Governor Abbott and Harris County DA Devon Anderson’s Phony Uncover Up Cover Up Raid on Planned Parenthood I-45 Exposed!

Deja Vu All Over Again! Viewing Video, Texas Governor and AG make another Duplicitous call for Investigation of Aborted Baby Dismemberment Sales by Planned Parenthood less than Two Years after Exonerating Baby Beheader Dr. Douglas Karpen ”

Besides stating the obvious- “The Emperor has no clothes!” be it Perry , Abbott  or Patrick parading around as a “pro-life”  governors, the above post ( 2015/08/08) conjectured  Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson originally appointed by Rick Perry, then endorsed by “Pro Life” Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for election,  could  never and would never do a proper criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 at Patrick’s and Abbott’s behest.  This conjecture has been shown to be true.  In doing a proper criminal investigation of PP I-45,  HCDA Andersdon would  incriminate herself and Gov. Abbott as accessories after the fact via their December 12th, 2013 exoneration of  Dr. Douglas Karpen in Karpen’s sale of five to nine month babies to PPI-45  in enabling enabling Karpen’s continued infanticides through live birth abortion by his 2013 exoneration.  This is the dilemma Abbott as “Pro Life Governor”and Anderson as HCDA faced in calling for an  investigation of Planned Parenthood in reaction to the Center for Medical Progress’ expose of the I-45 Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood’s baby parts business.

HCDA Anderson, with now Governor Abbott, in 2013 the former Texas AG,  have a continuing criminal conflict of interest from their 2013 December 12th  orchestrated exoneration by Key Man Grand Jury  (dominated by Chip Davis = Karpen’s Defense Lawyer) of  late term live birth abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen.  This criminal conflict of interest prevents an actual criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast.

HCDA Devon Anderson is a pro abortion, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 and Dr. Douglas Karpen criminal justice schil. Besides orchestrating Karpen’s exoneration,  HCDA Devon Anderson orchestrated a  year long  costly false prosecution of David Allen ending in mistrial. Allen was falsely arrested for trespassing by an HPD Planned Parenthood rent a cop on orders by a Planned Parenthood staffer.   HCDA Anderson, in a duplicitous investigation of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 (really Anderson’s investigation was initially directed at protecting Planned Parenthood by questioning the validity of the CMP editing of undercover footage)   in the wake of Abbott’s and Patrick’s show of moral outrage as “pro life’  embarked from the beginning on what Alexander Cockburn in his book “Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press – Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair”  called “The Uncover Up Cover Up”. The Uncover Up Cover Up was perfected by the CIA through a continual history of media manipulation via propaganda and disinformation (lying and false flag yellow journalism). In a nut shell the Uncover Up Cover Up is the conspirator murderers investigate their own murder and scapegoat a preordained patsy.  The Uncover Up Cover Up entails that the perpetrators of murder (usually the murderers and co-conspirators to commit murder) misuse the authority of their elected public office to control the outcome of a murder investigation by legal authorities they control (like the FBI) by ordering the murder investigation in a show of moral outrage and choosing the legal authorities who are charged to investigate. A bogeyman patsy CIA “Manchurian Candidate” like Osama Binladen for 9/11 for example is always scapegoated for the murder that those elected officials conspired to execute. Johnson and the Warren Commission in the Rothschild Zionist murder of JFK is a perfect example of Uncover Up Cover Up.  As is Governor Abbot’s raid on Planned Parenthood in Texas to confiscate “Medicaid records” to prosecute Planned Parenthood for Medicaid fraud while juxtaposing “and sale of fetal baby parts” in the false flag media propaganda.  All False Flags as GW Bush’s 1997 PNAC pre planned attack on CIA bogey man Saddam Hussein and murder of 1.5 million Iraqi’s after 9/11 are political bait and switches. Or Abbott’s raid on the PP I-45 is another classic case.

A False Flag,  happens when an elitist  cabal dresses up as your supposed enemy and attacks their own host nation to bring about a war. All wars are banker wars.  The Rothschild financed Sons of Liberty dressing up as Indians allied with Briton at the Boston Tea Party is an example.  The Rothschild’s Mossad’s proxy army ISIS is a current example of a False Flag.  By concentrating on Medicaid Fraud and confiscating records at the Houston Planned Parenthood- the real target of the three raids (the other two raids are diversionary),  Abbot as Governor through media “pro life” propaganda is controlling the  investigation of Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast.  Abbott is orchestrating a bait and switch to Medicaid Fraud from criminal charges for sale of baby parts. Abbott and Anderson cannot truly investigate  Planned Parenthood I-45 baby part sales without publicly incriminating themselves as accomplices in PP I-45’s baby part business due to their 2013 exoneration of Douglas Karpen.   Their orchestrated  2013 exoneration of Douglas Karpen enabled Karpen to continue to sell very late term 5-9 month live birth strangled whole baby bodies to Planned Parenthood I-45 third floor “Life Donation Center” until recently.  The Inspector General raid on the I-45 though under the guise of records as evidence of  Medicaid Fraud   was actually  after financial records concerning  Dr. Douglas Karpen selling whole babies purposely born alive and having their necks rung by Karpen to Planned Parenthood  I-45. Such baby bodies are sold for thousands of dollars, the ultimate commodity in the baby parts business.

In a media release now placed at the beginning of Center for Medical Progress’s latest You Tube expose release, Gov. Abbott appears  as an morally outraged “pro-life” governor as he justifies the raids of Planned Parenthood juxtaposing Medicaid Fraud and Fetal Body Part sales in a propaganda bait and switch. Abbott as Texas Attorney General was obligated to investigate all fraud for 501 non profit charities which Planned Parenthood is. Abbot as Texas AG by duty should have commandeered two previous Medicaid Fraud  cases brought against Planned Parenthood by former employees. But did nothing as Attorney General in these two cases. Both cases were civilly tried and won gaining monetary fines and resignations of  the PP I-45 CEO, but no jail time for fraud which would have been the case if AG Abbott would have done his duty.  So why now as Governor has Abbott taken such dramatic steps as a “raid” on three Texas Planned Parenthood facilities to seize records for Medicaid Fraud? Something he refused to do as Texas AG which he had the duty to do.

In the two previous won cases former PP administrators walked out with arm loads of Medicaid files which became the basis of the successful cases against PP.  As noted earlier, the true reason for the raid at the I-45 was a desperate attempt to get physical possession of records that showed that Douglas Karpen sold whole babies aborted alive having their necks rung by Karpen to Planned Parenthood. Or to at least have certainty that such records did not exist or had been destroyed.  Both PP I-45 and Karpen’s clinic are “outpatient”  franchises of Gov. Perry’s lobbyist sister’s United Surgical Partners. Keeping this from coming to light in Key Man Grand Jury discovery being black mailed by Karpen’s Attorney Chip Davis was the whole reason for the 2013 exoneration of Karpen orchestrated by then AG Abbott and HCDA Devon Anderson. Now with the Center for Medical Progress latest expose focusing on PP I-45 baby parts business, it is Deja Vu all over again for Abbott and Anderson with Douglas Karpen’s exoneration. But this time, instead of trying to cover up “Pro Life” governor Perry’s criminal conflict of interest in Karpen’s United Surgical Partner’s franchised outpatient abortion clinic through his lobbyist sister’s authoring HB2 to monopolize  the abortion industry in Texas for United Surgical Partners,  Abbott and and Anderson are trying to cover up their own criminal conflict of interest by the raid on PP I-45 by seizing records that show the sale by Karpen to PP I-45 of his victims through infanticide.

Karpen was exonerated by Abbott and Anderson in 2013 meaning that the Key Man Gran Jury controlled  by Karpen’s Defense Attorney Chip Davis found not indictable cause from testimony or evidence that Karpen then, as of now, ever committed infanticide.  Mark Crutchner of Live Dynamics who caused the initial investigation in 2013 of Karpen through a sensational You Tube testimony by three former fourteen year employees who described in vivid detail Karpen’s live birth abortion and neck ringing of infants to kill them without poisoning was summoned by the corrupt Key Man Jury, put under oath, sworn to perpetual silence and then dismissed.  This is an Uncover Up Cover Up tactic used often for example by Skull and Bones then Senator John Kerry during his Iran/Contra Senate Show Trials to keep fellow “brother under the skin”  “bonesman” GH Bush from being impeached.

That Abbot’s media release appears at the beginning in the latest Center for Medical Progress expose could not be better in covering up Abbot’s own criminal conflict of interest in the PP I-45 raid, and is a masterful propaganda and disinformation stroke in this  “pro life” false flag Uncover Up Cover Up in regard to Karpen’s baby sales to PP I-45.

Devon Anderson, Who Exonerated Abortionist Douglas Karpen Suppressing Video Testimony Likewise Will Exonerate Planned Parenthood I-45 Suppressing Center For Medical Progress Video Expose

Now instead of Anderson, a pro abortion double agent as HCDA for Planned Parenthood, as she was as a tool of Chip Davis in the exoneration of Douglas Karpen, attacking the validity of the CMP You Tubes for falsifying editing, the CMP expose validity conversely is validated by Gov. Abbott’s appearance at the beginning of the last expose as the reason Planned Parenthood I-45 was raided- and bait and switches Fetal Baby Part sales with Medicaid Fraud. The CMP dilemma is turned into a means for cover up of Abbotts conflict of interest.  This is an Uncover Up Cover Up master stroke. Abbot and Anderson were in a real dilemma. They must have called in a top media PR genius (propaganda expert) that came up with this move.

Alex Jones of Infowars has said often of late that Gov. Abbott is being covertly investigated by President Barak Obama’s FBI. Whether this is the case or not, Planned Parenthood and PP I-45 especially is the absolutely most important NGO for Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton, indeed the whole New World Order of Barbarians. This is bar none.  Planned Parenthood and especially the PP I-45 is the most important thing for Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton and there Rothschild/Chase Bank/Exxon Rockefeller and CIA puppet masters.

In 2010 when Planned Parenthood was exposed in a similar matter by Lila Rose’s Life Expose for providing child sex slaving logistics, which the PP I-45 does for I Ten child sex slaving in Houston -the largest slaving hub in the world (No arrests and convictions ever especially by AG Abbott!) Barak told Boehner he would go to the mat to stop any defunding of Planned Parenthood. Boehner as always sold out the tens of thousands of child sex slaves for three billion dollars of ultimately bogus deficit cuts not to pursue Planned Parenthood defunding.

Perhaps Gov. Abbott who is being blackmailed by  Barak Obama for Planned Parenthood via his exoneration of Douglas Karpen has decided to go on the attack in a desperate attempt to seize the Karpen baby sale receipts from Planned Parenthood I-45.

This is all good! As the Jester in the Epilogue of King Lear laments, “All our punished. All our punished”.  The truth will out!

Governor Abbott and DA Anderson Cover Up Planned Parenthood’s Live Born Baby Parts Business with Douglas Karpen in 2013.




Cardinal Dinardo Backed by Francis’ Visit Spearheads EU/Goldman Sachs Head Peter Sutherland’s Demand US Take 200,000 ISIS Jihadi “Migrants”as NWO OWR Moral Imperative

Barak Obama after seven ultimately futile years of slavishly attempting as a  bi sexual corporate fascist by executive order President to implement the  George Soros, Rahn Immanuel  “Neo Con” ( that is Israeli American-Rothschild Illuminati Zionist) senile  G.H. Bush New World Order, and Brzezinski puppet JPII’s, and now  Peter Sutherland mouthpiece Francis’ One World Religion agenda : Destruction of Christian Marriage and the Family through Sodomy based  Marriage ( manifest in the Supreme Court decision and at the Synod of the Family in Rome) and “decentralization” of the Papal Magisterium, World Domination through Child Sacrifice bringing about the collapse of traditional religious culture and global economy via World Depopulation by Abortion, Contraception, Sterilization, and Euthanasia and of course Same Sex Marriage, through Obamacare in union with Planned Parenthood International via the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP- both here and abroad (like Africa) through UN Agenda 2030 World Government (one world government is all taxes i.e. carbon taxes  go to globalist bankers fueling world depopulation) has refused of late to recommit substantial US troops in the “Middle East” to confront Putin in Syria, or US naval forces in The South China Sea.

The Neo Con  Wolfewitz Doctrine  (i.e., The US  as NEO CON Rothschild puppet of Israel military occupation policy in the “Middle East” is ueber Alles in Der Weld!) was ensconced  in 1997 by both NEO CFR American Israelis: Robert Kagan and William Kristol – in 2009 Robert Kagan and William Kristol created a new think tank, the Foreign Policy Initiative, which scholars Stephen M. Walt and Don Abelson have characterized as a successor to PNAC- and Christian Conservative CFR  Neo Con Federal Reserve Rothschild  Zionists like Jeb Bush (Jeb converted to Catholicism in 1974 and is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus. The Bush  family has deep organized crime drug trafficking and money laundering roots (Sterling Bank, Chase, Baker’s Texas Commerce Bank, Banamex)  with Father Maciel Degollado and his  account at the Chase Vatican Bank money laundering front and fund raising cult, The Legion of Christ.  Fr. Maciel is the criminal mastermind and founder of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel/ Carlos Slim Helu of Curso Corp.  and the Garza Family of Alpha Corp )  and Dick Cheney in the The Project for a New American Century “PNAC”.

The  disastrous implementation of PNAC  from the genocidal rape of Iraq first by the US  military duped by the CFR NEO CONS’ false flag, 9/11 and now  CIA/Mossad proxy army ISIS to the current bitter winter of the CIA/Mossad “Arab Spring”  false flag with Benghazi and Ukraine in between has brought President Barak to his current stance of refusal. The  9/11 attack  masterminded by the first chief of Israeli Intelligence in 1979 was carried out thirty years later by youthful Mossad agents living as foreign exchange “art students”  in New Jersey and  Governor Jeb Bush’s  Florida. 9/11 served as the “Pearl Harbor” type event called for by PNAC that duped the America people and those serving in her military into Bush’s criminal War on Terror delecting the Bill of Rights here, and a  US proxy war of terror in Irag, Syria, Yeman, Sudan, Africa, and Iran.

I may have to eat my words in the future, be it Barak Obama, or Vladimir Putin- but for now- Thank you President Barak Obama for having the foresight, if that is what it truly is,  to refuse to continue supporting ISIS mass murder of Syrian Catholics and Muslims in a criminal attempt to overthrow the elected democratically elected President of Syria. Indeed,  what did President Assad ever do to the United States or Israel, or for that matter what has Iran, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, or Russia ever done to the United States and Israel. On the contrary, the US government with Israel and Saudi (useful idiots like the US for SWIFT) has mercilessly undermined, attacked, rape and killed through proxy Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and many years prior all of the above countries. I  agree again with President Barak who rightly calls ISIS non-Islamic.

Although a state of war exists between Syria and Israel since the Rothschild Zionist1967 land grab of the Golan Heights from which Israel now pilfers 40% of their water (Netanyahu lying to the world and Gov. Jerry Brown of drought ridden California that Is R Hell gets all the fresh water to make the desert bloom from desalination of ocean water) for which Israel attacked the USS Liberty spy ship to safe guard, the Assads, father and son, have not attacked Israel. But Israeli’s Likudnik Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly supported Mossad/CIA proxy army ISIS murders of 300,000 Catholics (not to mention Muslims) in Syria and Iraq to overthrow a democratically elected Assad on the way to attacking a non nuclear Iran.

In a recent interview, chastised by a NEO CON corporate media interviewer for not recommitting troops in the Middle East and not standing up to Putin in the Ukraine and China in the South China Sea,  Barak responded haven’t we learned anything from the failures of the last fifteen  years.  Ride on President Barak! Now consider ending your murderous drone strikes in Yeman, Sudan, and Afghanistan  where you personally ordered the massacre of over ten thousand innocent men, women ,and children.

The  Israeli American NEO CONS whose PNAC based foreign policy President Barak has slavishly followed until now are definitely  willing to risk nuclear war between the US, Russia and China in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and the South China Sea.  The US’ stockpile of A-Bombs was manufactured in 1963. Only one of the many reasons that President Kennedy was assassinated was his refusal to hand over the atomic bomb to insure Ben Gurion’s “Greater Israel, the Kingdom of David and Solomon”.  Bengurion basically equates this with Rothschild Zionist domination of the whole world.

President Barak is a domestic policy slave of Warren Buffet, as he is of George Soros’ NEO CON foreign policy.  Barak has served  slavishly his master Warren’s fanatical “no children no nukes world agenda”, not only as President of Planned Parenthood and aborted and chief of 52% of all black American babies conceived, but also in preventing “nuclear proliferation” especially here at home. I support the abolition of atomic weapons!  Most especially the propganda of terror inherent in the whole notion of nuclear weapons.  So thank you Warren Buffet from my home town of Omaha, and President Barak Obama for non proliferation of atomic wepons. Now if you would only stop racist mass murder of children here and abroad through Planned Parenthood! I doubt you ever would.

As part of Barak’s nuclear non proliferation agenda for his master Warren Buffet  here in the US, President  Barak has only recently allocated 300 million to update the 1963 stockpile vintage of A-Boms  “with fins”  to make the bombs more accurate when dropped. Compare this to the Russian Navy on the Caspian Sea hitting ISIS command and control centers in Syria with cruise missiles from thirteen hundred miles away with pin point accuracy.  In truth, The 1963 US atomic bomb arsenal across the world  is completely dysfunctional and does not work. This may be another reason why Barak refuses to move any further with the NEO CON agenda against Russia and China.  China has “Mace” mobile launched MIRV ICBMS with a state of the art guidance system first sold to them by the Clinton’s via Al Gore for campaign contributions in the 90’s facilitated by Buddhist Monks in a Bay Area Monastery. I used to visit, but not for the same reasons as Al Gore.   F-16’s (Israel has the second greatest number of F-16s after the US-keep in mind that a Neo Con Jewish Rabbi Pentagon comptroller had pilfered two trillion from the Pentagon announced by Donald Rumsfeld on 9/10, the day before something, we really do not know what struck  the Pentagon accounting department destroying all the records) have magnets made from a rare heavy metal that only China mines. Without these magnets produced by China exclusively, F-16’s will not fly.  Moreover, Barak having dismantled NASA is now forced to purchase rocket boosters from Russia to launch all our military satellites into orbit.   Barak may be aware of these things and with foresight is refusing to be pushed into more war by the Rothschild Zionist Neo Cons which the US military hobbled by Barak and 9/11 will only continue to lose.

In the wake of 9/11, the justification for creating ISIS or risking nuclear war ironically  is “These dictators kill their own people!”  NEO CON corporate media propaganda uses this claim then to justify using the American Military to kill millions of Iraqi’s, or training and funding  ISIS to kill Syrians,  leaving the whole region in complete shambles and misery. The real reason NEO CONS want war -any kind of war as long as the US is their proxy,  is to assert Rothschild/Israeli control of the production of Liquefied Natural Gas and its global marketing.  There is a pipeline in Afghanistan and a potencial pipeline in Syria.

From Sadam to Assad, all were elected secular leaders who protected and even favored Syrian Rite Catholics and Coptic Christians as well as minority Muslims. Gaddafi  was a local African leader in the image of Gamal Nasser supportive of their nation and greater Africa’s common good against the Globalist banking depopulation anti religious trans humanist NWO/OWR agenda.  And what did Planned Parenthood Internations LBGT globe trotting Secretary of Sate Hilary Clinton say of the framed Gaddafi- “We came, We saw, he died”  cackle, cackle. She called Putin “Hitler”.

Leo Zagami Illuminati False Flag Propagandist “Vatican Insider” : The Francis Effect has Annihilated the Essence of the Catholic Church. BS!


Pope has transformed Church into monstrosity that has nothing to do with teachings of Jesus Christ (Show where in writing- This is not true. Laudato Si does not replace the Nicene Creed! )
Alex Jones who has millions of listeners has attached  himself to Leo Zagami as Jone’s  “ultimate Vatican Insider” on Pope Francis and the annihilation of the Catholic Church by NWO OWR . Although Alex Jones, who said “If Francis is not the Devil he might as well be”  is correct as far as can  go for  someone who is not a believing Roman Catholic (but Jone’s is respectful of actual Catholics he calls friends as Pro life and anti communist) in his basic analysis of Francis as a pro-Liberation Theology “corporate banking collectivist socialist  communist dupe or puppet like Barak Obama” and attacking this satanic anti pope as anti catholic, at the same time Jones is allowing Zagami to promote Zagami’s absurd, absolutely baseless foregone conclusion that Francis is the first anti pope of many in  the 2000 year plus history of the One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church to literally annihilate the Catholic Church’s essence and being,  Satan himself, the father of lies, knows this is not possible, but will lie through false flag puppets like Zagami to ruin souls lying  that anyone, Barak or Francis, or even Zagami can annihilate the Mystical Body the Church who is Jesus Christ by lies. Satan ruins for ever every souls apart from the Church, not any souls united by Grace (Eternal Life) with the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. Satan seeks through false prophets like Zagami or John Calvin, the Cathars and Illuminati to separate souls from the Life of the Catholic Church where they are completely defenseless before the wickedness and snares of the Devil. Lucifer and his minions, human and demonic, murder and devour these souls.
Barak (a creation of Fr. Hessburgh of UND, “gay Chicago” Cardinal Joe Bernadin” in conjunction with David Rockefeller and the University of Chicago)  transformed as President by lies as a NWO puppet the US Republic into a monstrosity that has nothing to do with true Freedom and Human Dignity by annihilating the Constitution and the Bill of  Rights- but the Republic is man made and sustained by human virtue and Christian faith,or not.  The Catholic Church is God made Man through the Incarnation of the Word, and sustained by supernatural Grace, which is Eternal Life. This is the Apostolic Catholic Faith, Jones and Zagami do not have  this faith, Thus their foregone conclusion and post mortum without a corpse that the Catholic Church has been annihilated by “The Francis Effect”.  Jesus may find no faith on earth among men when he returns sadly, but the Communion of Saints (The Catholic Church Triumphant) exists and will always be, the Communion of Saints rejoicing in the Trinity’s gift of Eternal Life.
The Pope (a legal moral person in Church Law) is the Vicar or Legate of the The Mystical Body of Christ. If even a validly elected  Pope (Jones gives several convincing arguments with Zagami that Francis was not validly elected pope) does not fulfill exactly and authentically being a legate of Jesus Christ he is not the Pope.  As Jesus said to Peter, the first Pope, in almost the same breath, Peter you are a Rock and upon this Rock I will build My Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.  Then in the next sentence: Get behind me Satan, you judge by man’s standards, not God’s.  Jones does not see that Francis is not different from JPII. They are two peas in the same Illuminati phony pope pod. Peter Sutherland controls Francis. Zbigniew Brzezinski controlled JPII to the same Rothschild Zionist NWO OWR UN Agenda 2030 depopulation culture of murder end.
 “Pope has Transformed Church into monstrosity that has nothing to do with teachings of Jesus Christ”. Isn’t this what Luther said five hundred years ago., With Jesus Christ as Her Head, The Holy Spirit as Shepherd and Guide, and Mary, the Queen of Heaven as the personification of Church Triumphant I always tell anyone including myself” You cannot destroy the Catholic Church, you can only destroy yourself  sin fully trying- just ask Stalin, Hitler, and David Rockefeller who spent a life deluded by satan’s lies of world domination attempting to do the impossible against the Mystical Body by mass murder of the innocent and the faithful. This is the apostolic Catholic faith.
 There was an admission that Francis was not validly elected Pope by Zagami. I think there are several valid arguments that this is true. Nonetheless, with Zagami a non Catholic, anti Catholic Italian Mason, Jones is throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water when in comes to declaring as fait accompli the annihilation of the Catholic Church.  In this way unknowingly Alex Jones is participating in the Illuminati attack on the Catholic Church by the very NWO forces Jones claims to be fighting against.God forgive them they do not know what they are doing.  Ron Paul, although Lutheran, gave a key note address for the Fatima Center of Fr. Grunner R.I.P.  over a year ago.  Alex Jones should be seeking his information on Francis and the Catholic Church and the New World Order from Ron Paul, and Randy Engel  on the homosexual colonization of all Catholic religious orders (not the Jesuits alone as Zagami says) and pederasty not as Jones says “Pedophilia” (The Rite of Sodomy) and from me as a believing Catholic insider Priest and Dominican Religious.
 Zagami is never a believing  Catholic but a Mason.  This background deeply distorts his interpretation of what is happening with the Papacy and the Church in favor of the Illuminati’s ultimate victory, This is the Illuminati’s goal: A Papacy that no one will even listen too. Zagami is helping the Illuminati as false flag anti Catholic propagandist fulfill this goal.  Zagami did mention Fatima as very important.  The Illuminati know it is most important. I agree with with much of what he reports as true.  But as always,  knowledge is conditioned by the state of the knower.  Zagami is a non Catholic anti Catholic Mason giving an Illuminati interpretation of the annihilation of the Catholic Church.
So Patriotic American Faithful Catholics who  see by supernatural faith what Francis is and is not by virtue of the grace of their supernatural faith and what he is trying to do may well agree with somethings Zagami has said about Francis, but cannot agree with Zagami’s forgone utterly satanic and deceitful conclusion that Francis as anti pope (one among many in over two thousand years) has annihilated the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church .and as a result, the Catholic Church, even as I write this does not exist anymore. It does. I say the Church prayers, the Rosary, and celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass everyday even after I red Laudato Si. So please email Rob Dew with your credentials and try to expand  this debate. I will try as well to contact Alex Jones who is right about Francis being an Illuminati New World Order One World Religion Anti Life/Anti Family/Anti Catholic not validly elected anti pope.  This is the truth. But the conclusion that Francis or anyone most especially Lucifer can destroy, or has destroyed the Catholic Church is a satanic lie.  A lie that Zagami – an anti Catholic Mason- is espousing and telling for Satan to discourage and scandalize simple believers and fool men of good will but limited perception like Alex Jones who is not a believing Catholic.  I will try to call into the Radio Broadcast.

Southern Poverty Law Center Strikes Again (Yawn)

Calls Upcoming Fatima Conference Anti-Semitic

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 23, 2013
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in an article republished by the left-liberal Salon magazine, has issued another of its breathless alarms about “radical Traditionalist Catholics.” This one concerns an upcoming Fatima conference in Niagara Falls (September 8-13) featuring some 27 speakers, including Congressman Ron Paul, which will address, among other topics, the growing tyranny of the modern nation-state and the urgency of the Fatima message for both civic and Church leaders who are seeking peace and social order.
The screaming headline declares: “Ron Paul to be keynote speaker at anti-Semitic conference.” According to SPLC, the anti-Semitism is attributable to Ron Paul himself —an allegation based on old newsletters with which Paul was loosely associated many years ago whose content SPLC deems politically incorrect.
One “radical traditionalist” theme of the conference, quoted by the article, is “a return to sanity in the government of the world and the Church, for the two cannot be separated.”
“Another day, another amusingly hysterical bulletin from SPLC,” said Christopher A. Ferrara, one of the conference speakers. “Ron Paul is not even Catholic, but rather is speaking on secular themes related to the current political and economic crisis. Not every speaker at this conference is my cup of tea, but that is the whole point of the conference: to bring together people from Church and State, from all over the world, to discuss from different perspectives the moral, spiritual, political and economic crises threatening Western civilization.”
“This story is a perfect example of why SPLC has zero credibility, and why a condemnation by that far-Left group of loons has become a badge of honor among the growing number of decent people and groups SPLC has smeared,” Ferrara concluded.
Vatican Insider: Pope Francis Will Resign in 2016 Following Argentina Visit
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Last week I went to visit two of my most trusted sources in the Vatican, one a member of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester Pope, the other, a clergy member of the Vatican Secretariat of States, the oldest dicastery in the Roman Curia, which is the central papal governing bureaucracy of the Roman Catholic Church.
In two separate meetings the present situation of the Church was discussed, as well as the ongoing Synod of Bishops which will terminate on the 24th of October 2015.
The information that surfaced during these meetings was shocking to say the least.
Two separate reliable sources within the Vatican stated that Pope Francis will resign next year.
This will occur during his pastoral visit to his nation of Argentina, and the two neighboring countries of Chile and Uruguay, in the period of time that coincides with the bicentennial of the 1816 Argentine Declaration of Independence.
The date was selected with care to avoid interference, as the Argentinian government desires this event to transpire after the 2015 presidential elections.
It has been speculated that the Pope would potentially canonize Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero during this visit to Argentina, never imagining this to be the moment that Pope Francis has chosen with his fellow Jesuits to end his papacy.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio wishes to retire in Argentina, not the Vatican, after completing his service as a Jesuit and Pope to the New World Order.
He has successfully promoted Agenda 2030 (carbon taxes etc), the breakdown of family values, as well as the sanctity of the Cross. He has supported growing Mexican immigration; as it makes Catholicism stronger in the US, the European refugee crisis; which is instrumental in destroying the birthplace of Christian civilization, ready to be replaced by Crislam and a One World Religion. A job well done for this puppet of the New World Order.
Pope Francis warned bishops and cardinals of the Catholic Church, to avoid being taken in by “the hermuneutic of conspiracy,” confirming the growing fear of the Church towards the spread of truth in the information age.
The dark secrets of the Vatican are being exposed more and more, and Pope Francis is getting nervous.
In fact, the last few days of the Synod, Pope Francis was questioned by influential conservative Bishops for his recent visit to the US. In their eyes it was a complete failure that alienated traditional Catholics in favor of a highly questionable liberal communistic approach that of course was crafted to comply with the New Word Order agenda.
On top of all this, there has been an unprecedented move, orchestrated by the Vatican gay lobby in open partnership with various LGBT Christian Activists to actually Lobby Bishops during the Synod, with the agenda of opening up the Church to the gay reality present in the clergy.
Two conferences were arranged in Rome for this purpose by various Jesuits, one took place Friday, October 2nd, at the Angelicum, the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, the other on October 3rd, at the Centro Pellegrini “Santa Teresa Couderc,” in Via Vincenzo Ambrosio with the title, “Ways of Love.” It became not only the foundation meeting for the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, but also the place chosen for the “Coming out” stunt of Father Charamsa, arranged by the famous homosexual spin doctor, Emilio Sturla Turno, who is said to be sentimentally involved with a Israeli intelligence asset, demonstrating the many hidden interests involved in this operation.
It was during the “Ways of Love” conference in front of a crowd of around 80 people that Bishop José Raúl Vera Lopez, of Saltillo, Mexico, a liberal Dominican, seated next to the Jesuits: Pedro Labrin from Chile, and Pino Piva from Italy, made the astonishing statement: “The gays are the saviours of the Church.”
During the Synod of Bishops on the Family, Monsignor Giuseppe Casale, archbishop of Foggia, stated to the Italian media: “Gay love is not a sin and to prohibit it is an error,” also adding, “Homosexuality adds value to the Church.” Wait a minute, isn’t sodomy a sin in the Catholic Church?
It is no wonder that Pope Francis will announce his resignation to the world next year, as he has transformed the Church into a monstrosity that has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Leo Lyon Zagami is an Italian-based geopolitical researcher and the author of nine books, including his latest book Pope Francis: The Last Pope? which reveals the money, Masonry and occultism behind the decline of the Catholic Church.

Homosexual Dominicans and Francis’/Cardinal Dinardo’s Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians Appropriation at Synod on the Family


Gravely sinful, but expected,  militant out and proud practicing sodomites infesting the Order of St. Dominic: former Master General of the Dominican Order Fr. Timothy Radcliffe,O.P., and Dominican Bishop Raul Vera, O.P. of Mexico are  “point gays”  for  the LGBT agenda, “the agenda” at the Synod on the Family this week in Rome. The clerical  LGBT agenda of “useful idiots” like Radcliffe and Vera will be utilized by the Vatican Illuminati at the Synod this week in their second attempt  to ruin the sanctity of marriage and procreation among Catholics via Francis’ ultimate sanction of the reception of the Eucharist by Catholics living in mortal sin,  homo and hetero-sexual alike, in the name of pastoral care and mercy.

This course of event, spearheaded by German Cardinals Walter Kasper and Marx (Kasper has denied in writing the bodily Ascension of Christ and Marx seeking to curtail a dramatic decline in billions of government assessed tax church stipends based on Catholic’s reception of the Eucharist has threatened to schism the German Church if their demands are not ratified-both Cardinals are Francis’  advisors  ) is  right out of the German Lutheran saved by faith alone (Fide Sola-Glaube Allein) through the unearned, inscrutable “mercy” of God.  Do not be morally scrupulous and condemning  as a Pope or Cardinal!  Especially this week in Rome at the Synod.  What you do or do not do especially sexually does not in anyway impact the absolute mercy and unconditional love we the Perfects of the NWO One World Religion should have for you ( progressive Doctrine of Predestination).  If you only think “Gay is OK” in your own mind, especially if you are not gay you are Perfect!  Lutheran anti Catholic moral theology is directly born out of the Cathar Albigensinist Heresy of the 13th Century South of France that St. Dominic founded The Order of Preachers to which Radcliffe and Vera profess  to combat spiritual by preaching doctrinal “Veritas” or truth.

“The Fiat Pope” Francis,’  (who is not homosexual) and his suspected  papal successor and  especially chosen delegate to The Synod, Cardinal Dinardo (who is) are on the same page with these two Dominican “point gays”in regard to LGBT based  revolution in the Catholic Church  over throwing the Natural Law foundation of the The Sacrament of Chaste Marriage and Holy Family.  Francis’ formal sanction of pan sodomy (sodomy can be performed with anyone and anything, children, adolescents, men, woman, boy, girl infant, and animals, with others or on yourself) via adultery will complete the destruction of Western Christendom by the Rothschild Zionist Vatican Illuminati.  But not in Catholic Africa, at least not yet!

Annihilation through demoralization of the institution of marriage and procreation in order to destroy Christendom  ultimately  to dam souls to Hell is the primary objective of the Rothschild Zionist Illuminati (satan’s useful idiots) via client Calvinists like the Rockefeller and Carnegie oil and steel Rothschild backed Robber Baron dynasties  syndicated with the Nazis of Wall Street and  Bildeberger EU, Maoists, Jewish  non Hebrew Communists of the former Soviet Union or now US  Neo Cons, Planned Parenthood/UN and ultimately Francis through the useful idiot LBGT agenda  high jacking the Synod on the Family to destroy the family.  Such clerical homosexual  revolution based on the principle of masturbation striving to ruin Procreation with Marriage in the Catholic Church “preached” by Dominicans Radcliffe and Vera  is the logical outcome of  the first NWO one world religion Rothschild Zionist Illuminati  non Hebrew Jewish pope JPII’s Theology of the Body. 

Francis is an Illuminati Jesuit from  Buenos Aires.  ‘Vatican Rat Lines’ in conjunction with the Rothschild Bank of International Settlement in Basil, the Federal Reserve in New York and Chase Vatican Bank in Rome after supplanting Prescot Bush’s Union Bank in 1942 at the behest of the “American Pope”, Knight of Malta, NYC Cardinal “Franny Spellman” transferred  a huge sum for international investment from Nazi War plunder under the direction of Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary and heir of the Reich (German for wealth, riches, or common wealth) and a Catholic Knight of Malta whose son was a Jesuit priest.  The Argentinean Jesuits including Francis with few exceptions were Nazi Corporate Fascist supporters of Bormann and Company the Forth Reich descendant of Bormann’s  “Adolf Hitler Fund for Industry” to promote the rearmament of Germany financed by the Union Bank of Prescott Bush, Wall Street, Allen Dulles and The Bank of International Settlement. Jerome Corsi provides a current analysis of Francis, the Fiat Pope’s advisors beyond Dominicans Radcliffe and Vera, Cardinals Marx and Kasper growing out of this NWO/Cathar/ Knights of Malta/ post Christendom Illuminati cesspit:

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff writer. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”

NEW YORK – Pope Francis’ affinity for global governance was evident during his recent trip to the United States, with his remarks on his arrival at the White House echoing his embrace of the global-warming agenda in his first encyclical, “Laudato Si,”  (Steven Rockefeller’s Earth Charter)and his historic speech to the United Nations endorsing the U.N.’s new Agenda 2030.

Behind the pope’s proclamations is a powerful Vatican adviser who is highly regarded among global governance advocates, Peter Sutherland, a non-executive chairman of Wall Street investment banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs who served as chairman of oil giant BP through 2009.

Peter Sutherland

Sutherland’s globalist credentials are exceptional.

Born in Ireland, where he also served as attorney general, he was appointed to the European Commission in 1985 and headed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which has evolved today into the World Trade Organization.

Later, he was appointed to the steering committee of the Bildeberg Group and served as the honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission.

In addition to his global governance credentials, Sutherland is one of an estimated 100 elite Papal Knights within the Roman Catholic lay religious society Knights of Malta and a member of Opus Dei.  (Sutherland was a prime mover in the vote  on  “Gay Marriage”  in Ireland funded by Soros and Goldman Sachs.  Francis has never said a word about this vote.)

In his 1999 book, “Their Kingdom Come,” Canadian financial journalist Robert Hutchinson characterized Opus Dei as a secret society of international bankers, financiers and businessman whose goal critics have characterized as using the influence of the Catholic Church and its largely tax-exempt worldwide network to advance the aims of global government

 JPII’s sexual gnosticism manifest in Theology of the Body.  JPII as Pope preaches a non-procreative moral,  spiritual priority of “personalism” in marriage, or “persons  relationship” between sexually active persons logically regardless of sex or relationship, regardless if the sexual encounter is pro-creative or not.  Procreation is secondary to the sexual encounter reduced to masturbation and therefore  irrelevant to the persons relationship unless of course someone has an unwanted  pregnancy.  JPII’s Theology of the Body’s  logical conclusion is clerical gay liberation plotted for this week’s Synod by the Vatican “Gay Lobby”  as agitated for by Dominicans Radcliffe and Vera .

There is absolutely no conflict, or even disagreement about the LGBT Agenda  as Ueber Alles  between  the  Vatican “Gay Lobby” of former Vatican Secretary of State and Our Lady of  Fatima foe Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, and his former US, Chase Vatican Bank Mexican Cartel money laundering agent Cardinal Dinardo of Galveston/Houston  and the “Fiat Pope” Francis.  Francis said “Who am I to judge!” of Monsignor Ricca Battista a prominent member of the Vatican Gay Lobby under Bertone along with Dinardo (who was in Rome and told Benedict to resign) appointing Monsignor Ricca to be his legate in the NWO  LGBT friendly “reform” of the  Chase Vatican Bank overseen by Peter Sutherland.

 Francis, Dinardo, the Vatican Gay Lobby, the Chase Vatican Bank/Goldman Sachs/  Sutherland /Knights of Malta, the Vatican Illuminati  are all on the same page for this Synod on the Family these next three weeks in Rome.  All alike follow the same road map: Planned Parenthood International/UN Agenda 2030 as ecclesial  double agents for world depopulation, and that plan is The New World Order of Barbarians.

The “Fiat Pope” made  pilgrimage  to the  US  last week  to put a “Fiat Pope” moral happy face stamp of approval on Cardinal Dinardo’s 2008 Wilberforce Act multi million dollar legalized child sex slave trafficking church mafia . Francis’ staged an embrace of a child of undocumented NAFTA Hispanic workers handed to him by the General of the Knights of Malta and Francis security head,  symbolizing Francis support  of no borders NAU amnesty. Immigration reform/Amnesty given a thumbs up by Francis’ pilgrimage to NWO  One World Religion Holy Places like the UN and DC is a congressional legislation mandate of Cardinal Dinardo as Vice President of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops .

  Cardinal Dinardo scams millions of US tax dollars  utilizing Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief  Services  to supply child sex trafficking logistics in his covert transport of “victims of child sex slaving” from Central America working with DHS under the guise of GW Bush’s Faith Based Initiative  2008 Wilberforce anti child slave trafficking Act . FEMA is a Faith Based Initiative program!  Dinardo covertly transports Central American child sex slave victims in conjunction with DHS, and most especially the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast  I-45 Abortion Clinic. In 2006, Cardinal Dinardo literally founded the “PP I-45 Gulf Coast” the largest late term United Surgical Partner’s out patient abortion clinic and baby part processor in the Western World to provide logistics for covert child sex slave trafficking .

 Cardinal Dinardo gave tacit approval to the PP I-45 by his total silence as local bishop failing to publicly condemn the sale of a Catholic owed  Sterling Bank to Planned Parenthood.  The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston had shares in Sterling Bank.  The Sterling Bank building in the form of a hybrid gigantic cash register and Moloch temple of natal doom  through Dinardo’s public silence and behind the scenes machinations was sold to Cecil Richard’s Texas Planned Parenthood to serve as  the largest abortion clinic and baby part processor in the world.  All evidence points to Cardinal Dinardo behind his public silence orchestrating this sale  to provide logistic support for child sex slave trafficking in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston to make his bones as a Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia Associate with Galveston Free State legacy Tilman Fertitta ‘s I Ten/Houston child sex slaving syndicate.  Houston is since Free State days, the greatest hub of child sex slaving both foreign and domestic in the world.  This overture by Dinardo  (a member of Bertone’s Vatican Gay Lobby)  to Fertitta was Dinardo’s first step  in an attempted resurrection  as an agent of the Rothschild Zionist Chase/ Vatican bank of the money laundering relationship which bloated   Sterling Bank accounts  in the 80’s   with the Sinaloa Federation Cartel of Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family of Monte Rey.  The “SFC” was  criminally masted minded and birthed by Fr. Maciel Macial Degollado, religious and priest, Zionist and CIA agent like his geopolitical puppet JPII,  founder of the Legionaries of Christ and JPII  svengali.  In 2008, now “Pope Emeritus” Benedict (I have no idea what this term “Pope Emeritus” actually means)  ruptured this money laundering relationship established in 1989 through then Vatican Nuncio to Mexico,  and now current Secretary of the Rothschild Zionist Vatican City State Cardinal Piedro Parolin,  leading to Benedict’s “resignation” or whatever Benedict did.

 During his NWO One World Religion spiritual leader pilgrimage to the UN and US congress, the Fiat Pope by his silence gave tacit support to Cardinal Dinardo’s abortion/child sex slaving church mafia business.  Francis spoke not a word a la Cardinal Dinardo’s silence as  NCCB Vice President, or NCCB Chairperson of Pro Life Activities, on abortion (Partial Birth Abortion Legislation failed in Congress in the wake of Francis’ speech), the Congress defunding Planned Parenthood (PP defunding also failed in Francis’ wake), or the Center for Medical Progress expose on the PP I-45 Gulf Coast baby part business center marketing and processing aborted baby parts just a few minutes away from Cardinal Dinardo’s new, redundant, 45 million  Exxon/Chase Bank/Fertitta New World Religion Interfaith Co-Cathedral.  As Cardinal Dinardo goes (silence) so the Fiat Pope who Dinardo hopes to succeed goes.  Francis came in tacit support of his chosen successor Cardinal Dinardo’ abortion/ child sex slaving church mafia business. Francis in preparation for this weeks Synod on the LBGT Annihilation of the Family said nothing about the Supreme Courts recent mandate of “same sex marriage” or the HHS Mandate.

In 2010, with the public moral socialist cheer leading  of homosexual “Pope Emeritus” Benedict, Cardinals Dinardo and “Donna” Wuerl duped Catholic pro-life Democratic  Senator/Michigan Bart Stupak with Planned Parenthood’s “negro project” President and black baby abortionist in chief Barak Obama’s  bogus executive order maintaining the “Hyde Act” (by another phony “Pro lifer” Republican politician sex pervert Henry Hyde- as in Jekyll and Hyde) to caste the deciding vote for Obamacare.  Obamacare is”socialized” medical care in imitation of the Fabian disaster in England and Nazi Germany, employing Planned Parenthood through the HHS Mandate to enforce abortion, birth control, and sterilization for the believing masses who do not want and cannot marry because of the economy and have child. The whole Federal Reserve central control debt economy is Planned Parenthood genocidal birth control. Dinardo and the Bishops were only against Obamacare when they found out they are not exempt as Bishops because of  Humanae Vitae  and have to pay for “reproductive health care” out of their own pockets.  It’s like Congress passing Obamacare and not having to be in Obamacare as members of Congress.  All this is living history leading up to the climax at the Synod of the Family this week in Rome, fore caste in 1968 at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School by a Planned Parenthood doctor/administrator documented  in NWO of Barabarians.

“Fiat Pope’s” sui genus , Francis effect appropriation of  Planned Parenthood’s  NWO of Barbarians comes to a climax this week at the Synod of the Family .  Read the brief 1968 NWO of Barbarians on line  (if you have not yet done so! )  in a free PDF.  NWO of Barbarians is a historical compendium of  New World Order of Babarians official down load.

Planned Parenthood’s plan for one world mind control domination through satanic child sacrifice via the destruction of Chaste Marriage and Holy Family in which  ” secular progressive society” allows  “homosexuals” “to do as they will” with the full support of “Church Bishops”.  Sound familiar?   NWO of Barbarians is the satanic road map for sexual revolution in the Catholic Church. Satan’s goal is to obliterate the Sacrament of Marriage and Holy Family always, beginning with Playboy and the Pill in 1960, and climaxing in this week’s masturbatory communism anti family synod in Rome.

Former Master General of the Order of Preachers,Timothy Radcliffe, and Bishop Raul Vera, O.P. are two such NWO of Barbarian front homosexual Dominican bishops and religious superiors allowed to do as they will supported by the Bishops, especially the Bishop of Rome.  What makes this gravely  sinful is betrayal of the original preaching mission of St. Dominic.  St. Dominic founded the order to preach the truth in love to the “Perfects” or Cathars in 13th Century  Southern France.  The Sethian gnostic Cathars- had  elite “Perfects” like Planned Parenthood Foundation elites  Cecil Richards or Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and “Believers” devoted masses who worship the elites as satanic revolutionary gods that promise them worldly things and spiritual freedom to masturbate in any form imaginable but first and foremost sodomy known as “The Devil’s Congress” in the 11th Century,  This has a political connotation! These worldly gnostic anti-gender  masturbator  Perfects  from Radcliffe to Richards and Barak Obama preach  pro-abortion, contraceptive mentality, pro suicide, pro masturbation, anti-marriage, pan sexuality, pan genderism, Marxianity,Social Darwinism religiously.

The 13th Century  Cathars that St. Dominic founded an order of preachers to engage in spiritual warfare, were  in league with Talmudic /Kaballah European  German non Hebrew bankers and are the fore bearers of the Vatican City State/Bank Free Masons and the Rothschild Zionist Illuminati that control the US/EU/NAU through the Federal Reserve and the Vatican Bank through the same. The Rothschild own the Vatican City State and through the Chase Vatican Bank  control the Papacy.  The Rothchild Zionist agenda through child sacrifice and world depopulation is one world mind control and total domination. This agenda is being  greatly advanced by Francis and Dinardo through Radcliffe and Vera at the Synod in Rome.

  The Dominican Timothy Radcliffe is  “preaching” sodomy as spiritually likened to  the reception of the Eucharist.   Radcliffe was recently elevated by “Who am I to judge” Fiat Pope Francis to the Vatican Soviet on Social Justice.  I am ashamed as priest and religious, a man created in the image and likeness of God before St. Dominic, and all the saintly daughters and sons of Holy Father Dominic, to publicly repeat such scandalous  psycho sexual sacrilege by another professed Dominican.  But only “Veritas” or truth will set brainwashed members of the Mystical Body of Christ free from these spiritual vampires.

Bishop Raul Vera, O.P. of Saltillo, Mexico (former territorial Spanish government capitol over Texas territory where Steven Austin-a baptized Catholic- was held in prison by the Viceroy for eight months in the lead up to Texas Independence) is another of Francis’ Dominican point “gays”.  Both Radcliffe and Vera are prominent in Francis’  Planned Parenthood NWO of Barbarian satanic revolution in the Catholic Church to obliterate the Sacrament of Marriage and Holy Family in this week’s sexual communism anti family synod in Rome.

The Dominicans in my experience-even the “conservative ones” both priests and nuns were homosexuals to almost 80%. The homosexuals, Liberal/Conservative were in all leadership and formation positions, a “Gay Mafia” if you will that had colonized Religious Life as Randy Engel in her completely document work “The Rite of Sodomy” definitively shows.  There is a long chapter on The Dominicans, especially the Central Province which would cause St. Catherine of Sienna to blush.  St. Catherine in her “Dialogues” has a chapter on the state of the Church in the 14th Century which is so descriptive and shocking that she admonishing the reader, unless your faith is very strong, do not read this chapter. The homosexuals left and right tolerated each other because they were homosexuals, not because they were ideologically tolerant in the least.  As homosexuals they sexually service each other regardless of being left or right, progressive or traditional.  That does not matter to them ultimately, just as Procreation does not ultimately matter in JPII’s Theology of the Body’s “personalism”.

This was the case with conservative homosexual novices and seminary students and their homosexual bishops, novice masters, and religious superiors.  I knew of one such case involving of conservative young Hispanic priest and former Cardinal Roger Mahoney. The few Dominicans who were not homosexual were either liberal supporters of homosexuality in priesthood and religious life, or looked the other way, oblivious, as far as comrade in arms “conservatives” in complete denial they were practicing sodomites. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil in regard to homosexuality unless they were liberal.  I thought very diffusely  and not often that maybe conservative comrades in arms were homosexual,  but assumed they were not active, at least they had not threatened me physically.  I choose to ignore the obvious. I thought the liberal/conservative battle was the most important-not homosexuality if not acted out. But both liberal and conservative homosexuals acted out 100% of the time.  I was absolutely brainwashed into being oblivious. I am nonetheless at fault. I adopted Francis’ “Who am I to judge” from the beginning. This week at the Synod on the Family it is evident that the LBGT agenda is the most important.

 My best “friends” mentors and supporters even a few liberal ones were all engaged homosexuals in actuality.  But in need of support and appreciating their scholarship, intelligence, and crusade against liberalism-I choose to ignore the obvious. It is like Rush Limbaugh, anti abortion, calls Francis a Marxist, detests Barak, but is himself a admitted pornographer and a child sodomite (not admitted), all that bluster on radio to millions and it is powerless to stop this on slot on legalized sodomy based marriage.

Christopher Bollyn  wrote Solving 9/11 clearly identifying Rothschild Zionist Neo Con Israeli Americans with Mossad as quarterbacking 9/11. Bollyn  said he wrote Francis a letter to simply as Pope expose 9/11 and this would stop ISIS murder of Catholics and WWIII in the Middle East. I agree! This would.  But Francis a Fiat Pope controlled by the Rothschild Zionist Chase Vatican Bank and City State would never do such a thing. Francis could bring true peace and stop WWIII and save souls if he consecrated Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as Our Lady of the Rosary, as Our Lady of Fatima asks repeatedly.  But like all the Rothschild Zionist Popes from John XXIII to Benedict, Francis has not done so.   Instead the “Fiat Pope” goes to ground zero and holds a blasphemous one world religion liturgy as spiritual head of the Rothschild Zionist/Illuminati NWO/NWR- based on Steven Rockefeller’s Earth Charter as embraced completely in the heretical Laudati Si.  Our Lady of Fatima,  help us! Pray for the many good and dedicated Cardinals and Bishops battling the Vatican Illuminati agents and clerical LBGT useful idiots of satan this week and next at the Synod in Rome.