Bill King Will Fix Houston’s Pot Holes!

“Conservatives” voting for Bill King because he will fix the pot holes and says he is against Hero, (like Hitlery says she is against the TPP) over moral principle has lead to a run off election for Houston’s Mayor between Bill King and Sylvester.Turner. In voting for King, it is evident these Christian Conservatives believe the end justifies the means. I know Jesuits like Francis believe the end justifies the mean, The Illuminati believe the end justifies the means. Both candidates will continue to support Abortion, Same Sex Unions (sodomy) and the over all LBGT anti natural family agenda as Mayor of Houston. King flip flopped on Hero (like Hitlery on TPP) to get elected Mayor against another Liberal Democrat. If elected, if follows then, King, like President Barak Obama on Same Sex Marriage will evolve into supporting HERO to gain reelection support from Turner’s and Parker’s constituents against an anti Hero Republican if there is such a thing.. Both candidates support Planned Parenthood absolutely. To elect King is to elect the pro Planned Parenthood, Hero Houston Chronicle Editorial Board as Mayor, or I should say The Ministry of Truth.. Both have given their tacit approval to Planned Parenthood’s baby parts business and logistic supply for child sex slaving by their absolute public silence. Houston is the world’s hub of human trafficking: Domestically (Houston hub I-10) and Foreign- Cardinal Dinardo’s child sex slaving “Faith Based Initiative” business cashes in annually for 80 million of your tax payer money via GW’s 2008 Wilberforce Act trafficking ten’s of thousands of “victims of child sex slaving” covertly across are now non existent borders. There are one million child sex slaves in the US.

And Foreign, Cardinal Dinardo will double down on his DHS human trafficking Faith Based Initiative business for tens of millions more in wake of the Pope’s visit demanding ” immigration” from the Middle East as a moral imperative. Cardinal Dinardo. Houston’s Cardinal, likewise is spearheading as head of the Vatican’s Commission on the Rights of Immigrants and VP of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops the trafficking through Catholic Relief Services and DHS of 200,000 muslim Jihadis covertly into the US, just as he has done with victims of child sex slaving from Central America via the bogus GW Wilberforce Act over the last two years.

Neither Turner nor King will say anything as Mayor to save Houston, our Country, nor of course the hundreds of thousands of innocent men, woman, and mostly children foreign and domestic who are raped, murdered, and dismembered in the future by ISIS migrants and by Planned Parenthood through abortion and child sex slaving run and funded by the government and the Churches in conjunction with Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel/ Knight of Columbus Jeb Bush and Carlos Slim Helu. Are Christian Conservatives going to vote for Jeb over Hitlery just like they did King over Turner? Jeb’s new campaign slogan is “Jeb can fix it”. Will Jeb fix pot holes better than Hitlery.

The most prominent leaders of the government in Houston and Washington and the Catholic Church are homosexuals engaged in human trafficking from child sex slaving to male Jihadi’s 18 to 25. This will not change with either Turner or King. Only an act of God can save us now. So why Christian Conservatives beat their chests on their great political victory over Parker’s moronic men in girls bathrooms ordinance (which Cardinal Dinardo said nothing about as Bishop publically just as he says nothing about Planned Parenthood’s baby pars business, defunding, or cantina child sex slaving), many voted for Bill KIng, which correlates to, but did not cause the defeat of Hero. .The result is all of the above continuing. The tally was 60 to 40. In less than five years that will switch to 51 in favor and 49 opposed as religious demographics continue to nose dive across the board.

Deus Providebit.


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