Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Stops Doing Abortions, Fears Double Cross by Devon Anderson and Governor Abbott

For the past month and a half, after Planned Parenthood’s renewed salad days due to Harris County DA Devon Anderson’s exoneration by her criminal justice Key Man Grand Jury (using the same DA Ass, prosecutor who exonerated by the same Devon Anderson/Chip Davis Key Man Grand Jury Houston’s own Kermit Gosnell, i.e.  late term delivered alive abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen, on December 12th, 2013-The feast day of Our Lady of “Guadalupe”, in  Aztec “She who crushes the serpent’s head” the true “Pro life” Patroness of the Americas) I have observed from the number of “patient” vehicles in the main gate  that Planned Parenthood (PP-I 45) has virtually stopped doing surgical abortions at the I-45 late term United Surgical Partners partnered “outpatient” late term abortion clinic, the largest in the Western World.  Why?  Why would the largest late term abortion  clinic in Western World with space to preform hundreds of surgical abortions a day, thousands if necessary virtually stop do so, when after a short lull during the Center for Medical Progress expose on PP-I45 marketing baby parts, it was back to business as usually after receiving even more hundreds of millions in tax payer Federal Reserve deficit dollars from the in nomine solo “Pro Life” Republican Establishment, via “Catholic” “Pro Life” homosexual Paul “Boehner” Ryan’s trillion dollar budget.

Happy days literally slaughtering babies at the PP I-45 were back again for sure when Devon Anderson used her same criminal justice black magic i.e. Key Man Grand Jury System, to not only exonerate PP-I 45 of baby part butchery for sale, but in turn indicted David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt of Center for Medical Progress for altering a state document, a California Driver’s License (David, don’t you know the end does not justify the means!) and paradoxically attempting to purchase as undercover 007 “pro life” sting reporters baby parts  doing lunch with despicable salad munching Merlot gurgling baby murderers.  Again, David, doesn’t the Catholic Church teach the end does not justify the end.

There are numerous documented sources of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies going back to the Seventies. There is  video report from 2,000 part of an investigation conducted by Chris Wallace, then with ABC News show 20/20. It revealed that a “hidden camera investigation has found a thriving industry, in which aborted fetuses women donate to help medical research are being marketed for hundreds – even thousands of dollars.”   And David and Sarah in their Center for Medical Progress expose acted as if they were uncovering something new and unheard of, completely ignoring large amounts of specific  documentation and historical expose on Planned Parenthood marketing baby parts, and the abortionists like Dr. Douglas Karpen and

“Dr. Miles Jones, a pathologist who had a bio-medical company called ‘Opening Lines’, is seen explaining his role in the business of selling human fetuses to two undercover journalists, all the while scoffing down lobster bisque and roast duck.”

Jones revealed that on average a fetal tissue sample or organ would cost “just $50, plus overhead – but that he charges an average of $250. The law only talks about recovering costs. But on a single fetus, Jones said he can make $2,500.”

David and Sarah ignored, even though I tried to present the documentation to Center Medical Progress, (I called several times their webpage phone number and left my name with no response)  the exoneration of Douglas Karpen by Devon Anderson’s/ Chip Davis Criminal Justice Key Man Jury of  “infanticide” . That is ringing the necks of very late term babies (five to nine months)  purposely delivered alive and killed in order for Karpen to sell their intact, non poisoned  bodies  to United Surgical Partner partner Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 third floor “Life Donation Center” for hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2010.  And Karpen, being exonerated on orders by then AG Greg Abbott by Devon Anderson on December 12th, 2013, to cover up “Pro life” Gov. Rick Perry’s criminal business conflict of interest owning shares through United Surgical Partner’s in Karpen’s USP partenered  Aaron Women’s Clinic in signing his sister governor lobbyist for USP, USP Texas Surgical Abortion Monopoly Bill, HB2, is still in the business of ringing delivered alive babies necks today as seen in a You Tube.   “Douglas Karpen is still killing babies”.  Karpen because of exoneration by and for  Perry, Abbott, and Devon Anderson continues his monstrous infant murdering with their blessing and sanction, since by no “Double Jeopardy” he could  never be tried again for the same crime.  As if with now “Pro life” Gov. Abbott, who orchestrated  as AG Karpen’s exoneration and as Governor orchestrated Deja Vu Planned Parenthood I-45’s exoneration, that could ever happen if there was no no Double Jeopardy in the Bill of Rights.

David and Sarah, in their Center for Medical Progress, ignored to their own peril Mark Crutcher’s Life Dynamics viral You Tube testimonial of three long term Karpen employees detailing years of late term infants delivered alive into Karpen’s strong arms and having their necks rung.  Devon Anderson did the same thing in exonerating Karpen, she completely ignored, like David and Sarak Crutcher’s viral Karpen You Tube dismissing Karpen and the You Tube without giving testimony in her Key Man Grand Jury exoneration of Karpen. Then Deja Vu all over again, when David and Sarah, indirectly threatened to uncover Karpen’s new crime of selling the intact babies her aborts alive to the only buyer in town and the nation, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, Devon worked her criminal justice black magic again and ignore, or made disappear the Center for Medical Progress You Tube, just like Crutcher’s , in the exact same Key Man Grand Jury that  had exonerated Karpen to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, and indict David and Sarah.

Devon Anderson in a Press Conference said that she would do exactly this in regards to Planned Parenthood and CMP expose. And she did this.  I simply said in a blog three months before she did it, that she will do this.  It was a no brain eeeer.  And yet the day she did so, the blog of this site received hundreds of views that week.

David and Sarah in their pseudo journalist arrogance intentionally ignoring the Exoneration of Karpen and numerous You Tubes by David Anderson victim David Allen (Devon will do to David and Sarah what she did to David Allen as a HC DA shill for Planned Parenthood) showing the delivery of aborted babies in styrofoam ice collars routinely from “abortion mills” local and national, have set themselves up as Gov. Abbott’s sacrificial  lambs to get prison time. With Devon is the “One” for HCDA after Karpen’s exoneration Rep. Party Chair Harris County Jared Wodfil as their  defense lawyer, David and Sarah will take the First Amendment down with them. As my grandmother always said,  “The ends does not justify the means because the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

Planned Parenthood I-45  has virtually stopped doing surgical abortions because they fear and expect  a double cross by Devon Anderson/Gov. Abbott in the form of a raid to obtain intact aborted babies that exhibit being “partial  birth”.  Center for Medical Progress in their defense released a new You Tube expose where PP abortionist discuss doing partial birth abortions to facilitate the sale of baby parts.

I say virtually stopped doing abortions, but this morning a couple with twins drove out of the  to told a truly pro life side walk counselor “We could not do it” with joyous smiles and their faces. They were directed to the Blue Bus for an ultrasound.  But I did see one other couple with two children drive out how stopped and took information on “Rachel’s Vineyard”.  I am not sure, but they may have suffered an abortion, they were very sad.

During the week the employees parking lot is filled with over a hundred vehicles.  These employees for the most part work for the third floor Life Donation Center.  Aborted babies are still delivered by unmarked courier as well as UPS and Federal Express routinely as is evidenced by David Allen’s You Tubes.

Abbott’s first wade months ago recovered Medicaid Records to search for fraud. PP I-45 has been convicted twice of such fraud.

Abbott’s double cross raid will seek the bodies of partial birth abortion infants.  Planned Parenthood is thus laying low on this practice for the moment, while free to process as usual the “Mill” babies.



Saint Peter Damian: Sodomy, Pederasty and the Emasculation of a Saint – – Part I Randy Engel

Saint Peter Damian: Sodomy, Pederasty and the Emasculation of a Saint – – Part I

By Randy Engel



February 23rd on the traditional Roman Catholic calendar is the feast day of one of the greatest saints in the Church, Saint Peter Damian (1007 – 1072), an Italian Benedictine monk and hermit, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, a precursor of the Hildebrandine reform in the Church, a key figure in the moral and spiritual reformation of the lax and incontinent clergy of his time and a Doctor of the Church.

I first made the acquaintance of Saint Peter Damian in 2002 when I was researching the history of sodomy and pederasty in the Church in the Middle Ages for The Rite of Sodomy. When I obtained Damian’s treatise Liber Gornorrhianus (The Book of Gomorrah) written sometime between 1049 and 1054, as an inter-loan acquisition from Catholic University of America, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Indeed, heaven or Paradiso was where Dante has placed the saintly Peter Damian near the end of his Canto XXI (Seventh Heaven: Sphere of Saturn) in his epic literary masterpiece, the Divine Comedy.

So impressed was I with Peter Damian’s work, that I took two months off from my research to pen a two-part series for Catholic Family News (June/July 2002) titled, “St. Peter Damian’s Book of Gomorrah – A Moral Blueprint for Our Times.” Later, I expanded the article for inclusion in The Rite of Sodomy. Today, fourteen years later, this article continues to be the most popular reprint on the New Engel Publishing website.

Naturally, you can appreciate how overjoyed I was to recently learn that a new and beautifully translated, and I might add, affordable version of Saint Peter Damian’s treatise has been carried out by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman and published by ITE AD Thomam Books and Media. What makes The Book of Gomorrah and St. Peter Damian’s Struggle Against Ecclesiastical Corruption even more attractive is that the translator, like this writer, actually believes what Saint Peter Damian wrote and taught, and what the Church has formally and publicly taught on the “most abominable and exceedingly disgraceful vice” of sodomy, at least until the post-Conciliar era.  Indeed, the treatise is as fresh, lively, and pertinent as the day it was presented to Pope Saint Leo IX almost 1000 years ago.

The Table of Contents to The Book of Gomorrah                                                                         

Although this article is not a book review, per se, of Hoffman’s laudable translation of Saint Damian’s classic work, I thought it might be helpful for the reader to at least have an opportunity to review some of the Table of Contents of the treatise. The content of the chapters is self-explanatory:

I. The beginning of the Book of Gomorrah, by the humble monk, Peter Damian

II. On the different types of sodomites

III. That excessive mercy leads superiors to not prohibit the fallen from holy orders

IV. That those who are habituated to filthy enjoyments should not be promoted to holy orders

V. Whether it is legitimate for such people to act as priests if the Church has need of it

VI. That those who seek ordination after having been involved in this vice are of a reprobate sense

VII. On rectors of the Church who are soiled with their spiritual children

VIII. Of those who confess their offenses to those with whom they have fallen

IX. Just as is the case with those who violate nuns, a prostitutor of monks must be deposed in accordance with the law

X. That both he who falls with his carnal or spiritual daughter, and he who is soiled with his penitential son, should be accountable for the same offense …

Saint Peter Damian was the first and only Bishop and Doctor of the Church to write a specific treatise on the grave sin of sodomy, a term which is broadly interpreted by him to include the solitary sin of masturbation, masturbation with another, stimulation between thighs, Onanism (contraception), bestiality, sodomy, that is, penetration of the rear of an adult by an adult male, and pederasty, that is, sexual relations between a male adult homosexual and an adolescent boy. The language Damian employs in describing the various acts of sexual perversion is explicit and clear, as are the punishments he assigns to the specific practices mentioned above.

For example, is cases involving pederasty, which is, historically speaking the most universal and enduring form of homosexual behavior, the cleric or religious is to be “publicly beaten” and humiliated “by his loss of tonsure, his face smeared with spittle, bound in chains, worn down with six months of imprisonment, and three days every week to fast on barley bread at sundown,” and confined to a monastery in perpetuity under constant guard.

Damian opposes the ordination of sodomites. He is also opposed to unshriven sodomites saying Holy Mass and wrote that “God refuses the sacrifice from an impure priest.”

As a word of encouragement to the faithful clerics and laity of his day, as well as those of our own time, Damian argues that “It is no sin to expose the grave sins of the clergy and monks,” when he is criticized for his writings by his detractors. “How else will they be lead to repent and do penance?” he asks.

Then Damian asks another excellent question, “How can a sodomite priest, depraved himself, seek to become of intercessor for the sins of others?”

Regarding those clerical sodomites who make a practice of confessing to their partners, Damian notes that not only is the confession invalid, but both men commit sacrilege. Little wonder his words thunder as he describes as “damnable,” the sodomite who acts as a priest while vice continues to reign damnably within him.”

Damian is especially critical of sodomites who burn with ambition, but in the afterlife, will burn in hell if they do not repent and do penance. “You strive for the pinnacle of ecclesiastical order. But you store up for yourself on the day of judgment. You first emerge yourself in the depth of sin and then rising yourself up in arrogance,” he adds.

The Fish Rots from the Head Down                      

In his Book of Gomorrah, Saint Peter Damian first attacks the problem of clerical moral laxity and sexual perversions from the top down beginning with members of the Catholic hierarchy, that is, bishops and religious superiors who turn a blind eye to the moral depravity within the ranks of clerics and monks under their rule.

When he speaks of “do-nothing” superiors, the reader can almost feel the earth shake under him:

Listen, you do-nothing superiors of clerics and priests. Listen, and even though you feel sure of yourselves, tremble at the thought that you are partners in the guilt of others; those, I mean, who wink at the sins of their subjects that need correction and who by ill-considered silence allow them license to sin. Listen, I say, and be shrewd enough to understand that all of you alike are deserving of death, that is, not only those who do such things, but also they who approve those who practice them (Rom 1:32).

Having launched that thunderbolt, Damian then attacks, with even more vehemence, those reprobate bishops and religious superiors who themselves are guilty of heinous sodomitic acts and who prostitute their own spiritual sons – seminarians, priests and monks under their care.

The Emasculation of Saint Peter Damian

When I finished reading the Hoffman translation, just for fun, I decided to take a look at the talks given by Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII on or about the saint’s feast day which falls on the 21st of February on the Nervous Order calendar. After all, if the Modernist popes of Virtual Church, which is mired in sodomy and pederasty and other unchaste acts, were sincerely seeking advice on dealing effectively with clerical homosexuality and pederasty, what better source could they go to than Saint Peter Damian?

As I suspected, I didn’t find any reference to The Book of Gomorrah by any of the popes mentioned above.

I found one letter memorializing Saint Peter Damian written by Benedict on February 20, 2007, to the Camaldolese Order, a Benedictine monastic order:

The 1,000th anniversary of his birth is an especially appropriate occasion to examine closely the aspects characterizing his multifacetted personality as scholar, hermit and man of the Church, but especially as a person in love with Christ. … St Peter Damian felt the presence of the universal Church in the hermitic life so strongly that he wrote in his ecclesiological treatise entitled Dominus Vobiscum that the Church is at the same time one in all and all in each one of her members. … Lastly, St Peter Damien was the soul of the “Riforma gregoriana,” which marked the passage from the first to the second millennium and whose heart and driving force was St Gregory VII. … he reminded priests of the highest ideal of their mission that they were to exercise by cultivating purity of morals and true personal poverty.

But there was no reference to The Book of Gomorrah.

In his General Audience of September 9, 2009, at Paul VI Hall, Benedict reflected upon Saint Peter Damian as a lover of solitude and a reformer. He acknowledged Damian as one of the best Latinist of his time. He praised the saint for his love of the cross of Christ and his solitary life of a hermit. Benedict brought his Wednesday talk to an end by calling the saint “a man of prayer, meditation, contemplation,” and he mentions Damian’s attack on corruption in the Church, particularly the vice of simony. Not sodomy, but simony. Not Liber Gornorrhianus, but Liber Gratissimus, Damian’s tract on simony.

Other than Benedict’s two rather generic talks, I found no references to Saint Peter Damian’s most prominent work in connection with the other post-Conciliar popes. What a sad commentary on the state of the papacy.

Even Catholic churches named after the great saint, make no reference to their patron’s tract on sodomy. There are online references to the liturgical calendar list for Saint Peter Damian found on numerous Catholic websites where the saint is described as “a reformer,” “a papal legate,” and a saint who fought simony and upheld clerical celibacy and clerical continence. Only a few Catholic websites mention The Book of Gomorrah.

Until the recent publication of Michael Hoffman’s translation, if one wanted to learn about this most famous of Damian’s writing, one would have had to order the book through a library inter-loan service or have gone to other Catholic sources like Catholic Family News or secular sources like WIKI which has an excellent article on Liber Gomorrhianus.

A Brief Criticism of Certain Errors Found in the Author’s Preface and Footnotes

Catholics owe Mr. Hoffman a debt of gratitude for his accomplishment and I hope each reader will order at least several copies – one for themselves, one to be used as a circulating copy among family, friends, clergy and members of the hierarchy, and possibly, if one is inclined, a copy for Francis – the “non-judgmental” fellow sitting in the Chair of Peter, and residing at Suite 201, Domus Sanctae Marthae, Vatican City State, 00120.

Having thanked the author for his excellent translation, there remains the less pleasant task of reviewing his long preface and footnotes to The Book of Gomorrah. It appears that once the author departs from the translation, several errors appear which require comment and correction. I don’t believe these errors are deliberate. Rather they stem from the author’s understandable lack of knowledge regarding specific aspects of homosexual behavior which are not widely reported or not correctly reported even when they come from ostensibly Catholic sources.

Animals Cannot be “Homosexuals”

In footnote number 124 in The Book of Gomorrah, Hoffman discusses “species of animals in which some members engage in sexual behavior with same-sex partners. ….” The comment is not without a touch of humor, but the reference needs correction nevertheless.

Animals act on God-given instincts which are directed at the survival of the species. Animals naturally seek out mates of the opposite sex. They do not experience love or lust because they do not possess the same transcendent cognitive and moral component found in man. Therefore, an animal can never be a “homosexual” nor have “same-sex partners.”

In artificially-induced environments, a male animal may attempt to mount another male, but this act is normally associated with an act of aggression rather than a sexual encounter. Some homosexual propagandists try to use the example of a species of squamate reptiles as having a homosexual “nature,” but these lizards reproduce by parthenogenesis, a form of nonsexual reproduction in which the female reproduces its kind without fecundation by the male.

Pederasty Not Pedophilia

The remaining examples are more complicated, but vastly more important to Catholics.

Let’s start with the word pedophilia, that is, adult sexual activity with infants or young children. The term is not used by Saint Peter Damien in The Book of Gomorrah, but it does appear twice in Hoffman’s book.

It first appears in the otherwise excellent foreword by Juan Cardinal Sandoval Iniguez, Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara. And secondly, in the author’s preface in reference to “pedophile priests” who are protected by their bishops.  Otherwise, the author uses the correct term  pederasty in his commentary – the word Damian himself employs in his treatise.

Although there are cases of clerical sexual abuse of young, prepubescent children mostly females, in the English-speaking world, the ancient Greek practice of pederasty is the norm for today’s adult clerical homosexual predators.

The reader may recall that as late as 1961, the term pederasty was used by the Vatican in its document Careful Selection And Training Of Candidates For The States Of Perfection And Sacred Orders (S. C. Rel., 2 Feb., 1961), which prohibited violators of the sixth commandment, including sodomites and pederasts, from entrance into the novitiate, “since for them, the common life and the priestly ministry would constitute serious dangers.”

However, when the Catholic clerical sex abuse scandal broke into the news in the 1980s, the Vatican and the evil geniuses of AmChurch at the United States Catholic Conference/National Conference of Catholic Bishops (today the USCCB), followed the secular media in dropping the term pederasty in favor of pedophilia to protect the Homosexual Collective and to prevent the Catholic laity from connecting the dots between homosexuality and the clerical abuse of adolescent boys.

Although it is another topic or another day, I would also like to state that while the heterosexual pedophile and the homosexual/pederast share common traits – all are immature, self-absorbed, and high compartmentalized – there are important etiological differences between them. These distinctions are critical in terms of reparative therapy and long-term prognosis.

For these reasons, the term pedophilia, in the two cases mentioned above, should be replaced by the term pederasty.

 Homosexual “Orientation” and Homosexual “Acts”

In his preface, under the title, “The Spiritual and Psychological Destructiveness of Sodomy,” Hoffman asserts that while Damian repeatedly condemns homosexual acts, he does not identify them with… homosexual “orientation” – the notion that same-sex attraction may be deeply embedded in the psychology of homosexual actors. Hoffman continues, “Damian’s work, therefore, is not a criticism of those who merely suffer from homosexual urges or temptations, but rather those who act upon them (emphasis added).” The author’s use of the word merely, immediately sent up a red flag to this reviewer.

It was because of this kind of overly benign interpretation given to the so-called “homosexual condition” as referenced in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s (CDF) mischievous document of December 29, 1975, titled “Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics,” issued by Franjo Cardinal Seper, Prefect, with Pope Paul VI’s approval, that later forced an unavoidable retraction from the CDF. On October 1, 1986, the CDF, now headed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, issued a “clarification” of its earlier document. Titled “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons,” the CDF now declared that the “homosexual condition” is not “neutral” or “good,” but it is “a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder.”

Pope Saint Gregory the Great, commenting on homosexual desires, deliberately and knowingly entertained, says, “So it was just that Sodomites, burning with perverse desires… should perish by fire and sulfur so that through this just punishment they would realize the evil they had committed, led by a perverse desire (emphasis added).

Damian uses the terms “perverse speech” or “perverse counsel” with regard to pederasts, indicating that he was acquainted with various techniques of seduction and “grooming” that the boy lover uses to ensnare his victim before sexually assaulting him.

In the Confiteor we pray at the Traditional Mass, we admit that we have sinned “in thought, word, and deed.” It is not only acts that matter. In serious sins, the thought and word precede the deed. This is why our Lord said that “Whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew: 5:28).                                                         Throughout The Book of Gomorrah, Saint Peter Damian constantly refers to the burning lust (not love) that drives the sodomite and the pederast. In so far as the homosexual male lusts after or desires another adult male or male adolescent, he has gravely sinned if the conditions for mortal sin are met, that is –  grave matter; knowledge of the intellect, and the free consent of the will. This is also true of the lesbian who lusts after another women or a young girl.

Boswell Was a Homosexual Activist

In his excellent remarks in the section of his preface titled “The Rejection Thesis and Other Misinterpretations of the Book of Gomorrah on “revisionist,” writers, Hoffman cites the works of a number of pro-homosexual writers and scholars who have distorted the works and certain events surrounding the life of Saint Peter Damian.

Among the scholars he mentions is the late John E. Boswell, whose name jumped off the page at me. Hoffman uses the word “strange” in connection with Boswell’s claim that “Peter in fact had no luck in convincing anyone that gay sexuality deserved hostile attention.” Strange? Not really.

The author does a good job of dissecting and destroying Boswell’s arguments relating to Damian, but, unfortunately, he does not take the time to inform the reader that Boswell was a sodomite who died of AIDS, so his claims against Damian were not so “strange” after all.

Perhaps, Hoffman, as a Christian gentleman, purposely withheld this information from the reader, but this is a mistake. The leaders of the Homosexual Collective, in which Boswell played an important role, takes no prisoners and gives no quarter. Kindness toward the Collective is seen as a sign of weakness and is exploited wherever possible. It is a valuable lesson especially for one so committed to popularizing Saint Peter Damian and his Book of Gomorrah.

I wish Mr. Hoffman all the best in this worthy endeavor. I hope his translation gets the publicity and world-wide distribution it deserves and I hope my criticism will be taken in the spirit of charity in which it was written. His book can be ordered from Ite Ad Thomam Books at .

As for the reader, I trust you will remember the words of Saint Peter Damian, written for his time and our time as well. – “It is no sin to expose the grave sins of the clergy and monks … How else will they be lead to repent and do penance?”

So, please, if you have not made a promise to join the universal battle against the forces of organized perversion, do so today. And continue to pray to Saint Peter Damian for his continued assistance.

[In Part II, Randy Engel will answer the question: What Would Saint Peter Say and Do Today?]

Prayer of Saint Peter Damian to the Blessed Virgin Mary

O holy Virgin,
Mother of God,
help those who implore your assistance.
Turn toward us.
Have you perhaps forgotten us
because you have been elevated
to a position close to God?
No, certainly not.

You know well in what danger you left us.
You know the miserable condition of your servants.
No, it would not benefit such great mercy
as yours to forget such great misery as ours

BVM - St. Peter Damian










This is one of the most important, best written and researched investigative journalism stories I have ever read.  Steve Miller deserves a Pulitzer Prize.


How a Few Rent-A-Voters in a Vacant Lot Lead to Millions in Bonds for Taxpayers

Peter Ryan

To get to Dan Spiecher’s trailer, you’d better be ready to muddy your boots. Southern Oaks Drive in Conroe is just a trail of dirt awaiting the asphalt trucks. The 150-foot driveway winds through an opening in the tree line, across a ribbon of Little Caney Creek and into a clearing for the mobile home.

Someday very soon, Spiecher will be long gone, and in place of the gray-paneled trailer he temporarily lives in will be homes selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars with payments up to ten times higher than the $150 a month in rent paid by Spiecher, a 56-year-old cabinetmaker, and his wife, Deborah, 52, who works at a Boot Barn in Houston.

It’s unlikely they would want to live here permanently. These homes will spring up on thickly forested, earthy green pinelands owned by Friendswood Development, which will make millions on luxury that can be afforded by folks looking for the good life, which is trailer-free.

But nothing happens without the Spiechers, the lone voters in the district, who are perched at the edge of an 82-acre tract of prime land for a little while longer.

The Spiechers in November endorsed the issuance of $500 million in bonds for the tract, also known as Montgomery Municipal Utility District No. 148, which was approved by lawmakers in early 2015. The proposed outlay included $268 million for water, sewer and the inevitable administrative costs and $200 million for paving those dirt roads. The debt will be repaid through a tax levied on those new district homeowners.

They also voted for five board members, all of whom ran uncontested and list as their address the Coats Rose law firm in Houston, one of the major players in the special-district industry. Those directors were given one-quarter-acre plots of land before the election to ensure they could call themselves landowners. They include a real estate banker and a developer.

In all, “borrowed” voters — including the Spiechers and four others — signed off on $1.1 billion in tax debt in three special-district elections in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties, carrying on a Texas tradition of passing the buck from a “temporary residential manufactured home,” which is how the trailers are described on their certificate of occupancy, to homeowners. Such districts are legislatively created and developer-administered entities that carry on their backs an entire industry worth billions of dollars.

And they come with powerful protectors. When state senator Jane Nelson floated a bill in 2011 to require voters like the Spiechers to live in a district for at least a year before massive tax debt could be approved, legislators and lobbyists, including then-senator Dan Patrick, objected vehemently and successfully.

Knock on the door of the Spiecher trailer and you get no answer, although the porch light is on day and night, a television plays inside, and next to the trailer door, a blue garbage bin sits full of freshly emptied beer cans. We tried to reach the Spiechers several times, without success.

There’s another, more important sign of life 30 feet from the trailer. Seven feet up a 25-foot-tall pine tree, about nine inches around, is a piece of paper wrapped in clear cellophane tape. It’s a notice to all who are interested that the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 148 is taking applications from those who wish to serve on the district board. To be considered, prospects can head an hour south to Coats Rose, which occupies an 11th-floor suite in a glimmering office tower in Greenway Plaza.

The Spiechers are considered rent-a-voters by foes of a political system that allows temporary voters to approve millions in taxable debt. By the time earth is turned on the new development, the couple will be long gone. The name “MUD 148” will be replaced by a name flowery and utopian, and the developers will be on to the next project, maybe looking for the Spiechers again.

Seven feet up a 25-foot-tall pine, a piece of paper tells all who are interested that the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 148  is taking applications to be on the district board.

Seven feet up a 25-foot-tall pine, a piece of paper tells all who are interested that the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 148  is taking applications to be on the district board.
Daniel Kramer

Utility districts are the big brother of management districts, which are created to provide services to businesses inside legislatively doctored boundaries in exchange for a levy, usually between 12 and 25 cents per $100 valuation.

For the utility districts, which usually begin on raw land with no residents, there’s even a company to assist in the rent-a-voter process: Stingray Services. Here’s a typical promotion: “Stingray Services specializes in providing turn-key voter trailer installation services and election services. We have completed over 70 trailer installations in Texas over the last 10 years and have supported nearly 100 elections.

“We locate residents, perform landlord services, support residents in changing their license and voter registration, and assist with the district election. We have worked with a host of major developers and engineers including Lennar, Toll Brothers, Friendswood, Land Tejas, Taylor Morrison, Pate Engineers, Brown & Gay — to name just a few.”

Stingray operates out of an 1,800-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath single-story house at 20615 Marilyn Lane in Spring. Since the late 1990s, 115 voters have listed their mailing address as 20651 Marilyn Lane in Spring, records show, including the Spiechers. The voters hailed from as far away as Grayson County, 60 miles north of Dallas, a long way to come to collect your mail.

(It should be noted that Stingray didn’t invent the borrowed-voters approach. For the Woodlands Development Company in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there were four residents “with four houses in the middle of a bunch of trees,” said Paul Lazarro, who spent a decade as the development company’s vice president of marketing and public affairs. “They were the voters. I do not know if the rent was free or cheap, but the ulterior motive was, obviously, they would vote for the district.” )

So who are these people claiming to live in this low-slung house set behind an industrial drive? “They are tenants,” one woman, who answered the door at the house on Marilyn, said. “This is just their mailing address,” said another. “You should talk to the lawyers,” added a man, indicating that the conversation was over.

They would know the Spiechers as tenants or users of a mailing address from a couple of years before. In 2013, the Spiechers moved into a trailer in Montgomery Municipal Utility District No. 132, leased by KB Home, a developer, from Stingray. That November, the Spiechers, the lone voters in the district, elected a board, approved the issuance of $33.6 million in bonds for roads and parks, and authorized taxes of $1.50 per $100 valuation for the roads and ten cents per $100 valuation for the parks.

To well-heeled developers and their administrative entourage, renting voters to secure that sweet public finance obligation is all part of doing business today as a developer in Texas.

“[Special districts] are absolutely necessary because, who else is going to pay for it?” Scott Norman, executive director of the Texas Association of Builders, told the legislative committee on special-purpose districts in February. “You have to have water and wastewater to build, to sell houses…[and] they are going to pay for it somehow.” Special districts are, he insisted, the most efficient way to pay for construction, “particularly in unincorporated areas.”

Hugh Coleman, a Denton County commissioner, has trekked to Austin over and over in the past five years, beseeching anyone from the North Texas delegation to address the problem of proliferating special districts and the assertions of Norman.

“All of these developers want to attach to a municipal utility district to sell government bonds,” said Coleman, who was first elected to office in 2008. “And these districts are allowed to buy anything they want for infrastructure without bids.”

For his efforts to thwart districts, Coleman this month found himself running in his Republican primary against an opponent with a newfound source of campaign funding — cash from developers and other parties with interests in special districts, to the tune of $186,000. Despite this windfall to his opponent, Coleman prevailed in the race.


Utility districts require an election — with the help of people like the Spiechers — to assemble a board of directors, while the leadership of management districts is first appointed in the creating legislation, then confirmed by the local city council. Both are implemented with the help of a state lawmaker. And both are almost impossible to thwart.

Most management districts can be willed into existence with the agreement of just 25 business owners within a geographical boundary, but can be dissolved only with the submission, via petition and verifiable signatures, of 75 percent of all landowners.

Utility districts issue bonds with the promise of flashy new homes and eager buyers, who are taxed to pay for the infrastructure, a levy that comes on top of the regular city/county/airport/fire service/policing and whatever else. Once issued or sold, they cannot be stopped or rescinded.

Since 2003, taxes levied by special districts have increased by 106 percent, according to the state comptroller’s office, almost twice as much as those levied by schools and more than those imposed by cities and counties.

Texas now has more than 2,600 special districts that charge for anything from mosquito control to installation of bike racks. And all of them are fiercely protected by developers, service providers and the politicians who love them.

“I can’t speak for all the others, but the districts I have done are very good,” said state representative Garnet Coleman (no relation to Hugh, the Denton County commissioner), who says with pride that he may be responsible for more management districts that any of his statehouse colleagues.

Coleman said the management districts, in particular, have allowed enclaves of the city that might otherwise be ignored with regard to services to remain in relatively good shape.

“These districts are doing a good job, although sometimes I think they should do more. But there are none that I know of that are doing a bad job.”

When Senator Nelson proposed her voter residency requirement in 2011, Patrick, now lieutenant governor, quickly responded: “The reaction of my constituents and my folks would not be in favor and my folks would be not in favor.” Patrick, who successfully sponsored seven bills to create special districts during his eight years in the Senate, added: “Most of our folks [special districts] perform well, and for me personally, it would be hard to see something like that pass.”

He was followed to the dais that day by Joe Allen, from the Allen Boone Humphries Robinson law firm, which represents dozens of districts in the state, who said the districts are “very important to the land development practice and the home-building industry in this state, and if this bill passes, it will be extremely detrimental to economic development in the state.”

When a reform measure was again attempted last year, there was more pushback from the special-district lobby. The measure was before the same house committee — the Special Purpose Districts Committee — that had heard happy-developer talk earlier in the session.

The reform bill proposed that a majority of property owners in the district — a management district in this case — be required to approve a new district. After a parade of supporters for the measure, Trey Lary, another attorney with Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, told the committee: “In many instances, [special districts] transform the community and are very [much] supported by the property owners, who are very much involved with them.”

The state House Committee on Special Districts heard 158 bills last session, mostly related to the creation and powers of new districts. There was one “nay” vote during the hearings, cast by a little-known lawmaker from Tarrant County named Jonathan Stickland, who quickly changed his tune after briefly going negative on a bill expanding the territory of a Harris County special district.

Like several elected officials and public figures, Stickland did not return a call for this story. Former state comptroller Susan Combs, who issued a politically timed report in 2012 on the evils of districts when she was pondering a run for the lieutenant governor’s seat, is now silent on the districts, and did not return a call. Nor did state representative Dennis Bonnen, who last session authored a bill to increase the salaries of one district board while signing on as joint author of the measure to increase the number of property owners needed to establish a management district.

Three of the most highly regarded special-district lobbyists in the state were contacted, and none responded to an interview request. The Texas Municipal League, which has supported districts at legislative hearings, also did not respond.


In fact, to speak poorly of districts can get a person in a lot of trouble, as it has Woodlands businessman Jim Jenkins.

The state’s Court of Criminal Appeals last month pondered the curious case of Jenkins, who along with eight other voters in 2010 tried to upend the power structure of The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1, a widely spun district that for years had the same board members, who are elected in a contest overseen by law firm Schwartz, Page & Harding, which handles legal affairs for the Road Utility District as well as for Woodlands Township and several other districts in The Woodlands.

Jim Jenkins tried to upend the power structure of The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1. The consequences were significant.

Jim Jenkins tried to upend the power structure of The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1. The consequences were significant.
Daniel Kramer

Jenkins and another voter, Adrian Heath, received prison sentences for their attempt to join the board, the result of a prosecution that was carried out at the behest of the utility district, which alleged they had moved into the district temporarily to vote without maintaining a residence there.

“Which, given what these utility districts have done for decades, is an unfair reaction,” said Jenkins, who was convicted and received a three-year prison sentence.

Sitting in the wood-paneled criminal appeals court, just behind the state Capitol, Jenkins displayed the same look of bewilderment he has carried during the entire four years since he cast his vote.

Both attorneys got 20 minutes to argue the point of contention in Jenkins’s appeal, which in this case was whether Jenkins knew he was acting illegally when he moved into a hotel on district grounds and voted. Jenkins contends he was told by the state that residency is not clearly defined by law.

“He admitted he was not a resident, but that doesn’t prove that he knew it was against the law,” Judge Lawrence Meyers said at one point. “The state would have to prove he knew it was against the law.”

By the time the attorneys had finished and the judges posed their questions, it seemed, at least for now, that the justices had serious questions about how voting laws in the districts work and what exactly their boards were doing.

“They make it so you cannot become a board member if you think differently, if you want to see what exactly is going on inside these districts,” Jenkins said after the hearing. He has spent into the six figures for his defense.

Dan and Deborah Spiecher’s trailer is at the end of a long dirt road in Conroe.

Dan and Deborah Spiecher’s trailer is at the end of a long dirt road in Conroe.

Becoming a member of the board of directors ofthe Montgomery Municipal Utility District No. 148 is not an easy enterprise.

Asking the receptionist at the Coats Rose law firm in Greenway Plaza (again, an hour’s drive south of the notification posted on the Spiechers’ tree) for an application to serve on the board prompted this exchange:

“Which one?” she asked. She looked down a list of districts run by the law firm that spanned at least three pages single-spaced.

She then called Mallory Craig, an attorney in the public finance section of the firm.

“Can you have a seat?” the receptionist asked. “Someone will be out to see you.”

Waiting. Then a call came back to the receptionist. She got her instructions and turned toward me. “Are you a landowner in the district?”


“Are you a resident?”


More waiting. Finally, another call, and she presented Craig’s phone number on a blue Post-it note. “Call her to find out about how to apply for the board,” the receptionist said.

Craig never returned the call.

Clearly, utility districts intend to guard closely the fact that board members are pliable allies.

Unlike with most of the other special districts, in a municipal utility district, board members are required to own land in the district. In the freshly minted utility district in which the Spiechers live, each board member was deeded in August a one-fourth-acre lot, called a director’s lot on the deed, for $10.

“They have to have a board of directors sympathetic to their development cause to get the bonds issued, “ said Mitch Hausman, who has served on the board of Montgomery Municipal Utility District No. 40 since late 2014. With a background in mergers and acquisitions, Hausman was plucked from a field of five to be part of an effort to consolidate the 11 municipal utility districts in The Woodlands that were created in the ’70s and ’80s. It can be hard to get rid of a taxing entity once it is established, even when it has paid off its debt.

“I said I would only be part of the board to fill an unfinished term and be part of this consolidation,” he said. “We had 55 MUD directors in this one area, and each gets paid to attend meetings.”

The districts want reliable mainstays on their boards in case they need to issue more bonds or engage in any trading, Hausman said. “And some of them have been on these boards since the start,” he added.

Any insurrection striving to trump the power of the special districts has to contend with the army of lawyers that has the ear of legislators to protect the districts’ interests.

“That’s why no one ever talks about the MUDs in the legislature,” said one former lobbyist. “They are protected, with full-time lawyers working with the legislators to make sure nothing changes that would impact their pocketbook.”

The sheer amount of money approved for bonds puts Texas on par with the municipal bond cash issued in Nevada and Florida that led up to the housing crash in 2008. Special districts in Texas issued $2.5 billion in bonds last year, the most since 2007.

“They have so much money, it’s insane,” said Hugh Coleman, the Denton County commissioner. “I don’t know if there is even a way to stop them.”

There are inquiries, studies and promises of reform of the special districts stretching back a decade from local officials, state lawmakers and gadflies. Legislative reports have determined that action needs to be taken to rein in this taxing movement, often using boilerplate language that sounds tough but has no impact.

In an interim legislative report issued in November, one charge concerns special districts: “[C]onsider any reforms to special district laws to make them more responsive to Texas taxpayers and citizens [and] identify issues regarding special purpose districts that may be appropriate to investigate, improve, remedy, or eliminate.”

It’s hard to get any geekier than to listen to the proceedings of the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief. In a green-carpeted conference room last month at the University of Texas in Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley, the committee pored for five hours over the various tax increases hitting Texans. Members watched a PowerPoint presentation that included an eye-popping slide: Special-district levies had increased 106 percent since 2003.

From the lawmakers and onlookers, there was no response. Special districts are the phantom that comes and takes some cash that goes into the pockets of lawyers, managers, developers and engineers. And the trains run on time.

“People don’t want to talk about it, and that’s one of the reasons we’re studying it,” said state senator Paul Bettencourt, who heads the select tax committee. “In my mind, we need to be working with these law firms.”

He promised more hearings this summer, speaking of sunset provisions for the utility districts.

The special districts have become a “cottage industry,” Bettencourt said. “No one would have ever approved this whole process if they knew that just a few voters were going to be able to approve so much debt.”

But it was Bettencourt who successfully authored two bills that created utility districts and sponsored another creating a public improvement district in his first term last session. He blamed that on the last-minute rush at the end of the session, when everyone was scrambling to commit politics.

Places need water, Bettencourt added, and sometimes the utility districts offer the most efficient way of providing it.

Included in those districts: Montgomery Municipal Utility District No. 148, home of the Spiechers.

What does it say about the Texas Republican “Pro Life” Establishment When Devon Anderson Runs Unopposed for Harris County DA in the Republican Primary

What does it say about the Texas Republican Establishment when Devon Anderson Runs Unopposed for Harris County DA in the Republican Primary

It says that Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand Jury exoneration of Douglas Karpen on December 12th, 2013, and her January 25th, 2015 exoneration of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 for baby part selling and subsequent indictment of Center for Medical Progress scapegoats David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt was exactly what the  “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment needed to have happen to cover up political abortion profiteering  by Rick Perry, AG now Gov. Abbott, David Dewhurst, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Jared Woodfil , and Paul Simpson.  All of them,  The  in nomine solo. i.e. in name only “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment made Devon Anderson Harris County DA,  appointed in 2013  by  “Pro Life “Gov. Rick Perry with the full support of Jared Woodhil as “The One” for a very specific purpose;  to exonerate  live birth abortionist  Douglas Karpen.  And after Devon Anderson/Chip Davis’ orchestrated Key Man Grand Jury  exoneration of Karpen,  for a job well done,  The “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment supported Devon’s election candidacy for Harris County DA running unopposed in the Republican Primary 2014. And it’s Deja Vu all over again in the wake of  Devon’s  orchestrated Key Man Grand Jury Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 baby part selling exoneration and the Center for Medical Progress’ scapegoats’ indictment, as Devon Anderson, job well done, runs unopposed in the 2016 Republican Primary for HCDA.

In 2013, CIA Dave Dewhurst, then Lt. Gov.  originally called for a state infanticide investigation of Karpen in wake of a You Tube Mark Crutcher Life Dynamics expose going viral featuring decade long Karpen employees claiming babies were aborted alive daily at Karpen’s Aaron Woman’s Clinic in North West Houston.  Later that same year, December 12th, paradoxically the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pro Life Patroness of the Americas,  the day of Karpen’s exoneration, CIA Dave praised Devon Anderson in the Chronicle as HCDA for a job well done,  protecting Texas Women and the unborn in exonerating Karpen!  CIA Officer Dave is programmed in 1984 political “Double Think,” you think.

In Devon’s first exoneration rodeo in 2013, Devon had her select Key Man Grand Jury prosecutor, the same one she again used to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and indict the CMP scapegoats in 2015, sub peona  Life Dynamics’Mark Crutcher author of the Karpen You Tube.   Then Devon’s select ass. prosecutor put Crutcher  under oath, only to  dismiss him without giving any testimony.  The Key Man Jury proceedings are sealed for eternity under penalty of law whether an indictment, or exoneration is handed down. Putting witnesses under oath and dismissing them without testimony was used ad nauseam by Skull and Bonesman John Kerry during his bogus Iran/Contra Senate Hearings’ uncover up-cover up of his “brother under the skin”  (means they sodomize one another) Bonesman then Vice President GH Bush’s criminal role.

Devon’s  same corrupt Key Man Grand Jury in 2013 controlled by Karpen’s Defense Lawyer, Chip Davis, both Michael and Devon Andersons’ campaign manager for the HCDA job- Davis contributed 25,000 dollars to Devon’s election 2014 campaign in the wake of the Karpen’s exoneration-managed to drop both shoes in 2015 exonerating Karpen and Karpen’s biggest costumer ( Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45) for the babies Karpen still aborts alive  with no possibility of ever being prosecuted again due to Double Jepardy.  The blood of these brutally aborted alive and murdered infants is on the hands of The Pro Life Texas Republican Party Establishment: Perry, Abbott, Paxton, Dewhurst, Patrick, Elizabeth Graham, Christian Melchior, Cardinal Dinardo, and Devon Anderson for exonerating Karpen to cover up their own abortion profiteering.   After exonerating Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Indicting the CMP scapegoats, a tearful Devon Anderson said in a press conference,  “If you have been paying attention you know that I am pro-life”.   Yes, in the “Pro life” Texas Republican Establishment sense that is so true.   And what panache Devon added by dismissing the CMP You Tube expose without a hearing, just as she did with Crutcher’s Karpen You Tube  in indicting the two CMP scapegoats for attempting to buy baby parts in the undercover recordings of their expose.  And all to silent applause from the “Pro life” Texas Republican Establishment and unspoken approbation.

“Pro  life” Texas Republican Establishment silent applause for Devon’s criminal justice gymnastics as HCDA included a thunderous silence on the exoneration of Karpen by Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life, and as always “Pro Life” Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, for the election of Devon Anderson to HCDA  in 2014.  Her election in 2014 allowed Devon to work her black magic once again through her utterly corrupt Key Man Grand Jury System in exonerating Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 of baby part sales and in turn covering up Gulf Coast I-45’s baby part sales (especially whole late term aborted alive babies  purchased from Douglas Karpen) by indicting David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt of Center for Medical Progress for attempting to purchase baby parts in the first place from Planned Parenthood murder robots.

Deja Vu all over again!  As always complete silence again  from  the  in nomine solo  “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment PAC  con artist crook Elizabeth Graham  scamming money away from unborn babies survival.  Scamming  1.2 million dollars annually  in the name of being a “Pro life” crusader saving the unborn from Planned Parenthood,  Graham selfishly  devours all donations and political contributions (made by other PAC’s to purchase the coveted Texas Right to Life “Pro Life” laurel.  Graham’s exorbitant, greedy salary and benefits, including being  honored and glorified fraudulently  as a benefactor of the unborn and women against the complete horror of abortion,  her gaggle of Elizabeth adulating  idiot clones,  organization facade and office,  and election contribution  extortion in GOP king making in bestowing, but also denying the coveted “pro life” crown even to pro life Republicans like Dan Patrick who supported Devon’s 2014 election for HCDA after exonerated Karpen leave zero money for Pregnancy Crisis Centers, Unwed Mothers,  or benefiting the unborn in anyway. Again Karpen before, after, and during his Key Man Grand exoneration is aborting five to nine mouth old babies alive and then murdering then by twisting their necks or plunging his finger into their abdomens according to three of Karpen’s long term employees. The “Pro LIfe” Texas Republican Establishment, especially Elizabeth Graham  has these children’s blood on her hands.

“Their (Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life” stated mission is “to educate and inform the public about abortion” and “other issues involving human life” (How about saying something about Karpen and his exoneration!) and “promote legal protection of human life” however after an examination of the revenues & expenses of Texas Right To Life Committee I pondered the question:

Exactly whose life does Texas Right To Life promote legal protection of?

According to their own 2013 IRS Form 990 on Guidestar, the Texas Right To Life Committee Inc. spent over 44% of the committee expenses on salaries, other compensation and employee benefits:

Contributions and grants  $      985,336.00
Investment income  $              (19.00)
Other revenue  $      225,137.00
 Total revenue  $  1,214,454.00
Grant & similar amounts  $          2,899.00
Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits  $      469,693.00 44.39438
Professional fundraising fees  $      125,979.00 11.90727
Other expenses  $      459,430.00 43.42434
Total expenses  $  1,058,001.00

Over 11% of the committee expenses were disbursed to professional fundraisers with another 43% of the committee expenses paid to “other expenses”.

Let’s take a look at those “other expenses” shall we?

Surely we should find a healthy chunk of expenditures to help women find adoption counseling, placement & adoption services—or large donations to hospitals like Texas Children’s Hospital or entities that provide end-of-life hospice care.

Other expenses
Legal  $              2,860.00
Accounting  $              4,830.00
Other  $              4,806.00
Advertising and promotion  $              5,411.00
Office Expense  $            51,547.00
IT  $            26,821.00
Occupancy  $            42,915.00
Travel  $              6,784.00
Conferences  $              2,180.00
Depreciation, depletion & amortization  $              3,208.00
Insurance  $              3,116.00
State Legislation  $         138,631.00
Other fundraising expense  $            77,827.00
Educational expense  $            34,970.00
Non-fundraising – speci  $            16,270.00
All other expenses  $            37,974.00
Total  $         460,150.00


So I ask again.

Exactly whose life does Texas Right To Life promote legal protection of?”

It goes without saying, Elizabeth Graham is a lying two faced “pro life” abortion profiteer crook (like all the other “Pro Life” Texas Right to LIfe Republican Establishment crooks)  who perpetuates with her self-generated fraudulent Texas Right to Life PAC all of the above mentioned  phony two faced “pro-life” abortion profiteers, both politically through “pro-life” vote getting, and financially through fraudulent “Pro Life” legislation scams like  HB2 establishing a surgical abortion monopoly in Texas for Perry’s lobbyist sister Mila Perry Jone’s employerUnited Surgical Partners, and USP franchised partners, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Women’s Clinic.

The entire “Pro Life” Texas Republican Establishment,  indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton,  Govs. Abbott, Perry (indicted for misuse of political office) Dewhurst, and Woodfil, Cardinal Dinardo, all had stock in United Surgical Partners and conspired to gain a monopoly windfall through that stock holding when then Gov. Perry signed his sister lobbyist’s United Surgical Partner’s Texas Abortion Monopoly Act, i.e. HB2 bill into law in July of 2013 after the exoneration of United Surgical Partners partner, Douglas Karpen.

Arguments heard in the Supreme Court, after the assassination of Opus Dei child pornographer Scalia at the Bohemian Grove generated West Texas Cibolo Ranch, on HB2 were dominated by rabid abortionists Sotto Mayer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg , and Elena Kagan. They pummeled  Texas ‘ Solicitor General Scott Keller defending the law dismissing him as the complete moron he is, instead zeroing in on the crux of the matter:  HB2’s “Outpatient” mandate is an “undue burden” for independent abortion providers to pay in order to provide “their constitutionally mandated services”. The price tag to join the United Surgical Partners “outpatient”  Texas surgical abortion monopoly is estimated at one to three million dollars. All of the 400 or so United Surgical Partners affiliated outpatient clinics approached by independent abortion providers to rent space said no.  And importantly is the outpatient mandate in anyway cost efficient in respect to protecting women’s health.  The answer is clearly no.

Perry’s criminal conflict of interest in signing USP lobbyist sister’ HB2 outpatient mandate into law will not see the light of day in the Supreme Court arguments, only because Planned Parenthood would be exposed as partners in crime with Perry and his sister as a partner USP “out patient clinic.”  It can never be allowed that Planned Parenthood be exposed for the organized crime horror it truly is.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 in conjunction with then Chair of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Pro Life Activities  Cardinal Dinardo’s public silence, about the sale, while behind the scene overseeing the sale of a former Sterling Bank by its “Catholic” CEO J. Bridgewater-a personal friend of Elizabeth Graham and Christian Melchior, head of Houston Coalition for Life, initiated in 2006 a 24 million dollar renovation into the largest “outpatient” late term abortion clinic in the Western World, a Sterling Bank appropriately in the form of a gigantic combination temple/cash register which  the bishop of the Archdiocese Galveston/Houston as corpus solus i.e. the overseer-bishop-is the diocese- owned stock in.

The grand opening in 2010 was presided over by Mayor Anise Parker (whose husband/wife and campaign treasurer is treasurer at the PP I-45) with a satanic liturgy dedicating the aborted babies as sacrifice to satan-I was not there but local reporters were and witnessed the liturgy as well as handed copies of the ceremony ritually to those in vigil outside of the what amounts to a federally funded government temple to sacrifice babies to the devil. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Cecil Richards of the racist, genocidal  NAZI Ford Foundation spent years and 24 million dollars to make the former Sterling Bank “outpatient” three years before the United Surgical Partner’s  HB2 “Out Patient Mandate”  was signed by USP lobbyist Mila Perry Jone’s brother, the Texas Governor into law. Planned Parenthood and Cecil Richards not only saw the HB2 Outpatient Mandate coming, Cecil Richards and Rick Perry, Abbott, and Cardinal Dinardo formed a dark alliance via United Surgical Partners to put all independent-non USP abortion mills out of business in Texas leaving a surgical abortion monopoly in Texas for United Surgical Partner affiliated outpatient clinics, which includes Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Women’s clinic.

Governor Rick Perry denied Texans Obamacare not because it is after the Rockefeller Republican  Establishment Federal Reserve the worst thing to happen to the American People, but because United Surgical Partners’ outpatient clinics on the whole they are 20% to 30% more costly than hospitals and clinics because of “undue” medical testing and  as such did not qualify for payment under the “Affordable Health Care Act”. Obamacare is bad for United Surgical Partner’s Texas outpatient clinic monopoly, and therefore bad for Texas according to “gardasil Rickey”.

It is certain that the HB2 outpatient mandate will be struck down as an “undue burden” financially not cost efficient for abortion providers.  And look, Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Clinic and Planned Parenthood I-45 are both outpatient and both have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Cardinal Dinardo gave the Baylor Medical School Inc. abortionists who kill at PP I-45 privileges at St. Joseph’s Medical Center a minute up the road from the PP I-45 next to Cardinal Dinardo’s new co-cathedral.  If PP I-45 butcher victims have insurance they go to St. Joseph, the public dollar pays, Ben Taub for Baylor Medical School Inc. abortionist slashing if they don’t.

Cardinal Dinardo  with Cardinal Wuerl secured the passing vote in the Senate 2010 by duping Bart Stupak to make Obamacare law. Cardinal Dinardo has never said anything publicly about the largest late term outpatient abortion clinic in the Western World a minute away from his co cathedral, or defunding Planned Parenthood on any level for anything  ever.  Cardinal Dinardo has said nothing about Douglas Karpen aborting late term infants alive, or Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. Why? Because Baylor Medical School, INC. is the number one stock holder in United Surgical Partners, Rick Perry’s lobbyist sister’s employer. Baylor Medical School INC under Cardinal Dinardo’s oversight forms an abortion/child sex slaving and ISIS Jihadi transplant logistic provider with Catholic Health Initiative, St. Lukes, St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Planned Parenthood I-45. All members of Free State Galveston Legacy Tilman Fertitta’s Greater Houston Partnership. Basically, Cardinal Dinardo, in medical partnership with Baylor Medical School inc. has stock in United Surgical Partnership and therefore a financial interest in Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Karpen’s Aaron Clinic. That is a financial interest in Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, and in particular babies aborted alive by Karpen at USP Aaron Women’s Clinic.  Cardinal Dinardo’s financial interests of course also includes half a billion federal tax dollar funding of Planned Parenthood provided graciously by catholic Paul Ryan and the Pro Life Republican Establishment in D.C.  as well as millions of federal  reserve note deficit dollars to provide logistic support for victims of child sex slaving under the GW Bush 2008 Wilberforce Act- a faith based initiative-and relocating in conjunction with DHS thousands of non Christian, non Syrian ISIS Jihadi in Texas and throughout the US.

This all might have worked except for Life Dynamics’Mark Crutcher’s interview in 2013 with three Karpen employees who said that Karpen aborted late term infants alive and killed them by ringing their necks. The interview went viral causing CIA Dave whose pro life cred was being questioned after his absence from the Texas State House allowed Wendy Davis her rant, to call for an infanticide murder investigation of Karpen’s United Surgical Partner’s clinic. Devon Anderson and her Key Man Grand Jury system to the rescue!

Then in 2015  David Daleidon and Sarah Merritt show up to unleash an inadequately researched series of You Tube videos as Center for Medical Progress completely silent about the outrageous Karpen exoneration by Devon Anderson, which in the first place was done to cover up Karpen’s sale of late term aborted alive babies to PP I-45. And now these two scapegoats are placing their legal fate and the future of the 1 st Amendment in the hands of a trial no experience former “Pro Life”  Texas Republican Establishment Harris County Chair Jared Woodfil who supported Devon Anderson to be appointed by Rick Perry to exonerate Karpen in the first place, then after the exoneration of Karpen supported Anderson for election, and after the exoneration of Planned Parenthood I-45 for baby part sales, and indictment of David and Sarah for attempting to buy baby parts by Devon Anderson (she just did what Abbott and Paxton told her to do) is silent even now as I write this about Devon running unopposed in the Republican Primary.  When it comes to Lila Rose’s Live Action 2010 Planned Parenthood offering child sex slaving logistics expose, or Mark Crutcher’s Life Dynamics Karpen You Tube, and now Center for Medical Progress, good intentions and arrogance of purpose are paving the road to hell.

What does it say about the Texas Republican Establishment When Devon Anderson Runs Unopposed for Harris County DA in the Republican Primary.  They are  abortion profiteers. And that includes paradoxically Life Dynamics, Center for Medical Progress,  Live Action, Abby Johnson, and most “Pro Life Groups” arrogantly trying to make a career out of being “Pro Life” while profiting from abortion via financial donations and public veneration.  Just look at Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life’s spread sheet at “Whose Life does Texas Right to Life Advocate for” at

As Our Lady of Fatima said, “Only I can help you”.  We know all the above won’t.