The Michael Voris Deception- Opus Dei Illuminati Sodomite Double Agent to Discredit the Papacy

The Michael Voris Deception was manufactured in tandem (Stimulus – Reaction- Obedience i.e. propaganda-brain washing) with the  Barak Obama Deception by  the Illuminati Vatican City State and Vatican Bank- both fronts of the Rothschild Mossad/Bush Clinton Illuminati New World Order of Barbarians featuring Planned Parenthood.  As Sun Tzu in the Art of War says, “All War is Deception,” i.e. camouflaged or False Flag propagandized traitorous assaults by two faced high profile liars or Double Agents. The Double Agent is the most destructive pawn-and a Double Agent can be any piece on the Chess Board.   “Make War by Deception” is the motto of the Rothschild Zionist Mossad.  The Mossad and CIA war through False Flags via Double Agents against Christendom.   As such, The Michael Voris Deception and The Obama Deception are complimentary propaganda tools  and paradoxically the same mind control ploy used by the Vatican Illuminati. The  Michael Voris Deception was manufactured  via Sodomite Cardinal Raymond Burke- Chaplain of the Illuminati Knights of Malta- i.e. Hospitallers.   The Barak Obama Deception through Sodomite Cardinal Bernardin  and Fr. Theodore Hessburg of The University of Notre Dame.  Michael Voris claims to have graduated from University of Notre Dame in 1983, but there is no independent record of this.  Fr. Hessburgh promoted Saul Alinski, the “social justice warrior ” mentor of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as serving as the chairman of the board of Chase Bank (The Vatican Bank is Chase Bank) and the Rockefeller Bros. Foundation. Rockefeller/Bush Rothschild American Illuminati oligarchs bankrolled Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood as well as the CDC.   Fr. Hessburgh for David and Nelson Rockefeller spearheaded  Catholic university opposition to try to prevent Paul VIth issuing Humanae Vitae in tandem with Hessburgh’s Land of Lakes’  demand of  total “Academic Freedom” for Catholic Universities in regard to Church teachings.

  Barak Obama was forged out of this ambiance by the Illuminati Vatican  to destroy the Catholic Church in the United States, and murder Catholics throughout the world, be it Iraq, Syria, or Egypt, but most especially in the womb through abortion and contraception, and CIA/Mossad proxy armies like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Barak Obama, the black GW Bush, through Obamacare (with the public moral support of the NCCB, and Cards. Donna Wuerl of DC and Danny Dinardo of Houston/Galveston, backed by the openly homosexual Pope Benedict who blessed  Obamacare as a ” human right,” the right to have health care has established through Obamacare the Bush/Clinton Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians.  Obamacare is modeled on Hitler’s T4 Eugenics program via Richard Nixon, the Heritage Foundation, and Mitt Romney. Obamacare cemented the practical foundation of the GH Bush/ Clinton  Planned Parenthood “New World Order of Barbarians” while sub consciously instilling the Margaret Sanger “Contraceptive Mentality” among  anti Barak Obama, Obamacare “Pro-Life” or anti abortion Catholics, as well as so called Evangelical Christians, who believe that Artificial  Contraception is not sinful as the the Catholic Church teaches, and consistent as Margaret Sanger held, with being anti-abortion. Contraception prevents abortions. The truth is contraception is abortion in disguise and ends in abortion and sterilization and the death of the mother.

US Catholic Bishops- but across the world as well,  almost to a man have been completely silent on the grave sinfulness of Artificial Contraception, its abortion causing qualities, as well as its cancer causing, stroke, and heart attack complications since 1968 and Humanae Vitae. The Bishops’ silence has led from the top down to mass apostasy in the Roman Catholic Church as told by Our Lady of Fatima to the three children. Mary having shown the three children Hell and souls like a blizzard of snowflakes falling into the eternal flames of Hell told them that most souls go there because they have no one to pray for them, and  being Sodomites which includes not just anal intercourse, but mastarbation, adultery, sex outside of marriage, religious and priests who break their vow of chastity, pornography, contraception, and abortion, destroying the innocents of children, and paederasty.  Cultural sexual suicide via Planned Parenthood’s New World Order of Barbarian’s culture of murder denoted by these sexual sins damming to Hell is the outcome of Obamacare and the NCCB’s creation of Barak Obama Deception in tandem withthe Michael Voris Deception. Barak and Michael are Mutt and Jeff, good cop, bad cop in an Illuminati Vatican mind control propaganda ploy.

Beginning  with Sodomite Cardinal Francis “Franny” Spellman,  the so called “American Pope”  in the 1930’s, a right wing member of the Illuminati Vatican (Knights of Malta)  who took down a Michael Voris style radio broadcast priest Fr. Coughlin for FDR,  for criticizing the NEW DEAL as well as the Stalin Alliance of FDR, and replaced Coughlin (alleged pederast according to the FBI, with the homosexual  Fulton Sheen, and tendered First Amendment Masonic “Religious Freedom” to Pius XII via Jesuit John Courtney Murray, S.J. in the run up to Vatican II)  Spellman used his position as NY Cardinal and Military Archbishop to legalize abortion on demand in occupied Japan, and was silent about contraception use among Catholic troops during WWII. Spellman also led to the destruction of the Catholic Church in Vietnam as well as the Assassination of JFK and the rise of Prescott Bush via Nixon- as well as being associated with the Dulles Brothers especially Allan Dulles who with the Rothschild BIS established the later CIA front Vatican Bank in 1942 to supplant Prescott Bushes Union Bank as a Rothschild/Warburg hedge fund against Hitler’s Invasion of Russia for oil.

This same Chase Vatican Bank Illuminati of the Italian Gran Orient  P2 Lodge of Rome  murdered JPI, money laundered for CIA agent Fr. Maciel  Degollado’s SFC, and forced Benedict to resign and rigged Francis’ election and is now attacking Cardinal George Pell of Australia  for attempting to reform the Vatican Bank. Francis just order Pell to stop. Francis of course is a complete robot of the Illuminati in all ways.

Michael Voris-Opus Dei- is just like Barak in being a  complimentary propaganda talking head who has completely fabricated his  life story while lying about and covering up what actually Voris has been and done. The Illuminati are behind Hitler and Stalin at the same time in Satan’s war to destroy Christendom. Likewise Voris and his creator and Svengali, the Sodomite Cardinal Burke, as well as the Sodomite Benedict have achieved among so called “Conservative” Catholics, the Italian Grand Orient Illuminati P2 “Alta Vendita” conspiracy that the papacy be so discredited by a pope that “does not necessarily have to be one of us” that no one will listen to what the pope says. This is what has happened! And the Michael Voris Deception is key to what has indeed happened just as in tandem the Barak Obama Deception is.

Voris’ like his own Sodomite life, covered up Benedict’s and the true reason Benedict resigned- 30 years of cover of clerical sodomy against children- setting up the rigged election of Francis who tells everyone not to call him pope. Voris then proclaims to all his brain washed internet dupes that Benedict is “Pope Emeritus”.  This accomplishes via both left and right, Voris and Barak, Benedict and Francis, that left or right, modernist or traditionalist, that no one listens to the pope ever again- with Voris and Burke lying not saying Francis is not the Pope- but Catholics do not have to listen to Francis as Pope- the same thing Francis is saying- and that there are two popes at once who recognized each other as Pope. You can not have two valid popes at once who recognize each other as pope. Neither is pope. A heretical pope who publicly destroys the Church as Francis and Benedict are doing must be resisted, not promoted as Michael Voris and Burke in their mutual Deception have done.

Michael Voris is an Opus Dei/Skull and Bones child sex slave mind controlled (MK Ultra) Illuminati Manchurian Candidate- the ultimate double agent propagandist in the Francis/Benedict False Flag to so discredit the papacy by confusion and religion is politics that no one listens to the Pope anymore.


Khazarian Mafia’s system of Cartels By Preston James, Ph.D

Khazarian Mafia’s system of Cartels
By Preston James, Ph.D on April 26, 2016
It controls practically everything in America
by Preston James
image002In 2014, the Chairman, Director and Senior Editor of Veterans Today disclosed for the very first time that there is no naturally occurring terrorism — it is only violence and wars engineered by the World’s largest organized crime syndicate.

Thus, we now are aware that the so-called problem of terrorism is really a problem of organized crime that is initiated and deployed by the world’s largest organized crime syndicate.

Never before in history has an organized crime syndicate become so large with global reach, and never before so powerful and evil, specializing in the frequent mass-murder of innocent people solely to enhance its power and riches.

It was Gordon Duff, Chairman of Veterans Today, who first publicly discussed this sinister reality at the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism during his Keynote Speech in December of 2014.

Soon after this, VT’s Financial Editor and Talk show host (“Short End of the Stick”) Mike Harris publicly pointed out for the first time that this largest global organized crime syndicate is best identified as the Khazarian Mafia (KM). This name is appropriate, because its origins go back in history to the period 700-1200 AD in the nation of Khazaria, which is approximately the same area as Ukraine.

Mike Harris uncovered a sinister history related to this Khazarian Mafia — one of committing genocide against Armenians in 1915, and mass-murdering over 100 million innocent Russian civilians in the Bolshevik Revolution. The KM also mass-murdered at least that many Chinese during the Khazarian Mafia directed Maoist takeover in China in 1945.

Mike Harris also uncovered the longstanding blood feud of the Khazarian Mafia (aka the Bolsheviks, or Zionists) against not only the Russian people for destroying Khazaria in 1240 AD.

It is clear that the Khazarian Mafia has also had a longstanding blood feud against America the Constitutional Republic for breaking away from their City of London establishment that the KM had infiltrated and hijacked via the Rothschild banksters.

This KM blood feud against America has been conducted with the usual methods involving infiltration of key institutions, followed by their hijacking. This has been done within each of the largest US Corporations, which are further consolidated into several larger corporations that cooperate together against consumers and buyers of their products and services.

The application of several key KM processes have resulted in the hijacking and consolidation of most American institutions and large corporations.

This same process of infiltration, hijacking and consolidation of major institutions, corporations and even most governments has been repeated over and over in many nations around the world, stealing huge amounts of wealth from people and resulting in a worldwide KM hierarchy of control, best described in America as the Establishment Hierarchy.

In essence, these cooperating corporations function as a cartel or an illegal monopoly. This makes it quite easy for the KM to control entire industries and sectors of society, because they ensure that the leaders of the corporations have been initiated into their hierarchy of control and have a personally vested interest in following KM wishes and directives.

This same process has been enacted in every sector of American society after 1913, and we discover that every major institution of government and private industry, as well as most large church systems have been infiltrated and completely hijacked to be under the spell and control of the top leadership of the KM’s hierarchy.


Here is a brief list of the various interlocked Cartels that the Khazarian Mafia has created that control America and have been placed under the control of the Establishment Hierarchy, (and not necessarily in the order of importance).

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

Each of these Cartels is organized into a large system best referred to as the Hierarchy, and the several wrinkled-up old men in wheelchairs that control it are called the “Select Few” by insiders.

The Money Cartel aka the Federal Reserve System, a fraudulent illegal unConstitutional system that prints fake money debt-notes instead of real Gold or Silver Certificates. This is the epitome of RICO crime and fraud. Of course there is no statute of limitations on fraud, and all assets illegally asset stripped can be clawed back some day using the US military, if necessary.
The Energy Cartel aka the Petro Cartel which has provided the linchpin of the US Petro Dollar.
The Knowledge Cartel aka the US Educational system including public schools, private and public universities. Rigid controls have been imposed which prevent free thought and investigation or teaching about certain forbidden subjects like the Federal Reserve System or all the secretly run illegal, unConstitutional practices of the Establishment Hierarchy.
The Military and Intel Cartel which has served as the World’s policemen and used American Soldiers as disposable cannon-fodder. This itself is one of the most sinister crimes against America and is a well-planned attempt to destroy Goyim men and prevent them from defending America from the KM’s “final solution” and final revenge for ever leaving England which is the mass-murder of 90% of all Americans, a repeat of what they did in Russian in 1917 and China in 1945.
The Judiciary, Corrections and Police Cartel which is used to run interference and cover-ups for the Establishment Hierarchy. It is staffed by mostly Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and ex-Jag Officers who serve the Establishment Hierarchy no matter what.
The Big Medicine Cartel. Controls all medical schools, all medical, dental and nursing degrees, the CDC, the FDC and all USG health policies. Like all other Establishment Hierarchy Cartels it serves the Hierarchy’s needs and serves up limited truth about all health problems and is oriented to making people sick in order to gain maximum profits and control of the masses by weakening them and asset stripping them.
The Big Pharma Cartel. This cartel has been designed to work closely with the Big Medicine Cartel in a symbiotic arrangement where each feeds the other and increases business for each other. This is a sinister result of what good be an asset to Americans that has turned bad, becoming a tool to gain major profits at the expense of the health and financial well-being of Americans.
The Agricultural Cartel. This cartel has been created by infiltrating and hijacking corporations that buy, broker and process grains and produce. It is associated with the banks in various financing scheme designed to result in the loss of family farms to become part of large corporate farms.
The Major Mass Media Cartel. This is best described as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). It uses an American Intel proprietary to vet every single story carried by the six networks which actually function as a virtual and illegal Monopoly. This KM proprietary is a major Investment House that claims to be on the Vanguard of progressive investments.
The Entertainment Cartel. This is based on the sophisticated mind-kontrol served up by Hollywood and the Television networks and movie theaters. It controls the culture, values and mores of the American group mind and and keeps the massed sedated and satiated. When folks experience frequent “shoot em up” action scenario’s sitting in front of large screen TVs and in movie theaters and frequently see the impossible, this satiates their expectations and exhausts their motivation to actually change society for the better. Many have become so “programmed” mentally by the TV and movies that they have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality and easily accept their mind-kontrolled state.
The Bread and Circuses Cartel. This is Big Sports designed to keep the masses appeased so they don’t have time to become concerned about how the Establishment is ripping them off at every level nor any inclination to be motivated to stop them from doing so. Much of the violence and filth in America can be directly attributed to this powerful mind-kontrol system which operates by the power of 60 HZ conditioned susceptibility, hypnosis for many. Hollywood superstars are paid big money because what they do is important to the Establishment Hierarchy, in terms of mind-kontrolling the American masses and much of the world.
The Religious Cartel. Sad to say that the KM has infiltrated and hijacked almost every major religion in the World, including the Vatican and Catholicism, Lutheranism and all the rest. The illegal, unConstitutional 501-3C tax exempt status regulation for churches has kept them in line and restricted them from getting involved in politics or preaching much truth related to evil in the highest echelons of their own governments, local, state and federal.
jfk-illuminati-assassination (2)The Secret Society Cartel. The KM has established a worldwide network of secret occult-based societies which form the secret associations that control almost every major US Institution from the top echelons. This network is closely associated with Intel groups and actually has been secretly deputized as agents of national security which gives them immunity from any prosecution. This Cartel uses various occult groups in its network such as satanic cults like the Process to do its dirty work, often assassinations, gang-stalking, secret break-ins and other crimes for the Intel Agencies who want distance and deniability. There are cases where certain occult members who have embarked on such missions have been clipped by a well-trained intended target and these incidents never get into the light of day for what really happened. As more and more Americans are becoming armed under the new concealed carry “shall issue” laws, it is not so easy anymore for these occult groups to compete such acts without getting clipped in the process.
The Government and Politics Cartel. This involves a coordinated system that controls all government in America, local, state and federal. various manipulations and used to bring conformity to the wishes and edicts of the Establishment Hierarchy such as political favors, bribery, human compromise and even harassment, threats and assassinations often disguised as medical illnesses.
The Arms Cartel. This is one of the biggest money makers for the wealthy KM families that own large blocks of stock in these defense contractors, especially those with no-bid contracts which are also involved in kidnapping and sex-slavery. War is extreme profitable for the FRS Banks and these KM investor Families. And that is why the Hierarchy pulls so many strings to hire mercenaries to conduct Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag attacks in order to start illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars. Because the Russian Republic has checkmated this war-making process in the Mideast, it is likely that the KM is planning on transforming America into a large GAZA II war-zone and eventually into the World’s largest open-aired prison camp while they complete their goal to depopulate America by 90%.
The Narcotics Cartel. This is the most lucrative KM Cartel in America of all, next to the Money cartel, which is the “head of the snake”. Retired DEA officials have privately spoken out and claimed that most of the large Wall Street banks would go under in a month unless they could launder the vast fortunes obtained from the Establishments. The richest, top Establishment Hierarchy (KM) families who are in the upper crust dress with the most expensive clothes, live in big mansions, and attend charity events pretending to be caring folks, when they are actually the most two-faced and evil of all, and directly gain from the enormous drug cartel profits. The money is also split with the Intel agencies, who use it for black ops money and personal gain.

There is some good news with all this bad news

BRICS7Recently the KM has been completely checkmated for the very first time, and this has been accomplished in Syria by Putin and the Russian Federation with its use of superior state of the art air power at Syria’s request.

Not only that, numerous new economic, trade and monetary coalitions have developed, which in time will sink the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Thus we see the BRICS Development Bank emerging, followed by the Chinese AIIB System and the Chinese version of the Swift money-wire system.

Already most of the world’s governments (except the USA and Israel) have either signed up for BRICS or sent letters of intent. Private trade deals have been negotiated between China, Russia and other nations, which are for the first time conducting trade without the use of the US Petro Dollar.

The die is set, and no matter how much the Federal Reserve System and its partner in crime the US Department of the Treasury monetize the US foreign debt by buying it back with newly issued but worthless debt-notes, it is only a matter of time that the whole FRS system is going to collapse under its own massive Ponzi scheme of financial fraud and fake money.



I am often asked the question of how can we stop this insidious monster the KM and its Establishment Hierarchy that has hijacked almost every American institutions using the extreme power of its debt-note counterfeit money-magick. They have done this by buying or bribing almost every single USG officials and US Federal Judge including five of the now eight Supreme Court Justices?

8e32d-blasphemies (2)

This is a difficult question to be sure. The best way is for the spontaneous emergence of a large scale mass populist awareness all over America at every level. This is in process now thanks to the increasingly negative economic situation and the alternative news on the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press.

As more and more Americans find out about the KM, the Establishment Hierarchy and the Select Few that run it, more and more Americans will become motivated to dissent, protest and work hard to change this at every level instead of wasting most of their free time on TV entertainment and bread and circuses.

Abject secrecy is necessary for the KM’s survival and power. Up until recently, any presentation of such realities to one’s family or friends usually resulted in the accusation that such was conspiracy theory or crackpot Internet stuff.

Lately with all the USG lies exposed even in the CMMM, especially when USG economic statistics are reported that everyone knows are clearly lies, folks are catching on and beginning to listen to such talk and believing it for the first time.

The best way would probably be for a patriotic faction of the US Military High Command to wake up and stage a coup d’état and cut the head off of the snake by arresting all of the top Hierarchy members for Treason, Sedition and RICO crimes against America, especially the Select Few.

The problem is that the Hierarchy’s control over all American Institutions has reached the point that we are probably going to have to see the Hierarchy and the KM destroyed by the geopolitical and geo-economic manipulations of Russia, China and its new economic allies all around the world.


As this new reordering of monetary systems and trading nations emerges, the death of the US Petro Dollar is imminent, and when that happens the power of the KM and its Establishment Hierarchy and system of interlocked Cartels will collapse.

In fact, every single one of the KM Cartels listed above is being exposed and many are being checkmated by dissident Americans from all walks of life, including retired Intel, government officials and many of the now well-informed public.

In addition, the Russian Federation, China and their new associations with BRICS nations and AIIB participants are seeding the complete disempowerment and destruction of the KM and the Establishment Hierarchy. The KM knows its end seems imminent, and had built Malaysia and China into economic powerhouses to later parasitize as their new hosts after they have reduced the USA to rubble and dead bodies.

But the Chinese have very long memories and their leaders have connected the dots and are hip to this and working closely with Putin and the Russian Federation to prevent this. In the not too distant future, there will likely be no place to hide for the KM and their Establishment Hierarchy.

Stay tuned, because in a future article, an attempt will be made to explain why the KM members are so two-faced and so remarkably inhuman and evil. We need to find out why they are able to order individual murders and mass-murders of innocent civilians in war at the drop of a hat with absolutely no remorse.

We need to learn why they enacted extreme rules of engagement with We The People, while never expecting that someday the same rules of engagement could be directed back at them systematically at all levels.


The Francis Connection to Child Sex Slave Trafficking by Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel (SFC) and the Murder of Fr. Nicklaus Gruner


Now Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez, a native of Monterey, Mexico -base of the SFC pillar, the Garza Family’s Alfa Corp.-  was an Opus Dei ( i.e. Illuminati Vatican) Bishop while Archbishop of San Antonio (2005-2010), but in 2010 publicly resigned from Opus Dei when Houston’s Cardinal Daniel Dinardo sent him to LA to replace ostensibly Cardinal Roger Mahony approaching 75, the age of retirement.  Cardinal Dinardo is a secret Cardinal overseer of the Vatican Bank  sent to the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston in 2006, after the death of JPII,  to resurrect the faltering money laundering  relationship between Carlos Slim Helu’s SFC and Fr. Maciel Degollado’s  still extent Legionary of Christ Vatican Bank account.  In 2008, this money laundering relationship between the SFC and Fr. Maciel’s LOC Vatican Bank account was vindictively  severed by Helu in reaction to Pope Benedict’s dismissal of  Fr. Maciel, the criminal mastermind behind the formation of the The Sinaloa Federation Cartel (The Garza and Helu families), as the religious head of The Legionaries of Christ, or as Fr. Maciel demanded to be called “Nuestro Padre.”

Pope Benedict dismissed Fr. Maciel for  “moral turpitude” as religious superior of the religious order Maciel, a known pederast, and morphine addict founded with twelve Mexican boys under the age of 15 in 1942 in Rome Maciel entitled  the Legionaries of Christ. Pope Benedict did not dismiss Maciel for being the criminal mastermind behind the formation of the most powerful global organized crime syndicate in human history, the SFC who accrued a personal fortune of 24 billion Euros from his LOC Vatican Bank SFC money laundering account.  True to form in his 30 year cover up of global clerical child sodomy as CDF Head and now Pope, Pope Benedict failed to mention this particular moral flaw of Fr. Maciel. Fr. Maciel was sentenced by Benedict to spend the rest of his life in prayer and fasting as penance.  Fr. Maciel, defiant to the end,  refusing to confess his sins or receive the Last Rites on his death bed in a plush Miami hospital suit  from his chosen LOC successor Fr.  Louis Garza, did not obey Pope Benedict in doing penance for his sins.

Cardinal Dinardo who failed spectacularly in his mission to compel Helu back into the Vatican Bank cartel money laundering  fold, was acting initially as  an agent of  Cardinal Sodano, and fellow Vatican Gay Lobby Head and like Sodano former Secretary of the Rothschild illuminati Vatican City State Tarciscio Bertone.  Both Cardinals have extensive organized crime ties via bribes and lavish gifts to Fr. Maciel Degollado and the still extent Legion of Christ Vatican Bank account established by Legionaries of Christ founder and head  Fr. Maciel to serve  SFC-Sinoloa Federation Cartel- money laundering. In one year, Carlos Slim Helu, a Lebanese immigrant to Mexico and Syrian Rite Maronite Catholic,  a prominent member of the SFC reportedly in one fiscal year made a religious donation of 30 billion dollars in cartel proceeds to the Legionaries of Christ to be laundered by Fr. Maciel  via the LOC Vatican Bank account. Fr. Maciel used money laundering proceeds to buy the support of powerful Vatican City State Cardinals such as Sodano, Bertone, and cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos of Columbia, Pablo Escobar’s personal chaplain, until Escobar went out of control of the GH Bush dominated CIA.

Both Sodano and Bertone  attempted desperately to prevent through document forgeries  and media distortions about the existence of the BVM’s  explanation written down by Sr. Lucy, a Fatima seer, on the Third Secret,  the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Both in tandem brought about Fr. Niklaus Gruner’s ecclesiastical alienation through the suspension of his priestly faculties  by his local ordinary.  Fr. Gruner was the Church’s foremost priestly advocate for the consecration  of Russia by name to Mary’s Immaculate Heart  mandated by Our Lady of Fatima  in 1929.   1929 is the year that the Rothschild/Illuminati Vatican City State was established as well as the Bank of International Settlement in Basil, Switzerland in conjunction with the Rothschild Bank of England, modeled on the Rothschild owned “City of London.”   The Illuminati Vatican, is based in the Vatican Bank -Established 1942- by Cardinal Francis Spellman,  the so called “The American Pope,” homosexual Knight of Malta,  who recommended John Courtney Murray, S.J.  proponent of US style religious pluralism “Freedom of Religion” to Pope Pius XII.  “Franny” Spellman duped Pius XIIth  to  establish the Institute of Religious Works, the IOR , popularly known as the Vatican Bank by BIS, and by Allen Dulles, supplanting Prescott Bush’s faltering Union Bank as a German Industrialist Hedge Fund (Rothschild/Warburg Wall Street investors) against Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

Failing to silence Fr. Nicklaus by his suspension as a priest in his fervent unrelenting advocacy that the Pope consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as mandated by Our Lady of Fatima in 1929, the Illuminati Vatican murdered Fr. Nicklaus Gruner in 2015, just as the Illuminati Vatican members of the Roman Italian Grand Orient Lodge Propaganda Due  murdered JPI in 1978 for threatening as Pope to “reform” the Vatican Bank- a Rothschild Zionist- Mossad /and CIA (Skull and Bones)Illuminati geo political front.

Although  JPII was prevented by the Illuminati Vatican several times from consecrating Russia by name, and Francis is completely on board in not doing the consecration at all,  Benedict in 2012 publicly contradicted Sodano and Bertone’s  published distortions in books and press conferences about the Fatima Message and the attempted assassination of JPII.  Benedict as Pope again going out of control in this crucial instance of the consecration of Russia, as he did in dismissing Fr. Maciel Degollado- the criminal master mind and CIA agent behind the formation of the SFC-  as head of the Legionaries of Christ, a money laundering Vatican Bank account front for Carlos Slim Helu and the SFC, was removed as Pope through the machinations of the Illuminati Vatican and replaced by Francis through a rigged conclave.

In 2010, Benedict attempted also to reform the Vatican Bank and end money laundering which likewise ended in his being forced to resign as Pope by the Vatican Bank Illuminati black mailing him as Pope over his cover up of clerical child sodomy as CDF head for JPII and Fr. Maciel.

Although  Cardinal Mahony said at the time “he was personally excited” to have a Hispanic “social justice” replacement in Gomez as LA Archbishop, Gomez, at the appointed time (2011-during the Rothschild front Illuminati/CIA Vatican Bank black mailing of Pope Benedict for his part as CDF head in covering up global clerical SRA by clerics for JPII to force him to resign) stabbed Mahony in the back by publicly scapegoating Mahony for the American Church’s Child Sex Abuse Scandal. The media scandal  was begun in 2001 via CIA/Neo Con (Mossad) controlled US corporate media as part of the 9/11 false flag Mossad operation  to discredit the  Pontificate of  JPII with Cardinal Ratzinger CDF head. JPII refused to support continuing sanctions and war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq by the GW Bush administration as demanded by the Neo Con/CIA Bush/Clinton “Project for a New American Century”  circa 1997.  Saddam Hussein supported greatly the Maronite Syrian Rite Catholic Church, as opposed to the Bush/Clinton Mossad/CIA Saudi/Sunni false flag proxy army ISIS’  mass extermination of Maronite Catholics in Iraq and Assad’s Syria the direct result of GW Bush’s Project for a New American Century war against Saddam’s Iraq beginning in 2002.

Although Cardinal Dinardo at has a long and detailed public record as a bishop of covering up clerical child sodomy, as does his catamite and fellow Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia Family associate now DC Cardinal “Donna” Wuerl   – who wrote an introduction for one of Fr. Maciel’s many plagiarized sappy pious books, Houston’s  former Bishop Fiorenza, who Dinardo succeeded as Archbishop in 2008, has almost a perfect record of  cover up of clerical children sodomy by clerics in his former Archdiocese of Galveston Houston and nationally as President of the NCCB before 2001 with one devastating climatic exception involving Cardinal Ratzinger being sued in federal court in Houston for cover up clerical child sodomy as CDF Head in 2005.

Significantly, Ted Cruz, a Marrano Jew Neo Con posing as a Hispanic Christian Zionist whose father Raphael Sr. participated with Oswald and the Cuban Exile Community CIA in the assassination of JFK in 1963, (, is also like Dinardo and Wuerl a Zappala Mafia associate, but as a defense lawyer on retainer for the Zappala Mafia Family preemptively defending Anthony Zappala Sr. a Penn. Supreme Court Judge retired- in the Kids for Cash Scandal portrayed in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 – Moore is a pro abortion “catholic” apostate, but his documentaries tell truths about the Bush Crime family, the American Skull and Bones Illuminati, destruction of the American Republic, and The Catholic Church, the altering of the popular notion of the Papacy through JPII as a Zbigniew Brzezinski, geo political pawn and bishop, and the supplanting of Christendom by GH Bush’s Skull and Bones American Illuminati New World Order of Barbarians.

Lyin Ted the Canadian ‘s candidate for North American Union President’s part in the Kids for Cash Scandal in the 2003 trial was resurrected by fellow CIA candidate for Senate CIA Dave Dewhurst during their race for  Senate in 2012 through television and radio commercials by the Dewhurst campaign. Paradoxically, Dewhurst’s psychotic cut throat campaign manager in his failed Senate bid to Cruz, Jeff Roe,  a Millennial reincarnation of Carl Rove, who used Lyin Ted’s Zappala scandalous connection to the Kids for Cash Scandal in Dewhurst’s failed Campaign is now Cruz’s cut throat campaign manager against Donald Trump- along with the CIA, Roe orchestrates presidential election fraud for Cruz now by Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital/Iran/ Contra money laundering fund (Bain Capital managers also fund Opus Dei member Michael Voris’ Church Militant) with  the CIA Mormons and LDS Church, all Rothschild Zionist Neo Cons, Jeb! and Neal Bush, and former CIA heads and officers.  This is all intended to end in the election of Hilary Clinton, CIA with Bill under GH Bush. It  always comes down to maintaining control.  As GW recently said- Hillary is my sister in law, and Bill my brother.  Bush/Clinton is the Goldman/Sachs (Rothschild Global Banking Front) political establishment.  Trump’s not a member of the CIA, CFR, or Skulls and Bones, American Illuminati. He is not, like Bernie, controlled. Or like JFK, Benedict, JPI, Fr. Gruner, or Carlos Marcelo controlled.

Galveston/Houston Bishop Fiorenza was linked with both Opus Deis and Fr. Maciel just as JPII was, and Wuerl, and Dinardo are. (Bishop Fiorenza) a former homosexual President of the NCCB – was made Archbishop of Galveston Houston by JPII in 79, along with Joe Bernadin in Chicago, and Mahony in LA. Fiorenza in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston managed to perfectly suppress and cover up all cases of child sodomy by clerics in this archdiocese which is the largest hub of child sex slaving in the world. Fiorenza did this with the help most recently of Gov Rick Perry, AG Abbott, and Lt. Gov.CIA Dave Dewhurst, but before them with  GW Bush.

GH Bush, GW’s Skull and Bone’s legacy father, in 1989, as an outcome of Iran/Contra cocaine/crack smuggling conspired with Fr. Maciel Degollado, Carlos Slim Helu, the Garza Family, and then Vatican Nuncio to Mexico (now Secr. of the Vatican City State) Piedro Parolin  and established through the downfall of the PRI’s Carlos Salinas and Pablo Escobar in Columbia, beginning with the Bush/Zappala FBI take down of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcelo in 1984, to create the Sinaloa Federation Cartel- Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family of Monterey in conjunction with PAN President Vincente Fox,  to replace the Colombian Medellin cocaine cartel and the Sicilian Mafia as conduit of drugs, child sex slaves, and arms dealing via Mexico. Mexico City is the traditional headquarters of the CIA. The CIA authored the Zetas as false opposition to the SFC to destroy the Gulf Coast Cartel, the original Mexican Drug Cartel associated with marijuana , alcohol, and black tar Mexican Heroine sales with both the Maceo/Fertitta Free State Galveston Syndicate and the Sicilian/Marrano Jewish Mafia, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and The Little Man-Carlos Marcelo in New Orleans.

All of the above (Bush Family, Clinton’s, Helu, Garzas) after Marcelo’s imprisonment in 1984 by the FBI, were syndicated with the Tilman Fertitta Free State/Galveston Legacy child sex slaving, arms dealing to cartels (Fast and Furious- Joe Kucimba with Bush DOJ immunity staged Polish AK -47 sales to the cartels from the Port of Houston for the SFC to cause  war between rival non SFC cartels via the 12,000 square foot Knights of Columbus Hall in Hempstead, Texas, in syndication with Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel of Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family, and the King of Spain who owns Texas Toll Roads High 69 proceeds- and off course cocaine, marijuana, and meth sales.

Neither Abbott as AG (a member of the Fertitta syndicate with Perry and Dinardo), nor any other law enforcement on any level in Texas, or in the country, or in the world has ever made an arrest ending in conviction for child sex slave trafficking, ever. Therefore Bishop Fiorenza’s perfect record of covering up clerical child sex slave trafficking in Galveston/Houston and as President of the NCCB.  As President of the NCCB, Fiorenza also received backing in his cover ups of SRA of children by clerics in his archdiocese and nationally from Gregory Zappala who controls appointments by the NCCB by sitting on the NCCB Lay Advisory Board on Clerical Sexual Misconduct with Children established in 2002.

Gregory Zappala got Mafia family associate Dinardo his gig as Archbishop of Galveston/Houston, as well as Donna Wuerl in DC. Gregory Zappala as both Allegheny County District Attorney, and member of the lay board of the NCCB on Sexual MIsconduct with Minors (what a antiseptic euphemism!) covered up for then Pittsburgh Bishop Wuerl (priest Danny Dinardo’s first bishop) the shooting of Michael Ference’s son on a parish school bus by a mentally distraught child sodomy victim of a parish priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh who was a catamite of Wuerl. Ultimately Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as CDF head who turned a blind eye on orders from St. JPII “the Great” to Fr. Maciel- JPII’s CIA Svengali- the master mind of child sex slaving for the undocumented workers in cantinas  from Houston to Chicago, bears with St. JP II “The Great” moral responsibility via Wuerl for the cover up of the real reasons for the suicide of the child victim of the priest’s  sodomy and his victim’s psychotic shooting of Michael Ference’s son, along with tens of thousands of other such cover ups.

But Fiorenza’s perfect record of cover up came to an end in a  famous civil suit written about in the Houston Press story entitled the “Man who Sued the Pope” by investigative reporter John Lomax. I actually know a family whose daughters were at the parish school in Houston when the homosexual assaults of boys were perpetrated by a young sodomite posing as a priest brought up from Costa Rica to be a play thing for the parish pastor, though not ordained or even a seminarian was acting as a priest at the parish, including head of the youth group. Dinardo who had just arrived in 2005 as auxillary with the right of succeeding Fiorenza took this phony priest rapist of young boys posing as a priest to the airport to return to Costa  Rica for Fiorenza after two of his victims of their parents complained. All of this is accounted in the Houston Press story.

The lawyer representing the family, a former Catholic Deacon, Dan Shay, a homosexual, civilly sued then Cardinal Ratzinger head of the CDF in Federal Court in Houston for over seeing an international conspiracy to harm children via the Catholic Church. Daniel Shay, a homosexual former deacon in the Catholic Church, in the Houston Press article credits his suit as the reason why Benedict was elected Pope in the first place. The runner at the time up was Bergoglio, Francis. Benedict was voted pope by hated rivals as diverse as Cardinals Law and Mahoney so that as Pope he would have diplomatic immunity as sovereign of the Rothschild Illuminati Vatican City State with the Vatican Bank at its heart against the suit in Houston Federal Court. . Benedict after 25 years with JPII knew where all the skeleton’s of the world bishops and cardinals were when it came to covering up their SRA of children. The Houston suit would set a precedent that Church officials could be disposed in court and sued for cover up child sodomy by their clerics. In Benedict’s case, this involved massively Fr. Maciel and the SFC and the Bush’s as founder members of the SFC with Maciel in 1989. As soon as Benendict was elected pope, Condolezza Rice as GW’s Secretary of State sent a letter to the Federal Judge in Houston claiming that now Pope Benedict as a foreign sovereign has Diplomatic Immunity from Federal Suits by private citizens in the United States. Suit dismissed.

But Pope Benedict, in 2008, went immediately out of control in dismissing Fr. Maciel as the LOC order head which ultimately led to Benedict being disposed of through the Rothschild Vatican Bank as a Pope who “could neither buy or sell”. Now Benedict with the aid of Voris and NOR as the so called “Pope Emeritus” in fulfilling the Italian Illuminati Alta Venditta conspiracy to insure that no one listens to the Pope, liberal or conservative, Catholic or not. Francis has brought this conspiracy to fruition the footsteps of John XXIII to JPII to Benedict through his satanic “confusion” of the office of papacy and claiming as the satanic illuminati does in their overthrow of Christendom with satan’s culture of murder, a New World Order, based on the contraception mentality-abortion in disguise-that religion is politics- i.e. social justice as contraception and abortion “freedom of choice” and gay marriage, sodomy as eucharistic as Timothy Radcliff former Master General of the Dominican Order preaches throughout the world. Like the CIA/ Askenazi Jew/Polish intelligence officer JPII, Fiorenza, Gomez, and Dinardo and Wuerl strongly supported both the Legionaries of Christ and their false opposition Opus Dei to the end of edifying Rothschild Zionist Neo Con oil domination in the “Middle East” against Russia and bringing about Francis, who no one listens to as pope.

Recall the assassination in 91″ of the Cardinal Archbishop of Guadalajara at the Mexico City airport. He was Mahony’s catamite transferred from Tiajuana via JPII controlled by Fr. Maciel, the mastermind of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel- Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family- and the King of Spain- to the center of the SFC in Guadalajara. Mahony and Cardinal Jesus Ocampo besides being catamites and “best friends” were syndicated with the Feliz Cartel based in Tiajuanna. In 91 a power struggle for leadership broke out between the Feliz Cartel and the SFC which the Feliz brothers had joined. The carton character, El Chapo del Guzman, who is as much the head of the SFC, as JP Morgan was of the Rothschild Family Fortune of Globalist Banksters was used in a false flag set up by the Rothschild Illuminati Vatican’s Opus Dei/LOC Nuncio to Mexico (Piedro Parolin) insuring that the Cardinal of Guadalajara after returning from a meeting in Rome would be at the Mexico City Airport at an exact time in the parking lot in a car that was the same exact make and model as El Chapo’s vehicle, to be assassinated by SFC gunman in a “crossfire” blamed on the Feliz Brother Cartel of Tiajuana attempting to assassinate the rival El Chapo in an alleged take over of the SFC. Maciel and Parolin sent up the assassination to false flag the Feliz Cartel, but importantly sever these two Cardinals from the Feliz Cartel. Cardinal Jesus was shot over 100 times point blank in the vehicle with automatic AK 47 fire. Hardly evidence of being caught in a cross fire and case of mistaken identity.

The appointment by Dinardo of Gomez to stab Majoney in the back as the scapegoat poster girl for the American Church Child Sex Abuse Scandal (which Mahony actually is) was the next shoe to drop all the way back in 91.” Dinardo and Soldano used Gomez’s back stabbing of Mahony to bring Mahoney to vote for Bergoglio in conclave to replace Benedict. Mahony blamed Benedict for Gomez stabbing him in the back and was delighted with the election of Bergoglio in his hatred of Benedict due to Dinardo and Gomez allegedly being agents of Benedict’s will.

Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Virtually Stops Doing Abortions in order not to Give Probable Cause for Raid to Abbott, Baby Parts Sales Continue Unabated

For seven weeks now,  I have personally observed a virtual stoppage of surgical abortions at Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast, I-45. I go twice weekly to the former Sterling Bank sold by its Catholic CEO, John Bridgewater in 2006,  under the direction of then Bishop, now Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, a major archdiocesan share holder in this bank, to  Cecil Richard’s Panned Parenthood.  I pray the Rosary, chant the Psalms in Latin and speak to victims of Panned Parenthood, be it abortion or the deathly physical effects of artificial birth control(WHO states that artificial contraception-BPA plastic estrogen mimicker- is the number one cause of heart attack, stroke, cancer-breast and cervical- and blood clots in woman that ingest them) and spiritual effects of the anti family and marriage, male and female  “contraception mentality”  as “clients” drive into and out of  this satanic temple of mothers sacrificing their unborn children  symbolically build in the shape of a gigantic cash register .

In 2008, according to Abbey Johnson, in her book Unplanned, Panned Parenthood planned to move aggressively to dominate the surgical abortion market in Texas and across the United States. This was a sea change from Panned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger’s  public opposition to surgical abortion as killing of a child (murder) in advocating contraception to prevent back alley abortions, and abortion in general.  Besides, the few abortion victims I now observe at the Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast  I-45 (The largest late term United Surgical Partners’ out patient abortion clinic in the Western World) a minute away from Cardinal Dinardo’s new 45 million dollar Co Cathedral of the Sacred Heart,  I have also observed a significant decrease in non abortion victims going to Panned Parenthood for contraception, or other “services.”  What has not changed is the hundred or so new vehicles parked in the employees parking lot in the back lot of the I-45.

The Panned Parenthood I-45, the flagship of Panned Parenthood’s mega clinics, the largest late term “out patient” abortion clinic in the Western World, capable of doing hundreds of abortions each day, does not need a hundred employees each day of the week to do 1 to 3 abortions, or  tend to fifteen to twenty clients for contraception and STD treatment.

Since Panned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s  grand opening in 2010, the former “Pro Life Governor Rick Perry’s sister Mila Perry Jones  United Surgical Partners partnered “ambulatory surgical” or outpatient late tern abortion clinic at the I-45 has been a financial disaster.  “Abortion mills,”  like Dr. Bernanrd Rosenfeld’s Women’s Clinic on Fannin dominate 90% of the surgical abortion business in Houston.  Consistently, Dr. Rosenfel’s staff does 40 to 60 abortions six days a week on a cash and miscarriage basis.  Overhead is minimal.  The clinic is a medium sized house.  Rosenfeld’s Women’s clinic is not  “outpatient” and therefore not partnered” with United Surgical Partners   Milla Perry Jone’s,  former “Pro Life Governor” Rick Perry’s  lobbyist to him sister’s corporation, as Panned Parenthood I-45 and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Woman’s clinic are.  Not being “outpatient,” Rosenfeld pays no costly franchise dues to United Surgical Partners, nor a million to three million to renovate his humble abortion clinic under the auspices of Unitied Surgical Partner’s as “out patient” to join Panned Parenthood I-45 and Douglas Karpen in the USP monopoly of certified  “out patient” clinics in Texas.

If Panned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast was envisioned by Hilary Clinton and Cecil Richards as the  Super Walmart of Abortion, Rosenfeld’s  Woman’s clinic is the Dollar Store.  The Dollar Store Model ( Rosenfeld charges less than Panned Parenthood I-45) has been destroying the Super Walmart business model, this is true of the surgical abortion business in Texas as well.  Plus Panned Parenthood is the government and supported by tax payers regardless “Pro Life/Pro Choice” Democrat or Republican in the tune of .5 billion a fiscal year.  Rosenfeld receives no government tax dollars,  rakes in over  $250,000 cash a week, does not accept insurance  or Obamacare, and pay taxes.  Although I do not know for certain whether he pays taxes or not of all this blood libel money.

Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry and his sister’s HB2 United Surgical Partners Surgical Abortion Monopoly  Outpatient Mandate law to the rescue of the Bush/Clinton Panned Parenthood.  The Bush/Walker/Clinton family first founded and the Clintons now sustains politically Panned Parenthood.  Although the Bush crime family claims to be pro life and an opponent of abortion,  in reality Panned Parenthood is the CIA/Skull and Bones New World Order of Barbarians sickle of American Nazi race war genocide by the American illuminati/Bush/ Clinton/Rockefeller against first Blacks, but now as you see everyone. The goal is total depopulation of the world, is happening.

Gov. Perry in 2013 signed into law as “Pro Life Governor of Texas” his USP lobbyist sister’s HB2 Bill, or the Panned Parenthood/United Surgical Partners Texas Surgical Abortion Clinic Monopoly Law.  This was done to shut down non USP non “outpatient” privately owned abortion “mills” like Dr. Rosenfelds’ Women’s Clinic, or to use an analogy, close down the Dollar Stores and give their market share to the Super Walmart. HB2 or the Panned Parenthood/United Surgical Partners Texas Surgical Abortion Clinic Monopoly Law was passed into law by the Texas Republican “Pro Life” Abortion Profiteer Establishment under the false flag facade of being pro life and concerned about fetal pain at five months’ gestation and making abortion itself safe for women.

No one, except Republican Establishment pro life abortion profiteers, willing dupes, useful idiots, were fooled by HB2,  most especially the feminist pro abortion Supreme Court Justices in opening arguments of HB2’s  judicial review as a result of a suite brought by non USP partnered, non Panned Parenthood “dollar store” abortion mills claiming  the “outpatient” HB2 mandate is an “undue burden” on abortion providers.  Panned Parenthood and Cecil Richards did not en join the suit on the part of their Dollar Store surgical abortion competition for obvious reason’s.  All Panned Parenthood Super Walmart clinics are, are were renovated to be USP “outpatient” before HB2 was made law.  Cecil Richards has been silent, like her medical conglomerate Baylor Medical School CHI/St. Luke’s abortion, baby parts, and child sex slaving logistics business partner Cardinal Dinardo on HB2.   HB2’s obvious aim was to place a crushing financial and legal burden on non USP abortion providers mandating  them to USP “outpatient” government certified or be closed down. Emphasis on be shut down.   Dr. Rosenfeld’s Women’s Clinic, who has not enjoined the suit, is not UPS outpatient certified.  That would be Douglas Karpen’s and Panned Parenthood.

As HB2 made its way to be struck down by the Supreme Court sans internet child pornographer and devout Catholic Judge Antonio Scalia,  phony Pro Life abortion profiteer  investigative journalist  Daniel Daleiden, releases a series of internet expose of Panned Parenthood abortionists and administrators- exclusively of the PP I-45 and another in California discussing baby part sales, and importantly, the practice of partial birth abortion in procuring non mangled by vacuum suction babies for body part sales.  This was the theme of the last expose installment that Daleiden released after being indicted by an Abbott/Dan Patrick Devon Anderson Key Man Grand Jury (the same Key Man Grand Jury and Prosecutor who exonerated United Surgical Partner Dr. Douglas Karpen of aborting five to nine month old infants alive and then ringing their necks. Karpen sells their intact bodies to Planned Parenthood I-45 to be processed on the third floor “Life Donation Center” into bio product. Karpen after his December 12th 2013 exoneration by Perry/Abbott/Anderson for infanticide continues to abort babies alive and sell their bodies to Panned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast.

In wake of the Center for Medical Progress expose,  Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick enlisted  Devon Anderson who received a $ 20,000 donation in her run for Harris County District Attorney from Karpen’s defense attorney Chip Davis, to call a key man grand jury under the same prosecutor that exonerated Douglas Karpen to hear evidence on Panned Parenthood selling baby body parts as evidenced in the Center for Medical Progress expose. In a news conference Devon Anderson clearly stated that she would be focusing on the CMP investigators and the validity of the CMP exposes first and foremost as evidence.   Devon said she would  exonerate Panned Parenthood I-45, and indict  Dan Daleiden and Sarah Merrit for fraud at this this news conference.  She said what she was going to do. I simply repeated what she said she would do in the blog below what she eventually did: Exonerate Panned Parenthood and Indict Daleiden and Merritt.


Devon did not actually exonerate Panned Parenthood.  The Thomas Moore Law Center which is aiding Daleiden and Merrit has asked that the Key Man Grand Jury Indictment of Daleiden and Merrit under the auspices of Devon Anderson be “Quashed.”  The one month chartered Key Man Grand Jury with the same prosecutor that exonerated Douglas Karepn enlisted by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and called together by Devon Anderson did not hear testimony about Panned Parenthood on  baby part sales according to Thomas Moore lawyers.  Having done nothing in regard to their original charter, the Key Man Grand Jury was held over “two weeks” with no charter from Patrick, and indicted Daleiden and Merrit. Abbott and Patrick said in response that their investigations into Planned Parenthood baby part sales would continue.  This is a non sequitor in that Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand Jury is Abbott’s and Patrick’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s baby part sales as exposed by CMP.  Abbott and Patrick said nothing about Daleiden and Merritt’s indictment and how it was obtained. A clear of  eclipse of due process that both presided over and directed Devon to execute.

Indicted   for altering a California Driver’s License (like sub 21’s due to drink in clubs) and a Felony, of conspiracy to purchase human body parts. If convicted (and the video evidence of his own words in the Center for Medical Progress expose will convict him) Daleiden could be sentenced to 20 years in prisoner. With Pro Life Abortion/Bathroom profiteer Jared Woodhill as his defense attorney,  delusional “pro life”scapegoats Daleiden and Sandra Merritt will be convicted.  The fix is in, it’s a slam dunk.

It does not matter if he had pro life intentions in committing a crime (like murdering and abortionist to save unborn children) the end does not justify the means.  The pro-choice people and the Illuminati lie to implement their culture of murder is in a few words, “the end justifies any means” including freed of choice, and aborted babies sold for research.

Both United Surgical Partners in a culture of baby murder,  the Rockefeller/Bush Texas Republican “Pro Life” Establishment, which includes Gov. Rick Perry and his USP Lobbyist Mila Perry Jones, Cardinal Dinardo, and Austin Bishop Jose Vasquez, Catholic with a Hispanic wife Gov. Greg Abbott, Dan Paxton,  Dan Patrick, Elizabeth Graham in false opposition with Cecil Richards and Panned Parenthood and Dr. Douglas Karpen are losing big time in their joint venture to monopolize surgical abortion in Texas for Planned Parenthood while maintaining their baby part sales monopoly as well through HB2.

Panned Parenthood has virtually stopped doing surgical abortions at the I-45.  Cecil Richards does not want to give Greg Abbott probably cause to raid the PP I-45 which according to Richard’s is the only PP thank sells aborted body parts nationally.  Abbott raided PP I-45 shortly after CMP’s first expose, but to garner medicaid billing records as evidenced of fraud.  Panned Parenthood Texas has been sued civilly and convicted of Medicaid fraud three times by former employees who walked off with billing records.  The former CEO of PP I-45 Gulf Coast resigned in one instance.

If  Gov. Abbot raids PP I-45 this time, the logical goal would be to obtain an aborted baby whole and intact-partial birth abortion in the refrigerators on the third floor “Life Donation Center” where those hundred or so employees work during the week processing aborted babies into bio product.

The late term 5 to 9 month old aborted alive and strangled babies that Douglas Karpen sells to Planned Parenthood are there in those refrigerators.  Unfortunately for Dan Daleiden and Sarah Merritt, Abbott, not given probable cause by PP I-45 which has virtually stopped doing abortions, will not raid PP I-45 insuring that Daleiden and Sarah Merritt will be convicted of conspiracy to buy and sell human body parts by Gov. Greg Abbott and Devon Anderson and the State of Texas.

The worst possible outcome for the Texas Republican Pro-life Abortion Profiteer Establishment would be a raid that obtained partial birth abortions traced to Dr. Douglas Karpen in the third floor refrigerators of the Life Donation Center. Pro life  abortion profiteers Abbott, Patrick, Devon Anderson have given warning to Cecil Richard’s I-45, do not bring a raid by giving probable cause.

As a result, baby part monopoly sales (including strangled babies from Karpen) are brisk as ever.  Planned Parenthood I-45 through HB2 will never gain a monopoly or dominate market share over non USP outpatient clinics or mills like Rosenfells’.  Daniel and Sarah will be convicted.