion! Who do those two traits sound like? From the beginning, “Who am I to judge?” exonerating Monsignor Rossi of massive evidence and testimonies by police and Church authorities of homosexuality and Pederasty with child sex slaves. (Pedophilia clinically is child rape by a biological parent- Fr. Maciel Degolado was both a Pederast-child rapist, and a Pedophile- Fr. Maciel raped his own biological children. Every Pedophile is a Pederast, but most Pederasts are not Pedofiles. The substitution of the clinical term Pedophile for Pederast, has allowed Homosexual Bishops of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops until just recently to say Homosexual clerics (who commit 81% of the Satanic Ritual Abuse rapes on boys 15 and under) are not Pedophiles. Monsignor went of to appoint Rossi as his personal papal legit to the Rothschild owned and controlled Vatican Bank to oversee the reform of the completely corrupt Vatican Bank. Remember when Francis said he would either reform The Vatican Bank or close it. St. Peter did not have a bank. What happen with that. It would be the same as if Barak Obama said he would reform the Federal reserve, and appoint Bill Clinton to do it.

Cardinal Burke’s five Dubbia based on various confused interpretations of the Joy of Love ultimately aimed at sanctioning “Gay Marriage” by reception of the Eucharist, basically asks the “Pope” are you Catholic. The answer to the rhetorical question, ‘Is the Pope Catholic” is now “no.”

Don’t call me Pope Francis after implying in gay Jesuit media that Burke and crew are rigor black and white morons, brushed off the question, are you Catholic as completely irrelevant to his life mission.

In doing so, Francis, deposed himself canonically from being Pope, who is the “vicar” or representative of Christ. If you are not Catholic, and will not publicly admit your Catholic, if one denies or alters adversely in anyway the Faith and Morals of the Catholic Church, Res Ipso, Igitur- that person, even if elected by a rigged conclave of Free Masonic P-2 Cardinals (All those Cardinals other than the four Dubbia Cardinals)you, Francis, are not the Pope by Definition.

I personally could live as a Catholic Priest with Francis mascharaiding as “Don’t Call me Pope” due to no comment on the Dubbia. Francis is not, by his own admission Pope, so what does it matter to any Catholic how confusing and non catholic Francis is in The Joy of Love, or his Steven Rockefeller Earth Charter knock off “Laudato Si.”

Francis, although I pray for his conversion to the Catholic Faith daily, does not seem in anyway disposed to do the by name consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary in a public solemn ceremony in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the world at the same time as asked by Mary, the Queen of Heaven,Our Lady of Fatima, and Mandated by The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Her Son. Francis,(CIA-Operation Condor-Argentina Dirty War, indicted for crimes against humanity and child sex slave trafficking) I am not kidding, looks to Space Aliens, greater in knowledge and experience to come and same humanity, not Our Lady of Fatima, who promises a period of World Peace, and has chosen Catholic Russia, to rebuild the Catholic Church to be more beautiful than ever. The Third Secret of Fatima’s Vision tells of “A Bishop dressed in white, we thought was The Pope, and the destruction of Rome by spiritual warriors with guns and bows. The Pope is killed on a mount with a cross. The suppressed interpretation by Mary of this vision is Rome loses the Faith, and Catholics are lead into apostasy from the the top down, and unless the consecration is done, well this vision will happen.

The four Dubbia Cardinals in this recent letter, have completely betrayed the office of Bishop in the Church. First, in spite of their own eyes and ears they continue to call Frances Pope, even “Sweet Christ on Earth.” They at least disavow the heresy that Benedict (Homosexual, child rape cover up artist) is Pope Emeritus, which Francis was first to accept, and then stab and disown all Catholics that do not think that Francis after refusing to answer the Dubbia has disposed himself as Pope. These four Cardinals are controlled opposition for Francis in a Vatican Illuminati Psy-Op.gly


Globalists using Donald Trump to take America into war- Christian Pastor Eviscerates like a Cancer “Christian Zionism” Murderous Deceptions

May 26, 2017

Globalists using Donald Trump to take America into war

By Chuck Baldwin

One thing globalist Republicans and Democrats both love is WAR. They might squabble over social and domestic issues, but when it comes to war, the two parties are ONE. As I have said repeatedly, there is really only ONE party in Washington, D.C.: the War Party. And “outsider” Donald Trump has quickly mastered the presidential art of killing. Let’s face it: our federal government has become one of the bloodiest regimes in world history. Between the killing of unborn babies and the killing of men, women, and children around the world in our so-called war on terror, the U.S. government is an insatiable, sadistic killing machine. And all of the talk about Donald Trump not being controlled by globalists is just that: TALK. It is more than obvious that Zionist globalists own Trump, lock, stock, and barrel.

Donald Trump’s visit to the Western Wall, which is considered to be the Jews’ holiest site, was a complete embarrassment. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Western Wall is NOT “the last standing wall of the Jewish Second Temple.” The New Testament record and the Jewish historian Josephus are clear that there was NOTHING remaining of the Jewish temple, wall, or city after the siege of Titus in A.D. 70.

“And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things [the city, walls, and temple of Jerusalem]? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.” (Matthew 24:2)

Josephus wrote: Titus gave orders to “demolish the whole city and temple except for three towers. But for the rest of the wall, it was laid so completely even with the ground by those who dug it up from the foundation, that there was nothing left to make those believe who came hither that it had ever been inhabited.” (“Jewish Wars,” b. 6 chapter 4, section 5-7)

The so-called Western Wall is actually a wall from the Roman Fortress Antonia. It was NEVER part of the Jewish Second Temple. Trump’s sacrilege at the Antonia wall is further evidence of his (and his family’s) total sellout to the false pagan religion of Talmudic, Kabbalah Judaism and its Zionist political wing that is undoubtedly the brains and backbone of the modern globalist New World Order.

I strongly urge readers to get Christian scholar Michael Hoffman’s phenomenal book “Judaism’s Strange Gods” here:

Judaism’s Strange Gods

But I digress.

The signs are everywhere that globalists are using Trump to take America into yet another WAR.

As Major General Smedley Butler (USMC) pointed out, war is the biggest money racket in the world. And he was most certainly right. Nothing lines the pockets of globalists, politicians, and corporatists like WAR. Nothing!

See General Butler’s book, “War Is A Racket,” here:

War Is A Racket

And if Donald Trump is about ANYTHING, he is about MONEY.

While fawning, sycophantic conservatives are hailing Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East as something akin to the return of Christ, many people realize that Trump’s trip is nothing but a precursor to WAR. Listen to this CIA Case Officer and U.S. Army Intelligence Officer:

“‘I fear that we will be looking at war with Iran before too long as it is clear that Trump and his advisers are already completely in the Israeli and Saudi pockets on the issue,’ [Phil] Giraldi, a former CIA Case Officer and US Army Intelligence Officer said on Monday.

“Giraldi described Trump’s repeated hostile rhetoric against Iran in both Saudi Arabia and Israel a ‘depressing’ indication of the likely future direction of US policy in the Middle East.”

“‘In reality, Iran was a far more open and moderate society than Saudi Arabia,’ Giraldi pointed out.

“‘Iran holds elections, which the Saudis do not do, and it is far outgunned by its enemies in the region. It is no threat to anyone but it is convenient to pretend that it is to support policies that would otherwise be unpalatable,’ Giraldi said.”

“‘In Riyadh, Trump abandoned any pretense of following up on his repeated rhetoric during the US presidential election last year to hold the Saudi leaders accountable for their decades of financial and other support for Islamic extremists,’ Giraldi pointed out.

“‘The Saudis have been, of course, the leading funder of Sunni Islamic terrorism, which Trump would not dare to say,’ he noted.”

See the report:

Trump’s Mideast Tour Paves The Way For War With Iran, Ex-CIA Official Warns

The White House spin on Trump’s trip to the Middle East is that the trip is “an effort to unite three of the world’s leading religious faiths in the common cause of fighting terrorism, reining in Iran and unifying the world against intolerance.” What a bunch of hooey!

“The main purpose of his sojourn is to cut a record arms deal with Saudi Arabia and the other closely aligned Gulf Arab monarchies. While in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, addressing regional leaders about ‘world peace,’ Trump is set to sign off weapons deals worth $350 billion. That’s more than double what his predecessor Barack Obama flogged to the Saudi rulers during his presidency.

“According to Bloomberg, topping the list of US arms transfers are warships, helicopter gunships, anti-missile systems and tanks.”

“The Saudi prince, known as MBS by the Trump inner circle, is the chief strategist behind the Saudi war on Yemen since March 2015. That war is a blatant aggression on Yemen carried out by Saudi forces supplied by the US and Britain. Thousands of children have been killed in Saudi air strikes, using internationally banned cluster bombs in indiscriminate attacks on civilian centers.

“Just days before Trump’s departure to the Middle East, Saudi air strikes reportedly killed 23 civilians, including six children, near the southern Yemeni city of Taiz.

“Millions of other Yemeni children are dying from starvation and preventable diseases like cholera because of a naval blockade imposed on the country by Saudi and American forces. No doubt the new warships that Trump is lining up for Saudi Arabia will add to the ‘efficacy’ of the genocide that is underway in Yemen.

“With staggering cynicism, the Trump administration is ‘justifying’ this ramped-up military support for Saudi Arabia as an effort to ‘fight terrorism’ and to ‘counter Iranian meddling’ in the region.

“It is alleged that Iran is sponsoring militia in Yemen, Syria and Iraq and this is posing a threat to regional stability. Such claims are an insult to common intelligence, when we know that it is the American CIA and their Saudi client regime who have bankrolled and directed terrorism across the entire Middle East over many years in order to serve hegemonic interests of regime change.

“But what is disturbing is just how braindead the Trump administration is. Trump is recklessly promoting the ridiculous fantasy that Saudi Arabia and its despotic terror-sponsoring clients are somehow the custodians of law and order. He is also pumping up the surreal Saudi narrative that Iran is largely responsible for the Middle East’s conflicts.”

“Trump’s messianic zeal to visit the Middle East – his first foreign destination being the dubious human rights ‘haven’ Saudi Arabia – is all about flogging ever more deadly weapons to the already explosively-charged region. So desperate is Trump to pimp billions of dollars that he is willing to fuel war with Iran and perhaps Syria’s other ally, Russia, in the pursuit of lucre.

“And to add further insult to injury, the whole tour of the ‘holy land’ is being sold by the American government and media as some kind of benevolent religious duty to mankind and world peace.

“The only ‘gifts’ that Trump is bringing to Bethlehem and the region are ever more monstrous ways to murder children.”

See the report:

Trump Visits Bethlehem Bearing Gifts To Child Killers

And speaking of “gifts,” let’s not forget that the Saudi’s – along with the United Arab Emirates – have promised to give $100 million to Ivanka Trump Kushner’s foundation. What a coincidence!

I already reported how Donald Trump killed more people in the month of March than all of the so-called terror states of the world combined. And Trump only became a more proficient killer in the month of April. “The Airwars monitoring group has compiled reports of 1,280 to 1,744 civilians killed by at least 2,237 bombs and missiles that rained down from U.S. and allied warplanes in April (1,609 on Iraq and 628 on Syria). The heaviest casualties were in and around Old Mosul and West Mosul, where 784 to 1,074 civilians were reported killed, but the area around Tabqa in Syria also suffered heavy civilian casualties.”

See the report here:

The Silent Slaughter Of The US Air War

This is the same Donald Trump who on the campaign trail told Fox & Friends, “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi – take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents.” Now, instead of opening the documents ON Saudi Arabia, Trump is opening the purse FOR Saudi Arabia.

What is it about Christians and conservatives that they can be so easily duped into supporting war? What is it that makes them not only overlook and excuse wars of aggression but also enthusiastically endorse and champion such wars? Nothing builds the size and scope of government like WAR; nothing creates socialist government like WAR; nothing causes people to accept authoritarian government like WAR; nothing separates families like WAR; nothing leaves children homeless and helpless like WAR; nothing fills the political swamp like WAR; nothing empowers globalists like WAR; nothing destroys a country’s economy like WAR; nothing destroys truth like WAR; and nothing sears the conscience of a people like WAR. Yet, professing Christians and conservatives from Alex Jones to Jerry Falwell, Jr. to Mike Huckabee to Tony Perkins continue to laud Donald Trump as a great “conservative” even as he prepares to take America into yet another senseless, unconstitutional, and perhaps global WAR.

P.S. I strongly urge readers to get General Smedley Butler’s book, “War Is A Racket.” It will only take you a few minutes to read this book, but after reading it, you will NEVER look at war the same way again. I wish every American could read this book NOW – before we allow yet another globalist-controlled politician take us into yet another globalist-manipulated war.

Find Major General Smedley Butler’s terrific book, “War Is A Racket,” here:

War Is A Racket