Planned Parenthood I-45 Houston Mortally Wounded and Shut Down by Baby Part Marketing Internet Expose


My experience in Congress does not leave me optimistic that federal funding of Planned Parenthood will be ended this year, however. This is not just because the current US president is pro-abortion. When I started my efforts to end taxpayer support of abortion, I was shocked to find out how many Republicans, including some self-described “pro-life” leaders, were unsupportive of, and sometimes hostile to, my efforts.  

Ron Paul

I, a Roman Catholic Priest and Religious,  was at the I-45 Planned Parenthood late term abortion clinic in Houston last Saturday. I came to pray First Saturday devotions with others imploring the maternal intercession of Our Lady of Fatima in combatting and ending the satanic sacrifice and dismemberment of children at the Planned Parenthood I-45 Houston. 

There were less than 12 client cars. A regular who comes at opening around 7:30 AM,  who I relieve, and then stay until closing, reported to me that there were six or seven abortions that day in her estimation. Usually there are over 100 third floor “Life Donation Center” processors’ cars in the back employee parking lot. Saturday there were less than twenty cars. The gates closed at 12:45 PM, usually they close at 3:00 PM.  I saw only two aborted baby parts Tecs leave the facility early. Usually there is a stream driving out by 3:00 P.M.. Two Tecs is sufficient to process into bio product six or seven aborted babies that business day at Planned Parenthood I-45. This was by far the worst business day for the PP I-45, the largest late term out patient abortion clinic in the western world, I have observed in past two years. Not that their abortion business since opening 2010 has been great, it has been abysmal in terms of numbers.

All praise and thanksgiving to Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the Rosary, and the Queen of Heaven in perfect union the Sacred Heart of Jesus her Son, for the grace of this momentary shut down of the Planned Parenthood I-45 Houston, the largest late term abortion clinic in the western world!

Certainly Cardinal Daniel Dinardo who promoted the construction of I-45 Planned Parenthood by his silence as local bishop deserves no credit in anyway. Quite the contrary, Cardinal Dinardo is a consistent double agent of Planned Parenthood by his absolute public silence on the PP  I-45 as bishop. Satan’s  modus operandi is stand down in one’s duty by priests and politicians. All evil needs to triumph is for good people to do or say nothing. Or as a very wise teenager at the PP I-45 in Zen like fashion informed me, “The worst things done, are not done.” 

Publicly Cardinal Dinardo has consistently promoted and protected the I-45 PP by doing or saying nothing as local bishop. But behind the scenes, as a secret Cardinal agent of the Chase/Vatican Bank and long time associate of Pittsburgh Zappala Family Mafia, and local Fertitta Free State Galveston legacy syndicate Greater Houston Partnership, Dinardo is very active in promoting and defending the PP I-45. Be it through his successful lobbying for the passage of Obamacare which through the HHS mandate directly utilizes and funds PP I-45.  Not one is more responsible for the passage of Obamacare by the duping Pro Life Democrat Senator Bart Stupak’s vote  than Cardinals Dinardo and Wuerl, Dinardo’s former bishop and catamite in Pittsburg. Dinardo oversaw the real estate sale of a former Sterling Bank to Planned Parenthood as a primary share holder as bishop  in order to provide as Lila Rose and Live Action exposed in 2010, logistics for Tilman and Sinaloa Federation Cartel child sex slaving, of which Houston, I-10 was once the world hub. I say once was because Tilman, Carlos Slim Helu owner of the SFC criminally master minded by JPII’s “saintly angel” Fr. Maciel Degollado, Francis and the Chase Vatican, and even the Bush crime family who’s CIA murdered David Rockefeller’s son and heir apparent six month’s ago all seem to me getting exterminated geo-politically by the Rothschild et al globalists. 

 Dinardo consistently threatens priests and religious, including myself, ADGH employees and associates who are genuinely pro-life, and even other Cardinals who go to pray at the Planned Parenthood I-45 with swift retaliation job wise if they defy his will and go to the PP I-45. .  As he told one ADGH employee several times when asked why he, Cardinal Dinardo does not go to the I-45 to pray and give example, “You should not go there and interfere, it is an individual choice, who am I to judge.”  This was 2010 before Francis. Dinardo’ s words are the exact public sentiments of Francis/Wuerl appointed Archbishop of Chicago, Blaise Cupich. Francis appointed notorious sodomite Donna Wuerl to replace Cardinal Burke on the Vatican Committee to select American Bishops in response to Burke’s 2012 pastoral visit to the PP I-45.  Francis, Wuerl, Dinardo attacked and sacked Cardinal Burke in retaliation  for daring to come to Houston and hold a prayer vigil at the I-45 in 2012.  Francis, Wuerl, and Dinardo are certainly pro abortion and Marriage Equality not by what they say or do, but by what they do not say and do. They do not say anything in defense of the unborn, or against Marriage Equality. Judge a tree by its fruit, not by what they say, but what they don’t say and don’t do.

  “Pro Life” Rockefeller Establishment Republicans from Mitch McConnell to Boehner are not responsible in anyway for this momentary shut down of the PP I-45. The opposite is true.  From  Dick Nixon, Henry Kissinger and American Illuminati Nazi banker Prescott Bush to McConnell and Boehner, Rockefeller Establishment Republicans have always supported and funded Planned Parenthood as the mainstay domestically and internationally of their child sacrifice and world domination globalist agenda. The  largest late term abortion clinic in the world is in China thanks to David Rockefeller and then GH Bush as UN, China Ambassador and CIA head. Both the largest and second largest abortion clinics in the world are owned and operated by Planned Parenthood in conjunction with the “one child” forced abortions and sterilization Maoist government of China and Barak Obama.

There was a scandal just last year in which “libido energy pills” manufactured from ground up male aborted babies from this and other clinics when marketed in the United States. The pills were found to contain a super bacteria threatening an epidemic. Corporate Media shielding Planned Parenthood International,  seized on the opportunity to indict  “China”  who of late has been disobedient to their Globalist Bankster Masters in the West including David Rockefeller, George Soros and the Tri-Lateral Commission over China’s claim to massive oil and natural gas deposit in the South China Sea, for a covert biological attack against the United States.

Texas State Bush self professed “pro life” Establishment Republicans deserve no credit in the momentary shut down of the PP I-45.  But, paradoxically through the back firing of the duplicitous HB2 Law, they may have unintentionally caused the PP I-45 shut down.

Last Saturday there was a meeting of associate and employees over the release of organ harvesting videos of Planned Parenthood I-45. The third video begins with a Tec talking as she walks up to the I-45. Defunding of Planned Parenthood by the Republican Establishment and Barak Obama will never happen. The criminal investigation called for by Gov. Abbott, Ken Paxton, and Devon Anderson of I-45 Planned Parenthood (all of them accessories in baby murders with Rich Perry via the exoneration of Douglas Karpen) will never actually happen for obvious reasons. Perry’s HB2 outpatient mandate in cahoots with PP was to create a United Surgical Partners out patient abortion provider monopoly with PP , but instead, I-45 Planned Parenthood has shut down operations to process aborted babies from “abortion mills” like Dr. Rosenfeld’s Woman’s Clinic because of this expose.

This leaves independents, non PP, non USP providers who Perry’s HB2 sought to close down like Dr. Rosenfeld’s Women’s clinic, with the logistic problem of disposing of thousands of bodies of aborted babies which used to be processed by PP I-45 before. This momentary shut down leaves Planned Parenthood I-45 with only a few fresh, and not frozen aborted babies. The aborted baby parts were delivered regularly in styrofoam coolers in unmarked  dilapidated vehicles from the abortion mills before this shut down. The baby part bio product marketing was the only source of income keeping the lights on at the PP I-45. After state defunding, and now, though I doubt it, Rockefeller/Bush corporations like EXXON who are Planned Parenthood, publicly withdrawing funding, things a financially grim for the I-45.  The largest late term abortion clinic in the western world’s share of the surgical  abortion industry is little more than 5% in Houston.  Although HB2 was written to shut down the “abortion mills” like Rosenfeld that have over 90% of the surgical abortion market share unless they paid a million to be “out patient” franchised by Milla Perry Jone’s United Surgical Partners, Planned Parenthood I-45 and Douglas Karpen were already USP franchised since 2010 with USP,.

HB2 has really back fired for pro-contraception, pro sterilization, (his pro abort nurse wife’s father performed his vasectomy) and abortion profiteer politically and financially Rick Perry and USP lobbyist sister Milla Perry Jones, and Perry’s Karpen exoneration crew of Abbott, Dewhurst, and Devon Anderson. All accessories to murder in exonerating Douglas Karpen who is twisting heads off of live born babies as I write thanks to his exoneration. HB2 has also back fired on Planned Parenthood.  For over a month I have been praying during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the destruction of Planned Parenthood. And Deus Providebit!  And paradoxically all the above false friends of the unborn, “phony pro-life life” financial and political profiteers have brought this about.  I was told by a truly pro-life person from Dallas, that the PP abortion clinic in Dallas has also shut done and that he drove all the way to Houston today to pray and counsel at the PP I-45 only to find it virtually shut done.


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