Baylor Doctors of Planned Parenthood Dropped by Humana, Devastating Blow to Cardinal Dinardo’s Abortion/Child Sex Slaving Mega Hospital Merger Solvency

Humana on Friday dropped all Baylor Medical affiliated doctors from their HMO network. Humana is the largest HMO in the US. The abortionists at the Planned Parenthood I-45 are teachers at Baylor Medical School.  One is a Pediatrician who is an “expert” on child sex slaving who of course uses that expertise to cover up  legalized child sex slaving by Planned Parenthood in partnership with the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston i.e. Cardinal Dinardo’s  through Catholic Charities via the 2008 Wilberforce Act.  Please reference: Deja Vu All Over Again and Again and Again: Cardinal Dinardo Silent on Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Baby Body Part Marketing  Two Minutes Away from Houston’s New 45 Mil. Cathedral at

Bishop Dinardo  gave hospital admitting privileges to Baylor abortionists/ Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf coast for St. Joseph Medical Center when the PP I-45 opened in 2010, making the PP I-45 HB2 compliant three years before Gov. Perry signed HB2. Cardinal Dinardo recently oversaw a health care system mega merger between Baylor Medical School, St. Luke’s Episcopal, the Chicago based Catholic Health Initiative, Planned Parenthood I-45 Gulf Coast and the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston, that is Cardinal Dinardo as “Corporis Sol” i.e. the bishop (Cardinal Dinardo) owns personally as bishop all church assets.

Baylor Medical School is the largest stock holder in United Surgical Partners- lobbyist Milla Perry Jone’s “out patient” free standing doctor clinic franchise group, and therefore like Perry and his sister, and her sister’s husband  Bobby Jones who is the prime lobbyist for Baylor Medical School-all had a business interest with United Surgical Partners shares in  Dr. Douglas Karpen’s Aaron Clinic as United Surigical Partner franchised, one of the two out patient late term abortion clinics in the state  along with Planned Parenthood I-45.

So the bottom line is this is another devastating financial hit on Cardinal Dinardo by Humana in that it sinks the hospital health care merger and bankrupts the joint hospital being built in the Woodlands. Dinardo has been bankrupt since 2010. He is only hanging on financially by his child sex slaving ties with Planned Parenthood I-45 through the 2008 Wilberforce Act for victims of child sex slaving in conjunction with DHS. Cardinal Dinardo has pocketed over 16 million from legalized child sex slave trafficking in partnership with Planned Parenthood and DHS.

Our occupied terrorist US government brings in all the drugs and child sex slaves under the guise of “The War on Drugs” and  “The War on Terror”.  In reality it is a “government” -which means “mind control” war of depopulation through a war of drugs and a war of terror. George Soros funds the NGO that got Perry indicted. I have not researched it yet but Humana has to be ultimately owned by Federal Reserve Banks- I would guess Goldman Sachs, and definitely P.J. Morgan Stanely who wrote Obamacare.  Whatever bank owns Aetna that owns Humana.  Perry is washed up along with Tilman Fertitta. Dinardo is losing his last source of income, providing logistics through Catholic Charities in conjunction with PP I-45 and DHS for child sex slaving.

Dr. Karpen aborts babies five to nine months old alive intentionally and then rings their knecks. He then sells their bodies to the third floor “Life Donation Center” at the PP I-45.  I tell the histroy at: Deja Vu All Over Again and Again and Again: Cardinal Dinardo Silent on Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 Baby Body Part Marketing  Two Minutes Away from Houston’s New 45 Mil. Cathedral.


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