Allen Keyes Neo Con “Catholic Zionist” Israel Firster Traitor of US and Blacks

Donald Trump: Neocon Bill Kristol is a complete loser and has been proving wrong for years

Bill Kristol and his brethren always thought that they were politically invincible and immortal. They thought that they were the masters of the universe. Now they seem to realize that they can bleed.

"Mr. Kristol, we have orders to kick you out of the court because you are a complete loser."

“Mr. Kristol, we have orders to kick you out of the court room because you are a complete loser.”

Jonas E. Alexis & Mark Dankof


Alexis: As we have argued in an earlier article, we are both troubled by Donald Trump’s contradictory statements. Blatant and implicit contradictions should make one’s blood boil. But I think we honestly have to give Trump some credit for single-handedly dethroning Neocon Bill Kristol from his Zionist pedestal and trampling on his political neck.

This was actually the first time in history that Kristol, whose father was a proud Trotskyite,[1] was told quite publicly that he is indeed vulnerable. Kristol and his brethren always thought that they were politically invincible and immortal. They thought that they were the masters of the universe. Now they seem to realize that they can bleed.

Kristol, the most aggressive Neoconservative in town, was desperately trying to pull a third party out of his Neo-Bolshevik hat,[2] but he eventually had to lament that it was “tough to win.” Not only that, Trump told the poor guy that he is a loser and is not smart enough! That was definitely a low blow on the man who founded the Neoconservative flagship the Weekly Standard. Kristol is also the man behind what Joan Hoff has called a Faustian foreign policy in the Middle East.[3]

If Trump can keep both eyes on Neo-Bolsheviks like Kristol who have polluted virtually the entire Middle East with their poison, then he almost certainly will build a strong case. If he doesn’t allow those people to bludgeon America to death in the Middle East, then Trump will be better than Bush or Obama.

Trump also will prove that he is not part of the oligarchs, who always ignore practical reason at the expense of virtually everyone on this planet. The oligarchs, as E. Michael Jones has recently put it, “are drunk with power.” If you think this is just fantasy, then consider this.

U.S.A. Today itself reported in 2014 that 97 percent of Crimeans “vote to join Russia.”[4] But how did the oligarchs respond? Well, they said that Russia was like Nazi Germany, ignoring international law. The oligarchs are still talking about placing more sanctions on Russia for “invading” Crimea![5] G7 leaders have recently declared:

“We stand united in our conviction that the conflict in Ukraine can only be solved by diplomatic means and in full respect for international law, especially the legal obligation to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

“We reiterate our condemnation of the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia and reaffirm our policy of its non-recognition and sanctions against those involved.”[6]

Legal obligation to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty? Balderdash! Why didn’t the oligarchs apply this “international law” to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria? The United States didn’t use international law to support the Syrian rebels/terrorists; the United States used the Israeli ideology.[7] In fact, G7 leaders will never question Israeli leaders for saying that they prefer ISIS over Iran.[8]

There is certainly a blatant double standard here, and one needn’t be an intellectual to figure it out. Perhaps this is why Donald Trump has rightly said that NATO is basically useless.[9] And perhaps Bill Kristol has realized that he won’t be able to talk on both sides of his mouth anymore. What is your take on this issue?

Dankof: Joseph Sobran noted in 1996 that Bill Kristol used his college roommate at Harvard, Alan Keyes, to cost Pat Buchanan the 1996 GOP Iowa Caucus by diverting votes from Buchanan to Keyes, which insured the victory of Bob Dole.

Sobran was clear that this was designed by Kristol to insure that Buchanan’s anti-Zionist, anti-NAFTA views gained no further momentum in the GOP presidential primaries after Buchanan’s initial victories in Louisiana, Alaska, and New Hampshire.

Alexis: I honestly didn’t know that Keyes was used as a puppet. Shame on him, for he is smart enough to understand what was at stake then. In any event, I hope that Trump continues to publicly humiliate the Neoconservatives, who have caused nothing but disaster virtually everywhere. I also hope that Trump will base his immigration policy on the rules of law because we are at a crucial point in history here.

[1] Stephen Halper and Jonathan Clarke, America Alone: The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 43.

[2] Robert Costa, “Mitt Romney met privately with William Kristol, who is leading the effort to draft an independent candidate,” Washington Post, May 6, 2016.

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[9] David Sherfinski, “Donald Trump questions NATO’s usefulness in post-Cold War era,” Washington Times, March 28, 2016.


Is Devon Anderson Being Framed in the Exoneration of Douglas Karpen and Planned Parenthood


I have very strong reservations about The LifeNews account below selectively detailing the Devon Anderson indictment of David Daleidan.. The Karpen Exoneration/ Chip Davis/Devon Anderson nexus is at least alluded too in this account. My very strong reservations about this account is that it is being used by the Pro LIfe Abortion Profiteer Media Establishment to frame Devon Anderson by leaving her holding the bag all alone. This is not justice, Although It serves Anderson right! She more than most knows from her political experience there is no honor among thieves and murderers. Devon Anderson as a double agent of Planned Parenthood used the same “criminal justice” tactics used against David Daleidan, months before against David Allen in a completely bogus trespassing charge resulting in Allen’s false arrest at the I-45 Gulf Coast Clinic .

Never a possibility of a conviction, Devon Anderson orchestrated a mistrial in Allen’s “criminal justice” prosecution for alleged trespassing after nearly a year. Devon spent hundreds of thousands of Harris County tax payer dollars from the budget of Anderson’s HCDA office to brutalize and psychologically torture in court David Allen and his wife and family for Planned Parenthood. In the end,Devon Anderson demanded David Allen’s Utubes be taken off the internet documenting Mayor Anise Parker’s quashing of the HPD homicide investigation of Douglas Karpen. And all Utubes documenting multiple deliveries to Planned Parenthood I-45 of aborted babies in styrofoam coolers to be processed on the third floor “Donation Center”. Devon demanded that a Utube expose by Allen about the “Hideaway” a child sex slaving depot less than a block from the I-45 Planned Parenthood which supplies logistics for all child sex slaving staging warehouses like the South West Inn on the I-10. The Hideaway and South West Inn as such were made known to Mayor Anise Parker by Allen at a City Council Meeting. Anderson demanded these Utubes be taken off the internet as well. It is distressing that Daleidan’s expose of Planned Parenthood’s baby part sales at the I-45 were completely oblivious of the Karpen connection, and David Allen’s Utubes and trial. St. Thomas Moore Law Center who is aiding Daleidan, represented Allen as well.

The Michael Voris Deception Explained in the Vortex by Michael Voris


The “talking head” called Michael Voris, is a created propaganda prop to control opposition from the inside by defining orthodoxy.   Opus Dei (a potent tentacle of the Vatican Illuminati, the same as Fr. Maciel Degolado’s JPII centered Legionaries of Christ personality cult was and still is) through its propaganda media Church Militant wields the talking head Voris in the Vortex to achieve full spectrum dominance in the Church in destroying the Church from the inside out.  This is done through masonic or Illuminati popes since Pius XIIth, John XXIIIth, Paul VIth,  JPII, Benedict, and culminating in Francis who have so discredited the Papacy that no one listens to a Pope ever again.  A pope that no one listens to was the goal of the Italian Grand Orient (who publicly endorsed Francis) High Counsel or Alta Vendita Free Masonry-Illuminati conspiracy to supplant Christendom by mass apostasy from the Catholic Church. A pope that no one listens two means the apostasy is from the top on down to the laity.

Through controlled opposition like Opus Dei, and The Legionaries of Christ, and propaganda talking heads like Michael Voris defining Catholic orthodoxy apart from Magisterial Office as Benedict is “Pope Emeritus” and Francis who you are not morally obligated to listen to as a real Catholic because what he says, is Pope.  This whooper of two popes at once, who recognize each other as Pope while one crowning himself “Pope Emeritus” and the other tells people not to call  him Pope, but only Bishop of Rome is trumpeted by the Michael Voris Deception as orthodoxy. This orthodoxy of two popes accepted by New Oxford Review and Cardinal Dolan is canonized by the Michael Voris deception in the Vortex and accepted without question by Voris’ Real Catholic Ditto Heads and targets like Cardinal Dolan alike.  Cardinal Dolan  was made a Cardinal by Benedict before Benedict was forced into internal exile by blackmail by the Illuminati Vatican Gay Lobby faction, salvaging some dignity of being dethroned by crowning himself “Pope Emeritus”.  No Real Catholic, nor Cardinals Dolan, Wuerl, and Dinardo made Cardinals by Benedict questions Voris orthodoxy of two popes, one Emeritus, and the the other don’t call me pope!

Talking head Michael Voris (Michael Voris, like a John Wayne character is not an actual historical person- the entire resume, curriculum vitae, Church Militant staff bio of the  media talking head called Michael Voris is made up and a  complete and total lies starting with winning four consecutive EMMYs  as a Fox anchor from 1992-1996 in News and Documentary to covering up what appears to be an MKultra child sex slave’s manic sodomy with Church militant co host Simon Rafe.  See  Making Up the MIchael Voris Deception: 15 Lies and Cover Ups. The Talking Head Michael Voris, like a CIA MKUltra child sex slave like Barak Obama, or Gloria Steinem is right out of the CIA propaganda false identity (double agent) Manchurian Candidate play book.  Like Wolf Blitzer, a Rothschild Zionist Mossad propaganda agent controlling American political election, or like Voris, CIA sodomite Anderson Cooper doing the same, Michael Voris is a talking head, not an actually person, but a created false identity to control opposition in the destruction of the Catholic Church through Apostasy, through depopulation based on sodomy, contraception, and abortion.  The victory is defining the terms of the discourse in debate.  Based on Voris media propaganda solely Benedict is “Pope Emeritus,”  and Francis is Pope.  If you are a Real Catholic you believe Voris’ definition of orthodoxy even though it contradicts two thousand years of papal succession and the words of Christ to Peter.

The Vatican Illuminati has achieved their goal in all the popes from John the XXIII to Francis.  One could say, but would about JPII and the huge crowds he drew.  JPII who took the name of JPI whose murder by the Vatican Illuminati JPII covered up, hide in the wide open,  was not mentioned once in a college text book on Modern History of Europe that I read. I did not even notice until after I finished the text.  The Voris Decepetion,  though asserting without question that don’t call me Pope Francis, is indeed a Pope, says that Real Catholics do not have to listen to Francis as Pope, and shouldn’t.  The only power to upset this satanic victory by the Vatican Illuminati is the consecration of Russia by name in a public solemn ceremony (five minutes) in union with all the Catholic bishops of the World at the same time.  The Michael Voris Deception to the rescue.

The Vatican Illuminati less than a year ago, as they did with JPI who threatened like Benedict did the Vatican Bank (a CIA/Rothschild Zionist Front) murdered Fr. Nicklaus Gruner.  Church Militant is dedicated according to the talking head of the Michael Voris Deception to “Our Lady of Fatima.”   One of the Michael Voris Deceptions is that in 2011 near Fatima the Michael Voris character not only took a vow to fore sake sodomy which it claimed to have done in 2004 at its mother’s death provided by a god given  cancer so that it would stop being sodomized, but it was knight by the royal house of Portugal Knight of the St. Michael of the Wing.  It has a picture of the medal of knighthood on Facebook as the god’s truth. At Fr. Gruner’s murder, the Michael Voris Deception played its part by reporting “natural causes” and that Gruner was a disobedient priest suspended in his priestly faculties.  Like Tradition, Family, and Property- a very, very creepy mooney like cult out of Brazil in the eighties which Voris’ Pause “Formation” of exclusively young men seems identical too, no mention of Fr. Gruner’s crusade to have the consecration of Russia by name yet to be done by the pope done. The Michael Voris Deception is completely mute, says nothing about the consecration of Russia by name, if it has been done, or not. Silence.

In the below Vortex, the talking head Michael Voris explains how it is all done, the Michael Voris Deception, that is.  All one has to do to understand the truth is replace those that seek the destruction of the Catholic Church Voris is lambasting and how they are destroying the Church by “sins of omission” and replace the their names with “Michael Voris ” at every instance.

Below is a Vatican communication from Benedict accepted is valid and authoritative reported by Christian Niles at Church Militant News.  No matter that this blurb contradicts everything Benedict has held about the Interpretation by the BVM of the Vision of the Third Secret written down by Lucia, and Benedict calling one of his oldest and dearest friends a liar in the matter.  Even the Vatican communique calls Benedict “Pope Emeritus”.


Comunicato: a proposito di alcuni articoli relativi al “Terzo Segreto di Fatima”, 21.05.2016

Testo in lingua italiana

Traduzione in lingua inglese

Traduzione in lingua spagnola


Testo in lingua italiana

Alcuni articoli apparsi recentemente hanno riportato dichiarazioni attribuite al Prof. Ingo Dollinger, secondo cui il Card. Ratzinger, dopo la pubblicazione del Terzo Segreto di Fatima (avvenuta nel giugno 2000), gli avrebbe confidato che tale pubblicazione non è stata completa.
A tale proposito, il Papa emerito Benedetto XVI comunica “di non aver mai parlato col prof. Dollinger circa Fatima”, afferma chiaramente che le esternazioni attribuite al prof. Dollinger su questo tema “sono pure invenzioni, assolutamente non vere” e conferma decisamente: “la pubblicazione del Terzo Segreto di Fatima è completa”.

[00855-IT.01] [Testo originale: Italiano]

Traduzione in lingua inglese

Communiqué: on various articles regarding the “Third Secret of Fatima”

Several articles have appeared recently, including declarations attributed to Professor Ingo Dollinger according to which Cardinal Ratzinger, after the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima (which took place in June 2000), had confided to him that the publication was not complete.
In this regard, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI declares “never to have spoken with Professor Dollinger about Fatima”, clearly affirming that the remarks attributed to Professor Dollinger on the matter “are pure inventions, absolutely untrue”, and he confirms decisively that “the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima is complete”.

[00855-EN.01] [Original text: Italian – working translation]

The Devil and Roadblocks | The Vortex

This is done largely by acts of omission, as opposed to acts of commission. In other words, it’s what they  (Michael Voris) do not do or do not say where the work of the enemy (Michael Voris) is mostly accomplished. The plan of the devil (Michael Voris) is to remain as out of sight as possible. He (Michael Voris) does not want to be seen so he keeps himself hidden.

God says, “I Am Who Am.” Satan says, “I am who am NOT.”

So perhap the most ingenious roadblock he (Michael Voris) has constructed for people coming to the Church is to have the leaders of souls barely ever refer to him and his power to destroy. In fact, the icing on the cake is to have prelates proclaim or at least act as if there is never any real danger of going to Hell, despite Our Blessed Lord saying the exact opposite on many different occasions.

The Church is the means of salvation on earth. Outside of it there is no salvation. So the most effective roadblocks to an individual’s salvation would be those that deny or obscure this singular signature truth. From Hell’s point of view, the most effective communicators of this evil would be the shepherds themselves. If the devil could use as many of them (Michael Voris) as possible to work on people’s minds by the power of non-suggestion, what a multitude of souls he would ensnare.

They (Michael Voris) wouldn’t even have to say that much. The brilliance, in fact, would be that they Michael Voris  would not really say anything. Their silence would be his most effective tool. And when they did say the occasional something, it would be a vague, unclear, “able to be interpreted a hundred different ways” kind of statement. Mix all this together and — voila — mission accomplished! Roadblocks all over the place of vagueness, lack of clarity, misleading vocabulary, misdirection, bad assumptions, horrible presumptions — which, of course, lead to everyone dropping their defenses, which is when he moves in for the kill.


The Michael Voris Deception: Propaganda Double Agent to Control Opposition

The media talking head, Michael Voris at Church Militant, is a CIA i.e., Skull and Bones American Illuminati Opus Dei Manchurian Candidate to destroy the Catholic Church from within. Michael Voris, is not a historical person, like CIA (Skull and Bones) child sex slave mind control media political demoralization puppets Barak Obama or Gloria Steinem.  In “Making Up the MIchael Voris Deception: 15 Lies and Cover Ups” (  the propaganda talking head at “Church Militant” and the Vortex is shown by his own staff bio to have lied about everything from being a UND grad., a  former seminarian, graduating Magna Cum Lauda from the Angelicum in Rome in 2009 with a post  graduate degree in theology an “STB” which the Angelicum never conveyed in the first place, to winning four consecutive Emmy’s with Fox News from 1992-96, to the cover up by omission of his constant sodomy with numerous homosexuals for decades,  but continuously since 2009 at Church Militant with Simon Rafe, to being knighted in 2011 around Fatima by the House of Portugal in the Order of St. Michael the Archangel of the Wing.  All lies about every thing without exception!  Voris in his phony coming out of the closet Vortex, Do Not Limit God, lied about  Cardinal Dolan preparing to expose Voris’ perpetual sodomite  past.  

The bottom line is Michael Voris is a made up or manufactured propaganda talking head made from a  CIA child sex slave mind control victim into a propaganda Manchurian Candidate to destroy Christendom by discrediting the office of the papacy by declaring disgraced Benedict “Pope Emeritus” and telling orthodox Catholics they do not have to listen to Pope Francis as Pope.

The Michael Voris Deception  in covering up Benedict’s homosexuality (Benedict is a German Jew) and Modernism, as well as Benedict’s 30 year cover up of clerical sodomy in the Catholic Church and of Kazar Polish Jew, JPI’s relationship with Fr. Maciel Degolado, Marrano, criminal master mind of the Sinoloa Federation Cartel and of child sex slaving in cantinas. The satanic  goal-to destroy Christendom by apostasy and depopulation  through the Contraception Mentality and Abortion the society of the Catholic Church and the extinction of Humanity by a satanic  lying culture of murder, is being achieved by discrediting the Papacy by the Vatican II popes, so that no one listens to the papacy.  This is the conspiracy and plot of the Italian Grand Orient  Illuminati as revealed in Protocols of the Alta Vendita, publicly exposed by Pio Nono in 1878.

An imperative to sustain these satanic goals is the suppression of the message of Fatima by misinformation, most importantly, that the consecration of Russia under the guise of “the World” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as mandated to Lucy in 1929 by Our Lady of Fatima, was done by Double Agent kazarian  Jew  and CIA asset JPII in 1984. Lucy herself maintained until her death in 2005, that the consecration as mandated by Our Lady of Fatima is yet to be done.

George Orwell in “1984” says “The Most Powerful Form of Lying is Omission”.  As such, JPII, who was key in the cover up the Vatican Illuminati murder (Opus Deis and Fr. Maciel) of JPI for his threat to reform the Chase Vatican Bank-a CIA front-  omitted to name Russia in consecrating the “World”.  JPI was specifically told to do so by his Vatican Illuminati handler “Cardinal Sodano,”  Secretary General of the Vatican City State.

Soldano and his successor as SGVCS, Tarcisio Bertone-The Vatican Gay Lobby-have devoted themselves to the distortion of the Message of Fatima, and the lie that a valid consecration of Russia although not by name has been done.

Like JPI, Fr. Niklaus Gruner, was murdered by the Vatican Illuminati for his dogged advocacy that the Pope, in a public solemn ceremony do the consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the World at the same time.  Fr. Gruner’s Fatima Center claims such a consecration could take five minutes as mandated by Our Lady of Fatima to Lucy in 1929, the year the Rothschild Vatican City State was established as well as the Rothschild Bank of International Settlement in Basil, Switzerland.

Fr. Gruner was murdered in the same manner by the same Illuminait Vatican murderers who murdered JPI.  Reform of the Vatican Bank, the heart of Rothschild Zionist control of the Papacy, sought by JPI, which cause Benedict to step down, and was recently ended by Vatican Illuminati double agent under the disguise of anti pope, Francis, as Cardinal George Pell of Australia who was successfully examining the bank  was first attacked by Francis’ Vatican Child Abuse Commission, and then Francis, without warning halted Cardinal Pell’s review of the Bank.


Sun Tzu  in The Art of War (to destroy a society and take their property and freedom)  says All War is Deception. That is all war is based on counter intelligence, propaganda, as well as intelligence, or spying.  Knowing one’s enemies’ weakness, and most importantly your own, is all important to success.  The Rothschild Zionist Illuminati that have co opted both “The Holy Land” under the disguise of “Israel” and the papacy and Catholic Church under the disguise of the Vatican Secretary of State, and Europe under the dsguise of the EU, uses Double Agents like Michael Voris, Barak Obama, to Adolf Hitler (MI-6 agent)  and Joseph Stalin (Wall Street financed (Rothschild financed) provocateur in the Baku Oil Fields double agent under the disguise of Globalist Communism)  for full spectrum domination in the “War of Words” to destroy Christendom and Humanity by apostasy and depopulation. 

The Real Nakba


The Real Nakba

ScreenHunter_31 May. 17 09.24By Dr. Elias Akleh

Al-Nakba is an Arabic term that means the deliberate infliction of a catastrophe on a nation. This term is usually used to refer to the brutal Zionist occupation of Palestine. Sixty eight years ago, in 1948, Zionist Jewish terrorist gangs forcibly occupied the most fertile parts of Palestine, razed to the ground more than 500 Palestinian towns – with their homes, businesses, schools, churches and mosques -, perpetrated at least 50 collective massacres against Palestinian civilians including especially women and children, and forcefully evicted about 800,000 Palestinians out of their homeland, making them refugees living under the mercy of UNRWA.

When talking about Al-Nakba people in general see only a small fraction of the whole picture. They think Al-Nakba refers only to the plight of Palestinians and the Zionist occupation of Palestine. The real Nakba; the whole picture, includes the whole region of the Middle East; the heart of the Arab World.

Al-Nakba is a Zionist military scheme meant to be executed in stages throughout time until the Zionist project of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates is accomplished. This scheme was originally envisioned three thousand years ago by the Judaic Talmudic Pharisees, but was not executable until mid-nineteenth century. Although the first stage of the Nakba has officially started in 1948 with the Zionist occupation of Palestine, it actually started, although covertly, years before this date with the gradual immigration of Zionist Jews to Palestine, and with the Jewish Fund purchasing land from the Ottoman feudal occupiers and the evictions of Palestinian farming communities working this land.

The second stage of the Nakba started in 1967 with what is known as the Six-Days War, when the terrorist state of Israel occupied the rest of Palestine, the Sinai and the Golan Heights. At the time evacuation orders drove 400,000 more Palestinians out of their towns into more refugee camps out of their home land. This Judaic cleansing of Palestinians is still going on in many different forms including the theft of Palestinian land for Zionist Jewish settlements (colonies), the routinely on-going demolitions of Palestinian homes especially in Jerusalem and its suburbs, the revocation of residency rights and deportations of Palestinians, the Zionist extremist settlers’ forced occupation of Palestinians homes under the protection of Israeli armed forces and eviction of Palestinian families out, the brutal military operations into several Palestinian cities, the daily murder of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers, and the inhumane starving siege and the periodic bombardments of the Gaza Strip.

The third stage of the Nakba, which was directed against Lebanon was a failure, since Israel could not expand further north despite all the destruction inflicted on Lebanon. Israel had carried many military campaigns against Lebanon. Israel financed and armed Lebanese Maronite military factions to fight PLO and Palestinian camps in Beirut. This incited a civil war that lasted 25 years, from 1975 to 1990, causing a huge devastation to Lebanese infrastructure and the death of an estimated 250,000 people.

Israel did not stay idle during the time, but invaded Southern Lebanon several times. In 1978 Israel invaded southern Lebanon but pulled out after establishing a border buffer zone within Lebanese area when a U.N. peacekeeping force was deployed to the area. A wider scale Israeli invasion of Lebanon took place in 1982 that eventually led to the evacuation of the PLO from Lebanon under the supervision and protection of the American and French Multinational Force in Lebanon, who established their own barracks in Beirut.

Yet when Israel and the Multinational Force did not leave the country Lebanese formed a resistance movement, later known as Hezbollah, and carried operations against the occupiers. The American/French Multinational Force withdrew from Lebanon after the April 1983 suicide bombing of the American Embassy and barracks and the October 1983 bombing of the French Drakkar barracks. Israel eventually withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000 but kept the Sheba’a Farms; a border part of southern Lebanon. Israel again launched a 34 day war against Lebanon in 2006 in an attempt to destroy Hezbollah, but faced strong resistance and suffered high casualties.

The fourth stage took place in Iraq in 2003 when the U.S. invaded and devastated the country. Iraq was a major military power in the region. With strong economy and advanced industry Iraq posed a threat to Israel. Tired of the many wars the Israeli army had waged against Palestinian resistance and against Lebanon, Israelis started looking for a proxy army to fight its wars. What is a better army to fight Israel’s wars other than the American army!

Many scientific, military and political investigations point to the fact that Israeli Mossad agents and Zionist American Neocons perpetrated the 911 attacks. The attack was needed to justify American “wars on terror” in the Middle East, specifically against Iraq. Iraq’s infrastructure and industry were destroyed by the American army. Iraqis suffer their own version of Nakba with a very conservative count of 500,000 killed according to the Huffington Post. The real number of killed people could never be known especially when nobody cared to count the casualties. The use of DU (depleted uranium) by the American forces is still causing high rates of death and infant deformation. Almost 4,000,000 Iraqis became refugees; half within Iraq while the other half in the neighboring countries. The fighting is still going on in Iraq through Israeli/American proxy terrorist groups such as ISIS. This was war for Israel.

The fifth stage of the real Nakba was conceitedly called the Arab Spring. This was a heinously satanic plan to have Israel’s enemies fight each other in internal sectarian civil wars. This requires the U.S. to sacrifice a couple of the Arab dictators it had supported for a long time in order to give the population the illusion that change is possible. This Arab Spring started in Tunisia in December 2010 getting rid of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, then followed by Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. These staged revolutions eventually produced as bad dictators. Real popular demonstration/revolutions in other Arab states were brutally crushed and oppressed, especially in Bahrain and Yemen that were crushed by Saudi forces. The Saudi war against Yemen is still going on until today.

This Arab Spring was used to stage revolution against Libya’s Gadhafi, who proposed a golden Dinar as a new African currency. Israel and the U.S. with the cooperation of Qatar shipped al-Qaeda terrorists to Libya, financed and armed them to devastate the country.

The real target of the Arab Spring was Syria, who during the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon, had shipped weapons to Hezbollah. Robert Ford; the US Ambassador to Syria between 2011 – 2014, was the architect and financier of the rebellion demonstrations against Syrian regime. When these demonstrations did not succeed due to popular support to Al-Assad regime, mercenaries and terrorists were brought in from all over the world including European countries to form terrorist groups such as Al-nusra Front and ISIS to destroy Syria. Robert Ford still insists, contrary to all evidence, that these terrorists are “… moderate and democrats seeking to change Syria’s autocratic system” justifying his financing and arming these terrorists.

These Israeli/American/Qatari/Saudi/Turkish financed and armed terrorist groups had destroyed much of Syria, murdered hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians, and drove out of the country almost four million Syrians causing a huge refugee crisis. These refugees were abused, taken advantage of, and manipulated to immigrate to Europe.

This is the real Nakba that is hitting one Arab country after the other destroying cities, creating chaos, and causing a huge influx of refugees; people evacuating their own country out of fear for their lives. Ruined, weakened and almost evacuated from large part of their populations, Arab countries bordering the terrorist state of Israel would not be able to stop Israeli expansion to accomplish the Zionist dream of Greater Israel.

The real Nakba is the Arab Nakba and the Palestinian Nakba is just a part of it.

Thank You, Devon Anderson!


Making Up the Michael Voris Deception: A list of 15 Lies and Cover ups


All of the following education and career information is footnoted solely by Michael Voris’  Church Militant-  St. Michael’s Media  staff bio footnoted  at Michael  Voris Wikipedia page. here is a  list of  15 Lies and Cover Ups making up the  Michael Voris Deception that debunks every claim made by Voris’ Wikipedia Page and St. Michael’s Media staff bio.
1.  Michael Voris states only that he was born in Big Spring, Texas in 1961, but gives no more information about his childhood except that it was “deeply traumatic” according to Voris April 26, 2016 coming out Vortex, “We must Not Seek to Limit the Mercy of God” causing Voris to act out through Sodomy into his late thirties.  Voris covered up his Sodomy until April 26th 2016 Vortex, We Must Not Seek to Limit God.  Voris is a manufactured false identity without a documented childhood.
2.  The subsequent Vortex, Not Born that Way, April 27, 2016 Voris covers up that Voris was Sodomized as a child by a close family relative,  family friend, or member of the Catholic Clergy, by claiming that the childhood origins of homosexuality though not genetic are a mystery, not known or understood.  Every practicing sodomite was sodomized as a child.
3.  Michael Voris is not publicly listed as a graduate of Notre Dame in 1983 in “Communications with a focus on History in Politics”.  What is “focus of history in politics”  supposed to mean! This is none sense. Alumni Lists from Notre Dame on the Internet are accessible only to Notre Dame Alumni and current students.  It is therefore impossible to verify for non UD Alum and students if Voris  graduated from ND in 1983 as his Church Militant Staff Bio claims.  Michael Voris did not attend Notre Dame and graduate 1983.  Any Notre Dame Alum or student who may read this, please verify or disprove this claim.

4.  There is no independent verification on the internet whatsoever that  Michael Voris – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia-

Between 1983 and 1986 (he) became a television anchor, producer and reporter for various CBS affiliates in New York, Albany, Duluth and Cheyenne.[4] 

Voris was never employed by CBS or resided in these cities working as a television anchor, producer, and reporter. There is no evidence, besides Voris claiming so.

Michael Voris – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5. Voris  also attended two years of seminary training at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York during the 1980s.[

Voris was never a Seminarian at St. Joseph’s in New York between 1987-1988, one year, not two as he stated which unless he was working for CBS at the same time he was a seminarian is not mathematically possible.  If Voris was a Seminarian for two years during the Eighties,  Voris was by his own omission a practicing sodomite at St. Joseph’s during these two years. He either covered this sodomy up from the Bishop and Vocation Director at the time, or was welcomed into the seminary as a sodomite by the Bishop and Vocation Director.  Michael Voris was never a Seminarian for two years in the Eighties at St. Joseph’s as claimed.

6. In 1989 Voris became a news reporter and producer for a Fox affiliate in Detroit, where he won four Emmy Awards for production between 1992 and 1996.[4]

Voris appears nowhere on the Emmy Awards list of winners for News and Documentaries from 1992 to 1996.  No one has ever won four Emmy’s in News and Documentary four years running. This is a total fabrication (lie) by Voris.

Michael Voris was never a reporter for Fox News.  Voris appears never in anyway on any Fox News Media communications ever. The same is true of CBS Media and News Communications.

7. There is only one official  media document from the State of Michigan during this period that Voris did produce what looks like a Gay Porno with John Fitzgerald Mola his homosexual partner- “Double Trouble.”  Again, nothing with Fox, or Emmys.

8.  Voris said he “reverted to the practice of the Catholic Faith” in 2004 at his Mother’s Death bed. Michael Voris used this fabrication i.e. lie  (Voris says God gave his mother cancer so that he Voris would revert back to the faith from Sodomy) to cover up that he had been a frequent Sodomite since the eighties into the nineties (his late thirties) from his Church Militant Audience until April 26th 2016 Vortex, We Must Not Seek to Limit God.  Voris confesses in this Vortex that he was a frequently practicing Sodomite living with men (Simon Rafe)- but no children- until 2004.  This contradicts his statement that he was a practicing Sodomite into the Nineties, his late thirties. since in 2004 Voris was in his Forties.

9. Voris  began hosting “The One True Faith” in 2006, and began hosting a Catholic talk radio show, “News and Views Weekly,” in 2007.[11] Voris’s work soon received an endorsement from then-Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke of St. Louis.[11 

Voris, like his own Sodomy, has covered up Burke’s sodomy as well as Pope Benedict’s s Sodomy. This is the essence of the Michael Voris Deception.  Voris entitles Benedict  “Pope Emeritus.”

On September 1, 2008 Voris partnered with, which is owned by Marc Brammer (a business developer for Moody’s– and manager for Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.    Legatus, a philanthropic tax shelter created by  Fr. Maciel devotee Tom Monaghan,  via the sale of Monaghan’s Dominoes Pizza twice through Marc Brammer at Bain Capitol includes  Facebook’s  Marc Zuckerburg, though Jewish,  as a Legatus billionaire donor. Zuckerberg  lent Card. Dolan his Gulf Stream to fly to Rome and back in time for the Al Smith Dinner featuring Romney and Obama in 2012.  Marc Brammer who lives in South Bend, Indiana and is a member of Opus Dei.[7]  ( Marc Brammer is a Axon Advisors LLC. 2007,  a Bain Capital type knock off founded by Marc Brammer.  

Opus Dei, like Fr. Maciel’s Legion of Christ, and the Knights of Malta,  are tentacles of control in  the Illuminati Vatican, flae identity, created false opposition, false flag propaganda.

10.   In 2009, Voris successfully completed a post-graduate program and while graduating Magna Cum Laude, received a STB degree from the Angelicum in Rome, Italy, via Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

The STB is not, I repeat, the STB is not, a post-graduate program or a post graduate degree.  This is not just a total lie, Voris is just ignorant as well.   Voris never attended my Alma Mater in 2009, the Angelicum, nor was associated in any way with Sacred Heart Major Seminary of Detroit, Michigan in doing so as he claims in his staff bio,  a seminary that Voris has attacked repeatedly as a hotbed of sodomy in his Vortex since 2009.

Voris was in the Detroit Area the whole of 2009,  Voris during the whole of 2009 was not in Rome, Italy at the Angelicum. I personally never heard of anyone doing an STB at the Angelicum when I studied there for a year in 1981, only the STL and STD. The Angelicum is a graduate pontifical university offering graduate degrees in Philosophy and Theology, not an undergraduate Bachelors in Theology. Voris  professes on line to have earned Magna Cum Laude an academic degree “STB” appended at the end of his name every Vortex.  This is a complete fabrication, and an ignorant lie at that.

II. While Voris was getting his STB at the Angelicum in Rome (total lie), Catholic News Agency (CNA) reporters discovered that the state of Michigan had dissolved the nonprofit corporation status of St. Michael’s Media in 2009 due to a failure to file records with the state for two years. Officials at Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs referred confirmed the situation but referred questions whether the company was receiving donations claiming 501(c)3 status to the Michigan Attorney General‘s Consumer Protection Division.[29] CNA reporters also discovered that Simon Rafe, the webmaster for St Michael’s Media, had created some online fan fiction with sexually explicit themes (Lesbian Elfs performing oral sex) . Voris stated that he had been unaware of the situation when confronted with the materials.[29]

In 2009, Rafe removed the materials from the internet and apologized for “actions I took as a private individual”.[30] St Michael’s Media and curtailed Rafe’s duties to only administrative and technical obligations, suspending his involvement in other areas which had included public speaking and hosting productions.[28

Simon Rafe since then, besides being one of  Voris’ catamites from 2009 through 2016, has hosted numerous and almost all Church Militant productions, including the News, and his own documentary investigative reporter show “Case Files”.  Not Michael’s past sodomy, but his current sodomy with Simon Rafe being exposed, caused Voris to cover up his current continuing Sodomy with Rafe by stating that Cardinal Dolan in revenge for Voris exposing clerical sodomy in the Archdiocese of NY, was “filtering” Voris past in order to expose it.

He  (Voris) further claimed that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York was collecting and preparing to publish details of his former life prior to his return to the Catholic faith in order to discredit him and his work with Church Militant.[10] The New York Archdiocese denies these claims, calling them “100 percent untrue.”[9]

11. In 2011, Voris claims he was knighted a  Knight of the Order of St. Michael by the Country of Portugal.

Voris claimed he was knighted near Fatima at the same time he said he consecrated himself by a vow of Chastity to Our Lady of Fatima. Voris shows a virtual picture of a St. Michael’s Medal on his Face Book page as the only evidence that Voris  was knighted in 2011. After his coming out Vortex of April 26, the  explicit mention of his knighting has been removed from Voris’ Wikipedia profile.  Only the above, under Honors, without explanation remains now.  The only American to be knighted in the Order of St. Michael since 2004, is a former Governor of Utah!

12.   Voris claims in the April 26, coming out of the closet Vortex at the same time in 2011 he was knighted near Fatima, he made a vow of chastity to our Lady of Fatima.  This begs the  question, why? Have you been unchaste since your reversion in 2004

13.  In 2013,  Voris covered up on the Vortex the true reasons why Benedict was forced to step down as Pope. Benedict covered up for 30 years clerical sodomy and child sex slave trafficking for JPII and Fr. Maciel.  Voris in the Vortex said Benedict was stepping down because of health, and to allow a younger stronger man continue the battle.  That was Francis, who in ill health at 80 is far less robust than Benedict at 86.

14.  2013 Voris in the Vortex asserts Francis is Pope and Benedict as Pope Emeritus. Two valid Popes at the same Time. This is false teaching and completely against the true nature of the Papacy established by Jesus Christ and guaranteed by the Holy Spirit. This is a Satanic lie basing the MIchael Voris Decpetion.

15. Voris, although dedicating St. Michael Media to Our Lady of Fatima, is completely silent about the  Consecration of Russia by Name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope, the Mandate of  Fatima, The Queen of Heaven.  Voris never called for the Consecration by name to be done by Benedict, and was silent when Francis, who Voris recognizes as validly elected  Pope at the same time as Benedict as Pope Emeritus, did a shame, blasphemous  consecration that did not do what Our Lady of Fatima mandated, not only not consecrating Russia by name, but not even mentioning the Immaculate Heart of Mary by name.  This is the most satanic cover up of the whole of the Michael Voris Deception.

Voris covered up the Vatican Illuminati murder of Fr. Nicklaus Gruner,  by claiming on CM news  Gruner’s death  was due to natural causes while dismissing Fr. Gruner as a suspended priest who was disobedient in his Fatima Crusade (to get the Pope to consecrate – Voris did not tell what Fr. Gruner had devoted his religious life too) Russia to Church authority.

Francis in three years of parading around as anti pope and anti christ has never said the name, Jesus Christ, publicly, nor spoken the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

So who is Michael Voris really? He is an Illuminati Vatican Opus Dei Homosexual Manchurian Candidate propagandizing and covering up Benedict’s homosexuality and true reasons for “resigning” proclaiming Benedict as “Pope Emeritus” and recognizing Francis as Pope. This is all to accomplish the Alta Vendita goal of discrediting the Papacy by popes like Benedict as Pope Emeritus and Francis who does not wish to be thought of as Pope to such an extend that no one listens to what the Pope says. So Voris, and his homosexual supporter Cardinal Burke say that Benedict is Pope Emeritus, and that Catholics do not have to listen to Francis as Pope. This is exactly what the Alta Vendita has been trying to accomplish for 100 years, first exposed during the Papacy of Pio Nono.