The Francis Connection to Child Sex Slave Trafficking by Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel (SFC) and the Murder of Fr. Nicklaus Gruner


Now Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez, a native of Monterey, Mexico -base of the SFC pillar, the Garza Family’s Alfa Corp.-  was an Opus Dei ( i.e. Illuminati Vatican) Bishop while Archbishop of San Antonio (2005-2010), but in 2010 publicly resigned from Opus Dei when Houston’s Cardinal Daniel Dinardo sent him to LA to replace ostensibly Cardinal Roger Mahony approaching 75, the age of retirement.  Cardinal Dinardo is a secret Cardinal overseer of the Vatican Bank  sent to the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston in 2006, after the death of JPII,  to resurrect the faltering money laundering  relationship between Carlos Slim Helu’s SFC and Fr. Maciel Degollado’s  still extent Legionary of Christ Vatican Bank account.  In 2008, this money laundering relationship between the SFC and Fr. Maciel’s LOC Vatican Bank account was vindictively  severed by Helu in reaction to Pope Benedict’s dismissal of  Fr. Maciel, the criminal mastermind behind the formation of the The Sinaloa Federation Cartel (The Garza and Helu families), as the religious head of The Legionaries of Christ, or as Fr. Maciel demanded to be called “Nuestro Padre.”

Pope Benedict dismissed Fr. Maciel for  “moral turpitude” as religious superior of the religious order Maciel, a known pederast, and morphine addict founded with twelve Mexican boys under the age of 15 in 1942 in Rome Maciel entitled  the Legionaries of Christ. Pope Benedict did not dismiss Maciel for being the criminal mastermind behind the formation of the most powerful global organized crime syndicate in human history, the SFC who accrued a personal fortune of 24 billion Euros from his LOC Vatican Bank SFC money laundering account.  True to form in his 30 year cover up of global clerical child sodomy as CDF Head and now Pope, Pope Benedict failed to mention this particular moral flaw of Fr. Maciel. Fr. Maciel was sentenced by Benedict to spend the rest of his life in prayer and fasting as penance.  Fr. Maciel, defiant to the end,  refusing to confess his sins or receive the Last Rites on his death bed in a plush Miami hospital suit  from his chosen LOC successor Fr.  Louis Garza, did not obey Pope Benedict in doing penance for his sins.

Cardinal Dinardo who failed spectacularly in his mission to compel Helu back into the Vatican Bank cartel money laundering  fold, was acting initially as  an agent of  Cardinal Sodano, and fellow Vatican Gay Lobby Head and like Sodano former Secretary of the Rothschild illuminati Vatican City State Tarciscio Bertone.  Both Cardinals have extensive organized crime ties via bribes and lavish gifts to Fr. Maciel Degollado and the still extent Legion of Christ Vatican Bank account established by Legionaries of Christ founder and head  Fr. Maciel to serve  SFC-Sinoloa Federation Cartel- money laundering. In one year, Carlos Slim Helu, a Lebanese immigrant to Mexico and Syrian Rite Maronite Catholic,  a prominent member of the SFC reportedly in one fiscal year made a religious donation of 30 billion dollars in cartel proceeds to the Legionaries of Christ to be laundered by Fr. Maciel  via the LOC Vatican Bank account. Fr. Maciel used money laundering proceeds to buy the support of powerful Vatican City State Cardinals such as Sodano, Bertone, and cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos of Columbia, Pablo Escobar’s personal chaplain, until Escobar went out of control of the GH Bush dominated CIA.

Both Sodano and Bertone  attempted desperately to prevent through document forgeries  and media distortions about the existence of the BVM’s  explanation written down by Sr. Lucy, a Fatima seer, on the Third Secret,  the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Both in tandem brought about Fr. Niklaus Gruner’s ecclesiastical alienation through the suspension of his priestly faculties  by his local ordinary.  Fr. Gruner was the Church’s foremost priestly advocate for the consecration  of Russia by name to Mary’s Immaculate Heart  mandated by Our Lady of Fatima  in 1929.   1929 is the year that the Rothschild/Illuminati Vatican City State was established as well as the Bank of International Settlement in Basil, Switzerland in conjunction with the Rothschild Bank of England, modeled on the Rothschild owned “City of London.”   The Illuminati Vatican, is based in the Vatican Bank -Established 1942- by Cardinal Francis Spellman,  the so called “The American Pope,” homosexual Knight of Malta,  who recommended John Courtney Murray, S.J.  proponent of US style religious pluralism “Freedom of Religion” to Pope Pius XII.  “Franny” Spellman duped Pius XIIth  to  establish the Institute of Religious Works, the IOR , popularly known as the Vatican Bank by BIS, and by Allen Dulles, supplanting Prescott Bush’s faltering Union Bank as a German Industrialist Hedge Fund (Rothschild/Warburg Wall Street investors) against Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

Failing to silence Fr. Nicklaus by his suspension as a priest in his fervent unrelenting advocacy that the Pope consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as mandated by Our Lady of Fatima in 1929, the Illuminati Vatican murdered Fr. Nicklaus Gruner in 2015, just as the Illuminati Vatican members of the Roman Italian Grand Orient Lodge Propaganda Due  murdered JPI in 1978 for threatening as Pope to “reform” the Vatican Bank- a Rothschild Zionist- Mossad /and CIA (Skull and Bones)Illuminati geo political front.

Although  JPII was prevented by the Illuminati Vatican several times from consecrating Russia by name, and Francis is completely on board in not doing the consecration at all,  Benedict in 2012 publicly contradicted Sodano and Bertone’s  published distortions in books and press conferences about the Fatima Message and the attempted assassination of JPII.  Benedict as Pope again going out of control in this crucial instance of the consecration of Russia, as he did in dismissing Fr. Maciel Degollado- the criminal master mind and CIA agent behind the formation of the SFC-  as head of the Legionaries of Christ, a money laundering Vatican Bank account front for Carlos Slim Helu and the SFC, was removed as Pope through the machinations of the Illuminati Vatican and replaced by Francis through a rigged conclave.

In 2010, Benedict attempted also to reform the Vatican Bank and end money laundering which likewise ended in his being forced to resign as Pope by the Vatican Bank Illuminati black mailing him as Pope over his cover up of clerical child sodomy as CDF head for JPII and Fr. Maciel.

Although  Cardinal Mahony said at the time “he was personally excited” to have a Hispanic “social justice” replacement in Gomez as LA Archbishop, Gomez, at the appointed time (2011-during the Rothschild front Illuminati/CIA Vatican Bank black mailing of Pope Benedict for his part as CDF head in covering up global clerical SRA by clerics for JPII to force him to resign) stabbed Mahony in the back by publicly scapegoating Mahony for the American Church’s Child Sex Abuse Scandal. The media scandal  was begun in 2001 via CIA/Neo Con (Mossad) controlled US corporate media as part of the 9/11 false flag Mossad operation  to discredit the  Pontificate of  JPII with Cardinal Ratzinger CDF head. JPII refused to support continuing sanctions and war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq by the GW Bush administration as demanded by the Neo Con/CIA Bush/Clinton “Project for a New American Century”  circa 1997.  Saddam Hussein supported greatly the Maronite Syrian Rite Catholic Church, as opposed to the Bush/Clinton Mossad/CIA Saudi/Sunni false flag proxy army ISIS’  mass extermination of Maronite Catholics in Iraq and Assad’s Syria the direct result of GW Bush’s Project for a New American Century war against Saddam’s Iraq beginning in 2002.

Although Cardinal Dinardo at has a long and detailed public record as a bishop of covering up clerical child sodomy, as does his catamite and fellow Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia Family associate now DC Cardinal “Donna” Wuerl   – who wrote an introduction for one of Fr. Maciel’s many plagiarized sappy pious books, Houston’s  former Bishop Fiorenza, who Dinardo succeeded as Archbishop in 2008, has almost a perfect record of  cover up of clerical children sodomy by clerics in his former Archdiocese of Galveston Houston and nationally as President of the NCCB before 2001 with one devastating climatic exception involving Cardinal Ratzinger being sued in federal court in Houston for cover up clerical child sodomy as CDF Head in 2005.

Significantly, Ted Cruz, a Marrano Jew Neo Con posing as a Hispanic Christian Zionist whose father Raphael Sr. participated with Oswald and the Cuban Exile Community CIA in the assassination of JFK in 1963, (, is also like Dinardo and Wuerl a Zappala Mafia associate, but as a defense lawyer on retainer for the Zappala Mafia Family preemptively defending Anthony Zappala Sr. a Penn. Supreme Court Judge retired- in the Kids for Cash Scandal portrayed in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 – Moore is a pro abortion “catholic” apostate, but his documentaries tell truths about the Bush Crime family, the American Skull and Bones Illuminati, destruction of the American Republic, and The Catholic Church, the altering of the popular notion of the Papacy through JPII as a Zbigniew Brzezinski, geo political pawn and bishop, and the supplanting of Christendom by GH Bush’s Skull and Bones American Illuminati New World Order of Barbarians.

Lyin Ted the Canadian ‘s candidate for North American Union President’s part in the Kids for Cash Scandal in the 2003 trial was resurrected by fellow CIA candidate for Senate CIA Dave Dewhurst during their race for  Senate in 2012 through television and radio commercials by the Dewhurst campaign. Paradoxically, Dewhurst’s psychotic cut throat campaign manager in his failed Senate bid to Cruz, Jeff Roe,  a Millennial reincarnation of Carl Rove, who used Lyin Ted’s Zappala scandalous connection to the Kids for Cash Scandal in Dewhurst’s failed Campaign is now Cruz’s cut throat campaign manager against Donald Trump- along with the CIA, Roe orchestrates presidential election fraud for Cruz now by Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital/Iran/ Contra money laundering fund (Bain Capital managers also fund Opus Dei member Michael Voris’ Church Militant) with  the CIA Mormons and LDS Church, all Rothschild Zionist Neo Cons, Jeb! and Neal Bush, and former CIA heads and officers.  This is all intended to end in the election of Hilary Clinton, CIA with Bill under GH Bush. It  always comes down to maintaining control.  As GW recently said- Hillary is my sister in law, and Bill my brother.  Bush/Clinton is the Goldman/Sachs (Rothschild Global Banking Front) political establishment.  Trump’s not a member of the CIA, CFR, or Skulls and Bones, American Illuminati. He is not, like Bernie, controlled. Or like JFK, Benedict, JPI, Fr. Gruner, or Carlos Marcelo controlled.

Galveston/Houston Bishop Fiorenza was linked with both Opus Deis and Fr. Maciel just as JPII was, and Wuerl, and Dinardo are. (Bishop Fiorenza) a former homosexual President of the NCCB – was made Archbishop of Galveston Houston by JPII in 79, along with Joe Bernadin in Chicago, and Mahony in LA. Fiorenza in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston managed to perfectly suppress and cover up all cases of child sodomy by clerics in this archdiocese which is the largest hub of child sex slaving in the world. Fiorenza did this with the help most recently of Gov Rick Perry, AG Abbott, and Lt. Gov.CIA Dave Dewhurst, but before them with  GW Bush.

GH Bush, GW’s Skull and Bone’s legacy father, in 1989, as an outcome of Iran/Contra cocaine/crack smuggling conspired with Fr. Maciel Degollado, Carlos Slim Helu, the Garza Family, and then Vatican Nuncio to Mexico (now Secr. of the Vatican City State) Piedro Parolin  and established through the downfall of the PRI’s Carlos Salinas and Pablo Escobar in Columbia, beginning with the Bush/Zappala FBI take down of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcelo in 1984, to create the Sinaloa Federation Cartel- Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family of Monterey in conjunction with PAN President Vincente Fox,  to replace the Colombian Medellin cocaine cartel and the Sicilian Mafia as conduit of drugs, child sex slaves, and arms dealing via Mexico. Mexico City is the traditional headquarters of the CIA. The CIA authored the Zetas as false opposition to the SFC to destroy the Gulf Coast Cartel, the original Mexican Drug Cartel associated with marijuana , alcohol, and black tar Mexican Heroine sales with both the Maceo/Fertitta Free State Galveston Syndicate and the Sicilian/Marrano Jewish Mafia, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and The Little Man-Carlos Marcelo in New Orleans.

All of the above (Bush Family, Clinton’s, Helu, Garzas) after Marcelo’s imprisonment in 1984 by the FBI, were syndicated with the Tilman Fertitta Free State/Galveston Legacy child sex slaving, arms dealing to cartels (Fast and Furious- Joe Kucimba with Bush DOJ immunity staged Polish AK -47 sales to the cartels from the Port of Houston for the SFC to cause  war between rival non SFC cartels via the 12,000 square foot Knights of Columbus Hall in Hempstead, Texas, in syndication with Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel of Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family, and the King of Spain who owns Texas Toll Roads High 69 proceeds- and off course cocaine, marijuana, and meth sales.

Neither Abbott as AG (a member of the Fertitta syndicate with Perry and Dinardo), nor any other law enforcement on any level in Texas, or in the country, or in the world has ever made an arrest ending in conviction for child sex slave trafficking, ever. Therefore Bishop Fiorenza’s perfect record of covering up clerical child sex slave trafficking in Galveston/Houston and as President of the NCCB.  As President of the NCCB, Fiorenza also received backing in his cover ups of SRA of children by clerics in his archdiocese and nationally from Gregory Zappala who controls appointments by the NCCB by sitting on the NCCB Lay Advisory Board on Clerical Sexual Misconduct with Children established in 2002.

Gregory Zappala got Mafia family associate Dinardo his gig as Archbishop of Galveston/Houston, as well as Donna Wuerl in DC. Gregory Zappala as both Allegheny County District Attorney, and member of the lay board of the NCCB on Sexual MIsconduct with Minors (what a antiseptic euphemism!) covered up for then Pittsburgh Bishop Wuerl (priest Danny Dinardo’s first bishop) the shooting of Michael Ference’s son on a parish school bus by a mentally distraught child sodomy victim of a parish priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh who was a catamite of Wuerl. Ultimately Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as CDF head who turned a blind eye on orders from St. JPII “the Great” to Fr. Maciel- JPII’s CIA Svengali- the master mind of child sex slaving for the undocumented workers in cantinas  from Houston to Chicago, bears with St. JP II “The Great” moral responsibility via Wuerl for the cover up of the real reasons for the suicide of the child victim of the priest’s  sodomy and his victim’s psychotic shooting of Michael Ference’s son, along with tens of thousands of other such cover ups.

But Fiorenza’s perfect record of cover up came to an end in a  famous civil suit written about in the Houston Press story entitled the “Man who Sued the Pope” by investigative reporter John Lomax. I actually know a family whose daughters were at the parish school in Houston when the homosexual assaults of boys were perpetrated by a young sodomite posing as a priest brought up from Costa Rica to be a play thing for the parish pastor, though not ordained or even a seminarian was acting as a priest at the parish, including head of the youth group. Dinardo who had just arrived in 2005 as auxillary with the right of succeeding Fiorenza took this phony priest rapist of young boys posing as a priest to the airport to return to Costa  Rica for Fiorenza after two of his victims of their parents complained. All of this is accounted in the Houston Press story.

The lawyer representing the family, a former Catholic Deacon, Dan Shay, a homosexual, civilly sued then Cardinal Ratzinger head of the CDF in Federal Court in Houston for over seeing an international conspiracy to harm children via the Catholic Church. Daniel Shay, a homosexual former deacon in the Catholic Church, in the Houston Press article credits his suit as the reason why Benedict was elected Pope in the first place. The runner at the time up was Bergoglio, Francis. Benedict was voted pope by hated rivals as diverse as Cardinals Law and Mahoney so that as Pope he would have diplomatic immunity as sovereign of the Rothschild Illuminati Vatican City State with the Vatican Bank at its heart against the suit in Houston Federal Court. . Benedict after 25 years with JPII knew where all the skeleton’s of the world bishops and cardinals were when it came to covering up their SRA of children. The Houston suit would set a precedent that Church officials could be disposed in court and sued for cover up child sodomy by their clerics. In Benedict’s case, this involved massively Fr. Maciel and the SFC and the Bush’s as founder members of the SFC with Maciel in 1989. As soon as Benendict was elected pope, Condolezza Rice as GW’s Secretary of State sent a letter to the Federal Judge in Houston claiming that now Pope Benedict as a foreign sovereign has Diplomatic Immunity from Federal Suits by private citizens in the United States. Suit dismissed.

But Pope Benedict, in 2008, went immediately out of control in dismissing Fr. Maciel as the LOC order head which ultimately led to Benedict being disposed of through the Rothschild Vatican Bank as a Pope who “could neither buy or sell”. Now Benedict with the aid of Voris and NOR as the so called “Pope Emeritus” in fulfilling the Italian Illuminati Alta Venditta conspiracy to insure that no one listens to the Pope, liberal or conservative, Catholic or not. Francis has brought this conspiracy to fruition the footsteps of John XXIII to JPII to Benedict through his satanic “confusion” of the office of papacy and claiming as the satanic illuminati does in their overthrow of Christendom with satan’s culture of murder, a New World Order, based on the contraception mentality-abortion in disguise-that religion is politics- i.e. social justice as contraception and abortion “freedom of choice” and gay marriage, sodomy as eucharistic as Timothy Radcliff former Master General of the Dominican Order preaches throughout the world. Like the CIA/ Askenazi Jew/Polish intelligence officer JPII, Fiorenza, Gomez, and Dinardo and Wuerl strongly supported both the Legionaries of Christ and their false opposition Opus Dei to the end of edifying Rothschild Zionist Neo Con oil domination in the “Middle East” against Russia and bringing about Francis, who no one listens to as pope.

Recall the assassination in 91″ of the Cardinal Archbishop of Guadalajara at the Mexico City airport. He was Mahony’s catamite transferred from Tiajuana via JPII controlled by Fr. Maciel, the mastermind of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel- Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family- and the King of Spain- to the center of the SFC in Guadalajara. Mahony and Cardinal Jesus Ocampo besides being catamites and “best friends” were syndicated with the Feliz Cartel based in Tiajuanna. In 91 a power struggle for leadership broke out between the Feliz Cartel and the SFC which the Feliz brothers had joined. The carton character, El Chapo del Guzman, who is as much the head of the SFC, as JP Morgan was of the Rothschild Family Fortune of Globalist Banksters was used in a false flag set up by the Rothschild Illuminati Vatican’s Opus Dei/LOC Nuncio to Mexico (Piedro Parolin) insuring that the Cardinal of Guadalajara after returning from a meeting in Rome would be at the Mexico City Airport at an exact time in the parking lot in a car that was the same exact make and model as El Chapo’s vehicle, to be assassinated by SFC gunman in a “crossfire” blamed on the Feliz Brother Cartel of Tiajuana attempting to assassinate the rival El Chapo in an alleged take over of the SFC. Maciel and Parolin sent up the assassination to false flag the Feliz Cartel, but importantly sever these two Cardinals from the Feliz Cartel. Cardinal Jesus was shot over 100 times point blank in the vehicle with automatic AK 47 fire. Hardly evidence of being caught in a cross fire and case of mistaken identity.

The appointment by Dinardo of Gomez to stab Majoney in the back as the scapegoat poster girl for the American Church Child Sex Abuse Scandal (which Mahony actually is) was the next shoe to drop all the way back in 91.” Dinardo and Soldano used Gomez’s back stabbing of Mahony to bring Mahoney to vote for Bergoglio in conclave to replace Benedict. Mahony blamed Benedict for Gomez stabbing him in the back and was delighted with the election of Bergoglio in his hatred of Benedict due to Dinardo and Gomez allegedly being agents of Benedict’s will.


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