Comparing President Hilary Clinton to Our Lady of Fatima, The Queen of Heaven

Our Lady of Fatima appeared in 1917 to three shepherd children in Portugal.  The same year the British Mandate over Palestine, Balfour Declaration by the Lord  Rothschild Masonic City of London controlled British Crown, unreservedly swore His Majesty’s exclusive support  for Zionist  genocide of Palestinian Maronite Catholics to establish a “Jewish Homeland.  Palestinian Maronite Catholics along with those in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq  are the “Aramaic”  speaking original African Apostolic Catholics. As such, Maronite Catholics in North Africa are the true owners of what the Romans called the Province of  Syro Palestine,  more so than Muslims who came in the 7th century as invaders, and most certainly  self proclaimed “Jews,”  9th century Kazarian converts to Babylonian Talmudic Rabbinic Kabbalah who invaded Palestine after WWII from Poland, Lithuania, and Russia.  This Hasidic Jewish sect has no Hebrew African roots what so ever, and ignores Moses and The Ten Commandments and The Prophets, for an esoteric Sethian Gnostic/Kabbalah  “Tradition of the Elders.”  In the Babylonian Talmud Gentiles- Catholics- are to be enslaved and exploited.  Mary is blasphemed and Jesus is a             of a Roman Legionary, Pantera.

Mary at Fatima, as The Mother of God, The Mother of the Church, appeared to mediate the grace of Her Son’s salvation through the union of Her Immaculate Heart with His Sacred Heart in answer to Benedict the XV’s prayers to end the Rothschild Illuminati orchestrated “Suicide of Europe” or WWI to establish through the “annihilation of nations” i.e. The Austro Hungarian Empire, The Ottoman Empire, and The Romanoff  Empire, to Rothschild owned Palestine, and now “greater Israel”.   But as Our Lady of Fatima, Mary came through the conversion of Russia by the papal consecration by name to Her Immaculate Heart, as Fatima to convert all Muslims at the same time, and save her own blood line people-Maronite Hebrew Palestinian Catholics from the Rothschild financed “Synagogue of Satan” from genocidal murder as “Arab Terrorists.”

The British have been replaced with Neo Conservative- Ash Can Nazi- pro abortion/contraception Jewish Communist Nazi Trotskyites – a la Barry Goldwater- controlled “Conservative” American Christian Zionists-both Catholic and Evangelical- today,  but Rothschild Zionist genocide in Iraq and Syria via Israel/Saudi/US  backed proxy army ISIS continues in a inevitably faltering campaign to establish ‘Greater Israel”.  Mary wills the conversion of Russia which includes what is today large parts of The United States historically part of Russia, not only Kiev and Moscow.

Our Lady, The Queen of Heaven, whose name Mary, is Coptic or Egyptian, is one of the names  of ISIS, The Egyptian Queen of Heaven.  So called “Israel” robber state’s  (another blasphemous use by the Rothschild Illuminati atheist Zionists of a holy biblical name)   murderous satanic Mossad/CIA proxy army for genocidal murder of Maronite Catholics likewise blasphemously entitles itself ISIS.

Mary in 1917  told Lucy, the oldest seer at ten, she would return  to ask  for the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart in a public solemn ceremony in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the world at the same time, as well as The Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays: The Mandate of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Her Son.  Mary did so first in 1929.  The same year the Rothschild Illuminati City of London established  The Vatican City State and BIS- Bank of International Settlement-in Basil, Switzerland from which The Vatican Bank would be established in Conjunction with the American Illuminati Rockefeller Chase Bank in 1942 through Allen Dulles/future CIA chief and Knight of Malta, Cardinal Francis Spellman. In 2016, a hundred years after Fatima, a several Popes. including one saint Pius Xth, the consecration of Russia by name explicitly requested by Mary has not been done.

If the consecration of Russia by name is done, Mary, The Queen of Heaven,  through whose hands all graces of Her Son’s Sacred Heart flows said, “many souls will be saved, and there will be peace. The war (WWI) is going to end.”

“If they heed My requests, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, “she” shall spread her errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church: the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. Noteworthy, is “she.”  Not capitalized. So does “she necessarily refer to Russia, or is this another “she,” perhaps a she who is the polar opposite of Our Lady of Fatima’s world  peace plan?

And most thankfully Mary then says;

In the end my Immaculate Heart shall triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to which will be converted, and some time of peace will be given to the world.

It is important to note that Mary never mentions Communism or The Soviet Union in 1917,  since the Rothschild/Wall Street financed  Bolshevik Revolution was yet to succeed at the time of the apparitions in Portugal.  And yet, such groups as the Blue Army and the CIA an arm of the American Illuminati- Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller were quick to pirate Our Lady of Fatima’s Apparition to demonize Communist Soviet Russia, and prevent at all costs (including the murder of Fr. Nickolas Gruner and JPI)  the Holy Father’s consecration by name of Russia, lest Russia be converted, and some time of peace be given to the world. The prospect of world peace  Russia’s consecration by name  to the Immaculate Heart would bring, is the last thing  Rothschild Federal Reserve  Neo Con Bush Clinton “The Synagogue of Satan”  be it the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Mossad, or their United State’s bloodline,  Skull and Bones CIA.  The CIA/ the Neo Con American arm of the Mossad dominates the Papacy via The Chase Vatican Bank and Lucio Gelli  PD2 linked Vatican Illuminati  jewish popes like JPII and and clownish Francis.  Licio Gelli, Grand Master of PD2 in Rome, was exposed as a KGB agent-when the KGB, like CIA-Skull and Bones American Nazis, was the Soviet Communist  front of the Illuminati Rothchild Khazarian Mafia.  Francis is Licio Gelli’s ultimate Argentinian protege  for the Alta Vendita’s hundred and fifty year conspiracy to install a Pope that no one ever listens to.

If the consecration by name is done, the Rothschild Khazarian Illuminati will no longer have either the Vatican Secretary of State and Pope, nor Russia, nor The United States to promote their constant world wide agenda fueled by incessant world war and a satanic culture of murder i.e. abortion and contraception.

An acolyte of  Alexander Solzhenitsyn, President Vladimir Putin of Russian Republic that replaced the Rothschild installed Soviet Union, kicked out the post Boris Yeltsin Rothschild Oligarchs in the late 90’s, but only in the last year Rothschild global instigator, George Soros who devised the “Ukranian color revolution” three years ago as a result of Putin’s eradication of the Rothschild from Russia.  Putin as a former KGB Officer knows backward and forward  Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s Illuminati deception for world domination and global depopulation via a satanic culture of murder and seeks to counter this in Russia, but also Syria, and the whole world.

The Vatican Illuminati, indentured in  the Masonic Lodge P2 of Lucio Gelli  in Rome,  including false Fatima friend extraordinaire JPII and now Lucio Gelli Argentinean protege for “The Pope no one listens to”  Francis,  serves the Rothschild (Rashied) Khazarian/Israel world domination via child sacrifice (abortion/contraception agenda completely.  Their blasphemous papal  service entails failure to obediently Consecrate Russia by name to The Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by The Queen of Heaven.   On July 20th 1987 Sr. Lucy, the main Fatima seer told Journalist Enrique Romero that the Consecration of Russia has not been done as requested although JPII had done several consecrations. Sr. Lucy, till her death in 2005, now imprisoned and not allowed to speak publicly by The Vatican Illuminati, prominently Fr. Maciel Delogado henchmen Cardinals Tarciscio Bertone and Soldano, said that The Blessed Virgin is still awaiting the consecration of Russia.

Our Lady of Fatima said that WWI, which Pope Benedict XVth  called “The Suicide of Europe” and prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to intercede for peace, Who in answer to the Pope’s prayer  sent His Mother to Fatima,  would end, it did in 1918. She then said “but if “they do not stop offending God, another worse war will break out in the reign of Pius XI.  WWII broke out twenty one years later.  Only God and His Mother knew that there would be a PiusXI in 1939.

Our Lady does not speak about the spread of Communism specifically, but “offending God” in general. Our Lady does not speak ever about Atomic bombs and the world ending in nuclear world war. Without the consecration she forsees “various nations will be annihilated in the end.”  For world peace, just as Nazi Germany was annihilated leaving Germany, and Soviet Russia, leaving Russia, will not the blasphemously named “Israel” Palestinian Rothschild owned pirate occupation be annihilated leaving the Palestinians leaving The Maronite Catholics, Muslims via Our Lady of Fatima converted, and Jews in one state of Palestine when the consecration of Russia by name is done.

For Cold War propaganda reasons this phrase – “various nations will be annihilated in the end”  is falsely interpreted to mean atomic bomb annihilation in WWIII.  Mary at Fatima never said or even remotely implied  such a conflagration!  The offenses against God- sins and blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with The Sacred Heart of Jesus  have increased astronomically since 1917, most especially in Abortion and Contraception.  Mary shows the Fatima children a vision of Hell, and tells them most souls go there because of sins of the flesh. The result of the loss of chastity and esteem of virginity, the destruction of the Sacrament of Marriage via Contraception and Abortion, Divorce, and Homosexuality is how “various nations will be annihilated in the end.”  The goal of the Synagogue of Satan, Illuminati revolution to destroy Christendom by a satanic global culture of murder, is world depopulation via Abortion/Contraception and homosexuality.  Mary again foresees as inevitable, offending God in this manner, the formerly Catholic nations of Europe are committing sexual suicide and are annihilated in the end, like Rothschild “Israel”.

All this will stop and turn about “If they heed My requests, Russia will be converted.”  The question arises- why “Russia”.  which means “rower” in Scandinavian, referring to Viking trading and pirating ships that penetrated “Russia” and whose King, St. Vladimir The Great in 988 converted to Roman Catholicism via missionaries of Byzantium. More important what does Russia actually mean. Russia does not mean for Our Lady of Fatima, the Communist Soviet Union which met its demise in 1989, annihilated.

In a flat earth map, Russian territory extends from Siberia across to Alaska.  The Russian Romanoff’s possessed empire throughout what is called today the Western Provinces of Canada, the Pacific Northwest, California, as far in land as Montana. This was illegally confiscated, literally pirated, along with French domains by the Illuminati Thomas Jefferson in 1803 via the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon Bonaparte, and later by the US in “Seward’s Folly.”

Today, if The United State’s was before 1803 part of Russia, it seems Hilary Clinton, not Vladimir Putin, President of The Russian Republic, is spreading “her errors across the world” as Secretary of State imposing Abortion/Contraception and homosexuality as well as Soros’ “color revolution.  A President Hilary Clinton  is the polar opposite Illuminati CIA “whore of Babylon” to Our Lady of Fatima,  offending God is “spreading her errors throughout the world, promoting wars (The Arab Spring/Program for a New American Century, and the murder of African leader Muammar Gaddafi )  and persecutions of the Church ( Wiki Leaks publishes emails in which Hilary envisions the infiltration and destruction of the Catholic Church because of Her- The Catholic Church’s  stance against Abortion and contraception. Hilary’s selection of a pro abortion pro homosexuality self proclaimed “Pope Francis Catholic” is evidence of Hilary’s  Illuminati agenda as President to infiltrate to destroy the Catholic Church in selection of a  Vice President running mate.  Mary at Fatima said the good will be martyred (Hilary as Secretary of State’s support of Mossad/CIA proxy Army in Syria will only continue and grow into WWIII with Russia if she is elected President

“The Holy Father will have much to suffer.”  Considering non pope Francis is publicly destroying the Catholic Church and the credibility of the Papacy, rejects being called Pope and the office of the Papacy, was invalidly elected Pope in an Illuminati rigged conclave, and that it is impossible to have two Popes at once who recognize each other as Pope, it is evident that the office of the Papacy which is beyond an individual person, a “Moral Person” or Legal Person in cannon law has suffered much at the hands of Vatican Illuminati Marrano impostor popes from John XXIII who publicly denounced  the Fatima children when opening the Second Vatican Council as prophets of gloom and doom who will not stop us, to the clownish Francis, the Argentian protege of PD2 Grand Master Licio Gelli.  Indeed, “The Holy Father has had much to suffer.”

Certainly U.S. President Hilary fits the anti Our Lady of Fatima, i.e. The Whore of Babylon bill perfectly, and Russian President Vladimir Putin does not. Quite the opposite, President Putin is in accord with Our Lady of Fatima, and allegedly requested that Francis do the Consecration.   A President Hilary,  besides being the polar opposite of Our Lady of Fatima, is also geo politically the polar opposite of Vladimir Putin, the President of The Russian Republic as Putin is to Hilary in all ways.

Hilary as Secretary of State and First Lady has always sought to spread Abortion, Contraception, Sterilization, and the LBGT agenda across the globe, most especially in the birthplace  of Catholicism, Africa via The Clinton Global Initiative. This will continue under President Hillary Clinton.  Recently in response to the dark alliance of Planned Parenthood International, Catholic Relief Services, and USAID (CIA), and mass sterilization of African girls via Bill and Melinda Gate’s foundation vaccines,  the African Catholic Bishops have proclaimed- Africa will save the family!

Comparing Our Lady of Fatima, The Queen of Heaven, to Hilary Clinton, The President of the United States can be stated simply: Everything that Our Lady of Fatima as Queen of Heaven is and supports,   a President Hilary satanically wars against.  But Mary is Queen of Heaven, infinitely more powerful than a President Hilary. Mary says, “In the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.”  Jesus the Sacred Heart says, “It will be late in the day, but he (The Pope) will do it- the consecration by name of Russia.”  I believe we are seeing the fulfillment now!


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