Cardinal Dinardo Backed by Francis’ Visit Spearheads EU/Goldman Sachs Head Peter Sutherland’s Demand US Take 200,000 ISIS Jihadi “Migrants”as NWO OWR Moral Imperative

Barak Obama after seven ultimately futile years of slavishly attempting as a  bi sexual corporate fascist by executive order President to implement the  George Soros, Rahn Immanuel  “Neo Con” ( that is Israeli American-Rothschild Illuminati Zionist) senile  G.H. Bush New World Order, and Brzezinski puppet JPII’s, and now  Peter Sutherland mouthpiece Francis’ One World Religion agenda : Destruction of Christian Marriage and the Family through Sodomy based  Marriage ( manifest in the Supreme Court decision and at the Synod of the Family in Rome) and “decentralization” of the Papal Magisterium, World Domination through Child Sacrifice bringing about the collapse of traditional religious culture and global economy via World Depopulation by Abortion, Contraception, Sterilization, and Euthanasia and of course Same Sex Marriage, through Obamacare in union with Planned Parenthood International via the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP- both here and abroad (like Africa) through UN Agenda 2030 World Government (one world government is all taxes i.e. carbon taxes  go to globalist bankers fueling world depopulation) has refused of late to recommit substantial US troops in the “Middle East” to confront Putin in Syria, or US naval forces in The South China Sea.

The Neo Con  Wolfewitz Doctrine  (i.e., The US  as NEO CON Rothschild puppet of Israel military occupation policy in the “Middle East” is ueber Alles in Der Weld!) was ensconced  in 1997 by both NEO CFR American Israelis: Robert Kagan and William Kristol – in 2009 Robert Kagan and William Kristol created a new think tank, the Foreign Policy Initiative, which scholars Stephen M. Walt and Don Abelson have characterized as a successor to PNAC- and Christian Conservative CFR  Neo Con Federal Reserve Rothschild  Zionists like Jeb Bush (Jeb converted to Catholicism in 1974 and is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus. The Bush  family has deep organized crime drug trafficking and money laundering roots (Sterling Bank, Chase, Baker’s Texas Commerce Bank, Banamex)  with Father Maciel Degollado and his  account at the Chase Vatican Bank money laundering front and fund raising cult, The Legion of Christ.  Fr. Maciel is the criminal mastermind and founder of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel/ Carlos Slim Helu of Curso Corp.  and the Garza Family of Alpha Corp )  and Dick Cheney in the The Project for a New American Century “PNAC”.

The  disastrous implementation of PNAC  from the genocidal rape of Iraq first by the US  military duped by the CFR NEO CONS’ false flag, 9/11 and now  CIA/Mossad proxy army ISIS to the current bitter winter of the CIA/Mossad “Arab Spring”  false flag with Benghazi and Ukraine in between has brought President Barak to his current stance of refusal. The  9/11 attack  masterminded by the first chief of Israeli Intelligence in 1979 was carried out thirty years later by youthful Mossad agents living as foreign exchange “art students”  in New Jersey and  Governor Jeb Bush’s  Florida. 9/11 served as the “Pearl Harbor” type event called for by PNAC that duped the America people and those serving in her military into Bush’s criminal War on Terror delecting the Bill of Rights here, and a  US proxy war of terror in Irag, Syria, Yeman, Sudan, Africa, and Iran.

I may have to eat my words in the future, be it Barak Obama, or Vladimir Putin- but for now- Thank you President Barak Obama for having the foresight, if that is what it truly is,  to refuse to continue supporting ISIS mass murder of Syrian Catholics and Muslims in a criminal attempt to overthrow the elected democratically elected President of Syria. Indeed,  what did President Assad ever do to the United States or Israel, or for that matter what has Iran, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, or Russia ever done to the United States and Israel. On the contrary, the US government with Israel and Saudi (useful idiots like the US for SWIFT) has mercilessly undermined, attacked, rape and killed through proxy Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and many years prior all of the above countries. I  agree again with President Barak who rightly calls ISIS non-Islamic.

Although a state of war exists between Syria and Israel since the Rothschild Zionist1967 land grab of the Golan Heights from which Israel now pilfers 40% of their water (Netanyahu lying to the world and Gov. Jerry Brown of drought ridden California that Is R Hell gets all the fresh water to make the desert bloom from desalination of ocean water) for which Israel attacked the USS Liberty spy ship to safe guard, the Assads, father and son, have not attacked Israel. But Israeli’s Likudnik Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly supported Mossad/CIA proxy army ISIS murders of 300,000 Catholics (not to mention Muslims) in Syria and Iraq to overthrow a democratically elected Assad on the way to attacking a non nuclear Iran.

In a recent interview, chastised by a NEO CON corporate media interviewer for not recommitting troops in the Middle East and not standing up to Putin in the Ukraine and China in the South China Sea,  Barak responded haven’t we learned anything from the failures of the last fifteen  years.  Ride on President Barak! Now consider ending your murderous drone strikes in Yeman, Sudan, and Afghanistan  where you personally ordered the massacre of over ten thousand innocent men, women ,and children.

The  Israeli American NEO CONS whose PNAC based foreign policy President Barak has slavishly followed until now are definitely  willing to risk nuclear war between the US, Russia and China in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and the South China Sea.  The US’ stockpile of A-Bombs was manufactured in 1963. Only one of the many reasons that President Kennedy was assassinated was his refusal to hand over the atomic bomb to insure Ben Gurion’s “Greater Israel, the Kingdom of David and Solomon”.  Bengurion basically equates this with Rothschild Zionist domination of the whole world.

President Barak is a domestic policy slave of Warren Buffet, as he is of George Soros’ NEO CON foreign policy.  Barak has served  slavishly his master Warren’s fanatical “no children no nukes world agenda”, not only as President of Planned Parenthood and aborted and chief of 52% of all black American babies conceived, but also in preventing “nuclear proliferation” especially here at home. I support the abolition of atomic weapons!  Most especially the propganda of terror inherent in the whole notion of nuclear weapons.  So thank you Warren Buffet from my home town of Omaha, and President Barak Obama for non proliferation of atomic wepons. Now if you would only stop racist mass murder of children here and abroad through Planned Parenthood! I doubt you ever would.

As part of Barak’s nuclear non proliferation agenda for his master Warren Buffet  here in the US, President  Barak has only recently allocated 300 million to update the 1963 stockpile vintage of A-Boms  “with fins”  to make the bombs more accurate when dropped. Compare this to the Russian Navy on the Caspian Sea hitting ISIS command and control centers in Syria with cruise missiles from thirteen hundred miles away with pin point accuracy.  In truth, The 1963 US atomic bomb arsenal across the world  is completely dysfunctional and does not work. This may be another reason why Barak refuses to move any further with the NEO CON agenda against Russia and China.  China has “Mace” mobile launched MIRV ICBMS with a state of the art guidance system first sold to them by the Clinton’s via Al Gore for campaign contributions in the 90’s facilitated by Buddhist Monks in a Bay Area Monastery. I used to visit, but not for the same reasons as Al Gore.   F-16’s (Israel has the second greatest number of F-16s after the US-keep in mind that a Neo Con Jewish Rabbi Pentagon comptroller had pilfered two trillion from the Pentagon announced by Donald Rumsfeld on 9/10, the day before something, we really do not know what struck  the Pentagon accounting department destroying all the records) have magnets made from a rare heavy metal that only China mines. Without these magnets produced by China exclusively, F-16’s will not fly.  Moreover, Barak having dismantled NASA is now forced to purchase rocket boosters from Russia to launch all our military satellites into orbit.   Barak may be aware of these things and with foresight is refusing to be pushed into more war by the Rothschild Zionist Neo Cons which the US military hobbled by Barak and 9/11 will only continue to lose.

In the wake of 9/11, the justification for creating ISIS or risking nuclear war ironically  is “These dictators kill their own people!”  NEO CON corporate media propaganda uses this claim then to justify using the American Military to kill millions of Iraqi’s, or training and funding  ISIS to kill Syrians,  leaving the whole region in complete shambles and misery. The real reason NEO CONS want war -any kind of war as long as the US is their proxy,  is to assert Rothschild/Israeli control of the production of Liquefied Natural Gas and its global marketing.  There is a pipeline in Afghanistan and a potencial pipeline in Syria.

From Sadam to Assad, all were elected secular leaders who protected and even favored Syrian Rite Catholics and Coptic Christians as well as minority Muslims. Gaddafi  was a local African leader in the image of Gamal Nasser supportive of their nation and greater Africa’s common good against the Globalist banking depopulation anti religious trans humanist NWO/OWR agenda.  And what did Planned Parenthood Internations LBGT globe trotting Secretary of Sate Hilary Clinton say of the framed Gaddafi- “We came, We saw, he died”  cackle, cackle. She called Putin “Hitler”.


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