Mother Theresa Is No Saint.

“Mother Theresa is loved the world over-she was voted the Most Admired Person in the 20th Century-She will be canonized on September 4, in St. Peter’s Square…..the media will give voice to her detractors, this is where (I) come in, It is also why (I) need your (financial) support.  I recently researched all of Mother’s critics  and wrote a small book taking them apart. Money from this appeal will pay the cost of distributing it to a wide audience”.


William Donohue

President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Liberties

Mother Theresa is no saint. For over twenty years,  Mother Theresa and “The Venerable Fr. John Harden, S.J.”  directly enabled  Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J., Mother’s  confessor and spiritual director, now in his late eighties  serving life in prison, to digitally anal rape boys ten years and older who accompanied  McGuire “Fr. Don” as he gave mesmerizing “retreats” to Mother’s cult members across the world.  If William Donohue truly did researched “all of Mother’s critics” he purposely ignored in the run up to Mother’s canonization  the state prosecuting attorney and McGuire’s child victims and their parent’s  testimony convicting McGuire and its inherent criticism of Mother for facilitating McGuire’s raping of their children.  Mother Theresa, who like JPII, acted the part of a modern day story book saint before world media, is no saint.  Both Mother Theresa with Fr. Don McGuire S,J. and JPII with Fr. Maciel  Degolado for almost a quarter century enabled for their own personality cult ends, the trafficking and rape of numerous children through their individual cult organizations.  This  absolutely non saintly trinity of religious frauds, St. JPII, St. Theresa, and Fr. Maciel Degolado (who St. JPII doubtless would have canonized if Maciel died before he did)  gave pious cover to global child sex trafficking in order to on the one hand bring in billions of dollars in charitable donations by the star struck faithful, and on the other hand, Sinaloa Federation Cartel child sex slaving money laundering to the Chase Vatican Bank via “Padre Nuestro” the media demure Fr. Maciel Degolado, the criminal mastermind who created the Sinaloa Federation Cartel and cantina child sex slaving.

Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., founder of Ignatius Press- publishers of Mother’s modern story book saint myths as well as all of Benedict’s writings-  Bill Donohue, George Weigel, Alan Keyes, Thomas Monaghan, Raymond Arroyo (all on the board of The Catholic League)  along with their main target Mother critic Christopher Hitchens have all alike covered up until the day of canonization Mother Theresa’s diabolical criminal accessory of Fr. McGuire’s sodomizing of minor boys entrusted to McGuire by their deluded parents, and vouchsafed personally by Mother Theresa and Fr. John Harden, S.J. into McGuire’s “care”.  None of the above in “taking apart” mother’s critics in “the media”  alluded to Mother’s criminal accessory of McGuire. This is a media cover by catholic frauds of fellow fraud, Mother Theresa.

Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest | Feature | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events |

“Yet documents obtained by SF Weekly suggest that Mother Teresa knew one of her favorite priests was removed from ministry for sexually abusing a Bay Area boy in 1993, and that she nevertheless urged his bosses to return him to work as soon as possible. The priest resumed active ministry, as well as his predatory habits. Eight additional complaints were lodged against him in the coming years by various families, leading to his eventual arrest on sex-abuse charges in 2005″.

In the 1990’s, Fr. McGuire was literally arrested by then Chicago Jesuit Provincial, Fr. Robert J. Geisinger, S.J. on mounting accusations by Fr. Don’s child rape victims and their scandalized parents. This year Francis, S.J.  as part of an over all cover up  on the eve of Mother’s canonization appointed Fr. Robert, S.J. to  Vatican Promoter of Justice in clerical child sex abuse cases.   In the 1990’s, now St. Mother Theresa and now ” Venerable” John Harden, S.J. personally vouchsafed for McGuire’ forcing Fr. Robert to allow McGuire’s  immediate return to his apostolate as Mother’s confessor and spiritual director, as her favortie brainwashing motivational speaker as well as his child raping.

Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest | Feature | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly

In a 1994 letter to McGuire’s Jesuit superior in Chicago, it appears that Mother Teresa acknowledged she had learned of the “sad events which took [McGuire] from his priestly ministry these past seven months,” and that McGuire “admitted imprudence in his behavior,” but she wished to see him put back on the job. The letter was written after McGuire had been sent to a psychiatric hospital following an abuse complaint to the Jesuits by a family in Walnut Creek.

“I understand how grave is the scandal touching the priesthood in the U.S.A. and how careful we must be to guard the purity and reputation of that priesthood,” the letter states. “I must say, however, that I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible.”

McGuire’s  clerical rapes of children spanning over a half century are  documented on  and have been for over a decade. There is this article from seven years ago.

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit: Hell Files: Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J.

Hell Files: Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J.

“If I had to make a Top Five list [of predator priests], Donald McGuire would be number one,” Patrick Wall, a former Benedictine monk who performs investigations on behalf of abuse victims suing the Catholic Church. “He truly is the Hannibal Lecter of the clerical world. He did more psychological and physical damage to children than anyone else. And what makes it worse is that the Jesuits knew about it, and did nothing.” On Feb. 11, 2009, McGuire — an ailing 78-year-old who had already been stripped of priestly office — was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison by U.S. District Court Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer. He had been tried and convicted in the Northern District of Illinois for transporting an adolescent boy across state lines in 2000 for the purpose of sexually abusing him “I want any such person to know the system of justice and this judge personally finds it absolutely abhorrent,” Pallmeyer said. McGuire is serving his sentence at the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Mo., and the Jesuits are facing a lawsuit from multiple victims, spread across the country, who claim the order’s negligence enabled his crimes

In 2009, McGuire was convicted and sentence to 25 years in the Illinois Federal Prison on testimony by his child victims and their scandalized  parents that had allowed their minor children to travel the world in “this living saint’s” care , No mention of any of this in Donohue’s little book taking apart all of Mother’s critics.  NPR (the  anti Catholic “media” according to con man William Donohue) did a series of radio reports calling Fr. Don one of the top five clerical child rapists in American church history.   Fr. McGuire while raping children entrusted by their mesmerized parents to “this living saint”  was Mother’s personal spiritual director and confessor, as well as chief motivational brain washer of her deceived cult members. However,  the NPR  expose on McGuire failed to mention Mother’s accessory of McGuire’s raping of children fearing  backlash by for profit fraud catholic pundits like Donahue in daring to tarnish Mother Theresa by association with McGuire.  NPR covered Mother’s accessory of “Fr. Don” up!

All of the “super catholic”  frauds above are on the board of William Donohue’s one person, i.e. Donohue” Catholic League.  These anti catholic catholic profiteers made certain  Mother, just like St. JPII  who covered up clerical child rape in the church, was canonized a saint, because “Prior to this historic event, the media will give voice to her detractors, and that is were we (I) come in” ( to make money of course). This all begs the question, if Mother is a saint already in heaven- canonization does not make her so, it only affirms the obvious-why does Mother need Donohue to defend her sainthood against non existent “media critics” in the first place.    Super catholic con man Donohue pays himself directly half of the million or so he defrauds the faithful of every year, and invests the other half in his corporate domain Catholic League with Christian Brother’s.  Christian Brothers has massive investments in pornography and big pharma manufacturing birth control and abortion pills.

All of the non-catholic catholics above made sure “the media” said nothing about Fr. McGuire and Mother’s twenty year accessory of Fr. Don  before her canonization, even NPR as well as SNAP-church media critics according to Donohue- cowered and remain completely silent.

Donohue states further on in his scamming letter,  “As many of you know, I locked horns with Christopher Hitchens….who was Mother Theresa’s most famous critic…

Hitchen’s wrote an expose on Mother entitled “Missionary Position.”  Donohue  asserting that Mother is  undeniably  a saint  attacked Hitchen’s ad hominum rather than directly addressing Hitchen’s documented criticisms drawn directly from disillusioned former Mother cult members abused along with “the poorest of the poor” by “Mother’s  monstrous fraud.  Another reason Mother Theresa is no saint.  Hitchen’s also wrote expose’s on the Clintons- Mother’s friends- and Henry Kissinger. When asked why Kissinger did not respond to Hitchen’s charges that Kissinger was a war criminal (which he is) Kissinger replied, “He criticized Mother Theresa as well.”

Nonetheless,  Hitchen’s, a homosexual pederast like Fr. Don, with Hitchens’ debate partner Christopher Dawkins believes that” love relationships between men and boys expressed by physical affection are natural and good, “never once mentioned Fr. McGuire’s similar delusions in their rightful condemnation of Mother in “Missionary Position.”  Dawkin’s and Hitchen’s could never condemn Mother for enabling Fr. Don in pederasty,  on the contrary  Mother’s accessory is applauded.

This brings us back to Francis’ S.J. recent appointment of Fr. Robert J. Geisinger, S.J.   “I do not want to be called pope” Francis, S.J. appointed fellow Jesuit Fr. Geisinger, S.J. to be the Vatican Promoter of Justice in child sex abuse cases this year not many months before Mother’s imminent canonization.  Snap, without a single word about Mother’s accessory,  was quick to point to the obvious that Fr. Geisinger as the Jesuit Vicar Provincial of the Chicago Province in the 1990’s failed to stop Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J. from serial sexual abuse of children which was first reported about “Fr. Don” when he was a Jesuit theology student in the Jesuit Seminary Canisianum at Franz Joseph University, Innsbruck, Austria in the 1950’s where he exhibited a pederast attraction for young boys.

I knew Fr. McGuire as a student in the Seventies in the first class of Fr. Joseph Fessio’s Great Books Seminar entitled “The St. Ignatius Institute” at the Jesuit University of San Francisco. Fr. Fessio a favorite of Benedict, who now publishes Francis’ books first brought McGuire to teach at USF.  To say the least, Fr. Don was absolutely spellbinding preaching and teaching-making one fully believe that he was what St. Ignatius envisioned a “real”Jesuit to be.  He inspired me to be a Jesuit, a priest by the “appearance” of his dedication, self-sacrifice, and and spiritual brilliance. I can certainly understand how parents mesmerized and seeking the salvation of their children’s souls and growth in holiness entrusted them to the “saintly” Fr. Don. Nonetheless, parental prudence cannot be violated. Never give your child over to be alone with one other adult, ever, under any circumstance.

At USF  I had “Fr. Don’s”  nephew Mark as my room mate.  Mark did not believe in Fr. Don as much as I did at that time.  There was a young Jewish adolescent named Bobby that Fr. Don insisted he was bringing to conversion and must be accepted by his family as one of the family.  I thought how noble on the part of Fr. Don.  I was disappointed in Mark that he seemed to resent the presence of Bobby.  Although I was in San Francisco, I was completely unaware that homosexual pederasts sought out boys, adolescent and younger to sodomize.  It was unimaginable to me that Fr. Don could actively be involved in such a monstrous sin, but there he was with Bobby right in front of me, and Mark his Nephew letting me know.

In 1979, I went to Fr. Don’s alma mater, the University of Innsbruck, then graduated from USF and joined unknowingly the homosexual dominated Western Province of the Dominican Order after a one year hiatus at The Angelicum in Rome.

A former Dominican Provincial, Fr. “Emily” Voigt, O.P. as he preferred to be addressed  by the homosexual collective, personally introduced me to Mother at Mission Delores in San Francisco. Fr. Emily, if Fr. Don was Mother’s right hand resident pederast, was Mother’s left hand Mother drag queen wanna be for many of the same years McGuire was digitally anal raping children vouchsafed to him by Mother and Fr. John Hardin S.J.

I now and then heard of Fr. Don as he traveled from city to city giving the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises to lay groups of devotees who being bewitched like I was would let their children travel with McGuire on his financially very lucrative Spiritual Exercise circuit. The NPR expose said Fr. Don baptized infants of  family’s  who he latter would digitally anal rape as young boys accompanying him on his Spiritual Exercise Circuit as Mother’s confessor, spiritual director, and cult guru. Again, NPR did not mention mother’s accessory.  About four years a go I wondered afterall that had happened to me as a priest and religious at the hands of Houston Cardinal Dinardo and Fr. Emily exposing Cardinal Dinardo’s medical business relationship with Planned Parenthood’s I-45 Gulf Coast abortion and baby parts selling clinic via Baylor Medical School Inc. , what had happened to Fr. Don who I had not seen or really heard much about for almost fifteen years.  Was Fr. Don still alive-always in terrible health from diabetes and going blind, persecuted relentlessly by his “liberal” Jesuit Superiors for being orthodox and a true Jesuit, an ally of Fr. John Hardin S.J. who came to his defense.

Fr. Hardin and Mother Theresa vouched for Fr. Don to the Chicago Jesuit Provincial.  Mother Theresa promised that she would personally guarantee that Fr. Don in ministry as spiritual director to the Missionary of Charity would not travel with young boys.  True to Mother’s promise, Fr. Don continued to travel accompanied by young boys until 2004.  I heard on NPR about the tragic case of Fr. Don, considered by NPR as one of the top five clerical child rapists in the world.

Francis choose a fellow Jesuit, Fr. Robert J. Geisinger, S.J. who like fellow Jesuit Fr. Fessio S.J. knew about fellow Jesuit Fr. Don’s pederasty, as fellow Jesuit Fr. Hardin and Mother Theresa did, to be his promoter of Justice for clerical child abuse in regard to Jesuits like Fr. Don.  Pope Francis did so to protect former Pope Benedict in regard to Fr. Don via Benedict’s association with Fr. Fessio, Fr. Don’s promoter in clerical child sex abuse and Ignatius Press as well as Mother’s canonization.  In 2008 after Fr. Don had been convicted in 2006 in Wisconsin, Fr. Robert finally wrote a letter to Pope Benedict asking that Fr. Don be defrocked. In “less than two months,”  no I say it  took that monster almost two months, as it took Benedict  twenty five years in cover up all clerical sex abuse in the church on orders from St. JPII,   to confront and dismiss Fr. Maciel Delogado, to defrock Fr. Don for his profoundly satanic betrayal of the priesthood of Christ, of innocent children, and the trust and faith of their parents.

Francis, S.J.  in making  Fr. Robert S.J. Vatican Promoter of Justice for abused children who allowed  Mother and  Fr. John Hardin S.J to spring McGuire, has shown himself physically and spiritually inimical to children, just as his predecessors Benedict and St. JPII are.  Knowing the whole story of Fr. Robert, S.J., McGuire S.J., Mother and John Harden, S.J., Francis appeared beaming on the front page on the anti-Catholic, pro abortion Houston Chronicle in St, Peter’s Square on September 4th  with a great smile on his face surrounded by tens of thousands of Mother’s cheering and adoring fans, the banner read “Let us wear Mother Theresa’s smile on our faces.” I am sure Fr. Robert S.J., Fr. Fessio S.J., Benedict, Fr. Emily(Emmerick) Vogt, O.P. and William Donohue had the best seats in the house and were wearing St. Theresa’s smile on their face as well.  They did it again! A declared saint who just like JPII, enabled satanic priestly child rape in the church and was still canonized.

Francis, S.J. famous for his “Who am I to judge” sound bite in dismissing undeniably  credible and substantiated criminal pederasty charges against Monsignor Baptist Ricca, who Francis made his personal liaison to the Vatican Bank, has unlike Mother’s accessory allowed his Vatican Sex Abuse Committee which includes Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Order of St. Francis who as documented in Jason Berry’s Render onto Ceasar; The Secret Life of Money in The Catholic Church-covered up for Rome expatriate Bernard Law and even continued Law’s fire sale of Archdiocese of Boston Church Property to the like’s of The Clinton Global Initiative, and The Reverend Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, besides corporate developers via Fr. Maciel backer Cardinal Soldano’s queer nephew Vatican real estate auctioneer-on the other hand has been relentless in their attack on Australian Cardinal Pell, who Francis placed in charge of Francis’s alleged reform of the Vatican Bank.  Cardinal Pell stands accused of like Fr. Don showering with minor boys at a swimming pool in the 1970’s.  Whether true or not, the disparity between Rossi, St. Mother Theresa and Pell and McGuire is striking. Pell has refused to play ball in Francis and the Illuminati “Gay Lobby” complete surrender of the Vatican Bank to the Rothschild Zionists along with the Church’s massive real estate holdings across the globe. Significantly a most valuable hunk is the Rothschild (exactly like the Vatican City State on which the VCS is modeled) state within a state- The City of London- not to be confused with London.

Pope Francis’ efforts to stop church child abuse are falling apart | Public Radio International

A member of a commission set up by Pope Francis to advise him on child abuse says the group is a “token body” exercising in “smoke and mirrors” that won’t help children stay safe from abusive priests.

Peter Saunders, the commission member, is now on a leave of absence as he considers whether to continue with an effort he says he has lost faith in.

Several lay members stating that nothing is being done (besides the attempt to destroy Cardinal Pell to remove him as the chief Cardinal  overseer of the Vatican Bank) by Francis’ appointed Vatican lay board of combating child abuse.  Once again, Francis S.J. Licio Gelli’s, P2 Grand Master’s select candidate for pope to whom, like JPII, no one listens to, shows his utter contempt for children’s spiritual and corporal well being.  Whether it be unborn child in the womb’s satanic sacrifice in global abortion- Francis,-“Catholics are too obsessed with abortion,” Francis’ silence of the mass murder of Catholic children by ISIS, the proxy Mossad/CIA/ Turkish army in Syria and Iraque, and victims of SRA- satanic ritual abuse by cleric and nuns in the church, who in the canonization of JPII enabler of Fr. Maciel Degolado, and Mother Theresa enabler of Fr. Don is manifest.

Mother Theresa is no saint.  Although I hope and pray not, playing Devil’s Advocate, an office central to the canonization process before JPII eliminated it, St. Mother Theresa- because only saints are in heaven, is not in Heaven, but is in Hell.  When Mother died in 1997, an atheist and blaspheming God for her painful physical condition in despair according to her later published after her death, three years after springing Fr. Don, S.J. Fr. Don resumed not just digitally anally raping children, but being mother’s confessor.  Mother certainly did not confess the mortal sins of her accessory of McGuire, to Fr. Don as she was dying.  Mother Theresa, just like Fr. Maciel is in Hell. Maciel on his death bed defiantly refused to confess the mortal sin of having two wives, fathering children with both, and then molesting his own biological children.  Fr. Maciel besides being a pederast, is a real “Pedophile” which strictly means a parent who molests their own biological children.  If intercourse is perpetrated- rape- the person is not curable psychologically. And to be consistent, JPII, besides not confessing his fundamental part in the Vatican Illuminati murder of JPI, did not confess numerous mortal sins in JPII’s 25 year accessory of Fr. Maciel.  Jason Berry in “Render onto Caesar” states that Fr. Maciel in lay clothes took pictures as  St.JPII said private mass for Maciel’s wives and families, and therefore St. JPII is in Hell with Fr. Maciel and Mother Theresa for like Francis, their complete contempt and malicious disregard for the physical and most importantly spiritual welfare of children. We know how Our Lady of Fatima, and Jesus judges that.