Election Day False Flag Alert! Donald Trump is a Transman


Breaking/Exclusive: The New 9/11, Information In, Israel Rigs an Election (updating) | Veterans Today


A very secret source (Wikipedia ‚Äď ūüôā ), just disclosed an important anomaly as to where the missing Hillary votes went. I had read one MSM analyst piece on the 9th on how the pollsters muffed it by digging out that their polling baseline were the people that voted in the 2012 elections, but that Trump had pulled in about 2 million voters who did did not vote in 2012, hence their surprise showing on Tuesday.

But looking back to the 2012 election we find Obama pulling 69 million to Hillary’s 59 million! Where did the 10 million Obama votes go, when as an eight year incumbent he had the bully pulpit to call them out?

2016 election results
Clinton: 59,612,076 votes Trump: 59,400,973
2008 election results
Obama: 69,498,516 votes McCain: 59,948,323


Last night before election day I suffered an anxiety attack. ¬†Donald Trump’s land slide victory over Hilary Clinton had been cemented into my political calculus ¬†for weeks. ¬†NSA and Homeland Security warnings that Vladimir Putin’s Russian cyber warriors who have indeed been manipulating ¬†the presidential election via hacking into DNC and Clinton Campaign emails for Putin’s candidate “Donald Trump” via Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks for the last few months or so, will strike on Election Day causing “confusion.”

The electronic voting machines, ¬†hundreds of thousands of which are owned and controlled by two election corporations one owned by George Soros, the other by Mitt Romney, are not connected to the internet. ¬†My assumption ¬†was ¬†Putin ¬†hacking ¬†the voting machine system via the internet and to give votes electronically to his candidate, Donald Trump. ¬†But this is not possible. ¬†Voting machines are not connected to the internet. ¬†What is possible, and what has been indeed observe and done is ¬†if you vote straight ticket, Republican, or Democrat, ¬†the voting machine itself has been rigged to flip it to Democrat. ¬†From Trump to Hillary. ¬†This is done not by Putin of course, but by Soros and Mitt Romney, both supporters of Hilary against Trump. ¬†On the other hand, geo politics makes strange bed fellows. ¬†Putin and Netanyahu, at odds over Syria and Iran, both supported Donald Trump over Hillary for President. ¬†As such, Israel’s Mossad and Russia’s FSB- Federal Security Service- worked together to elect Donald Trump president.

Trump protested often in the wake of the Wiki Leaks dump that the DNC had fixed Hilary’s nomination against Bernie Sanders and to watch for election rigging. ¬†The election was rigged, not by the DNC, or RNC, but by Mossad with the tacit support of Putin’s FSB- playing Hilary’s Bogie Man. ¬†The election was fixed to the tune of eight million votes disappearing, the other two funneled to Trump’s historic upset of Hilary Clinton. ¬†This was not done by Hilary’s Bogie Man, Vladimir Putin hacking the internet. ¬†After election day, in spite of the spectacle, there was not a word of the trumpeted cyber attack by Putin by Hilary not conceding, or the 14 alphabet spy agencies that Hilary claimed in the final debate confirmed that Putin was in co hoots with the Wiki Leaks dumps influencing ¬†the election. ¬†Turns out, this is absolutely true. The Mossad Wiki Leaks dumps attributed to Russia by Hilary, set the stage for election fraud. ¬† The vote tallies such as Trump surging against Hilary in Penn. ten points back to overtake her by two points and win the Electoral College Vote was done not by Putin via internet hacking of the vote machines. ¬†It was done by ¬†Mossad via George Soros, and Bibi friend Mitt Romney- both allegedly anti Trump, pro Hilary ¬†supporters through their ownership and control of hundreds of thousands of voting machines especially in swing states- Rust States- like Ohio, Penn. and Michigan.

Breaking/Exclusive: The New 9/11, Information In, Israel Rigs an Election (updating) | Veterans Today

I began on Al-alam and then moved to Press TV as state after state left behind the polling data, some states like Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, in ways that made no sense. Millions of votes were simply missing and the normal totals runups, compared with 2012, were missing. Trump went up while democratic votes stopped completely.

Actually the false flag is Barak’s government, NSA DHS election propagandizing for Hilary, dressing up as Putin cyber hackers on election day to discredit Trump as ¬†Putin’s candidate. ¬† Such a moronic false flag set up will not work simply because most Trump supporters were sensitized by Trump himself via Wiki Leak dumps sponsored by Putin according to NSA, DHS, and CIA, that Hilary has as with Bernie Sanders via the DNC establishment rigged the nomination, will rig the Presidential election in the same manner via George Soros’ ownership of hundreds of thousands of ¬†electtronic voting machines. ¬†There were some early voting election claims- that I think happened- where voting straight ticket Republican was flipped to Hilary. ¬†Again part of the false flag to elect Trump.

This includes a Vladimir Putin election day false flag. ¬†That false flag is happening, but nothing in actuality ¬†is happening as far as a cyber hack. ¬†This false flap is a psy op first and fore most. ¬† As Joseph Goebbel’s Hitler’s propaganda minister said, “Propaganda is not to lie to people- Propaganda is to get people to lie to themselves.” ¬† This false flag, where Hilary’s election propaganda dress up Putin as the evil “Hitler” ¬†neo ¬†Stalinist communist ¬†dictator cyber attacking Election Day to cause “confusion” in the process was not be believed by anyone. ¬†And after the election of Trump, neither Hilary nor anyone except Veteran’s Today and myself sees that indeed both Natanyahu and Putin manipulated the US Election mightily through Mossad ¬†controlled Wiki ¬†Leaks dumps and voter machine tally manipulation.

Ashamed to say, I believed Hilary who is a dupe of the false flag, just like the Benghazi False Flag run on her and Barak by Dick Cheney and dumbo Mitt Romney, ¬†with great anxiety spoke to my mother the night before the Election- a anti Hilary Trump supporter- convincing her that this false ¬†flag is how Barak/Hilary will steal the election from Trump. ¬†Barak will declare a National Security break, Putin’s cyber attack, the election result’s ¬†invalid, ¬†then arrest Trump as a Russian agent, Putin’s candidate. ¬†The biggest dupe I know, from voting for the Bushes three times for President, to believing that JPII and Mother Theresa were saintly, and not indeed satanist, is me.

And now I see I have been duped again. ¬†At first I supported Ran Paul. ¬†Then I supported Vladimir Putin for President. Finally, because of “pro life” I cast my vote for Trump against Hilary. ¬†The best would have been just not to vote like I did Barak/Romney. ¬†Hilary/Trump is likewise ¬†two sides of the same coin, like Bush/Clinton. ¬†Except now there is no more Bush/Clinton, or Barak. I do not lament that, but I am deeply fearful that Trump is just another 9/11 false flag by Mossad and Netanyahu. ¬†I hope not, only time will tell. ¬†With the exception of ¬†Senator Jeff Session of TPP, Trump has surrounded himself cabinet wise with monsters, ¬†Rudy Guliani, that giant fat rodent Obama leg humper ¬†fake Catholic- just like Rudy-Chris Christi, and creepy pervert, fake Catholic convert, Newt, “The Newt” Gingrich. ¬†And first and foremost- Netanyahu- of the Jewish Stalinist Communist racist genocidal Catholic murdering Kazarian Mafia robber state- Is R Hell, the sponsor of ISIS, Paris, Brussels, Orlando, and San Bernardino murderous false flag attacks by CIA/Mossad gun men.

Michael Moore in “Five Reasons Why Trump Will Be Elected President” nailed it for me. ¬†Initially I supported the now long forgotten ¬†Republican Primary front runner Rand Paul railing ¬†against Trump as “The American Hitler” which he truly is. I did not say this as a hateful slur, but ¬†out of a historical comparison of the two Furhers.¬† ¬† After Rand Paul jettisoned the race, my intention was to write in Vladimir Putin for President. When I went to vote I found this was not really possible. ¬†Write candidates are already complied on the voting ¬†machine. So I voted Trump! ¬†Sieg Heil! ¬†Michael Moore duped me into voting for the American Hitler.

Michael Moore correctly states that voting Trump will be the biggest FU in history against “The System” and bring it down. ¬†Trump is “The System” obviously in lock step as Benjamin Netanyahu’s candidate. ¬†But ¬†I did not end up voting for Trump because he has destroyed “The System” ¬†that is, ¬†Clinton/Bush, which ¬†indeed Trump destroyed. ¬†I voted Trump against Hilary because Hilary is absolutely for Abortion, and Trump at least for the moment is “Pro Life”. ¬†Trump has promised to select Supreme Court judges – possible four! who are pro-life. ¬†Duped again by pro life abortion votes for government office profiteers .Pro life, like pro choice, is a total false flag vote rigging shame for both parties. ¬†Abolish abortion ¬†by making it the crime it is, ¬†murder. ¬†“Pro life” is one of the most murderous false flags ever in regards to the unborn.

Just as everyone who voted for Barak and Hilary committed a mortal sin. ¬†I realize very shortly after voting for Trump that I committed a mortal sin. The end does not justify the means. ¬†Michael Moore said correctly after voting for Trump, within weeks of a President Trump, unemployed auto workers will experience deep and unrelenting remorse. ¬†Voting for Trump, ¬†my voter’s remorse is profound and I will confess this as a grave sin.

The candidate Trump, whose election campaign is staffed by many Catholics,  has publicly supported government funding of contraception as a campaign ploy.  Contraception in all ways is abortion in disguise.  Contraception is the annihilation of marriage and family life.  Trump has supported, if not practiced abortion for most of his life.  He practices contraception which causes abortions, and ardently recommends the practice to his political supporters and opponents.  Trump has been complementary of Planned Parenthood. Trump is a serial adulterer.  His perverse attitude towards women he admits.  Trump does not lie personally, but his whole persona is one big lie.

Importantly, Trump is a currently tacit  advocate of the Transgender Agenda.  Hilary does not say so of Trump ( Serial adulterer Ted Cruz did however)  in that  the Transgender Agenda for Barak-a Bi Sexual married to a Transsexual Man- a Trany as Joan Rivers called Michael  Obama shortly before she was murdered for saying so, and Bi Sexual Hillary- the Transexual Agenda to annihilate nations is the agenda along with abortion, contraception, and sterilization. So why give Trump any credit even if it would cause so moral cognitive dissidence for Christian Zionist Evangelicals who voted for Trump in numbers never seen before.  Not so Mormon, Mitt Romney.

CIA “Lyin” Ted Cruz attacked Trump ¬†during the Primaries for his now tacit support of “Same sex marriage,” ¬†his ¬†wavering on Barak’s men dressed as women in the girl’s bathroom mandate, but most importantly the right for Transgenders to be transgender. ¬†This is most evident in a past Miss Universe contest where Trump, the owner of the pageant, ¬†allowed a transgender “woman” candidate to compete.

In a joint statement, GLAAD and the Miss Universe Organization, which is owned by Donald Trump, said that they are “pleased to announce that after more than two weeks of discussions, the Miss Universe Organization is close to finalizing an official policy change that will allow women who are transgender to participate in its beauty competitions.”

GLAAD has aggressively engaged in a dialogue with the organization following the uproar over Talackova’s disqualification, and spokesperson Herndon Graddick explained, “For more than two weeks, the Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Trump made it clear to GLAAD that they were open to making a policy change to include women who are transgender…We appreciate that he and his team responded swiftly and appropriately.”

There is internet footage of Trump kissing trans erotically on the breast Rudy Giuliani  in drag.   Giuliani  as NYC mayor religiously dressed in drag as a woman for the yearly gay pride parade.  Giuliani is allegedly to be made AG by Trump.  AG argues cases for the government concerning Same Sex Marriage and Transexual bathroom rights, as well as abortion and contraception cases.

Transgender agenda acceptance, which voters who vote for Trump because they hate Hillary, is the real false flag this election day.  Is Donald Trump really a transgender man?  CNN:

“I am a woman,” Talackova said in a prepared statement she read to reporters in Allred’s conference room Tuesday. “I was devastated and I felt that excluding me for the reason that they gave was unjust.”
Allred’s statement attacked Trump for questioning Talackova’s sexuality.
“She did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or to see photos of his birth to view his anatomy to prove that he was male,” Allred said.
How she became a female is not important, she said.
Contraception, Gay Marriage, Transgender Agenda, Trump accepts and promotes- just like Hillary. ¬†This Satanic attack supported by a President Trump, ¬†just like ¬†a President Hilary is the true election false flag. ¬†As evil as Trump’s whoring himself to The Synagogue of Satan as Netanyahu’s candidate in the mass murder of Catholics in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq, Trumps past enthusiastic support of abortion, contraception, Gay Marriage, and the Transgender Agenda is the coupe de ¬†gras which continues the “annihilation” of nations fore caste by Our Lady of Fatima, i.e. Israel and The United States of America, unless The Pope consecrates Russia by name in a public solemn ceremony in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the world at the same time. ¬†Deus Providebit!



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