Disgracers of the Chair of St. Peter: “Pope Emeritus” Benedict, His Chosen Successor Anti Pope Francis, and their Enabler Michael Voris

One of the most frequented blogs on my Holytransparency.wordpress.com for months is entitled, “The Michael Voris Deception.” In the Vortex, Michael Voris says many courageous and necessary things as self appointed “Defensor Fidei”  in opposition to “wicked and faithless” Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and Religious as well as Lay People. But not Popes and anti-popes like  “St”. John XXIII,  “St.” JPII, Pope Emeritus Benedict, and Francis. “And this is the greatest treason to do the right thing for the wrong reason.”  As a member of secret society religious cult of of personality,  Opus Dei, Michael Voris has been unwilling to criticize The Pope (and warns Catholics passionately not to take the Modernist “Church of Nice” bait to do so, most especially “Pope Emeritus Benedict” and now Francis.  So the following Vortex- A Disgrace to the Chair of Peter, though correcting popular perceptions by Catholics and Non Catholics of the Pope as media celebrity cult figure instilled during the 25 year rock star jet setter papacy of  JPII, is nonetheless most deceptive on Voris’ part.  Why?

Michael Voris has never spoken the truth, is silent about Benedict’s 25 year cover up of JPII’s profoundly satanic relationship with Fr. Maciel Degolado the criminal master mind and spiritual father of  Sinaloa Federation Cartel.  Nor about Cardinal Ratzinger’s global cover up of clerical child rape, the skeletons in the closet of which for the world’s Cardinal Archbishops’ assured the in Houston, Texas indicted  Cardinal Ratzinger C.C.D head would be elected Pope to assure his diplomatic immunity as Absolute Monarch of the Vatican City State for his crimes of cover up and clerical crimes against child world wide by Cardinals like Dinardo and Wuerl , Joseph Ratzinger covered up.  Not to mention Fr. Maciel’s invention of child sex slaving for undocumented workers involving tens of thousands of children from Mexico and Central America sold in cantinas from Houston to Chicago.  The Michael Voris Deception is he cover’s up the crimes of Pope’s because they are the Pope and Neoconservative .

Voris covers up the true reason Benedict made himself “Emeritus.”  Benedict was forced to leave office, if that is what he actually did, not because of his cover up of global child rape through the church, but because the Chase Vatican Bank-as ever a Rothschild front-would no longer allow Benedict who sought to “reform” the Mexican/ Columbian   money laundering mega bank  “to buy and sell” as Head of  the Vatican City State.  The Rothschild’s literally cut off the cash supply to the Vatican City ATM’s and everything else. Benedict was not forced out because of the evil cover ups he did- those were keeping bank business-especially Fr. Degolado’s Legion of Christ account- going at a rate of hundreds of billions of dollars, but because of the good things Benedict was trying to do, like the Latin Mass indult, dismissing Fr. Maciel, and reforming the Chase Vatican Bank, as well as his opposition, though “queer as a three dollar bill himself” to homosexuality and especially “same sex marriage”.  All of this ran counter to the Goldman Sachs’ (Rothschild) Vatican Illuminati agenda.  Time for plan B,  Francis, runner up in 2013 to Benedict.

Voris does not acknowlege that Benedict-Theologian Joseph Ratzinger- was and is a Modernist theologian of the same genre as Hans Urs Von Bathasar and Henre de Lubac, Karl Rahner. Somehow via  Fr. Joe Fessio’s Ignatius Press, Modernist Theologians like the above became branded under the regime of JPII (a Modernist Theologian himself- The Theology of the Body) and Cardinal Ratzinger as “Conservative,” or rather  Neo Conservative.  So called “Conservative Catholics” reacting against post Vatican II, like  Wuerl, and Dinardo, certainly JPII and Benedict and Francis  are “Neo Conservative” in that they are complete geo political puppets of Rothschild Zionist NWO  generals be it Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger who advised Pope Benedict, or  JPII  svengali Zbigniew Brzezinski who manipulated JPII through having him introduced at a Washington party to a married cute petite Polish American blond who help JPII write “The Acting Person,” and inspired him to compose the sexually creepy, gnostic “Theology of the Body” which forms the religious/philosophical basis for same sex marriage in the mind of Francis, as well as the “Gay Lobby” Vatican Illuminati at the recent Synod on the Family.

The truth being said,  which the Michael Voris Deception covers up, Pope “Emeritus” Benedict is by far with “St. John XXIII,”  “St.” JPII, and anti pope Francis the greatest disgracers to the Chair of Peter in Church History. Like teenager Pope Benedict IX, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was a homosexual Pope, and as a teenager an active member of the very homosexual Hitler Youth.  Pope Benedict is in a long term homosexual relationship with his Secretary “Gorgeous George,”  just like JPII was in a hetero sexual relationship with Zibignew’s petite Polish blond, it does not matter if they did the dirty as far as the disgracing the Chair of Peter is concerned. Both affairs are common knowledge in the Vatican and the Italian Parliament.  Both affairs were used as always to betray an office held, and through emotional blackmail serve the end of Vatican Illuminati, and the goal  of the Alta Vendita: So disgrace the papacy by an anti pope who confuses with scandal simple believers and non believers alike, declaring that religion is politics that no one will listen to future popes ever again.

Michael Voris  is a disgracer of the Chair of Peter in portraying Benedict as “Pope Emeritus,” an assault in the mind of the Faithful-simple believers- on the true nature of the Chair of Peter and the Vicar of Christ. You can not have two Popes at once, the history of the Church is clear. Ignoring two thousand years of Church History,  MichaelVoris who fancies himself as “more Catholic than the Pope” constantly espouses as a self styled voice of apostolic orthodoxy the belief that Benedict is “Pope Emeritus.” “Pope Emeritus” BS plays into the goal of the Vatican Illuminati/Alta Vendita to so disgrace the Chair of Peter through Benedict and his chosen successor Francis that no one, Catholic or not, liberal and conservation, pro or contra will listen to the Pope whenever, or whatever he speaks. With Benedict and Francis and Michael Voris enabling, mission accomplished!

Voris scandalizes “simple believers” telling them that they do not have to listen to a Pope- again Voris assumes that Francis is Pope as he assumes that Benedict is Pope Emeritus- you can’t have one without the other- when it comes to immigration issues, Laudato Si -an apostolic exortation, or birth control, is of course playing right into the hands of  centuries old Counsels of the Alta Vendita- the Vatican Illuminati- to so discredit the office of the Papacy by anti-popes- both “Pope Emeritus” and Francis are anti-popes- that no one will listen to any pope again about anything.  The point is not that Francis, or Benedict as Pope should be listened to as Modernists, or not listened to.  The point is:  The Pope is the Vicar of Christ. His legate, His legal representative-it is a moral office that ends with death, or resignation period. There is no such animal as “Pope Emeritus.” If any man holding the office, even validly elected Pope (which Francis may not have been) in anyway confuses Church Teaching in faith and morals  in the minds of simple believers (scandal) and thus contradicts Church Teaching in faith and morals, that man ceases to be Pope. As St. Callixtus states “A Pope who publically destroys the Church must be resisted.”  The Michael Voris’ Deception is to do the contrary in regard to Pope Emeritus Bendict and his chosen successor anti pope Francis. Voris does not resist a pope who has publicly destroyed The Church, like Benedict and Francis are doing, but enabled both to do so.  Michael Voris, Opus Dei, an arm of the Vatican Illuminati is acting knowingly, or unknowingly to bring about the stated goal of the Vatican Illuminati- to make the Chair of Peter so discredited by scandal and disgrace that no one will listen to the Pope, any Pope.

Deus Providebit!

Only Mary, Our Lady of Fatima can help us!


The Church belongs to Almighty God, not to the shepherds.
February 23, 2016  280 Comments

At exactly 4:49 p.m. Rome time, February 12,1931, a remarkable thing happened. For the first time in history, a mass audience actually was able to audibly hear with their own ears the actual voice of the Holy Father — less than a hundred years ago in a 2000-year-old Church. The very first radio broadcast, invented by Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, went out over the airwaves with the voice coming from the mouth of Pope Pius XI. Things were about to change forever.

Fifty years earlier in 1870, the Church had officially announced the dogma of papal infallibility at Vatican I. The dogmatic announcement was a source of some concern — and not just by enemies of the Church.


Before he died 20 years after Vatican I and 30 years before that first radio broadcast, Bd. John Henry Newman looked down the road and worried that regular Catholics would misconstrue the dogmatic pronouncement and begin to assign, in their minds, an authority to the Pope that he does not possess: common infallibility.

After the radio broadcast, a potential dangerous mix could now form in the minds of regular faithful. The mix was that everything any Pope said was held as infallible, and because of technology, we would now be able to actually hear everything the Pope said.

We have arrived at that point in the Church’s history. Too many Catholics, as well as enemies of the Church, have in their minds that whatever issues from the mouth of the Pope enjoys an air of infallibility, or near infallibility. The fact that a Pope could say something wrong or be misinformed simply doesn’t occur to them.

This also relates to the pious but wrongheaded idea that whoever steps out onto the loggia after being elected Pope was chosen by the Holy Spirit. That’s not even close to correct.

The Holy Spirit is invoked and prayed to to supply the grace to elect the Pope He wills to be elected, but the individual cardinals in conclave are free to conform themselves to that grace, reject it or fail to see it. That applies to every one of us in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit does not choose the Pope. The Holy Spirit protects the office from binding the consciences of the faithful to error — but He does not choose the Pope. The cardinals sitting in conclave might conform themselves to His grace and choose whom He wants — but then again, may not.

Another trip down history is helpful here. In 1032, teenager Benedict IX was elected to the papacy. This was during the height of one of the most scandalous times in the Church, when Roman families were buying and selling the papacy, selecting friends as political payoff, etc. Now, Benedict is never accused of altering doctrine or making heretical statements — that’s true. But he was called “a disgrace to the chair of Peter” in the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia.

He was suspected of being the first homosexual Pope, and 50 years after his reign, a successor Pope wrote of his “rapes and murders.” A hundred years earlier, during this same long-lasting period of scandal, an 18-year-old was elected to the papacy: John XII. Again, no official heresy, but an extremely dissolute life.

Before John XII, there was 20-year-old John XI, who may have been fathered by a previous Pope. These popes, who were practically children, have never been accused of heresy, but then again, from their extremely slim number of writings, decrees and promulgations, it’s difficult to know what they were saying in their non-official capacities. Can you imagine what the headlines would have been if there was conventional and social media in the 10th century?

Imagine: a 20-year-old rapist, homosexual murderer — who is also the Pope — flying back to Rome when an unbelieving reporter pops a question at him about “gay rights” or any other sexual proclivity. For that fact, imagine what almost any teenager would answer to any question. There’s a reason the expression developed that children should be seen and not heard.

But this problem of what a man (or boy) who also happens to be Pope thinks has only become a problem in the past 50 years, for the simple reason that there was no real opportunity in centuries past for his private ruminations to be aired.

Now it’s non-stop. Catholics have gone from never hearing from their popes to hearing too much. A distinction needs to be made between Joseph Ratzinger and Pope Benedict. A distinction has to be made between Jorge Bergoglio and Pope Francis.

Men in the office of Pope can be wrong. That shouldn’t be a headline to Catholics — but it is. Popes can be wrong; not every word that falls from the lips of a Pope is full of grace. It’s not Catholic to hang on every utterance of the Pope as though it is divinely inspired.

It absolutely depends on the time, place and circumstances of what he’s saying and how he’s intending it, and a press conference has zero magisterial weight — even if the Pope himself says something.

As an aside, we’ve said before multiple times on “the Vortex”: Why should reporters even be allowed to pop questions at the Pope, any Pope? Always a bad idea. What the Pope says about climate change has no magisterial weight. What he says  about economic systems in their detail has no magisterial weight. What he says about immigration policy in detail has no magisterial weight. And certainly what he says in a press conference has no magisterial weight.

But everyone — friend and enemies — are willing to respond to it like it is magisterial. Did you hear what the Pope said? Referring to Donald Trump as not Christian has no magisterial weight.

Jorge Bergoglio can easily misspeak, especially if he’s conflating his thoughts with what amounts to a hypothetical theological discussion point about nuns in the Congo — which no one can find any actual evidence of — and even if they did, it was before the issuance of “Humanae Vitae,” which dealt primarily with the pill, which was a whole new thing at the time.

Every papal word is not full of grace, and no authentic Catholic has ever approached the Pope that way  even back to St. Paul when he had to challenge Peter about how he was treating the Gentile converts. The Church belongs to Jesus Christ — not popes, not bishops, not you, not me. None of this happens without the permission of the Lord of history. We must suffer as He did — even if that suffering comes at the hands of His shepherds.

It is absurd to think that the men who are popes are perfect in their understandings, thoughts and so forth. The problem today is they express these thoughts out loud in front of cameras and microphones.

It has become, since really the papacy of Pope St. John Paul II, a cult of the Pope, driven by media, which turns into a feeding frenzy from every side when this Pope or any future Pope says or will say anything off the top of his head that turns out to be wrong, misinformed and the like.

This is the danger of a media-driven papacy: It can be manipulated by those who control the media and those in the Church who want to exploit it. They want the impression to exist that everything a Pope says is Catholic dogma so that when the man who is Pope misspeaks or is wrong, they can pounce on it and capitalize on it.

Think of the international uproar that occurred when Pope Benedict was trying to make a point about moral theology during an interview and he used the example of condom use in preventing AIDS. Very imprudent example, and the headlines went nuts.

Popes make mistakes. They have private thoughts that are simply wrong, not well thought out, a result of poor misunderstanding of some theological point, even badly informed about history.


The Pope’s comments about Congo nuns being allowed to take the pill seem to have no basis in reality whatsoever, because no one, repeat no one, can find any reference whatsoever that Pope Paul VI — or more accurately, even Pope St. John XXIII — ever did this.

It is a well-established non-history — so that alone shows that a Pope can be wrong if he starts quoting non-history to back up a poorly thought out answer to a reporter’s shotgun question on a plane.

But the point is: No Catholic can or should be surprised by this. It is we with our poor understanding of the office of Pope who need to break this pattern of errant thought or approach to the successor of St. Peter.

Again, imagine what would come out of the mouth of teenage popes a thousand years ago who were raping and sodomizing and murdering, if they were standing in front of a microphone and were asked some random question. For the first 1900 years, we were spared. From here on out, we are on notice.


Catholic teaching on contraception cannot be changed by Pope Francis

February 19, 2016

Catholic teaching on contraception cannot be changed by Pope Francis

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By Jenn Giroux

“There are times that lay Catholics have to step forward to say what we as priests cannot.”

These were the words spoken to me during a time in my life that I felt called as a Catholic to defend my Catholic Church from an assault from within.

That time has come again this week. To do so is never easy.

For nearly three years now Catholics have defended Pope Francis as being “taken out of context” or “misunderstood” by the media. We have watched and cringed at what has come out of the Vatican, been ignored by the Vatican, and been arranged by the Vatican all under the watchful eye of Pope Francis.

This line of defense has worn itself out.

This week was the straw that broke this faithful Catholic’s silence.

Aboard the Papal plane in an interview reported by the Associated Press (2/18/16) we read:

Abortion “is an evil in and of itself, but it is not a religious evil at its root, no? It’s a human evil,” Francis told reporters. “On the other hand, avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. In certain cases, as in this one (Zika), such as the one I mentioned of Blessed Paul VI, it was clear.”

No, Holy Father, it is not clear.

You are not clear.

What is clear, however are the doctrines of Holy Mother Church which have stood the test of time, survived liberal and false popes alike, war, famine, scandal, and repeated attempts at confusion and heresy from within and outside the Church.

And confusion, as we know, is not from God.

In Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI stated, “[W]e must once again declare that the direct interruption of the generative process already begun, and, above all, directly willed and procured abortion, even if for therapeutic reasons, are to be absolutely excluded as licit means of regulating birth. Equally to be excluded, as the teaching authority of the Church has frequently declared, is direct sterilization, whether perpetual or temporary, whether of the man or of the woman. Similarly excluded is every action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible” (HV 14).

This was reiterated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “[E]very action which, whether in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible is intrinsically evil” (CCC 2370). An excellent background and history of Catholic Church teaching can be found here.[1]

Use of contraception to avoid pregnancy is an absolute evil. The teaching on Contraception cannot be changed by an interview on a Papal airplane. However, the effects of such a statement being reported around the globe or heard in a one sentence news soundbite can be devastating and catastrophic. (It is important to note that in grave circumstances there are natural and effective ways to avoid pregnancy that obey and honor the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.)

Pope Francis continues to apologize to everyone for everything we are as Catholics yet fails to recognize those who are the most offended by his actions and misrepresentations: the lovers of Truth and defenders of our One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic Church. The Catholic Church and Her teachings were handed down from Jesus Christ, Himself, who hung on the Cross and saw every second of time from the first created second to the final moment yet to come. Yes, including the Zika crisis at hand.

I appeal to Pope Francis to please retract his statement on contraception, stop the ongoing confusing statements in matters of faith, morals, and social teaching and return to clarity rooted in the timeless doctrine of the One True Church. I appeal to readers to intensify your prayers for this Pope.

We as Catholics are instructed and confirmed at an early age to prepare to suffer when in life we are called upon to defend our Catholic Faith. I know I will face many who do not approve of this writing. Some may say it is wrong to criticize the Holy Father. But human criticism is not what I fear the most. There are far greater ramifications here.

We as parents are entrusted with the souls of our children to raise them up to live a life that will lead them (and God willing, their children) to eternal happiness in Heaven. We teach them that they can always, always trust the teachings of the Church and we urge them to cling to “the Rock” in their most challenging times. Therefore it is very difficult for them to understand the difference between doctrinal Church teaching that can never be changed and a potentially heretical statement of Pope Francis which is clearly influenced by the liberals that surround and advise him.

This type of statement on contraception disguised as compassion can mislead souls into the grave sin of practicing birth control risking their eternal salvation.

That is what this mother of nine fears the most.

And so I cannot remain silent.

Whose life does Texas Right To Life advocate for?

Whose life does Texas Right To Life advocate for?

Their stated mission is “to educate and inform the public about abortion” and “other issues involving human life” and “promote legal protection of human life” however after an examination of the revenues & expenses of Texas Right To Life Committee I pondered the question:

Exactly whose life does Texas Right To Life promote legal protection of?

According to their own 2013 IRS Form 990 on Guidestar, the Texas Right To Life Committee Inc. spent over 44% of the committee expenses on salaries, other compensation and employee benefits:

Contributions and grants  $      985,336.00
Investment income  $              (19.00)
Other revenue  $      225,137.00
 Total revenue  $  1,214,454.00
Grant & similar amounts  $          2,899.00
Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits  $      469,693.00 44.39438
Professional fundraising fees  $      125,979.00 11.90727
Other expenses  $      459,430.00 43.42434
Total expenses  $  1,058,001.00

Over 11% of the committee expenses were disbursed to professional fundraisers with another 43% of the committee expenses paid to “other expenses”.

Let’s take a look at those “other expenses” shall we?

Surely we should find a healthy chunk of expenditures to help women find adoption counseling, placement & adoption services—or large donations to hospitals like Texas Children’s Hospital or entities that provide end-of-life hospice care.

Other expenses
Legal  $              2,860.00
Accounting  $              4,830.00
Other  $              4,806.00
Advertising and promotion  $              5,411.00
Office Expense  $            51,547.00
IT  $            26,821.00
Occupancy  $            42,915.00
Travel  $              6,784.00
Conferences  $              2,180.00
Depreciation, depletion & amortization  $              3,208.00
Insurance  $              3,116.00
State Legislation  $         138,631.00
Other fundraising expense  $            77,827.00
Educational expense  $            34,970.00
Non-fundraising – speci  $            16,270.00
All other expenses  $            37,974.00
Total  $         460,150.00


So I ask again.

Exactly whose life does Texas Right To Life promote legal protection of?




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  1. david jennings says

    FEBRUARY 12, 2016 AT 12:24 PM

    $138k for “State Legislation”? What is that?

    All that most of these groups do is make a living for their employees. I guess that is pro-life, right?

  2. Robert says

    FEBRUARY 12, 2016 AT 3:35 PM

    It would only figure that a group which exists to lobby government and voters for a public position would be labor heavy on expenses.

  3. Fr. Christopher Terry, O.P. says

    FEBRUARY 17, 2016 AT 7:41 PM

    How you spend money says who you really are, especially if you spend all your money selfishly. Elizabeth Graham and her self created position of President of Texas Right to Life for life is a phony “pro-life” abortion profiteer like most pro contraction “pro-life” groups trying to make a well paid career out of being “Pro life” with great salaries, political office, being publicly honored as saints and heroes for “protecting Texas’ most vulnerable citizens” and having political clout which in turn generates contributions for both “pro-life” and “pro-choice” politicians running for office who in turn donate back to Elizabeth Graham and her crew for the coveted “pro-life” endorsement. But what if both Republican candidates are pro-life? Like Dewhurst and Patrick? Elizabeth plays king maker by awarding one her “pro life” endorsement, but not the other. Both “pro-lifers” CIA Dave Dewhurst and Dan the Sham Patrick supported Devon Anderson for DA after she exonerated Douglas Karpen. Elizabeth Graham, like Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 founder Cardinal Dinardo is silent on G. Abbott’s and Devon Anderson’s Dec. 12, 2013 exoneration of Douglas Karpen by Chip Davis’ Key Man Grand Jury. After AG. Abbott orchestrated via Devon Karpen’s exoneration, Elizabeth Graham awarded Abbott her pro-life seal of approval in his run for Governor.

    The Exoneration of Karpen covered up “pro-life” Texas Governor Rick Perry’s criminal conflict of business interest in signing his sister lobbyist’s United Surgical Partner’ HB2 “out patient” mandate into law. Elizabeth Graham’s fraud Texas Right to LIfe spent most of the $ 138,000 that year lobbying for HB2, thus saving Perry’s lobbyist sister’s United Surgical Partner’s money and effort in lobbying for HB2. HB2 will be struck down by the Supreme Court, because HB2 United Surgical Partner’s out patient mandate, like “pro-life” con artist Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life sham charity is all about profiteering via the abortion industry for USP share holders and franchises.

    Karpen was exonerated for Rick Perry by Abbott and Devon to cover up not only United Surgical Partner’s share holder Perry’s criminal conflict of business interest in signing the HB2 United Surgical Partner’s outpatient mandate into law as Governor, but also that Karpen (USP outpatient franchised like Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast 1-45) sells the fresh bodies of the 5 to 9 month old bodies of babies Karpen aborts alive and whose necks he twists to kill to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45. . Karpen, like Planned Parenthood I-45 are completely free to continue their robust baby body sales relationship now and are doing so thanks to their double exoneration orchestrated by G. Abbott and Devon. And certainly indicted by Devon/Abbott, David Daleiden and Sarah Merritt who completely missed Karpen selling babies to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 will be sold down the river by “pro-life” Republican Jared Woodhead their trusted “pro-life” attorney who recommended Devon to replace her partner in crime Michael as the “One.” as Harris County DA.

    In the end, the Center for Medical Progress’s expose, just like HB2 does grave damage to the unborn. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Because on Devon/Abbott’s double exoneration of Karpen and Planned Parenthood I-45, I can attest PP I-45 is back in business with Karpen et all processing baby parts with no fear that anyone will stop them again, and pro-life abortion profiteers like Perry, Abbott, Graham, and Devon will only reward them for the practice.

    Both Devon and Abbott say they are pro-life- but they lie. Elizabeth Graham and Christian Melchior are frauds and self proclaimed “pro life” abortion profiteers just like Devon Anderson, Rick Perry, Wendy Davis, G. Abbott, and Anise Parker. No difference in actuality. Hell has a deep place for these pro-life profiteers from the practice of abortion. They are pro-contraception even though artificial contraception causes abortions and is the number one cause according to WHO who promotes its use throughout the globe of heart attack, stroke, blood clot, cancer, and sterility for all women who take them, as well as environmental damage. The pro-life abortion profiteer public position on contraception and abortion is identical with the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who like them, publicly supported solely contraception-natural or artificial-and not surgical abortion, which Sanger called murder. I know she advocated abortion in cases privately, but not publicly.

    Only the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus can and will save of us all. Not these “pro-life” modern pharisees abortion profiteers.

Pirates at the Gas Pump; Rothschild/Rockefeller Exxon/Shell Profit Criminally with Cheap Gas Prices by not adding Ethanol

Have you noticed recently that although gas at the pump (Rothschild “Dutch Shell” and Rockefeller/Bush Exxon) although dropping to 1.50 per gallon, now requires two gallons to go the same distance, just as when Goldman Sachs (The Rothschild Federal Reserve NWO Bank that rigs the price of gas at the pump via the price of a barrel of oil internationally) was gouging us for 3.00 dollars a gallon?  What’s going on here?  At first I thought I was imagining that my mileage was haft by lower gas prices.  But after several days making the same journey to teach and back home again that I have made many times during the last few years, there could be no doubt.

Low priced gas or let’s just call it “cheap gas” from Shell /Exxon i.e. the Rothschild’s Dutch Shell backed by Goldman Sachs, aka “Gold Sacks,” and the Bush/Rockefeller (Rockefeller, married into the Rothschild Federal Reserve owners family/Bush, Humble +Standard Oil New Jersey = Exxon/ backed by Hitler’s banker Prescott Bush’s bank-Chase Bank) haft my gas mileage. Then I thought, perhaps it is my Mazda Truck, Four cylinder B-2400.  Basically the Ford Ranger.  My brother in law who is a college professor instructing diesel mechanics told me the Ford/Mazda Ranger has the best engine Adolf Hitler industrial idol praised in Mein Kamp  by a starry eyed Adolf, racist Planned Parenthood  backer(Ford Foundation)  Henry Ford ever made or,  will ever make.  I have 350,000 miles and the engine runs like the day I bought it for $9,000 new ten years ago. I know of another that has 490,000 miles running like new.  As a result Ford stopped making this engine.  No it was not the mileage on the vehicle. Then I thought perhaps I have a punctured gas tank.  I checked and did not find a leak.

Then it dawned on me.  Cheap gas must be low octane. But how are the big oil/big pharma/world government carbon taxes culture of murder multinational corporation Planned Parenthood pirates lowing the octane in the refinery process.  I asked two oil and gas logistic engineers if they had notice the half the price/half the mileage ratio in their own new high class vehicles one foreign, one domestic and they said they had. They both did work at refineries across the world.  One said  Exxon/Shell are not using corn based ethanol in the refinery formula, but “pure” gasoline only.  There is no glut of ethanol produce only to meet demand and price remains stable, but the price of pure gasoline because of glut is dropping dramatically (basically fracking and Iran back on line).  The ethanol pure alcohol is high octane, and causes more mileage per gallon, than pure gasoline without ethanol. Like not adding STP to your fill up..

By using pure gasoline, Illuminati Shell/Exxon continue to gauge us $3.00 dollars a gallon, by selling two gallons without ethanol at a $1.50 that produces half the mileage of a $3.00 dollar gallon with ethanol at Hurricane Katrina prices.

“Cheap” ethanol free pure gas gives the illusion of a price break thus increasing demand.  Double the amount-two gallons for half the mileage impacts favorably the international oil glut which has caused the price of a barrel of oil to drop dramatically below the new industry standard of one hundred dollars, by reducing inventory through selling twice as much without ethanol at half the gallon price.  Basically making lemon aide out of sour lemons.  The low price per barrel rewards refiners, and commodities traders/banksters while destroying Russia LNG position in the EU and the US fracking industry, allowing the Rothschilds to foreclose on a trillion dollars in loans made to Frackers, backed by the FDIC, monopolizing  trillions of dollars of capped fracking wells and leases and controlling market and price.  Illuminati sodomite, culture of murder Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger, advisor to Francis and Benedict on geopolitics said “You control nations by oil, you control people by food.”  Cheap gas without Ethanol added will insures the Rothschild “Is R Hell”‘ “Leviathan” natural gas deposit, LNG complete dominance in the EU over Russia and the US.

Oh, and the corn to make the Ethanol comes from Iowa.  Not using Ethanol  in cheap gas will cause the price of corn to plummet, punishing Iowans, both Socialist Bernie Democrats and Gold Sack’s False Opposition Canadian Liar Ted Cruz “conservatives” Christian Zionist low information voter Republicans for voting against the Establishment Gold Sachs candidates (Hilary Clinton) Democrat candidate (besides CIA/Carl Rove Trojan Horse Goldman Sach’s Canadian  candidate Ted Cruz) and Exxon/Chase candidate Jeb! Instead Iowans voted against Planned Parenthood Hitlery for anti Goldman Sachs, nationalize the oil and gas industry, tax the big five banks, take away all of the Rockefeller fortune, audit the Fed, anti-TPP Jewish Communist, Bernie Sanders.  You go Bernie!

Bernie is absolute communist and anti-Constitution and Bill of Rights by definition.  I would rather die than vote for him, but I love Bernie’s truth telling  on Hilary and Goldman Sachs , thanks to the courageous former Goldman Sachs manager Niomi Prince  advising Bernie’s campaign on Hitlery and Goldman Sach’s incestuous relationship.  Just as I am loving The Donald, the American Hitler’s  truth telling about Goldman Sach’s false opposition Carl Rove Tea Party, Evangelical Christian Zionist, Pittsburg/Houston Zappala Mafia family retainer defense lawyer (Kids for Cash Scandal) CIA candidate for President Ted Cruz,  as well as the American Hitler’s calling out Francis, the Illuminati Black Pope for using the Catholic Mass at the border to cover up Cardinal Dinardo’s (like Cruz an associate of the Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia Family) in his DHS NAFTA  based “sanctified” “legalized”  trafficking in “victims of child sex slaving”  via GW’s 2008 Wilberforce Act open borders scam of the American tax payer who Douglas Karpen exonerator Gregg Abbott turns a blind eye to.

But over all, I miss Ran Paul, like his father, the only truthful truth teller telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth for God and Country defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights against Neo-Cons Israeli and American.  Perhaps after Cruz and Rubbio-not Natural Born Citizens are taken out by Trump law suites, and then Jeb!  in Bush family presidential campaign tradition has the CIA assassinate Trump as the Bush/Clinton crime family did with JFK, RFK, JFK,jr. Reagan, and Ross Perot (attempted), Ran Paul will re enter the race. (Just to be assassinated  by Bush/Clinton)

Deus Providebit!



Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are Going to Prison!

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We have met the enemy, and they are us. – Pogo-

The truism, a prosecutor can use a Grand Jury in indict a ham sandwich is conversely true:
A prosecutor, in this instance Gov. Abbott’s Harris County DA sock puppet Devon Anderson via her DA office delegated Assistant DA sock puppet, the same prosecutor she used as a proxy to exonerate Dr. Douglas Karpen,  exonerates ham sandwiches of being ham sandwiches, while indicting anyone who publicly calls a ham sandwich a ham sandwich.

That same prosecutor who exonerated Karpen and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I45 and indicted  Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt was not Lauren Reeder, a Harris County Ass. DA on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood 1-45.  If “Pro-life” groups are suckered punched by Devon Anderson’s red herring (The Stench of Devon Anderson’s Politics) and claim a conflict of interest in regards to Lauren Reeder , this will not pass judicial review.  Lauren Reeder is a red herring to distract from the real criminal conflict of interest,  Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand Jury that exonerated Douglas Karpen used the same prosecutor to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and indict Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Devon Anderson and Gregg Abbott’s political conflict of interest in exonerating Karpen and Planned Parenthood I-45 and indicting Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt is Obstruction of Justice by uncover up – cover up.

Planned Parenthood and Chip Davis want defense attorney Jared Woodhead for the CMP defendants to bark up the wrong tree in regards to Reeder, while not focusing in on the Abbott/Anderson/Davis/Karpen/Perry/Planned Parenthood Key Man Jury connection that actually orchestrated twin exonerations and one indictment . This is how useful dupe Jared Woodhead will sell the defendants of Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt  down the river while exonerating Devon Anderson as “pro-life” and simply doing her job in following the evidence and law.  If Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and AG Paxten (already indicted) are to survive politically, and Devon be re-elected Harris County DA, Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt  must go to prison.

Woodhead as former head of the Harris County Republican Party supported Devon Anderson to replace as HCDA deceased husband Michael as the “One.”  Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are being set up by Woodhead, Abbott, Patrick, and Devon Anderson to go to jail in order to cover up the real reason for Douglas Karpen’s exoneration and Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast’s exoneration:  Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, AG Paxton owned United Surgical Partners Stock of which both Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Karpen’s Aaron Clinic are “partnered” as “ambulatory surgical” or outpatient, as USP partnered late term abortion clinics.

In a criminal conflict of business interest, Perry as Governor signed his lobbyist sister’s tendered bill HB2 mandating abortion clinics be “outpatient.” The HB2 Outpatient Mandate for free standing abortion clinics  creates a surgical abortion monopoly for Mila Perry Jones’ corporate sponsors United Surgical Partners and their greatest stock holder Baylor Medical School INC.   Mila’s husband  the most powerful lobbyist in the state lobbies for Baylor Medical School, as his wife did before lobbying for USP.  Via the HB2 Outpatient Mandate designed to eliminate all non USP partnered abortion clinics in the state, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast would be a prime beneficiary to gain abortion market share and aborted babies for processing  when the HB2 “outpatient” mandate costing up to one million dollars paid to USP  closed the doors of  non Planned Parenthood, non-USP affiliated independent non government supported “abortion mills” that have over ninety percent of the surgical abortion business in Texas. HB2 closed most, but not all non USB affiliated clinics in Texas.  Of the six remaining , five are Planned Parenthood and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Clinic-both USP partnered.  HB2 soon to be struck down by the Supreme Court, has exploded in the face of “pro-life” Governors Rick Perry and Gregg Abbott, as well as AG Paxton and DA Devon Anderson beginning with the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen and now Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

The HB2 outpatient mandate has failed to produce surgical abortion market share for Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast and aborted baby bodies for processing into bio products.  Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld’s Houston Women’s Clinic refusing to shut down or pay Perry’s sister’s United Surgical Partner “outpatient” medical mafia shake down of one million dollars to partner his humble one story clinic does cash only abortions to the tune of 50 to 60  a morning six days a week like clockwork.  On the other hand, Planned Parenthood  Guld Coast I-45, the largest late term abortion clinic in the Western World which was built to do hundreds of abortions daily, languishes financially with easily  than twenty.  Only being one of the world’s largest suppliers of  aborted baby parts, second only to China, and a raised 500 + million stipend from Paul Ryan’s budget after being exposed by CMP does Planned Parenthood manage to keep the doors open.

Baylor Medical School Inc. supplies abortionists for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45.  In turn, Baylor Medical School, INC. is an integral part of Cardinal Dinardo’s Catholic Health Initiative St. Luke’s as is Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 which Cardinal Dinardo oversaw the sale of a Sterling Bank property to be renovated into the present clinic a minute away from Cardinal Dinardo’s new Steven Rockefeller “Earth Charter” one world religion Exxon/Chase Co-Cathedral.  In turn Cardinal Dinardo allows Planned Parenthood I-45 Baylor Medical School abortions privileges at St. Joseph Medical Center meeting the second mandate of HB2: Abortionists must have admitting privileges in a thirty mile radius of the clinic where they perform abortions.  Indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who will oversee HB2 being struck down by the Supreme Court, as a Texas State Legislator voted against a state bill that would have allowed hospitals discretion  to deny a doctor admitting privileges only because the doctor did abortions at another facility.  Dan Patrick, a state legislator voted the same.  This vote by “pro life” legislators was a set up for the HB2 USP outpatient mandate soon to follow.

Cardinal Dinardo literally allowed Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 to come into existence tacitly by his public silence as local bishop, and behind the scenes active support.  Cardinal Dinardo allowed Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 without any public comment to come into existence in order to provide logistic support for child sex slaving of which Houston is the largest hub in the world making his-Cardinal Dinardo’s, a Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia associate along with Ted Cruz- see Cruz’s part in the Kid’s For Cash Scandal -syndicate” bones” with Free State Galveston Legacy Tilman Fertitta and JPII svengali  Fr. Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ masterminded  Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel.

Cardinal Dinardo in co hoots with Planned Parenthood and Catholic Charities  is making millions transporting covertly in conjunction with DHS tens of thousands of “victims of child sex slaving” from Central America via GW’s 2008 Wilberforce Act, and now he is doubling down on two hundred thousand  non Syrian, non Christian, male ISIS Jihadi’s covertly being brought to the US through Catholic Relief Service and Catholic Charities while Cardinal Dinardo’s Ferititta syndicate member, Greg Abbott, ( Tilman Fertitta, and before Jessica Fertitta before she used abducted were the greatest campaign contributors to Greg Abbott’s Governor run) makes a show going after a pipsqueak liberal bleeding heart refugee advocate mouse, while turning a blind eye towards Cardinal Dinardo, who as NCCB VP and Secret Cardinal Director of the Chase Vatican Bank runs an international Vatican Based/EU trafficking ring featuring both child sex slaving and Isis Jihadi “immigration.”

Devon Anderson  (who recently said “Anyone who pays attention can see that I am pro life”) received a $25,000 dollar DA election campaign contribution after exonerating via Judges Mike and Devon’s decade old notoriously corrupt Key Man Jury,  Houston’s own Dr. Kermit Gosnel , Dr. Douglas Karpen, from Karpen’s defense attorney, Chip Davis.  Devon Anderson parlayed Davis’ campaign contribution with being publicly endorsed by Lt. Gov. CIA Dave Dewhurst in the Chronicle.  CIA Dave “morally outraged”  initially called for an infanticide investigation of Dr. Douglas Karpen after  You Tube testimony (Mark Crutcher -Life Dynamics)  by three  employees of Karpen’s Aaron clinic went viral claiming “babies were aborted alive every day.”  CIA Dave, a protege of Claus Barbie in the Bushes’ Bolivian Cocaine Coup  during Iran/Contra that Jeb Bush like his grandfather Prescott Bush Union/Chase banker for the Nazi’s , as Texas Commerce/Chase banking agent to the Colombian, Costa Rican,  and Mexican cartels,  praised Devon in print for doing  in protecting Texas Women and the unborn by exonerating Karpen. In turn, Devon parleyed CIA Dave’s endorsement  with that of  Dewhurst’s Republican primary rival for Lt. Gov.  “Pro-life” Dan Patrick author of the Texas Sonogram Bill.   Devon then parleyed this with the stone silence on the Devon and Abbott’s orchestration of  Karpen’s exoneration, by  Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life PAC,  who endorsed Greg Abbott and David Dewhurst, but not Dan Patrick- all “pro-life” Republicans- as well as giving indicted former “pro-life” governor Rick Perry who appointed Devon to Harris County DA in a criminal conflict of interest after her husband Mike died, at the fund raising Pro-Life Gala event the Texas Right to Life do gooder of the year award for signing the fraudulent HB2 bill into law as.  Devon had a job well done in exonerating Perry had the  tacit support of then AG Abbott running for Governor to replace Rick Perry who appointed Devon to exonerate Douglas Karpen to cover up Perry’s own criminal conflict of interest in signing into law HB2.  As a result, Devon won election as Harris County DA in 2014 against her pro-abortion, lesbian, de facto same sex married, Mayor Parker, Planned Parenthood endorsed Democratic opponent.  Of course Cardinal Dinardo, former head of the NCCB Pro-life Action Committee was silent about Douglas Karpens exoneration and Devon Anderson’s run for election.   Cardinal Dinardo is silent about Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby part’s, CMP’s expose, and de funding or funding  Planned Parenthood.  Cardinal Dinardo with his catamite Cardinal Wuerl were responsible for the passage of Obamacare with the full public support of the NCCB and Pope Benedict.  Planned Parenthood’s Cecil Richard’s who wrote the Obamacare HHS abortion, contraception and sterilization then mandated the bishops and Catholic institutions being it hospitals, universities, or the Little Sister’s of the Poor do it.

 Chip Davis who had previously used the Andersons, Mike and Devon, both judges,  and their Key Man Jury to politically smear former DA Pat Lykos, to  replace her with Mike Anderson.  When Mike Anderson died, “Pro life” Governor Rick Perry appointed Devon his widow to fill the remainder of her husband’s term .  Chip Davis and Perry both sought  to cover up  Karpen’s live birth abortion and  sale of late term aborted alive babies to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45.  

Devon Anderson delegated the same DA assistant prosecutor that exonerated Douglas Karpen to exonerate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of selling baby part’s  sold to them by Douglas Karpen.

Blog, Holytransparency.wordpress.com:


A no brainer, 2 +2 =4, (in this case Obama/Bush Core Curriculum math 2+2 = 5) this blog said exactly what Devon Anderson in cohoots with fellow Dr. Douglas Karpen exonerator then Texas AG Greg Abbott to save Rich Perry’s good name from legal discovery in a criminal conflict of interest by signing the completely fraudulent HB2 bill into law as Texas Governor written by Perry’s sister Mila Perry Jones, a United Surgical Partners lobbyist, would do months before Devon exonerated Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and indicted Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Like Hitler in Mein Kampf, Devon Anderson told in an August press conference exactly what she was going to do to David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress in exonerating Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-4. And last Monday annouced that she did it while scape goating her Key Man Grand Jury in doing so. This blog has been receiving hundreds of views at Holytransparency. wordpress.com since Monday. The whole history of the HB2 fraud, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45, Annise Parker, Cardinal Dinardo, Rick Perry, Tilman Fertita, The Bushes, Pope JPII and Fr. Maciel and Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation drug, arms, and child sex slaving cartel for the last three years has been researched and documented at Holytransparency.wordpress.com. Learn the truth!

Do not trust Greg Abbott, Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to LIfe, Dan Patrick and other two faced liar “Pro life” abortion political and financial contribution profiteers who all said nothing publicly about Douglas Karpen’s exoneration by Devon Anderson’s Chip Davis Key Man Grand Jury orchestrated by Greg Abbott attempting to save Governor Pony Boot’s bacon from Karpen’s Attorney, Chip Davis’ trial discovery. CIA Dave Dewhurst thanked Devon in the Chronicle – December 12th, 2013-for exonerating Karpen and protecting Texas women and unborn children by doing so. 1984 Double Think you think, of which CIA Dave is well programmed! “Pro-Lifer” Dan Patrick who stole credit for the Texas Sonogram Law actually supported Devon Anderson for election after she exonerated Karpen, as she supported Dan the Sham against CIA Dave Dewhurst. We have met the enemy and they are us. Look at Tea Party darlings: Paul Rino, Gold Sacks slave ( Goldmen Sachs -Rothschild Neo Con Federal Reserve banking front bankrolls same sex marriage legalization throughout the world along with PP International LBGT agenda and Sterilization, Contraception, and Abortion in conjunction with the Bush/Clinton CIA) and natural born Canadien Citizen Ted Cruz (renounced his Canadien citizenship in 2014 to run for President) and Anchor Baby, Marco Rubio. Marco lived with high school sweetheart after graduating high school, cruzing Miami parks for teenagers. Rubbiio’s high school flame later started a porno production business filming anal sex between young Black and Hispanic males. Besides this, Marco, Tea Party presidential darling, gets sex for play as Miami’s Senator from a DC lobbyist, and has children with a NFL cheerleader other than his NFL cheerleader wife. Marco dreamed of playing in the NFL in high school… Marco suffered house foreclosure this year, and credit card insolvancy always (at waynemattson.com) I have more assets than Marco Rubio, and I have a vow of poverty.

Wake up! The anti-christ comes from among us. Do not be like David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress indicted by Devon Anderson choosing Jared Woodfill, who supported Devon’s appointment by Guardisil Rick as Harris County DA as their Defense. Attorney. Newsflash to David and Sandra- dump Woodhead, get Chip Davis, If this is the way you roll, Chip is cynical enough to do it, and you will be exonerated for sure. It’s a no brainer! 2+2 =5 everytime in Devon’s Criminal Justice Key Man Grand Jury System.

And to further the disgust in this case, former Harris County Republican Party Chair Jared Woodfill, a plaintiff’s attorney, has announced that he is representing the defendants. That’s right, the defendants have placed their lives in the hands of a man with no criminal law experience (search the District Clerk’s website with Woodfill’s bar number 00788715). My guess is that they want to use this as a platform for their issue. That is a huge mistake and only reinforces the idea that the entire movement is a farce. Woodfill is now attacking Anderson in the press which is completely hypocritical considering that he is the one that presented her to the HCRP Executive Committee as “the one”.

In 2012, Woodfill faced a collection lawsuit from a New York City firm which claimed that he owed nearly $30 million for a loan on which he defaulted in 2010. The money was obtained to finance a suit filed by Woodfill against the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway on behalf of some residents of Somerville in Burleson County, who claim that BNSF caused their health problems. Woodfill and Pressler procured a loan of $5 million in March 2006 from a hedge fund that went out of business in 2010. Because of interest and other fees, the amount owed ballooned to more than $29 million. (Sounds like Marco Rubio)

If anyone reading this has any contact with David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress (I tried long ago and had no response ever. The information I researched and documented could have saved them from painting themselves into this corner) tell them to get another attorney immediately! One that has nothing to do with the Establishment Bush Republican Party or Tea Party in Texas (unless it’s Louis Gomer – he would be perfect) or Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to LIfe and the phony “Pro-life” procontraception anti natal movement in general. If they go with Woodhead, It’s another no brainer, 2=2 =5, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress they will be sold down the river and convicted by the same Rockefeller/Bush Republican cabal behind the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen.

Like the morons in Oregon who arrogantly set themselves up only to be “bitches” used for Barak’s ISIS Jihadi gang rape by executive order of the Second Amedment, likewise David and Sandra’s conviction will be used to lionize Planned Parenthood, and destroy the First Amendment as well as the Right to LIfe. As my grandmother always said, “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Get a competent, uncompromised lawyer-fight for the First Amendment or you will be convicted and all of your best intentions for the Center for Medical Progress’s Planned Parenthood expose will pave the road to Hell for unborn and born alike..

I was at Planned Parenthood I-45 last Saturday, and they are processing baby parts again just as they did before the CMP expose in the wake of Devon’s exoneration of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast i-45 and indictment of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress. And why not, they get even more millions from Paul Rino. Who’s going to stop them now or even cares. Nobody except Mary with God. Newflash! Devon Anderson’s Key Man Grand jury is Greg Abbott’s and AG Paxton’s investigation. Devon works directly for them both. Of course she does. PP’s renewed baby processing Includes 5 to 9 month old babies aborted alive by Dougals Karpen who doesn’t spoil the meat by ringing their knecks at his United Surgical Partners Aaron Clinic and sold to PP – I-45 Gulf Coast for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Baylor Medical School. INC. owns through United Surgical Partners stock Karpen’s clinic as well as being medical partners with Planned Parenthood I-45. Baylor Medical School supplies abortionists to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45. I guess since it is in house- different branches of the Cardinal Dinardo’s abortion/child sex slaving medical logistics conglomerate that Baylor Medical school does not pay for their fetal body part specimens like the other four Texas Universities. Just asking.

Deus Providebit!

Pope Francis, the Divinization of Change, and the New World Order

Pope Francis, the Divinization of Change, and the New World Order

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Pope Francis, the Divinization of Change, and the New World Order

By: Randy Engel

Pope and ChangeIntroduction

According to Vatican Radio, on Monday, January 18, 2016, the day after Pope Francis’ visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome, the pontiff delivered a homily at his daily Mass in which he condemned Christians who are of “closed heart” and resisters to “change,” calling them “obstinate rebels” and “idolaters.”

Stopping short of excommunicating Christians “who obstinately cling to what has always been done and who do not allow others to change,” it was not until the last paragraph of his talk in the pew-less, kneeler-less chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, that Francis attempted to make a distinction between what “should not change because it is fundamental,” and “what should change in order to be able to receive the newness of the Spirit (italics added).”

Now, Catholicism is a religion of Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium, the fullness of the Faith, handed down to us from the time of the Apostles. It never was, is, or will be a religion of “evolution” or “change” related to dogmatic truths and morals. Yet, Francis continues to maintain an inordinate fascination with “change,” which amounts to a “divinization” of change. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet would say, “Ay, there’s the rub!”

The Role of Change in the New World Order

We know that the sine qua non of the so-called New World Order is CHANGE. How do we know this? To answer this question requires an extended explanation, which, for some readers may come as a new and instructive revelation.

The disclosure of this specific revelation occurred on the evening of March 20, 1969. The place was down-town Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the upscale LeMont Restaurant atop Mount Washington. The event was the annual meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The guest speaker was Dr. Richard Day, Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, and the former National Medical Director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in New York City.

Although the physicians in attendance expected to hear a lecture on advances in neo-natal care, the title of Day’s lengthy speech as it appeared on the printed program was “Family Planning: Infant Mortality, Gene Frequency, Abortion and Other Considerations.”

The date of Day’s talk is extremely significant.

Only nine days before, Frederick S. Jaffe, Vice-president of Planned Parenthood-World Population had sent Bernard Berelson, President of Rockefeller’s Population Council, a memorandum titled “Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S.”

Among the examples of proposed measures to reduce U.S. fertility found in Table 1 of the infamous memorandum were:

  • Encourage increased homosexuality
  • Fertility control agents in the water supply
  • Abortion and sterilization on demand
  • Compulsory sterilization and compulsory abortion of out-of-wedlock pregnancies

Dr. Day would cover all these topics and much more on that March night, but his introduction was reserved for general themes characteristic of the New World System (Order) which he said was already in place, “and nobody can stop us now.”

The use of the word “us” clearly indicates Day saw himself as an Insider of the NWO.

The first of these overall themes centered upon the importance of CHANGE at all levels of Society in the New World System. Not simply minor societal or technical or personal changes, but major, earthshaking changes as well as change simply for the sake of change.

“People will have to get used to the idea of change. So used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent,” Day explained (emphasis added).

Change was put into the context of a population which has no traditions, no roots or moorings and therefore would anticipate, expect, and accept change, no questions asked, because it was all the people had ever known.

In connection with specific changes related to laws and customs, Day explained that under the NWO, “Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it (change) acceptable to the people and second is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system and having it.”

Under the rubricSex without reproduction and reproduction without sex,” Day forecasted with 100% accuracy, four years before Roe vs. Wade, that abortion would be legalized and funded with tax dollars.

Regarding homosexuality, Day explained that “People will be given permission to be homosexual. They won’t have to hide it.”

Regarding euthanasia, Day talked of the “demise pill” to reduce the burden of an aging population.

Dr. Day on a NWO Ecumenical Religion

As to the role of religion in the New World System, Day, an avowed atheist, stated that the major religions of today are not compatible with the changes to come, therefore they “will have to go, especially Christianity.”

According to Day, “Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily. Then a new religion can be accepted for use all over the world. It will incorporate something from all of the old ones to make it easy for people to accept it, and feel at home in it. Most people won’t be too concerned with religion. They will realize that they don’t need it.”

Regarding the Bible, Day stated that it would be changed and rewritten to fit the new religion. This would be accomplished by replacing key words “with words having various shades of meaning. The idea is that not everything in Scripture need be rewritten, just key words replaced by other words. And the variability in meaning attached to any word can be used as a tool to change the entire meaning of Scripture, and therefore make it acceptable to this new religion. Most people won’t know the difference… and the few who do notice the difference won’t be enough to matter.”

Perhaps the most surprising statement Day made in his entire speech was to follow these comments. Day said, “Some of you probably think the churches won’t stand for this,” then he went on to say, “the churches will help us.” Day did not say, “the churches will help us, except for the Roman Catholic Church.”

Is Pope Francis Preparing Catholics for Entry into the NWO?

This is a question I find me asking myself with ever greater frequency in the secret recesses of my heart and my mind. Given his sad performance to date as the Vicar of Christ, I would have to answer, yes.

When I read Francis’ condemnation of those who resist change, the words of Dr. Richard Day on the role of change in the NWO came flooding back into my thoughts. No doubt it is time to ask this question publicly. How would you answer?