The Michael Voris Deception Explained in the Vortex by Michael Voris


The “talking head” called Michael Voris, is a created propaganda prop to control opposition from the inside by defining orthodoxy.   Opus Dei (a potent tentacle of the Vatican Illuminati, the same as Fr. Maciel Degolado’s JPII centered Legionaries of Christ personality cult was and still is) through its propaganda media Church Militant wields the talking head Voris in the Vortex to achieve full spectrum dominance in the Church in destroying the Church from the inside out.  This is done through masonic or Illuminati popes since Pius XIIth, John XXIIIth, Paul VIth,  JPII, Benedict, and culminating in Francis who have so discredited the Papacy that no one listens to a Pope ever again.  A pope that no one listens to was the goal of the Italian Grand Orient (who publicly endorsed Francis) High Counsel or Alta Vendita Free Masonry-Illuminati conspiracy to supplant Christendom by mass apostasy from the Catholic Church. A pope that no one listens two means the apostasy is from the top on down to the laity.

Through controlled opposition like Opus Dei, and The Legionaries of Christ, and propaganda talking heads like Michael Voris defining Catholic orthodoxy apart from Magisterial Office as Benedict is “Pope Emeritus” and Francis who you are not morally obligated to listen to as a real Catholic because what he says, is Pope.  This whooper of two popes at once, who recognize each other as Pope while one crowning himself “Pope Emeritus” and the other tells people not to call  him Pope, but only Bishop of Rome is trumpeted by the Michael Voris Deception as orthodoxy. This orthodoxy of two popes accepted by New Oxford Review and Cardinal Dolan is canonized by the Michael Voris deception in the Vortex and accepted without question by Voris’ Real Catholic Ditto Heads and targets like Cardinal Dolan alike.  Cardinal Dolan  was made a Cardinal by Benedict before Benedict was forced into internal exile by blackmail by the Illuminati Vatican Gay Lobby faction, salvaging some dignity of being dethroned by crowning himself “Pope Emeritus”.  No Real Catholic, nor Cardinals Dolan, Wuerl, and Dinardo made Cardinals by Benedict questions Voris orthodoxy of two popes, one Emeritus, and the the other don’t call me pope!

Talking head Michael Voris (Michael Voris, like a John Wayne character is not an actual historical person- the entire resume, curriculum vitae, Church Militant staff bio of the  media talking head called Michael Voris is made up and a  complete and total lies starting with winning four consecutive EMMYs  as a Fox anchor from 1992-1996 in News and Documentary to covering up what appears to be an MKultra child sex slave’s manic sodomy with Church militant co host Simon Rafe.  See  Making Up the MIchael Voris Deception: 15 Lies and Cover Ups. The Talking Head Michael Voris, like a CIA MKUltra child sex slave like Barak Obama, or Gloria Steinem is right out of the CIA propaganda false identity (double agent) Manchurian Candidate play book.  Like Wolf Blitzer, a Rothschild Zionist Mossad propaganda agent controlling American political election, or like Voris, CIA sodomite Anderson Cooper doing the same, Michael Voris is a talking head, not an actually person, but a created false identity to control opposition in the destruction of the Catholic Church through Apostasy, through depopulation based on sodomy, contraception, and abortion.  The victory is defining the terms of the discourse in debate.  Based on Voris media propaganda solely Benedict is “Pope Emeritus,”  and Francis is Pope.  If you are a Real Catholic you believe Voris’ definition of orthodoxy even though it contradicts two thousand years of papal succession and the words of Christ to Peter.

The Vatican Illuminati has achieved their goal in all the popes from John the XXIII to Francis.  One could say, but would about JPII and the huge crowds he drew.  JPII who took the name of JPI whose murder by the Vatican Illuminati JPII covered up, hide in the wide open,  was not mentioned once in a college text book on Modern History of Europe that I read. I did not even notice until after I finished the text.  The Voris Decepetion,  though asserting without question that don’t call me Pope Francis, is indeed a Pope, says that Real Catholics do not have to listen to Francis as Pope, and shouldn’t.  The only power to upset this satanic victory by the Vatican Illuminati is the consecration of Russia by name in a public solemn ceremony (five minutes) in union with all the Catholic bishops of the World at the same time.  The Michael Voris Deception to the rescue.

The Vatican Illuminati less than a year ago, as they did with JPI who threatened like Benedict did the Vatican Bank (a CIA/Rothschild Zionist Front) murdered Fr. Nicklaus Gruner.  Church Militant is dedicated according to the talking head of the Michael Voris Deception to “Our Lady of Fatima.”   One of the Michael Voris Deceptions is that in 2011 near Fatima the Michael Voris character not only took a vow to fore sake sodomy which it claimed to have done in 2004 at its mother’s death provided by a god given  cancer so that it would stop being sodomized, but it was knight by the royal house of Portugal Knight of the St. Michael of the Wing.  It has a picture of the medal of knighthood on Facebook as the god’s truth. At Fr. Gruner’s murder, the Michael Voris Deception played its part by reporting “natural causes” and that Gruner was a disobedient priest suspended in his priestly faculties.  Like Tradition, Family, and Property- a very, very creepy mooney like cult out of Brazil in the eighties which Voris’ Pause “Formation” of exclusively young men seems identical too, no mention of Fr. Gruner’s crusade to have the consecration of Russia by name yet to be done by the pope done. The Michael Voris Deception is completely mute, says nothing about the consecration of Russia by name, if it has been done, or not. Silence.

In the below Vortex, the talking head Michael Voris explains how it is all done, the Michael Voris Deception, that is.  All one has to do to understand the truth is replace those that seek the destruction of the Catholic Church Voris is lambasting and how they are destroying the Church by “sins of omission” and replace the their names with “Michael Voris ” at every instance.

Below is a Vatican communication from Benedict accepted is valid and authoritative reported by Christian Niles at Church Militant News.  No matter that this blurb contradicts everything Benedict has held about the Interpretation by the BVM of the Vision of the Third Secret written down by Lucia, and Benedict calling one of his oldest and dearest friends a liar in the matter.  Even the Vatican communique calls Benedict “Pope Emeritus”.


Comunicato: a proposito di alcuni articoli relativi al “Terzo Segreto di Fatima”, 21.05.2016

Testo in lingua italiana

Traduzione in lingua inglese

Traduzione in lingua spagnola


Testo in lingua italiana

Alcuni articoli apparsi recentemente hanno riportato dichiarazioni attribuite al Prof. Ingo Dollinger, secondo cui il Card. Ratzinger, dopo la pubblicazione del Terzo Segreto di Fatima (avvenuta nel giugno 2000), gli avrebbe confidato che tale pubblicazione non è stata completa.
A tale proposito, il Papa emerito Benedetto XVI comunica “di non aver mai parlato col prof. Dollinger circa Fatima”, afferma chiaramente che le esternazioni attribuite al prof. Dollinger su questo tema “sono pure invenzioni, assolutamente non vere” e conferma decisamente: “la pubblicazione del Terzo Segreto di Fatima è completa”.

[00855-IT.01] [Testo originale: Italiano]

Traduzione in lingua inglese

Communiqué: on various articles regarding the “Third Secret of Fatima”

Several articles have appeared recently, including declarations attributed to Professor Ingo Dollinger according to which Cardinal Ratzinger, after the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima (which took place in June 2000), had confided to him that the publication was not complete.
In this regard, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI declares “never to have spoken with Professor Dollinger about Fatima”, clearly affirming that the remarks attributed to Professor Dollinger on the matter “are pure inventions, absolutely untrue”, and he confirms decisively that “the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima is complete”.

[00855-EN.01] [Original text: Italian – working translation]

The Devil and Roadblocks | The Vortex

This is done largely by acts of omission, as opposed to acts of commission. In other words, it’s what they  (Michael Voris) do not do or do not say where the work of the enemy (Michael Voris) is mostly accomplished. The plan of the devil (Michael Voris) is to remain as out of sight as possible. He (Michael Voris) does not want to be seen so he keeps himself hidden.

God says, “I Am Who Am.” Satan says, “I am who am NOT.”

So perhap the most ingenious roadblock he (Michael Voris) has constructed for people coming to the Church is to have the leaders of souls barely ever refer to him and his power to destroy. In fact, the icing on the cake is to have prelates proclaim or at least act as if there is never any real danger of going to Hell, despite Our Blessed Lord saying the exact opposite on many different occasions.

The Church is the means of salvation on earth. Outside of it there is no salvation. So the most effective roadblocks to an individual’s salvation would be those that deny or obscure this singular signature truth. From Hell’s point of view, the most effective communicators of this evil would be the shepherds themselves. If the devil could use as many of them (Michael Voris) as possible to work on people’s minds by the power of non-suggestion, what a multitude of souls he would ensnare.

They (Michael Voris) wouldn’t even have to say that much. The brilliance, in fact, would be that they Michael Voris  would not really say anything. Their silence would be his most effective tool. And when they did say the occasional something, it would be a vague, unclear, “able to be interpreted a hundred different ways” kind of statement. Mix all this together and — voila — mission accomplished! Roadblocks all over the place of vagueness, lack of clarity, misleading vocabulary, misdirection, bad assumptions, horrible presumptions — which, of course, lead to everyone dropping their defenses, which is when he moves in for the kill.



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