Governor Abbott and Harris County DA Devon Anderson’s Phony Uncover Up Cover Up Raid on Planned Parenthood I-45 Exposed!

Deja Vu All Over Again! Viewing Video, Texas Governor and AG make another Duplicitous call for Investigation of Aborted Baby Dismemberment Sales by Planned Parenthood less than Two Years after Exonerating Baby Beheader Dr. Douglas Karpen ”

Besides stating the obvious- “The Emperor has no clothes!” be it Perry , Abbott  or Patrick parading around as a “pro-life”  governors, the above post ( 2015/08/08) conjectured  Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson originally appointed by Rick Perry, then endorsed by “Pro Life” Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for election,  could  never and would never do a proper criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 at Patrick’s and Abbott’s behest.  This conjecture has been shown to be true.  In doing a proper criminal investigation of PP I-45,  HCDA Andersdon would  incriminate herself and Gov. Abbott as accessories after the fact via their December 12th, 2013 exoneration of  Dr. Douglas Karpen in Karpen’s sale of five to nine month babies to PPI-45  in enabling enabling Karpen’s continued infanticides through live birth abortion by his 2013 exoneration.  This is the dilemma Abbott as “Pro Life Governor”and Anderson as HCDA faced in calling for an  investigation of Planned Parenthood in reaction to the Center for Medical Progress’ expose of the I-45 Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood’s baby parts business.

HCDA Anderson, with now Governor Abbott, in 2013 the former Texas AG,  have a continuing criminal conflict of interest from their 2013 December 12th  orchestrated exoneration by Key Man Grand Jury  (dominated by Chip Davis = Karpen’s Defense Lawyer) of  late term live birth abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen.  This criminal conflict of interest prevents an actual criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast.

HCDA Devon Anderson is a pro abortion, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Dr. Douglas Karpen criminal justice schil. Besides orchestrating Karpen’s exoneration,  HCDA Devon Anderson orchestrated a  year long  costly false prosecution of David Allen ending in mistrial. Allen was falsely arrested for trespassing by an HPD Planned Parenthood rent a cop on orders by a Planned Parenthood staffer.   HCDA Anderson, in a duplicitous investigation of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 (really Anderson’s investigation was initially directed at protecting Planned Parenthood by questioning the validity of the CMP editing of undercover footage)   in the wake of Abbott’s and Patrick’s show of moral outrage as “pro life’  embarked from the beginning on what Alexander Cockburn in his book “Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press – Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair”  called “The Uncover Up Cover Up”. The Uncover Up Cover Up was perfected by the CIA through a continual history of media manipulation via propaganda and disinformation (lying and false flag yellow journalism). In a nut shell the Uncover Up Cover Up is the conspirator murderers investigate their own murder and scapegoat a preordained patsy.  The Uncover Up Cover Up entails that the perpetrators of murder (usually the murderers and co-conspirators to commit murder) misuse the authority of their elected public office to control the outcome of a murder investigation by legal authorities they control (like the FBI) by ordering the murder investigation in a show of moral outrage and choosing the legal authorities who are charged to investigate. A bogeyman patsy CIA “Manchurian Candidate” like Osama Binladen for 9/11 for example is always scapegoated for the murder that those elected officials conspired to execute. Johnson and the Warren Commission in the Rothschild Zionist murder of JFK is a perfect example of Uncover Up Cover Up.  As is Governor Abbot’s raid on Planned Parenthood in Texas to confiscate “Medicaid records” to prosecute Planned Parenthood for Medicaid fraud while juxtaposing “and sale of fetal baby parts” in the false flag media propaganda.  All False Flags as GW Bush’s 1997 PNAC pre planned attack on CIA bogey man Saddam Hussein and murder of 1.5 million Iraqi’s after 9/11 are political bait and switches. Or Abbott’s raid on the PP I-45 is another classic case.

A False Flag,  happens when an elitist  cabal dresses up as your supposed enemy and attacks their own host nation to bring about a war. All wars are banker wars.  The Rothschild financed Sons of Liberty dressing up as Indians allied with Briton at the Boston Tea Party is an example.  The Rothschild’s Mossad’s proxy army ISIS is a current example of a False Flag.  By concentrating on Medicaid Fraud and confiscating records at the Houston Planned Parenthood- the real target of the three raids (the other two raids are diversionary),  Abbot as Governor through media “pro life” propaganda is controlling the  investigation of Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast.  Abbott is orchestrating a bait and switch to Medicaid Fraud from criminal charges for sale of baby parts. Abbott and Anderson cannot truly investigate  Planned Parenthood I-45 baby part sales without publicly incriminating themselves as accomplices in PP I-45’s baby part business due to their 2013 exoneration of Douglas Karpen.   Their orchestrated  2013 exoneration of Douglas Karpen enabled Karpen to continue to sell very late term 5-9 month live birth strangled whole baby bodies to Planned Parenthood I-45 third floor “Life Donation Center” until recently.  The Inspector General raid on the I-45 though under the guise of records as evidence of  Medicaid Fraud   was actually  after financial records concerning  Dr. Douglas Karpen selling whole babies purposely born alive and having their necks rung by Karpen to Planned Parenthood  I-45. Such baby bodies are sold for thousands of dollars, the ultimate commodity in the baby parts business.

In a media release now placed at the beginning of Center for Medical Progress’s latest You Tube expose release, Gov. Abbott appears  as an morally outraged “pro-life” governor as he justifies the raids of Planned Parenthood juxtaposing Medicaid Fraud and Fetal Body Part sales in a propaganda bait and switch. Abbott as Texas Attorney General was obligated to investigate all fraud for 501 non profit charities which Planned Parenthood is. Abbot as Texas AG by duty should have commandeered two previous Medicaid Fraud  cases brought against Planned Parenthood by former employees. But did nothing as Attorney General in these two cases. Both cases were civilly tried and won gaining monetary fines and resignations of  the PP I-45 CEO, but no jail time for fraud which would have been the case if AG Abbott would have done his duty.  So why now as Governor has Abbott taken such dramatic steps as a “raid” on three Texas Planned Parenthood facilities to seize records for Medicaid Fraud? Something he refused to do as Texas AG which he had the duty to do.

In the two previous won cases former PP administrators walked out with arm loads of Medicaid files which became the basis of the successful cases against PP.  As noted earlier, the true reason for the raid at the I-45 was a desperate attempt to get physical possession of records that showed that Douglas Karpen sold whole babies aborted alive having their necks rung by Karpen to Planned Parenthood. Or to at least have certainty that such records did not exist or had been destroyed.  Both PP I-45 and Karpen’s clinic are “outpatient”  franchises of Gov. Perry’s lobbyist sister’s United Surgical Partners. Keeping this from coming to light in Key Man Grand Jury discovery being black mailed by Karpen’s Attorney Chip Davis was the whole reason for the 2013 exoneration of Karpen orchestrated by then AG Abbott and HCDA Devon Anderson. Now with the Center for Medical Progress latest expose focusing on PP I-45 baby parts business, it is Deja Vu all over again for Abbott and Anderson with Douglas Karpen’s exoneration. But this time, instead of trying to cover up “Pro Life” governor Perry’s criminal conflict of interest in Karpen’s United Surgical Partner’s franchised outpatient abortion clinic through his lobbyist sister’s authoring HB2 to monopolize  the abortion industry in Texas for United Surgical Partners,  Abbott and and Anderson are trying to cover up their own criminal conflict of interest by the raid on PP I-45 by seizing records that show the sale by Karpen to PP I-45 of his victims through infanticide.

Karpen was exonerated by Abbott and Anderson in 2013 meaning that the Key Man Gran Jury controlled  by Karpen’s Defense Attorney Chip Davis found not indictable cause from testimony or evidence that Karpen then, as of now, ever committed infanticide.  Mark Crutchner of Live Dynamics who caused the initial investigation in 2013 of Karpen through a sensational You Tube testimony by three former fourteen year employees who described in vivid detail Karpen’s live birth abortion and neck ringing of infants to kill them without poisoning was summoned by the corrupt Key Man Jury, put under oath, sworn to perpetual silence and then dismissed.  This is an Uncover Up Cover Up tactic used often for example by Skull and Bones then Senator John Kerry during his Iran/Contra Senate Show Trials to keep fellow “brother under the skin”  “bonesman” GH Bush from being impeached.

That Abbot’s media release appears at the beginning in the latest Center for Medical Progress expose could not be better in covering up Abbot’s own criminal conflict of interest in the PP I-45 raid, and is a masterful propaganda and disinformation stroke in this  “pro life” false flag Uncover Up Cover Up in regard to Karpen’s baby sales to PP I-45.

Devon Anderson, Who Exonerated Abortionist Douglas Karpen Suppressing Video Testimony Likewise Will Exonerate Planned Parenthood I-45 Suppressing Center For Medical Progress Video Expose

Now instead of Anderson, a pro abortion double agent as HCDA for Planned Parenthood, as she was as a tool of Chip Davis in the exoneration of Douglas Karpen, attacking the validity of the CMP You Tubes for falsifying editing, the CMP expose validity conversely is validated by Gov. Abbott’s appearance at the beginning of the last expose as the reason Planned Parenthood I-45 was raided- and bait and switches Fetal Baby Part sales with Medicaid Fraud. The CMP dilemma is turned into a means for cover up of Abbotts conflict of interest.  This is an Uncover Up Cover Up master stroke. Abbot and Anderson were in a real dilemma. They must have called in a top media PR genius (propaganda expert) that came up with this move.

Alex Jones of Infowars has said often of late that Gov. Abbott is being covertly investigated by President Barak Obama’s FBI. Whether this is the case or not, Planned Parenthood and PP I-45 especially is the absolutely most important NGO for Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton, indeed the whole New World Order of Barbarians. This is bar none.  Planned Parenthood and especially the PP I-45 is the most important thing for Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton and there Rothschild/Chase Bank/Exxon Rockefeller and CIA puppet masters.

In 2010 when Planned Parenthood was exposed in a similar matter by Lila Rose’s Life Expose for providing child sex slaving logistics, which the PP I-45 does for I Ten child sex slaving in Houston -the largest slaving hub in the world (No arrests and convictions ever especially by AG Abbott!) Barak told Boehner he would go to the mat to stop any defunding of Planned Parenthood. Boehner as always sold out the tens of thousands of child sex slaves for three billion dollars of ultimately bogus deficit cuts not to pursue Planned Parenthood defunding.

Perhaps Gov. Abbott who is being blackmailed by  Barak Obama for Planned Parenthood via his exoneration of Douglas Karpen has decided to go on the attack in a desperate attempt to seize the Karpen baby sale receipts from Planned Parenthood I-45.

This is all good! As the Jester in the Epilogue of King Lear laments, “All our punished. All our punished”.  The truth will out!

Governor Abbott and DA Anderson Cover Up Planned Parenthood’s Live Born Baby Parts Business with Douglas Karpen in 2013.




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