Planned Parenthood I-45 is the Greater Partnership of Houston

The Greater Partnership of Houston is Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood is the Greater Partnership of Houston.  Planned Parenthood has been an active partner in GPH since 1994 as both a 501 D (non profit) Charitable Medical Trust and (Barak/Hillary campaign supporting) Political Action Committee “non-profit” tax payer, corporate, and foundation (trust) funded abortion, contraceptive, sterilization, STD prevention provider. Planned Parenthood as a 501D Charitable Medical Non-Profit/PAC is identical to the Clinton’s Global Initiative. Clinton’s Global Initiative is a PAC serving as the campaign fund raising platform for Hillary’s 2016 Presidential Bid. As a non profit charitable medical 501D, Clinton’s Global Initiative has received tens of billions of tax dollars to “end AIDS in Africa via “Bubba Bill’s “brother” and Hillary’s “brother in law” GW Bush from 2000 to 2008. “Pro LIfe” GW  also handed over 3.8 billion dollars to Planned Parenthood while President. In turn, Planned Parenthood has given over a hundred thousand dollars to Global Initiative while Hillary was SoS, and received billions of dollars in government contracts to promote abortion, contraception, sterilization, and the LBGT agenda internationally in return.

Simply go to Greater Partnership of Houston’s on line Membership Directory and type in Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast I-45  member since 1994 with a current executive profile comes up. This rash of expose videos clearly documenting Planned Parenthood manufacturing  baby part bio products and marketing them for financial gain is not only criminal in the act,  but threatens Planned Parenthood’s tax exempt status as a non-profit medical charitable 501D if they profit from the sales. Just as PP is GPH, PP, a tax exempt non profit charity, is profiting from the sale of baby parts. To cover this horrendous criminality up by preemptively shielding  PP I-45, a GPH partner, from criminal investigation threatening PP I-45’s 501 D non profit tax exempt status,  appears to be the ramification of Judge Eva Guzman’s Majority Decision concerning GPH and TPIA truncating.

In the videos, Planned Parenthood doctors and high executive administrators say they sell the baby parts at cost of procedure modification to secure requested specific baby parts, say a liver. It is illegal to change the abortion procedure to partial birth in making the abortion procedure end organ retrieval, and not first and foremost a legal abortion on demand paid for by the woman having the abortion.. So whether they are compensated at cost maintaining their “non profit” status becomes irrelevant to the fact that in changing the procedure to procure organs to sell at cost, they have committed partial birth abortion (illegal abortion) and broken the legal abortion on demand contract with  the woman paying for the abortion initially. .

Planned Parenthood executives in their video price versus. cost haggling beg the question, where are they procuring  the aborted babies in the first place whose modified abortion procedures justify Planned Parenthood being financially compensated at costs as a “non-profit” medical charity 501D?

Not from the relatively few abortions done daily at the PP 1-45, the largest late term United Surgical Partner’s franchised out patient abortion clinic in the western world. Since 2010 PP I-45 Gulf Coast Houston  has commanded less than 10% of the surgical abortion business in Houston. And yet in the most recently released video today, the PP I-45 Executive Director of the baby parts bio product secondary revenue flow division tells undercover investigators that the Third Floor Life Donation Center in the PP I-45 is the greatest supplier of baby part bio product in the nation, with product exceeding all other Planned Parenthood baby bio product providers in the nation combined.

So where does Planned Parenthood I-45 get all those aborted baby bodies if the PP I-45 does so few relative to its massive capacity to do hundreds daily. Captured on video many times are regular deliveries of “frozen” aborted babies in styrofoam  beer coolers,  aborted at local “abortion mills. These abortion mills, that Perry’s “United Surgical Partners”HB2 Law “outpatient” mandate aimed at putting out of the abortion business, have 90% of the surgical abortion market.. HB2 was intended to shut down all non USP  independent abortion providers unless they paid a million and became USP outpatient doctor owned abortion clinics franchises. But HB2 has blown up both in Perry and Abbotts face, as well as PP I-45, via their mutual exoneration of USP franchised Dr. Douglas Karpen for aborting babies alive to twist their heads off. Because of Karpen’s exoneration by Devon Anderson’s Chip Davis Key Man Jury on December 12th, 2013, Karpen continues to twist the heads off of new born aborted babies..

In receiving the frozen bodies of aborted babies from non-USP abortion mills-an example of an abortion mill is Dr. Rosenfel’s Women’s Clinic which does 50 to 60 abortions from 7;30 to 10:30 daily six days a week in Houston-. PP-1-45 capitalizes on their “Mill” abortion providers dominate business share by solving their logistic problem of what to do with thousands of aborted babies. In payment, PP I-45 which has negligible aborted baby body volume through their business share, receives thousands of aborted babies from the mills delivered frozen in coolers. Usually Thursday mornings..  If the mills are also paid per body, then the mills have violated Federal Law in the selling for profit fetal tissue.

Planned Parenthood I-45 in receiving thousands of aborted baby bodies via styrofoam coolers brought in dilapidated cars by desperate poor with whom I myself have commiserated with as they claim to need  the job to feed their families . (When I  asked them what’s in the coolers, they reply”Baby blood for medicine,”  or “baby parts.” ) is not doing the abortions at PP-I45 in the first place,  and do not have the permission of the mill abortee to market her aborted child’s body.. Whats left of these children after PP I-45 has harvested their mangled bodies Stericycle representatives come and take away to incinorate. , Bain Capital’s CEO Mitt Romney  made 45 million turning this human bio waste disposal company around by embedding them in the abortion industry.

PP I-45 does not abort the vast volume of the baby bodies they sell for profit.


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