The Michael Voris Deception: Propaganda Double Agent to Control Opposition

The media talking head, Michael Voris at Church Militant, is a CIA i.e., Skull and Bones American Illuminati Opus Dei Manchurian Candidate to destroy the Catholic Church from within. Michael Voris, is not a historical person, like CIA (Skull and Bones) child sex slave mind control media political demoralization puppets Barak Obama or Gloria Steinem.  In “Making Up the MIchael Voris Deception: 15 Lies and Cover Ups” (  the propaganda talking head at “Church Militant” and the Vortex is shown by his own staff bio to have lied about everything from being a UND grad., a  former seminarian, graduating Magna Cum Lauda from the Angelicum in Rome in 2009 with a post  graduate degree in theology an “STB” which the Angelicum never conveyed in the first place, to winning four consecutive Emmy’s with Fox News from 1992-96, to the cover up by omission of his constant sodomy with numerous homosexuals for decades,  but continuously since 2009 at Church Militant with Simon Rafe, to being knighted in 2011 around Fatima by the House of Portugal in the Order of St. Michael the Archangel of the Wing.  All lies about every thing without exception!  Voris in his phony coming out of the closet Vortex, Do Not Limit God, lied about  Cardinal Dolan preparing to expose Voris’ perpetual sodomite  past.  

The bottom line is Michael Voris is a made up or manufactured propaganda talking head made from a  CIA child sex slave mind control victim into a propaganda Manchurian Candidate to destroy Christendom by discrediting the office of the papacy by declaring disgraced Benedict “Pope Emeritus” and telling orthodox Catholics they do not have to listen to Pope Francis as Pope.

The Michael Voris Deception  in covering up Benedict’s homosexuality (Benedict is a German Jew) and Modernism, as well as Benedict’s 30 year cover up of clerical sodomy in the Catholic Church and of Kazar Polish Jew, JPI’s relationship with Fr. Maciel Degolado, Marrano, criminal master mind of the Sinoloa Federation Cartel and of child sex slaving in cantinas. The satanic  goal-to destroy Christendom by apostasy and depopulation  through the Contraception Mentality and Abortion the society of the Catholic Church and the extinction of Humanity by a satanic  lying culture of murder, is being achieved by discrediting the Papacy by the Vatican II popes, so that no one listens to the papacy.  This is the conspiracy and plot of the Italian Grand Orient  Illuminati as revealed in Protocols of the Alta Vendita, publicly exposed by Pio Nono in 1878.

An imperative to sustain these satanic goals is the suppression of the message of Fatima by misinformation, most importantly, that the consecration of Russia under the guise of “the World” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as mandated to Lucy in 1929 by Our Lady of Fatima, was done by Double Agent kazarian  Jew  and CIA asset JPII in 1984. Lucy herself maintained until her death in 2005, that the consecration as mandated by Our Lady of Fatima is yet to be done.

George Orwell in “1984” says “The Most Powerful Form of Lying is Omission”.  As such, JPII, who was key in the cover up the Vatican Illuminati murder (Opus Deis and Fr. Maciel) of JPI for his threat to reform the Chase Vatican Bank-a CIA front-  omitted to name Russia in consecrating the “World”.  JPI was specifically told to do so by his Vatican Illuminati handler “Cardinal Sodano,”  Secretary General of the Vatican City State.

Soldano and his successor as SGVCS, Tarcisio Bertone-The Vatican Gay Lobby-have devoted themselves to the distortion of the Message of Fatima, and the lie that a valid consecration of Russia although not by name has been done.

Like JPI, Fr. Niklaus Gruner, was murdered by the Vatican Illuminati for his dogged advocacy that the Pope, in a public solemn ceremony do the consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the World at the same time.  Fr. Gruner’s Fatima Center claims such a consecration could take five minutes as mandated by Our Lady of Fatima to Lucy in 1929, the year the Rothschild Vatican City State was established as well as the Rothschild Bank of International Settlement in Basil, Switzerland.

Fr. Gruner was murdered in the same manner by the same Illuminait Vatican murderers who murdered JPI.  Reform of the Vatican Bank, the heart of Rothschild Zionist control of the Papacy, sought by JPI, which cause Benedict to step down, and was recently ended by Vatican Illuminati double agent under the disguise of anti pope, Francis, as Cardinal George Pell of Australia who was successfully examining the bank  was first attacked by Francis’ Vatican Child Abuse Commission, and then Francis, without warning halted Cardinal Pell’s review of the Bank.


Sun Tzu  in The Art of War (to destroy a society and take their property and freedom)  says All War is Deception. That is all war is based on counter intelligence, propaganda, as well as intelligence, or spying.  Knowing one’s enemies’ weakness, and most importantly your own, is all important to success.  The Rothschild Zionist Illuminati that have co opted both “The Holy Land” under the disguise of “Israel” and the papacy and Catholic Church under the disguise of the Vatican Secretary of State, and Europe under the dsguise of the EU, uses Double Agents like Michael Voris, Barak Obama, to Adolf Hitler (MI-6 agent)  and Joseph Stalin (Wall Street financed (Rothschild financed) provocateur in the Baku Oil Fields double agent under the disguise of Globalist Communism)  for full spectrum domination in the “War of Words” to destroy Christendom and Humanity by apostasy and depopulation. 


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