Leo Zagami Illuminati False Flag Propagandist “Vatican Insider” : The Francis Effect has Annihilated the Essence of the Catholic Church. BS!


Pope has transformed Church into monstrosity that has nothing to do with teachings of Jesus Christ (Show where in writing- This is not true. Laudato Si does not replace the Nicene Creed! )
Alex Jones who has millions of listeners has attached  himself to Leo Zagami as Jone’s  “ultimate Vatican Insider” on Pope Francis and the annihilation of the Catholic Church by NWO OWR . Although Alex Jones, who said “If Francis is not the Devil he might as well be”  is correct as far as can  go for  someone who is not a believing Roman Catholic (but Jone’s is respectful of actual Catholics he calls friends as Pro life and anti communist) in his basic analysis of Francis as a pro-Liberation Theology “corporate banking collectivist socialist  communist dupe or puppet like Barak Obama” and attacking this satanic anti pope as anti catholic, at the same time Jones is allowing Zagami to promote Zagami’s absurd, absolutely baseless foregone conclusion that Francis is the first anti pope of many in  the 2000 year plus history of the One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church to literally annihilate the Catholic Church’s essence and being,  Satan himself, the father of lies, knows this is not possible, but will lie through false flag puppets like Zagami to ruin souls lying  that anyone, Barak or Francis, or even Zagami can annihilate the Mystical Body the Church who is Jesus Christ by lies. Satan ruins for ever every souls apart from the Church, not any souls united by Grace (Eternal Life) with the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. Satan seeks through false prophets like Zagami or John Calvin, the Cathars and Illuminati to separate souls from the Life of the Catholic Church where they are completely defenseless before the wickedness and snares of the Devil. Lucifer and his minions, human and demonic, murder and devour these souls.
Barak (a creation of Fr. Hessburgh of UND, “gay Chicago” Cardinal Joe Bernadin” in conjunction with David Rockefeller and the University of Chicago)  transformed as President by lies as a NWO puppet the US Republic into a monstrosity that has nothing to do with true Freedom and Human Dignity by annihilating the Constitution and the Bill of  Rights- but the Republic is man made and sustained by human virtue and Christian faith,or not.  The Catholic Church is God made Man through the Incarnation of the Word, and sustained by supernatural Grace, which is Eternal Life. This is the Apostolic Catholic Faith, Jones and Zagami do not have  this faith, Thus their foregone conclusion and post mortum without a corpse that the Catholic Church has been annihilated by “The Francis Effect”.  Jesus may find no faith on earth among men when he returns sadly, but the Communion of Saints (The Catholic Church Triumphant) exists and will always be, the Communion of Saints rejoicing in the Trinity’s gift of Eternal Life.
The Pope (a legal moral person in Church Law) is the Vicar or Legate of the The Mystical Body of Christ. If even a validly elected  Pope (Jones gives several convincing arguments with Zagami that Francis was not validly elected pope) does not fulfill exactly and authentically being a legate of Jesus Christ he is not the Pope.  As Jesus said to Peter, the first Pope, in almost the same breath, Peter you are a Rock and upon this Rock I will build My Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.  Then in the next sentence: Get behind me Satan, you judge by man’s standards, not God’s.  Jones does not see that Francis is not different from JPII. They are two peas in the same Illuminati phony pope pod. Peter Sutherland controls Francis. Zbigniew Brzezinski controlled JPII to the same Rothschild Zionist NWO OWR UN Agenda 2030 depopulation culture of murder end.
 “Pope has Transformed Church into monstrosity that has nothing to do with teachings of Jesus Christ”. Isn’t this what Luther said five hundred years ago., With Jesus Christ as Her Head, The Holy Spirit as Shepherd and Guide, and Mary, the Queen of Heaven as the personification of Church Triumphant I always tell anyone including myself” You cannot destroy the Catholic Church, you can only destroy yourself  sin fully trying- just ask Stalin, Hitler, and David Rockefeller who spent a life deluded by satan’s lies of world domination attempting to do the impossible against the Mystical Body by mass murder of the innocent and the faithful. This is the apostolic Catholic faith.
 There was an admission that Francis was not validly elected Pope by Zagami. I think there are several valid arguments that this is true. Nonetheless, with Zagami a non Catholic, anti Catholic Italian Mason, Jones is throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water when in comes to declaring as fait accompli the annihilation of the Catholic Church.  In this way unknowingly Alex Jones is participating in the Illuminati attack on the Catholic Church by the very NWO forces Jones claims to be fighting against.God forgive them they do not know what they are doing.  Ron Paul, although Lutheran, gave a key note address for the Fatima Center of Fr. Grunner R.I.P.  over a year ago.  Alex Jones should be seeking his information on Francis and the Catholic Church and the New World Order from Ron Paul, and Randy Engel  on the homosexual colonization of all Catholic religious orders (not the Jesuits alone as Zagami says) and pederasty not as Jones says “Pedophilia” (The Rite of Sodomy) and from me as a believing Catholic insider Priest and Dominican Religious.
 Zagami is never a believing  Catholic but a Mason.  This background deeply distorts his interpretation of what is happening with the Papacy and the Church in favor of the Illuminati’s ultimate victory, This is the Illuminati’s goal: A Papacy that no one will even listen too. Zagami is helping the Illuminati as false flag anti Catholic propagandist fulfill this goal.  Zagami did mention Fatima as very important.  The Illuminati know it is most important. I agree with with much of what he reports as true.  But as always,  knowledge is conditioned by the state of the knower.  Zagami is a non Catholic anti Catholic Mason giving an Illuminati interpretation of the annihilation of the Catholic Church.
So Patriotic American Faithful Catholics who  see by supernatural faith what Francis is and is not by virtue of the grace of their supernatural faith and what he is trying to do may well agree with somethings Zagami has said about Francis, but cannot agree with Zagami’s forgone utterly satanic and deceitful conclusion that Francis as anti pope (one among many in over two thousand years) has annihilated the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church .and as a result, the Catholic Church, even as I write this does not exist anymore. It does. I say the Church prayers, the Rosary, and celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass everyday even after I red Laudato Si. So please email Rob Dew with your credentials and try to expand  this debate. I will try as well to contact Alex Jones who is right about Francis being an Illuminati New World Order One World Religion Anti Life/Anti Family/Anti Catholic not validly elected anti pope.  This is the truth. But the conclusion that Francis or anyone most especially Lucifer can destroy, or has destroyed the Catholic Church is a satanic lie.  A lie that Zagami – an anti Catholic Mason- is espousing and telling for Satan to discourage and scandalize simple believers and fool men of good will but limited perception like Alex Jones who is not a believing Catholic.  I will try to call into the Radio Broadcast.

Southern Poverty Law Center Strikes Again (Yawn)

Calls Upcoming Fatima Conference Anti-Semitic

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 23, 2013
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in an article republished by the left-liberal Salon magazine, has issued another of its breathless alarms about “radical Traditionalist Catholics.” This one concerns an upcoming Fatima conference in Niagara Falls (September 8-13) featuring some 27 speakers, including Congressman Ron Paul, which will address, among other topics, the growing tyranny of the modern nation-state and the urgency of the Fatima message for both civic and Church leaders who are seeking peace and social order.
The screaming headline declares: “Ron Paul to be keynote speaker at anti-Semitic conference.” According to SPLC, the anti-Semitism is attributable to Ron Paul himself —an allegation based on old newsletters with which Paul was loosely associated many years ago whose content SPLC deems politically incorrect.
One “radical traditionalist” theme of the conference, quoted by the article, is “a return to sanity in the government of the world and the Church, for the two cannot be separated.”
“Another day, another amusingly hysterical bulletin from SPLC,” said Christopher A. Ferrara, one of the conference speakers. “Ron Paul is not even Catholic, but rather is speaking on secular themes related to the current political and economic crisis. Not every speaker at this conference is my cup of tea, but that is the whole point of the conference: to bring together people from Church and State, from all over the world, to discuss from different perspectives the moral, spiritual, political and economic crises threatening Western civilization.”
“This story is a perfect example of why SPLC has zero credibility, and why a condemnation by that far-Left group of loons has become a badge of honor among the growing number of decent people and groups SPLC has smeared,” Ferrara concluded.
Vatican Insider: Pope Francis Will Resign in 2016 Following Argentina Visit
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Last week I went to visit two of my most trusted sources in the Vatican, one a member of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester Pope, the other, a clergy member of the Vatican Secretariat of States, the oldest dicastery in the Roman Curia, which is the central papal governing bureaucracy of the Roman Catholic Church.
In two separate meetings the present situation of the Church was discussed, as well as the ongoing Synod of Bishops which will terminate on the 24th of October 2015.
The information that surfaced during these meetings was shocking to say the least.
Two separate reliable sources within the Vatican stated that Pope Francis will resign next year.
This will occur during his pastoral visit to his nation of Argentina, and the two neighboring countries of Chile and Uruguay, in the period of time that coincides with the bicentennial of the 1816 Argentine Declaration of Independence.
The date was selected with care to avoid interference, as the Argentinian government desires this event to transpire after the 2015 presidential elections.
It has been speculated that the Pope would potentially canonize Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero during this visit to Argentina, never imagining this to be the moment that Pope Francis has chosen with his fellow Jesuits to end his papacy.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio wishes to retire in Argentina, not the Vatican, after completing his service as a Jesuit and Pope to the New World Order.
He has successfully promoted Agenda 2030 (carbon taxes etc), the breakdown of family values, as well as the sanctity of the Cross. He has supported growing Mexican immigration; as it makes Catholicism stronger in the US, the European refugee crisis; which is instrumental in destroying the birthplace of Christian civilization, ready to be replaced by Crislam and a One World Religion. A job well done for this puppet of the New World Order.
Pope Francis warned bishops and cardinals of the Catholic Church, to avoid being taken in by “the hermuneutic of conspiracy,” confirming the growing fear of the Church towards the spread of truth in the information age.
The dark secrets of the Vatican are being exposed more and more, and Pope Francis is getting nervous.
In fact, the last few days of the Synod, Pope Francis was questioned by influential conservative Bishops for his recent visit to the US. In their eyes it was a complete failure that alienated traditional Catholics in favor of a highly questionable liberal communistic approach that of course was crafted to comply with the New Word Order agenda.
On top of all this, there has been an unprecedented move, orchestrated by the Vatican gay lobby in open partnership with various LGBT Christian Activists to actually Lobby Bishops during the Synod, with the agenda of opening up the Church to the gay reality present in the clergy.
Two conferences were arranged in Rome for this purpose by various Jesuits, one took place Friday, October 2nd, at the Angelicum, the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, the other on October 3rd, at the Centro Pellegrini “Santa Teresa Couderc,” in Via Vincenzo Ambrosio with the title, “Ways of Love.” It became not only the foundation meeting for the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, but also the place chosen for the “Coming out” stunt of Father Charamsa, arranged by the famous homosexual spin doctor, Emilio Sturla Turno, who is said to be sentimentally involved with a Israeli intelligence asset, demonstrating the many hidden interests involved in this operation.
It was during the “Ways of Love” conference in front of a crowd of around 80 people that Bishop José Raúl Vera Lopez, of Saltillo, Mexico, a liberal Dominican, seated next to the Jesuits: Pedro Labrin from Chile, and Pino Piva from Italy, made the astonishing statement: “The gays are the saviours of the Church.”
During the Synod of Bishops on the Family, Monsignor Giuseppe Casale, archbishop of Foggia, stated to the Italian media: “Gay love is not a sin and to prohibit it is an error,” also adding, “Homosexuality adds value to the Church.” Wait a minute, isn’t sodomy a sin in the Catholic Church?
It is no wonder that Pope Francis will announce his resignation to the world next year, as he has transformed the Church into a monstrosity that has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Leo Lyon Zagami is an Italian-based geopolitical researcher and the author of nine books, including his latest book Pope Francis: The Last Pope? which reveals the money, Masonry and occultism behind the decline of the Catholic Church.

2 thoughts on “Leo Zagami Illuminati False Flag Propagandist “Vatican Insider” : The Francis Effect has Annihilated the Essence of the Catholic Church. BS!”

  1. Such a moron? The Catholic church is not apostolic. It is a fraud. Jesus Christ founded a church, but the apostasy, and restoration of that church is completely biblical.

    1. Leo Zamgami is a lair and a fraud, Darold, I urge you to research Zagami first on the internet. and the two most recent blogs I have placed on Zagami at holytansparency.wordpress.com this last month or so confirming, as the article you read that Zagami is a con man whose hoax masonic insider predictions present and past were not true and did not come to pass. In reparation you name is added to daily Rosary and The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass OF The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Please learn about Our Lady of Fatima and her Predictions that Zagami’s lies contradict and blaspheme. If you are morally certain that the Catholic Church is a fraud and not Apostolic- Our Lady of Fatima is a personification of the Catholic Church-then research Our Lady of Fatima and it will, only if you have The Truth, add fuel to your fire. If you do not do so, then you are a liar.

      Deus Providebit!

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