Devon Anderson, Who Exonerated Abortionist Douglas Karpen Suppressing Video Testimony Likewise Will Exonerate Planned Parenthood I-45 Suppressing Center For Medical Progress Video Expose


With  could have been indicted Texas Governor Abbott,  indicted AG Ken Paxton, indicted presidential candidate Rick Perry (who stopped paying his campaign staff and whose campaign manager in Iowa recently abandoned the stinking ship), and Harris County DA Devon Anderson (who should be indicted for hundreds of cases of  judicial corruption over the last decade  via rigged exoneration by Key Man Grand Juries in HPD shootings of citizens ), it’s deja vu all over again.

Less than two years after former Texas AG Abbot’s orchestrated  exoneration of abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen, Houston’s own Kermit Gosnell,  to shield Perry’s attempt to monopolize  the outpatient abortion industry in Texas via his United Surgical Partner’s business interests in Karpen’s Aaron Clinic,  Perry, Abbott and Paxton are expressing publicly of course, outrage at recent videos by Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposing  Planned Parenthood marketing aborted baby parts.  With great disgusted fanfare these “prolife” Bush/Rove  Republican politicians  have called for an  investigation of Planned Parenthood.  And as in the Exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen, once more with complete confidence these baby murderers  have entrusted this investigation to fellow Karpen exonerator Devon Anderson, Harris County District Attorney.  To say Anderson being entrusted with the investigation of Planned Parenthood I-45 by these phony “prolife” abortion profiteer Bush/Rove Republican politicians  is a criminal conflict of interest is an understatement.

Just as Anderson got her job in the first place as HCDA  by Perry appointment  to exonerate Karpen to cover up Perry’s business interests in Karpen’s  abortion clinic through suppressing Life Dynamics video evidence against Karpen,  likewise Anderson is being enlisted again  by Abbott and Patrick to suppress Center for Medical Progress expose footage that reveals that Douglas Karpen after being exonerated by Devon Anderson’s Key Man Jury on December 12th, 2013 of aborting alive five to nine month old infants and  “ringing their necks to kill them” sold their bodies intact to the third floor “Life Donation Center” at the Planned Parenthood I-45. Karpen had this relationship with the PP I-45 before and after he was exonerated by Anderson to shield Perry.  Now Abbot is being shielded by Anderson in this most recent investigation.  Abbot allowed Karpen to continue to abort alive children and sell their bodies to the PP I-45 to shield Perry by Abbott’s exoneration of Karpen.

This newest investigation of Planned Parenthood by Devon Anderson is a ” uncover up  cover up” that just like the Karpen/ Chip Davis Key Man Grand Jury,  will end in the exoneration of Planned Parenthood I-45 for baby part marketing.   Mark my words.  These absolutely disingenuous “Pro Life” accessories to baby murder in the exoneration of Douglas Karpen are false flag political operatives of the Bush/Clinton/Barak Rockefeller Establishment Republicans who are publicly pro contraception and Marriage Equality/LGBT and covertly pro abortion.

Planned Parenthood has been harvesting baby parts  since the seventies with the full knowledge and endorsement of state and federal public health departments. In the wake of the CMP videos, five states who have completed there investigations requested by “pro-life” politicians have found no violations in Planned Parenthood clinics that they have been inspecting and giving a clean bill of health to for decades. Just like placing Devon Anderson as Harris County District Attorney who orchestrated the fraudulent Key Man Jury exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen in charge of investigating Planned Parenthood, what would else would you expect these health department staffers to say.  They may not have know what the baby marketing activity was, hidden in plain sight. The babies may have been sent whole to mega processors like the PP I-45.  Or the inspectors have known about this processing and like corrupt inspectors in general do not report violations for what ever reason.  The point is, in the face of such obvious evidence as the CMP expose, these inspectors are not going to incriminate themselves and their silence for decades.

Likewise, Planned Parenthood hires a video team and pays them to say to Congress investigating them that CMP “altered” the hundreds of hours of video footage to misrepresent what appears on CMP You Tubes.  Therefore the videos can not be used in an investigation. Basically, CMP edited the videos. Of course there is not one corporate news channel like CBS, NBC,  and ABC that does not edit their footage on any crime story they cover. All three have refused to give any air time whatsoever to the CMP expose.  This is not just editing, this is corporate censorship by media that supports completely the Planned Parenthood depopulation agenda.

What is needed is a special  independent investigation of Planned Parenthood’s baby part marketing, not Devon Anderson or Planned Parenthood investigating themselves. Perfected by the CIA, this is the “uncover up-cover up” . The perpetrators of the crime are government authorities who choose their lackeys to investigate their crimes and off course either scapegoat a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald exonerate the guilt as in the case of Dr. Douglas Karpen.

In the seventies, until the abortion industry realized they were just throwing away a bio gold mine,  disposal of aborted babies was a logistics and PR nightmare exposed repeatedly by “pro life” advocates.  The choices were the break room garbage disposal, or the large metal dumpster serviced by garbage truck once or twice a week.  Planned Parenthood through Life Donations Centers where abortion providers provide aborted babies through covert delivery in styrofoam coolers and baby bio product purchasers “pay for floor space rent” of the donation center,  solved the problem.  Mitt Romney, the Barbara (pro-choice, pro marriage equality) and Poppy (pro-choice and marriage equality) 2012 endorsed  Carl Rove candidate for President to save us from the black GW, Barak Obama, made 45 million dollars as CEO of Bain Capital using his business sense to  turn Stericycle around profit wise by embedding the human bio waste specialist  in the abortion industry. Whatever is left after Planned Parenthood picks through it, Willard’s Stericycle disposes of by incineration.  Massachusetts recently passed a law that all aborted  fetal material must be incinerated.  Seems “pro-life,”  but ultimately will be a financial boom for Stericycle and Mitt Romney and exonerates Planned Parenthood.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson is a huge conflict of interest in being appointed by Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to investigate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45 for marketing aborted baby parts in wake of their mutual orchestration  exoneration of late term abortionist  Dr. Douglas Karpen on December 12th, 2013.

Devon Anderson was appointed Harris County District Attorney to replace her husband, Michael, by then Gov. Rick Perry.  The initial investigation of Dr. Karpen for infanticide as instigated by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in reaction to a Mark Crutcher Life Dynamics video exposing Karpen’s practice of aborting alive five to nine month old infants by “ringing their necks” was entrusted to HPD homicide by then interim Harris County District Attorney Belinda Carlye.

In a surprise move,  then Gov. Perry, appointed Judge Devon Anderson Harris County District Attorney, to replace her diseased husband Michael.  Perry did this so that Dr. Douglas Karpen would be exonerated of infanticide. Why?

Originally interim Harris County DA Belinda Carlye enlisted HPD Homicide to investigate Dr. Douglas Karpen for murder, or infanticide.   The Chronicle and Planned Parenthood came to Karpen’s defense in the wake of the indictment of Kermit Gosnell.


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