Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are Going to Prison!

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We have met the enemy, and they are us. – Pogo-

The truism, a prosecutor can use a Grand Jury in indict a ham sandwich is conversely true:
A prosecutor, in this instance Gov. Abbott’s Harris County DA sock puppet Devon Anderson via her DA office delegated Assistant DA sock puppet, the same prosecutor she used as a proxy to exonerate Dr. Douglas Karpen,  exonerates ham sandwiches of being ham sandwiches, while indicting anyone who publicly calls a ham sandwich a ham sandwich.

That same prosecutor who exonerated Karpen and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I45 and indicted  Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt was not Lauren Reeder, a Harris County Ass. DA on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood 1-45.  If “Pro-life” groups are suckered punched by Devon Anderson’s red herring (The Stench of Devon Anderson’s Politics) and claim a conflict of interest in regards to Lauren Reeder , this will not pass judicial review.  Lauren Reeder is a red herring to distract from the real criminal conflict of interest,  Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand Jury that exonerated Douglas Karpen used the same prosecutor to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and indict Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Devon Anderson and Gregg Abbott’s political conflict of interest in exonerating Karpen and Planned Parenthood I-45 and indicting Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt is Obstruction of Justice by uncover up – cover up.

Planned Parenthood and Chip Davis want defense attorney Jared Woodhead for the CMP defendants to bark up the wrong tree in regards to Reeder, while not focusing in on the Abbott/Anderson/Davis/Karpen/Perry/Planned Parenthood Key Man Jury connection that actually orchestrated twin exonerations and one indictment . This is how useful dupe Jared Woodhead will sell the defendants of Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt  down the river while exonerating Devon Anderson as “pro-life” and simply doing her job in following the evidence and law.  If Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and AG Paxten (already indicted) are to survive politically, and Devon be re-elected Harris County DA, Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt  must go to prison.

Woodhead as former head of the Harris County Republican Party supported Devon Anderson to replace as HCDA deceased husband Michael as the “One.”  Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are being set up by Woodhead, Abbott, Patrick, and Devon Anderson to go to jail in order to cover up the real reason for Douglas Karpen’s exoneration and Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast’s exoneration:  Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, AG Paxton owned United Surgical Partners Stock of which both Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Karpen’s Aaron Clinic are “partnered” as “ambulatory surgical” or outpatient, as USP partnered late term abortion clinics.

In a criminal conflict of business interest, Perry as Governor signed his lobbyist sister’s tendered bill HB2 mandating abortion clinics be “outpatient.” The HB2 Outpatient Mandate for free standing abortion clinics  creates a surgical abortion monopoly for Mila Perry Jones’ corporate sponsors United Surgical Partners and their greatest stock holder Baylor Medical School INC.   Mila’s husband  the most powerful lobbyist in the state lobbies for Baylor Medical School, as his wife did before lobbying for USP.  Via the HB2 Outpatient Mandate designed to eliminate all non USP partnered abortion clinics in the state, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast would be a prime beneficiary to gain abortion market share and aborted babies for processing  when the HB2 “outpatient” mandate costing up to one million dollars paid to USP  closed the doors of  non Planned Parenthood, non-USP affiliated independent non government supported “abortion mills” that have over ninety percent of the surgical abortion business in Texas. HB2 closed most, but not all non USB affiliated clinics in Texas.  Of the six remaining , five are Planned Parenthood and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Clinic-both USP partnered.  HB2 soon to be struck down by the Supreme Court, has exploded in the face of “pro-life” Governors Rick Perry and Gregg Abbott, as well as AG Paxton and DA Devon Anderson beginning with the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen and now Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

The HB2 outpatient mandate has failed to produce surgical abortion market share for Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast and aborted baby bodies for processing into bio products.  Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld’s Houston Women’s Clinic refusing to shut down or pay Perry’s sister’s United Surgical Partner “outpatient” medical mafia shake down of one million dollars to partner his humble one story clinic does cash only abortions to the tune of 50 to 60  a morning six days a week like clockwork.  On the other hand, Planned Parenthood  Guld Coast I-45, the largest late term abortion clinic in the Western World which was built to do hundreds of abortions daily, languishes financially with easily  than twenty.  Only being one of the world’s largest suppliers of  aborted baby parts, second only to China, and a raised 500 + million stipend from Paul Ryan’s budget after being exposed by CMP does Planned Parenthood manage to keep the doors open.

Baylor Medical School Inc. supplies abortionists for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45.  In turn, Baylor Medical School, INC. is an integral part of Cardinal Dinardo’s Catholic Health Initiative St. Luke’s as is Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 which Cardinal Dinardo oversaw the sale of a Sterling Bank property to be renovated into the present clinic a minute away from Cardinal Dinardo’s new Steven Rockefeller “Earth Charter” one world religion Exxon/Chase Co-Cathedral.  In turn Cardinal Dinardo allows Planned Parenthood I-45 Baylor Medical School abortions privileges at St. Joseph Medical Center meeting the second mandate of HB2: Abortionists must have admitting privileges in a thirty mile radius of the clinic where they perform abortions.  Indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who will oversee HB2 being struck down by the Supreme Court, as a Texas State Legislator voted against a state bill that would have allowed hospitals discretion  to deny a doctor admitting privileges only because the doctor did abortions at another facility.  Dan Patrick, a state legislator voted the same.  This vote by “pro life” legislators was a set up for the HB2 USP outpatient mandate soon to follow.

Cardinal Dinardo literally allowed Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 to come into existence tacitly by his public silence as local bishop, and behind the scenes active support.  Cardinal Dinardo allowed Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 without any public comment to come into existence in order to provide logistic support for child sex slaving of which Houston is the largest hub in the world making his-Cardinal Dinardo’s, a Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia associate along with Ted Cruz- see Cruz’s part in the Kid’s For Cash Scandal -syndicate” bones” with Free State Galveston Legacy Tilman Fertitta and JPII svengali  Fr. Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ masterminded  Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel.

Cardinal Dinardo in co hoots with Planned Parenthood and Catholic Charities  is making millions transporting covertly in conjunction with DHS tens of thousands of “victims of child sex slaving” from Central America via GW’s 2008 Wilberforce Act, and now he is doubling down on two hundred thousand  non Syrian, non Christian, male ISIS Jihadi’s covertly being brought to the US through Catholic Relief Service and Catholic Charities while Cardinal Dinardo’s Ferititta syndicate member, Greg Abbott, ( Tilman Fertitta, and before Jessica Fertitta before she used abducted were the greatest campaign contributors to Greg Abbott’s Governor run) makes a show going after a pipsqueak liberal bleeding heart refugee advocate mouse, while turning a blind eye towards Cardinal Dinardo, who as NCCB VP and Secret Cardinal Director of the Chase Vatican Bank runs an international Vatican Based/EU trafficking ring featuring both child sex slaving and Isis Jihadi “immigration.”

Devon Anderson  (who recently said “Anyone who pays attention can see that I am pro life”) received a $25,000 dollar DA election campaign contribution after exonerating via Judges Mike and Devon’s decade old notoriously corrupt Key Man Jury,  Houston’s own Dr. Kermit Gosnel , Dr. Douglas Karpen, from Karpen’s defense attorney, Chip Davis.  Devon Anderson parlayed Davis’ campaign contribution with being publicly endorsed by Lt. Gov. CIA Dave Dewhurst in the Chronicle.  CIA Dave “morally outraged”  initially called for an infanticide investigation of Dr. Douglas Karpen after  You Tube testimony (Mark Crutcher -Life Dynamics)  by three  employees of Karpen’s Aaron clinic went viral claiming “babies were aborted alive every day.”  CIA Dave, a protege of Claus Barbie in the Bushes’ Bolivian Cocaine Coup  during Iran/Contra that Jeb Bush like his grandfather Prescott Bush Union/Chase banker for the Nazi’s , as Texas Commerce/Chase banking agent to the Colombian, Costa Rican,  and Mexican cartels,  praised Devon in print for doing  in protecting Texas Women and the unborn by exonerating Karpen. In turn, Devon parleyed CIA Dave’s endorsement  with that of  Dewhurst’s Republican primary rival for Lt. Gov.  “Pro-life” Dan Patrick author of the Texas Sonogram Bill.   Devon then parleyed this with the stone silence on the Devon and Abbott’s orchestration of  Karpen’s exoneration, by  Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life PAC,  who endorsed Greg Abbott and David Dewhurst, but not Dan Patrick- all “pro-life” Republicans- as well as giving indicted former “pro-life” governor Rick Perry who appointed Devon to Harris County DA in a criminal conflict of interest after her husband Mike died, at the fund raising Pro-Life Gala event the Texas Right to Life do gooder of the year award for signing the fraudulent HB2 bill into law as.  Devon had a job well done in exonerating Perry had the  tacit support of then AG Abbott running for Governor to replace Rick Perry who appointed Devon to exonerate Douglas Karpen to cover up Perry’s own criminal conflict of interest in signing into law HB2.  As a result, Devon won election as Harris County DA in 2014 against her pro-abortion, lesbian, de facto same sex married, Mayor Parker, Planned Parenthood endorsed Democratic opponent.  Of course Cardinal Dinardo, former head of the NCCB Pro-life Action Committee was silent about Douglas Karpens exoneration and Devon Anderson’s run for election.   Cardinal Dinardo is silent about Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby part’s, CMP’s expose, and de funding or funding  Planned Parenthood.  Cardinal Dinardo with his catamite Cardinal Wuerl were responsible for the passage of Obamacare with the full public support of the NCCB and Pope Benedict.  Planned Parenthood’s Cecil Richard’s who wrote the Obamacare HHS abortion, contraception and sterilization then mandated the bishops and Catholic institutions being it hospitals, universities, or the Little Sister’s of the Poor do it.

 Chip Davis who had previously used the Andersons, Mike and Devon, both judges,  and their Key Man Jury to politically smear former DA Pat Lykos, to  replace her with Mike Anderson.  When Mike Anderson died, “Pro life” Governor Rick Perry appointed Devon his widow to fill the remainder of her husband’s term .  Chip Davis and Perry both sought  to cover up  Karpen’s live birth abortion and  sale of late term aborted alive babies to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45.  

Devon Anderson delegated the same DA assistant prosecutor that exonerated Douglas Karpen to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of selling baby part’s  sold to them by Douglas Karpen.



A no brainer, 2 +2 =4, (in this case Obama/Bush Core Curriculum math 2+2 = 5) this blog said exactly what Devon Anderson in cohoots with fellow Dr. Douglas Karpen exonerator then Texas AG Greg Abbott to save Rich Perry’s good name from legal discovery in a criminal conflict of interest by signing the completely fraudulent HB2 bill into law as Texas Governor written by Perry’s sister Mila Perry Jones, a United Surgical Partners lobbyist, would do months before Devon exonerated Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and indicted Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Like Hitler in Mein Kampf, Devon Anderson told in an August press conference exactly what she was going to do to David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress in exonerating Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-4. And last Monday annouced that she did it while scape goating her Key Man Grand Jury in doing so. This blog has been receiving hundreds of views at Holytransparency. since Monday. The whole history of the HB2 fraud, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, Annise Parker, Cardinal Dinardo, Rick Perry, Tilman Fertita, The Bushes, Pope JPII and Fr. Maciel and Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation drug, arms, and child sex slaving cartel for the last three years has been researched and documented at Learn the truth!

Do not trust Greg Abbott, Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to LIfe, Dan Patrick and other two faced liar “Pro life” abortion political and financial contribution profiteers who all said nothing publicly about Douglas Karpen’s exoneration by Devon Anderson’s Chip Davis Key Man Grand Jury orchestrated by Greg Abbott attempting to save Governor Pony Boot’s bacon from Karpen’s Attorney, Chip Davis’ trial discovery. CIA Dave Dewhurst thanked Devon in the Chronicle – December 12th, 2013-for exonerating Karpen and protecting Texas women and unborn children by doing so. 1984 Double Think you think, of which CIA Dave is well programmed! “Pro-Lifer” Dan Patrick who stole credit for the Texas Sonogram Law actually supported Devon Anderson for election after she exonerated Karpen, as she supported Dan the Sham against CIA Dave Dewhurst. We have met the enemy and they are us. Look at Tea Party darlings: Paul Rino, Gold Sacks slave ( Goldmen Sachs -Rothschild Neo Con Federal Reserve banking front bankrolls same sex marriage legalization throughout the world along with PP International LBGT agenda and Sterilization, Contraception, and Abortion in conjunction with the Bush/Clinton CIA) and natural born Canadien Citizen Ted Cruz (renounced his Canadien citizenship in 2014 to run for President) and Anchor Baby, Marco Rubio. Marco lived with high school sweetheart after graduating high school, cruzing Miami parks for teenagers. Rubbiio’s high school flame later started a porno production business filming anal sex between young Black and Hispanic males. Besides this, Marco, Tea Party presidential darling, gets sex for play as Miami’s Senator from a DC lobbyist, and has children with a NFL cheerleader other than his NFL cheerleader wife. Marco dreamed of playing in the NFL in high school… Marco suffered house foreclosure this year, and credit card insolvancy always (at I have more assets than Marco Rubio, and I have a vow of poverty.

Wake up! The anti-christ comes from among us. Do not be like David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress indicted by Devon Anderson choosing Jared Woodfill, who supported Devon’s appointment by Guardisil Rick as Harris County DA as their Defense. Attorney. Newsflash to David and Sandra- dump Woodhead, get Chip Davis, If this is the way you roll, Chip is cynical enough to do it, and you will be exonerated for sure. It’s a no brainer! 2+2 =5 everytime in Devon’s Criminal Justice Key Man Grand Jury System.

And to further the disgust in this case, former Harris County Republican Party Chair Jared Woodfill, a plaintiff’s attorney, has announced that he is representing the defendants. That’s right, the defendants have placed their lives in the hands of a man with no criminal law experience (search the District Clerk’s website with Woodfill’s bar number 00788715). My guess is that they want to use this as a platform for their issue. That is a huge mistake and only reinforces the idea that the entire movement is a farce. Woodfill is now attacking Anderson in the press which is completely hypocritical considering that he is the one that presented her to the HCRP Executive Committee as “the one”.

In 2012, Woodfill faced a collection lawsuit from a New York City firm which claimed that he owed nearly $30 million for a loan on which he defaulted in 2010. The money was obtained to finance a suit filed by Woodfill against the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway on behalf of some residents of Somerville in Burleson County, who claim that BNSF caused their health problems. Woodfill and Pressler procured a loan of $5 million in March 2006 from a hedge fund that went out of business in 2010. Because of interest and other fees, the amount owed ballooned to more than $29 million. (Sounds like Marco Rubio)

If anyone reading this has any contact with David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress (I tried long ago and had no response ever. The information I researched and documented could have saved them from painting themselves into this corner) tell them to get another attorney immediately! One that has nothing to do with the Establishment Bush Republican Party or Tea Party in Texas (unless it’s Louis Gomer – he would be perfect) or Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to LIfe and the phony “Pro-life” procontraception anti natal movement in general. If they go with Woodhead, It’s another no brainer, 2=2 =5, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress they will be sold down the river and convicted by the same Rockefeller/Bush Republican cabal behind the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen.

Like the morons in Oregon who arrogantly set themselves up only to be “bitches” used for Barak’s ISIS Jihadi gang rape by executive order of the Second Amedment, likewise David and Sandra’s conviction will be used to lionize Planned Parenthood, and destroy the First Amendment as well as the Right to LIfe. As my grandmother always said, “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Get a competent, uncompromised lawyer-fight for the First Amendment or you will be convicted and all of your best intentions for the Center for Medical Progress’s Planned Parenthood expose will pave the road to Hell for unborn and born alike..

I was at Planned Parenthood I-45 last Saturday, and they are processing baby parts again just as they did before the CMP expose in the wake of Devon’s exoneration of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast i-45 and indictment of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress. And why not, they get even more millions from Paul Rino. Who’s going to stop them now or even cares. Nobody except Mary with God. Newflash! Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand jury is Greg Abbott’s and AG Paxton’s investigation. Devon works directly for them both. Of course she does. PP’s renewed baby processing Includes 5 to 9 month old babies aborted alive by Dougals Karpen who doesn’t spoil the meat by ringing their knecks at his United Surgical Partners Aaron Clinic and sold to PP – I-45 Gulf Coast for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Baylor Medical School. INC. owns through United Surgical Partners stock Karpen’s clinic as well as being medical partners with Planned Parenthood I-45. Baylor Medical School supplies abortionists to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45. I guess since it is in house- different branches of the Cardinal Dinardo’s abortion/child sex slaving medical logistics conglomerate that Baylor Medical school does not pay for their fetal body part specimens like the other four Texas Universities. Just asking.

Deus Providebit!


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