Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Virtually Stops Doing Abortions in order not to Give Probable Cause for Raid to Abbott, Baby Parts Sales Continue Unabated

For seven weeks now,  I have personally observed a virtual stoppage of surgical abortions at Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast, I-45. I go twice weekly to the former Sterling Bank sold by its Catholic CEO, John Bridgewater in 2006,  under the direction of then Bishop, now Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, a major archdiocesan share holder in this bank, to  Cecil Richard’s Panned Parenthood.  I pray the Rosary, chant the Psalms in Latin and speak to victims of Panned Parenthood, be it abortion or the deathly physical effects of artificial birth control(WHO states that artificial contraception-BPA plastic estrogen mimicker- is the number one cause of heart attack, stroke, cancer-breast and cervical- and blood clots in woman that ingest them) and spiritual effects of the anti family and marriage, male and female  “contraception mentality”  as “clients” drive into and out of  this satanic temple of mothers sacrificing their unborn children  symbolically build in the shape of a gigantic cash register .

In 2008, according to Abbey Johnson, in her book Unplanned, Panned Parenthood planned to move aggressively to dominate the surgical abortion market in Texas and across the United States. This was a sea change from Panned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger’s  public opposition to surgical abortion as killing of a child (murder) in advocating contraception to prevent back alley abortions, and abortion in general.  Besides, the few abortion victims I now observe at the Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast  I-45 (The largest late term United Surgical Partners’ out patient abortion clinic in the Western World) a minute away from Cardinal Dinardo’s new 45 million dollar Co Cathedral of the Sacred Heart,  I have also observed a significant decrease in non abortion victims going to Panned Parenthood for contraception, or other “services.”  What has not changed is the hundred or so new vehicles parked in the employees parking lot in the back lot of the I-45.

The Panned Parenthood I-45, the flagship of Panned Parenthood’s mega clinics, the largest late term “out patient” abortion clinic in the Western World, capable of doing hundreds of abortions each day, does not need a hundred employees each day of the week to do 1 to 3 abortions, or  tend to fifteen to twenty clients for contraception and STD treatment.

Since Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s  grand opening in 2010, the former “Pro Life Governor Rick Perry’s sister Mila Perry Jones  United Surgical Partners partnered “ambulatory surgical” or outpatient late tern abortion clinic at the I-45 has been a financial disaster.  “Abortion mills,”  like Dr. Bernanrd Rosenfeld’s Women’s Clinic on Fannin dominate 90% of the surgical abortion business in Houston.  Consistently, Dr. Rosenfel’s staff does 40 to 60 abortions six days a week on a cash and miscarriage basis.  Overhead is minimal.  The clinic is a medium sized house.  Rosenfeld’s Women’s clinic is not  “outpatient” and therefore not partnered” with United Surgical Partners   Milla Perry Jone’s,  former “Pro Life Governor” Rick Perry’s  lobbyist to him sister’s corporation, as Panned Parenthood I-45 and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Woman’s clinic are.  Not being “outpatient,” Rosenfeld pays no costly franchise dues to United Surgical Partners, nor a million to three million to renovate his humble abortion clinic under the auspices of Unitied Surgical Partner’s as “out patient” to join Panned Parenthood I-45 and Douglas Karpen in the USP monopoly of certified  “out patient” clinics in Texas.

If Panned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast was envisioned by Hilary Clinton and Cecil Richards as the  Super Walmart of Abortion, Rosenfeld’s  Woman’s clinic is the Dollar Store.  The Dollar Store Model ( Rosenfeld charges less than Panned Parenthood I-45) has been destroying the Super Walmart business model, this is true of the surgical abortion business in Texas as well.  Plus Panned Parenthood is the government and supported by tax payers regardless “Pro Life/Pro Choice” Democrat or Republican in the tune of .5 billion a fiscal year.  Rosenfeld receives no government tax dollars,  rakes in over  $250,000 cash a week, does not accept insurance  or Obamacare, and pay taxes.  Although I do not know for certain whether he pays taxes or not of all this blood libel money.

Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry and his sister’s HB2 United Surgical Partners Surgical Abortion Monopoly  Outpatient Mandate law to the rescue of the Bush/Clinton Panned Parenthood.  The Bush/Walker/Clinton family first founded and the Clintons now sustains politically Panned Parenthood.  Although the Bush crime family claims to be pro life and an opponent of abortion,  in reality Panned Parenthood is the CIA/Skull and Bones New World Order of Barbarians sickle of American Nazi race war genocide by the American illuminati/Bush/ Clinton/Rockefeller against first Blacks, but now as you see everyone. The goal is total depopulation of the world, is happening.

Gov. Perry in 2013 signed into law as “Pro Life Governor of Texas” his USP lobbyist sister’s HB2 Bill, or the Panned Parenthood/United Surgical Partners Texas Surgical Abortion Clinic Monopoly Law.  This was done to shut down non USP non “outpatient” privately owned abortion “mills” like Dr. Rosenfelds’ Women’s Clinic, or to use an analogy, close down the Dollar Stores and give their market share to the Super Walmart. HB2 or the Panned Parenthood/United Surgical Partners Texas Surgical Abortion Clinic Monopoly Law was passed into law by the Texas Republican “Pro Life” Abortion Profiteer Establishment under the false flag facade of being pro life and concerned about fetal pain at five months’ gestation and making abortion itself safe for women.

No one, except Republican Establishment pro life abortion profiteers, willing dupes, useful idiots, were fooled by HB2,  most especially the feminist pro abortion Supreme Court Justices in opening arguments of HB2’s  judicial review as a result of a suite brought by non USP partnered, non Panned Parenthood “dollar store” abortion mills claiming  the “outpatient” HB2 mandate is an “undue burden” on abortion providers.  Panned Parenthood and Cecil Richards did not en join the suit on the part of their Dollar Store surgical abortion competition for obvious reason’s.  All Panned Parenthood Super Walmart clinics are, are were renovated to be USP “outpatient” before HB2 was made law.  Cecil Richards has been silent, like her medical conglomerate Baylor Medical School CHI/St. Luke’s abortion, baby parts, and child sex slaving logistics business partner Cardinal Dinardo on HB2.   HB2’s obvious aim was to place a crushing financial and legal burden on non USP abortion providers mandating  them to USP “outpatient” government certified or be closed down. Emphasis on be shut down.   Dr. Rosenfeld’s Women’s Clinic, who has not enjoined the suit, is not UPS outpatient certified.  That would be Douglas Karpen’s and Panned Parenthood.

As HB2 made its way to be struck down by the Supreme Court sans internet child pornographer and devout Catholic Judge Antonio Scalia,  phony Pro Life abortion profiteer  investigative journalist  Daniel Daleiden, releases a series of internet expose of Panned Parenthood abortionists and administrators- exclusively of the PP I-45 and another in California discussing baby part sales, and importantly, the practice of partial birth abortion in procuring non mangled by vacuum suction babies for body part sales.  This was the theme of the last expose installment that Daleiden released after being indicted by an Abbott/Dan Patrick Devon Anderson Key Man Grand Jury (the same Key Man Grand Jury and Prosecutor who exonerated United Surgical Partner Dr. Douglas Karpen of aborting five to nine month old infants alive and then ringing their necks. Karpen sells their intact bodies to Planned Parenthood I-45 to be processed on the third floor “Life Donation Center” into bio product. Karpen after his December 12th 2013 exoneration by Perry/Abbott/Anderson for infanticide continues to abort babies alive and sell their bodies to Panned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast.

In wake of the Center for Medical Progress expose,  Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick enlisted  Devon Anderson who received a $ 20,000 donation in her run for Harris County District Attorney from Karpen’s defense attorney Chip Davis, to call a key man grand jury under the same prosecutor that exonerated Douglas Karpen to hear evidence on Panned Parenthood selling baby body parts as evidenced in the Center for Medical Progress expose. In a news conference Devon Anderson clearly stated that she would be focusing on the CMP investigators and the validity of the CMP exposes first and foremost as evidence.   Devon said she would  exonerate Panned Parenthood I-45, and indict  Dan Daleiden and Sarah Merrit for fraud at this this news conference.  She said what she was going to do. I simply repeated what she said she would do in the blog below what she eventually did: Exonerate Panned Parenthood and Indict Daleiden and Merritt.


Devon did not actually exonerate Panned Parenthood.  The Thomas Moore Law Center which is aiding Daleiden and Merrit has asked that the Key Man Grand Jury Indictment of Daleiden and Merrit under the auspices of Devon Anderson be “Quashed.”  The one month chartered Key Man Grand Jury with the same prosecutor that exonerated Douglas Karepn enlisted by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and called together by Devon Anderson did not hear testimony about Panned Parenthood on  baby part sales according to Thomas Moore lawyers.  Having done nothing in regard to their original charter, the Key Man Grand Jury was held over “two weeks” with no charter from Patrick, and indicted Daleiden and Merrit. Abbott and Patrick said in response that their investigations into Planned Parenthood baby part sales would continue.  This is a non sequitor in that Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand Jury is Abbott’s and Patrick’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s baby part sales as exposed by CMP.  Abbott and Patrick said nothing about Daleiden and Merritt’s indictment and how it was obtained. A clear of  eclipse of due process that both presided over and directed Devon to execute.

Indicted   for altering a California Driver’s License (like sub 21’s due to drink in clubs) and a Felony, of conspiracy to purchase human body parts. If convicted (and the video evidence of his own words in the Center for Medical Progress expose will convict him) Daleiden could be sentenced to 20 years in prisoner. With Pro Life Abortion/Bathroom profiteer Jared Woodhill as his defense attorney,  delusional “pro life”scapegoats Daleiden and Sandra Merritt will be convicted.  The fix is in, it’s a slam dunk.

It does not matter if he had pro life intentions in committing a crime (like murdering and abortionist to save unborn children) the end does not justify the means.  The pro-choice people and the Illuminati lie to implement their culture of murder is in a few words, “the end justifies any means” including freed of choice, and aborted babies sold for research.

Both United Surgical Partners in a culture of baby murder,  the Rockefeller/Bush Texas Republican “Pro Life” Establishment, which includes Gov. Rick Perry and his USP Lobbyist Mila Perry Jones, Cardinal Dinardo, and Austin Bishop Jose Vasquez, Catholic with a Hispanic wife Gov. Greg Abbott, Dan Paxton,  Dan Patrick, Elizabeth Graham in false opposition with Cecil Richards and Panned Parenthood and Dr. Douglas Karpen are losing big time in their joint venture to monopolize surgical abortion in Texas for Planned Parenthood while maintaining their baby part sales monopoly as well through HB2.

Panned Parenthood has virtually stopped doing surgical abortions at the I-45.  Cecil Richards does not want to give Greg Abbott probably cause to raid the PP I-45 which according to Richard’s is the only PP thank sells aborted body parts nationally.  Abbott raided PP I-45 shortly after CMP’s first expose, but to garner medicaid billing records as evidenced of fraud.  Panned Parenthood Texas has been sued civilly and convicted of Medicaid fraud three times by former employees who walked off with billing records.  The former CEO of PP I-45 Gulf Coast resigned in one instance.

If  Gov. Abbot raids PP I-45 this time, the logical goal would be to obtain an aborted baby whole and intact-partial birth abortion in the refrigerators on the third floor “Life Donation Center” where those hundred or so employees work during the week processing aborted babies into bio product.

The late term 5 to 9 month old aborted alive and strangled babies that Douglas Karpen sells to Planned Parenthood are there in those refrigerators.  Unfortunately for Dan Daleiden and Sarah Merritt, Abbott, not given probable cause by PP I-45 which has virtually stopped doing abortions, will not raid PP I-45 insuring that Daleiden and Sarah Merritt will be convicted of conspiracy to buy and sell human body parts by Gov. Greg Abbott and Devon Anderson and the State of Texas.

The worst possible outcome for the Texas Republican Pro-life Abortion Profiteer Establishment would be a raid that obtained partial birth abortions traced to Dr. Douglas Karpen in the third floor refrigerators of the Life Donation Center. Pro life  abortion profiteers Abbott, Patrick, Devon Anderson have given warning to Cecil Richard’s I-45, do not bring a raid by giving probable cause.

As a result, baby part monopoly sales (including strangled babies from Karpen) are brisk as ever.  Planned Parenthood I-45 through HB2 will never gain a monopoly or dominate market share over non USP outpatient clinics or mills like Rosenfells’.  Daniel and Sarah will be convicted.




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