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Order to Cease and Desist  

From: Father Christopher Daniel Terry, O.P.  Defendant Pro Se pursuant in said Cause No. -2016-215-

To: Mr. John Lovett, Mr. Mark A. Boemio,  Ms. Christina .Wood

April 4th, 2017

RE: You are hereby ordered by said Defendant Pro Se in Cause 2016-215  to Cease and to Desist from Stalking and Harassment via Public Defamation of Character with Intention to Gravely Injure and Falsely Imprison and Fine said Defendant Fr. Christopher D. Terry by your Unauthorized Usurpation and Illegal Use of The San Jacinto County Court in said cause.

This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent illegal actions including but not limited to resetting on April 6th San Jacinto County Court Criminal Docket said Defendant Pro Se manifestly unjust Sentencing without said Defendant’s previous knowledge or consent, “to be set as soon as possible” violates said Defendant’s XIth Amendment Right to a Fair and Speedy Trial and Due Process violating Texas Statues Code of Criminal Procedure #42.  Acting without Constitutional or State/County jurisdiction, solely as Persons, said Persons usurped the Judicial Apparatus of The San Jacinto County Court in Cause No. 2016-215-with Criminal Intent against Fr. Christopher Terry. Igitur, said Persons Mr. John Lovett, Mr. Mark A. Boemio, Ms. Christina T. Wood conspired per causa Malicious Prosecution (i.e. manufactured evidence and false imprisonment) and falsely convicted per Perjury said Defendant and now intend to further gravely injure and imprison his person at said sentencing April 6, 2017 SJCC, 9:00 a.m.   From April 4th, 2016, until today, April 4th, 2017, the one year anniversary of Said Defendant Pro Se’s False Arrest without “Probably Cause” at a non existent place MP 450 59 in San Jacinto County fallaciously and maliciously in Perjury noted on the Instanter issued by Texas Department of Public Safety ST Billy Corley, Jr.  until present said Persons have never had legal jurisdiction to prosecute criminally Cause No. 2016-215 having violated under “Color of Law” The Defendant’s IVth, Vth, and VIth, XXIth  Amendment Rights and thenceforth having committed Perjury in falsely lead a jury and to gain a judge’s consent to try in absentia and  to convict with manufactured BAC evidence, taken against the Defendant’s written refusal on blood warrant by Polk County Judge Earnest McConnel, and entered into evidence by the Ass. DA  Christina Wood, after John Lovett in Discovery Court Session January 9th, violated The 2012 Michael Morton Law denying the Defendant his legal right to have the obviously manufactured .231 BAC test results retested, and thence without Judicial  Due Diligence and denying Due Process ignored Defendant’s Pro Se Motion of Disqualification/Recusal on February 23, 2017 directed to Lovett and McConnel and did not inform a neighboring judge in soliciting his adjudication to then try The Defendant Per Se in absentia without the Defendant’s knowledge or consent.  At no time since April 4, 2017 to the present have these five said persons had Constitutional and State/District Juridical Standing and Authority and Just Cause in said Cause No. -2016-215- as Judges or District Attorney, and yet maliciously conspired to prosecute and did falsely convict in SJCC on 2/23/2017 said Defendant Pro Se before a Jury of His Peers through manufactured evidence and Perjury to Obstruct  Justice. Conspiring to do The Defendant very grave harm through public Defamation of his Good Name as a Catholic Priest and now conspiring to unjustly sentence said Defendant to a maximum six months in prison and ten thousand dollar fine and court costs.  Said illegal sentencing date reset violates said Motion of Disqualification/Recusal filed SJCC Clerk 2/23/17 directed to Mr. John Lovett, as well as Motion to Dismiss Without Prejudice Charges, Convictions, and Sentences per causa Malicious Prosecution et Obstruction of Justice via Perjury, and Expungement of Defendant’s Criminal Record filed March 30, 2017 SJCC Clerk/ directed to Randy Ellisor Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3, San Jacinto Count,  pursuant of The Defendant Pro Se  VIth Amendment Constitutional Rights:

      In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed , which district shall have been ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause off the accusation…….. ( As self evident in both  said Motion’s factual bases for the said motions, DPSST Billy Corley Jr.’s Instanter which warranted The Innocent Defendant’s false imprisonment in solitary confinement- a cruel and unusual punishment- for almost four days in The San Jacinto County Jail- is addressed -MP 450 59-  which does not exist.  If it did exist, which it cannot, it would be 90 miles north of San Jacinto County. Therefore, SJC Criminal Court and Ass. DA’s Mark Boemio and Christina Wood either maliciously ignored and or incompetently failed to do due diligence by Law to ascertain by law the State and District wherein the crime shall have been committed.  The stop and arrest and illegal search without “Probably Cause” by Dep. Sheriff Jesse Slaughter #63 SJCSD occurred on the 59 NB in Liberty County according to The Defendant Pro Se,  not in San Jacinto County.  Both Defendant’s Motions’ factual bases establish the facts, but are not limited to these facts alone.. The Defendant, as proven by Corley’s DPSST Offense Report failing to note any intoxicated behavior consistent with BAC. .231 in said TDPS Offense Report 4/04/16 fallaciously sworn against said Defendant, who in fact did not have a BAC .231- almost three times the legal limit- at the time of his coerced and illegal tortuous BAC Test ON April 4, 2016 at Cardinal Dinardo’s CHI-St. Luke Hospital in Livingston, Polk County. and at the time of his false arrest by Dep. Sheriff Slaughter. In Fact, The Defendant who demands the return of his blood back immediately, is 100% confident that being BAC tested for the first time by a lab other than DPSCF Lab, the stolen blood sample’s used to frame the Defendant will register OO.OO BAC. This will be submitted in upcoming Federal Criminal Court Cause, Southern District of Texas.


Igitur, said three Persons lacking no legal, judicial, or prosecutorial standing whatsoever in Cause 2016-215- are ordered by Defendant to Cease and Desist their criminal activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the Constitutional, God Given Rights of The Defendant under “Color of Law.”

The Defendant as every human been have the right to remain free from their unjust without cause or authority malicious sentencing to a lengthy false imprisonment and public denigration by Perjury of their Good Name. As these constitute grave injury and injustice done to the Defendant legal remedies include but are not limited to contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your malicious criminal actions done out of Masonic hatred of  The Defendant as a Catholic Priest.


As a Catholic Priest and Religious, I forgive without malice said Persons, John Lovett, Mark Boemio, Christina Wood, and Earnest McClendon. I have prayed The Rosary and Offered Mass for their spiritual and physical welfare, but in the same moment, for those of your numerous victims besides myself. It has been one year since April 4, 2017.  Working through the San Jacinto Court Criminal Justice System under an Anti Catholic despotic domestic enemy of the Constitution Free Masson  (an anti American out law secret society sworn to destroy The Catholic Church) Judge John Lovett and a lying disrespectful Mark Boemio and Christina Wood denying me my Rights and Due Process at every turn, these three persons even until the present moment had in their power to stop this violation of Defendant’s right’s and person and at any moment during this year of said persons’ manifestly unjust and criminally pirated SJCC proceedings they could have reconsidered the Truth and stopped and made amends, if only to themselves from being removed from office, disbarred, tried, and imprisoned . Not only in the Defendant’s case, but hundreds of other cases for DUI/POM in San Jacinto County in SJCC they have maliciously refused to do so. As such, when they brought charges, tried, and convicted falsely without jurisdiction or cause The Defendant, they tried, and convicted without mercy themselves.


These three said persons must reply before said Defendant’s sentencing date Thursday August 6th, 9:00 A.M. If they now comply with said order to cease and to desist in this Cause No. 2016-215-. Post Date and Send either by mail or to Fr. Christopher Terry, O.P.’s Email Address: your signed willingness to comply to said order.


Again, I forgive you as a Catholic Priest and bear you no personal malice, but you must cease and desist immediately in your part in this organized criminal enterprise, TDPS  DUI cash cow scam based on violating under Color of Law over two hundred thousand Texan’s person’s God Given and Constitutional Rights  through manufacture of BAC evidence by the TDPS Criminal Forensics Lab, and mandatory False Imprisonment based exclusively on said manufactured BAC tests in every case.


Beyond this grave evil against Texans by their State Government misusing honorable Law Enforcement committed by systemic under color of law civil right’s violation orchestrated by corrupt, unconstitutional DUI/POM State Law’s manipulating  The Texas Department of Public Safety and Office of The Attorney General to perpetrate  this DUI prosecution government/police corruption scam, such criminal betrayal of the Texans  they are sworn to protect and to serve, absorbs all the time and effort of the State Attorney’s Offices across Texas, as well as TDPS, local Sheriff and Police. As a result of the DUI/POM monopolizing of law enforcement and The Criminal Justice System, there is a back log of almost 5 thousand rape kits untested by the Harris County DPS Forensic crime lab. Justice delayed is justice denied. Over five thousand raped victims are denied justice, while their rapists remain free and anonymous to rape them again and rape others. At the same moment, the same Harris County DPSCFL that manufactured a ludicrous .231 BAC result in the defendant’s cause 2016-215- and then swore to its authenticity in falsely convicting the Defendant of Class A Misdemeanor aggravated by a BAC above on Feb. 23, 2017 SJCC  is also backed logged in doing over 200,000 each year in Texas criminal conflict of interest fraudulent BAC tests for sixty dollars a test. All the BAC tests are proven beyond a doubt to be fraudulent. This is all about making money, billions.  And because it takes almost a month for the BAC results to come back (I found  no recorded case of a BAC coming  back under .08 from the lab in Texas in my due diligence discovery) the DUI Instanter based on solely the sworn probably cause DUI offense report of the DPSST and the place of arrest to establish jurisdiction sends the victim inexorably to three days false imprisonment. Four days in solitary confinement if you refuse to have your blood taken without probably cause, or for any other anti human reason by DUI prosecutors. TDST Billy Corley Junior, has continued with SJCS Jesse Slaughter not only to perjure  themselves again in false witness in convicting with manufactured evidence The Defendant in absentia at an illegal, and unwarranted trial, Feb. 23rd, 2017, but have done this there whole career, but especially this year-from April 4, 2015 to April 4,   2017.  Every single DUI DPS Offense Report and Instanter issued by Corley that did not happen on the 59 in San Jacinto County on a small eight mile strip from Cleveland to Shepherd, Texas is marked MP 450 59, SJC.  Just as Sheriff Humpy Parker for three decades beginning in the Sixties “The Terror of Highway 59”  terrorized, tortured, falsely imprisoned and murdered hundreds in San Jacinto County pulling them over on the 59th in Liberty County was not stopped until Father Steve Sellers, now A Catholic Priest with the FBI stopped him, likewise all this is not going to stop unless someone stops it.


Absorbed by this horrendous  money making scam, TDPS and Office of Attorney General in San Jacinto County, (or across Texas) has never made an arrest, or one conviction due to a traffic stop of a vehicle transporting child sex slaves up the 59/69 and across the 10.  Since Free State Galveston days and since the formation of The Sinaloa Federation Cartel in 1991, Houston/Galveston has been the child slave trafficking hub of the world, and yet unlike over 200,000 thousand DUI arrests on highways every year in Texas, not one traffic stop and discovery of Child Sex Slaves being transported every two weeks to new locations under the auspices of the Sinoloa Federation Cartel leading to arrest and conviction of child sex slave and freeing of child sex slaves has ever happened. This also includes transportation of massive quantities of drugs and gunrunning from Houston and the Port of Houston to Mexico along the 10. And yet hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens in Texas are fraudulently convicted of DUI/POM and given permanent criminal records and have their young lives ruined by imprisonment being “caught in procession” of a few ounces of marijuana.


In all of this I am not primarily concerned about myself, but what has happened to my country and my Church and the million’s of victim’s of the DPS DUI/POM cash cow scam, but most especially hundreds of thousands of  trafficked child sex slaves who are never contacted and rescued by The Texas Department of Public Safety State Troopers  The absorbtion of DUI/POM prosecution covers up and prevents discovery and prosecution of child sex slaving, gun running to Mexico from which over 150,000 Mexicans alone have been murdered, and massive drug shipments by the SFC causing millions to suffer and die, up the 59/69 and  along the I-10. The DPS states annually that over 25,000 children are abducted into child sex slavery in Texas.  Another 70% or 65,000 are taken directly from Texas State Foster Care System.  Moreover, child sex slaves from Central America are transported via DHS in conjunction with Cardinal Daniel Dinardo’s Catholic Charities and The National Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Catholic Relief Services under G.W. Bush and Barak Obama. Other’s arrive from Thailand, Korea, Ukraine via the Port of Houston along with shipments of AK-47’s from Poland and Romania to benefit The SFC.


If DUI prosecution fraud and absorption is exposed, I am certain that the vast majority of God fearing, Patriotic Judges, Prosecutor’s, and Law Enforcement will be more than willing to turn most of their efforts towards ending child sex slave trafficking, massive drug and gun running on the I-10 and 59/69. As it stands, because of Government Complicity there is no one to help these children who have unthinkable lives of satanic cruelty and tortured only in the end to be sacrificed by murder.

Deus Provident,

Fr. Christopher Daniel Terry, O.P.



Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3 SJC, Randy Ellisor


Judge Wayne L. Mack, Justice Court One, Montgomery County

Chief Judge Lee H. Rosenthal, United States Southern District of Texas Court


Office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Dede Keith pursuant of letter dated March 9th, 2017 (the original sentencing date) to said Defendant concerning the above injustices.


The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct- pursuant of letter March 9, 2017 Office of Texas Governor


Kelly Anne Conway, Special Advisor to the President


Steven K. Bannon, Advisor to the President


Jeff Sessions, United States Attorney General


Abe Martinez, Acting U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Texas


SJC District Attorney, Robert Trapp


Assistant Special Agent Mark N. Webster, Gulf Coast Organized Crime Task Force/ Federal Bureau of Investigation, Houston/Beaumont Division, C/O


Melissa Jones, Texas State Attorney General’s Office: Texas State Auditor’s Office
Sam Houston- Constable Pct. 3, San Jacinto County


Sheriff Greg Capers, San Jacinto County Sheriff