JPII’s Gnostic Theology of the Body Undergirds Francis’ Sexual Revolution via Communion for Divorced and Remarried and Homosexual Couples

Warsaw (AFP) – He has been dubbed the high priest of Catholic Kama Sutra, but Polish Friar Ksawery Knotz says that by giving married couples tips on how to practice divine sex he is simply doing God’s work. … Knotz has held retreats with more than 3,000 devoutly Roman Catholic couples in Poland since 2000… .  The monk explains he was originally inspired by the open atmosphere of his family home and the early teachings of late Polish-born Pope John Paul II who broached the subject of sexuality in his book Love and Responsibility, first published in 1960. “The Holy Father’s ‘theology of the body’ and other philosophical and theological works delve deeply into the divinity of sexual relations in marriage – I’m just making these complex ideas more accessible to average Catholics,” Knotz says.
“Polish monk preaches divine sex — with Church’s blessing” by Mary Sibierski

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