Is the “Fiat Pope” Spiritual Head of the Illuminati New World Order?

The “Francis Effect”, a  magic touch touted by globalist media has two qualities associated with the presence of the devil, a.ka.  satan, a.k.a lucifer:  Confusion,  and Religion is Politics, as Bishop Fulton once said.  No one, admirer or critic could deny that Francis’ pronouncements are always more and more confusing. In his address to Congress Francis condemns “black and white” moral judgement in all arenas political and religious.

Politics is religion. In the wake of Laudato Si,  Francis with absolute  certainty dictates as the “Fiat Pope”  world government (UN/Planned Parenthood) armed  with carbon vice taxes is the sole salvation of the planet.  The is no salvation Outside the UN and global carbon taxation, no sustainability.  Politcs is Religion is “Liberation Theology”.  Francis and the current head of the CCD, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, (Formally the Holy Office of the Papal Inquisition) Cardinal Mueller, equate  liberation theology, “Marxianity”, as the “social teachings of the Church” and the secular gospel of “social justice”. This via the Vatican City State and Bank’s complete supplanting of the Apostolic Catholic Faith with Antonio Gramsci/Saul Alinsky communism with the “Fiat Pope’s” face.

As evidenced , the Illuminati in the Alta Vendita Document (on line PDF)  have been conspiring  for almost two centuries through rigged conclaves, one rigged conclave election of an Illuminati Pope in 1902 aborted by Austrian Hungarian Emperor FranzJoseph II through his veto as an “Elector”,  to elect a Pope who will so confuse Catholic and non Catholic alike that no one, friend or foe of the Papacy, actually listens to the Pope anymore in anyway.  This is the Francis Effect.  Francis is in DC pushing Barak’s agenda, not the Gospel and the salvation of souls,  that much is clear. Barak Obama is a product, like the “Fiat Pope” of the Jesuits infiltrated by the Illuminati, infused with the Gramsci/Alinsky social revolutionary dynamic underlying “Marxianity” in conjunction with the homosexual Free Mason Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Joseph Bernadine, and of course David and Steven Rockefeller, The University of Chicago (South Side) Fr. Theodore Hesburgh of the University of Notre Dame co opted  as chair of Chase Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation to detach Catholic Education in the name of academic freedom from Humanae Vitae a la adoption of Steven Rockefeller’s  “Earth Charter”.   Mass bacchanal inspired by this   demonic cocktail enshrouds the Fiat Pope’s pastoral visit from Cuba to Washington DC, to the UN in New York, to the World Conference on the Family in Philadelphia.

The French and Italian Grand Orient of Free Masonry have publicly touted their complete support of Francis. The Rothschild Zionist controlled corporate media from Forbes Magazine to Disney’s ABC laud the Fiat Pope.

Adding to the confusion is what Francis does not say.  Francis says nothing about the “social injustice” of abortion, and the deathly  physical and spiritual side effects of artificial contraception,  nor the “contraceptive mentality” promoting a culture of murder leading to the depopulation of the world, and the over population of Hell by those who sacrifice children to lucifer through SRA and abortion for a false demonic  promise of world domination.

Francis praised American Catholic Bishops, like Cardinal Dinardo, Wuerl, and Dolan for “courageously” dealing with clerical child rape.  This is a total lie.  All of the above are well documented on as covering up and facilitating child rape by clerics (some friends, associates, and catamites).  “Who am I to judge” was pronounced by the Fiat Pope absolving Monsignor Ricca  a public homosexual and pederast who Francis than made his “legate” in his “reform” of the Vatican Bank.  All Lucifer, who the Catholic Catechism says rules the world “by extension” through our sinfulness, has, to control us heart and mind, is a lie.  One big lie,  bow down and idolize me and I will give you all the riches and kingdoms of the world.  Child sacrifice and world domination.  This is the Illuminati creed.  This is Francis’ unspoken creed by his silence on contraception, abortion, clerical SRA of children , “same sex unions” murder of Catholics by ISIS a proxy of the Rothschild Mossad and his specious “reform” of the Chase Vatican Bank, long a CIA paymaster and money laundering front, as well as a prime money launderer for the Sinaloa  Federation Drug and Child Sex Slaving Cartel of Fr. Maciel Macial /Carlos Slim Helu/ and JPII all CIA assets in service of the globalist NWO.

Beyond endorsing  UN world depopulation in Laudati Si, parroting Steven Rockefeller’s “Earth Charter”, Francis is orchestrating a cu de ta a la George Soros  in the upcoming “Synod on the Family”  revolutionizing  Pope Pius’ XI encyclical “Chaste Marriage” (Casti Connubii PDF) via JPII’s  “Theology of the Body”, by supplanting Church teaching on Chaste Marriage and Holy Family with Planned Parenthood’s “New World Order of Barbarians”.  The text of NWO of Barbarians  is available on line PDF.  NWO of Barbarians is the road map that Francis is slavishly following . The Planned Parenthood doctor/director who gave this address in the fateful  year of 1968 at the University of Pennsylvania said even then “The Bishops and the Church” are helping us implement our social engineering to depopulate the world to save the planet. Planned Parenthood is the globalists one world “government” which means literally  “mind control” to depopulate the world. The contraception mentality is their universal creed. Child sacrifice through abortion and SRA to achieve world domination (through depopulation) is their worship. Satan is the beloved god, Rex Mundi, of the Illuminati.

While saying nothing, in accord with Cardinal Daniel Dinardo’s silence  about Center for Medical Progress’s expose of  Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast baby part business located  in Cardinal Dinardo’s Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston , nor a word about current congressional legislation to ban late term abortion after twenty weeks , which was soundly defeated in wake of Francis’ address to Congress , or defunding  Planned Parenthood (again soundly defeated), Francis has been solely vocal on climate change and immigration both for ISIS (eighty percent of immigrants pouring into Europe are military age Muslim men), and victims of child sex slaving from Central America via G.W. Bush’s and Soros Neo Con Rothchild Zionist  Rahm Emanuel’s Nafta  based 2008 Wiberforce Act .

Cardinal Dinardo who founded the Planned Parenthood  I-45 clinic in 2006 to earn his bones with Tilman Fertitta’s Free State Galveston legacy syndicate to provide logistics for Houston based I-10 child sex slaving is Francis’ chosen successor to replace him as Fiat pope, or whatever Francis is.  Francis dismissing the massive amount of clerical child sex abuse that Dinardo’s first bishop, now DC Cardinal Donald “Donna” Wuerl has been involved in,  dismissed Cardinal Burke (also a homosexual who consecrated Dinardo bishop in the day) as chair of the Vatican Committee to select bishops for the US Hierarchy replacing him with Wuerl.  Wuerl selected Blaise Cupich for Chicago.

No one is more responsible for the passage of Obamacare than Wuerl and Dinardo with the public backing of then Pope Benedict in duping Catholic Pro Life Michigan Democrat Senator Bart Stupak into casting the deciding vote.  Obamacare in the HHS mandate employees Planned Parenthood exclusively.

Dinardo is next in line as Vice President of the US National Conference of Bishops to be the President.  He will be at the Synod on the Family in October.

The financially bankrupt Dinardo is currently making millions through the use of Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services in conjunction with Planned Parenthood and DHS through legalized covert trafficking of victims of child sex slaving from Central America via GW Bush’ s “Faith Based Initiative”  2008 Wilberforce Act.  Francis is supporting his chosen successor in “Amnesty Reform” during his visit to Washington DC being directed by his chosen Cardinal Donna Wuerl on the “issues”.

Today, I heard Alex Jones say with much passion that he thinks “Pope Francis” is the spiritual head of the New World Order. This statement which I first took as bluster later hit me hard as a believing Catholic priest and religion with great devotion to the Papacy and Our Lady of Fatima.   Satan is the spiritual head of the New World Order.  But as his vicar, that is representative, who better than one elected by Vatican cardinals in a conclave as “Pope” the vicar of Christ.

Of course, this is not the first time that we have had a Pope doing the bidding of the New World Order,  from Pius XII (duped by Cardinal “Franny” Spellmann” the “American Pope” into decreeing the Chase Vatican Bank and by his Secretary Giovanni Montini the future Paul VIth into the “Dark Alliance” of the Vatican, The Mafia, and the Masons) to John the XXIII, to Paul VI, to JPII to Benedict to Francis there is no difference.

Our only help is Mary as she herself told the Fatima cildren.  Pray the Rosary for the Consecration of Russia by Name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Holy Father, the Pope, in a Public and Solemn Ceremony in Union at the Same Time with All the Catholic Bishops of the World. Only then will there be peace, only then the turning of the tide of apostasy to conversion, from damnation to eternal salvation.



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