Pirates at the Gas Pump; Rothschild/Rockefeller Exxon/Shell Profit Criminally with Cheap Gas Prices by not adding Ethanol

Have you noticed recently that although gas at the pump (Rothschild “Dutch Shell” and Rockefeller/Bush Exxon) although dropping to 1.50 per gallon, now requires two gallons to go the same distance, just as when Goldman Sachs (The Rothschild Federal Reserve NWO Bank that rigs the price of gas at the pump via the price of a barrel of oil internationally) was gouging us for 3.00 dollars a gallon?  What’s going on here?  At first I thought I was imagining that my mileage was haft by lower gas prices.  But after several days making the same journey to teach and back home again that I have made many times during the last few years, there could be no doubt.

Low priced gas or let’s just call it “cheap gas” from Shell /Exxon i.e. the Rothschild’s Dutch Shell backed by Goldman Sachs, aka “Gold Sacks,” and the Bush/Rockefeller (Rockefeller, married into the Rothschild Federal Reserve owners family/Bush, Humble +Standard Oil New Jersey = Exxon/ backed by Hitler’s banker Prescott Bush’s bank-Chase Bank) haft my gas mileage. Then I thought, perhaps it is my Mazda Truck, Four cylinder B-2400.  Basically the Ford Ranger.  My brother in law who is a college professor instructing diesel mechanics told me the Ford/Mazda Ranger has the best engine Adolf Hitler industrial idol praised in Mein Kamp  by a starry eyed Adolf, racist Planned Parenthood  backer(Ford Foundation)  Henry Ford ever made or,  will ever make.  I have 350,000 miles and the engine runs like the day I bought it for $9,000 new ten years ago. I know of another that has 490,000 miles running like new.  As a result Ford stopped making this engine.  No it was not the mileage on the vehicle. Then I thought perhaps I have a punctured gas tank.  I checked and did not find a leak.

Then it dawned on me.  Cheap gas must be low octane. But how are the big oil/big pharma/world government carbon taxes culture of murder multinational corporation Planned Parenthood pirates lowing the octane in the refinery process.  I asked two oil and gas logistic engineers if they had notice the half the price/half the mileage ratio in their own new high class vehicles one foreign, one domestic and they said they had. They both did work at refineries across the world.  One said  Exxon/Shell are not using corn based ethanol in the refinery formula, but “pure” gasoline only.  There is no glut of ethanol produce only to meet demand and price remains stable, but the price of pure gasoline because of glut is dropping dramatically (basically fracking and Iran back on line).  The ethanol pure alcohol is high octane, and causes more mileage per gallon, than pure gasoline without ethanol. Like not adding STP to your fill up..

By using pure gasoline, Illuminati Shell/Exxon continue to gauge us $3.00 dollars a gallon, by selling two gallons without ethanol at a $1.50 that produces half the mileage of a $3.00 dollar gallon with ethanol at Hurricane Katrina prices.

“Cheap” ethanol free pure gas gives the illusion of a price break thus increasing demand.  Double the amount-two gallons for half the mileage impacts favorably the international oil glut which has caused the price of a barrel of oil to drop dramatically below the new industry standard of one hundred dollars, by reducing inventory through selling twice as much without ethanol at half the gallon price.  Basically making lemon aide out of sour lemons.  The low price per barrel rewards refiners, and commodities traders/banksters while destroying Russia LNG position in the EU and the US fracking industry, allowing the Rothschilds to foreclose on a trillion dollars in loans made to Frackers, backed by the FDIC, monopolizing  trillions of dollars of capped fracking wells and leases and controlling market and price.  Illuminati sodomite, culture of murder Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger, advisor to Francis and Benedict on geopolitics said “You control nations by oil, you control people by food.”  Cheap gas without Ethanol added will insures the Rothschild “Is R Hell”‘ “Leviathan” natural gas deposit, LNG complete dominance in the EU over Russia and the US.

Oh, and the corn to make the Ethanol comes from Iowa.  Not using Ethanol  in cheap gas will cause the price of corn to plummet, punishing Iowans, both Socialist Bernie Democrats and Gold Sack’s False Opposition Canadian Liar Ted Cruz “conservatives” Christian Zionist low information voter Republicans for voting against the Establishment Gold Sachs candidates (Hilary Clinton) Democrat candidate (besides CIA/Carl Rove Trojan Horse Goldman Sach’s Canadian  candidate Ted Cruz) and Exxon/Chase candidate Jeb! Instead Iowans voted against Planned Parenthood Hitlery for anti Goldman Sachs, nationalize the oil and gas industry, tax the big five banks, take away all of the Rockefeller fortune, audit the Fed, anti-TPP Jewish Communist, Bernie Sanders.  You go Bernie!

Bernie is absolute communist and anti-Constitution and Bill of Rights by definition.  I would rather die than vote for him, but I love Bernie’s truth telling  on Hilary and Goldman Sachs , thanks to the courageous former Goldman Sachs manager Niomi Prince  advising Bernie’s campaign on Hitlery and Goldman Sach’s incestuous relationship.  Just as I am loving The Donald, the American Hitler’s  truth telling about Goldman Sach’s false opposition Carl Rove Tea Party, Evangelical Christian Zionist, Pittsburg/Houston Zappala Mafia family retainer defense lawyer (Kids for Cash Scandal) CIA candidate for President Ted Cruz,  as well as the American Hitler’s calling out Francis, the Illuminati Black Pope for using the Catholic Mass at the border to cover up Cardinal Dinardo’s (like Cruz an associate of the Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia Family) in his DHS NAFTA  based “sanctified” “legalized”  trafficking in “victims of child sex slaving”  via GW’s 2008 Wilberforce Act open borders scam of the American tax payer who Douglas Karpen exonerator Gregg Abbott turns a blind eye to.

But over all, I miss Ran Paul, like his father, the only truthful truth teller telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth for God and Country defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights against Neo-Cons Israeli and American.  Perhaps after Cruz and Rubbio-not Natural Born Citizens are taken out by Trump law suites, and then Jeb!  in Bush family presidential campaign tradition has the CIA assassinate Trump as the Bush/Clinton crime family did with JFK, RFK, JFK,jr. Reagan, and Ross Perot (attempted), Ran Paul will re enter the race. (Just to be assassinated  by Bush/Clinton)

Deus Providebit!




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