Governor Abbott and DA Anderson Cover Up Planned Parenthood’s Live Born Baby Parts Business with Douglas Karpen in 2013

Governor Greg Abbot’s opposition to Medicaid Expansion through the “Affordable Car Act”, a.k.a Obamacare, is not a principled constitutional and moral opposition. Obamacare is opposed on moral principle and constitutional grounds as a depopulation control totalitarian hitlerian take over of the American health care system with a Fabian Socialist face.. Unopposed by such principled moral and constituional opposition, Obamacare was rammed through into law, like Nafta and TPP, by both traitorous, corporate facist owned parties in tandem…

Greg Abbott (who probably owns United Surgical Partners’ shares), as Rich Perry’s protege, now as Governor continues his opposition to “Obamacare,” in an unprincipled manner, not on moral or constituional grounds. Obamacare did not permit United Surgical Partners (USP) in Texas to particpate in the ACA coverage network.. Obama’s reason for excluding “USP” clinics from ACA coverage, besides hating Texas and Rick Perry, stated “unnecessary” tests routinely ordered by free standing doctor owned “outpatient” clinics (of which United Surgical Partners has a 100% monopoly in Texas) are 20 to 30% more costly than public hospitals and clinics. .

As such, if Rick Perry as Governor would have supported Obamacare, this would have destroyed United Surgical Partners “outpatient” free standing doctor owned surgical clinic medical business monopoly in Texas. Why is USP important to Governors Perry and Abbott? Perry’s sister, Milla Perry Jones, is the chief USP government lobbyist to the Governor. Mila Perry Jones subsequently ghost wrote HB2 for personal and corporate gain under the guise of Perry’s public “pro-life” opposition to Obamacare.

The self professed “pro life” Perry in cahoots with Planned Parenthood and United Surgical Partners attempted, but failed dismally to monopolize the abortion industry in Texas for personal gain through HB2. HB2 was written by Perry’s lobbyist sister to prosper USP and herself. USP would profit immensely through the HB2’s “outpatient” mandate granting USP an “outpatient” abortion clinic.monopoly in Texas. Perry acted solely for his family’s financial gain by signing HB2 into law as Texas’ Governor.. HB2’s aim was to put all abortion clinics in Texas that were not “outpatient”, that is, not USP franchised, out of business in the name of protecting women’s health. As such, HB2 promoted the exact opposite financial outcome for USP and the Perrys, than that of Obamacare in Texas.

Planned Parenthood I-45 and Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Clinic are both USP franchised and are both therefore HB2 compliant.. The only abortion clinics in the state to be HB2 compliant before HB2 was signed into law by Perry as Governor.

The December 12th, 2013 exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen orchestarted by then AG Abbott and HCDA Devon Anderson covered up Perry’s USP business interest in Karpen’s United Surgical Partners affilated late term outpatient abortion clinic., or atleast granted Perry plausible deniabilty.

In 2015, a second attempted cover up exoneration of Karpen’s USP clinic practices has been orchestrarted by Abbott via Anderson: See: “Devon Anderson, Who Exonerated Abortionist Douglas Karpen Suppressing Video Testimony (Life Dynamics Mark Crutchner) Likewise Will Exonerate Planned Parenthood I-45 Suppressing Center For Medical Progress Video Expose “..

USP affiliated Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast baby part marketing business purchases baby bodies from five to nine months old aborted alive from Karpen’s USP clinic. Karpen murders these children by ringing their necks after they are born into his waiting arms, The 2013 Abbott/Anderson exoneration allows Karpen and PP I-45 to continue to do this. Planned Parenthood in 2013 through Mayor Parker and Homicide HPD suppressed Karpen’s infanticide investigation entrusted to Homicide HPD by the interim HCAD.. Mayor Parker’s wife/husband is treasurer at the PP I-45. Parker did this to cover up the above baby part marketing relationship between Karpen and PP I-45, Abbott and Anderson completed the cover up through the Chip Davis’ Key Man Grand Jury dismissing Life Dynamic’s video expose of Karpen’s aborted alive practice as testimony, exonerating Karpen. This along with no evidence presented from the non-investigation of Karpen by HPD Homicide engineered by Mayor Parker.

But now, deja vu, Center for Medical Progress is pointing to the Karpen/PP I-45 baby part harvesting business that Parker’s homicide investigation suppression and Abbott and Anderson’s exoneration of Karpen in 2013 covered up and allowed to continue until now.

Abbott’s response with Dan Patrick who supported Anderson election as HCDA is another “uncover up cover up” like 2013, where the perpetrators of murder investigate themselves and exonerate themselves by their own authority.

The HB2 cabal is ending in disaster for Perry and for Abbot, as well as Planned Parenthood I-45..
“This is the greatest treason to do the right thing for the wrong reason”.


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