Homosexual Dominicans and Francis’/Cardinal Dinardo’s Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians Appropriation at Synod on the Family


Gravely sinful, but expected,  militant out and proud practicing sodomites infesting the Order of St. Dominic: former Master General of the Dominican Order Fr. Timothy Radcliffe,O.P., and Dominican Bishop Raul Vera, O.P. of Mexico are  “point gays”  for  the LGBT agenda, “the agenda” at the Synod on the Family this week in Rome. The clerical  LGBT agenda of “useful idiots” like Radcliffe and Vera will be utilized by the Vatican Illuminati at the Synod this week in their second attempt  to ruin the sanctity of marriage and procreation among Catholics via Francis’ ultimate sanction of the reception of the Eucharist by Catholics living in mortal sin,  homo and hetero-sexual alike, in the name of pastoral care and mercy.

This course of event, spearheaded by German Cardinals Walter Kasper and Marx (Kasper has denied in writing the bodily Ascension of Christ and Marx seeking to curtail a dramatic decline in billions of government assessed tax church stipends based on Catholic’s reception of the Eucharist has threatened to schism the German Church if their demands are not ratified-both Cardinals are Francis’  advisors  ) is  right out of the German Lutheran saved by faith alone (Fide Sola-Glaube Allein) through the unearned, inscrutable “mercy” of God.  Do not be morally scrupulous and condemning  as a Pope or Cardinal!  Especially this week in Rome at the Synod.  What you do or do not do especially sexually does not in anyway impact the absolute mercy and unconditional love we the Perfects of the NWO One World Religion should have for you ( progressive Doctrine of Predestination).  If you only think “Gay is OK” in your own mind, especially if you are not gay you are Perfect!  Lutheran anti Catholic moral theology is directly born out of the Cathar Albigensinist Heresy of the 13th Century South of France that St. Dominic founded The Order of Preachers to which Radcliffe and Vera profess  to combat spiritual by preaching doctrinal “Veritas” or truth.

“The Fiat Pope” Francis,’  (who is not homosexual) and his suspected  papal successor and  especially chosen delegate to The Synod, Cardinal Dinardo (who is) are on the same page with these two Dominican “point gays”in regard to LGBT based  revolution in the Catholic Church  over throwing the Natural Law foundation of the The Sacrament of Chaste Marriage and Holy Family.  Francis’ formal sanction of pan sodomy (sodomy can be performed with anyone and anything, children, adolescents, men, woman, boy, girl infant, and animals, with others or on yourself) via adultery will complete the destruction of Western Christendom by the Rothschild Zionist Vatican Illuminati.  But not in Catholic Africa, at least not yet!

Annihilation through demoralization of the institution of marriage and procreation in order to destroy Christendom  ultimately  to dam souls to Hell is the primary objective of the Rothschild Zionist Illuminati (satan’s useful idiots) via client Calvinists like the Rockefeller and Carnegie oil and steel Rothschild backed Robber Baron dynasties  syndicated with the Nazis of Wall Street and  Bildeberger EU, Maoists, Jewish  non Hebrew Communists of the former Soviet Union or now US  Neo Cons, Planned Parenthood/UN and ultimately Francis through the useful idiot LBGT agenda  high jacking the Synod on the Family to destroy the family.  Such clerical homosexual  revolution based on the principle of masturbation striving to ruin Procreation with Marriage in the Catholic Church “preached” by Dominicans Radcliffe and Vera  is the logical outcome of  the first NWO one world religion Rothschild Zionist Illuminati  non Hebrew Jewish pope JPII’s Theology of the Body. 

Francis is an Illuminati Jesuit from  Buenos Aires.  ‘Vatican Rat Lines’ in conjunction with the Rothschild Bank of International Settlement in Basil, the Federal Reserve in New York and Chase Vatican Bank in Rome after supplanting Prescot Bush’s Union Bank in 1942 at the behest of the “American Pope”, Knight of Malta, NYC Cardinal “Franny Spellman” transferred  a huge sum for international investment from Nazi War plunder under the direction of Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary and heir of the Reich (German for wealth, riches, or common wealth) and a Catholic Knight of Malta whose son was a Jesuit priest.  The Argentinean Jesuits including Francis with few exceptions were Nazi Corporate Fascist supporters of Bormann and Company the Forth Reich descendant of Bormann’s  “Adolf Hitler Fund for Industry” to promote the rearmament of Germany financed by the Union Bank of Prescott Bush, Wall Street, Allen Dulles and The Bank of International Settlement. Jerome Corsi provides a current analysis of Francis, the Fiat Pope’s advisors beyond Dominicans Radcliffe and Vera, Cardinals Marx and Kasper growing out of this NWO/Cathar/ Knights of Malta/ post Christendom Illuminati cesspit:

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff writer. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”

NEW YORK – Pope Francis’ affinity for global governance was evident during his recent trip to the United States, with his remarks on his arrival at the White House echoing his embrace of the global-warming agenda in his first encyclical, “Laudato Si,”  (Steven Rockefeller’s Earth Charter)and his historic speech to the United Nations endorsing the U.N.’s new Agenda 2030.

Behind the pope’s proclamations is a powerful Vatican adviser who is highly regarded among global governance advocates, Peter Sutherland, a non-executive chairman of Wall Street investment banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs who served as chairman of oil giant BP through 2009.

Peter Sutherland

Sutherland’s globalist credentials are exceptional.

Born in Ireland, where he also served as attorney general, he was appointed to the European Commission in 1985 and headed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which has evolved today into the World Trade Organization.

Later, he was appointed to the steering committee of the Bildeberg Group and served as the honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission.

In addition to his global governance credentials, Sutherland is one of an estimated 100 elite Papal Knights within the Roman Catholic lay religious society Knights of Malta and a member of Opus Dei.  (Sutherland was a prime mover in the vote  on  “Gay Marriage”  in Ireland funded by Soros and Goldman Sachs.  Francis has never said a word about this vote.)

In his 1999 book, “Their Kingdom Come,” Canadian financial journalist Robert Hutchinson characterized Opus Dei as a secret society of international bankers, financiers and businessman whose goal critics have characterized as using the influence of the Catholic Church and its largely tax-exempt worldwide network to advance the aims of global government

 JPII’s sexual gnosticism manifest in Theology of the Body.  JPII as Pope preaches a non-procreative moral,  spiritual priority of “personalism” in marriage, or “persons  relationship” between sexually active persons logically regardless of sex or relationship, regardless if the sexual encounter is pro-creative or not.  Procreation is secondary to the sexual encounter reduced to masturbation and therefore  irrelevant to the persons relationship unless of course someone has an unwanted  pregnancy.  JPII’s Theology of the Body’s  logical conclusion is clerical gay liberation plotted for this week’s Synod by the Vatican “Gay Lobby”  as agitated for by Dominicans Radcliffe and Vera .

There is absolutely no conflict, or even disagreement about the LGBT Agenda  as Ueber Alles  between  the  Vatican “Gay Lobby” of former Vatican Secretary of State and Our Lady of  Fatima foe Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, and his former US, Chase Vatican Bank Mexican Cartel money laundering agent Cardinal Dinardo of Galveston/Houston  and the “Fiat Pope” Francis.  Francis said “Who am I to judge!” of Monsignor Ricca Battista a prominent member of the Vatican Gay Lobby under Bertone along with Dinardo (who was in Rome and told Benedict to resign) appointing Monsignor Ricca to be his legate in the NWO  LGBT friendly “reform” of the  Chase Vatican Bank overseen by Peter Sutherland.

 Francis, Dinardo, the Vatican Gay Lobby, the Chase Vatican Bank/Goldman Sachs/  Sutherland /Knights of Malta, the Vatican Illuminati  are all on the same page for this Synod on the Family these next three weeks in Rome.  All alike follow the same road map: Planned Parenthood International/UN Agenda 2030 as ecclesial  double agents for world depopulation, and that plan is The New World Order of Barbarians.

The “Fiat Pope” made  pilgrimage  to the  US  last week  to put a “Fiat Pope” moral happy face stamp of approval on Cardinal Dinardo’s 2008 Wilberforce Act multi million dollar legalized child sex slave trafficking church mafia . Francis’ staged an embrace of a child of undocumented NAFTA Hispanic workers handed to him by the General of the Knights of Malta and Francis security head,  symbolizing Francis support  of no borders NAU amnesty. Immigration reform/Amnesty given a thumbs up by Francis’ pilgrimage to NWO  One World Religion Holy Places like the UN and DC is a congressional legislation mandate of Cardinal Dinardo as Vice President of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops .

  Cardinal Dinardo scams millions of US tax dollars  utilizing Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief  Services  to supply child sex trafficking logistics in his covert transport of “victims of child sex slaving” from Central America working with DHS under the guise of GW Bush’s Faith Based Initiative  2008 Wilberforce anti child slave trafficking Act . FEMA is a Faith Based Initiative program!  Dinardo covertly transports Central American child sex slave victims in conjunction with DHS, and most especially the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast  I-45 Abortion Clinic. In 2006, Cardinal Dinardo literally founded the “PP I-45 Gulf Coast” the largest late term United Surgical Partner’s out patient abortion clinic and baby part processor in the Western World to provide logistics for covert child sex slave trafficking .

 Cardinal Dinardo gave tacit approval to the PP I-45 by his total silence as local bishop failing to publicly condemn the sale of a Catholic owed  Sterling Bank to Planned Parenthood.  The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston had shares in Sterling Bank.  The Sterling Bank building in the form of a hybrid gigantic cash register and Moloch temple of natal doom  through Dinardo’s public silence and behind the scenes machinations was sold to Cecil Richard’s Texas Planned Parenthood to serve as  the largest abortion clinic and baby part processor in the world.  All evidence points to Cardinal Dinardo behind his public silence orchestrating this sale  to provide logistic support for child sex slave trafficking in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston to make his bones as a Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia Associate with Galveston Free State legacy Tilman Fertitta ‘s I Ten/Houston child sex slaving syndicate.  Houston is since Free State days, the greatest hub of child sex slaving both foreign and domestic in the world.  This overture by Dinardo  (a member of Bertone’s Vatican Gay Lobby)  to Fertitta was Dinardo’s first step  in an attempted resurrection  as an agent of the Rothschild Zionist Chase/ Vatican bank of the money laundering relationship which bloated   Sterling Bank accounts  in the 80’s   with the Sinaloa Federation Cartel of Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family of Monte Rey.  The “SFC” was  criminally masted minded and birthed by Fr. Maciel Macial Degollado, religious and priest, Zionist and CIA agent like his geopolitical puppet JPII,  founder of the Legionaries of Christ and JPII  svengali.  In 2008, now “Pope Emeritus” Benedict (I have no idea what this term “Pope Emeritus” actually means)  ruptured this money laundering relationship established in 1989 through then Vatican Nuncio to Mexico,  and now current Secretary of the Rothschild Zionist Vatican City State Cardinal Piedro Parolin,  leading to Benedict’s “resignation” or whatever Benedict did.

 During his NWO One World Religion spiritual leader pilgrimage to the UN and US congress, the Fiat Pope by his silence gave tacit support to Cardinal Dinardo’s abortion/child sex slaving church mafia business.  Francis spoke not a word a la Cardinal Dinardo’s silence as  NCCB Vice President, or NCCB Chairperson of Pro Life Activities, on abortion (Partial Birth Abortion Legislation failed in Congress in the wake of Francis’ speech), the Congress defunding Planned Parenthood (PP defunding also failed in Francis’ wake), or the Center for Medical Progress expose on the PP I-45 Gulf Coast baby part business center marketing and processing aborted baby parts just a few minutes away from Cardinal Dinardo’s new, redundant, 45 million  Exxon/Chase Bank/Fertitta New World Religion Interfaith Co-Cathedral.  As Cardinal Dinardo goes (silence) so the Fiat Pope who Dinardo hopes to succeed goes.  Francis came in tacit support of his chosen successor Cardinal Dinardo’ abortion/ child sex slaving church mafia business. Francis in preparation for this weeks Synod on the LBGT Annihilation of the Family said nothing about the Supreme Courts recent mandate of “same sex marriage” or the HHS Mandate.

In 2010, with the public moral socialist cheer leading  of homosexual “Pope Emeritus” Benedict, Cardinals Dinardo and “Donna” Wuerl duped Catholic pro-life Democratic  Senator/Michigan Bart Stupak with Planned Parenthood’s “negro project” President and black baby abortionist in chief Barak Obama’s  bogus executive order maintaining the “Hyde Act” (by another phony “Pro lifer” Republican politician sex pervert Henry Hyde- as in Jekyll and Hyde) to caste the deciding vote for Obamacare.  Obamacare is”socialized” medical care in imitation of the Fabian disaster in England and Nazi Germany, employing Planned Parenthood through the HHS Mandate to enforce abortion, birth control, and sterilization for the believing masses who do not want and cannot marry because of the economy and have child. The whole Federal Reserve central control debt economy is Planned Parenthood genocidal birth control. Dinardo and the Bishops were only against Obamacare when they found out they are not exempt as Bishops because of  Humanae Vitae  and have to pay for “reproductive health care” out of their own pockets.  It’s like Congress passing Obamacare and not having to be in Obamacare as members of Congress.  All this is living history leading up to the climax at the Synod of the Family this week in Rome, fore caste in 1968 at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School by a Planned Parenthood doctor/administrator documented  in NWO of Barabarians.

“Fiat Pope’s” sui genus , Francis effect appropriation of  Planned Parenthood’s  NWO of Barbarians comes to a climax this week at the Synod of the Family .  Read the brief 1968 NWO of Barbarians on line  (if you have not yet done so! )  in a free PDF.  NWO of Barbarians is a historical compendium of

http://www.uscl.info/index.php?pr=Research_Library  New World Order of Babarians official down load.

Planned Parenthood’s plan for one world mind control domination through satanic child sacrifice via the destruction of Chaste Marriage and Holy Family in which  ” secular progressive society” allows  “homosexuals” “to do as they will” with the full support of “Church Bishops”.  Sound familiar?   NWO of Barbarians is the satanic road map for sexual revolution in the Catholic Church. Satan’s goal is to obliterate the Sacrament of Marriage and Holy Family always, beginning with Playboy and the Pill in 1960, and climaxing in this week’s masturbatory communism anti family synod in Rome.

Former Master General of the Order of Preachers,Timothy Radcliffe, and Bishop Raul Vera, O.P. are two such NWO of Barbarian front homosexual Dominican bishops and religious superiors allowed to do as they will supported by the Bishops, especially the Bishop of Rome.  What makes this gravely  sinful is betrayal of the original preaching mission of St. Dominic.  St. Dominic founded the order to preach the truth in love to the “Perfects” or Cathars in 13th Century  Southern France.  The Sethian gnostic Cathars- had  elite “Perfects” like Planned Parenthood Foundation elites  Cecil Richards or Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and “Believers” devoted masses who worship the elites as satanic revolutionary gods that promise them worldly things and spiritual freedom to masturbate in any form imaginable but first and foremost sodomy known as “The Devil’s Congress” in the 11th Century,  This has a political connotation! These worldly gnostic anti-gender  masturbator  Perfects  from Radcliffe to Richards and Barak Obama preach  pro-abortion, contraceptive mentality, pro suicide, pro masturbation, anti-marriage, pan sexuality, pan genderism, Marxianity,Social Darwinism religiously.

The 13th Century  Cathars that St. Dominic founded an order of preachers to engage in spiritual warfare, were  in league with Talmudic /Kaballah European  German non Hebrew bankers and are the fore bearers of the Vatican City State/Bank Free Masons and the Rothschild Zionist Illuminati that control the US/EU/NAU through the Federal Reserve and the Vatican Bank through the same. The Rothschild own the Vatican City State and through the Chase Vatican Bank  control the Papacy.  The Rothchild Zionist agenda through child sacrifice and world depopulation is one world mind control and total domination. This agenda is being  greatly advanced by Francis and Dinardo through Radcliffe and Vera at the Synod in Rome.

  The Dominican Timothy Radcliffe is  “preaching” sodomy as spiritually likened to  the reception of the Eucharist.   Radcliffe was recently elevated by “Who am I to judge” Fiat Pope Francis to the Vatican Soviet on Social Justice.  I am ashamed as priest and religious, a man created in the image and likeness of God before St. Dominic, and all the saintly daughters and sons of Holy Father Dominic, to publicly repeat such scandalous  psycho sexual sacrilege by another professed Dominican.  But only “Veritas” or truth will set brainwashed members of the Mystical Body of Christ free from these spiritual vampires.

Bishop Raul Vera, O.P. of Saltillo, Mexico (former territorial Spanish government capitol over Texas territory where Steven Austin-a baptized Catholic- was held in prison by the Viceroy for eight months in the lead up to Texas Independence) is another of Francis’ Dominican point “gays”.  Both Radcliffe and Vera are prominent in Francis’  Planned Parenthood NWO of Barbarian satanic revolution in the Catholic Church to obliterate the Sacrament of Marriage and Holy Family in this week’s sexual communism anti family synod in Rome.

The Dominicans in my experience-even the “conservative ones” both priests and nuns were homosexuals to almost 80%. The homosexuals, Liberal/Conservative were in all leadership and formation positions, a “Gay Mafia” if you will that had colonized Religious Life as Randy Engel in her completely document work “The Rite of Sodomy” definitively shows.  There is a long chapter on The Dominicans, especially the Central Province which would cause St. Catherine of Sienna to blush.  St. Catherine in her “Dialogues” has a chapter on the state of the Church in the 14th Century which is so descriptive and shocking that she admonishing the reader, unless your faith is very strong, do not read this chapter. The homosexuals left and right tolerated each other because they were homosexuals, not because they were ideologically tolerant in the least.  As homosexuals they sexually service each other regardless of being left or right, progressive or traditional.  That does not matter to them ultimately, just as Procreation does not ultimately matter in JPII’s Theology of the Body’s “personalism”.

This was the case with conservative homosexual novices and seminary students and their homosexual bishops, novice masters, and religious superiors.  I knew of one such case involving of conservative young Hispanic priest and former Cardinal Roger Mahoney. The few Dominicans who were not homosexual were either liberal supporters of homosexuality in priesthood and religious life, or looked the other way, oblivious, as far as comrade in arms “conservatives” in complete denial they were practicing sodomites. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil in regard to homosexuality unless they were liberal.  I thought very diffusely  and not often that maybe conservative comrades in arms were homosexual,  but assumed they were not active, at least they had not threatened me physically.  I choose to ignore the obvious. I thought the liberal/conservative battle was the most important-not homosexuality if not acted out. But both liberal and conservative homosexuals acted out 100% of the time.  I was absolutely brainwashed into being oblivious. I am nonetheless at fault. I adopted Francis’ “Who am I to judge” from the beginning. This week at the Synod on the Family it is evident that the LBGT agenda is the most important.

 My best “friends” mentors and supporters even a few liberal ones were all engaged homosexuals in actuality.  But in need of support and appreciating their scholarship, intelligence, and crusade against liberalism-I choose to ignore the obvious. It is like Rush Limbaugh, anti abortion, calls Francis a Marxist, detests Barak, but is himself a admitted pornographer and a child sodomite (not admitted), all that bluster on radio to millions and it is powerless to stop this on slot on legalized sodomy based marriage.

Christopher Bollyn  wrote Solving 9/11 clearly identifying Rothschild Zionist Neo Con Israeli Americans with Mossad as quarterbacking 9/11. Bollyn  said he wrote Francis a letter to simply as Pope expose 9/11 and this would stop ISIS murder of Catholics and WWIII in the Middle East. I agree! This would.  But Francis a Fiat Pope controlled by the Rothschild Zionist Chase Vatican Bank and City State would never do such a thing. Francis could bring true peace and stop WWIII and save souls if he consecrated Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as Our Lady of the Rosary, as Our Lady of Fatima asks repeatedly.  But like all the Rothschild Zionist Popes from John XXIII to Benedict, Francis has not done so.   Instead the “Fiat Pope” goes to ground zero and holds a blasphemous one world religion liturgy as spiritual head of the Rothschild Zionist/Illuminati NWO/NWR- based on Steven Rockefeller’s Earth Charter as embraced completely in the heretical Laudati Si.  Our Lady of Fatima,  help us! Pray for the many good and dedicated Cardinals and Bishops battling the Vatican Illuminati agents and clerical LBGT useful idiots of satan this week and next at the Synod in Rome.


One thought on “Homosexual Dominicans and Francis’/Cardinal Dinardo’s Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians Appropriation at Synod on the Family”

  1. I will not say a word!! The author states it’s all as its is in detail.
    The church is being destroyed homosexualité is rampart. In QC Canada the diocèse tallied 800 out of 2000 priests as pedophilia homos. That is almost half!!

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