The Michael Voris Deception- Opus Dei Illuminati Sodomite Double Agent to Discredit the Papacy

The Michael Voris Deception was manufactured in tandem (Stimulus – Reaction- Obedience i.e. propaganda-brain washing) with the  Barak Obama Deception by  the Illuminati Vatican City State and Vatican Bank- both fronts of the Rothschild Mossad/Bush Clinton Illuminati New World Order of Barbarians featuring Planned Parenthood.  As Sun Tzu in the Art of War says, “All War is Deception,” i.e. camouflaged or False Flag propagandized traitorous assaults by two faced high profile liars or Double Agents. The Double Agent is the most destructive pawn-and a Double Agent can be any piece on the Chess Board.   “Make War by Deception” is the motto of the Rothschild Zionist Mossad.  The Mossad and CIA war through False Flags via Double Agents against Christendom.   As such, The Michael Voris Deception and The Obama Deception are complimentary propaganda tools  and paradoxically the same mind control ploy used by the Vatican Illuminati. The  Michael Voris Deception was manufactured  via Sodomite Cardinal Raymond Burke- Chaplain of the Illuminati Knights of Malta- i.e. Hospitallers.   The Barak Obama Deception through Sodomite Cardinal Bernardin  and Fr. Theodore Hessburg of The University of Notre Dame.  Michael Voris claims to have graduated from University of Notre Dame in 1983, but there is no independent record of this.  Fr. Hessburgh promoted Saul Alinski, the “social justice warrior ” mentor of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as serving as the chairman of the board of Chase Bank (The Vatican Bank is Chase Bank) and the Rockefeller Bros. Foundation. Rockefeller/Bush Rothschild American Illuminati oligarchs bankrolled Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood as well as the CDC.   Fr. Hessburgh for David and Nelson Rockefeller spearheaded  Catholic university opposition to try to prevent Paul VIth issuing Humanae Vitae in tandem with Hessburgh’s Land of Lakes’  demand of  total “Academic Freedom” for Catholic Universities in regard to Church teachings.

  Barak Obama was forged out of this ambiance by the Illuminati Vatican  to destroy the Catholic Church in the United States, and murder Catholics throughout the world, be it Iraq, Syria, or Egypt, but most especially in the womb through abortion and contraception, and CIA/Mossad proxy armies like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Barak Obama, the black GW Bush, through Obamacare (with the public moral support of the NCCB, and Cards. Donna Wuerl of DC and Danny Dinardo of Houston/Galveston, backed by the openly homosexual Pope Benedict who blessed  Obamacare as a ” human right,” the right to have health care has established through Obamacare the Bush/Clinton Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians.  Obamacare is modeled on Hitler’s T4 Eugenics program via Richard Nixon, the Heritage Foundation, and Mitt Romney. Obamacare cemented the practical foundation of the GH Bush/ Clinton  Planned Parenthood “New World Order of Barbarians” while sub consciously instilling the Margaret Sanger “Contraceptive Mentality” among  anti Barak Obama, Obamacare “Pro-Life” or anti abortion Catholics, as well as so called Evangelical Christians, who believe that Artificial  Contraception is not sinful as the the Catholic Church teaches, and consistent as Margaret Sanger held, with being anti-abortion. Contraception prevents abortions. The truth is contraception is abortion in disguise and ends in abortion and sterilization and the death of the mother.

US Catholic Bishops- but across the world as well,  almost to a man have been completely silent on the grave sinfulness of Artificial Contraception, its abortion causing qualities, as well as its cancer causing, stroke, and heart attack complications since 1968 and Humanae Vitae. The Bishops’ silence has led from the top down to mass apostasy in the Roman Catholic Church as told by Our Lady of Fatima to the three children. Mary having shown the three children Hell and souls like a blizzard of snowflakes falling into the eternal flames of Hell told them that most souls go there because they have no one to pray for them, and  being Sodomites which includes not just anal intercourse, but mastarbation, adultery, sex outside of marriage, religious and priests who break their vow of chastity, pornography, contraception, and abortion, destroying the innocents of children, and paederasty.  Cultural sexual suicide via Planned Parenthood’s New World Order of Barbarian’s culture of murder denoted by these sexual sins damming to Hell is the outcome of Obamacare and the NCCB’s creation of Barak Obama Deception in tandem withthe Michael Voris Deception. Barak and Michael are Mutt and Jeff, good cop, bad cop in an Illuminati Vatican mind control propaganda ploy.

Beginning  with Sodomite Cardinal Francis “Franny” Spellman,  the so called “American Pope”  in the 1930’s, a right wing member of the Illuminati Vatican (Knights of Malta)  who took down a Michael Voris style radio broadcast priest Fr. Coughlin for FDR,  for criticizing the NEW DEAL as well as the Stalin Alliance of FDR, and replaced Coughlin (alleged pederast according to the FBI, with the homosexual  Fulton Sheen, and tendered First Amendment Masonic “Religious Freedom” to Pius XII via Jesuit John Courtney Murray, S.J. in the run up to Vatican II)  Spellman used his position as NY Cardinal and Military Archbishop to legalize abortion on demand in occupied Japan, and was silent about contraception use among Catholic troops during WWII. Spellman also led to the destruction of the Catholic Church in Vietnam as well as the Assassination of JFK and the rise of Prescott Bush via Nixon- as well as being associated with the Dulles Brothers especially Allan Dulles who with the Rothschild BIS established the later CIA front Vatican Bank in 1942 to supplant Prescott Bushes Union Bank as a Rothschild/Warburg hedge fund against Hitler’s Invasion of Russia for oil.

This same Chase Vatican Bank Illuminati of the Italian Gran Orient  P2 Lodge of Rome  murdered JPI, money laundered for CIA agent Fr. Maciel  Degollado’s SFC, and forced Benedict to resign and rigged Francis’ election and is now attacking Cardinal George Pell of Australia  for attempting to reform the Vatican Bank. Francis just order Pell to stop. Francis of course is a complete robot of the Illuminati in all ways.

Michael Voris-Opus Dei- is just like Barak in being a  complimentary propaganda talking head who has completely fabricated his  life story while lying about and covering up what actually Voris has been and done. The Illuminati are behind Hitler and Stalin at the same time in Satan’s war to destroy Christendom. Likewise Voris and his creator and Svengali, the Sodomite Cardinal Burke, as well as the Sodomite Benedict have achieved among so called “Conservative” Catholics, the Italian Grand Orient Illuminati P2 “Alta Vendita” conspiracy that the papacy be so discredited by a pope that “does not necessarily have to be one of us” that no one will listen to what the pope says. This is what has happened! And the Michael Voris Deception is key to what has indeed happened just as in tandem the Barak Obama Deception is.

Voris’ like his own Sodomite life, covered up Benedict’s and the true reason Benedict resigned- 30 years of cover of clerical sodomy against children- setting up the rigged election of Francis who tells everyone not to call him pope. Voris then proclaims to all his brain washed internet dupes that Benedict is “Pope Emeritus”.  This accomplishes via both left and right, Voris and Barak, Benedict and Francis, that left or right, modernist or traditionalist, that no one listens to the pope ever again- with Voris and Burke lying not saying Francis is not the Pope- but Catholics do not have to listen to Francis as Pope- the same thing Francis is saying- and that there are two popes at once who recognized each other as Pope. You can not have two valid popes at once who recognize each other as pope. Neither is pope. A heretical pope who publicly destroys the Church as Francis and Benedict are doing must be resisted, not promoted as Michael Voris and Burke in their mutual Deception have done.

Michael Voris is an Opus Dei/Skull and Bones child sex slave mind controlled (MK Ultra) Illuminati Manchurian Candidate- the ultimate double agent propagandist in the Francis/Benedict False Flag to so discredit the papacy by confusion and religion is politics that no one listens to the Pope anymore.


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