What does it say about the Texas Republican “Pro Life” Establishment When Devon Anderson Runs Unopposed for Harris County DA in the Republican Primary

What does it say about the Texas Republican Establishment when Devon Anderson Runs Unopposed for Harris County DA in the Republican Primary

It says that Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand Jury exoneration of Douglas Karpen on December 12th, 2013, and her January 25th, 2015 exoneration of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 for baby part selling and subsequent indictment of Center for Medical Progress scapegoats David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt was exactly what the  “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment needed to have happen to cover up political abortion profiteering  by Rick Perry, AG now Gov. Abbott, David Dewhurst, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Jared Woodfil , and Paul Simpson.  All of them,  The  in nomine solo. i.e. in name only “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment made Devon Anderson Harris County DA,  appointed in 2013  by  “Pro Life “Gov. Rick Perry with the full support of Jared Woodhil as “The One” for a very specific purpose;  to exonerate  live birth abortionist  Douglas Karpen.  And after Devon Anderson/Chip Davis’ orchestrated Key Man Grand Jury  exoneration of Karpen,  for a job well done,  The “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment supported Devon’s election candidacy for Harris County DA running unopposed in the Republican Primary 2014. And it’s Deja Vu all over again in the wake of  Devon’s  orchestrated Key Man Grand Jury Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 baby part selling exoneration and the Center for Medical Progress’ scapegoats’ indictment, as Devon Anderson, job well done, runs unopposed in the 2016 Republican Primary for HCDA.

In 2013, CIA Dave Dewhurst, then Lt. Gov.  originally called for a state infanticide investigation of Karpen in wake of a You Tube Mark Crutcher Life Dynamics expose going viral featuring decade long Karpen employees claiming babies were aborted alive daily at Karpen’s Aaron Woman’s Clinic in North West Houston.  Later that same year, December 12th, paradoxically the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pro Life Patroness of the Americas,  the day of Karpen’s exoneration, CIA Dave praised Devon Anderson in the Chronicle as HCDA for a job well done,  protecting Texas Women and the unborn in exonerating Karpen!  CIA Officer Dave is programmed in 1984 political “Double Think,” you think.

In Devon’s first exoneration rodeo in 2013, Devon had her select Key Man Grand Jury prosecutor, the same one she again used to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and indict the CMP scapegoats in 2015, sub peona  Life Dynamics’Mark Crutcher author of the Karpen You Tube.   Then Devon’s select ass. prosecutor put Crutcher  under oath, only to  dismiss him without giving any testimony.  The Key Man Jury proceedings are sealed for eternity under penalty of law whether an indictment, or exoneration is handed down. Putting witnesses under oath and dismissing them without testimony was used ad nauseam by Skull and Bonesman John Kerry during his bogus Iran/Contra Senate Hearings’ uncover up-cover up of his “brother under the skin”  (means they sodomize one another) Bonesman then Vice President GH Bush’s criminal role.

Devon’s  same corrupt Key Man Grand Jury in 2013 controlled by Karpen’s Defense Lawyer, Chip Davis, both Michael and Devon Andersons’ campaign manager for the HCDA job- Davis contributed 25,000 dollars to Devon’s election 2014 campaign in the wake of the Karpen’s exoneration-managed to drop both shoes in 2015 exonerating Karpen and Karpen’s biggest costumer ( Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45) for the babies Karpen still aborts alive  with no possibility of ever being prosecuted again due to Double Jepardy.  The blood of these brutally aborted alive and murdered infants is on the hands of The Pro Life Texas Republican Party Establishment: Perry, Abbott, Paxton, Dewhurst, Patrick, Elizabeth Graham, Christian Melchior, Cardinal Dinardo, and Devon Anderson for exonerating Karpen to cover up their own abortion profiteering.   After exonerating Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Indicting the CMP scapegoats, a tearful Devon Anderson said in a press conference,  “If you have been paying attention you know that I am pro-life”.   Yes, in the “Pro life” Texas Republican Establishment sense that is so true.   And what panache Devon added by dismissing the CMP You Tube expose without a hearing, just as she did with Crutcher’s Karpen You Tube  in indicting the two CMP scapegoats for attempting to buy baby parts in the undercover recordings of their expose.  And all to silent applause from the “Pro life” Texas Republican Establishment and unspoken approbation.

“Pro  life” Texas Republican Establishment silent applause for Devon’s criminal justice gymnastics as HCDA included a thunderous silence on the exoneration of Karpen by Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life, and as always “Pro Life” Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, for the election of Devon Anderson to HCDA  in 2014.  Her election in 2014 allowed Devon to work her black magic once again through her utterly corrupt Key Man Grand Jury System in exonerating Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 of baby part sales and in turn covering up Gulf Coast I-45’s baby part sales (especially whole late term aborted alive babies  purchased from Douglas Karpen) by indicting David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt of Center for Medical Progress for attempting to purchase baby parts in the first place from Planned Parenthood murder robots.

Deja Vu all over again!  As always complete silence again  from  the  in nomine solo  “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment PAC  con artist crook Elizabeth Graham  scamming money away from unborn babies survival.  Scamming  1.2 million dollars annually  in the name of being a “Pro life” crusader saving the unborn from Planned Parenthood,  Graham selfishly  devours all donations and political contributions (made by other PAC’s to purchase the coveted Texas Right to Life “Pro Life” laurel.  Graham’s exorbitant, greedy salary and benefits, including being  honored and glorified fraudulently  as a benefactor of the unborn and women against the complete horror of abortion,  her gaggle of Elizabeth adulating  idiot clones,  organization facade and office,  and election contribution  extortion in GOP king making in bestowing, but also denying the coveted “pro life” crown even to pro life Republicans like Dan Patrick who supported Devon’s 2014 election for HCDA after exonerated Karpen leave zero money for Pregnancy Crisis Centers, Unwed Mothers,  or benefiting the unborn in anyway. Again Karpen before, after, and during his Key Man Grand exoneration is aborting five to nine mouth old babies alive and then murdering then by twisting their necks or plunging his finger into their abdomens according to three of Karpen’s long term employees. The “Pro LIfe” Texas Republican Establishment, especially Elizabeth Graham  has these children’s blood on her hands.

“Their (Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life” stated mission is “to educate and inform the public about abortion” and “other issues involving human life” (How about saying something about Karpen and his exoneration!) and “promote legal protection of human life” however after an examination of the revenues & expenses of Texas Right To Life Committee I pondered the question:

Exactly whose life does Texas Right To Life promote legal protection of?

According to their own 2013 IRS Form 990 on Guidestar, the Texas Right To Life Committee Inc. spent over 44% of the committee expenses on salaries, other compensation and employee benefits:

Contributions and grants  $      985,336.00
Investment income  $              (19.00)
Other revenue  $      225,137.00
 Total revenue  $  1,214,454.00
Grant & similar amounts  $          2,899.00
Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits  $      469,693.00 44.39438
Professional fundraising fees  $      125,979.00 11.90727
Other expenses  $      459,430.00 43.42434
Total expenses  $  1,058,001.00

Over 11% of the committee expenses were disbursed to professional fundraisers with another 43% of the committee expenses paid to “other expenses”.

Let’s take a look at those “other expenses” shall we?

Surely we should find a healthy chunk of expenditures to help women find adoption counseling, placement & adoption services—or large donations to hospitals like Texas Children’s Hospital or entities that provide end-of-life hospice care.

Other expenses
Legal  $              2,860.00
Accounting  $              4,830.00
Other  $              4,806.00
Advertising and promotion  $              5,411.00
Office Expense  $            51,547.00
IT  $            26,821.00
Occupancy  $            42,915.00
Travel  $              6,784.00
Conferences  $              2,180.00
Depreciation, depletion & amortization  $              3,208.00
Insurance  $              3,116.00
State Legislation  $         138,631.00
Other fundraising expense  $            77,827.00
Educational expense  $            34,970.00
Non-fundraising – speci  $            16,270.00
All other expenses  $            37,974.00
Total  $         460,150.00


So I ask again.

Exactly whose life does Texas Right To Life promote legal protection of?”

It goes without saying, Elizabeth Graham is a lying two faced “pro life” abortion profiteer crook (like all the other “Pro Life” Texas Right to LIfe Republican Establishment crooks)  who perpetuates with her self-generated fraudulent Texas Right to Life PAC all of the above mentioned  phony two faced “pro-life” abortion profiteers, both politically through “pro-life” vote getting, and financially through fraudulent “Pro Life” legislation scams like  HB2 establishing a surgical abortion monopoly in Texas for Perry’s lobbyist sister Mila Perry Jone’s employerUnited Surgical Partners, and USP franchised partners, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Women’s Clinic.

The entire “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment,  indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton,  Govs. Abbott, Perry (indicted for misuse of political office) Dewhurst, and Woodfil, Cardinal Dinardo, all had stock in United Surgical Partners and conspired to gain a monopoly windfall through that stock holding when then Gov. Perry signed his sister lobbyist’s United Surgical Partner’s Texas Abortion Monopoly Act, i.e. HB2 bill into law in July of 2013 after the exoneration of United Surgical Partners partner, Douglas Karpen.

Arguments heard in the Supreme Court, after the assassination of Opus Dei child pornographer Scalia at the Bohemian Grove generated West Texas Cibolo Ranch, on HB2 were dominated by rabid abortionists Sotto Mayer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg , and Elena Kagan. They pummeled  Texas ‘ Solicitor General Scott Keller defending the law dismissing him as the complete moron he is, instead zeroing in on the crux of the matter:  HB2’s “Outpatient” mandate is an “undue burden” for independent abortion providers to pay in order to provide “their constitutionally mandated services”. The price tag to join the United Surgical Partners “outpatient”  Texas surgical abortion monopoly is estimated at one to three million dollars. All of the 400 or so United Surgical Partners affiliated outpatient clinics approached by independent abortion providers to rent space said no.  And importantly is the outpatient mandate in anyway cost efficient in respect to protecting women’s health.  The answer is clearly no.

Perry’s criminal conflict of interest in signing USP lobbyist sister’ HB2 outpatient mandate into law will not see the light of day in the Supreme Court arguments, only because Planned Parenthood would be exposed as partners in crime with Perry and his sister as a partner USP “out patient clinic.”  It can never be allowed that Planned Parenthood be exposed for the organized crime horror it truly is.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 in conjunction with then Chair of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Pro Life Activities  Cardinal Dinardo’s public silence, about the sale, while behind the scene overseeing the sale of a former Sterling Bank by its “Catholic” CEO J. Bridgewater-a personal friend of Elizabeth Graham and Christian Melchior, head of Houston Coalition for Life, initiated in 2006 a 24 million dollar renovation into the largest “outpatient” late term abortion clinic in the Western World, a Sterling Bank appropriately in the form of a gigantic combination temple/cash register which  the bishop of the Archdiocese Galveston/Houston as corpus solus i.e. the overseer-bishop-is the diocese- owned stock in.

The grand opening in 2010 was presided over by Mayor Anise Parker (whose husband/wife and campaign treasurer is treasurer at the PP I-45) with a satanic liturgy dedicating the aborted babies as sacrifice to satan-I was not there but local reporters were and witnessed the liturgy as well as handed copies of the ceremony ritually to those in vigil outside of the what amounts to a federally funded government temple to sacrifice babies to the devil. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Cecil Richards of the racist, genocidal  NAZI Ford Foundation spent years and 24 million dollars to make the former Sterling Bank “outpatient” three years before the United Surgical Partner’s  HB2 “Out Patient Mandate”  was signed by USP lobbyist Mila Perry Jone’s brother, the Texas Governor into law. Planned Parenthood and Cecil Richards not only saw the HB2 Outpatient Mandate coming, Cecil Richards and Rick Perry, Abbott, and Cardinal Dinardo formed a dark alliance via United Surgical Partners to put all independent-non USP abortion mills out of business in Texas leaving a surgical abortion monopoly in Texas for United Surgical Partner affiliated outpatient clinics, which includes Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Women’s clinic.

Governor Rick Perry denied Texans Obamacare not because it is after the Rockefeller Republican  Establishment Federal Reserve the worst thing to happen to the American People, but because United Surgical Partners’ outpatient clinics on the whole they are 20% to 30% more costly than hospitals and clinics because of “undue” medical testing and  as such did not qualify for payment under the “Affordable Health Care Act”. Obamacare is bad for United Surgical Partner’s Texas outpatient clinic monopoly, and therefore bad for Texas according to “gardasil Rickey”.

It is certain that the HB2 outpatient mandate will be struck down as an “undue burden” financially not cost efficient for abortion providers.  And look, Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Clinic and Planned Parenthood I-45 are both outpatient and both have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Cardinal Dinardo gave the Baylor Medical School Inc. abortionists who kill at PP I-45 privileges at St. Joseph’s Medical Center a minute up the road from the PP I-45 next to Cardinal Dinardo’s new co-cathedral.  If PP I-45 butcher victims have insurance they go to St. Joseph, the public dollar pays, Ben Taub for Baylor Medical School Inc. abortionist slashing if they don’t.

Cardinal Dinardo  with Cardinal Wuerl secured the passing vote in the Senate 2010 by duping Bart Stupak to make Obamacare law. Cardinal Dinardo has never said anything publicly about the largest late term outpatient abortion clinic in the Western World a minute away from his co cathedral, or defunding Planned Parenthood on any level for anything  ever.  Cardinal Dinardo has said nothing about Douglas Karpen aborting late term infants alive, or Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. Why? Because Baylor Medical School, INC. is the number one stock holder in United Surgical Partners, Rick Perry’s lobbyist sister’s employer. Baylor Medical School INC under Cardinal Dinardo’s oversight forms an abortion/child sex slaving and ISIS Jihadi transplant logistic provider with Catholic Health Initiative, St. Lukes, St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Planned Parenthood I-45. All members of Free State Galveston Legacy Tilman Fertitta’s Greater Houston Partnership. Basically, Cardinal Dinardo, in medical partnership with Baylor Medical School inc. has stock in United Surgical Partnership and therefore a financial interest in Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Karpen’s Aaron Clinic. That is a financial interest in Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, and in particular babies aborted alive by Karpen at USP Aaron Women’s Clinic.  Cardinal Dinardo’s financial interests of course also includes half a billion federal tax dollar funding of Planned Parenthood provided graciously by catholic Paul Ryan and the Pro Life Republican Establishment in D.C.  as well as millions of federal  reserve note deficit dollars to provide logistic support for victims of child sex slaving under the GW Bush 2008 Wilberforce Act- a faith based initiative-and relocating in conjunction with DHS thousands of non Christian, non Syrian ISIS Jihadi in Texas and throughout the US.

This all might have worked except for Life Dynamics’Mark Crutcher’s interview in 2013 with three Karpen employees who said that Karpen aborted late term infants alive and killed them by ringing their necks. The interview went viral causing CIA Dave whose pro life cred was being questioned after his absence from the Texas State House allowed Wendy Davis her rant, to call for an infanticide murder investigation of Karpen’s United Surgical Partner’s clinic. Devon Anderson and her Key Man Grand Jury system to the rescue!

Then in 2015  David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt show up to unleash an inadequately researched series of You Tube videos as Center for Medical Progress completely silent about the outrageous Karpen exoneration by Devon Anderson, which in the first place was done to cover up Karpen’s sale of late term aborted alive babies to PP I-45. And now these two scapegoats are placing their legal fate and the future of the 1 st Amendment in the hands of a trial no experience former “Pro Life”  Texas Republican Establishment Harris County Chair Jared Woodfil who supported Devon Anderson to be appointed by Rick Perry to exonerate Karpen in the first place, then after the exoneration of Karpen supported Anderson for election, and after the exoneration of Planned Parenthood I-45 for baby part sales, and indictment of David and Sarah for attempting to buy baby parts by Devon Anderson (she just did what Abbott and Paxton told her to do) is silent even now as I write this about Devon running unopposed in the Republican Primary.  When it comes to Lila Rose’s Live Action 2010 Planned Parenthood offering child sex slaving logistics expose, or Mark Crutcher’s Life Dynamics Karpen You Tube, and now Center for Medical Progress, good intentions and arrogance of purpose are paving the road to hell.

What does it say about the Texas Republican Establishment When Devon Anderson Runs Unopposed for Harris County DA in the Republican Primary.  They are  abortion profiteers. And that includes paradoxically Life Dynamics, Center for Medical Progress,  Live Action, Abby Johnson, and most “Pro Life Groups” arrogantly trying to make a career out of being “Pro Life” while profiting from abortion via financial donations and public veneration.  Just look at Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life’s spread sheet at “Whose Life does Texas Right to Life Advocate for” at Holytransparency.wordpress.com

As Our Lady of Fatima said, “Only I can help you”.  We know all the above won’t.


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