Eleven Magic Words That Break The Spell of The Satanic New World Order/One World Religion

  1.  Always say “Pederast,”  not Pedophile.

2.  Always say “Michael”  and not  “Michelle” –  O’Bama

3.  Always say I am a “Patriot,”  not “Conservative”

4.  Never say “Pope” of  Francis.

5.  Say “Is-R-Hell” not “Israel.”

6.  Say “Rothschild Zionism,”  not ” The Jewish State”

7. Say  “Jewish-i.e. Yiddish Mafia and Kazarian Mafia”  not Sicilian or Russian Mafia.

8.  When speaking of true “Jews”  say African Hebrews, or Torah Jews- not Babylonian Talmudic Kazarian  formerly “Yiddish” speaking  Turkic inauthentic  “Jews.”

9.  Say Rothschild Bank- not “The Federal Reserve.”

10.   Say  not “Holocaust,”   say “Holocaust Terror Myth.”

11.  Never say “Service,”  but “Sacrifice”  in speaking about true Catholic discipleship.


“Magic Word” disarmingly  associated with whimsical Harry Potter movie antics,  chanted by Babylonian Talmudic  “Illuminati” Kazarian Mafia  child sex slave cannibalizing  murderous thugs like  Bill and Hilary,  and Andrew and Kate, in Crowley -esque  occult sex “Magick” ritual in sympathy with and to command Demonic Forces by binding incantation to do one’s selfish malevolent will, there is an original Catholic Magic Word associated with the Seven Sacraments and Prayer.   That “Word” is “Logos Theou,”  The Word of God.  This original Catholic meaning of Magic is revealed in the Prologue of The Gospel Of St. John The Evangelist.

The Original Catholic Magic Word”  “Logos Theou” is turned upside down and inverted backwards by satanism in both Harry Potter Books given to  innocent  children, and Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice” book.  Crowley himself spells “Magick” not “Magic” to make the abysmal  distinction between the original Catholic Magic Word- Logos Theou” which is “Good Medicine of The Cross”  that heals the ravages of sin and death, by imparting “Grace,” or as St. Thomas Aquinas defines Grace- the unmerited Merciful Love of God- and The gift of Eternal Life in Holiness,  and  Magick spells and incantation which yield the polar opposite in the possessed souls of those who practice “Magick.”

The word Magic, or “Magoi” in the opening chapters of the Gospel of Mathew refer not to three Kings, but three astronomers from different nations who guided by a Star come to the exact place, as the shepherds were previously informed by angels on High in Luke Infancy Narrative, where the King of kings, the Lord of lords, The Son of God was to be found, adored, and worshiped.  Magic in the Gospels involves “touch”  by the God/Man and open trust, or belief, by the one touched to be healed by Good Medicine from sin and death. The fruit of being touch and spoken to by name via The Original Catholic Magic Word, is Caritas- the most important Grace for Redemption and Salvation,  Faith that does not bear fruit in acts of loving self sacrifice (not secular service) and prayer dams, and does not save.  Jesus said, “No all those who cry out, Lord! Lord! will enter the Kingdom  of Heaven.”  Catholic Hope is that through Faith and acts of courageous selfless sacrifice in union with the Seven Magical Sacraments of the Catholic Church, i.e. Caritas, The Logos Theou’s promised spoken over me at my Baptism will be realized at my death in Purgatory and..or Heaven.

Rothschild Satanic Free Masonic sex magic ritual, Rabbinical  Babylonian Talmud Sex Magic for the deceived “Goyim” or Protestants (Protestants historically are Catholics renouncing the Apostolic Faith to act like Babylonian Talmud Jews) is contorted  upside down and backwards contortion from  the  Original Catholic  Magic Word- Logos Theou.  Logos Theou is blasphemously rendered Jahbulon, the satanic angel demiurge god of Sethian Gnosticism in the demonic summoning rites of Crowley and Albert Pike.    Black Magick is define as “Mind over Matter” and entails optical illusion.  Creating a belief in your heart in a being that only exists in your mind.  Magick  is always based on  lying, and uses optical illusion and satanic incantation to gain control over minds and hearts via drugs, masterbation, alcohol, cannibalism, satanic music, blasphemy in a Culture of Murder, especially of innocent children.

The word “government”  means “mind control” from its Greek and Latin roots.  One World Government to bring about The One World Religion through unending world war and abortion- in which Pike proclaims satan is god via a culture of murder of children with the end of mass depopulation sending all souls to Hell- uses the brainwashing technique of “Politically Correct Speech” i.e. Magick words that enslave, possess those who repeat them.  The aforementioned  Magick words are Politically Correct speak, or as George Orwell in 1984 called this “Double Speak.”  Good is Evil, Evil is Good, War is Peace, Peace is War, Abortion is Women’s Health Care, Women’s Health Care is Abortion (Contraception).  The Black Magick words, i.e. Blasphemy, is used by the  Rothschild “Illuminati” to enchant or cast a spell over souls to bring about a New World Order/One World Government/ based on a One World Religion.

  1. Those radically opposed to “child molestation”  or Sexual Misconduct with a Minor both antiseptic  euphemism used to mind control the opposition,  have been brainwashed as controlled opposition to child sex slaving, sodomy, and  satanic ritual sacrifice and cannibalism to call the desire to perpetrate these crimes  “Pedophilia,”  rather than “Pederasty.”   Pedophilia is defined clinically as sexual assault by a parent of his or her own child.  Whereas Pederasty is more precisely <meta content=”0;url=/search?



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