NEO-CON Feminazi SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas “Pro-life” Abortion Profiteer Law HB2 Potentially Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Unborn Children

On June 27th, 2016, NEO-CON Feminazi  whipped  SCOTUS  struck down Texas Governors’ Rick Perry and Greg Abbott’s  United Surgical Partners’ “lobbyist to Bro”, Mila Perry’s Jones  authored HB2  or so called “Fetal Pain Bill” for tear jerking effect,  Being passed in an extraordinary Summer legislative session in July 2013 and signed into law by then Texas Gov. Perry,  the resulting HB2 outcome law was upheld twice by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans  composed of three female pro life judges, to be inexorably  struck down  as “overly burdensome “.  Not over burdensome to mother and child, of course, but to abortion providers in mandating  all Texas abortion clinics be “outpatient”  and staff abortionists have admitting privileges within a thirty mile radius of the mandated outpatient clinic.  The ” Fetal Pain” tear jerker is pro-life abortion profiteer vote propaganda, and the thirty mile radius is redundant and therefore meaningless for the safety of women killing their unborn children by abortion.

Although the striking down of the HB2  United Surgical Partners “outpatient” mandate which would have resulted in a  Texas  USP/Planned Parenthood mega clinic surgical abortion monopoly is  decried propaganda wise  by the pro-life abortion regulating, not abolishing, abortion profiteer Texas “pro life”Republican NEO-CON establishment as yet another example of no choice “pro-choice” NEO-CON Democrat insensitivity to women in receiving the “safest”  abortion, (and rightly so I might add)  this  NEO-Con feminazi whipped SCOTUS decision ironically  has  potentially saved hundreds of thousands of unborn children’s lives.  This outcome, the potential saving of the lives of any unborn babies whatsover from being aborted was not the outcome anticipated for HB2, whether struck down or upheld, by Pro Choice NEO-CON Democrat abortion profiteers or Pro Life NEO-CON Republican abortion profiteers alike.  As such, anyone who actually is not an abortion profiteer ( many pro-life movement adherents though consistently duped by pro-life abortion profiteers of their votes and financial support are truly pro natal and seek to have abortion abolished) should rejoice that the SCOTUS NEO-CON Feminazi’s tunel vision  idiots struck down HB2 resulted Texas, law. Rejoice I say, and I say it again, rejoice!

The 30 mile radius admitting privileges mandate  is completely redundant. Just HB2  “pro-life” window dressing. The “outpatient” mandate was the whole purpose of the bill and law. Everything else is pro-life abortion profiteer propaganda.   Both Federal and Texas State law for decades already prohibit denial of admitting privileges to a local abortionist based on his or her practice of a perfectly legal-most frequently done surgery in the US- abortion. .  If  SCOTUS upheld the privilege radius mandate, the result is the same-local abortionist can not be denied admitting privileges based on abortion practice. This is just, like the tear jerker “fetal pain” appellation, pro-life abortion profiteer misdirection propaganda to disguise the “outpatient” mandate that was struck down.

Cardinal Dinardo via Catholic Health Initiate (CHI), partnered with Baylor Medical School, INC., the primary investor in United Surgical Partners,  granted  admitting privileges at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, downtown Houston next to Cardinal Dinardo’s con-cathedral of the Sacred Heart to Baylor School of Medicine INC. abortionists at the United Surgical Partners franchised  I-45 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast abortion clinic, the largest “outpatient” abortion clinic in the entire Western World.  Cardinal Dinardo in 2006 orchestrated behind the scenes the sale of the Archdiocesan of Galveston/Houston Sterling Bank shares owned former Sterling Bank property, a white elephant as a bank built appropriately in the form of a huge cash register prefiguring its future satanic reincarnation as the largest outpatient abortion clinic in the Western World capable of doing hundreds of abortions a door.  Cardinal Dinardo granting admitting privileges to his child sex slaving and ISIS Jihadi trafficking, abortion, and baby body part sales medical conglomerate United Surgical Partner, partners the PP I-45 Gulf Coast abortionists of Baylor Medical School, INC. made Planned Parenthood I-45 (The prime focus of the Dave Daleidan’s  Center for Medical Progress internet expose of Planned Parenthood’s I-45 baby parts business, though omitting Dr. Douglas Karpen’s sale of whole infants aborted alive, then neck rung at Karpen’s  pre HB2 compliant USP partnered “outpatient” Aarron late term abortion clinic) on the I-45 a minute away from Cardinal Dinardo’s 45 million dollar “con”-cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Blasphemy) to Planned Parenthood HB2 30 mile radius compliant in 2010, three years before USP/Baylor Medical School INC. lobbyist to the “bro. gov.” Mila Perry Jones’  HB2/ The USP/PP Texas Outpatient Abortion Monopoly was signed into law in July 2013 by Texas Governor Rick Pony Boots.

While remaining perpetually  silent publicly since his arrival from Michael Genovese Pittsburg Zapalla Mafia family Midwest distribution cent Sioux City, Iowa, whose airport “Franklin Cover Up” Larry King always traveled hours to fly out of with  as  Bishop “Lyin Joe” Fiorenza’s replacement  in 2006 as local Galveston/Houston bishop, and even more silent if that were possible  when made Cardinal/ Galveston Houston and secret Cardinal overseer of the  CIA Chase/i.e. Rothschild, Rockefeller i.e. Planned Parenthood CDC Vatican Bank  in 2008 by the global rite of sodomy with children by homosexual clergy cover up Yiddish Hitler Jugend homo Pope Benedict (who should be in jail for the rest of his life for his crimes again, not writing modernist tracks in the Vatican Palace)  bout all things Planned Parenthood from defunding to baby part sales and of course abortion and contraception, Cardinal Dinardo immediately granted admitting privileges at St. Joseph’s minutes away from the 2010 grand opening dedication liturgy presided over by Houston LBGTZXY Mayor Anise Parker whose wife/husband is treasurer of both Parker’s mayoral campaigns and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45.

Just as thirty mile radius mandate was pro life window dressing  for the United Surgical Partners/ Planned Parenthood out patient mandate so was the five month limit on surgical abortion, uncontested by SCOTUS.  Here is the first example of how the NEO-CON feminazis of SCOTUS potentially saved unborn babies and would have put Dr. Douglas Karpen out of business if Karpen had not been exonerated (no billed by a Harris County DA Devon Anderson/Chip Davis Key Grand Grand Jury voiding any other future criminal infanticide indictment of Dr. Douglas Karpen because of the “Double Jeopardy Cause” of the US Constitution.  Karpen was exonerated for USP’s Rick and Mila by Greg Abbott and Devon Anderson to cover up the Perrys’ criminal conflict of business interest in signing the United Surgical Partner Planned Parenthood outpatient abortion clinic mandate, i.e. HB2 into law. More latter.

The abortion abolition movement demands that abortion be declared murder and its practice as such abolished, not “regulated” as HB2 for the “safety” of women being aborted trumpets.  In this instance, the HB2 outpatient mandate,  abortion regulation is a two faced euphemism for monopoly of the abortion industry by Rick Perry’s sister’s United Surgical Partners-which has a monopoly in Texas on all “out patient” or ambulatory surgical clinics and Planned Parenthood, all of whose clinics in Texas were HB2 compliant by 2010, three years before Bro. Perry signed Sis Mila’s USP “out patient”monopoly grant into law as governor in July of 2013.

What difference does it make, as Hilary Clinton who mothered the business flop Walmart Super Center concept of mega abortion clinics for Planned Parenthood in 2008, if a baby is aborted at one day-as a single cell by RU 4 86- or at nine months  aborted alive by Houston’s own Kermit Gosnell, Dr. Douglas Karpen, to have the child’s neck broke and entire body intact sold to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 for parts for human experimentation by Baylor Medical School Inc. a documented  buyer of baby parts from Cecil Richard’s I-45 Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood’s third floor “Life Donation Center”.

The Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic is a minute away from Cardinal Dinardo’s Exxon/Chase 45 million dollar interfaith Con-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Talk about blasphemy against the Sacred Heart).  Rockefeller/Bush Exxon/Chase- a Rothschild front- is synonymous with Planned Parenthood world depopulation agenda through abortion, contraception, and the Nuclear family gay bomb explained in “The New World Order of Barbarians”.

The five month limit-which was not attacked- was allowed to stand.  Abortion Barbie (Wendy Davis) said she could support the five month ban except HB2’s outpatient mandate would close most abortion mills which do abortions in the first trimester.

The five month ban, ( a baby one minute shy of five months  dies, one minute past lives)  is completely arbitrary law and that means not a just law.   Dr. Douglas Karpen  as said earlier, should have been put out of  the very late term aborted alive infant neck ringing business, except after Karpen’s Gregg Abbott/ Devin Anderson orchestrated Dec. 12th 2013 (the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro LIfe Patroness of the Americas) exoneration for aborting late term infants alive and twisting their necks, Karpen cannot be subjected to a second infanticide investigation by now Gov. Abbott, or Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick both of whom supported Devon Anderson as Harris County DA in exonerating Karpen (whose Aaron Clinic is USP outpatient and HB2 compliant) to cover up Perry’s criminal conflict of interest as a Baylor Medical School INC/ United Surgical Partner share holder in signing as Texas governor HB2 into law on July 18th,  2013 .   Abolish abortion as murder completely, if you only regulate murder, like the pro-life abortion profiteers who created  HB2, and sold it politically via con artist Elizabeth Graham as a “fetal pain” tear jerker propaganda,  all of the above happens. Infants continue to be murdered in their mother’s womb (or in Karpen’s case immediately outside of their mother’s womb) with HB2, except now a government granted UPS/Planned Parenthood Monopoly is created to make abortion more profitable through market share for both USP (The Perrys) and Planned Parenthood (Cecil Richards).

But “pro life” abortion profiteers do not want to abort the goose who lays the golden egg by abolishing abortion as murder. Pro life abortion profiteers starting with “pro life” Texas Governors’ Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov.s  CIA Dave Dewhurst and Dan Patrick exonerated (no billed by Key Man Grand Jury)   Dr. Douglas Karpen to keep Perry’s criminal conflict of business interest as Governor signing into law HB2 United Surgical Partner’s/Planned Parenthood outpatient mandate for abortion clinics.  Karpen’s darkly brilliant defense attorney Chip Davis black mailed all by threatening to  surface Perry’s criminal conflict of interest with USP if Karpen was indicted for infanticide.

The infanticide HPD investigation ordered as a knee jerk reaction by Lt. Gov. CIA Dave in response to a letter  signed by 22 Texas State legislators  demanding an infanticide investigation of Karpen in wake of the viral Crutcher You Tube  expose  was completely obstructed and quashed by Mayor Anise.  The  Karpen infanticide investigation starting with the interim HCDA Belinda Hill ( the integrity candidate that would have actually investigated Karpen and therefore she was replaced by Perry with Devon Anderson)  and handed over to HPD Homicide which at the same time was exposed by the Houston Chronicle for being selective in not investigating, like Karpen or cartel related murders certain murder investigations entrusted to them,  was  a knee jerk infanticide investigation  demanded by then Lt. Gov. CIA Dave. Ironically, CIA Dave  did not know apparently about Perry and his sister’s partial ownership of United Surgical Partner’s  partnered Dr. Karpen’s Aaron Clinic via the Perry’s large stock holdings in Baylor Medical INC and USP.  And because of CIA Dave’s knee jerk reaction to the Mark Crutcher Utube Karpen aborted alive baby head twisting expose in ordering the infanticide investigation in attempting to polish his pro life abortion profiteer vote getting crown bestowed upon him by king maker Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life against Dan Patrick in a desperate attempt to keep his day job as Lt. Gov. CIA Dave  received silence and zero political support from Perry and Abbott in his run against Dan Patrick.

CIA Dave tried to walk back his knee jerk reaction of an infanticide investigation of Karpen which ran the risk of exposing Gov. Perry’s criminal conflict of interest in signing HB2 into law.  CIA Dave in the Houston Chronicle December 13th, 2013 praised Devon Anderson  exonerating Dr. Douglas Karpen for “protecting  Texas women and their unborn babies from unlawful abortion practice”.  Talk about 1984 CIA style political propaganda “Double Think”.   This of course is how CIA Dave was brainwashed to think as a CIA officer.

Dewhurst’s  Pro-Life abortion profiteer rival in the Lt. Gov. race, Dan Patrick equally  supported Devon Anderson’s election to Harris County DA after she had exonerated or “no billed” via Karpen’s Defense Attorney’s bought and paid for via a $20,000 dollar campaign contribution to Devon’s DA run,  Key Man Grand Jury.

Karpen’s Defense Attorney Chip Davis used the exact same Anderson Key Man Grand Jury to politically smear Chip’s hated court room adversary HCDA Pat Lykos by threatened indictment thus delivering via election mud slinging  the coveted HCDA position to Michael Anderson, Devon’s partner in their Key Man Grand Jury Criminal Justice System.

Pro life gov.  Rick Perry to save his own life,  appointed widow Devon Anderson  Harris County DA after the timely death of her husband and  Key Man Grand Jury partner in criminal justice- Judge and HCDA Michael Anderson- to no bill or exonerate Chip Davis’ client Dr. Douglas Karpen. The exact same Anderson Key Man Grand Jury with the same judge and foreman that exonerated Karpen for twisting aborted alive baby necks until they severed has no billed over the past decade 300 shootings of every type of person imaginable for every non justifiable reason imaginable.

Houston grand juries: too white, too law-and-order, and too cozy with cops – The Washington Post

But while police officers do sometimes get indicted for crimes like dealing drugs or taking bribes, indictments for excessive force or officer-involved shootings are much rarer. In its story on the simulators, the A.P. noted that the state is currently in the midst of “a streak of nearly 300 cases in which grand juries have cleared Houston police officers in shootings.” That includes a case last year in which a grand jury declined to indict a cop who shot and killed a wheelchair-bound double amputee who was armed with only a pen.

In his knee jerk “pro life” abortion profiteer vote getter mode, infanticide investigation of  Douglas Karpen, CIA Dave with pro choice pie in the face from the run out the buzzer pink tennis shoe  shenanigans of “abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis, attempted to  out “pro-life”  Dan Patrick to get votes.  CIA Dave was still butt sore from his senate campaign defeat by Raphael jr, “Ted” Cruz  a Sarah Palin Canadian Tea Party darlin  Cuban “marrano” (or “pig” said by Sephardic Jews who went into exile in 1492 of Spanish Jews that ostensible converted to Catholicism to remain) and Pittsburgh Zapalla Mafia family defense attorney  in the Kids for Cash scandal. A fact used by the CIA Dave campaign for Senate to smear Ted. Junior in TV and radio adds.

Raphael, jr. ” Ted” Cruz’s father as documented with photo’s published by National Enquirer following the lead story by NSA whistle blower turned sublime investigative reporter, like CIA Dave, was also a CIA political assassin, except Raphael Cruz Sr.. out of NWO capitol New Orleans assassinated JFK for CIA Skull and Bones, for G.H. Bush.  Similarly    like Raphael Sr. CIA Dave was a political assassination until he made the next logical step to holding political office (like Raphael Sr.’s son Ted) in the 1982 CIA hit on General Bander the  Caudillo of Bolivia for G.H. Bush during Iran/Contra as a set up to the “crack revolution and the Fr. Maciel Degolado’s/JPII Sinaloa Federation Cartel.

CIA Officer Dave took his orders directly from Claus Barbie, a Prescott Bush”Operation Paper Clip”  Isis type refugee,  was  a former triple oak leafed SS Abwehr  officer affectionately known as the Butcher of Leon by the Bushes as co-worker CIA Dave. Claus took most pride among his many, many murders against humanity in Vichy, France as well as in Vatican Rat Line Exile in South America, in the burning down of a rural orphanage of disabled French Jewish children  age ten and younger.  Claus said this act, like Watergate Nazi Gordon Liddy’s holding his palm over a candle flame, showed Claus’ absolute will to power.   Murdering defenseless children just like Hillary Clinton with abortion in her will to power to be US dictator. With the murder of General Bander, the Bush family stole hundreds of thousands of oil and coca plant rich acres in Bolivia in the set up of the Fr. Maciel Degolado /Carlos Slim Helu/Carlos Lehder of Costa Ricca Sinaloa Federation Cartel which with the Spanish Royal Family, and the Garza Family of Monterey is spearheaded by the marrano CIA Skull and Bones Bush crime family, especially  banker to the cartels Jeb Bush for the Baker’s Texas Commerce Bank.

But I digress,  CIA Dave reacting to his humiliation by Lyin Ted in loosing the Senate seat to a Canadien Zappala Mafia defense lawyer in the “Kids for Cash: Scandal, and a patent lawyer who made law firm partnership with one of the most storied Philadelphia law firms from the 19th century- architects of the Standard Oil Medical Trust- which today is Planned Parenthood and the CDC- defending the Maoist/Rockefeller Chinese wholesale theft of American patent and intellectual property, and than Abortion Barbie’s pie in his face, Dewhurst seized on the Karpen/ Mark Crutcher LIfe Dynamics expose to out pro life fellow Republican pro life abortion profiteer Dan Patrick.  Patrick had accused Dewhurst of being inattentive to HB2’s certain passage as Wendy worked to run out the buzzer before a vote could be taken.

Dewhurst was crowned by pro life abortion profiteer con woman Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to LIfe (Graham was like Cardinal Dinardo completely mute about the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpin) but the pro life Republican Tea Party Dan Patrick who was not crowned by Elizabeth Graham. Graham extorts the greatest amount for personal gain for the “pro life” crown from competing equally pro life candidates for her pro life political office endorsement, was the sponsor of the Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life trumpeted Sonogram Bill as a state legislator leader in 2011. Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life booby prize apparently. That is after Patrick literally strong armed this “pro life legislation shining jewel” from its original state legislator author during the 2011 Texas State Legislature session to claim sponsorship.

Texas’ Patrick/Perry Sonogram Law forces women 24 hours before having an abortion to view a sonogram (ultrasound magnetic imaging)of her unborn child. The Sonogram Law clearly proves that Texas Republican establishment pro-life abortion profiteers like Perry, Patrick, and Graham think exactly the same way politically and morally as Democrat Washington  DC pro choice abortion profiteers like Hillary, Barak, and most especially the NEO-CON SCOTUS Femi Nazis: i.e., the  end justifies the means.

Sonogram derived from ultrasound which was initially developed to clean “jew”elry by the “synagogue” of Satan Rothschild Yiddish speaking Austrian  banking family for their South African diamond and gold “jew” elry  business.   The Rothschild (Rashieds) in 1776 bankrolled fellow Yiddish speaking Jew, Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian  Illuminati.  The Illuminati’s ethical maxim, as with the Jesuits is “The Means Justify the End”.    Practically expressed this maxim translates- child sacrifice and world domination’

Ultrasound in all studies done beginning in 2005 is devastating to the unborn child’s health in all ways beginning with a massive increase of autism in the last ten years from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 165 and heading to 1 out of every two in accord with the increasing use of sonogram by expecting or aborting mothers. The irony, a woman sees a sonogram signed into law by USP Perry  and decides not to abort, only to give birth to a child with severe autism due to the sonogram performed. Yet the monstrous sonogram law was sold to “pro life” legislators by saying, if the mother is forced by law to view her unborn child by sonogram, almost one hundred percent of mothers will not abort their child. The end justifies the means.  That sums up Illuminati immorality in a sentence, as well as both pro-choice and pro life abortion profiteer immorality alike. Perry and Patrick’s support for HB2, the Sonogram Law, and mandatory gardasil vaccination of girls under eleven is not the full extent of their pro-life abortion profiteering:

State Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, is campaigning for Texas lieutenant governor as an unapologetic foe of abortion. But prominent abortion opponents (CIA Dave lackeys against Patrick) want him to explain how he wound up owning stock in the company that makes the Plan B “morning after” pill. ( No one has ever asked Patrick about his stock in Baylor Medical School INC. and USP because it is connected to Perry, or on the Democrat side Planned Parenthood)

Patrick acknowledges that he owned stock in the maker of Plan B One-Step — Israel-based Teva Pharmaceuticals

“The Jewish State” pays for the aborting of Jews, anyone in Israel. The most the better.  The Rothschild (Rashied) Illuminati bankers owned 80% of Is R Hell, and control another 10%.  It is illegal for anyone to own land in Palestine under the Jewish State, one can only rent. No matter if you are Jew, Muslim, Catholic who before being violently by a 40,000 member Bolshevick Yiddish speaking WWII Red Army Irgun terrorist force in 1947 smuggled into Palestine after 1945 by Mossad after this NKVD politburo army had raped and butchered 2 million East German women from infant to ninety year old, had peaceable co existed for centuries.  The Rothschild (Rashied) beginning with purchases in the 19th century own 80% of all the land of Is R Hell, and control another 10%, leaving 10% as as their costume to the competition- The Palestinians in Gaza .

Pro-life abortion profiteers like Patrick, Perry, Abbott  profit not only through stock portfolios with massive investments in United Surgical Partners, Baylor Medical School INC., Teva Pharmaceuticals, and the makers of Sonogram machines, profit most through winning political office as “pro-life” through the votes of well intention but politically brainwashed and duped Christian Zionist pro lifers. As my grandmother Gertrude said, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.  This is another more common sense way of saying- The means justifies the end-.   Evangelical “pro lifers” claiming publicly to be religiously  against abortion, are in complete denial about artificial contraception, literally abortion in disguise,  as a sin or immoral, or inhuman in anyway.

CIA Carly Fiorina the grand marshal of the 2016 Roe v. Wade Pro-LIfe March (regulate abortion abortion profiteer annual extravaganza)  in Washington DC was asked if she supported contraception that is an abortifacient she replied absolutely not, only contraception that is not an abortifacient. Pro lifers, catholic and evangelical who almost universally  use BP plastic estrogen mimicker Birth Control pills developed by the Rockefeller/Bush Standard OIl Medical Trust -today Planned Parenthood and Pfizer which WHO trumpets are the number one  cause of heart attack, stroke, especially breast cancer in all woman who use them, in denial  that the pill is an abortificient are  pro abortion in reality, and knowingly anti-natal in conscious actually. The contraceptive mentality is the abortion mentality espoused by evangelical NEO-CON christian Zionists playing right into the Illuminati uprooting of Catholic Christendom through their bank rolling of the Protestant Reformation ending in the Contraceptive Mentality and world depopulation through sexual suicide.

Votes/ whether pro life or pro choice are the most valuable  commodity for the Republican/Democrat party or Bush/Clinton. Both parties profit equally from the promise or the threat of regulated abortion through pro life abortion profiteer laws like HB2.

HB2 was originated as a “Sherman Anti Trust” Standard Oil Medical Trust engendering trust busting false flag piece of legislation to create a Perry United Surgical Partner/Planned Parenthood surgical abortion monopoly in Texas-  infant blood not oil.  Pro life Gov. Rick Perry in co hoots with pro choice “foe” Cecil Richards and Planned Parenthood under the guise of securing woman’s welfare having an abortion– just stop, a complete oxymoron right there- sought to monopolize the surgical abortion industry in Texas with a consortium of doctor owned United Surgical Partner “outpatient” franchised abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood Mega Clinics like the baby parts R US I-45 Gulf Coast clinic HB2  in 2010 compliant as outpatient and already partnered as such with Rick and Mila Perry Jone’s United Surgical Partners.

Perry, Abbott, Patrick, Cardinal Dinardo have huge stock holdings in Baylor Medical School, INC.  which in turn is the primary stock holder in United Surgical Partners.  United Surgical Partners when it comes to being licensed by the State of Texas as outpatient holds a virtual monopoly for “outpatient” status.  United Surgical Partners Texas outpatient clinic monopoly is the reason why Rick Perry as Governor rejected for Texas participation in Obamacare (This is the greatest treason, to do the right thing for the wrong reason) because the Affordable Care Act had first  rejected United Surgical Partner Outpatient Clinics of Texas  as thirty percent more costly because of standard regimen of unnecessary tests than non USP clinics in Texas- basically state and county.

Pro life Gov. Perry  encapsulated and eclipsed USP’s rejection by Obamacare in trumpeting his presidential crusade against federal government over reach in his Mein Kampf and Dreams of My Father knock off  “Fed Up” in his “principled state’s rights”rejection of Obamacare for all Texans.

In the wake of the SCOTUS NEO-CON Feminazi striking down of HB2, the Planned Parenthood Hearst media shil Houston Chronicle on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 ran a front page story entitled “Abortion Clinics try to rebuild, but say damage already done.”  And here is where one may begin to see a true  paradox and not a murderous oxymoron if HB2 was sustained, i.e.  NEO-CON Feminazi whiped SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas Pro-life Abortion Profiteer Law HB2  Potentially Saving Countless Unborn Lives:

While Monday’s court ruling may have put an end to two of Texas’ far-reaching-abortion rules, abortion rights supporters feel much of the damage has already been done. The number of clinics statewide has dropped by more than half over the past three years.

The intent of HB2  was to establish a United Surgical Partner /Planned Parenthood Texas surgical abortion outpatient monopoly. To this end HB2 nixed clinic use of the RU 4 86 abortifacient pill developed by the Suzanne and Warren Buffet Foundation. This restriction of HB2 was not challenged by the Feminazi SCOTUS but the lower court’s ruling was allowed to stand. HB2’s  forbidding the use of  RU -4-86 is an necessary preamble in creating a USP/Planned Parenthood surgical abortion monopoly in Texas – surgical abortion is vastly more profitable than administrating the abortion pill. Forbidding R U 4 86 administration by HB2 outpatient compliant clinics is another prong  eliminating all abortion business competition to establish a  HB2 compliant USP/PP surgical abortion outpatient clinic monopoly in Texas.     As John D. Rockefeller, whose son David is the godfather of Planned Parenthood and the CDC, formerly known as the Standard Oil Medical Trust, “Competition is a sin”.

My own experience of going over the years to pray, counsel, and console at the Gulf Coast I-45 Planned Parenthood, the largest United Surgical Partners out patient abortion clinic in the Western World is that it is a complete abortion business mega flop.  At this point on Saturdays, this clinic that could easily kill, and was designed to do 300 to 500 abortions a day may do two to three.  Without the very gay Paul Ryan’s  federal  funding of Planned Parenthood which Ryan and the Pro LIfe  abortion profiteer Bush Republican Establishment in Washington increased to over half a billion dollars after pro life abortion profiteers media mogul want to be David Daleiden and Sarah Merrit’s Center for Medical Progress expose of the I-45 Gulf Coast baby part sales, Planned Parenthood could never as a business keep the lights on and the doors open.

The answer,  Mila Perry Jone’s HB2 USP outpatient mandate/Planned Parenthood Texas abortion monopoly .  To create a state government surgical abortion monopoly like Communist Poland enjoyed, HB2  had to make illegal Independent doctor owned low over head non USP, non out patient clinics like Dr. Rosenfeld’s (Ashkenazi Yiddish (Jewish) heritage, while preserving and fostering USP partnered outpatient free standing abortion clinics like Dr. Douglas Karpen’s- from Pomerania Prussia.

Both Karpen and Rosenfeld are of  Germanized Slave heritage or Ashcannazi-  speaking Yiddish, a combination of German and Slav with Latin, Greek, and Hebrew words. Notable is how many abortionists like Bernard Nathanson of Planned Parenthood, Alan Guttmacher, are Ashcannazi heritage.  90% of self proclaimed “Jews” are Kazarian Ashkenazi heritage, whereas, 10% are Arab (Yemeni) Sephardi Marrano heritage- non Yiddish speakers.  Yiddish speakers and Sephardi both adhere to Kabbalah and the Babylonian Talmud (The Tradition of the Elders) and reject Torah  (Ten Commandments)  and the Prophets and are murderously anti-Catholic and seek the total eradication of the Catholic Church.

Both branches following Kabbalah and  Babylonia Torah which claims responsibility for the righteous hanging of the blasphemous false Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, the illegitimate son of his prostitute mother Mary by a Roman legionary named Pantera, have since the time of the child sacrificing temple of Solomon (To Rex Mundi-Molech)  first by Prophet, than by Catholic, both Talmudic branches of the rabbinical tradition stemming from the temple of Solomon are  accused of Blood Libel: The need for baptized Catholic infant and small virginal boys and girls in satanic sacrifice in the Secret Sabbath which is the satanic Black Mass or blaspheming the The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Real Presence practiced by  Kabalah, both…and  Sethian Gnostic both  “satanist” or “adversaries” of the Holy Trinity of Catholicism.

The  Innocent as well as suspected guilty  without trial were driven out of England in 1290 en mass based on the accusation of satanic ritual child murder or Blood Libel of a young British boy around Oxford.

Today,  Rosenfeld, Karpen, and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 satanic ritual murder of unborn child by Rothschild Zionists continues, under girded by the Rockefeller/Chase/Exxon/Ford foundations.  But today, Blood Libel, like sodomy is now a civil right and the law of the land.  Unlike 1290 where the local Bishop charged Blood Libel and demanded the immediate expulsion of the”Talmudic” community  (This was an unjust act by the Bishop against the innocent assuming one is innocent until proven by due process guilty), the local Bishop Cardinal Dinardo is not only completely silent on Planned Parenthood’s Gulf Coast I-45 and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s satanic ritualistic mass murder of Christian children, especially Blacks and Hispanics, but as shown definitively above, Cardinal Dinardo- a Free Mason and secret Cardinal over seer of the Chase/Rothschild Vatican Bank as well as an associate of the Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia family (as is Ted Cruz) is completely responsible by his public silence and behind the scenes sale of the I-45 Sterling Bank property to be renovated via a 23 million dollar renovation by Planned Parenthood to provide logistic support for child sex slave trafficking on the I-10 out of Houston from the Border and the Port of Houston by  Maceo/Fertitta Free State Galveston legacy child sex slaving syndicate head Tilman Fertitta in conjunction with Fr. Maciel Degolado/Carlos Slim Helu’s/Bush Clinton Sinaloa  Federation Cartel.

HB2 was successful partially in destroying privately own “abortion mills” like Whole Woman’s Health who brought suit (Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt)  unable to pay unlike Planned Parenthood with your tax dollars, one to three million dollars to join club infant murder, i.e. Mila and Rick Perry’s United Surgical Partners to be partnered with USP as “outpatient”.  Being duped by HB2, unlike Dr. Rosenfeld,  most assumed they were being forced to close.  Not being fooled, however, Dr. Rosenfeld operating out of a converted one story  brick home that is not ” USP out patient certified” or HB2 compliant stepped up his inter net business promotion advertisement campaign not only comparing himself most favorably as more compassionate with women in aborting them because Rosenfeld also has a Ph.d in Psychology as well as a MD in infant murder,  against Douglas Karpen’s Life Dynamics’ expose  monstrosities- basically Rosenfeld sells customers that he will not do what Karpen and Planned Parenthood does to them, abort their babies alive and sell their bodies for parts to Baylor Medical School INC without their permission and knowledge.  Rosenfeld rakes in $200,000 to 300,000  in cash (no insurance accepted) six days a week and is home for lunch.  Of course this stereo typical greedy Jew  is staying open for business until  the NEO-CON (Jewish)  SCOTUS Feminazis  ruled on the HB2 Outpatient mandate ment to destroy his business. Staying open was a no brainer for any clinic owner who had a brain.

Planned Parenthood was compliant in Texas by 2010 and USP partnered as outpatient- three years before USP’s Governor Rick Perry (and now Greg Abbott)  signed into law HB2. This shows Planned Parenthood is partners  in a criminal business conspiracy and conflict of interest with “pro life” Governor Perry and his USP/Baylor Medical School, Inc. lobbyist sister Mila Perry Jones from the beginning going back to Cardinal Dinardo’s sale of Archdiocesan owned Sterling Bank in 2006 to Planned Parenthood for the largest abortion clinic in the Western World.

Planned Parenthood was compliant in Texas.

By Matt C. Abbott

An interesting angle of the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest abortion ruling is described by D Healthcare Daily (June 27):

      Last year, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas opened an ambulatory surgery center inside its new administrative building in Fort Worth that would adhere to the strict abortion requirements established by House Bill 2….
      ‘I believe in pessimism because you’re never disappointed,’ said Kelly Hart, the organization’s senior director of government relations and public policy. ‘For Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, we have three facilities that perform abortions that were fully compliant. We were prepared to weather the storm regardless of how it went.’

Thus, Planned Parenthood was prepared to take over the baby-killing business for all the freestanding rathole abortuaries that weren’t able to comply with Texas’ clinic regulations.

The abortion giant has “very deep pockets,” said one pro-life insider.


Veteran pro-life activist Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, writes in his latest book Siege:

      For many years, it has been widely known within the abortion industry that Planned Parenthood has been trying to squeeze out the independent operators and become America’s exclusive provider of abortions….
      My suspicion is that Planned Parenthood’s ultimate intention is not to merely have a monopoly on America’s abortion business, but to become an agency of the federal government. If so, the most likely scenario would be for them to be brought in as part of the national healthcare system operating within the Department of Health and Human Services.

Crutcher notes that, in recent years, Planned Parenthood “started building enormous facilities in various cities around the country,” even though “the abortion industry was shrinking” and “the abortion rate was falling.”

Like yours truly, Rosenfeld saw the HB2 USP/PP Monopoly mandate for what it is, an attempt by government to create an abortion business monopoly for the government’s failing abortion business- that is Planned Parenthood-by eliminating all privately owned abortion mills like Rosenfeld.  Rosenfeld with a lot of  moxie like yours truly, knew for certain that the HB2 outpatient  Planned Parenthood Monopoly Mandate would be struck down by the NEO-CON feminazi whipped  Supreme Court.
Especially after the president of Planned Parenthood and black baby abortion commander and chief Barak Obama had “Pro Life”  devout “Catholic” child pornographer Illuminati Supreme Court Justice Antonia Scalia ritually murdered by his St. Humbertus hunting club satanist cohorts  at Bohemian Grove  West Texas for not immediately resigning the SC when “mommy pants” wearing Barak Hussein confronted him will his FBI/NSA file at a command performance meeting at the Whitehouse on Scalia’s way to Cibolo Creek Ranch to be ritually murdered and his soul carried of to Hell for all eternity for the evil two faced monster he was. Jesus says “Any one who harms a little child, it is better that they have a mill stone tied around their neck and cast into the sea”.  That is when they are alive for the safety and welfare of children.  Scalia will be tortured by the demons he was owned or possessed by while a member of the SCOTUS and burn forgotten forever in Hell.
 HB2 was only good for unborn children inadvertently closing of number of  privately owned “abortion mills” through Texas that could not pay the one to three million dollars black mail money to Rick and Mila Perry Jone’s USP outpatient surgical abortion monopoly in Texas.  But it missed Dr. Rosenfeld who was not fooled, and significantly, intentionally, Dr. Karpen.
Foot Note this:
(with the Walkers and Harrimans- Yale Skull and Bones- the founders of the Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics Records Office in conjunction with the Rothschild/Warberg Euglenics Laboratory, i.e. Andrew Carnegie Cold Spring Research Center with an 11 million dollar check from widow Harriman.  The Eugnenics Record Office would evolve into first Hilters T4 program out of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Racial Purity inspired by Margaret Sanger and Eugen Fischer and then after the war- changing it’s name to hid it “Brown Past” from the Council on Eugenics to Planned Parenthood.  The Eugenics Record Office evolved also into the NSA.  This record system for ethnic genocide was used by Heninrich Himmler of the SS in targeting  Slavic peoples in East Central Europe for murder and enslavement.  This same record system is used by Massad and Shin Bet in genocide against Arab Muslim and Catholic Palestinians.
Planned Parenthood in 2008 with the election of the PP president Barak Obama and black baby aborter and chief  turned from birth control to abortion provider as a profitable business model for the future.  Margaret Sanger, demonized as the mother of  legalized abortion by all “pro-life” abortion profiteer media mogul want to be  was until her death in 1965 eight years before Roe v. Wade (1973) publicly rejected abortion as the killing of a child.   This hypocrtical demonization of pro contraception anti abortion Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood by Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics in Maarfa 21, or Lila Rose of Live Action,  or Dave Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress, trying to make a career and  living off of the “donate bottom” that accompany their internet expose daming Sanger while glorifyiny their own pro contraception anti abortion profiteering  is sheer box office propaganda.
And then there is  double dipping two face lying  pro choice/pro life abortion profiteer Abbey Johnson.  Abby has profited from abortion, her own and others, not only when she was an abortionist for Planned Parenthood, but now as a “Pro LIfe” abortion profiteer pulling in big bucks (Like Hillary at a Goldman Sach’s convention)  and public adulation  with two hit books-“Unplanned”- which is good I recommend it, and “Fly on the Wall” which I have not read but I would like to  as well as  now pro-life pulling in those speaker fees across the nation.  Being a pro life abortion profiteer has to easily top the cruel murderous day to day drudgery aborting  Texas A and M babies for a living in College Station for Planned Parenthood.
In “Unplanned”  Abbey Johnson an Planned Parenthood abortion clinic administrator/whistle blowerinsider says  Cecil Richard’s Ford/Rockefeller Foundation Planned Parenthood in 2008 with the election of Barak made the decision to focus almost exclusively  on abortion market share and not contraception.  Margaret Sanger, until the day she died and went straight to Hell in 1965, the Founder of Planned Parenthood publicly called abortion the killing of an innocent child- i.e. murder.  Politically correct “nice” evangelical and Catholic Bishops today do not call abortion murder. The above pro life abortion profiteer want to be media moguls do not call abortion murder.
  Sanger in her day, as you often hear even today christian evangelicals like Bryan Fischer as well as pro choice catholic politicians like Nancy Polosi, criticized the Catholic Hierarchy for not allowing use of Artificial Contraception thus forcing woman to back street abortion in desperation and loss of their immortal souls through committing the mortal sin of murder or abortion.  And yet all of the pro life abortion profiteer want to be  media mogul  accepting contraception which causes abortion would never dream of calling abortion murder or abolish it as such. They do not want to kill the goose, abortion, who lays golden eggs- pro life abortion profiteering  in doing so. In actuality, but not truth,  pro life abortion profiteers are in complete accord with Margaret Sanger, pro-artificial contraception- anti natal- and “pro life” against abortion.  Artificial contraception-whether the IUD, or the Pill- BPA plastic estrogen mimicker is abortion in disguise.
In conclusion, I, like Dr. Rosenfeld, from the beginning was certain  that HB2 would be struck down as “over burdensome ” by the NEO-CON  SCOTUS femi-nazis’ and sissy.  In my blog, Holy Transparency, I said so the moment HB2 was signed into law by Governor Pony Boots in July of 2013.  Paradoxically,  the NEO-CON SCOTUS Femi-nazi’s plus sissy in striking down Texas’ HB2 have potentially saved hundreds of thousands of unborn babies lives. This is the last thing these infant murderous witches intended to do.Their  striking down  HB2 abrogated the Texas gov./Planned Parenthood mandated United Surgical Partner’s “Out Patient” mandate Texas Abortion Business Monopoly.  Please savor deeply the irony of this.  The SCOTUS ruling striking down HB2 intent on murdering in the womb as many children as possible annihilates Hilary Clinton’s Walmart Super Center USP Super C enter vision of natal temple of doom mega death clinics, while at the same time already, with the exception of Dr. Rosenfeld and Dr. Karpen, destroyed most of the non USP/PP”dollar store abortion mills.
In the wake of  Scotus  striking down HB2 as overburdensome, the USP Gulf Coast I-45 Planned Parenthood HB2 compliant clinic, the largest in the Western World icontinues to do 1 to 3 abortions daily, whereas Dr. Rosenfeld’s  non M.D. assembly line  hacks do cash and miscarry 45 to 65 daily six days a week and are home for lunch.  Dr. Rosenfeld (74 years old0  does not do most abortions, he just signs off on them. His hacks do.  I was told this by the sympathetic Receptionist at the clinic in the parking lot when she was going into the mill early one morning wearing a gold Our Lady of Guadulupe medallion.   Dr. Rosenfeld, not fooled like me from the beginning, or intimidated by HB2 to close before the NEO-CON SCOTUS feminazi’s ruled,  ends up with an even greater market share from the abortion mill owner dupes who did fall for HB2, and closed.
Finally  there is the matter of Dan Dalaeidan, and The Center for Medical Progress’ Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast baby part sales expose.  Dan Daleidan is a pro life media abortion profiteer completely distorting all sides of the abortion  “issue”.  They all do. Dan and the whole board of Center for Medical Progress is an arrogant self righteous distorting moran.  Like Mark Crutcher and his UTUBE featuring three former Dr. Karpen baby murderer assistants who were paid  $20,000 to tell the horrors which went viral on the internet causing CIA Dave who had pro-life pie in the face from abortion barbie Wendy Davis to call for an infanticide investigation of Douglas Karpen.  Or Lila Rose, or douple dipper Abbey Johnson who made money off of being first pro-choice than pro-life, or Elizabeth Graham and Texas Right to LIfe who bestows the “pro life” crown on CIA Dave over Dan Patrick and attacks for “pro life” crowned Gov. candidate. Dr. Douglas Karpen exonerator Greg Abbott against Wendy Davis as “Dancing Queen” and raises by extorting Republican politicial campaigns to get the “pro life” crown 1.2 million which Elizabeth simply takes for herself while being completely silent on the exoneration of Douglas Karpen  for Texas Right to LIfe fund raising gala Gov. Rick Perry, by Texas Right to Life pro life crowned AG Greg Abbott, by Devon Anderson supported by both CIA Dave and Dan Patrick after she exonerated-“no billed” Dr. Douglas Karpen.   See “Whose LIfe does Texas Right to LIfe Advocate for?”

In Center for Medical Progress’ David Daleidan and Sarah Merrit are Going to Prison! 2016, 02, 04 I simply pointed out the obvious, that Devon Anderson had to exonerate Planned Parenthood for baby part sales and indict these two stooges. Devon Anderson did exactly what she said she was going to do in her press conference the day that pro life gov. and Karpen exonerator Gov. Greg Abbot and Devon DA supporter Dan Patrick called for an investigation of Planned Parenthood.

Devon Anderson, Who Exonerated Dr. Douglas Karpen Surpressing Video Testimony, Likewise will Exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Surpressing Center for Medical Progress Video Expose 2015/08/27

Dan Daleiden acted as if he was the first to expose Planned Parenthoods baby part business.  Reporters for 20/20 in the nineties exposed PP for baby part sales in much the same way-doing lunch will baby part seller abortionists and asking them about prices.  Dan Daleidan completely ignored the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen who was exonerated for Perry by Abbott and Anderson so that it would not come to light in the Karpen grand jury that Karpen’s United Surgical Partner’s Aaron Clinic had been selling the whole neck wrung aborted alive infants he murders to Planned Parenthood I-45 and was doing so the whole time pro life media abortion profiteer Dan the super pro life man was under cover “exposing” Planned Parenthood.  My hero!  Daleiden did not register at all the many Utubes by David Allen documenting deliveries of aborted babies by UPS and in beat up vans by poor black woman in styrofoam coolers to the side entrance of PP to be picked up by the same baby butchers who appear in the Center For Medical Progress expose.

For Daleiden, just like pro choice abortionists, the end justifies the means.  Daleiden is rightly indicted himself for altering a California Drivers LIcense- a Felony that could still send Daleiden to prison for twenty years.  The irony, Daleiden was indicted for attempting to buy human body parts- and this is only a Misdemeanor. What does that tell you about the legal state of our country!

But once again Daleidan’s indictment by useful idiot Devon Anderson  has exposed Gov. Abbott and Dan Patrick as the two faced “pro life” abortion profiteers they are via Devon Anderson.  Planned Parenthood is exposed by Congress as a seller of aborted baby parts, and attack as an enemy of Ist Amendment Freedom of the Press even by pro abortion groups of lawyers who have joined with St. Thomas More Center in the legal defense of Daleidan against useful idiot Devon Anderson as well as in California.

HB2, and being struck down by the NEO CON femi nazi’s is  the bomb.  By closing many Texas abortion mills, and then obliterating USP Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Monopoly by being struck down, together with Daleiden’s freedom of the press defense the outcome of HB2 being struck down is infinitely better for unborn children, than this typically fraudulent  “pro life” regulation and not abolition  of  abortion, abortion profiteer being sustained by the NEO-CON  SCOTUS feminazi’s . Both those who struck down HB2 and those who desired it up held will meet each other in Hell unless they experience complete metanoia before death.  Gov. Rick Perry, Gregg Abbott, Patrick, and Devon Anderson will come face to face with Darth Vader Ginsberg, Kagan, and Sottomeyer in Satan’s kingdom of eternal darkness over HB2, among many other things.   Yet, God brings good out of evil,  Deus Providebit! Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of unborn children are potentially saved by the creation by Texas Republican Establishment pro-life abortion profiteers and then complete trashing by the NEO CON SCOTUS Feminazi’s of HB2, and both pro life and pro choice abortion profiteers Republican and Democrat alike are shown to be the two faced morons, greedy money hungry culture of murder infant killers that they truly are.





Under the “Pro Life” Campaign Banner of Elizabeth Grahams’ Texas Right to Life PAC and the HB2 Law, Abortion Profiteers Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, and Rick Perry Exonerated Dr. Douglas Karpen enabling him to Continue to Strangle Infants and Sell Their Bodies to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, All the While Drastically Harming Hundreds of Thousands of Children in the Womb by “God, Dan Patrick, and Perry’s” Sonogram Law

Under the “Pro Life” Campaign Banner of Elizabeth Grahams’ Texas Right to Life PAC and the HB2 Law, Abortion Profiteers  Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, and Rick Perry Exonerated Dr. Douglas Karpen enabling him to Continue to Strangle Infants and Sell Their Bodies to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45,  All the While Drastically Harming Hundreds of Thousands of Children in the Womb by “God, Dan Patrick, and Perry’s” Sonogram Law

Sonogram Bill: God & Dan Patrick Get It Passed | Houston Press

“I can’t control a woman tuning her doctor out,” Patrick said during debate. “It’s probably a 15-second explanation.”

Perry’s statement after the bill passed:

I commend the Texas Senate for quickly passing SB 16, an important achievement in our efforts to protect life. Considering the magnitude of the decision to have an abortion, it is crucial that Texans understand what is truly at stake. We know that when someone has all the information, the decision to choose life becomes clear. I look forward to working with House members to pass this legislation quickly, to ensure Texans are fu

Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism 

by Caroline Rodgers

[Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Midwifery Today Issue 80, Winter 2006.]

In May 2006, figures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed what too many parents and educators already knew: The incidence of autism is high, making it an “urgent public health issue,” according to Dr. José Cordero, director of the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. Only 12 years ago autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was so rare that it occurred in just one in 10,000 births.(1) Today ASD, which is characterized by a range of learning and social impairments, now occurs in one in 166 children (2)—with no sign of leveling off.

The steep increase in autism goes beyond the US: It is a global phenomenon, occurring in industrialized nations around the world. In the UK, teachers report one in 86 primary school children has special needs related to ASD.(3)

The cause of autism has been pinned on everything from “emotionally remote” mothers (since discredited) to vaccines, genetics, immunological disorders, environmental toxins and maternal infections. Today most researchers theorize that autism is caused by a complex interplay of genetics and environmental triggers. A far simpler possibility worthy of investigation is the pervasive use of prenatal ultrasound, which can cause potentially dangerous thermal effects.

Health practitioners involved in prenatal care have reason to be concerned about the use of ultrasound. Although proponents point out that ultrasound has been used in obstetrics for 50 years and early studies indicated it was safe for both mother and child, enough research has implicated it in neurodevelopmental disorders to warrant serious attention.

At a 1982 World Health Organization (WHO) meeting sponsored by the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and other organizations, an international group of experts reported that “[t]here are several frequently quoted studies that claim to show that exposure to ultrasound in utero does not cause any significant abnormalities in the offspring. …However, these studies can be criticized on several grounds, including the lack of a control population and/or inadequate sample size, and exposure after the period of major organogenesis; this invalidates their conclusions….”(4)

Early studies showed that subtle effects of neurological damage linked to ultrasound were implicated by an increased incidence in left-handedness in boys (a marker for brain problems when not hereditary) and speech delays.(5) Then in August 2006, Pasko Rakic, chair of Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Neurobiology, announced the results of a study in which pregnant mice underwent various durations of ultrasound.(6) The brains of the offspring showed damage consistent with that found in the brains of people with autism. The research, funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, also implicated ultrasound in neurodevelopmental problems in children, such as dyslexia, epilepsy, mental retardation and schizophrenia, and showed that damage to brain cells increased with longer exposures.(7)

Dr. Rakic’s study, which expanded on prior research with similar results in 2004 (8), is just one of many animal experiments and human studies conducted over the years indicating that prenatal ultrasound can be harmful to babies. While some questions remain unanswered, based on available information, health practitioners must seriously consider the possible consequences of both routine and diagnostic use of ultrasound, as well as electronic fetal heart monitors, which may be neither non-invasive nor safe. If pregnant women knew all the facts, would they choose to expose their unborn children to a technology that—despite its increasingly entrenched position in modern obstetrics—has little or no proven benefit?

Problems with Sound and Heat

One challenge that ultrasound operators face is keeping the transducer positioned over the part of the fetus the operator is trying to visualize. When fetuses move away from the stream of high-frequency sound waves, they may be feeling vibrations, heat or both. As the FDA warned in 2004, “ultrasound is a form of energy, and even at low levels, laboratory studies have shown it can produce physical effect in tissue, such as jarring vibrations and a rise in temperature.”(9) This is consistent with research conducted in 2001 in which an ultrasound transducer aimed directly at a miniature hydrophone placed in a woman’s uterus recorded sound “as loud as a subway train coming into the station.”(10)

A rise in temperature of fetal tissue—especially since the expectant mother cannot even feel it—might not seem alarming, but temperature increases can cause significant damage to a developing fetus’s central nervous system, according to research.(11) Across mammalian species, elevated maternal or fetal body temperatures have been shown to result in birth defects in offspring.(12) An extensive review of literature on maternal hyperthermia in a range of mammals found that “central nervous system (CNS) defects appear to be the most common consequence of hyperthermia in all species, and cell death or delay in proliferation of neuroblasts [embryonic cells that develop into nerve cells] is believed to be one major explanation for these effects.”(13)

Why should neurodevelopmental defects in rats or other mammals be of concern to expecting women?Because, as Cornell University researchers proved in 2001, brain development proceeds in the same manner “across many mammalian species, including human infants.”(14) The team found “95 neural developmental milestones” that helped them pinpoint the sequence of brain growth events in different species.(15) Therefore, if repeated experiments show that elevated heat caused by ultrasound damages fetal brains in rats and other mammals, one can logically assume that it can harm human brains, too.

In fact, the FDA and professional medical associations know that prenatal ultrasound can be dangerous to humans, which is why they have consistently warned against the non-medical or “keepsake” ultrasound portrait studios that have cropped up in malls throughout the country.(16)

The risks to the baby are potentially higher in commercial enterprises due to the higher acoustic output required for high-definition images, a potentially long session—as technicians hunt for suitable images—and the employment of ultrasound operators who may have no medical background or appropriate training. These variables, along with factors such as cavitation (a bubbling effect caused by ultrasound that can damage cells) and on-screen safety indicators that may be inaccurate by a factor ranging from 2–6 (17), make the impact of ultrasound uncertain even in expert hands. Quite simply, if ultrasound can injure babies, it can cause the same damage whether done for routine, diagnostic or “entertainment” purposes.

Elevated Maternal Temperatures Cause Birth Defects

Understanding what happens when the fetus’s temperature increases, whether caused by an elevation in maternal core temperature or by the more local effect of ultrasound, is the key to appreciating prenatal ultrasound risks. An individual’s body temperature varies throughout the day due to various factors such as circadian rhythms, hormone fluctuations and physical exertion. While people may have up to 1.5° F in each direction of what is considered a “normal” core temperature, the overall average among people is 98.6° F. An increase of only 1.4° F to 100° F can cause headaches, body aches and fatigue, enough to get the individual excused from work. A temperature of 107° F can cause brain damage or death.

A core temperature of about 98.6° F is important because that is the point at which many important enzyme reactions occur. Temperature affects the actual shape of the proteins that create enzymes, and improperly shaped proteins are unable to do their jobs correctly. As factors such as the amount of heat or duration of exposure increase, enzyme reactions become less efficient until they are permanently inactivated, unable to function correctly even if the temperature returns to normal.(18)

Because temperature is critical to proper enzyme reactions, the body has built-in methods to regulate its core temperature. For instance, when it is too low, shivering warms it up; when it is too high, sweating wicks off the heat. For obvious reasons, fetuses cannot cool off by sweating. However, they have another defense against temperature increases: Each cell contains something called heat shock (HS) proteins that temporarily stop the formation of enzymes when temperatures reach dangerously high levels.(19)

Complicating the issue is the fact that ultrasound heats bone at a different rate than muscle, soft tissue or amniotic fluid.(20) Further, as bones calcify, they absorb and retain more heat. During the third trimester, the baby’s skull can heat up 50 times faster than its surrounding tissue (21), subjecting parts of the brain that are close to the skull to secondary heat that can continue after the ultrasound exam has concluded.

Elevated temperatures that might only temporarily affect the mother can have devastating effects on a developing embryo. A 1998 article in the medical journal Cell Stress & Chaperones reported that “the HS response is inducible in early embryonic life but it fails to protect embryos against damage at certain stages of development.” The authors noted, “With activation of the HS response, normal protein synthesis is suspended…but survival is achieved at the expense of normal development.”(22)

Autism, Genetics and Twin Studies

What does elevated body temperature have to do with autism? Geneticists are trying to crack the DNA mysteries behind ASD. Recently researchers linked two mutations of the same X chromosome gene to autism in two unrelated families, although they do not yet understand at what stage these genes were damaged.(23) Because sibling and twin studies show a higher prevalence of autism among children in families with one autistic child, geneticists expected to find inherited factors, but despite millions of dollars invested in the search, no clear explanation indicates that ASD is inherited. Perhaps scientists need look no further than at the thermal effects of ultrasound for many answers.

If prenatal ultrasound is responsible for some cases of autism, it stands to reason that if one twin were autistic, the other would have a high probability of being affected, since both would have been exposed to ultrasound at the same time. In both identical and fraternal twins, one twin could be more severely affected than the other if he or she happened to take the brunt of the heat or sound waves. In the case of fraternal twins, since autism strikes males between three to five times more often than females, the sex of the twins also could make a difference in outcome.

A 2002 study showed that simply being a twin substantially increased the likelihood of autism, making twinning a risk factor.(24) Could this increased twin risk factor have to do with the practice of giving mothers with multiple gestations more ultrasounds than those expecting single births? While not discounting the role genetics may play in autism, the possible impact of prenatal ultrasound deserves serious consideration.

Ultrasound Warnings Unheeded

The idea that a prenatal ultrasound can be hazardous is not new. The previously mentioned 1982 WHO report, in its summary “Effects of Ultrasound on Biological Systems,” stated that “…animal studies suggest that neurological, behavioral, developmental, immunological, haematological changes and reduced fetal weight can result from exposure to ultrasound.”(25)

Two years later, when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) held a conference assessing ultrasound risks, it reported that when birth defects occurred, the acoustic output was usually high enough to cause considerable heat.(26). Although the NIH has since stated that the report “is no longer viewed…as guidance for current medical practice,” the facts remain unchanged.

Despite the findings of these two major scientific gatherings, in 1993 the FDA approved an eight-fold increase in the potential acoustical output of ultrasound equipment (27), greatly increasing the possibility of disastrous pregnancy outcomes caused by overheating. Can the fact that this increase in potential thermal effects happened during the same period of time the incidence of autism increased nearly 60-fold be merely coincidental?

Hot Tubs, Steam Rooms, Saunas and Maternal Fevers

If the culprit is heat, then what about other situations in which heat impacts pregnancy? A 2003 study titled, “A report of heat on embryos and fetuses” in the International Journal of Hyperthermia states, “hyperthermia during pregnancy can cause embryonic death, abortion, growth retardation and developmental defects.”(28) It further states, “An elevation of maternal body temperature by 2 degrees Centigrade [3.6 degrees Fahrenheit] for at least 24 hours during fever can cause a range of developmental defects.”(29) The report noted that necessary data to draw conclusions on exposure times less than 24 hours were lacking (30), leaving open the possibility that elevated maternal temperatures for shorter periods may adversely affect fetuses.

A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that “women who used hot tubs or saunas during early pregnancy face up to triple the risk of bearing babies with spina bifida or brain defects.”(31). Hot tubs and baths present greater dangers than other heat therapies such as saunas and steam rooms because the immersion in water foils the body’s attempt to cool off via perspiration, in much the same way fetuses cannot escape elevated temperatures in the womb.

All of this taken together establishes the fact that heat, whether caused by elevated maternal temperature or by an ultrasound transducer that remained over one area too long, can set into motion damaging changes in a developing baby. Using common sense, why would anyone think that intruding upon the continuous, seamless development of the fetus, which has for millions of years completed its work without assistance, be without consequences?

Vaccine and Thimerosal Controversy

Despite long-standing evidence that ultrasound induces thermal effects and that thermal effects can harm fetal brain development, the cause of autism has remained so elusive to researchers that many autism societies use a puzzle piece as part of their logos. Particularly confounding is the fact that ASD plagues the children of high-income, well-educated families who have the best obstetrical care money can buy. Why would women who took their prenatal vitamins, observed healthy diets, refrained from smoking or drinking and attended all regularly scheduled prenatal visits bear children with profound neurologically based problems?

Some believe that childhood vaccines, at first available only to those who could afford them, cause autism. Many vaccines contained thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, which was thought to have a cumulative neurotoxic effect on children, especially as the number of childhood vaccines increased during the same period of years that the prevalence of autism increased. However, after an exhaustive review in 1999, the FDA found no evidence of harm in the use of thimerosal in childhood vaccines.(32)

Despite those findings, that same year the FDA, NIH, CDC, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) together urged vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal in childhood vaccines.(33) Pharmaceutical companies complied, and ultimately reduced the infant thimerosal exposure by 98%.(34)

Interestingly, not only did autism rates fail to decrease, they continued to increase. ASD increases are between 10 to 17 percent every year, according to the Autism Society of America (35), indicating that thimerosal is not to blame.

Thimerosal was not the only area of concern in the vaccine-autism controversy. Many people believed that a correlation existed between the triple vaccine MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) and ASD. However, a large, retrospective epidemiological study of more than 30,000 children in Japan between 1988 and 1996 found that the autism rate continued to climb after the vaccine was withdrawn.(36) Those results were no different than the outcome of a 1999 study published in The Lancet, that showed no corresponding jump in autism in the UK after the introduction of the MMR vaccine.(37)

A 2001 study published in JAMA examining California autism and MMR vaccination rates said the results did “not suggest an association between MMR immunization among young people and an increase in autism occurrence.”(38) While concerns about vaccines and mercury exposure should not be dismissed, evidence to date does not implicate either one as a major factor in the explosion of ASD cases.

Global Autism Epidemic

Statistics on the increase of autism worldwide among industrialized nations show that it has emerged in just the last few decades across vastly different environments and cultures. What do countries and regions with climates, diets and exposure to known toxins as disparate as the US, Japan, Scandinavia, Australia, India and the UK have in common? No common factor in the water, air, local pesticides, diet or even building materials and clothing can explain the emergence and relentless increase in this serious, life-long neurodevelopmental disorder.

What all industrial countries do have in common is the quiet yet pervasive change in obstetrical care: All of them use routine prenatal ultrasound on pregnant women.

In countries with nationalized healthcare, where virtually all pregnant women are exposed to ultrasound, the autism rates are even higher than in the US, where due to disparities in income and health insurance, some 30 percent of pregnant women do not yet undergo ultrasound scanning.

The Changes in Ultrasound

In considering initial studies indicating that prenatal ultrasound is safe, one must factor in the ways in which the technology and its applications have continually changed and how that has altered the potential exposure of unborn children. Besides the huge increase in allowable acoustic output in the early 1990s, the following changes have made the field of prenatal ultrasound riskier than ever:

  • The number of ultrasound scans conducted during each pregnancy has increased, with women often receiving two or more scans even in low-risk situations.(39) Women in “high-risk” situations may receive many more scans—which, ironically, may raise their risk.
  • The range of time within an embryo or fetus’s development when ultrasound is performed has extended to very early in the first trimester and continues into the third trimester, right up to delivery. Fetal heart monitors that are used prior to delivery—sometimes for hours—have not been shown to reduce neurological problems and may increase them.(40)
  • The development of the vaginal probe, which positions the beam of sound much closer to the embryo or fetus, may put it at higher risk.
  • The use of Doppler ultrasound, which is used to study blood flow or to monitor the baby’s heartbeat, has increased. According to the 2006 Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, “routine Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy does not have health benefits for women or babies and may do some harm.”(41)

Increasingly Common Birth Defects

Dr. Rakic’s research team, cited earlier in this article for its recent study on mouse brains and ultrasound, pointed out that “the probe was held stationary for up to 35 minutes, meaning that essentially the entire fetal mouse brain would have been continually exposed to the ultrasound for 35 minutes…in sharp contrast to the duration and volume of the human fetal brain exposed by ultrasound which will typically not linger on a given tissue volume for greater than one minute.”(42) This is an excellent point, which is worth pursuing.

One of the most popular non-medical uses of ultrasound, which can extend a medically indicated session, is to determine the sex of the baby. Could this have a connection to the increase in birth defects involving the genitals and urinary tract? The March of Dimes says that these types of birth defects affect “as many as 1 in 10 babies,” adding that “specific causes of most of these conditions is unknown.”(43)

Following this line of thought, consider what other parts of the body are scrutinized by ultrasound technicians, such as the heart, where serious defects have soared nearly 250 percent between 1989 and 1996.(44) The list of unexplained birth defects is not a short one, and in light of what is emerging about prenatal ultrasound, scientists should take another look at all recent trends, as well as the baffling 30% increase in premature births since 1981, now affecting one in every eight children (45), with many showing subsequent neurological damage.(46)

Although many claim that ultrasound benefits outweigh the risks, that statement has no basis and much evidence is to the contrary. A large randomized trial of 15,151 pregnant women, conducted by the RADIUS Study Group, found that in low-risk cases, high-risk subgroups and even in cases of multiple gestations or major anomalies, the use of ultrasound did not result in improved outcome in the pregnancies.(47) The argument that ultrasound is either reassuring to the parents or provides an early opportunity for bonding pales in the face of the possible risks that are emerging as new data become available. Parents and health practitioners may not be able to easily turn away from this window on the womb and resume more traditional practices in obstetrics and midwifery. However, with the disturbing trend in autism and other equally troubling, unexplained birth-related trends, it does not make sense to blindly employ a technology that is not reliably safe for unborn babies.

Caroline Rodgers

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