Is Devon Anderson Being Framed in the Exoneration of Douglas Karpen and Planned Parenthood


I have very strong reservations about The LifeNews account below selectively detailing the Devon Anderson indictment of David Daleidan.. The Karpen Exoneration/ Chip Davis/Devon Anderson nexus is at least alluded too in this account. My very strong reservations about this account is that it is being used by the Pro LIfe Abortion Profiteer Media Establishment to frame Devon Anderson by leaving her holding the bag all alone. This is not justice, Although It serves Anderson right! She more than most knows from her political experience there is no honor among thieves and murderers. Devon Anderson as a double agent of Planned Parenthood used the same “criminal justice” tactics used against David Daleidan, months before against David Allen in a completely bogus trespassing charge resulting in Allen’s false arrest at the I-45 Gulf Coast Clinic .

Never a possibility of a conviction, Devon Anderson orchestrated a mistrial in Allen’s “criminal justice” prosecution for alleged trespassing after nearly a year. Devon spent hundreds of thousands of Harris County tax payer dollars from the budget of Anderson’s HCDA office to brutalize and psychologically torture in court David Allen and his wife and family for Planned Parenthood. In the end,Devon Anderson demanded David Allen’s Utubes be taken off the internet documenting Mayor Anise Parker’s quashing of the HPD homicide investigation of Douglas Karpen. And all Utubes documenting multiple deliveries to Planned Parenthood I-45 of aborted babies in styrofoam coolers to be processed on the third floor “Donation Center”. Devon demanded that a Utube expose by Allen about the “Hideaway” a child sex slaving depot less than a block from the I-45 Planned Parenthood which supplies logistics for all child sex slaving staging warehouses like the South West Inn on the I-10. The Hideaway and South West Inn as such were made known to Mayor Anise Parker by Allen at a City Council Meeting. Anderson demanded these Utubes be taken off the internet as well. It is distressing that Daleidan’s expose of Planned Parenthood’s baby part sales at the I-45 were completely oblivious of the Karpen connection, and David Allen’s Utubes and trial. St. Thomas Moore Law Center who is aiding Daleidan, represented Allen as well.


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