National Conference of Cathollic Bishops’ President Elect Cardinal Daniel Dinardo to Face President Elect Donald Trump’s Swamp Draining via Catholic Relief Services $80 Million Dollar Importation of Jihadis, Central American Cartel Child Sex Slaves and Defunding Planned Parenthood

Cardinal Daniel Dinardo,  “NCCB Machine” elected  Vice President of The National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) three years ago,  was NCCB Machine elected President of NCCB on the first ballot with votes to spare.  Cardinal Dinardo’s election to NCCB President was a foregone conclusion for”The Rite of Sodomy” author Randy Engel three years ago when Dinardo was elected NCCB Vice President. Randy Engel, as Cardinal Dinardo attempted in 2012, has concluded wants to be pope.  All  NCCB elections and Vatican Conclaves are rigged by Jewish organized crime.  All organized crime is Jewish “Kazarian”  originating  now from pirate central Tel Aviv with stragglers like boss of bosses Semion Mogilevich free in Putin’s Moscow. Of course Hitler loving communist Trotskyite  Neocon is our Hell firsters  that rule  the pirated states of America via control of the Presidency, Congress, Supreme Court, and Pentagon live here in America.

The Machine rigs the election of Cardinals solely to promote  Rothschild/Rashid  Masonic pirating  to annihilate Christendom.  Christendom replaced now by a secular atheist(satanist) culture of murder enslaves souls to satanic One World Government (UN/EU), One World Bank, One World Army (NATO) and One World Religion lead by Propaganda Due  Masonic/KGB double agent Lucio Gelli protege Francis, and his wanna be successor Cardinal Dinardo.   Given what I have just said, that One World Religion is not Roman Catholicism although promoted via the Vatican and publicly cheer led by rigged election non popes from 1958 John XXIII to “don’t call me pope” non pope Francis in 2016.

The Machine “electing” Cardinals via rigging does not pray to The Holy Spirit for guidance.  Double agent pope impersonators must be cogs of Jewish organized crime, and all organized crime is Jewish, nominated by the CIA as NWO and OWR compliant, espousing Nostra Aetate’s Rothschild Zionism, religious indifference, and Sephen Rockefellar’s Earth Charter (Laudate Si). The rhetorical question, “Is the Pope Catholic!” is now answered in the negative. There is no such thing as “Pope Emeritus.”  So homo  German Jewish Hitler Youth rigged election pope Benedict, was not Pope either before or after being forced to resign by Jewish organized crime front the UN for covering up Jewish organized crime global child sex slave trafficking via Mexican Marrano Jew  crime boss Fr. Maciel Degollado.  Benedict’s resignation set up the CIA/Mossad rigged election of  Francis, who was runner up to Benedict in Benedict’s rigged election as Pope in 2006.  Jorge Bergoglio, like Benedict, who was indicted in Houston for his crimes against innocent children, was indicted in Argentina for is crimes against humanity including child trafficking during Argentina’s Dirty War- 1975-82. As head of a sovereign state- The Pope is Absolute Monarch of the 1929 Rothschild established Vatican City State- both Benedict and Bergoglio have diplomatic immunity from extradition from the Vatican City State to be tried for their murderous crimes especially against children.  So no, Benedict is not pope, never was, is not Emeritus now.  Bergoglio tells all do not call me pope, while calling Benedict Pope Emeritus.  Francis is not pope, does not want to be called pope, and for numerous reasons was not validly elected pope. The most important reason Francis is not pope is that the Pope to be Vicar of Christ must be authentically Catholic i.e. holding the Apostolic Catholic Faith.  Francis is not Catholic- but anti Catholic- sowing confusion, equating politics with religion-and therefore is not Catholic.

Beginning with John XXIII, CIA elected and twenty million dollar a year stipend cowardly homosexual Paul VI, to “The smiling dope” JPI, to his murderer, Polish CIA Jewish non saint non pope JPII, to

Fellow Arch Diocese of Galveston Houston  episcopal alum of Franklin Cover Up repute,  Jose H. Gomez, identified front page, column one Houston Chronicle  as the Archbishop of San Diego- actually Gomez is  Archbishop of Los Angeles,  was NCCB Machine elected Vice President,  succeeding Cardinal Dinardo .

The Chronicle Editorial Board  cares less where, much less  Gomez is an archbishop,  only that Gomez is Hispanic.  In three years, like clockwork, the NCCB  Machine  will elect Gomez, President.   Or  as soon as  the clownish Francis’ goes to his eternal reward so Cardinal Dinardo can be elected by rigged Vatican Conclave Pope, like Francis was.  Francis, Gorge Bergoglio, was Machine elected Papa one week before  charged with  Crimes against Humanity (human trafficking children, kidnapping, torture and murder)  for complicity in Argentina’s Dirty War 1975-83 as a protege of Lucio Gelli and a member of Rome’s PD2 Masonic Lodge responsible for the murder of JPI in 1979.

The chain smoking Dinardo recently diagnosed with CODP, may go to his eternal reward before Francis. The same Rothschild/Zappala Pittsburgh Mafia family dominating the NCCB machine elections, also plays a decisive role in CIA(Skull and Bones) Mossad rigging of Vatican Conclave elections since Anti Fatima John XXIII to non pope Francis and everyone in between. Danny Dinardo, like Cardinal “Donna”  Wuerl, Dinardo’s  Pittsburgh bishop catamite, long term associates of the Michael Genovese Zappala Mafia family who also got their retained lawyer Ted Cruz his Senate Seat over CIA Dave Dewhurst,   received  his Red Hat to reconcile Timan Fertita, Free State Galveston legacy and Carlos Slim Fr. Maciel Sinoloa Federation Cartel Central= The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston with the Bush/Rockefeller Chase/Exxon Vatican Bank to resume money laundering hundreds of billions in Sinaloa Federation ( Bush/Clinton/ Helu Garza/ Caffrey King of Spain, Fr. Maciel Degolado, JPII)   .   The Chronicle Editorial Board  sees no positive value that Gomez is President of the NCCB , only that Gomez will be the first  Hispanic President of the NCCB.  As such, in the Chronicle’s social justice warrior propaganda, the the white racist glass sealing will be shattered by Gomez.

The Chronicle may have deemed it important if Gomez, who is homosexual and very Gay Friendly in his support of Same Sex Marriage, was the first Gay NCCB President (like Barak Obama of the USA).  But Cardinal Dinardo and past NCCB President Bishop Fiorenza, of course, hold  that honor.

The Chronicle, “never Trump” shills  of Hilary, are licking their editorial  chops in expectation of the press demure President Elect Cardinal Dinardo publicly opposing President Elect Donald Trump fulfilling his campaign pledge to end “Open Borders”  draining Vice President Cardinal Dinardo’s 80 million dollar a year swamp.

Catholic Church facilitates foreign invasion: Cliff Kincaid, Renew America

 “But that is not everything I learned. My research led me to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ acceptance of over $70 million a year of taxpayer dollars to similarly resettle thousands of impoverished third-worlders, many from Muslim countries, in other unsuspecting towns and cities. Catholic Charities throughout the U.S. get many millions more to do the work as well.”

She says this kind of work by the Catholic and other churches is not Christian charity. “As harsh as it sounds,” she says, “I look on it as thievery when a supposedly non-profit ‘religious charity’ helps itself to the U.S. Treasury and then pats itself on the back for doing good works. And then lobbies Congress for more money for itself to boot!”

Cardinal Dinardo as NCCB Vice President via Catholic Relief Services  and Catholic Charities as a front, over the past year was paid 80 million dollars in American Tax Payer Federal Reserve twenty trillion dollar deficit notes working with Barak’s DHS. As part of GW Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative”  as NCCB Vice President has covertly imported 20,000 ISIS Jihadis non-muslim Syrian Catholic crucifying psychotic punks through  CRS and CC to the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston. To date only 167 are Syrian Maronite Catholics.  Is-R- Hell Rothschild Zionist Mossad/CIA John McCane proxy army to save the stolen Golan Heights, where Is-R-Hell gets 40 percent of its fresh water, from being retaken by Hezbollah, is on the verge of total defeat in Iraq and Syria. The amateur ISIS euro scum zombies have been safely transported to the EU under globalist auspices to the resounding cheer leading of EU Refugee Head’s pope hand puppet Francis.  Where they continue to terrorize and rape European white women, just as they did in their salad days in Iraq and Syria before Vladimir Putin put a end to their reign of terror.  Francis’ guy, and probable replacement as Pope, Cardinal Dinardo brought at Jihadi Barak Hussein’s behest the remaining Jihadis to Texas and then to parts unknown for 80 million dollars. Unlike the EU, the Jihadi’s have kept a low profile so far in the US, although it is highly probable that terror they commit, especially rape, has been suppressed in corporate media by the DHS for “National Security” reasons.

At the same time claiming concern for “Undocumented” Hispanics,  Barak, the Black GW and Back Willard Romney,  not only Planned Parenthood’s Aborter and Chief (Particularly of Black babies), was Deporter and Chief, deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens during his first six years of his executive order Presidency (dictatorship).   Deportation ended and Open Borders began to support Hilary’s run for President.


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