Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Stops Doing Abortions, Fears Double Cross by Devon Anderson and Governor Abbott

For the past month and a half, after Planned Parenthood’s renewed salad days due to Harris County DA Devon Anderson’s exoneration by her criminal justice Key Man Grand Jury (using the same DA Ass, prosecutor who exonerated by the same Devon Anderson/Chip Davis Key Man Grand Jury Houston’s own Kermit Gosnell, i.e.  late term delivered alive abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen, on December 12th, 2013-The feast day of Our Lady of “Guadalupe”, in  Aztec “She who crushes the serpent’s head” the true “Pro life” Patroness of the Americas) I have observed from the number of “patient” vehicles in the main gate  that Planned Parenthood (PP-I 45) has virtually stopped doing surgical abortions at the I-45 late term United Surgical Partners partnered “outpatient” late term abortion clinic, the largest in the Western World.  Why?  Why would the largest late term abortion  clinic in Western World with space to preform hundreds of surgical abortions a day, thousands if necessary virtually stop do so, when after a short lull during the Center for Medical Progress expose on PP-I45 marketing baby parts, it was back to business as usually after receiving even more hundreds of millions in tax payer Federal Reserve deficit dollars from the in nomine solo “Pro Life” Republican Establishment, via “Catholic” “Pro Life” homosexual Paul “Boehner” Ryan’s trillion dollar budget.

Happy days literally slaughtering babies at the PP I-45 were back again for sure when Devon Anderson used her same criminal justice black magic i.e. Key Man Grand Jury System, to not only exonerate PP-I 45 of baby part butchery for sale, but in turn indicted David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt of Center for Medical Progress for altering a state document, a California Driver’s License (David, don’t you know the end does not justify the means!) and paradoxically attempting to purchase as undercover 007 “pro life” sting reporters baby parts  doing lunch with despicable salad munching Merlot gurgling baby murderers.  Again, David, doesn’t the Catholic Church teach the end does not justify the end.

There are numerous documented sources of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies going back to the Seventies. There is  video report from 2,000 part of an investigation conducted by Chris Wallace, then with ABC News show 20/20. It revealed that a “hidden camera investigation has found a thriving industry, in which aborted fetuses women donate to help medical research are being marketed for hundreds – even thousands of dollars.”   And David and Sarah in their Center for Medical Progress expose acted as if they were uncovering something new and unheard of, completely ignoring large amounts of specific  documentation and historical expose on Planned Parenthood marketing baby parts, and the abortionists like Dr. Douglas Karpen and

“Dr. Miles Jones, a pathologist who had a bio-medical company called ‘Opening Lines’, is seen explaining his role in the business of selling human fetuses to two undercover journalists, all the while scoffing down lobster bisque and roast duck.”

Jones revealed that on average a fetal tissue sample or organ would cost “just $50, plus overhead – but that he charges an average of $250. The law only talks about recovering costs. But on a single fetus, Jones said he can make $2,500.”

David and Sarah ignored, even though I tried to present the documentation to Center Medical Progress, (I called several times their webpage phone number and left my name with no response)  the exoneration of Douglas Karpen by Devon Anderson’s/ Chip Davis Criminal Justice Key Man Jury of  “infanticide” . That is ringing the necks of very late term babies (five to nine months)  purposely delivered alive and killed in order for Karpen to sell their intact, non poisoned  bodies  to United Surgical Partner partner Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 third floor “Life Donation Center” for hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2010.  And Karpen, being exonerated on orders by then AG Greg Abbott by Devon Anderson on December 12th, 2013, to cover up “Pro life” Gov. Rick Perry’s criminal business conflict of interest owning shares through United Surgical Partner’s in Karpen’s USP partenered  Aaron Women’s Clinic in signing his sister governor lobbyist for USP, USP Texas Surgical Abortion Monopoly Bill, HB2, is still in the business of ringing delivered alive babies necks today as seen in a You Tube.   “Douglas Karpen is still killing babies”.  Karpen because of exoneration by and for  Perry, Abbott, and Devon Anderson continues his monstrous infant murdering with their blessing and sanction, since by no “Double Jeopardy” he could  never be tried again for the same crime.  As if with now “Pro life” Gov. Abbott, who orchestrated  as AG Karpen’s exoneration and as Governor orchestrated Deja Vu Planned Parenthood I-45’s exoneration, that could ever happen if there was no no Double Jeopardy in the Bill of Rights.

David and Sarah, in their Center for Medical Progress, ignored to their own peril Mark Crutcher’s Life Dynamics viral You Tube testimonial of three long term Karpen employees detailing years of late term infants delivered alive into Karpen’s strong arms and having their necks rung.  Devon Anderson did the same thing in exonerating Karpen, she completely ignored, like David and Sarak Crutcher’s viral Karpen You Tube dismissing Karpen and the You Tube without giving testimony in her Key Man Grand Jury exoneration of Karpen. Then Deja Vu all over again, when David and Sarah, indirectly threatened to uncover Karpen’s new crime of selling the intact babies her aborts alive to the only buyer in town and the nation, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, Devon worked her criminal justice black magic again and ignore, or made disappear the Center for Medical Progress You Tube, just like Crutcher’s , in the exact same Key Man Grand Jury that  had exonerated Karpen to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, and indict David and Sarah.

Devon Anderson in a Press Conference said that she would do exactly this in regards to Planned Parenthood and CMP expose. And she did this.  I simply said in a blog three months before she did it, that she will do this.  It was a no brain eeeer.  And yet the day she did so, the blog of this site received hundreds of views that week.

David and Sarah in their pseudo journalist arrogance intentionally ignoring the Exoneration of Karpen and numerous You Tubes by David Anderson victim David Allen (Devon will do to David and Sarah what she did to David Allen as a HC DA shill for Planned Parenthood) showing the delivery of aborted babies in styrofoam ice collars routinely from “abortion mills” local and national, have set themselves up as Gov. Abbott’s sacrificial  lambs to get prison time. With Devon is the “One” for HCDA after Karpen’s exoneration Rep. Party Chair Harris County Jared Wodfil as their  defense lawyer, David and Sarah will take the First Amendment down with them. As my grandmother always said,  “The ends does not justify the means because the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

Planned Parenthood I-45  has virtually stopped doing surgical abortions because they fear and expect  a double cross by Devon Anderson/Gov. Abbott in the form of a raid to obtain intact aborted babies that exhibit being “partial  birth”.  Center for Medical Progress in their defense released a new You Tube expose where PP abortionist discuss doing partial birth abortions to facilitate the sale of baby parts.

I say virtually stopped doing abortions, but this morning a couple with twins drove out of the  to told a truly pro life side walk counselor “We could not do it” with joyous smiles and their faces. They were directed to the Blue Bus for an ultrasound.  But I did see one other couple with two children drive out how stopped and took information on “Rachel’s Vineyard”.  I am not sure, but they may have suffered an abortion, they were very sad.

During the week the employees parking lot is filled with over a hundred vehicles.  These employees for the most part work for the third floor Life Donation Center.  Aborted babies are still delivered by unmarked courier as well as UPS and Federal Express routinely as is evidenced by David Allen’s You Tubes.

Abbott’s first wade months ago recovered Medicaid Records to search for fraud. PP I-45 has been convicted twice of such fraud.

Abbott’s double cross raid will seek the bodies of partial birth abortion infants.  Planned Parenthood is thus laying low on this practice for the moment, while free to process as usual the “Mill” babies.



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